Psych (2006–2014): Season 4, Episode 16 - Mr. Yin Presents - full transcript

A year after the arrest of Mr. Yang, a new killer starts playing games with Shawn and his friends - her partner, Mr. Yin.

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Mr. Yang is
the most notorious killer
this city has never seen.

He only resurfaces
when he feels there's
a worthy opponent.

JULlET: That is
Mary Lightly.

He is very familiar
with the patterns
of our killer.

Question, regarding
the whole Mary thing.

My father's name
was Mary.

His father before him
was named Mary,

and his father before him
was named Craig.

HENRY: I forbid you to be
a part of this, Shawn.

This guy
knows about you,

he knows about
everybody you care about.

SHAWN: He's got my mom.

This switch has such
a light touch.
And then, boom!

You're going to rot in a cell
with four padded walls.
The end.

No. I'm going to write
a book. Our story.

MARY: I have to
find a new hobby.

Two words.

That could work.

HENRY: All right,
Shawn, last chance.

You really
want to do this
on a Friday night?

The Little Mermaid.
Without Gus?

Yeah. Apparently Gus
has a strange aversion
to Rene Auberjonois.

It's a Benson thing.

You really want
to see this flick?

Dad, don't say flick.
And I'm barely
tickling adolescence.

Why do you want me
to grow up so fast?

All right, listen, Shawn,
I know the running time.

I'm going to be back here
in exactly 116 minutes.


Bye, Dad.

Is that you?

Oh. Excuse me. Please.

Just hurry.

Oh. Just kiss the knees
a touch, guys.

You're very sweet.
Both of you.

Oh, your drink.
That's my bad.
I'm sorry.

That's just...
Oh, that's awkward.

Where have you been?
You missed the first
third of the movie.

(EXHALES) Let me guess.
Dude has a creepy voice
and a mommy complex?

All I care about
is the shower scene.

Wait for it.


Did you know
that Hitchcock appeared
in all of his films?

Everyone knows that.

But did you know that he was
also obsessed with women's
Japanese household slippers?

Wore them everywhere,
even to bed.

That's not true.
No, it's not.

Part of a new bit
I'm working on

called "Completely Random,
Untrue Trivia."




You guys like pie?

MARY: When I was
nine years old

my mother gave me
my first haircut.

Here's your milk,
doll face.

Thank you.

Mary, you seem disturbed,
even more so than usual.

I'm almost afraid to ask,
but why don't you tell us
what's really on your mind.

I'm assuming
you read this.

SHAWN: Are you kidding?
We're in it.

If I'm not mistaken,
and I'm paraphrasing here,

I'm introduced on page 11
as "a thick-tufted boy genius
who ice skates through life

"on polished blades
of snarky eloquence."

That is an
exact quote, Shawn.

Do you remember
what I was described as?

"Laughing on the outside,
crying on the inside,

"the fastidious wrinkle
in the brow of Psych."

True, but she also said
you had skin of pure
cocoa velvetiness.

She also says she would
like to use that skin
to make children's dolls.

I'd buy that doll.

The point is, Shawn,
you know Yang
almost as well as I do.

You're the only other person
who would know that
none of this is possible.

Come on, Shawn,
the projectionist.

We didn't get
to the drive-in
until 11:26.

How would Yang
have had the time
to do all that

and strap your mother down
with incendiary explosives?

Look, Mary, I know
that Yang was a big
part of your life,

but she is behind
electronic gates now

and she can't hurt
anyone anymore.

Yang wasn't working alone.


You didn't give racquetball
a fair shake, did you?

I will not wear
short pants, Shawn.

I think it's time
for you to go home, Mary.


I am home. I live here.

Say what?
I never left
Santa Barbara.

I've been here
since we caught Yang.


You should have told us.
We would have gotten you
a house-chilling gift.

A belated welcome to you
and forever goodbye.

Don't go, Shawn.
You will regret it.

Good luck at the
creepy arm grab awards
this year, Mary.

I think you have
a real shot at winning.



KAREN: Shawn, thanks
for coming out here.

We think that
this just happened,

so if there's anything
to get psychically

I wanted you to take
a look while things
are still fresh.

What happened?

It isn't pretty.

The victim's
a Caucasian female,
approximate age mid-40s.

Strangled, dropped here
like a sack of potatoes.

Body's still warm.

I know.

What's the matter, Guster?
Forget to take your
crime scene pills?

Gus? Do you know this woman?

She served us our pie.

What the hell
does that mean,
she served you your pie?

Shawn? What is it?

I know, you know
That I'm not telling the truth

I know, you know
They just don't have any proof

Embrace the deception
Learn how to bend

Your worst inhibitions
tend to psych you out
in the end

All right, Mary,
you were the last customer
in this place last night.

What do you
remember seeing?

She brought Gus's milk
and I never saw her again.

I couldn't even find her
to pay the bill.

Wait, you didn't
pay the check?

So what happened
to my $20?

I folded it into
a tiny sailor's hat
for a special friend.


(GRUNTS) Here we go.

It's Yang.
She's in jail.

this is the work of Yin.

Back off.
This could get sticky.


CARLTON: What is that?

MARY: Crossword puzzle.

It's from
yesterday's paper.

There's two clues
highlighted. Twelve down,
six across.

"A good man
is hard to blank."
"Blank, myself and l."

BUZZ: I got it.

A good man
is hard to find.
Me, myself and l.

The answer is, "Find me."

I think that bailiff
from Night Court
is spot on.

We can start by...

No, Jules,
we don't start. Period.

You guys want
another crime scene?

You want
another dead body?
Go ahead. Engage.

But we can't play
this game again.

Oh, Spencer,
I wish I had the luxury
not to follow a lead

in a murder investigation.

Fine, you do
what you have to do.

Gus and I are going
straight to the source.


You coming or what?

SHAWN: Solitary confinement
in a mental institution?

Feels redundant. Gus?

GUS: I smell crazy.

MARY: I crave sweet,
sweet marshmallows.

GUS: Why are we
wearing these?

It's a preventive measure.
She gets overly
stimulated by color.

What about my face?


I knew you'd come.

She's cute, right?

I got the googly eyes for her,
but she's playing hard to get.


Okay, I can't stand
it anymore. What did
you think of the book?

Honestly? I thought
Bruce Campbell's
was better.

We're here to ask you
one simple question.

The answer is yes,
Shawn, they do allow
conjugal visits,

but I think we'd have
to get married first.

I am a fully
ordained minister.

That's the most
disgusting thing
I've ever heard.

Mary here seems to think
that you were not
the sole mastermind

behind this nasty venture.

I don't think, Shawn.
I know.

Do you, Mary, quite contrary?

Do you, now?

Okay, Shawn.

I think we can help
each other out.

This isn't
Silence of the Lambs, okay?

It's totally
Silence of the Lambs.

That makes you
Frankie Faison.
I know.

Fine. We're going
to catch this sicko
with or without you.

I just thought
I'd give you one shot
at redemption.

GUS: Make no mistake.
You're going to hell
either way.

Speak now
or we're out of here.

See you.

Okay, Shawn!

I never said
I didn't have
a dance partner.

So there really is
a Yin to her Yang.

If you think I'm sick,
you ain't seen nothing yet.

CARLTON: What are
we doing here?

GUS: Retracing our steps.

We were here last night
for the Hitchcock festival.
It was a triple feature.

Guster, I don't care
how many movies you saw.

Spencer, what the hell
are we doing?


There's two clues
highlighted. Twelve down,
six across.

Twelve down,
six across.

He was here!

Twelve down, six across.
He was sitting right there.

I think we were
in the same row.

Well, then you
must have seen him.
What did he look like?


WOMAN: Just hurry.
SHAWN: Very sweet.
Both of you.

Oh, your drink.
That's my bad.

I don't know.

JULlET: There's
something here.

"Oh, Shawn, don't cry
over spilt soda,

"but, tsk tsk,
you were 20 minutes late,

"so now you'll have
to play catch up."

You two need
to go back
and see Yang.

No, she is not
the puppet master

Okay? Yin is
working alone.

Well, then, Mary,
what can you
tell us about Yin?

What's his game?
There is no game.

It's the law
of opposites, okay?

Yang had rules,
the ticking clock,
the keen rhyming schemes,

nothing but order.
Yin, nothing but chaos.

And you can bet
your sandy bottom

that as soon as you
figure out the rules,
they'll change.

Wait. Let's go
to the movies.

CARLTON: Seriously,
not again, Guster.

I'm not going
to watch you act
like a court jester

for a second round
of this nightmare.

The necktie
around the waitress,
that's straight out of Frenzy.

I mean,
we're clearly dealing
in themes and motifs.

Him knowing you were
here last night.

Our clues are
going to be found
in Hitchcock films.

That's very good,

Okay, we've got
a lot of cinema to cover.

Gus and I will take
the Cannonball Run series.

Mary, you take Hooper
through Stroker Ace.

Those are
Burt Reynolds movies.

Well, we really have our
work cut out for us then.

Think, Shawn, think.
Try and find something.

You didn't see his face,
but you can pick up
on something.

You can do it, Shawn.
The feet, the shoes.

now come on and hurry up.
We don't have all night.

JULlET: You can do it, Shawn.

SHAWN: Come on, focus.
Think. See something.

Show me your face,
look at me!

MARY: Come on, Shawn,
the projectionist.

We got to the drive-in
at 1 1:26. How would Yang have
had the time to do all that?

Come on, Shawn.
It's me.

It's always been me.

MARY: I don't think
we're speaking to the mouse.

The mouse
is speaking to you.

I don't think, Shawn.
I know.

GUS: Shawn.

Look what happened
to our window.

Gus, I know who Yin is.

Mr. Spencer,
this is outlandish.

GUS: Just hear him out.

Mary Lightly
all but confessed
to Gus and l

when he said that he had
spent the last 13 years
of his life with Yang

and had no idea
what he was going
to do without her.

Mr. Spencer,
I have to ask,

why are you just now
receiving these
psychic signals?

Why didn't you tag
Mary as a suspect
the last time around?

He did. It was
the first thing he said
when he saw him.

Oh, he was just
being a flippant
and jackass-y.

Look, I think
our track record
speaks for itself.

We can either
do this together

or we can follow
you around and conduct
our own investigation.

All right, Mr. Spencer,
but you're on a
very short leash.

How do you suggest
that we proceed?

Keeping in mind, of course,
we haven't a shred
of physical evidence.

We do nothing.

How Seinfeldian.
Chief, we let him
hang himself.

We keep him close,
we play along,
we catch him red-handed.



Hello, Mary.

Well, I got Yin's next clue.
I found it on my doorstep

along with a can
of Matiz Gallego
sardines in olive oil.

It took every ounce
of willpower I have
not to open them up.

Sock it to us.

Take 39 steps by 12:05,
wait for it.

north by northwest.
Make a wish.

Wait for what?
More Hitchcock?

That's just the motif.
Try to think
through it, Chief.

Okay? He's showing off.

We're all ears, Lightly.

You really are
all ears, Carlton.
It's spectacular.

I've delivered this clue,
and I suggest that we all
think about it analytically.

Okay, northwest, northwest.
Northwest Mall, Northwest Air,
Northwest Park and Picnic.

That's it.

I play dominos
with some Jamaicans
there on Sundays.

There's a set of stairs
that leads up to
a penny fountain.

"Make a wish."

Okay, we have less
than a half hour.

Mr. Lightly, you ride
with my detectives.
Let's go.

We'll be right
behind you.

Come on,
we're taking a detour.

GUS: We're close.
His house should
be right here.

That's it.
That's the address.

SHAWN: Damn, Mary.

I think Mary
would want you
to have a can or two.

Shut up, Shawn.


Dude, it's Ben.

He wasn't kidding.

That hat belongs
in my wallet, Shawn.

What's with all the numbers?

GUS: It's pi.

Gus, don't be Topher Grace
running on the beach at
the end of In Good Company.

The value of pi, Shawn.
As in mathematics.

Oh, right, with the... Yeah.
Do we like pie, he asks.

This dude has problems.




Arrest that fat kid.

JULlET: There's no time.

God, there's less
than a minute.

Damn it, Mary, come on!
What are you wearing,
ankle weights?

Of course I am!
But I've got a thigh spasm.
It burns so deep, you guys.


Go on without me.


Damn it.
What do you think?

Just come on, Mary!

Dude, a ticket stub.
He was definitely
at the movie theater.

He sure was.

Um... Gus.

GUS: Oh, hell, no.

JULlET: Thirty-six,
37, 38, 39.

It's 1 2:05 on the dot.
What the hell are we
supposed to be looking for?

Wait. I think
I have something.

That's the North Line,
north by northwest.
That's him!

Where the hell is Mary?

Son of a bitch! McNab!

GUS: What is it?

"It's time we met
in the flesh,
don't you think?"

It's his next move,
he's just working out
the wording.


"Come alone."

Who is it for?

His next victim.

McNab, do not tell me that.
Someone on that bus
must have seen something.

Hey! What happened?
Where were you?


Cut the crap, Mary.
Start talking!

Didn't you see
at the bus stop?
It was him.

I tried to stop him, I tried,
but it was too late.

He was wearing
a very stylish fedora.

Yeah, we know.
He got off
at the next stop.

We must have
missed him by
a matter of seconds.

Of course you did.
He knew exactly how
much time it would take.

Probably rehearsed
it 100 times.

You totally
manhandled me.


I dropped my shoe.

where the hell are you?

Yeah, well,
thanks for nothing.

Is Shawn okay?

He's fine.
His tire blew.
Get in the car.

Shawn, are you sure
this is where
we're supposed to be?


This is one of
the strongest visions
I've had in years.


I saw this place,
I saw Mary's face,

I saw his watch.

Well, look at that.

It's show time.

Let's bag
this degenerate.
You two stay put.

Of course it's locked.

I'm going to take
the east exit.

Copy that.
I'll head around back,
take him from behind.

Let's try
and keep this PG-rated.

Damn it, Spencer,
I told you to stay
in the car!

He's probably
keeping an eye
on that door.

We know.
We're going to walk
the perimeter.

Go back to the car.

If this door opens
or you see anything
that doesn't look right,

honk the horn.
Go. Now.


what are you doing?


Uh-uh, Shawn,
we're out of here.

We're locked in.

What are we
looking at?

I don't care, Shawn.

Come out, come out,
wherever you are.

What are you up to, Mary?

SHAWN: Oh, dude,
I'm getting serious
deja vu right now.

Wait a minute.

Oh, my God.
He's going to shoot
somebody, Shawn.

He has a gun.


Gus, this is Psycho.
We were wrong.
Mary is the victim!

Get out of here!


There's got to be
a way out of this room!





Oh, God!

MARY: I'm sorry, Gus.

SHAWN: The clue
was meant for him.

I don't understand.
What about the notebook?

All re-creations,
not first drafts!

I should...
I should have
told you guys,

but I wanted
to be heroic.

This is Detective O'Hara.
We need an EMT...

Oh, Mary,
with a flare gun?

I was really counting
on the element of surprise.


what the hell happened?

There, he was
right there!

Could you take care of Ben?

Hey, you hang on.
There's help on the way.

Do you think they have
racquetball in heaven?

I know they do.



You're interrupting
my exercise time, Shawn.
I only get 45 minutes a week.

Aside from shock treatments,
this is all I have
to look forward to.

That and hell.

Roll it back, Reginald.

Who the hell
is she talking to?

Look, your partner
wore ankle weights
to throw me off.

I was wrong about Mary.

I know. Such a shame.

My lady guard friend
told me.

Please don't beat
yourself up, Shawn.
The guy creeped me out.

This was an
honest mistake.

Look, we need your help.

Oh, little brooding
brown one.

I've already given you
all the help you need
to catch Yin.

How? You just seem
bat-ass crazy to me.

Never judge a book
by its cover,

no matter how sexy
that picture might be.


Give me the book.

Shawn, I've read this book
cover to cover.
I've pored over it.

Cover to cover.


Look at that.

Nice. She drew
a self-portrait
just for you.

But what does it mean?


Yin sent another clue.

We have the address.
The time will be 9:00 p.m.

He wants you all
to show up there

where he has created
his own movie set.

I'm done watching
movies, Chief.

Exactly, Detective.
You now are the movie.

He's cast you all
as archetypal characters
from Hitchcock's canon.

There will be clues
that lead you
to catching him

based on the plots
of those films.

CARLTON: Are you
serious about this?

We're just supposed
to play dress up
all night?

We will do whatever
it takes, Detective.

He is giving us
an opportunity to catch him
before he kills again.

Now I'm not
sending you in there
like sitting ducks.

He's made it very clear
that you are to come alone.

But the only way
that this is
going to work

is if I set up a team
on the outside and
cover the perimeter.

You bet your ass.

I got your message.
What can I do?

He's called you out, Henry.
You have a history
with him as well.

Sean Connery.

Dad, you can say no.

Shawn, the last time
this happened,

you put your life
on the line, we almost
lost your mother.

I'm going to be
right by your side, Son.
End of discussion.

All right, people,
this ends tonight.

CARLTON: All right,
Chief, no sign
of human movement.

We're going to gain
a better vantage point.

KAREN: Okay, received.
But keep me posted

as to your coordinates
and make sure that
everyone is tuned in.

Snipers are in place
and will go at my ready.

So no false alarms.

Wait a minute.
I think that's
meant for me.

That scene from The Birds,
Tippi Hedren's attacked
in the car.

What are you talking
about, Lassiter?
Didn't you see Marnie?

Half that movie
was me and Tippi
driving around in a car.

That clue is all me.

You do realize
you're not actually
Sean Connery, right?

Oh, I'm sorry.
No, I got lost
for a moment there

because I literally thought
I was talking to Rod Taylor.

Who's Rod Taylor?
I am.

Look, stop,
we can't be sure.

You should both go
and check it out.

Need a ride?

It's clear.

CARLTON: All right,
we're in the vehicle.

KAREN: Watch yourself.

Wow. Well, look at that.

There's a wheelchair
up in that window there.



Looks like
that's my clue.

Be careful.

Canada Lee? Lifeboat?
Do you see any
water around here?

There isn't even
a puddle.

I don't know how I fit
into this either.

Uh, Gus.


Maybe it is just a prop.

There's no ignition.
Not even a place
for a key.


GUS: Shawn,

this place is creepy,

I'm almost at the door.

Open it and then run away.

It's locked.
Yin is screwing with us.
What are you seeing?

Gus, it's Rear Window.
I can see all of you.
I can see everything.

The question is,
what actually matters?

that's Ernie's Bar
from Vertigo.

JULlET: Kim Novak.
This is me, Shawn.

I'll signal everyone
if there's anything.

KAREN: Proceed
with caution, Detective.

We're in a tunnel now.
How the hell
is he doing this?




Ow! What is...
What is that?



Gus, what are you
doing in here?

We can't see you in here.
That music is playing so loud
we can't hear anything.

Stay where you are.
I have a clue.

"Draft us
a couple cold ones
and let's make a toast.

"To you falling
head over heels for me."

Gus, relax.
That's why we're here.

I'm going to do this.


Talk to me,
talk to me, Gus!


Cover your eyes.
I'm going to shoot
out the window!




somebody, come in.
What happened?

CARLTON: Car was a trap.
We lost contact.

SHAWN: Something
happened in the bar!



WOMAN ON RADlO: All units,
be on the lookout for
Detective Juliet O'Hara,

in custody of suspect
Mr. Yin.

Suspect presumed
armed and dangerous.
Approach with caution.


KAREN: I know
this is hard.

We're ready
to take the call
when it comes in.

There's nothing
more we can do.

It's my fault.

Damn it, Spencer.
This is not your fault.

Detective O'Hara
was my responsibility.

That tunnel wasn't on
any of the schematics

and the son of a bitch
knew it.

There's no way
we could have known.

Unless you're a psychic.

Shawn, I just spoke
with your mother.

I wanted her to know
that you were safe.
She's fine.

She's at a hotel in
New York at a conference.
I told her to stay put.

Shawn, doesn't Abigail
get in tonight?

Oh, my God.
What time is it?

It's almost 1:00.

Her flight gets in
in half an hour.

We can't afford
to let you go.

Shawn, what happens
if a call comes in
and we need to be

somewhere halfway
across the city
in 11 minutes?

I have to pick her up.
Don't worry.

We'll send someone
to get her,
someone she knows.


BUZZ: How was Uganda?

It was rich, compelling.
A must-see.
What is this about, Buzz?

I can't really say.
I'm just here to make sure
you get home safely.

Why wouldn't I be safe?
This is ridiculous.
And I'm beyond jetlagged.

Just tell me
what's going on.

Please, Miss Lytar.
I'm just following
my orders.

Miss Lytar?


Buzz, what are you doing?

Oh, my God, are you...


Buzz? Somebody help me!
Help me!



It's Abigail.

Hey, Abs.
Sorry I couldn't
pick you up myself.

YlN: Hello, Shawn.
I have good news
and bad news.

news is that our femme fatale
is still very much alive.

The bad news,
for you anyway,

is that I've now met
the girl next door.

I understand
your predicament.
They're both so you.

But we can't have our cake
and eat it, too.

So I'm doing
you a favor here
by forcing you to choose.


Yes, Shawn.
Who do you
care about more?

Because you can't
save them both.

McNab is okay.
But he didn't get
a look at Yin.

You want something from
the snack machine?

You know
they have Bugles.


This is it! This is it!

What is the clue?
What's the clue?

Shawn, I'll drop by,
half-past four,
my hands are on my face.

Please come quick
or this could be messy.

Shawn, you can
still save Abigail!

"Hands on my face."
It's a clock.

"Half-past four,
this could get messy."

"I'll drop by."

She's Kim Novak
in Vertigo.

"I'll drop by."

Instead of a
bell tower...

It's a clock tower.
It's the clock tower.

KAREN: Detective, wait!
A civilian has been
taken as well.

She must be
given priority.

If we have
the slightest clue.

You've got
other units, Chief.

I'll be going
to get my partner now.


Mr. Spencer,
can you tell us
where Abigail is?

I can't.
There's no way
to save them both.


We know where she is,

we follow Lassie,
we save Juliet.


I'll drive.

Henry, go home.
Your role here
is finished.

Not a chance in hell.

You, too, are a civilian
and therefore an
unnecessary risk.

All right. I accept.

Excuse me?
The job.

The job that you
offered me, Karen.
I accept.

Cut me a little slack
on the wardrobe.
It's great to be back.

Gus, wait.

The cover.

Yang didn't
draw herself,

she drew Abigail.

On the pier.
I think I know
where she is.

Let's go get her.
No, no, no.

I could be wrong.
You go with the Chief,
you help Lassie.

Shawn, you're not
going alone.

Gus, the only way
that I can not
be there for Juliet

is if I know that you are.
And I won't be alone.



All right,
don't worry, Son.

If she's here,
we'll find her.

She's under the pier,
isn't she?



I see you, sweetheart.
Blink once for yes
and two for no.

Are there any explosives
that I can trigger
by coming in?


Oh, you've got to
be kidding me.

Okay, take the stairs.
I'll man point and
set up a perimeter. Go!


We've really come
full circle, huh?

This is where
I stood you up
on our first date.

Thanks for showing up
this time.

Hey, Abby,
how was your trip?


It's just rope.
Please tell me
you still carry your Swiss.

Of course I do.
I taught you that.

Come on in.
The water's great.

You just concentrate
on your breathing.

I promise
not to try anything
while I'm down there.


ABlGAlL: It's getting higher!

(GASPlNG) Hurry!

I'm almost there.
Okay, okay.

We're almost there.



O'Hara! My God!
All right, don't worry.

We're going to get
you out of this.


Shawn! Shawn!

You better do
something quick!
I can't hold it for long!



CARLTON: Good work.

We got you.
We got you. Okay.

Look at me.
You all right? Okay.




Shawn, we got her.

It was close,
but we got her.
She's okay.

(EXHALES) Thank God.
Oh, thank God.

Abigail's okay, too.
She's good.


Gus, he was here.

I saw him.
I could have
touched him.

But I had to let him go.

You had no choice.
You did the right thing.

You know
this game isn't over.

I know.

Thanks for
being there, buddy.

Oh, man.
Juliet's okay.

Good. Good.

you take care of your girl.
I'll go talk to the cops.

All right?

How about the Swiss, huh?

Never leave home
without it.

No, I mean,
I think you've got my knife.
I've got yours.

Oh. Did we get
switched up?


Oh, yeah,
look at that.

God, yours is so much
bigger than mine.




Hey, you warm enough?

Okay, here goes.
I know this is probably
a gut reaction

to everything
that we just
went through.

But the fact that we
are a sitting here,
I mean, here in this place,

it has to mean
something, doesn't it?

What if I said
that I was willing to learn
how to compromise?

Yeah, and meet you
halfway on everything.

You make me laugh.

And you make me feel
like I'm a little bit crazy

and I know that
if I just let myself
I could completely...

There's a lot of things
that I want to do, Shawn.

I'm not just
a kindergarten teacher

who wants to settle down
and make a family.
I want to...

I want to make a difference.
I want to inspire people.

I can't do any of that
if I'm dead.

You inspire me.

I'm just not
cut out for this.

It's okay.

I'm sorry, Abigail.

Call me.

If you ever decide
to stop chasing
the psychopaths.


YANG: You're just amazing.
My most admirable foe.
That's why I chose you.

We're going to be
working together again.

Shawn, I knew you'd come.