Quantico (2015–2018): Season 1, Episode 12 - Alex - full transcript

Alex testifies at a congressional hearing about the bombings. In other events, a new group of recruits joins Alex and the Nats at Quantico.

My name is Alex Parrish.
I'm an FBI agent.

In July, a terrorist

blew up Grand Central
terminal in New York.

Nine months before that,
I was still a trainee.

These people were my friends...
at least, I thought they were.

One of them is a terrorist.

And now I'm racing to
find out who they are

before they strike again.

My son made a plan... an
attack. He's up for parole.

Charlie, who did this to you?

Clayton: Your girlfriend.

Been giving away money

to a woman she says is her sister.

You got what you
wanted... setting me up.

I got a call from someone.

They disguised their
voice. I had no choice.


It's safe. You can let it go.

- Alex: We found the bomb.
- [Explosion]

The bomb in the hotel was a decoy.

But what was his plan? What blew up?

Alex: The Command Center.

[Camera shutters clicking]

[Clears throat]

I believe that Elias
Harper did not act alone.

I was there in that hotel room,

and I know in my heart

that every word about his
being manipulated is true.

That was Special Agent Alex Parrish

giving her first day of
testimony at the hearing

to investigate the deadly
attacks in New York City

more than three months ago.

Parrish still believes that Harper,

the man the FBI claims is responsible

for the deaths of hundreds,
including 32 FBI agents,

was actually just the fall guy

for a terrorist mastermind
who remains at large.

And now her claims are
gaining widespread acceptance.

The FBI is just going after Alex again,

but she'll prove everyone wrong,

just like after Grand Central.

Woman: That's making Parrish,
the FBI's former most wanted,

also its most controversial.

Many in Washington feel Parrish

is just playing on people's fears...

that includes vice presidential
candidate Claire Haas.

Her husband,

Executive Assistant
Director Clayton Haas,

was one of the 32 agents
killed in the second attack.

There is no doubt in any
reasonable person's mind

that, despite his claims,
Elias Harper acted alone.

You can put the game back on, Mike.

And I, along with my colleagues...

[Indistinct conversations]

On the house. Keep your chin up.


Can I buy you another?

My drinks are free,
and you're not my type.


♪ Pretty, if the sun won't shine ♪

All right.

How 'bout I list five things about you

to prove that I'm right and
if any of them are false,

you get to sit down and buy me a drink.


One, you're vain.

You just had your teeth
whitened a couple months ago

instead of getting that cavity filled

in your bottom right molar...

shows up when you smile.

Two, you're materialistic.

That Bremont on your wrist

probably costs more
than I make in a month,

which brings me to
three... you do this a lot.

Your friend over there bailed
as soon as we started talking.

You're used to girls
falling all over you in bars,

even though, four, you've never
really had a meaningful relationship.

No one's ever broken your heart

'cause you've never let
a woman close enough,

which tells me, five, you're bad news.

You're not interested in anything real.

So I, uh, can't sit, then?

[Inhales deeply]


You don't get to sit. But...

♪ You're just too good to lose ♪

♪ And I can't refuse ♪

♪ So don't make me
choose between the two ♪

[Breathing heavily] Okay. Stop. Stop.

- What?
- Did I do something?

I'm sorry. It's just that I can't.

I can't.

Uh, at least let me get your number.

You know, I'm the CTO
of a telecom company.

With my clearance, I can get
any number I want... even yours.

We'll see about that, now, won't we?


♪ Now you've come
this far to meet me ♪

Pollard: The second half
of your training begins now,

and it's not gonna get any easier.

Parrish, you're dragging.


Good form. Keep it up.

What happened to us?

We used to be the top
in our class at P.T.

We just let ourselves get distracted.

Have you heard from Booth?

No. Nothing.

[Sighs] You're lucky.

Being followed around by
your ex all day gets old fast.

Well, so is being booty-called
by Bitmoji every night.

That's it. Starting right now,

the only thing we focus
on is our training.

We block out all the noise.


- [Whistle blows]
- Let's go.

Maxwell: Do you remember what any
of your kidnappers looked like?

I already told my mom.

They had me blindfolded the whole time.

Did they have accents?


Nothing special.


Why don't you tell me about your escape?

There's nothing much to say.

They didn't tie me up tight enough.

Charlie, Agent Maxwell

is just trying to find the
men who did this to you.

Well, Ma, I can't remember
what I can't remember.

Why don't you step outside for a second?

Let me talk to Agent Maxwell alone.

[Door closes]

How's your family?

I still remember the look on
your mom's face at graduation.

Look, Miranda.

- He's tired.
- I know.

- He hasn't slept for days.
- I know.

He just needs more time.

The terror cell that took Charlie

is part of the Islamic Front.

We believe they're planning
an attack here, as we speak.

Out of respect for you
and everything you taught,

I can give you one more day.

But if Charlie doesn't start
bringing us names, faces,

I'm gonna need to bring him
down to the field office,

and you won't be allowed to be present.

[Keyboard keys clacking]





[Clears throat]

I just came to ask
what you want me to do

with the 40,000 Saudi Riyals

that have been sitting
in my account for a week,

courtesy of your half-sister,
all-con-artist, Samar.

Caleb, I can't right now.
Just leave me alone, okay?


Tidying up?

I came here with a lot of questions.

Got the answers that I needed.

A clean slate...
that's a powerful thing.

You know, you once said I was the best.

Well, saying goodbye to this
is the only way I can be again.

We doing this?

Now or never.


Alex: What's going on?

Miranda: Trainees, meet
the class above you.

They are one month ahead
of you in their training,

which means they're better,
faster, and smarter than you.

And more prepared for what's to come.

Take a good look,

'cause these are the people

that are gonna spend
the day kicking your ass.

In the field, you will face off

against enemies who are
always one step ahead of you.

That's why, today, you'll face off

with a class of NATs
that is that step ahead.

We like to think of this

as Quantico's version of color wars.

Or, as I like to call
it, the turning point.

The grading for this
exam will be very simple.

The winning class will choose

five from the losing class to go home...

- [All groaning]
- Any trainee they want.

So, good luck, and
may the best class win.

[All murmuring]

We got this.



[Knock on door]

The hearing's in 30
minutes. We can't be late.

I know. I'm nearly done.

How much do you miss
JTTF right now, huh?

Yeah, I love orphaning my
cases for a babysitting detail.

What are you doing?

Comparing Elias's cellphone records

that the Bureau submitted as evidence

against those of the cellphone
company's internal records

to see if there have been any
omissions or keystroke errors.

You know, I mean, mistakes
happen... I'm living proof.

You know, if you change your statement,

- you can come back to work.
- No, no, no.

The only reason why I'm not at work

is because Liam and Miranda
put me on "trauma leave."

And you know what? I was in that hotel.

I was with Elias. I heard what he said.

- I...
- So did I.

And I spent weeks,

along with Ryan, Shelby, Simon,
the twins, and the Bureau,

trying to find a
single piece of evidence

that supported the mastermind
theory, and there wasn't any.

He made it up to stall us.

He just wanted to get everyone
into the bank that mattered.

Just because you don't find evidence

doesn't mean there isn't any.

We need to find the needle.

There is no needle.

If there was a second
terrorist out there,

something else would
have happened by now.

[Police radio chatter]

You'll tell Alex Parrish what I said?

Cop: Why don't you come down?

And you can tell her yourself.

I can't do that. I'm sorry.


[Distorted voice] Listen very carefully.

There's a bomb underneath Grand Central.

It was placed there by an FBI agent,

part of a class that entered
Quantico last September.

I understand the Bureau has assembled

a version of this 911 call
with the voice unscrambled.

May we hear that now?

[Normal voice] Listen very carefully.

There's a bomb underneath Grand Central.

It was placed there by an FBI agent,

part of a class that entered
Quantico last September.

You need to evacuate immediately.

Do you recognize the voice
on that recording, Mr. Asher?

[Camera shutters clicking]

Elias Harper.

He blew up Grand Central,
and then, four days later,

he blew up the FBI's
emergency command center.

[Camera shutters clicking]

And do you believe
Elias Harper acted alone?

Let me remind you we are
an impartial committee,

and it's important the
views you express here today

are yours and yours alone.

I'll ask again...

Do you believe Elias Harper acted alone?

Yes, sir. I do.

[People murmuring]

Mr. Asher, how are you so certain?

Because I've spent the
last three months of my life

taking apart everything
Elias ever said to me.

I walked away from the Bureau...

This city...

My entire life,

all so that I could make
sense of what happened.

And there is not a doubt in my mind

that Elias Harper acted alone.

He hated the FBI.

He made his career taking
apart their cases in court.

The attacks were Elias'
way of making a statement,

and 32 agents paid the price for it.

[Camera shutters clicking]



This may seem like a game,
but I can assure you it is not.

Each trainee will be
scored individually.

At the end of the day,

the scores will be
tallied for each class.

Whichever class has
the most points wins.

Whichever class loses has
five members sent home.

[Whistle blows]

Don't forget they vetted our
applications for background checks.

They know us, but we don't know them.

Well, I guess we better
level the playing field.

Melissa in admissions still
have that crush on you?

♪ He can bring it,
bring it all day long ♪

- ♪ All over my lemon wong ♪
- [Locker door slams]

♪ Nobody will get to see ♪

Alex: Drew Perales...
born in Humboldt Park,

drafted in the first round by Chicago,

but retired after just two seasons

to lead a class-action
lawsuit against the NFL.

Need to be pretty fearless
to go up against the NFL.

Hmm, sounds like a man who's
not afraid of a good fight.

Pollard: Parrish, Perales... you're up.

You're Alex?

Relax, Tebow. Blow the whistle.

- ♪ ... this fat lady sings ♪
- [Whistle blows]

♪ And when I see his face ♪

♪ I feel like I could win the race ♪

♪ and when he calls... ♪

Dr. Will Olsen... got his
PhD from Harvard at 22.

Antisocial tendencies

include gaze avoidance and
obsessive verbal memory.

He worked at the jet
propulsion laboratory at NASA.

Oh, great.

Yeah, he's literally a rocket scientist.


Caleb Jacob Haas...
born December 17, 1990,

in Chevy Chase, Maryland,
to Clayton and Claire Haas.

Graduated Sidwell Friends
at the bottom of his class.

Okay, rocket man, here's
how this is gonna go down.

I'm gonna smack you
around a little silly,

and you're just gonna try
not to bruise too much, okay?

♪ And when I leave him for ♪

♪ I couldn't ask for any more ♪

Liam: The man who
cracks the firewall first

wins 10 points for their class.

♪ He won me, game, set, and match ♪

[Keyboard keys clacking]


Okay, here's how this is going to go.

I'm gonna slap you
around a little silly,

and you just try not to
bruise too much, okay?

♪ You can look, girl,
but you can't touch ♪

Did I do something to offend you?

Or is this how you got
half the guys on campus

to fall in love with you?

Said the guy who posed
nude for Men's Health.

I had a sock on only 'cause I was cold.

You shouldn't talk too much.
It slows down your breathing.

So does pacing yourself
so you can do this...

- [Gasps]
- When the time comes.

Shelby: Iris Chang...

born in Shanghai,
raised in Beverly Hills.

Graduated valedictorian
from Harvard-Westlake

and enrolled at USC where
she founded six startups

and successfully sued
all her business partners

out of their shares.

Sorry. Forgot to take my rings off.

She fights dirty.

♪ When he calls my name ♪

- ♪ I know we're in the long game ♪
- [Grunting]

Sorry. I just hit hard.

♪ I couldn't ask for any more ♪

♪ I wouldn't send ♪

- ♪ I wouldn't send him back ♪
- [All cheering]

♪ He won me, game, set, and match ♪

[Cheering continues]


Hey, Mom sent that care package.

That's nice.

But you didn't want to bring it
back with you after New Year's?

It was too much to take on the plane.

Wait. I thought you drove.

[Exhales sharply] Why
are you interrogating me?

Miranda, how is Charlie doing?

Miranda: He won't talk to me.

He won't talk to the agents.

I don't know what he's afraid to say,

but we need answers.

How about letting me try?

I've been researching the Islamic Front.

We need the experience.

You invited Samar here?

Are you spying on me again?

She messaged me, asking if I
ratted her out, and I said no.

Thank you.

So, what's your play?

- What do you mean?
- I mean, what's your play?

You're dealing with a con artist.

You can't just confront her.
You have to con her back.

Caleb, I can do this on
my own, and I want to.

Miranda: We've done
this color wars exercise

20 times since I've been at Quantico,

and this is only the third time

that the two teams have been tied.

- What?
- Which means we're going

to conduct one final exercise...

class against class.

Get your guns.

You're going to Hogan's Alley.

Upper class, since you've
done this drill before,

you'll be the hostage takers.

Lower class, you will be the HRT team

deployed to apprehend them

and save the five hostages
from this warehouse.

The rules are simple...
kill or be killed.



- Shelby.
- Stay away from me.

You don't mean that. I've
left you dozens of messa...

Just stop.

We have nothing to say to each other.

You destroyed my life,
my career at the Bureau.

I had nothing to do with that.

Because of you,

every single person in this city

knows that I slept with my boss,

the next vice president's late husband.

My face was on the cover of
every paper, every tabloid.

I had to move back to Georgia

just to get away from the paparazzi.

Everything that I had
accomplished up to that point

was wiped away,

and according to you,
it was for nothing,

because we didn't get the bad guy.

You weren't in that
room with Elias... I was.

- No, you're right.
- I...

I was in the room with 100
people who barely got out alive

as the walls were caving in on us.

I was in the room with the 32 people

who didn't get out alive,

some of whom I tried to
save with my own hands

but couldn't, including Clayton.

And now...

I am being forced to defend my actions

because you won't let this go.

I'm the same person, Shelby.

You used to believe in me.

Now I know that I was wrong.

Agent Parrish?



Yes? [Clears throat]

I'm sure you've heard
about Duncan Howell.

Duncan Howell?

N... no, I haven't heard.

He took his own life [Sighs] last night.

Before he did, he asked me to deliver

- a message to you.
- [Exhales sharply]

He said, "Tell her... I
thought I didn't have a choice."

Does that mean something to you?

Deckerman: Assistant Director,

when Harper was a trainee at Quantico,

were you concerned
about his mental health?

No, I was not.

Interim Deputy Director, I'll
ask you the same question...

were you ever concerned?

No, Mr. Chairman, I was not.

Now, did either of you
ever see Harper display

any violent attitudes or opinions,

either before or after he was dismissed?

Mr. Chairman, Miranda
and I will blame ourselves

for not seeing the signs in Harper

for the rest of our lives.

His contempt for the Bureau's cases,

his grandiosity, his
need for admiration,

his pointing the finger at others

to deflect anyone from looking at him...

we see those signs now, but
we should've seen them then.

In your opinion, did
Elias Harper act alone?



Now, we've heard from over
a dozen of your agents,

and they all say the same
thing, except for one.

Why does Alex Parrish,

an agent that you once
described as a bright star,

disagree with you?

Alex Parrish was one of the
finest agents I've ever trained.

If anyone's to blame for her delusion,

it's the Bureau itself.

After the Grand Central bombing,

we fell for Harper's plan to frame her.

Turned her into a fugitive.

We broke her.

[Camera shutter clicking]

He backed you, in his own way,

even though you hijacked
his entire agenda.

He's under a lot of pressure from
the White House to close this case.

Even if it means
selling the public a lie?

I read the report, Alex.

There's not a shred of evidence
to support what you believe.

What about...

what about Duncan Howell,

the hacker who helped me
discover the second bomb?

Before he jumped, Miranda,
he told the cop to tell me,

"I thought I had no choice."

Someone got to Duncan,

probably the same
person who got to Elias.

What you're doing is not healthy.

Not everything is a conspiracy.

Miranda, we're still not safe.

You have to believe me. I'm telling you.

Elias knew it was
someone from our class.

That's how they knew how to frame me.

Alex, the thing about being an agent

is that you cannot always
think that you're right.

You were right about Charlie.

You should know better.


Is your mother around?

I'm Nimah.

Which game are you playing?

The Box.

You're stuck in a room,

and an FBI trainee is sent in
to interrogate you on the D.L.

[Chuckles] You're very clever.

But Miranda didn't send
me... I volunteered.


Your mother is worried.

She knows you wouldn't talk
to her about what's happened.

Would you be more
comfortable talking to me?

I don't know you.

You don't know me.

And you sure as hell don't
know the people who took me.

It's a miracle that
I am alive right now.

And I'm not saying a
word to jeopardize that.


Let me try.

You interrogate him?

Are you serious?

I've been pushing your
buttons my whole life,

haven't I?

Man: All right, let's go.

This may be a drill, but
our careers are on the line,

and they have the advantage on us.

It's us versus them.

We win... we stay. They
win... five of us go home.

Which means there's no room for error.

We need everybody
doing what they do best.

Let's do this!

[All shouting]



I've got a sentry on lookout.

South entrance. Iris.

North entrance secure.

I need my eyes in the sky, Caleb, now.

Okay. I got eyes on the hostages.

It looks like they're on the
east side of the warehouse,

and I count 1, 2, 3
bags of cash in the back.

You say when, I say dead.

Clear to fire.

Ding-dong. The witch is dead.

Sentry down. Clear to breach.

- Wyatt just took out Iris.
- Good.

Now we know they're following
the HRT playbook to the letter.

Approaching the south entrance.

Approaching north entrance.

Caleb, what are we looking at?

North and south entrances are all clear.

Hostage takers are
still in the east wing.

And I still got my Mr. Robot
swagger from my analyst days.

Good shooting, Tex.

Sit tight, sweetie,

and watch us take down
the rest of your friends.

Ready to breach on my command.

Sounds good to me.

[Sighs] Remind you of anything?

Grow up.


3... 2... 1.

Move, move, move.

Moving toward hostages in the east wing.

- [Paintball guns firing]
- We've got company.

When you said cleared,

you forgot to mention
the NATs waiting for us

inside the damn door!

What do you mean?

I'm looking at the feed right now.

It's all clear.

I have company, too. What's going on?

You've got to be kidding me.

They hacked the CCTV footage.

They put our live feed on a loop.

They're cheating.

[Indistinct shouting]

That doesn't explain how they
knew exactly when we'd breach.

Iris: Because, while
you were flying blind,

we've heard every word.

Do you think we didn't know
you'd take me out first?

Everybody, double back
now. It's an ambush!

[Indistinct shouting]


Man: Man down!

[Knock on door]


[Clears throat]

You gonna invite me in?


Come on in.

- Um...
- It's a nice place.

You needed a change?

[Scoffs] [Chuckling] Yeah, well,

when a terrorist builds a secret
passageway into your apartment

and frames you for mass murder,

burning a little sage
doesn't really cut it.


W-why are you even here?

I mean, you haven't returned
my e-mails or my phone calls

or my texts for... for months.

[Sighs] Brian Goldman.

Brian who?

The guy you hooked up with last night...

tall, good-looking, works
for a telecom company...

ring any bells?

Look, we know you stole his key fob.

First, you looked into Elias,

and now you're looking into Duncan.

Alex, when's this gonna end?


Tell Brian Goldman it wasn't personal.

Ryan: Duncan Howell killed himself.

The Bureau's not treating
his death as suspicious.

Yeah, well, neither am I.

No? You're just searching
through his cellphone records

trying to find a better data plan?

I was trying to find Mia.

Duncan was my friend.

He risked his life for me...

and for you, too, from what I remember.

And I don't care what you say...

he did not kill himself.
Someone got to him, Ryan.

Alex, you're...

I'm what? Say it. Say it.

You think I'm crazy.

Everyone else at the Bureau said it...

your girlfriend, Natalie.

She's not my girlfriend
anymore, and you know that.

Only thing I know is that
I'm not wrong about Elias,

and a lot of other people
out there think so, too.

They only think that because
they believe in you, Alex.

And I believe in you, too.

I believe you'll make the right decision

once you see this.

It's a copy of the plea
deal that Duncan signed

with the district attorney's
office four days ago.

He pled on two counts...

unauthorized access
and computer fraud...

in exchange for a reduced
sentence of 7 to 10 years.

Duncan was going to jail?

That's why he killed himself.

Alex, there was no boogeyman.
There was no mastermind.

I don't think that you're crazy.

I think...


I think you're in pain.

I think that you went
through something awful,

something that doesn't
even make any sense,

but that doesn't change the fact

that Elias killed all those people.

I know there is someone else, Ryan.

You didn't hear Elias. He was so scared.

He was so ashamed. He wasn't lying.

He just wanted someone to forgive him.



I came here as a favor.

I thought, maybe, given our history,

that I might be the one to
finally get through to you,


I can't, 'cause this
isn't about the truth...

this is just about you.

Ryan, I...

[Door closes]

Alex, we need to fall back.

I can't override the security hack.

If you stay, you're flying blind.

I can't. They've covered all the exits.

Unless someone makes a decision
soon, it's game over, anyway.

No one's going home.

We're staying, we're fighting,

and we're getting out
alive, with the hostages.

Roger that.

If we're flying blind, so should they.

Smoke 'em if you got 'em.

Fire at will!

[Indistinct shouting]


Woman: I'm down!

Three more confirmed kills.

No sign of the hostages.


Get down!

Enemy down. 14 to go.

Brandon: One more for the team.

- [Laughs]
- [Indistinct shouting]

Well, it looks like your little
plan didn't work out so well.

You guys still don't get it, do you?

We already won.

No sign of the hostages or the money.

Hold your fire.

Look, they set us up.

I don't know how, but they did.

What's going on?

You guys killed four hostages

while the bad guys were running
out the back with the money.

Alex: They dressed up the
hostages so we'd shoot them.

They broke the rules.

Criminals don't play by the rules.

Because there are none.

That doesn't mean that
they can hack the CCTVs.

You mean unlike the 900 CCTVs

hijacked by that botnet last year,

or pretty much any nanny cam ever,

or Ariana Grande and the doughnut shop.

Okay. I want you on my team
on trivia night, but that's it.

This is so unfair.

Poor little righteous rich girl.

I vetted you, remember?

Why don't you vet this?

Hey! Hey! Hey, hey, hey, hey! Enough!

You're angry. Good. Stay angry.

Remember why you lost today.

Every time you step into
a perpetrator's apartment

or a trafficker's hideout,

they have home-field advantage.

They will have had a lifetime
to prepare for a fight.

You have 60 seconds.

You can't let them send five
of us home over this, Liam.

I'm sorry.

- [Camera shutters clicking]
- Over here. Move over here please.

Deckerman: We are now back in session.

Thank you, Agent Parrish,

for returning to us this afternoon.

I was subpoenaed, Congressman.

It is essential that we
hear all of your thoughts.

Now, I've been told that you
have prepared a statement.

Yes, I have.

You may proceed.

"To my friends and family,

my fellow agents at the
Federal Bureau of Investigation,

and my fellow New Yorkers

who've suffered these
unspeakable tragedies...

I know how painful these past few
months have been for all of us.

And I know many of you
in this room blame me

for what you see as
prolonging your suffering.

You say I've divided a city

because I don't accept your explanation,

which is why we can't move on

from those two fateful days in July.

But I won't apologize for that.

I can't.

The search for truth isn't easy,

and when I joined the Bureau,

I took an oath to support
and defend our country...

Which is why I'm reversing
my position today."

- Man: What?
- Woman: What? What? No.

"I can find no evidence

that contradicts the Bureau's findings

that Elias Harper acted alone.

It's time for all of us to move on."

- [Camera shutters clicking]
- Alex, don't give up.

[Indistinct shouting]

Alex, what happened in here?
Did somebody threaten you?

Senator, care to comment on
what we've seen here today?

I'm just grateful that I and
the rest of the victims' families

can finally move on with our lives.

[Shouting continues]


You okay?

[Inhales sharply]

All those people... t...
they're gonna hate me.

And now you know how I felt

every single time I left my townhouse.

- ♪ I'm not looking for a kind world ♪
- Simon, I...

I did what you wanted... tell them.

[Sighs] Oh, what I
wanted... what I wanted.

You didn't mean it... not a word of it.

You lied under oath.

You told me to!

No, I told you to tell the truth.

Your truth, not mine!

No, the truth, Alex... the truth!

There's not subjectivity here, okay?

Elias killed almost
200 people in one week.

Hell, if I hadn't been
hospitalized for helping you,

I might be dead, too.

Shelby, Caleb, Liam, Miranda...

it's a miracle that they're still alive,

and I'm supposed to congratulate
you for lying under oath,

for still thinking that you're
smarter than everyone else?

I thought that you'd
come to your senses.

I thought... I thought
that you'd come back to us.

♪ Three, two, one,
let the bombs go off ♪

But you're still lost.

♪ Let the walls get cold,
'cause I've had enough ♪

♪ you wear the crown,
be toasted in the town ♪

E.A.D. Shaw asked me to tell you

that you've been reinstated,
effective immediately.

I will see you in the office on Monday.

♪ Darling, if you're
looking, if you're looking ♪

♪ if you're looking for a villain ♪

- ♪ I'm willing ♪
- Good luck to you guys.

Bye, guys.


Who else did the upper class cut?

I don't know. Nobody else yet.

That means two more
heads are about to roll.

They already did.

Ohh. What are you talking about?

Are you're seriously gonna
pretend like you don't know?

Know what?

We submitted five names,
but because of your tantrum,

they decided to cut from our class, too.

We didn't break the rules... you did.

Are you saying we had something

- to do with this?
- Yeah.

- Of course you did.
- Back up.

Or what are you gonna
do... give me a fake scar?

Trainees, trainees.

That's enough!

As some of you may already know,

the five that were expelled this morning

were cut from both classes.

Why? Because we know that
the exercise was not fair.

So... Meet your new classmates.

- What?
- From now on, the 50 of you

will live, breathe, and train together.

Try not to kill each other.

[Sighs] Great.

I'm Raina. You remember me?

Your sister tried and failed.

She told me.

When I was in high
school, I wrote an article.

It was for the school's newspaper.

It was about the spy planes
that were always flying

over our community in Dearborn.

Three days later,

the FBI rushed in during homeroom,

and they interrogated me for 10 hours.

What did you tell them?

I told them that I
am an American citizen

and that I loved my country,

but all people can see is this.

I have no idea what you mean.

I'm a 19-year-old
black kid with priors.

I sneeze, and everyone on
the plane has a heart attack.

Try asking a stranger for directions.

Try buying a bag of fertilizer
for your vegetable garden.

[Both chuckle]

You haven't been sleeping, have you?

When you sleep,

you're back there with the
men who took you, right?

Men? Two of them were my age.

How many were they?

I can promise you...

they will never trace it back to you.




And Derick.

That's all I know... no last names.

Thank you for trusting me.


Man: May I borrow your menu, please?


And would you mind inviting your friend

who followed you here
to join us, Ms. Wyatt?

His name is Caleb, correct?

Are you in my SoulCycle cla...



Well, who are you?

Where's Samar?

Samar won't be joining
us. Please, sit down.

My name is Khaled Said.

I am Samar's husband.

Samar isn't married.

But Haifaa, the woman
you know as Samar, is.

My wife, the woman you
thought was your sister,

has been kidnapped...

Because of you.

You bought this for her 11 years ago

at the marché aux puces
de Saint-Ouen flea market.

She wore it every day.

Haifaa never meant to hurt you this way.

She was a young woman when
she agreed to be your sister.

I am afraid that it has
cost her and me everything.

What happened to her?

Well, after your friend here

made contact with her
and demanded his cut,

we agreed that it was time to end this,

so she got in touch with her
contact, and she told them.

And the next day, she disappeared...

she was on her way to pick
up our children from school.

Who is her contact?

Who would ask such a thing from someone?

I don't know.

Look, whoever it is, I am sure
it is them who took my wife.

You have no reason in
the world to help me,

but you're the only one who can.

So I ask you, please
help me find Haifaa.

We need to see every e-mail

she ever exchanged with her contact.

[Cellphone rings]


Woman: You betrayed
our country, you bi...

[Cellphone chiming]


[Cellphone rings]


Woman 2: We believed
in you and you li...


[Cellphone ringing]


[Ringing continues]

- Hello?
- [Distorted voice] It was so sad

seeing you lie up there today, Alex...

Especially when I'm the only person

who knows you were right...

Because I'm the one you've
been looking for all along.

Hello? Who is this?

[Distorted voice] 227
West 10th. Come alone.


Where's Brandon?

Oh, no, this is our punishment.

We don't just get mixed classes,

but we all get new roommates, too.

And... [Whistles]

Since you can't pick up on social cues,

how about this?

Yeah, there you go. Go build a robot.

Uh, all right. What'd you find?

I did an ISP search on all the e-mails

that Khaled gave us... and, um,

you're wearing my shirt.

Do you want it back?

[Sighs] No.

I don't know who's
sending these e-mails,

but I figured out where
they're coming from...



In this job, you will
make a lot more enemies

than you do friends.

We're not training you to be nice.

We're not training you for what's fair.

We're training you for what's real.

♪ You took the sun from
the hole in the sky ♪

- Hey.
- Did you get anywhere with Charlie?

♪ And then you place it in ♪

- ♪ my little hand ♪
- Oh. No.

Of course not.

This came in the box from Mom.

Thank you.

♪ Oh, what a rush
just to be in control ♪

♪ it's like nothing
you could understand ♪

- ♪ this time I'm not gonna let it go ♪
- [Beeps]

Miranda: We're training you
to deal with the unexpected.

♪ This time I want
everyone to know ♪

They're moving me down the hall.

To make room for me.

Noticed you have some extra
space in your closet...

at least, you do now.

Hope you don't mind.

♪ I believe in myself this time ♪

Where's Will?

Caleb: Who, Jimmy Neutron?

Probably splitting an atom somewhere.

Who am I gonna study with, then?

♪ Can we break this place apart? ♪

♪ Come on ♪

♪ Come on to me ♪

You ready to go?

I've been ready to go all day.

Look, I know you don't
want to hear this,

but Agent Maxwell wants to take you

to the field office tomorrow

and ask you some questions.

They're not gonna stop until
you give them some answers

about the men who took you.

I'll be fine, Mom.

It's okay.

[Knock on door]


You know Ryan, the guy who
used to live across the hall?

What about him?

Well, I was making my new
bed, and I found these.

♪ Can we break this place apart? ♪

♪ Come on ♪

You can get them to him, right?


♪ Well, come on ♪

Miranda: Because you will
go through the fire...

♪ Come on to me ♪

[Cellphone chimes]

- ♪ Come on ♪
- _

♪ Come on ♪

And you will get burned...

- ♪ Can we break this place apart? ♪
- _

But you will come out on
the other side stronger...

♪ To me ♪

And you have to for what comes next.

[Cellphone rings]

Alex: What do you
want, and why am I here?

[Distorted voice] All this time

you've been helping me
do what needed to done,

and I've never been
able to say thank you.

I've never been able to
ask how you were doing.

You're strong, but I
never realized how strong.

It's impressive.

The first time I saw you at the Academy,

I knew what you were capable of...

what we were capable of.

But our relationship took time.

And now here we are,

three months after Grand Central,

a year after Quantico, and
you're still helping me.

Helping you do what?

Finish what we started.

Look at your phone.

Tell her I had no choice,
like Elias Harper.

She'll know what that means.

You don't have to jump.

Come down so we can talk.


Duncan disobeyed me, but you won't.

[Metal clangs]

Who's there?!

[Siren wailing in distance]

You weren't the terrorist before,

but now you're going to be.

Listen closely, Alex.