Psych (2006–2014): Season 5, Episode 10 - Extradition II: The Actual Extradition Part - full transcript

Shawn and Gus return to Vancouver to visit their old nemesis, Despereaux, in prison at the felon's request, who then uses them to escape. While planning the perfect theft, Despereaux is set up for murder and must once again work with Shawn and Gus to prove his innocence.

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Previously on Psych...

- He's an art thief?
- A dangerous art thief.

All right, never been caught,

never left enough evidence
to be accused.

But we did find
a burning cigarette

- in the ash tray over there.
- This is my gun.

You see, a gentleman of leisure
never packs his weapon

next to his socks.

Hello, Despereaux.

I've often fantasized

about escaping from prison,
you know.

Yeah, I'm flying Juliet
to Napa for dinner

and surprising her
with a vacation plan.

The Amalfi coast.

These kind of trips are
once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

And they're even better
when you have someone

you care about
to share them with.

And you do.

First class tickets?

And three nights hotel
paid for.

By a world-class criminal.


Despereaux staged our deaths.
That's barely a crime.

I don't think you're allowed
to accept lavish gifts

from people you sent to prison.

Says who?
The sultan of Canada?

Look, all Despereaux wants
is a little face time.

Ten minutes, maybe less.

He's lonely, all by himself
in his Canadian prison,

and we put him there.

The least we can do is give him
a chance to explain himself.

Oh, so I'm the crazy one
for being nervous

about accepting an invitation
to visit

from a criminal
who almost killed us?

That little gun
he pointed at my head...

- Twice.
- Not loaded.

How do you know?

He told me.

You spoke to him before this?

I follow him on Twitter.

Oh, my gosh.

Gus, come on.

Be a little spontaneous.

Canada's one of the top
50 countries in the world.

And how many countries
are there?

At least 50.
Maybe more.

You have exactly four hours

to come up with a good lie
for your boss.

We're going to Canada, man.

You are gonna be in Canada.

I'm not gonna bail you out
this time.

I'm not gonna ask you to.

Good, 'cause you got
my only suitcase.

- See you Monday, pop.
- You tell her yet?

- Tell who what?
- Oh, come on, Shawn.

I overheard
the whole conversation

with Gus about Juliet
going off on this trip

with Declan Rand and how
you're gonna try to wow her

and tell her how much you care
about her

before she gets too serious,
blah, blah, blah, blah.

I shared that with Gus
in the men's room

at the Red Robin.
Where were you hiding?

You butt-dialed me.

And you listened?

Shawn, I've spoiled my share
of relationships

over the years
by keeping my mouth shut.

Tell her.
Tell her now.

Tell her five minutes from now.

She goes off to Italy

with a guy who's rich,
who is crazy about her,

she ain't coming back
with any doubts.

- Dad?
- Yeah, Shawn.

Can we never have
this conversation again?

We can certainly try.

Buzz, hey,
have you seen Juliet?

- No. No.
- Really?


You okay?

Yeah, no.

I'm about to go meet this guy
I put in prison.

I have a plane to catch,

and I really wanted to...
I wanted to tell her something.

Well, I can take a message.

No, it's not really the kind
of thing

you put in message form.

I'm a great listener.

Why don't we give it a dry run?

All right.

Can't hurt.

It's a little weird, but...

You see, the thing is, I want
to tell her that I like her.

I kind of suspected.


It's really more than like.

Yeah, you know,
so much has happened,

and you always think there's
gonna be another opportunity,

but sometimes there isn't.

And what I've realized...

What I've realized is that
I don't want to wait anymore.

I can't wait.

Not with this kind of stuff,
you know?

Holy crap, that was great.



No, Buzz, Buzz,
don't... don't write this.

I'm just sort of talking it out
for myself

and you apparently.

Dude, you addressed that
to chief Vick.

I did?

- Bullet dodged.
- Super weird.

That would have been...

Oh, it's Friday today,
isn't it?

Yeah, Friday.

Oh, she asked me to get
her passport updated.

She needed it today.

She already left?

I think so.

Okay, you're freaking out
about something.

You were quiet
the entire flight,

and you watched the back-up plan
all the way through.

- Are you okay?
- I accidentally turned McNab

and my father into confidants.

It was a weird day.

But I realize this is the life
I'm meant for.

Visiting minimum security
Canadian jails?

Oh, trust me, Gus.

We hear Despereaux's pitch,
and it's smoked salmon,

poutine, and coffee crisp
from here on out.

- Whoa.
- Go on.


Prison looks good on you.

You call it prison,

I liken it
to a mid-range sandals resort.

I only know that because
I once stole a cruise ship

from a tiny Caribbean port.

- Which port?
- Why are we here?

My apologies
for the short notice.

But I've had a bit
of a realization.

And I have some things
I need to tell you face to face.

You see, Shawn,

my life's goal has always been

to commit the perfect crime.

I've always thought
of my heists as...


But you made me feel somehow...

- Regretful.
- I...

You genuinely wanted me
to be the greatest thief

that ever lived.

You know, that's right.

Well, gentlemen,

I need you to know

that I am capable

of all the things
you thought I could do

and more.

And I'd like the opportunity

to prove it to you.

You don't have to prove to us

that you're a great criminal.

I want to.

- You shouldn't.
- But I will.

Well, that was the weirdest
26 minutes of my life.

Honestly, I feel
a little bad for him.


He had this reputation
of being able

to get in and out of anything.

I spoiled it for him.

I feel some responsibility
for that, Gus.

Plus, he felt...
he felt needy, you know?

I mean, what does he care
what I think?

He was exposed for what he was.

- That's all.
- Gus, don't be

both Ashlee Simpson albums.

There were three
Ashlee Simpson albums.

That can't possibly be true.


I will not do this
with you right now.

Get it right if you're gonna
criticize me then.

Well, I think that went well.

In between the lines

there's a lot of obscurity

I'm not inclined
to resign to maturity

if it's all right,
then you're all wrong

but why bounce around

to the same damn song

You'd rather run
when you can't crawl

I know you know

that I'm not telling
the truth

I know you know

they just don't have
any proof

embrace the deception

You broke him out of prison?

- I did not.
- Calm yourself, Gus.

Shawn had nothing
to do with this.

I needed a visitor
to make my escape work.

There's a security hole
in the walk

from the visitation room
to the cell block.

I'm turning this car around
right now.

I wouldn't do that
if I were you.

I have this small,
somewhat impressive shiv

that I learned to make
from one of 30 prisoners

named Gord,
and I'm in the position,

where I would have to use it.

I'm gonna kill you, Shawn.

I give you my word, though,

that I would cut you in a manner
that you would not bleed out

too much, and your recovery
would be a matter of weeks.

Come on, Gus.
Considering the circumstances,

I'd say
that's pretty damn considerate.

Thank you.

Oh, would you be so good

as to take this road
toward the top of the mountains.

- This first one here?
- Yes, please.

- Gus.
- I got it, Shawn.

Our luggage was in the trunk,
wasn't it?

- Yes, it was.
- Our wallets in the bags?

- Mm-hmm.
- Passports in the wallets.

You know it.
I do have this, though.

Two altoids?

No, I wish.

It's a piece of chalk
that just split in half.

If we're out here
for more than two days,

- I will eat you alive.
- You couldn't eat me.

- I will finish you whole.
- That doesn't make any sense.

I will eat you in manageable,
bite-size pieces.

12 hours. 12 hours
of overnight walking, Shawn.

It would have been six

if we hadn't stopped to eat
all that bark.

I was under the impression
it tastes like maple syrup.


Oh, no.


Sorry, guys, but no.

We haven't asked you anything.

Guys, listen,
you know that I like you a lot,

but the last time
that you were here,

you got me fired.

you got yourself fired.

By doing what you asked.

We got you your job back.

At the lowest possible level.

A job.
We got you a job back.

I didn't know you wanted
your original job back.

Now that I know that,
I'll get right to work on it.

I just clawed my way up

from traffic duty, okay?

So, please, don't ask me
to do anything illegal again.

Afraid I can't promise that,

but what I can do is give you
the anonymous tip

of the century.

I have sensed
that Pierre Despereaux

is going to escape.


Let's go grab Ed Dykstra,

and you can take
all the credit for it.

Ed's not here.

Nobody is.

Our best detective
was found dead yesterday

at his fishing cabin.

Nobody thinks this sits right.

Well, while they're out there
doing that,

why don't you solve
the jailbreak all by yourself?

Okay, I will call the prison.

All right,
thank you very much then.


All of the prisoners

- are accounted for.
- What?

Did they actually see him?

No, they do a rough numbers
count in the A.M., Shawn.

Call 'em back.

Ask him if they saw him,
because they didn't.

Because he's not there.
I guarantee it.

- We got to get down there.
- I am not calling back.

All units,
we have a reported art theft

at a private home
in Shaughnessy.

All available units respond.

Been here many times before.

- Parties, fundraisers.
- You know the owners?

Oh, everybody does.

It's Crown prosecutor
John Santee.

He prosecutes every major case
in town,

including Mr. Despereaux.

Now that was a Van Gogh
of some sort.

This was a Ming vase,
beautiful piece,

and this was some kind
of Egyptian staff thing.

This guy's loaded.

How much do you pay
your prosecutors?

Oh, no, no.
It's his wife.

She has all the money.

Her family, the waffle people.

Gus, are you thinking
what I'm thinking?

Yes, we need
to try those waffles.

Well, Despereaux
certainly proved his point.

He pulled it off
in the real world.

- Will you stop gushing?
- It's admirable.

His work is so clean,
so effective.

- Shawn.
- Obviously,

we have to catch him.
That's a given.

Is this the Crown prosecutor?

Yeah, yeah.

Did the guards locate
this Despereaux character?

- No, not yet, sir.
- Not gonna find him.

He's long gone.

Mackintosh here is the only one

who believed us.

I'd like you to take that
in consideration

come promotion time.

He can't be here.

That's not possible.


can we speak in private?

- Did you call?
- Yes, sir.

- And they said he was here.
- Please.

I can't believe this.

Yeah, I don't believe it

Where's our car?

Well, I imagine
it's in the parking lot,

where it should be.

Isn't this a wonderful thing?

Not a single soul
in this prison

has any clue what we've done.

Hey, shh.

We didn't do anything.

Perhaps we have pulled off
the perfect crime.

I mean, what is a better alibi
than being in prison?

Enjoy the rest
of your trip, Shawn.

I know our secret's safe,

seeing how you could be
considered an accessory

and since you merely "sensed"
my escape.

It's a very effective use
of psychicness.

I can't believe
you killed a guy.

I'm sure I have no idea
what you're talking about.

And not just any guy.
You killed...

You killed
the Crown prosecutor.

Yeah, him.

It's not so easy
in the real world, is it?

Can't control
all the little variables.

Or did you intend to kill Santee
all along?

Was that the job?

I didn't kill anyone.

Yeah, then why did they find

your signature cigarette
in the house?

Why'd they find
your fingerprints?

Oh, Camilla Parker Bowles.
I've been set up.

I think we're the ones
that got set up.

Somebody came in and planted
those things

after I stole the art.

I mean, now they're trying
to pin me for murder.

Surely you can see that.

Nope. Nope.

Tell it to the judge.

I don't love you anymore.

It's like you're speaking
gibberish to me right now.

That's how much sense
you're making.

- What the...
- Lassie!

What are you doing in Canada?

I should be asking you two
the same question.

I'm here to extradite Despereaux
back to the states.

When is that happening?

It was supposed to be today.

We got approval to extradite him
on Monday.

That was his plan.

The perfect alibi.

- He's in jail.
- Leave the country.

Well, he's not going
anywhere now.

Not until they eliminate him
as a murder suspect first,

which makes no sense,
because he's been

in prison the whole time.


You came here.

To Vancouver.

- Yes.
- That's why you needed

your passport in such a hurry.

How did you know that?
Are you okay?

Yes, I am.

I need to speak with you,

You and I.
Before you head off to Italy

with Declan
and get all caught up

in the magic that's Barcelona
and the running of the bulls.

You don't know
where Italy is, right, Shawn?

Before you make
any major life decisions,

can we please sit down
and talk?

Here in the lockdown?

- Sure.
- Okay.

Not here, not now.

- Later?
- Yes, later.

- We'll speak?
- Okay.


Which one?

Which one what?

Which one
are you freaking out about?

Juliet or Despereaux?

Um, both I guess.

What's going on with you?

They really found fingerprints?

A lot of them, Shawn.

Don't you think Despereaux
would have worn gloves?

to the Gordon Mark Hotel.

Will you need help
with your bags?

Yes, we will.

What was that?

It's called a tip, Gus.

A Canadian coin.
The dollars here are coins.

It was a York
peppermint pattie, Shawn.

That was way too generous.

Are you sure
we should be staying here?

Gus, the room is paid for.

It would be a crime
not to use it.

It's paid for by a murderer.

- Alleged murderer.
- No. No, Shawn.

You are not turning around
on him now, are you?

It doesn't make a lot
of sense, Gus.

Think about it.
Despereaux's a perfectionist.

Look at his nails.

That crime scene was
as sloppy as it gets.

That's weird.

They're coming for us.

They're not coming for us.

This could be for us.

Act natural.

Hey, Shawn, Despereaux escaped.

- Just now?
- Yes, of course, just now.

And you think we helped him?

What? No.

- Why would you say that?
- No reason.

Mackintosh, why are you
surrounding us?

Oh, right, one of the visitors
at the prison

saw him get
in the back of your trunk.


No way.

Gonna get you some help.

I'm just gonna grab
this peppermint pattie.

- I didn't mean to give it to you.
- Shawn.

Uh, your plane tickets
were paid for by?


- And your room?
- Kind of a package deal, ed.

Your car rental?

He paid for the rental car?

What part of all-inclusive
do you not understand, Gus?

Yes, he may have paid
for that too

and some walking around money.

Man has a lot
of disposable income.

What? It's not
like we're friends, Gus.

It says here you also sent him
a birthday present.

- You bought him a present?
- I had no choice.

He got me these jeans
last Christmas.

- You forgot my birthday.
- Okay, guys,

I know this looks bad.

Really, really bad.

Let's not forget I am the one

who caught this guy
in the first place.

It's true, Ed. He did.

I came here to tell you
that Despereaux would escape,

which he did,
and I will catch him again.

I will also tie him
to the murder

of that Crown prosecutor guy
if he in fact did that as well.

Now if we could stop
interrogating one another

and start working together
and loving one another,

we can get this done.

Let's go back to the crime scene

and start ourselves
a real investigation.

What are we doing?

We are looking
for discrepancies.

Are we trying to convict
or exonerate Despereaux?

No, Gus, I haven't decided yet.

You have a tremendous eye
for detail, Shawn.

I had only just hid.

what are you doing here?

Same thing you're doing here.

Trying to prove me innocent.

Yeah, well, we haven't decided

if we think you're innocent.

I did.
You're not.

You're making this
very difficult.

Coming back to the scene
of the crime?

- Come on.
- You're trying to cover up

- the evidence.
- Well, my plan was

to do the job
and then sneak back into prison.

But when you told me
about the body

and the fingerprints
and the cigarette, well,

I had to break out again.

I had to see what they did
to set me up.

And they did a good job.

Allow me to clear myself.

I'll go back.

Scout's honor.

Oh. Scout's honor.

Good enough for me.

Not this time, Despereaux.

What options do we have, Shawn?

He's here!
Despereaux is here.

He is in the closet.

Follow me, you mounties!

Well, this is uncomfortable.

Come on!

Nice, Shawn.

Maybe you guys
should just head home.

I'm not convinced
Despereaux is the killer.

Why would a guilty man
risk coming back?

Why would an innocent man
bludgeon me like a sport tuna?

It's a tiny bump.

If I hadn't waxed my head,
I'd be dead right now.

How is wax a factor?

- Shawn...
- Pardon me.

Mrs.... Mrs. Santee?

- Yes.
- Hello, I'm Shawn Spencer,

psychic detective.

This is Big Apple Mackintosh

and my partner Yasmine Bleeth.

I am sensing
that the safe was open.

Is that accurate?

Yes, I found it open
when I got home.

If you don't mind my asking,

what kind of art
was stored in the safe?


Johnny believed
that art was meant to be seen

and never hidden,
which is why this all happened.

He never understood the threats
that displaying wealth posed.

So what was in the safe?
Money? Jewelry?

No, those things
are in a safety deposit box.

This was just work documents.

What was missing from the safe?


We really shouldn't stay here.

What, in our own room?

We're making ourselves
accomplices to murder.

I'm so torn, Gus.

Despereaux only steals art.

He has a compelling argument.

He busts out of prison
to do one last job,

sneaks back in
before anyone notices.

He's being extradited tomorrow,

so that's perfect.

Job turns out to be a set-up.

They use it to kill someone.

Despereaux finds out, of course,
he needs to escape again.

That's too much, Shawn.

I knew you'd come through,

So what made you change
your mind about my innocence?

His mind isn't changed.


Ah, there you are.

Darling, this is them.

Thank you for helping him.

You met a girl.

On the run?

Oh, don't be ridiculous.

I met her in prison.

Don't go back.

I wouldn't dream of it.

I really should go.

Do you English even know
the sock on the door rule?

And what exactly went on
in here?

More importantly, do I need to
get a new room and/or sheets?

Relax, gentlemen.

I think I have a solution
to all our problems.

I want to hire you...

To prove my innocence.

You can't hire us.
We're trying to capture you.

Oh, fair enough.

You can continue
to try to capture me,

blah, blah, blah,
but I also want you to prove

that I'm not a murderer.

She must have forgot
her tongue.

- Hey.
- Hey.

Can I come in?


Why? You kind of made
a big deal about us talking.

Did I?

Come on. I really need
to talk to you too.

I came by like 20 minutes ago,
but I heard voices.

I wasn't sure
if I had the right room.

Do you have a girl in there?


No, not in me.

In here.

No one's in here.
There's no...

I'm just... I'm alone
in here like a wolf.

Okay, then why can't I come in?

Because I can't do this
with you right now.

- You said it was important.
- I lied.

Okay? I lie.
I do things like that.

Oh, come on, Shawn,
I am at a loss.

You want to talk.
You don't want to talk.

Look, if you can't say
what's on your mind,

then I will say what's on mine.

I broke up with Declan.

Why would you do that?

I mean, I just can't do this
right now.

Anytime later, you name it.
We can schedule it.

Don't bother.


Girl trouble?

Is there anything
I can help you with?

You know what, I think

you've been more
than enough help already.

Will you just be straight
with us for once?

I will be utterly transparent.

- Who hired you for the job?
- I don't know.

Well, now we're getting

The job was brought to me
in prison by Marty Sewell.

He's a matchmaker.

That's where you found
the girl?

No, no, no, matchmaker
as in middle man.

He puts a client
and a criminal together.

He offered me the job in prison

and told me that it had
to happen instantly.

Where do we find him?

Martin finds you.

You don't find him.

That is, of course,
unless you're a psychic.

You give me two hours.

And don't have sex in our beds.

I can only ask why.
Why do you guys hate me so much?

Mackintosh, we don't hate you.

We want to help you.

By letting you help us.

We can't get this computer
to work.

I told you his password

wasn't Senor Whopperpants.

It was worth a shot, Gus.

This is Detective Breitling's

The poor guy just died.

You shouldn't be using it.
There's a mourning period.

Not for electronics.

Yeah, like,
if it was his coffee mug,

then we wouldn't use it.

Can you get us an address
for a Martin Sewell?

No. No. I cannot do anything
more for you guys.

What if I told you he was the
one behind the Santee robbery?

How do you know that?

- Oh.
- Yeah.

And then you will leave?

Thank you, Shawn.

Would have taken me weeks
to find Sewell.

Now let me do the talking.

Hello, Marty.
Surprised to see me?

Excuse me, gentlemen.


Do you hear screaming?

No. No, come on, Despereaux's
the consummate gentleman.

He's gonna kill that guy.


Despereaux, let him go.

That's the plan.

If he doesn't tell me
who hired him for the job.

Who hired you?

Come on.

Tell me what I need
to know, Marty.

I can't hold on much longer.

It was...
It was Crossley!


What the hell does oops mean?

Um, he was somewhat
of a big crime lord up here.

I was in prison
with him for a while.

I was kind of having
an affair with his wife.

You met her at the hotel.

Will you put that guy down?

Oh, yes, almost forgot.
Come on.

You killed him.

He'll be fine.
He's just in shock.

It's actually quite cleansing
once you come to.

You've been dangled
off a building before?

Well, I've been the dangler.

It's enormously effective.

Terrible on the wrists.

Despereaux, we have
some serious questions for you.

Fire away.

Exactly how do you pick up
women in prison?

Oh, Valeria was visiting Frank

at an adjoining table.

And our eyes just met.

You know
how these things happen.

What about Crossley?

Frank Crossley
was the most feared man

in our prison.

He managed to run
his whole empire from inside

without missing a beat.

He even had a man killed

in Toronto in an hour.

From the exercise room.


Oh, dear.

Come on.

they have us surrounded.

You got to trust me.
Give yourself up.

I will solve this case for you.

But there's no way
that we're getting out of here.

About that.

Have you ever seen
those Batman movies?


Where does he get those
wonderful toys?

So you just happened
to bump into Despereaux?

I was following a vibration.

Spencer, Guster,
I cannot help you anymore.

Wait, you've helped us before?

I swear, I am gonna leave you

to rot in this backward,

rain-drenched den
of politeness.

- No offense.
- None taken.

I like your suit.

- Where's Juliet?
- She didn't want to come.

Do we know why?

I imagine
it was female trouble,

and I don't care.
Now give up Despereaux,

stop messing around, and let me
take him back to meet his maker.

I'm sorry, detective.
You're gonna kill him?

No. It's a term
for bring him to justice.

The term literally
is "bring him to justice."

"Meet your maker"
I think means murder.

This is about me now?

He's the one traipsing
around town with your suspect.

I'm having a vision.

It was...
It was Crossley.

Managed to run his whole empire

from inside
without missing a beat.

- Spencer.
- It's a man, a bad man,

a murderer.
He authored a murder.

He runs his crime business
from behind bars.

His name is Frank...
Frank Crossley!

All right, this meeting's over.

I want you in my office.

And not you and not you.

Come on.
Bring him in.

Now what the hell
are we supposed to do?

All right, enough of the games.

What do you know about
Detective Breitling's murder?

Detective Breitling?

The one who just died
at the fishing cabin

- with the sticky keyboard?
- Don't play coy with me, boy.

You know
that clearly we believe

Frank Crossley
killed Breitling.

Wow, I was really moving
in a different direction.

We found this.

It was hidden
in Detective Breitling's house.

This is a series of dates
that all contradict each other.


This would seemingly indicate
that Crossley's innocent.

Shawn, you've got to stop
hiding things from us.

This is very serious.

How close was Breitling getting

to bringing down
Crossley's organization?

Do you know what he found?

He found something?

He told his wife to go and
spend the night with her sister.

The next thing you know,
he turns up dead.

You've got to tell us
what he found.

No, those things
are in a safety deposit box.

This was just work documents.

Can we go back
to Breitling's desk?

Did Breitling know
the Crown prosecutor?

We all know
the Crown prosecutor.

Did he talk to him?

Not recently according
to his cell phone records.

No, he probably wouldn't.

It's not safe.

Did he have any
other correspondence with him?

I could have somebody run that.

- I'll run it.
- No.

You run it, Mackintosh,

and take all the credit
when it comes in.

Where's Crossley now?

We have a surveillance team

watching him at his house.

'Cause we're about to make
an arrest.

For two murders.


Just can't go in there
on a hunch.

Brace yourself, Ed.

I'm about to blow
your brilliant mind.

Your Detective Breitling

was on the verge
of bringing down

Frank Crossley's empire.

his own private surveillance,

he recorded and photographed

that changed everything,

something big.

Bigger than the charges
that put Crossley

in a minimum security prison
for a few months this year.

- Ooh.
- No, those were a gift.

You'll get them back
when I'm finished.

Yes. I can see it all now.

Dangerous information.

So huge he thought
it could be the end of him.

So just in case
something terrible

and unexpected happened,

he sent a copy
to the Crown prosecutor,

fearful he was being watched.

Well, guess what?

Something terrible did happen

to both of them.

One was set up
to look like an accident

at Breitling's fishing cabin.

The other, an art theft.
Two deaths, seemingly...


A detective and a prosecutor.

Two men at either end
of the dangerous information

that would bring down
a high-powered crime boss.

Please, Shawn, give those back.

I'm not quite finished,

They're expensive.
Those are from Holland.

I need to button this thing
and bring it home.

Shawn, I'm not kidding around.

- Relax, dude.
- At least put on the strap.

- Relax.
- Give me the binoculars.

I'm not giving you
the binoculars.

Well, at least put
the strap on.

Crossley set up the guy
who was banging his wife,

Pierre Despereaux.

Is this how they do things
in the states?

No, no, usually
it's much less professional.

He planted
Despereaux's fingerprints

and his signature cigarette.

And, unfortunately, he's right.

A courier did hand-deliver
a package

to the Crown prosecutor
six days before his death.

It was picked up from a man
with a badge

Breitling's description.

Good, we have enough to go
into Crossley's house.


Let me guess.
Frank Crossley?

Okay, now I admit it.
He looks guilty.

How many more people
are you gonna let him kill?

I don't know, Gus.
Maybe one more. Tops.

We are now accessories
to two murders,

two prison escapes,
and helping him

dangle a guy off a building.

There's no way dangling a guy
off the building

is in the criminal code,
not in Canada.

Would you hurry up?

There's no way
he got very far on foot.

He's in the car, isn't he?


Dude, the gas tank?

No stone unturned, Shawn.

Well, you should probably
check under that stone.

Oh, oh, do not take
another step, Despereaux.

We are not gonna help you escape
this time.

I'm afraid
that won't be necessary.

In the car.

I came to straighten things out

with Frank,
and I found him dead

with Valeria setting up
a crime scene,

placing one of my signature
cigarettes near the body.

It's the second time
she's tried that, isn't it?

So you're the crime boss.

Yes, I feel rather foolish now.

Are we gonna get moving,
or do I need to start shooting?

He managed to run
his whole empire

from inside
without missing a beat.

That's how Frank Crossley

could run his empire
from behind bars.

He didn't.
It was all a front for you.

That was the game-changing

that Breitling had on Crossley.

Just not Frank Crossley.

Valeria Crossley.

You were the one
who was on to Breitling.

Get in the [...] house!

And with the crown prosecutor

you had to kill them both.

You had the perfect patsy.

You knew he could break into
anything because he's awesome.

And as a nice bonus,
he was also looking for love.

Well, I wouldn't say
searching for love, per se.

It started out kind of,
I don't know, animal really.

Despereaux, let me finish.


In the midst of all this mess,

your poor, unfortunate husband

had to end the trail.

He was the final loose end.

And you still had the perfect
patsy running around.

Don't go back.

- I mean that as a compliment.
- Thank you.


I was the pawn.

I can't be the pawn.

I really liked her.

Maybe I-I was looking
for love.

Maybe you need
to take a chance,

put your heart on the line.

Oftentimes, they turn out

to be cold-blooded murderers,
but sometimes they don't.

Any relationship's gonna be
a leap of faith.

It took me four years
to figure that out.

Could you keep your voice down?


You know
I don't like loose ends.

I don't want to have
to do this here.

You know, maybe we could be
useful to each other.



I'm going out.

When I get out there,
you two make for the door.

- All right?
- She'll kill you.

No, no, no, she'll kill you.
She won't kill me.

You see, Shawn, you were right.

It is a leap of faith.

And I have faith
she won't kill me.

I was wrong.
Don't take the chance.

Take the chance.
Take it now.

Don't take the chance.
I have a better idea.

- So do I.
- You have zero ideas.

I'll get the door for him.

All right,
on the count of three.

One, two, three.



There are too many moving parts.

You can't stop them all.

Look, I have you.

You have me.

Just let me have the gun.

That was flush.

You all right?

See. I told you
she wouldn't kill me.

Yeah. True love.


We're good.

Stop running.

I don't know
why you're smiling.

The charges in the states
are every bit as steep

as the ones here.

I find your confidence
in the American justice system


They'll never convict me.

We'll convict you.
Sign again.

Ooh, I look forward to a trial
with no physical evidence.

Now I want to pose
a question to you, Shawn,

and I want you to consider it

- Shoot.
- Lunch? Friday?

Mm, I'll visit you in prison.

I'd schedule that sooner
than later.

Let's go.

Oh, Lassie, where's Juliet?

She'll meet me at the airport.

Well, where is she now?

She went to go clear her head.

What am I,
her social secretary?



You know, this bridge
was built by porcupines.

Yeah, they chewed the girders
with their little teeth.

Apparently there was,
like, a rabies outbreak

during construction.

They tried to unionize.

Shawn, can we not do this
right now?

I'm really upset with you.

We just...
We missed the moment.

Some people just don't fit.

Yeah, but those
are Lego people.

And how could they?

I mean, they make
so many different sizes

for all the different sets.

They're in a box,
they're in a bucket,

and kids get him mixed up.

And don't even get me started
on Duplos.

Those things
are, like, twice the size

- so babies won't eat them.
- That's funny.

It's always funny.

Can we not do this right now?

It's okay.

The way things are, it's okay.

I just really need to sort
this out on my own right now.

Can I just say what I came
here to say, please?

I have a motorcycle.

Yes. You do.

Yes. I do.

And you know what?

It is...
it is the purest form

of freedom
that I have ever experienced.

You zip through traffic.
You park anywhere.

You never have to take anyone
to the airport.

You certainly don't have
to help anyone move.

Easily the best purchase
I've ever made

in my life,
and I have never regretted it,

not for one second.

You love your motorcycle.

Is there a point to this?

Yeah, there's a point.

The point is,
since I met you...

I've been thinking
about getting a car.

And you're not thinking
something practical or...

- Oh, God, no.
- Sensible?

I'm not throwing in the towel

This is awesome.

Oh. Sorry.

We never do this.

Once we did it.

Well, I mean, not like this.

This is an escalation
of anything

that happened previously.

You think we should adjourn
somewhere else?


Is this on sale?

I don't work here.

I like your pearls.

You're very nice for a slut.

You know what,
maybe now's not the time.

I have a flight in an hour.

Wait a minute.
I have a room.

A really nice one.

Paid for
by a convicted criminal.

Why do you tell me
these things?

Full disclosure.