Psych (2006–2014): Season 5, Episode 11 - In Plain Fright - full transcript

While on the haunted house ride at Santa Barbara's Scare Fest, Shawn and Gus witness a murder and are soon led to believe the person who committed it is the ghost of a man who fell to his death at Scare Fest 13 years ago.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Gus, you've been
on this ride like 20 times.

I mean, why are you
chickening out now?

This ride just doesn't
seem mechanically sound.

How do we know
it's not gonna break

and eject us
out of the building?

Gus, the ride is 12 inches
off the ground.

Well, why are you nervous?

Because everybody knows
that animatronic goblins

can sometimes come to life
in the weirdest of situations...

That is the most
ridiculous thing

I've ever heard in my life.

- Really?
- Yeah.

Then you go first.

You go first.

I want to go first,
but not until you go.

You're doomed!


You didn't see that.


I am not comfortable with this.


We're gonna solve this.
I think we're gonna have...

Jules, couples are supposed
to have their hands

all over each other
at this stage, the beginning.

We do this now.

Eight hours from now,
this could all be old hat.

Eventually, Carlton
is going to find out about us.

I've seen his detective skills.

- That could take years.
- We should make a plan.

In case everyone finds out and we can't
work cases together anymore.

I have a plan.
It's called "never tell anyone."

everyone is going to know,

and it is your fault
that rule is in place.

If I hadn't outed Lassiter's
affair with his old partner,

you wouldn't be here.

You think I haven't
considered that?

Let's move to the cot.

Do you know
who's been on that cot?

Do you know what they've done?

That is such
an incredible buzz kill.

- Ah, I'm sorry.
- All right.

No touching
in the police station.

Actually, that's always
been my rule.

- I have a surprise for you.
- You do?

Two tickets to Scare Fest tomorrow!

Opening day was solid out,
so I got day two online.

You have been talking about it
since they announced

they were gonna do another one,

and I cannot wait to see
that place through your eyes.

Oh, my God, you're going
with Gus, aren't you?


But that's okay.
I'll go with both of ya.

And I'll scream just as loud
with you as I do with Gus.

No, no, no, no.
It's fine.

I-I'll find something else
for us to do.

It probably means
a lot for you guys.

No, no, no, Jules,
Jules, Jules.

I would much rather
go with you... Obviously.

The two of us gettin'
the beans scared out of us

by disgruntled teenagers
in Michael Myers masks?

- Come on.
- Are you sure?

Of course I'm sure.
Gus'll understand.

- Oh, so you told him about us?
- What, are you kidding?

That'd be like posting it
on my Facebook page.

If I had a Facebook page.

Or the desire to share
intimate life details

with people
I'd avoid on the street.

I'm gonna tell him.
I am. And soon.

Try to understand.

This is gonna be like a bomb
landing on his sweet head.

It means
he's the odd man out again.

If I don't handle this

he's bound to go on
another caramel binge.

- He went on one before?
- Yes.

Hot and cold.

Trust me.
I know what I'm doing.

Okay, just... just go with me
here for a second.

I know this is gonna sound crazy,
but what I'm thinking is...

We don't go to opening night
of Scare Fest.

We go next week,
maybe sometime in the afternoon,

when it's not crowded at all.

Are you kidding?

I spent the entire week
finishing my route early.

I took a vacation day.

Oh, no.
Gus, why would you do that?

- You asked me to.
- When?

The day they announced they
were having Scare Fest again.

- I don't recall that.
- I have your speech

as a video file
on my blackberry, Shawn.

All right, okay, enough
with all the technology. Ha.

The truth is,
it's my horoscope.

It says I should avoid places
with urinal troughs,

and I just don't feel like
I can take the risk right now.

I'm sure you understand.

Are you crying?

I'm disappointed, Shawn.


Ha ha!
I got you, man!

Course we're going
to Scare Fest.

Come on, man, you and me!
Opening day.


We just gotta keep it
between us, though.

- What?
- Nothing! Come on!

Come on.

First ones through the gates.
That's what I'm talkin' about.

Yeah. It's generally scarier
once the sun actually goes down.

Why have you been
so nervous lately?

You haven't been
to the office in the last...

- Nothing!
- What do you mean, nothing?

You didn't even let me
finish my question.

- What's...
- What do I have to hide...

My joy that we have
scare fest back

for the first time in 15 years?

Whenever you're lying,
you never let me finish my...

Gus, don't be ridiculous!
What are we gonna do first, huh?

Where we going first?

Come on, Gus...You know ring
toss has never been your thing.

My carpal tunnel
was acting up, Shawn.

- Okay.
- It was.

What are you doing?
Who are you hiding from?

Ken, our old assistant?

I promised I'd give him a personal
reference for this IBM job,

I just remembered... I never
called the IBM guy back.

I guess he didn't get
that job... Nice going.

Dude, you, me, haunted house.
Let's ride some rides.

Wait a second.
Wait a second.

We haven't even had
any churros yet.

This year
they're wrapping them in bacon.

Didn't we come here
to be scared?

Exactly. What's more scary than
a churro wrapped in bacon?

- You're stalling.
- No, I'm not.

- You're stalling.
- No, I'm not.

Let's go.

Would you have some
respect for yourself?


Get in there.

These things
being so snug. Ha ha.


Um...'Scuse me.

This lap bar's
constricting my blood flow.

Safety is priority one
at scare fest.

Yes, but this bar is acting as
a tourniquet on my right leg.

Take it up with my boss.

Would you relax?
What's wrong with you?

What's going to happen
when I need to unharness myself

after this car is inevitably
jettisoned out onto the midway?

This car is traveling
3 miles per hour.

Ha ha! Nice.


- Dude, you're not even looking.
- I'm drinking it all in.

Your eyes are closed,

and you're pretending
to be startled by things.

- I was just startled.
- By what, the exit light?

That guy's shockingly

Giant spider on your head.

Ha ha.

Ah...Did a pretty good job,
I gotta say.

Wait a minute.

- Gus, did you see that?
- I was testing my watch

to see if it glowed
in the dark.

Gus, I just saw
somebody get killed.

Gus, Gus,
I can't open this thing!

In between the lines
there's a lot of obscurity

I'm not inclined
to resign to maturity

if it's all right

then you're all wrong

but why bounce around
to the same damn song

you'd rather run
when you can't crawl

I know you know

that I'm not telling
the truth

I know you know

they just don't
have any proof

embrace the deception

learn how to bend

your worst inhibitions

tend to psych you out
in the end

Hey! You. Carol.

There is a murderer loose
in the haunted house.

You gotta shut this ride down
right now.

Okay, first of all, calm down.

I understand
you're a little freaked out.

But if you'll notice,
there's a sign outside

that says the word spooky.

That means there's a murder
in there about every 25 seconds.

Well, actually, every 45,

since half the animation
isn't working yet.

You're not listening.

I just saw a man
gasping for his life.

You saw a volleyball
on a broomstick.

No! Yes, I saw that too.
The illusion actually played.

But this is something

Did you see it?

- I was previously engaged.
- He didn't see anything!


I'm sure Todd is pretty dreamy,

even though
he can't spell "bitchin'".

But I'm assuming
that just like heaven

and exhaling, he can wait.

You know what,
our job is to scare,

and by the look on your face, I'd
say we did a pretty good job.

So...Unless you have
38 more tickets to ride again,

I suggest you get lost.

You're gonna feel bad.
You're gonna feel silly...

- Awful.
- And bad.

Girl was mean.

You try making minimum wage
and having to wear that uniform.

See how friendly you are.

- Let's just go.
- Shh!



- No way.
- Yes, way...In a big way.

- Can I have your keys?
- What?

- I just saw a guy get killed.
- Where?

In the murder room
at the haunted house.

Isn't that what's
supposed to happen?

- Real guy. Real murder.
- Did you tell anyone?

We told Carol.
She was so busy texting

with bad grammar Todd
that she didn't care.

- Will you let that go?
- Bitchin', Gus.

Bit-chin. It's the only word
I insist people get right.

Otherwise, you're saying
it's bi-chin.

Which is Chinese
for "too much face."

- Isn't that right, Ken?
- Seriously, dude.

I already told you last time.
Six words.

Now, why don't you just
go tell someone else?

We're telling you, Ken.
And you wanna know why?

Because it is high time that we
got the team back together, man.

This is the kind of
big money case

that'll allow us to hire back
our best Asian assistant ever.

The three ninjas, mega mountain,

and it feels...So good.

I like that song.

I'm only allowed to use these
access keys for business.

Murder is our business.

Dude, I could get fired.
Or worse.

Or you can get yourself
back in the detective game.

I never have actually
been able to do a case. what I'm talking about!

Hey, what are you doing?

Are you serious, Shawn?

Don't cause a commotion.

- Are you in?
- I'm out.

- So am I.
- I didn't ask you.

- This is as far as I go.
- Have it your way.

I'll close the door behind you.

Get in here!

All right, Gus,
don't be scared.

Do you have any idea
how dangerous this is?

They're gonna find
a dead body all right... mine,

drug by one of these ride cars.

You'll be the first
documented dragging death

at 3 miles per hour.

Actually, I'll be the third.
In 1974, there was a guy...

I can't do this with you
right now here in the ride.

Ooh! Blend in.


My eye!

What are you saying, "my eye"?
You saying "my eye" at the end?

I let out a very eerie argh.

- Wasn't eerie.
- And then I added a layer

to intimate that my eye
had been removed

or something horrifying
like that.

Or that you had a loose
eyelash or possibly a sty.

Eyes are scary on
a psychological level, Shawn.

So you're warning riders of
the dangers of conjunctivitis.

- What, you can do better?
- I believe I can.


Wait for it.

Wait for i...

These goblins smell like bacon.


- What the hell does that mean?
- I have no idea.

You do smell like bacon.

- You smell like bacon.
- Smell yourself.

Why do I
smell like bacon, Shawn?

I don't know,
but it's not good.

Happened right there.

He's in here!

I don't understand it, Gus.

I know what I saw.

I will never let you
live this down.

I know what I saw, Gus.

I can't believe this.
I can't believe this.

- I'm in carnival jail.
- What are you so worried about?

It's not like they're gonna
call our parents or something.

Holy crap.


What the hell
is going on, Shawn?

Well, I-I'm at Scare Fest.

Oh, I know.
Park security just called.

- They called you?
- That's what they do, Shawn.

They call the police
when they bust somebody.

You're just lucky I picked up.

I'm on my cell now.

Listen, I witnessed
a murder, okay?

- Where?
- In the haunted house.

Dad, I'm serious.

There was a struggle.
It was terrible.

- Did Gus see it too?
- No.

- Anybody else?
- It was very dark in there.

Shawn, you know how you get
all worked up with those things.

Thanks a lot.


We're gonna get
arrested, aren't we?

Gus, don't be
the only black lead

on a major cable network.
My dad's never had me arrested.

Yes, he has, Shawn.

You're right.

We need to get out of here.

All right, you're gonna
squeeze through this window

and then circle around
to the front of the building.

- Then what?
- I don't know.

Create a diversion.

Throw up on a baby.
Sing really loudly.

Pee in the dunk tank.

My arm couldn't fit
through there, Shawn.

Are you kidding?

It's not like
you're wearing floaties.

You're gonna squeeze through
that like old toothpaste.

I'm gonna give you a push.
I've seen this work

- plenty of times.
- Where, on Winnie the Pooh?

- And other places.
- Oh, my gosh.

Gentlemen, come with me.

- You see?
- You see?

Be halfway to Del Taco by now.

Yeah. See?

You just wanna be standing
here talking nonsense.

When I heard two boys
snuck onto a ride,

I wasn't expecting this.

- Why? Because he's black?
- What are you doing?

I'm playing the race card.

Even if that was okay for you,
you're playing it wrong.

I double-down.

Thought you saw a murder.

Okay. You were trying
to do the right thing, I guess.

You imagined something.

I do too, sometimes.

It is a haunted house,
after all.

So just fill out these forms,

and I'll make sure
you're on your way.

Thank you.

Thank you, thank you,
thank you.

Shawn, what are you writing?

Dude, what is wrong with you?
Will you leave it alone?

It's just your stupid
imagination running wild.

Gus, I know what I saw, and I'm
the best observer that you know.

Last week, you thought
a sponge in the psych office

- was an owl.
- If you'd stop buying them

in bird colors,
that would stop happening.

That's the guy!

He's the one I saw get murdered.
Right there on the wall.

That's the park president.

We've been looking for him
for an hour and a half.

- What? - He missed a big
meeting with creditors.

What do you think
about that, hmm?

Shut down the haunted house.

He was right here!

He was dragged
away from the track.

Where were you hiding
when all this took place?

I wasn't hiding.
But my head was down.

I was trying to avoid
deep vein thrombosis.

- That's not a thing, Gus.
- It is a thing, Shawn.

People die from it on planes

when they're not sitting
in first class.

He's over here!

Well... As much as "Good
work, Spencer," pains me...

No, no, no.
This is all wrong.

- What do you mean?
- This is the other side

of the ride... There's no way
he stumbled this far.

And there was no mask.

The mask is Mr. Wayland's.
He loves Scare Fest.

He used to put on the costumes

and jump out
and scare the customers.

Did he ever use
any scary eye imagery?

No. But he once got stuck in a
suit of armor in the castle.

He loved to tell that story
to the new hires.

I bet he did.

Looks like he might
have gotten caught

in these retractable wires
in the dark.

3 miles per hour, my ass.

I told you it was
a dangerous place to be in.

What a shame.

Well, it just goes to show

that kids should be scared by the law...
Not adults in costumes.

Are you kidding me
right now, Lassie?

I report that a man
is strangled to death here,

then a dead guy shows up
with marks on his neck,

and you won't believe
that it's murder.

It's under consideration.

We have a bona fide
Scooby-Doo case

that has fallen into our laps.

Dead guy, haunted house,
amusement park.

- Gus, say zoinks.
- I'm not saying zoinks.

- Then say jinkies.
- Jinkies.

We were on this ride together,
and we saw this man killed.

I'm not a liar.

About this.

I'm n... I'm not lying
about the dead man.

- For you I have an explanation.
- For what?

- Nothing.
- Murdered.

I knew it.

Pardon me...Did you just
say this man was murdered?

Not only that, but I...
I know who the killer is.

Okay, shh, shh!

Everyone stop
what they're doing.

You two, shut it down
in the back there.

Please, sir... Tell all these
doubters and Scooby-Don'ts

who killed this man.

- It's Johnny Ricketts.
- Johnny Ricketts.

Get an APB out.

Your suspect's name
is Jonathan Ricketts.

- Was.
- I'm sorry?

His name was John.

This man was killed...
By the ghost of John Ricketts.


I'm good here.
Fellas, wrap it up.

you're on your own again.


You know, you could have just
told me you were coming with Gus.

- You didn't have to lie.
- Well, it wasn't a lie.

- Initially.
- But then you came with Gus.

That's when it became a lie.

I couldn't disappoint him.

- Oh, whack-a-mole.
- You have to understand, Jules.

Gus gets his heart
set on things.

That's how I ended up
at Clogapalooza last Saturday.

I thought you were kidding
about that.

See? That's a truth
that you didn't believe.

It's like a lie in reverse.
It's all very confusing.


I promise it will not
happen again.

- The lying?
- And Clogapalooza.

But mostly the lying.

But Clogapalooza was...
So you told Gus about us?

You, ma'am!

Allow the great Mezmerado to guess
your age, guess your weight.

Oh, you know, I'm, uh,

I'm kind of in the middle
of something, so...

Just one shot, ma'am.
I-I'm really good.

We have our own stuff going on.

Just one shot.
Is everyone here ready?

Okay, fine.
Make it quick.

145 pounds.

One hundred and for... What?
Are you crazy?

Am I too high or too low?

There should be a 3 pound
margin of error.

- I have a gun.
- Jules, Jules.

Don't sweat it.
Look at him.

Guy's a complete hack.
Come on.

- 133!
- Oh, my God.

That's totally right.


Thanks a lot, dude.
That's good work from you.

Feel good about yourself.

- What's up with Juliet?
- Nothing.

- What's wrong with you?
- Nothing.

All right, look, Gus,
i-it's time for me

to share some news with you.

You've probably figured this
out for yourself already,

but something happened in
Canada, something really good.

We captured Despereaux.

Right. That happened.

But I'm talking about
something else.

Things are gonna be a little
different around here.

Great. Maybe you'll start to
make sense sometime soon.

I've been looking for you.
We need to talk.

Listen, sir,
it is all in my statement.

We're never sneaking into
the haunted house again...

It's clearly a dangerous...

What... what can we
do for you, Mr. Holloway?

Not here.

Oh, my God, thank God
you think it's Ricketts too.

I-I thought
I was going crazy.

You're not going crazy.

You are crazy.

A ghost didn't kill this guy.

A goblin, possibly.
Maybe a vampire.

Who is this Johnny Ricketts

Johnny Ricketts
was a 15-year-old kid

who fell from the ferris wheel in 1995.

He had stopped at the top while
other passengers were loading

and he tried to switch seats or
something, and he misstepped...

And he fell 60 feet
and died right there.

It was a nightmare.

That was the last time
we did Scare Fest.

- Until now.
- Well, that's right.

I mean, when David said

that he wanted us to do
Scare Fest again, I refused.

I-I just didn't think
it was the right thing to do.

But then...He insisted.

And you caved.

Well, there wasn't
really much I could say.

I mean, he's the president,

and... and Scare Fest had always
been the big money maker.

I mean, the park
had been losing money

year after year consistently,

and he said if we didn't
go through with it,

we were gonna go under.

So...we... we did.

Even after
it started happening.

What started happening?

I started seeing him
I-I-in weird places

and hearing him in my sleep

Through the crackling
of the phone.

- Wayland?
- Ricketts!

He'd come back.

He was trying
to tell me something.

I know exactly what this
dude was trying to say.

Mr. Holloway,

you may wanna consider
taking some kind of therapy.

I'm sorry.
Are you some sort of a doctor?

No. But I work with
a lot of doctors.

What are we talking about?

Actually, I-I do see
a therapist.

Once a week.

Well, maybe you want to
start doubling that up

and...Consider taking
some anti-psychotics.

I can recommend
a few good generic brands.

I mean, just because
you're delusional,

there's no reason
for you to overpay.

That's actually
pretty thoughtful.

I understand that you think
I'm imagining this.

That's what David thought too.
Until he saw him.

Till he saw Ricketts.

Yes! That's what
I'm trying to tell you.

That's why I brought you here!

Ricketts has been here i-in
the park, in this office!

Maybe you want to consider
an in-house program.

- Have you seen Girl, Interrupted?
- Gus, please.

Have you seen Cuckoo's Nest?
Or Crazy People.

- Boat trip.
- Boat tri... Boat trip?

The gay cruise ship movie
with Sanz and Cuba Gooding Jr.?

- How does that play?
- It doesn't.

I just wanted to know
if anyone saw it besides me.

- I'm guessing no.
- You sound just like David did

before he found this.


You don't really think
a ghost did this, do you?

Gus, don't be a jury summons

I accidentally threw
in the trash last month

along with something
called a W2.

It's never a ghost.

Holloway is hiding behind
the ghost of Johnny Ricketts,

but we all know ghosts
are transparent.

Is that supposed
to mean something?

- It was a vague metaphor.
- It's confusing.

- Maybe to you.
- Shawn, I figured it out.

- Congratulate me.
- Congratulations.

We also have some insight
into the Wayland murder.

It's the pants.
They're not slimming.

They're like horizontal stripes.
They add like 10 pounds.

Jules, are you still thinking
about the guess your weight guy?

He was right about everybody
else right down to the pound.

It's a sham, I promise.

Look, everyone knows there are
plants in the audience.

It's a complete ruse.

I don't even think
his real name is Mezmerado.

Preliminary forensics
are in on Wayland.

I'm going with homicide.
Report's in the file.

I'm gonna follow up on
a witness, then we can head out.


Why don't you just admit
I was right?


I checked on Johnny Ricketts
for you.

- Thank you.
- It wasn't much.

A few accounts from employees.
Holloway included.

Holloway gave a statement?

Yeah, he was working
the ride that night.

His statement's pretty
consistent with the others.

Ultimately, his death
was ruled accidental,

And the park
wasn't held liable.

But they never held
Scare Fest again.

Clyde, lugs, and pembrook!

Johnny Ricketts
did kill Wayland.

Did you just use the
characters from stroker ace

- as an interjection?
- Don't interrupt.

- But you did use stroker ace.
- I can't do this

With you right now...
I gotta...

When they told us that we
were gonna do Scare Fest again,

I refused...
It just didn't seem right.

But he insisted!

And there's not much I can say.
He's the president.

It wasn't Ricketts.

It was Holloway
posing as Ricketts.

See, Wayland was running
the park into the ground.

Holloway wanted to take over,
so he killed Wayland

and pinned it on the ghost
of Johnny Ricketts.

You just said
it's never a ghost.

That's right.
It's never a ghost.

Why don't you listen to me?

I am.
You're not making any sense.

- Your face doesn't make sense.
- Let's go.

- Eve! Where's Holloway?
- He's not here.

He was staring out the window
during our meeting,

and then he just walked off, made
a beeline for the flume ride.

- Flume ride.
- We need to see him now.

'Scuse us, 'scuse us,
'scuse us.

Come on, Gus!

It's crazy.

He just raced up the stairs and into
the ride while it was still running.

- Why would he do that?
- I don't know.

I got something.


That's Johnny Ricketts.

We are two homicides deep
on this case,

and it's all hands on deck.

We've executed a police order to
temporarily shut down the park.

We're seeking information
on this suspect.

We're gonna be scouring the
designated area in two-man teams.

We are going to
sniff out this reprobate

and cuff him where he stands.

Now, let's go.

That was an exquisite
briefing, detective.

Beautifully enunciated.

You are an artiste and
brief's your medium.

Though I suspect you could squeeze
into a small if you had to.

Thank you, Spencer.
Thank you very much.

Even your compliments
are insults.

I sure hope all that
scouring you spoke of

involves Gus and myself.

You know,
now that you mention it,

there is something
I'm needing from you two.


Your absence.

- Wow.
- I know.

How long do you think he's
been waiting to use that one?

Maybe months.

Come on, Gus...Someone around
here's bound to know something.

There's hardly
anyone here, Shawn.

- Lassiter shut the park down.
- Well, in that case,

I think we should
find ourselves a funnel cake.


Hard at work, I see.

Yeah. They kept a few of us
around for the cleanup.

Well, it's good to see
that you're still working.

- I'm done tonight.
- Sorry to hear that, Ken.

- If there's anything we can do...
- Really?

Well, how about finding me
another job

and then getting me fired?
We can go for the trifecta!

- Come on, now, Ken.
- No, you know what?

I get it now, Shawn.

It's not that you don't
want me to work for you.

It's that you don't want me
to work at all.

Ken, we're serious...You
call us if you need anything.

- Except for a job.
- Maybe a job.

- We're not hiring.
- We might be hiring.

We're a little underfunded in
the human resources department.

Look, you guys mind
if I get back to work?

We'd love for you
to get back to work.

As long as we're not
the ones employing you.

But first...
Can you tell us anything about

this nasty
Johnny Ricketts business?

- Who?
- Johnny Ricketts.

Kid who died on the ferris wheel
back in '95.

Oh, yeah.
I heard about that.

Yeah, my parents
were talking about it

when they were
changing my diapers.

Gus, is there anything
cuter than a Chinese baby?

What's wrong with you, Shawn?

We think that Ricketts
is connected

to both Wayland's
and Holloway's deaths.

Why are you guys
even asking me?

I've worked here
for exactly four days.

If you really want to know
about this place,

why don't you look
in the archives or something?

They document everything.

I know exactly where to look.

Come on, Ken.
We'll need someone to get us in.

Really, Shawn?
I'm already fired.

You wanna get me double-fired?

- That's impossible.
- Seriously, dude.

You need help.

State agency?
What are you lookin' at?

Doesn't it strike you as odd

that there appear to be
no state investigation

into Rickett's death?

It was ruled an accident.
You said so yourself.

Yeah, yeah... by the park.

There was no official report
released by the state,

and they always look into
these things.

Look, O'Hara,
it was a long time ago.

I know, I know,
but it does seem peculiar.

Maybe Shawn's right.

About what?
He and Guster think

they're in some cartoon
mystery show with a talking great dane

and a psychedelically
painted van.


Is that why he keeps
calling me Velma?

Ah, probably.


Well, the point is there is a
flesh and blood killer out there.

We're not gonna find him
looking in old files.

Don't have to lecture me
on police work, Carlton.

I know. You're the second-best
detective we have...

By a wide margin.

Um...Thank you?

And that's because,
up until now,

you've managed to keep Spencer
and his antics at arm's length.

See, that is the key
to dealing with him.

That and maintaining the psychological
upper hand at all times.

- He's calling you Velma.
- I'm choosing my battles.

- So am I.
- Really? Because lately...

It seems like you're backing him
a little more than usual.

I am behind him exactly
as much as I need to be.

He has solved
a lot of cases for us.

Don't you see that?

You telling me
what I should see?

You see your partner
following a lead.

From Spencer.

It's all police work, Carlton.

And global warming is real.

Global warning is real.

Sure, it is.
Look, all I'm saying

is that it's fine that
we're all on the same team...

As long as we're
on the same team.

Didn't I just say
I'm your partner?

- Yes.
- Then you have nothing to worry about.


Because listening to Spencer's

almost always a trip
down the rabbit hole.

You see?

I told you you could squeeze
through this window.

Why do I always
have to do it first?

Gimme a hand.

Let's not make this a thing.
You can go first next time.

- I did go first.
- Then why are you complaining?

Uh, all right.
We're looking for

any kind of documentation
from the night Ricketts died.

Juliet showed us
the documentation.

Not all of it.

Well, go see if you can find
anything in Holloway's office.

I'm not going through
a dead man's office.

It's not like he's gonna
walk in or something.

See if you can find
our statements.

What are you worried about?

For your information, Shawn,

I'll have you know
my record is spotless.

I may run for office someday.


Oh, boy.


Check it out.

Eve was here
the night Ricketts died.

- What are you eating?
- Nothing.

You don't want to go through
a dead man's office,

- but you'll eat his candy?
- It's grandma candy, Shawn.

- Nobody's gonna want it.
- It's so shiny.

Look how shiny the orange one is...
What did you find, Shawn?

Holloway made Eve
falsify her statements.

It's her hand
but not her handwriting.

Check out the 8s.

Now look at the 8 in the date
next to her signature.


- Wow.
- What?

All right...
- Wait a second. - What?

What is this?

You know I don't speak algebra.

It's a money transfer.

Right after the incident.

What is it, a fine?
And who did it go to?

Johnny Ricketts' family.

Holloway must have
paid 'em off.

Little Halloween hush money.

This was no accident, Shawn.

What's that?
It's the same amount.

- Maybe they asked for more.
- No, no.

No, this is going
to someone different.

Jaime Emerson.


What is Wonder Woman's
real name?

What are you...
What are you hiding for?

We broke into
someone's office, Shawn.

What do you think
you're doing in here?

Did you just break into
our office?

- No.
- Why would you ask that?

Because he's black?

- Sorry?
- Eve, I'm a psychic.

We work for the Santa Barbara
Police Department.

And I know you have a secret.

A dark secret.

The same secret that Wayland and
Holloway took to their graves.

I was drawn here...
By Jaime Emerson.

Where did you get that name?

We know about the payouts.

The payouts after Ricketts
died on the ferris wheel.

I warned them.

The decorations were in the way.
The door didn't close right.

We know you paid
Jaime Emerson off too.

Was she there that night?

Was she a reporter,
an employee, what?

Eve, you can't
run away from this.

That was a strange reaction.

No death certificate.
No arrest record.

Jaime Emerson is the ghost,
not Johnny Ricketts.

Dude, did you just rub my leg?

Don't be ridiculous.

I rub you, it's gonna be
above the forehead.

You must have rubbed
your own leg.

- Why would I do that?
- I don't know.

You're always talking
about your quads.

I am not!
I do not talk about my quads.

- Shawn, just tell him.
- What... tell... what...

That's too weird.

Weirder than rubbing his quads?

- What are you all talking about?
- Nothing.

Juliet has requested DMV
information on Jaime Emerson.

Jules, you brought my dad
in on this?

Despite all appearances, Shawn,

we don't want to believe
you're crazy.

No driver's license.
Just a California I.D.

Yeah. She's not allowed
to drive because of an injury.

She was there that night.

And she's taking them out
one by one.

- Who's taking who out?
- Johnny Ricketts.

I mean, not the real
Johnny Ri...

It's supposed to look like
Johnny Ricketts.

You're not making sense.

Dad, Johnny Ricketts was not
alone on the ferris wheel

that night that he died.

It wasn't an accident.
It was negligence.

And everyone who was there
is going down.

Everyone who was there is dead.

Eve, you can't
run away from this.

Everyone but Eve.

We have to get
to the fairgrounds!

I'm gonna get Lassiter.
Stay put.

Are we really waiting
for Lassiter?

That would be a first.


- Eve!
- Eve!


Ah...I don't know, man.
We might be too late.

Do you think Eve is still here?



Hah hah hah hah hah hah!

- Eve!
- Eve!



- Eve?
- Eve.

- Are you all right?
- A-are you okay?

Oh, I...
I've seen him!

- Ricketts.
- We know.

No, no, no, not just tonight.
I've been seeing him for weeks.

I couldn't admit it.
I...felt so guilty.

You didn't see Johnny Ricketts.

I'd wake up at night,
and I'd see him out my window.

I'd hear his voice over
my phone... I know who I see!

I know it looks like him,

but you're not actually
seeing Ricketts.

- Then who do I see?
- You...

Turn around.
But be very careful.


You can call her
by her real name.

Jaime Emerson.

You were the girl.

Oh, honey, I am so sorry.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.
She was on that ride too.

Johnny wasn't screwing around
on the ferris wheel that night.

He was trying to help me.

The latch wasn't safe.

You both fell.

You survived...
He didn't.

The park knew they were
liable for the accident.

You have to believe me.

Mr. Wayland
thought it would be best.

To keep it shut?

You've had 15 years
to come clean!

They paid off all the parents
for their silence...

350 grand for each,
and it was over for them.

May have covered your medical
expenses, but not your suffering.

And nothing was gonna
bring Johnny back.

And now, when they decided
to bring back Scare Fest,

so callously forgetting all the
damage they left in their wake,

you snapped.

Anyone would have.

Eve and Holloway kept thinking
they were seeing Johnny Ricketts.

But what they really saw
was you in a baseball cap.

And you didn't
just want to kill them.

You wanted a preamble

so they knew exactly why
they were being killed.

I never wanted your money.

You needed to pay.
You all needed to pay!

They made me lie!

I have regretted it ever since!

You can say
whatever you want to.

You're still going with them.



Grab it!
Grab it!

Jaime, let it be over.

The only thing I can't figure out is

how you were in two places
at the same time.

What are you talking about?

How did she manage
to operate the ride

and kill Wayland
at the same time, Gus?


Never mind.
I think I got it.

I understand you're a little
freaked out right now,

but if you'll notice the sign
outside, it says the word spooky.

Todd, right?

B-i-t c-h-i-n'.

You forgot the "t".
What you texted was bi-chin.

Wait a second.

You're the guess-your-weight guy.

You dressed up as Ricketts too?

Yeah, they both did.

To keep the memory
of Johnny Ricketts alive

to the people
they blamed for his death.

What are we gonna do now, babe?

- We can't kill two more.
- We have to.

- We gotta go.
- Let's get outta here!

Get them!

Here. Come on, Eve.
Shh, shh, shh!

Gus, seeing as how we might
be dying at any moment,

I have a confession to make.

Remember when you got bummed out
when I started seeing Abigail?

You thought things between us
were gonna change,

and you ate all those waffles
to try and deal with it?

What the hell are you
talking about, Shawn?

I don't think this is
really the time for this.

- I hooked up with Juliet.
- So?

So? We're breaking up the duo.

It's not just Shawn
and Gus anymore.

Now it's more like
the Say Say Say video.

You've been after her
for five years.

- Five years?
- He's really not that smooth.

Oh, I'm not that smooth?
"Hey, you hear about Pluto?

That's messed up, right?"
How many times has that landed?

- Guys, guys.
- That's a player's move, Shawn.

It's not a player's move.

That's like
an astronomer's move.

Look, Jules and I
are an item now.

The least you can do
is show some emotion.

Wait a second... You're mad
at me for not being mad?

I'm shocked at you
for not being shocked.

And I'd like you to be a little sad,
'cause I'm a little sad.

What do you care
what you friend thinks?

You know what, Eve?
I don't care.

I-I don't care.
I don't care.

Hey. We got a big problem here.

Ask me how much
I don't care, Todd.

I care, Todd.
I care.

You care about Todd
and his little gun?

Yes. Yes, I do, Shawn.

Your priorities are way
out of whack, my friend.

What's wrong with you guys?


145 pounds, my ass!

I got the tiny girl
with the limp.

Nice, Lassie.

Well, it's easy.
She...She doesn't run very fast.

Really good work.

We'll finish this conversation later.

Jules, I won't lie to you.

It was difficult, but I finally
told Gus about us.

- And how did he take it?
- Shock and bewilderment.

- Hmm.
- Like the first six minutes

of Saving Private Ryan...

Followed by the last five
minutes of Lady in the Water.

No, it wasn't.

I totally saw it coming,
just like Lady in the Water.

Sure, you did.

Now you gonna tell us the same
thing about Private Ryan?

The Normandy invasion?
Yeah, I knew that one too.

- Liar.
- It's a historical fact.

- Maybe to you.
- Maybe to the 20th century.

Look, the important thing is
that it is now out in the open.

No more sneaking around.
No more secrets.

I absolutely agree.
No more secrets, Jules.

Except from Lassiter.

Which means Gus can come clean
about how shocked he was.

- I wasn't shocked.
- You will be.

Pretty sure I won't.

- He's playing it cool.
- Mm.

Maybe I was wrong.


Are you eating caramel
in there?