Quantico (2015–2018): Season 1, Episode 11 - Inside - full transcript

At Quantico, the NATs are given a long weekend off for New Year's Eve. Alex, Natalie, Shelby and Nimah, all fleeing from family problems, try to spend the weekend drinking and reviewing ...

Alex: It all started six
months ago at the FBI Academy.

You were willing to die today
for everyone in that room.

You said your son came at you from behind.

How can you be certain it was him?

I never said "I love you"
when I really wanted to.

I've never said it at all.

Caleb: You slept with my dad.

I can't imagine how your mom's
gonna feel when she finds out.

She already knows. Yeah, I told her.

I'm the one who planned Grand Central.

Somebody stole my plans and
used them for themselves.

We know that the bomber
planned their attack

around the Democratic National Convention.

My sentencing is in 23 hours.
We need to find this bomb fast.

Simon: You ever want to push a
button and make it all go away?

Everyone you ever loved and lost,

everything that ever hurt you...
just one button?

No more fighting.

No more regrets.

No more noise.

Blow it all up and see what happens.

Now that confirmed terrorist
Alex Parrish is behind bars,

New York City is once
again opening its doors

and taking stock of what has
and what has not changed.

In just a few hours,

the Democratic National Convention

will be back under way.

Tens of thousands are expected,

including the presidential candidate

and his rumored pick for vice president,

Senator Claire Haas.

Other luminaries will also be there,

presenting awards to the
top leadership of the FBI,

hoping to show that New York may be down

but she is not out.

You're wasting time down here
pretending to interview me.

Miranda: It's not a waste of time.

It's why you're still in
the command center with us.

We have to keep up appearances.

There's still a bomber out there.

With me in custody,
no one's looking for them.

The FBI's always on alert.

What, the standard "if you see something,
say something"?

That's not gonna cut it here, Liam.

Whatever the FBI is doing, it's not enough.

The real bomber is inside the Bureau.

It gives them special access,
knowledge of procedures.

It allows them to manipulate the system.

- They can do what...
- Your...

Alex, your guilty plea allowed you

to be remanded to FBI custody for 24 hours.

After that, we have to
deliver you to federal prison.

Which means if we don't
find a second bomb or bomber

in the next four hours, you'll be serving

a life sentence for a
crime you didn't commit.

I have a friend in the C.I.A.

He's willing to extract
you out of the country.

No. I'm not running again.

Not with so many people's lives in danger.

Look, you need to find that bomb now.

- And you need more manpower to do it.
- That's impossible.

The entire top tier of the Bureau's in town

to stand onstage and show
the world that we prevailed.

And no one but a handful of
people know that we haven't.

The bomb squad is sweeping the
convention center for tonight

and the donor dinner at the hotel before.

If there's something to be found,

they'll find it.


Are you doubting me now?

We have to go back upstairs.
We've been gone too long.

We'll be back.

[Door clanks]

[Pounding on door]

Oh, man. They really don't care
about holidays here, do they?

Christmas was last week.
It's back-to-work time.


I don't know about you,
but for a lot of people,

New Year's Eve is special.


It's just the next day
in a long line of days

until you die a terribly sad, lonely death,

surrounded with people
you don't even remember.

Of course I love New Year's!

Let's revolt. Do you want to go first?

You're crazy.

[Knocking on door]

It is literally freezing outside.

I don't know how they expect us to run

the yellow brick road in 10-degree weather

or practice sharpshooting with frostbite.

Whine about the cold like a little latosa?

Little-known Academy tradition.

If you're in a class that has holidays,

you deserve holiday cheer!

Christmas was Saturday.

Where do you think we
got these cookies from?

Beer for breakfast?

What were you expecting...
Bellinis, Princess Peach?

The fact that this is even happening

is a Christmas miracle.

There's cider, too.



Oh! Make that rum with a cider aftertaste.

You know what...
at least we get the long weekend off.

Is your mom excited you're coming home?

She says she is.

We have so much to talk about.

I don't know if three days will cut it.

What, are you going to Augusta?

Savannah. No, my sorority sisters
are throwing a thing.

You would hate it.

It's exactly what you picture it would be.

Kwanzaa-co is gonna be
the most fun until 2016.

I can't believe I have to leave in an hour.

I'm sure you're gonna
have a nice time at home.

Well, I'm glad that you think that,
Kimmy Schmidt,

but "American Beauty" is a rom-com

compared to the holidays with my family.

You sure you don't want to spend New Year's

with a dozen FBI agents

and a senator drunk on
punch and white privilege?

[Laughs] Yeah, I've spent the past 15 years

thinking a con artist is my sister.

I'd really rather not be at a
table with a family right now.

Even if it's with the Lannisters?

'Cause that's kind of what it's like.

If you need me,
I'm only a 20-minute ride away, okay?

Thank you.

Keg stands!

[All cheering]

Some boys never grow up.

Alex: You miss Simon, huh?

Don't tell anyone...

But I really miss Ryan, too.


I guess no matter who you
are or what you believe in,

the holidays will still get you down.

Have a safe trip back home.

You too, Raina.

♪ Oh, oh, ay-oh ♪

♪ Oh, oh, ay-oh ♪

Everything okay?

Yeah. Yeah.

Is this about Charlie?

I told you once I had any real information,

I would bring it to you.

I know when I'm being handled.

Agents can't work cases
involving family members.

You know that.

[Folder opens]

"19, African-American, short hair.

Defensive wounds on his hands and face.

Prolonged attacks."

"Four cavities."

It's not him. Charlie didn't have cavities.

And stop looking.

I trust you all had a good workout.

Whoo-hoo! Yeah!


Because before you go home
for your three-day weekend,

we're giving you some homework.

[Trainees groan] What?!

When you are an agent,

work will always be on your mind.

Victims will haunt you,
evidence will elude you,

cases will stay with you...

Particularly those that you fail to solve.

In local law enforcement,
they're called cold cases...

All but closed.

But in the Bureau,
we don't believe in cold cases.

All our cases remain open.

These cases are referred to as
"pending inactive."

The agency likes to cycle them

through different agents over time,

hoping that someone will find something

that someone else missed.

So, your goal will be to look
through your inactive file

and find a new lead...

Something that the agents
on the case didn't think of.

Now, if this seems all but impossible,

that's because it is.

But who knows?
Maybe one of you will surprise us.

Good luck. And Happy New Year.


Vasquez: [Off-key] ♪ O holy night ♪
[Shower water running]

♪ The stars are brightly shining ♪

♪ It is the night ♪

♪ Of our dear savior's birth ♪
[Water stops]

♪ Fall on your knees... ♪


Amazing voice.

But I thought you were leaving.




- Nimah?
- Hey.

Wait, you guys...
did we all just lie about leaving?

Are you not seeing your mom?

What, and spend New Year's
getting reamed out

and opening up old wounds?

No, thanks.

What about your sorority sisters?

Ugh. They're exactly
like you think they are.

I thought you were seeing Renata.

My ex found out I was coming,

and he took her on
vacation to Disney World.

Going back to Dearborn and
getting stuck in the kitchen,

helping Mom and Raina,

cooking for the men the whole weekend?

That's never happening again.

So... We're the only ones here?

Do you know what this means?

Someone's gonna make a liquor run?


We get to solve the hardest cases

the FBI's ever had.

Elias: Please. You have to let me through.

I'm... I'm Alex Parrish's lawyer.

It's an emergency!

Agent Shaw! Agent O'Connor!

- What happened to you?
- Elias?

[Exhales sharply]

When I went home last night,
I had this crazy feeling,

like someone was waiting
for me inside my apartment.

I was so spooked, I slept in my office.

Agent Hayes can corroborate.
He was on my tail.

But when I left there this morning,

someone tried to push me
into oncoming traffic.

I didn't see who it was,

but if it wasn't for Hayes
pulling me up, I might be dead.

I came straight here. I-I don't feel safe.

Do you know something I don't know?

Is the rest of the class okay?

You still have your
tails on everyone, right?

But all the tails are accounted for.

The only one called off was Simon.

You told the agent to leave.

Because I don't think Simon's playing us.

DITU reports no credit-card activity

nor CCTV footage on Simon

after his conversation
last night with Alex.

He only made one call... to Oren Shelef.

Who was hit by a car near
Classon Triangle this morning.

Hit by a car... Like what
almost happened to me.

Convinced yet?

All right, we need to go to Simon's house,

see if he's still there.

Everyone thinks I'm being
interviewed down here, right?

So no one's gonna miss me.

There's a car outside.
We have to go... now.

Alex, you have three hours of freedom left.

I hope it's enough.



Oh, God.

What has he done?

We don't know that for sure.

This looks exactly like
how my apartment was found.

It could be staged.

Or Simon staged your apartment.

His computer is here.

3D printer.

Maybe he... used it to construct
some component he needed.

Why speculate when we can find out?

A hotel key card.
How is that a part of a bomb?

It's not. It's the target.

These are blueprints...

And a list of rooms on hold

for donors this weekend at the Steiner.

The site for the donor dinner.

Let's go!

Good news... I found Brandon's snacks.

Bad news... they were
next to the moisturizer.

Nelson has 42 packs of
unopened Pokémon cards

in his closet.

I don't know what's weirder...

Why he has them or why he hid them.

My sister can't go to sleep

without having a stash
of amaradine nearby.

If you put it in your cheap wine,

it will taste like sangria.


Alex? Did you find anything?

Just regret.

♪ Back home I go ♪

♪ To those I know ♪

Nimah: Why did we have to drink first?

To warm up.

I am warm now.

Did I make a mistake

not spending the holidays
with someone that I...

Someone that you what?

[Gasps] No, no, no, no. Wait.

What were you gonna say?
Is it finally time?

Is she gonna say it? Say what?

The thing you didn't say to Ryan?

[Lock clicks, door opens]

I got it.

Now we can steam.

This Vermeer vanished from the
Gardner museum into thin air.

Forget "pending inactive."

They should call these
"pending impossible."

Each idea I have has already
been thought of and dismissed

by every NAT and agent
assigned to this case.

Nuh-unh! Do not open that case again.

Mm! She's drunk-dialing Ryan.

Re-dialing Ryan.

The last time, he didn't answer my phone.

Because he's doing what you asked!
He's staying away!

Don't obsess!

Coming from the girl who
hasn't stopped refreshing

her boyfriend's Instagram pictures for...

- What are you doing?
- Downloading Ex Shield.

It's an app that blocks your
number for outgoing calls.

It's how I get my ex to pick
up so I can check on Renata.

Welcome to the 21st century.

Call your pending inactive.

Uh... I'm just gonna do it.

I'm... I'm gonna do it.

But speaker. Speaker.

[Ringing] Okay.

Ryan: Hello?

- Hello?
- Stop!

Woman: Ryan? Is everything okay?

[Cellphone beeps] Hello?

I need a drink.

Well... We're out of wine,

and Postmates won't
deliver here. I've checked.

So... Maybe coffee?

The cafeteria's closed.

I know where some is.

I'll be right back.

I was going to steal your coffee.

Go ahead.

Just leave me enough to
spike my whiskey with.

It must be a terrible time for you,

with Charlie still missing.

Charlie's not missing.

Charlie is exactly where he wants to be.

But I thought the evidence
pointed to a kidnapping.

Only because I'm the
only one ready to accept

that he is the monster in this nightmare.

Or perhaps you don't want to think of him

suffering somewhere

and it's easier to make him a monster?

Why are you still here, Trainee Amin?

I don't want to go to Dearborn.

It hasn't felt like home for a long time.

And I see you don't
want to go home, either.

I might stay for a drink if you insist.

[Cellphone chimes]

Ugh. It's Nimah. She's in Miranda's office.

You don't know who that was with Ryan.

- He's in L.A., right?
- Yeah.

Doesn't he have, like, three sisters there?

Guys, that did not sound like a sister.

All right, get up.

Get up. Come on.


Everyone stand on one foot.

- What? [Chuckles]
- Just do it.

[Laughs] Come on.

Whoever's the most sober
is gonna get in their car,

drive us to the Old Settler,

where whatever D.E.A. trainee or marine

who wants to buy our
midnight kisses can do so

for the price of cheap
drinks and good conversation.

[Knock on door]

Maybe not even good conversation.


Whoop! Caleb!

Don't worry. I'm not "Magic Mike" -ing you.


When I got home,
instead of the normal, intimate

Haas family holiday bloodletting,

there were 200 people at my house

and a tux laid out on my bed.

I panicked and I fled.

But you still put the tux on.


Do you see this?

I can't go back there alone.

I get that you don't want to be around

someone's happy family right now,
but I swear to you,

there's nothing familial about it,

and no one's gonna be happy.

Except for me if I have you by my side.

What do you say?

[Inhales sharply]

I'll only go if they can come, too.

Simon wouldn't have been able
to magnetize his key at home.

19 people asked for their key cards

to be recoded within the past 12 hours.

Nine of these were on the list
of donor rooms at Simon's.

Divide and conquer.

Stay on comms.







I don't know if this
thing is remote-controlled

or movement-controlled.

I don't know anything.

I just know I woke up with it in my hands.

But I'm pretty sure if I take
my fingers off this trigger,

this whole building's gonna blow.

- Nimah: Alex!
- Over here!


The last thing I remember
is walking into my house

and someone grabbed me.

When I woke up,
this thing was taped to my hands.

But I'm sweating so much

that the tape's starting to get loose,

- Okay.
- And I'm afraid my finger's gonna slip.

- You're okay.
- I need you to help me.

We saw your workshop...
The blueprints, the key card.

Somebody's framing me.

All right? Just like they framed Alex.

Look, find Oren.
He can tell you it wasn't me.

- Alex: Simon...
- He can tell you! Just find Oren!

- Simon...
- Elias: Simon, stop.

You came to me yesterday,
asking me to represent you

so you'd have attorney/client privilege.

You asked me about extradition laws,

about flight manifests.

- You were going to run.
- No!

I wanted to make sure I wasn't gonna spend

the rest of my life in
prison for my stolen plans.

I didn't hide anything from
you... any of you.

Look... Evidence found at my house,

me drugged and brought to a hotel...

Is any of that giving you déjà vu?

Let's not waste any more time, okay?

Just tell us where the bomb is... please.

Think of who could have done this.

They are the only person who
can answer that question.

You got to believe me.

- You grew up here?
- Are you kidding?

My mom waited to buy Hogwarts
until after my sister and I left

so we would learn humility and values.

Where is your mother?
I'd like to thank her for trying.

And I can't wait to see
the look on her face

when I finally introduce her
to somebody old enough to vote.


Guess I'm getting coats?

- I'll get drinks.
- Okay.

♪ Don't think I have the energy ♪

♪ To add to my already mad rush ♪

♪ Just 'cause it's 'tis the season ♪

It's, uh, down the hall,
to the left, and...

I'll just... I'll show you. Come on.

Oh, thank you.

I've been to my fair share of
soirées at the Haas compound.

I've never even been in a house
big enough to get lost in.

Are you a politician?

Oh, it's really not nice
to insult someone that you've just met.

Hannah Wyland... Joint terrorism.

As in my dream job!

Alexander Parrish... Mere trainee.

They let you guys out for New Year's?

- Yeah.
- I had a fever of 104,

and they still made me do the steeplechase.

My God.

If it wasn't an open bar already,

I would totally ask to buy you a drink.

And I would say, "yes,
please, and right away,"

but I promised my guy that
I'd meet him at the door.

He's a good one, but he hates a party.

Usually, I can't feel my hand an hour in

from him squeezing it so hard.


Dream job and dream husband.

I thought those two
were mutually exclusive.

No. That's just the media
trying to hold us back.

[Chuckles] So, I'll see you in there?

- Yeah.
- Okay.

Hey, Mom.

I want to introduce you to...

Shelby Wyatt!

Senator Haas, it is an honor.

My husband's told me about you.

I didn't realize you guys
were on speaking terms.

Top of your class at Quantico...

After rebuilding your
family's business, no less.

Quite a feat. [Chuckles]

Your parents would be very proud.

I met them a few times.

I am so sorry for what happened.

We lost too much that day...
Each and every one of us.

Oh, you were there.

I remember the photo in all the papers.

You, an agent, walked
right into that second tower

when everyone else was
running the other way.

Yeah, that photo got her elected.

- Caleb!
- [Chuckling] What?

I'm proud of my mom.

My son sees everything I do as political...

Even raising him.

But I would have given it
all up if he'd asked me to.

Where's your father?

I promised I'd introduce him to Ben Carson.

God knows why. [Chuckles]

I look forward to speaking
to you again soon.

Excuse me.

What's wrong? The great
Claire Haas approved.

I basically just got you the Iron Throne.

My dad doesn't even live in this house.

My parents... they don't talk
to each other on principle.

Something's going on.

Every year, Miranda sends
some NAT to talk to me

about that damn Vermeer theft.

Usually, they come to my office.

One guy caught me at Trader Joe's.

But you're the first to
accost me at a cocktail party.

If you could just walk me
through the details... help me.

Sometimes, things just disappear.

Like I am... from this conversation.

I am gonna go get myself
that Martini I earned.

All right, well, I'll wait over here,
where it's safe.


Or not.

I have been hearing great things
about your training at Quantico.

Your mother said I was wrong to doubt you.

I'm beginning to believe she's right.

Well, you and Mom agreeing about anything

is threat level bravo, so what gives?

Nothing gives. We've...

We've just been talking
a lot about you lately.

We're talking a lot, actually.

What, are you guys getting back together?

Well, she has said she wants
to give it another shot.

Thought you'd be happy.

I am.

This holiday is way worse
than Valentine's Day.

At least then, if you're single,
you're not a complete failure.

But no one to kiss on
New Year's Eve... epic fail.


- Stop torturing yourself.
- I can't.

Well, then stop torturing me.

- Call him and tell him you made a mistake.
- But if he's with someone else, there's...

You just saw him two weeks ago.

He didn't meet, fall in love with,
and marry a woman in two weeks.

No more blocking.
Click that contact.


[Cellphone beeps]


[Cellphone ringing]

[Ringing continues]

[Ringing continues]

[Ringing continues]

[Ringing continues]

[Ringing stops]


Look, if I was the bomber,

wouldn't I have gone
through with it already?

The convention isn't for hours.

The convention?
What does that have to do with this?

The fact that it's today?
The dinner downstairs?

How did you find me?

You were the only one
without a tail last night.


But how did you know to look?

He'll say anything to get out of this.

We caught you red-handed.

You literally have your finger
on a trigger right this second.

I don't know why you would do this,

but I know that you would do
anything to save your own skin.

Just like when you ran out
of that test at Quantico.


Are you kidding me right now?

It's Simon. It has to be.


I have always seen through your lies,

but this time, I'm not sure.

If you really believe it's me and not him,

then why don't I just
let go of this trigger?

- Simon, don't!
- Why not?!

If I'm the real terrorist,
what am I waiting for?

You wouldn't.

You got what you wanted...

All that time at Quantico, playing me,

setting me up.

It wasn't about my sexuality.

You were just trying to get close to me

so you could find out my weaknesses...

Get inside my head so you could frame me.

Well, if that was your plan, it worked.

I go down as the Grand Central bomber,

and you walk away.

You're insane.

You ever want to push a button
and make it all go away?


Everyone you ever loved and lost,

everything that ever hurt you...

Just one button.

No more fighting.

No more regrets.

No more noise.

Blow it all up and see what happens.


Blow it all up just so you
can get some damn quiet.

- Simon!
- You wanted them to find me.

That's why you brought them
here before this bomb went off.

So you better start telling the truth,

or it is gonna get real, real quiet.

- Three...
- Simon!

- Two...
- Vasquez: My God!

- Simon!
- One!

Stop, stop! They'll kill me!

They'll kill me.

A week ago,
I got a call from someone.

They disguised their voice.

Whoever it was had proof
that I'd falsified evidence

as a trial attorney in a few capital cases.

They said they'd make sure I went to jail

for the rest of my life if
I didn't do what I was told.

They knew I'd gone to Quantico
and that I knew you, Alex.

You grabbed me when I
was on my way to work.

You drugged me in that van,
took me back to Grand Central,

put me on that rubble...

That wasn't me. I was gone by then.

I never thought the bomb was real.

I thought I was just setting
you up for an attempt.

I swear, I never would
have done it otherwise.

The blood of 133 people
is on your hands, Elias.

You think I don't know that?

After the bomb went off,
I knew it was just a matter of time

before I was found out,
and I felt horrible.

Alex calling you to represent her

must have been a dream come true, huh?

All that access we gave you?

You were in the center of it all.

I thought the worst was
over until yesterday,

when the terrorist called me again

and said I had one last task.

And then I'd be free forever.

I was to bring that trigger to this hotel

and wait for instructions.

I panicked.

I-I mean, I didn't want to be
responsible for any more deaths.

So why not come to us?
We could have helped you.

Like the FBI helped you?

They'd arrest me.

Terrorist or not, I am responsible.

And I thought of a better way.

Yeah, drugging and framing me?

Since you knew the bomber
modeled his stuff off of my work?

And given everything
you'd done in your life...

Instead of taking
responsibility for yourself,

you decided my life for yours
was a pretty fair trade.

The FBI had enough circumstantial evidence.

I just had to point them in your direction.

So I pretended to sleep in my office,

slipped my tail.

You're despicable.

I wanted you to find Simon.

I brought you here because I want
you to try and stop this bomb.

I had three choices... Come clean,

carry out the second attack myself,

or frame Simon and hope to stop it.

Look, the only thing
we want to hear from you

is where the bomb is.

I don't know.

The only thing that makes sense

is that it's in this building somewhere.

They wanted me here,
and they wanted me dead.

Please just don't let go
of that trigger, Simon.

Call Liam now.

And then Vice President
Biden is going to...

Excuse me, ma'am. We are evacuating.

We have a credible threat,
and we need everyone out right now.

How credible?

The bomb squad's been
on this hotel for days.

Trust me... This is not a drill. Okay?

We're moving everyone to the E.C.C.

Let's go.

[Indistinct conversations]

What? Your wife lets you go into
bathrooms with ex-girlfriends?

- She is not my wife.
- She's not?

She's my ex-wife.

W-we're undercover. Okay?

You're always undercover.

We're still friends.

Look, if you knew the whole story,

it wouldn't even be an
issue with you right now.

You did not just say that
if I know the whole story...

Alex, listen to me.

Everyone at H.Q. knows we
work well as partners, okay?

So they assign us to an
op where we're married.

And you told me to leave.

I never told you to leave!

Well, you sure as hell
didn't ask me to stay.

Well, I thought you were in Los Angeles.

If I knew you were 30
minutes away, I would have...

You would have what?

Then you would have asked me to stay?

Alex, you don't know what to do with me

when I'm 2 feet away.

[Knocking on door]

[Knocking on door]


I can't be here right now.


You haven't been home
since that night, have you?

He can't get to me here.

You remind me of my aunt.

After the civil war, she was convinced

that the Lebanese forces
were trying to kill her.

Every siren she heard,

every footstep was proof
she was being hunted.

Maybe she was.

[Scoffing] Of course not.

She just couldn't get out
of this frame of mind.

Just like what happened
to my people after 9/11.

Every Arab man was targeted, questioned,

followed, surveilled.

They saw us not as humans,

but as this hand of a
monster that hated America.

I saw people in my community act out

in ways they never would have

if they hadn't been treated so unjustly.

Whatever you imagine
people might have done,

just don't lose faith in their humanity,

because when you do,

that's when you make the monster.

Is it possible you could
be wrong about Charlie?

I know who he is.

And my worst fear is that someday,

everyone else will, too.

Happy New Year, Nimah.

Happy New Year.

Claire: Please... join me.

I just needed a moment to myself.

Did you know you wanted to go into politics

when you were at the FBI?

I like to say that I was
called to public service,

but that's not true.

I saw what passed for leadership...

Men telling people to do one thing

while they do the opposite.

Women lead by example.

We have to.

They shine a brighter light on us.

I know that sounds like a stump speech.

Caleb says I'm always
running for something.

But it's true.


He's a good son.

He'll be a good man, I think.

Should I be afraid of him?

I really love him.

But your husband told me some things.

You shouldn't be afraid of him.

You should be afraid of
what people can do to him.

My son has a...

A good heart.

The kind people take advantage of.

I've had to distance myself
from some things that he's done,

but only because I know
they weren't really him.

They were... people using him to get at us.

The cult?

It caused a lot of pain for our family.

Clayton and I disagreed
over how to handle it.

He wanted to catch the cult red-handed

instead of extracting Caleb
before it went that far.

He made his choice, and I had to follow.

It cost Caleb's faith in me.

And my faith in my husband.

Until now.

Now we're trying again. [Chuckles]

[Clears throat] My goodness.

You came out here to
make a good impression,

and I have turned you into my therapist.

[Laughing] No.

Amanda: Claire? It's time.

Be right there.

Your mother wants pictures of
all of you in front of the tree.

[Laughs] You'd think that
she's running for president.

Oh, another eight years,

but for now, we'll settle for V.P.

What... is she on the short list?

Did you think this was just an open house?

Does my dad know?

Your father is about to become the husband

of the most powerful woman in America,

so I think he's gonna be okay.

Miranda: All clear.
There are no bombs here.

He needs to give us some more information.

We're running out of places to search.

I know you know where it is.

I don't. I swear.

Simon, think.

Where could it be?

I remember when I saw the plans

for the train stations in New York,

the tanks that fuel the backup generators

at Grand Central are here.

They're under this building.

The dogs have been all
through the building.

They found nothing.

It must be somewhere
where they can't smell it.

I keep thinking about
that braided copper wire.

Why use that instead of the
blasting wire, like at GCT?

Braided copper... It's non-corrosive.

It's designed to withstand
extreme temperatures...

Fire, heat, cold, water.

The EDC teams wouldn't
be able to detect a bomb

if it was submerged.

But we're nowhere near water.

Where's the boiler room?

- Can you hold that for a second?
- Open it up now!


Can you defuse it?

We found it. And guess
what else is down here.

10,000 gallons of diesel.

Which means we're gonna have to clear
a lot more than just this building.

Take Elias back to the command center

so they can take him into custody.

Hey, hey! Hey!

Go with them, Elias... Please.

When they first called me,
I thought I had no choice.

But that's not the truth.

I was just too scared to make it.



- I'm not scared anymore.
- Elias, don't.

Hey! No!

How bad is it in there?
Are they singing yet?

[Sighs] I wouldn't know. I'm leaving.

At least, I would if I could
get a damn Uber to show up.

In D.C. on New Year's Eve?

You're better off going inside

and debating the merits
of trump with Claire Haas.

[Sighs] Ryan's in there.

I thought he was in L.A.

Yeah, well, apparently,
L.A. is a lot closer than we thought.

I know you don't like what he did,

but if you're gonna hate anyone, hate me.

It's my fault. I made him lie to you.

That's not who he is.

That man in there takes bullets

for the people he cares about.

I should know... He's taken several for me.

And he'd take them for you,
too, if it ever comes to that.

Look, I know what you're saying is right.

I just...

I just can't trust him anymore.

You're in the FBI, Alex.

You'll never trust anyone again.

But you can stop believing
that every dishonest thing

that someone does is their true self.

Some people are simply good.

Caleb: Ask her, Dad.

- Claire...
- What are you doing?

I'm sorry.
I don't know what's gotten into him.

What are those notes for?

I'm giving a toast for
our family at midnight.

It's so nice that we're all here together.

Why don't you tell him
about the short list?

Go on... tell him.

Shelby, why don't you and Caleb...

Yeah, why don't we give them a moment?

What? Do you... Do you work for her now?

No, no, I-I think that my
dad deserves to know,

after years of trying to get
back together with my mom,

that the only reason that she said yes

is because she's approved
for the short list for V.P.

And the DNC loves a candidate
with strong family values,

and the great Claire Haas hates losing.

Is that true, Claire?

The nomination is...
is completely unrelated to us.

[Knock on door]

They're ready, Senator.

Come on.

Why did you do that?

B-because you don't know
what it's like to grow up

in a house where everybody
lies for a living.

A-all that I've ever tried to do

is to get them to tell the truth.

And I am so sick of
waiting for that to happen.

[Glass clinks]

Hello, everyone. Good evening.

[Guests cheer]

I want to thank you all

for spending the last
few moments of this year

with my family.

We're so happy to have you here

and to celebrate what has
been an extraordinary year

for the Democratic Party.

Hear, hear! Whoo!

Let's drink to that.

Of course you're you.


Alex. Yeah, I just didn't...
I didn't put it together,

which is actually pretty dumb of me,
if you think about it,

because, "A," you told
me you were a trainee,

"B," you said your name was Alex,

and, "C," well, you are the
most beautiful woman here,

which shouldn't bug me,
but weirdly, it kind of does.

I'm sorry. I just really have to ask you...

Are you and Ryan still married?
'Cause he told me...

At first, it was an e-mail...

"I think I'm falling for my mark."

And then it was the texts and the skypes

and the really long late-night phone calls

and the secret, sad beers
down at the Old Settler.

And then the song.

Yeah. Yeah, he wrote a song about you.

Thank you.

And now I'm trapped with him day and night,

and he is still talking all about you.

And because he can't stop...

Because he's had a little champagne...

I now know that he thinks the fact

you're both at this
party is fate, kismet...

Some sort of "When Harry Met Sally..."
romantic-movie moment.

But while he's watching that movie,
I'm seeing reality,

which is that tomorrow,

you're gonna go back to
Quantico for three more months,

and he'll be undercover
with me for up to a year...

Still talking all about you.

I'm really sorry.
I don't know what to say...

No, no, no, no. Please, please.
This isn't about apologies or excuses

or, like, the things we say
to one another when we think

we're being called out for
something we didn't do.

Because... you did do it.

You broke his heart.

And I know how awful that is,
because I broke it first.

He's only had two weeks
learning to live without you.

He does not heal fast.

And now you want to break him again

for some kiss at the end of a countdown?

What happens tomorrow?

What happens at 12:01?

Give him a chance to put
himself back together

before you break him apart again.

And... Happy New Year.

You really are beautiful.

[Chuckles lightly]


No running. No running. Just keep moving.

Follow the FBI detail out
the door and into the E.C.C.

Stay calm. No need to panic.

[Indistinct talking]


They're working as fast as they can,

but if they can't defuse it,
we might not have time

to get ourselves out.

They'll have time.

[Sirens wailing]

I'm sorry about all this.

No. We're not doing that.

Senator Haas.

I am so sorry.

I regretted it the moment that it happened.

It was a mistake.

You think I care that you
slept with my husband?

He can do what he wants.

You destroyed my son.

That's unforgivable.

And I plan to make it my
business to destroy you, too.

Count along with me.

All: 10...










Happy New Year!

[Cheers and applause, noisemakers popping]


Come on. I'll take you back.

We're confirmed.

It's defused.



They've defused the bomb. It's safe.

You can let it go.



I just wanted to ask you...

Why do you give us those cases?

They can't be solved.

To remind you that you can gather

the smartest, bravest,
most committed people,

give them the best advantages
of technology and information,

and they will still lose,
still get outwitted.

Then why keep them open?

Why not just admit that
you couldn't solve them?

When the FBI loses,

it's different than a
loss for other people.

It means more when the stakes are so high,

so we don't like to call it a loss.

We just don't want to look at it that way.

You don't think it's
wrong to not admit defeat,

not accept your weaknesses?

Oh, yeah. I do.

But I don't make the rules.

♪ Between me and you ♪

♪ I've been thinking about... ♪

I don't feel like going
back in there right now.

Take me somewhere?



I don't think I'm ready to
accept defeat right now,

and... and going back in there would...

It would feel like that.

I'm your teacher.

I know.

Teach me something.

♪ The future ♪

♪ Between me and you ♪

Well, you left without saying goodbye.

I, um, I got a ride home with Vasquez.

She wanted to work on her case some more.

Are you mad at me about something?

Do you even know what you did?

I told you that I wasn't gonna
surround you with family,

and then I surrounded you with family.

Caleb, I like your family.

And they are trying really hard.

But you just had to reach
in there and destroy it.

And why?

What... Because they have hope?

Because they're lying to each other.

Who cares?

Who cares if your mom is using your dad?

Look, you always said that
he wanted another chance.

Now he's getting one.

And maybe...

Maybe she has to tell
herself it's about politics

because it's too painful to admit

that she still loves him after
everything that happened.

You have no idea.

And it is not your place

to reach in there and
screw with their process...

Just like it is not your
place to go behind my back

and give Samar's number to the FBI.

You mean the girl that
was conning you for years?

So you should have told me
and let me deal with it,

rather than forcing me to.

Yeah, but people need to know the truth.

That's why we're here.

"The FBI raided the safe house
of four Sistemics members

in Frankfort, Kentucky, this morning...

Hours before their planned
suicide bomb attack

on the state supreme court

during the opening remarks
in the Sistemics' trial.

The raid was led by a
Special Agent Clayton Haas."

Look, I told you... they
brainwashed me. All right?

They made me believe

that the government was
taking away our liberties.

But I... I was 17!

I was just a kid!

And what?

You thought if you blew yourself up

in the middle of the courthouse,

you would show people the truth?

For so long, I've been trying to realize

why I've never told you that I love you.

Because I do.

Caleb, I love you so much.

But I know that you'll hurt me...

Again and again,

regardless of whether it's right to,

because you are willing to blow things up

just to get people to see your truth,

instead of helping them
find it for themselves.

♪ But I'm doing my best ♪

Are you breaking up with me?

I'm sorry.

Caleb, I-I'm done getting hurt by you.

By anyone.

I'm done.


[Breathing heavily]



[Stammers] Charlie!

Charlie, who did this to you?

[Groans softly]

[Dialing, ringing]

Dispatcher: 911. What's your emergency?

Yes, I need an ambulance.

- I'll send one.
- Yes, now, please.

Are you at Anacostia Lane?

[Voice breaking]
Yes, that's where I'm calling from.

Just stay calm, ma'am.

Ma'am? Are you still there?

I'm so sorry.

I'm so sorry I didn't believe in you.


[Horns honking]

Mr. Raymond. Happy New Year!

So good to finally meet you.

We expected you a few weeks ago.

I couldn't make it, but I'm here now.


We have the vault open so you can see

the safety deposit boxes, as requested,

and decide which meet your needs.

Show me the four biggest you guys have.


Beautiful space...
So close to Grand Central.

[Sirens wailing]

I don't understand. Were there two bombs?

Or the bomb in the hotel was a decoy

and Elias was distracting us

so he could set his real plan in motion.

But what was his plan? What blew up?

[Indistinct shouting]


Alex: Oh, my God. The command center.

[Voice breaking] Who was inside, Alex?

Was everyone inside?

[Sirens wailing]