Prison Break (2005–2017): Season 5, Episode 3 - The Liar - full transcript

When T-Bag ambushes Sara, he warns her that two of Poseidon's henchmen, Van Gogh and A&W, may be following her. Meanwhile, Lincoln attempts to retrieve his confiscated passport to escape Yemen, and Michael plans his next move.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Previously on Prison Break...
The strikes are getting closer.

We got a day, maybe two, tops,

to get out of this hole.
Desperate times,
desperate measures.

Michael's reaching out to us.
We got to get help.
A woman named sheba.

Your brother speaks
in riddles, does he?

Isil. We're gonna get stopped.

Why don't we forget
each other ever existed.

Beauty's not so
easily forgotten.

Friends in high
places, bagwell.

I can equip you with a fully
articulate prosthetic.

Who's behind this?

This is kaniel outis.
Sara: Okay, but you
and I both know

who Michael Scofield was.
Lincoln: We've awoken something,

something people are trying
to hide about Michael.


That's game theory.
You meet people.

You bring them into your life

until the moment

you need to manipulate
the relationship

to your advantage.

You agreed to help him... how?

If I could arrange a blackout.

He knew someone
who could get him out.

Someone found my father.

It means the escape is on.

TV reporter: Isil forces
are also bent

on freeing their leader
abu ramal,

known for his extreme views
and practices.

(Speaking arabic)

(Indistinct shouting)

♪ ♪

(children playing nearby)

(Speaking arabic)

♪ ♪

(speaking in arabic)

He says bubble gum man sent him.

Someone in the prison
he hasn't met,

but gives him gum
in exchange for errands.

He says he's frightened.

Tell him it's all right.

Ask him if he does tic tacs.

He can have the whole lot

if he keeps the
messages coming.

Thank you, tic tac man.

(Children laughing nearby)

(In unison): Tic tac,
tic tac, tic tacs.

It's a passage from the suras.

"And Yusef said to the prisoner:"

'Remember me in the
presence of your lord.'

"but Satan made him forget,

"and Yusef stayed in prison

for several years."

The calligraphy is unusual,

the spacing, the
way it's shaped,

like-like spokes
on a wheel.

Like the center of sana'a.

You think his brother
sent us a map?

There's a red dot

dotting the "I",

and whatever this is here.

He's trying to
give us a location.

A location for what?

The only thing
I can think of

is where we're supposed
to meet him

when the escape
goes down tonight.

(Explosion in distance)


Your brother is
your business now.

I have to get my family
on a flight tonight

before the
airport shuts down.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

Hold up.

We need tickets, too,
three of them.

One for me, one for Michael,
one for c.

If I'm getting anybody any
tickets it's these kids,

not your mercenary brother.

And how are you going
to do that without any money?

You're holding
these kids' freedom

over my head;
Is that it?

Sheba, you get me
those plane tickets,

and I'll pay for every
single one of these kids

to get out of this country.

Something tells me that's
what you want to do anyhow.


You're accusing me
of having a heart.

(Indistinct shouting)

Out of my way.
Get out of my way.

Hmm? Huh?
What, you want to go?


Keep it together.

You got to have it together
to keep it together.


One of those hits us now,

after all this time,
I swear to god...
Nine hours.

Nine hours till we get
out, you understand?

It's 1:00 A.M.

We get through today
and we're on the bricks.

And then what?

It was four years ago.

All of our plans,
the passports, the shop,

everything is probably
under rubble by now.

I got someone on it.

What, the kid
you throw planes to?



I'm talking about the only
person I trust in the world

as much as I trust you.

So, this is it,
the spot on the map.

The owner says
he sold the auto shop

to an American
four years ago

and hasn't
seen him since.

(Indistinct shouting)

You know that American
was Michael, right?

Question is what was
he using this place for.

Planning his escape.

It looks like his original
exfil point

was at the northern border.

Won't be doing that now.

It's isil territory.

Mock-ups, passport photos,


But it looks like he just wasn't
planning on getting himself out.

He was getting abu ramal out.

This guy's the enemy

of everything that's
civilized, Linc.

That brings me to
my real question.

Who in the hell are
we breaking out?

Is it Michael Scofield

or kaniel outis?

♪ ♪

(gunfire in distance)

What the hell's going on?

Ramal's men are gonna
institute sharia law.

And that son of a bitch himself
is gonna enjoy the show.

Whip: We just have to keep our
heads down and get through this

so we can get out tonight.

No. No, don't let them take me!

(Abu ramal speaks arabic)



(Grunting, groaning)

You bastards!
Let him go!



What are you doing?

Stay out of this.

The escape is tonight.

If you want to get out,
you need me and you need him.

Abu ramal:
Get to the point.

Let him go, ramal.


Then I'll do it.

Do not touch him.

Get back, dog!

(Indistinct yelling)

There will be no killing
in this prison. Understand?

A&w: He's tried
to contact her before.

Van gogh:
Only difference is
he succeeded this time.

It's smart...
Going through the boy.

Ask a question?

Why are we pulling
our punches with this woman?

I got sent to her house
a couple of days ago,

started spilling blood,
but I'm just supposed to stop

before I start spilling hers.

How's that work?

You'll get used
to Poseidon's game.

It's all chess.

It's a performance.

A performance designed to
make outis reach out to her.

Now all we got to do
is listen in,

find out what his plans are.

And she doesn't know it,

but she's the one that's
going to lead us to him.

They said I can
go in the morning.

Your femoral artery
was severed.

That's not something you usually
just get up and walk away from.

Hey, they gave me the okay.

They're the doctors
on this one, not you.

And I'm going full mental
in here, so I'm gonna go.

Okay. How about this?

When you are discharged,

why don't we go up to your
parents' lake house?

I'll just pick you up
with Mike and we'll go.


You don't want to be
in the house, do you?

Somebody comes into your house

and shoots up your husband
and they're still out there.



No, it's just something
you do with your nose

when you're determined.

With my nose?
It's subtle.

I mean, it's really subtle.
Better be.

The face is amazing.

I mean,

the tiniest detail,
less than a millimeter,


An emotion on one
person can be...

So troubled

and on another... beautiful.

You're not trying to get
somewhere, are you, Mr. ness?

Yes, actually,

I am.


Hello there.

I come as a compatriot, Sara.

Get out of my way
or I'll scream.

Last thing I want.

For your information,

I know about kaniel outis.

Tell me what you know.

The day I hit the bricks
from fox river,

someone named outis,

out of the goodness
of their soul,

unsolicited, pays
for this modern prosthesis.

(T-bag makes squeaking noises)

What's that? (Squeaks)

A million bucks?
Why would anyone

come out of a pocket
for a wretch like me,

a penny, much less
a million bucks?

Yeah, if you're coming to me
for answers, I don't have any.

Oh, I went looking for answers,
doc Sara.

I looked up outis
on the interwebs.

Whose face comes up
but your dead ex-husband's,

looking very much alive.

Lazarus arisen
from the dead.

He's drawing us into something,
isn't he?

He wants something, doesn't he?

Come near me or my family again,
I will kill you.

Better to have me on your side,

We can figure this out together.


We have all heard the war


But even if it is just
within these walls,

the law of the land
is still in place.

The law of god supersedes
the law of this corrupt land.

We will not be reduced
to animals.

Man (Whispering):
Amazing you still trust him.

He will use you for the
escape and he will leave you.

No one's escaping.

Who are you?

A man who knows
your friend there

more than anyone in this prison.

I was in solitary with him

for years.
Yeah, so was I.

But not in the cell
across from him.

He told me about the escape.

We have to work together.

Tried to convince me
to go with him,

just the two of us.

But I told him no.

I would not leave my brother.

That is the
army in me,

the Christian in me.

He is an opportunist.

He will use whoever he needs.

He has told you something about
the escape. I know he has.

You were in the cell with him.

You tell me, so I can help you,

before he uses you
to get that devil out

and we are all
left here to die.

(Indistinct shouting)

(Automatic gunfire)

Sheba: We need passports, Omar.
You think you can help us?

Lincoln: Hold on.
We're gonna trust this guy?

He's the one who stole
my passport in the first place.

It was honest bargaining,

I took nothing.

your passport is long gone,

somewhere far overseas
by now, I bet.

If you want, um, I can have
the forgers make you another.

My own fake passport
coming from you?

You have another option?

(Distant explosion)

Quick. I'm
leaving the city.

Nowhere is safe anymore.

I need two passports.
One for me,

one for my brother,
Michael Scofield.

$1,000 U.S. each, deposit.

$1,000 U.S.
when you pick them up.


You screw with me
and I'll kill you.

I screw you,

I won't be around
for you to kill me.

11:00 tonight,

will be ready.

That means we're gonna
have to split up.

You two get
the passports,

and I'll go with our friend here
to the power plant

and kill the lights.

And we get Michael out.

Reporter: A U.S. state
department spokesperson said

the capital of Yemen

grows ever closer to collapse

and it's only a matter of time

until sana'a's fallen
to the hands of isil radicals,

with the total collapse
coming as soon as tomorrow.

Sara: Hey.

for a smartphone?

Yeah. You, um...

You fix phones, too, right?


I think somebody
hacked my cell.


Is there any chance
you can help me figure out who?

(Distant explosions)

(Indistinct chatter)

That Christian guy said

you told him you'd just
take him. No one else.

He's a liar.
You don't want anything

to do with him.
I don't know.
Christian, army.

Seems pretty up front to me.
Did he happen to tell you

about some of the arrests
he and his brother made

at their security checkpoint?
No, focused on you.

They had a specialty: Women.

Body parts strewn
around Yemen.

That's why they're here.

Wearing a cross
is one thing.

Living by it is another.
All right, okay, sure.

Just promise me
I can trust you,

that we're still
doing this tonight.

(Distant booming)
All these years

we've been working together,

you've been able
to trust me the whole time.

Last four years in the hole,
sitting in the dark,

I couldn't even hear
a voice. I don't know.

Maybe something's
changed or...

Nothing's changed.

Poseidon put us in here
to get ramal out,

but then he abandoned us.
Ramal is Poseidon's guy,

not ours. He's an animal.
I suggest

you watch your mouth. Some
of these guys speak English.

Whip: Why are
we still getting him out?

We're telling him we're getting
him out. There's a difference.

We got to act like we're

on his side until
the moment we're not.

But what if you're acting
like you're on my side

till the moment
you're not?

You are getting paranoid.

Yeah, well, four years in
the box is gonna do that to you.

I'm not leaving you behind.

You're my whip hand.
I don't know that.

How do I know
I'm your whip hand?

You'll understand later.
I want to understand now.


Get your hands off me.

Answers, now. I'm serious.



I said don't touch me!

(Indistinct chatter, chuckling)

Okay. Mm.

Mm. Okay, that's fair.

Hey! Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey!

You want the hole again, huh?

No, we're good.


We're good.

We're far from good.

(Indistinct chatter)

By tomorrow, we won't
have to worry about him.

(Speaks inaudibly)

Keep your head down.

Don't make eye contact
with anybody.

A lot of isil sympathizers

We get our passports,
we're out of here.


(Indistinct chatter)

Planning on leaving?

Right when the glorious
revolution is beginning.

I'm not here for political
discussion, just passports.

Money first.

Passports first.


They're empty.

(Screams, grunting)


(Indistinct shouting)

(Keys jangle, lock clicks)

I'm sorry I hit you.

I can explain.
Sid: Can you explain why

you were going to let that man
kill me?

I wouldn't have let him
kill you.

You sure seem to be chums
with the head of isil, friend.

Didn't know you participated
in these conversations, ja.

Only when they're interesting.

And they're usually not.

There are people
in my government,

believe it or not,
who want that man out

for their own convoluted
foreign policy over here.

That's the job whip and I
were sent here to do.

But for some reason,

we were betrayed.

Which means we're getting out
without ramal.

And every one of you
is crucial to that plan.


Your whole escape's
already wired.

Lights out,
you're over the wall.

What do you need a Korean junkie

like me for?
Korean genius, you mean.

Getting over that wall
is just the start.

Once that happens,

there are things
only you can do.

Back on point: You hit me.

You wanted proof that I sided
with you and not ramal.

And splitting my lip
does that how?
Mustapha: Son of a bitch

kaniel outis keeps
playing, doesn't he?

Where is my watch?

I don't know what
you're talking about.

Hmm. You don't?

I'm going to

break you in half when I find
that watch, you know?

Toss the cell.

(Man coughing,
indistinct chatter)

(Metallic clinking, rolling)

It's not here.

Order a lockdown
of the whole prison.

No one gets out of their cells

until that watch is found!

(Lock buzzes, latch clicks)

I told you, ramal's not going
anywhere. Only we are.

We're gonna be locked in our box
just like the rest of them,

only our box has a way out.

And in two hours
when those lights go black,

we're gonna disappear
from this place like ghosts.

Yeah, all right.







Torrent downloaded from RARBG

Who are these men
you work with?

They're beneath you.

You're beneath me.


It pains me to hurt you,

but a good woman
is a humble woman.

Remember that.

Who are these men?

Doesn't matter.

They're leaving.

I am not the bad guy here.

You and I have a history.

How I doted

on you in grade school,
how I waited and I waited.

You did not wait.

You tried to rape me!





Please. Please untie me...

(Panting) I can take your other eye.


(Door opens, computer beeps)


I'm looking

for a cell phone that
a woman stole from me.

She looks like this.

No, can't help you.

Can't... or won't?

Sorry. Store policy,
that's all.

Store owner:
Hey, what are you doing?

Just... ow!

Let's go again.

Have you seen her?

Yes. Yes!

She was here, like,
ten minutes ago.

Said her phone was hacked
and wanted to know who did it.

And now she knows,
doesn't she?

She baited us.

(Door squeaks open)

(Horns honking,
tires squealing)

Dead end.



(Engine revs)


Any chance Poseidon'll just

let us kill her?
It might come to that.

(Panting quietly)

(Loud shouting in arabic,
metallic clanking)

(Ja coughing loudly)

We get out,

where are you going?

Back to my couch.

My couch in Seoul.

Where the walls are mine,

the floors are mine,

no one can get to me.

The world stays outside
like it's supposed to.



I'm going to be a ski jumper.

You've never seen snow,
have you?

That's the point.

Everything in my life
till now in this country...

The heat, the hate,
the skies that never snow.

You talk about the world.

I want to be
on the other side of it.

Hey, dad. Hey, mom.

Hi, son. Yeah, Sara,

let me, uh...
Thanks, sir.

The house looks great.
Come on in.

(Phone rings)
Oh, give me one sec. Sorry.

When'd you drive up?

Hi. This is Brian at jep's.
I got this number

when I activated
your new phone.

You never came back.

I'm sorry. I don't think
I'm going to.

Well, okay, I just want
to let you know that

I figured out
who was hacking your phone.


You... hacked your own phone.

What are you talking about?

Your thumbprint is your
password, right? Well,

whoever hacked your phone
used your thumbprint, so,

unless you're missing a thumb,
that's you.

I don't know what
you're messed up in,

but I'd watch your back...
(Phone beeps off)

When you were in the hospital,

the woman who attacked us
came back with her partner.

They tracked me down
using my cell phone,

so I brought it to jep's
to try and figure out

who they were working for.
Whoa, wait. Sara,
this has police

written all over it.
Police haven't been able
to do a thing.

So, what? You went
to jep's electronics

in some hackneyed attempt
at counter-espionage?

I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
It's just...

I get you don't
know where to turn,

but I got a stake
in this, too.

Okay? This is
my wife, my son.

You want to get
back at these guys?

The university. I mean,
it has real resources,

their computer
sciences department.

The phone's done.
It's gonna stay at jep's.

So that's your plan... just
bury your head in the sand?


No, I've learned over the years

that's exactly
what you don't do. Thank you.

(Phone ringing)

Which one's this?

The one you accosted
in a bathroom.

(Laughing) Oh, that wasn't
accostment, honey.

I've learned some things

about who it is we're apparently
both looking for?

But I need to know that you're
willing to go the distance.

I'm made of the distance,

I am the distance.

Good. Because you're gonna have
a conversation

with Paul Kellerman for me.

Bull. Kellerman's behind this?

And you are gonna get
every shred of information

you can about
what's really going on.

15 minutes.
(Loud, distant shouting)

I'm soiling myself here,
just so you know.


Look, I'm just gonna
say one thing, okay?

You're like a brother to me,

like an older brother.

I'm not much of a brother.

Point is I had zero, nobody,
till you recruited me.

When you pulled me out of that
prison in the ozarks, you had


I know we were doing
CIA work, sure,

you know,
pulling their people out, but

it was about you and me,

and having each
other's back.

And it didn't matter if you
were Ramon cadena when we did

the Colombian break,
or, you know asaf...

(Snaps his fingers)
What was his name?

Whatever. The one in Egypt.

You were still you.

And it's the same
with this one.

You know, we trump you
up as kaniel outis,

big international

It's just a name,

it's just a rap sheet,
it's a way to get you locked up.


I guess what I'm
asking you is did...

Did something happen to you
while you were in solitary?

Did you become
kaniel outis

in there in your head?

Do you now want ramal out
after all?

I already told you ramal
is out of the picture.

Yeah, you said that,
but one small thing...

We go up through that hole,

and then we skirt
above the block.

Goes right above ramal's
cell, doesn't it?

Knock out a couple tiles,

he joins the escape,
doesn't he?

What did you
whisper to him

in that moment
after the fight?

You whispered something,
what was it?

Nine minutes.

How do you know?

He told me at dinner.

He said he would
come for us.

It's supposed to be only me,

but you will all be coming.

Open block five.

(Man speaking in arabic)

Everyone out.


Got it.

Found it, mustapha.
It was in the emir's coat here.

(Cross laughing)

You trusted the liar,
didn't you?

(Continues laughing)

Now we just pray
they get the lights out.

We got to hurry, man.

We got less than ten minutes

to kill the power.

Don't worry.

With luck,
both your friend and my son

will be free
within the hour.

(Electricity powers down)

Okay, breakers are down.

Now we just need
to pull the redundancies.

They're down the hall.

I'll stay here and deal
with security. Go.


Come on, where are you?



Oh, come on.

Oh, when in doubt,
go old school.

(Grunting, electricity crackles)

(Men yelling in arabic)

Let's go.

Get the generators up.

Get these inmates
back inside!


(Yelling and clattering)

Let's go, let's go!

The weapons,
get their weapons.

They are trying to
escape without us.

Get to their cell.

Block six.
Come on!

(Abu ramal calls out in arabic)

You heard them, brother.

Block six.

Ja, give me your phone.

Come on.


Mount flashlights.

Secure every room.

Shoot only if you have to.

And if you do, shoot to kill.

(Men yelling in arabic)

(Guard groans, cross grunts)


This way.

A shortcut to block six,
brother, come on!

Get off me, you sick bastard!

It's easier if
you don't struggle.



(Sheba screams in the distance)


(Sheba screams)


This is how you treat me?

You're going to die now, dog.

(Lincoln groans)

(Lincoln grunts)

(Both grunting)

Sheba, sheba,
it's me, it's me.

Are you okay?

(Indistinct conversations)

(Phone rings)

Linc, talk to me.

Get to the rendezvous,
the auto shop.

We ain't gonna make it.

Sheba's busted up real bad.

What happened?
Just get to the rendezvous.

We got to be there
for Michael, damn it!

Damn. Lockdown.

Extra guards
on the roof.

Question is whether
they move on.

(Men yelling)
Quickly! Hurry, hurry!

It's here, this one!

We got problems.

Guys are trying
to get into the cell.

What's wrong?
People coming.

Damn it, we got
guards up here.

Try and buy us
some time.

I'm taking care of it.


No, they're
escaping, hurry!




No, please!
Don't leave us.

Please, we are christians,

they will kill us!

Sid: No, we're still not
clear up top.

Make sure
they don't get up.


They're coming, ja.

How we doing?
Not good.

Guards are even closer.

Pull yourself up!

(Groans and pants)


Help, help!


(Grunting continues)

(Sid yells)


Help me out!

Get him up here first.

That's not how this works.

You pull my brother
up first.

Hurry, ramal is coming.

Cross's brother: Lend me your
hand. I swear I'm gonna...

The kid comes up first!

(Cross's brother groans,
cross yells)

Step away, step away.

No! Mosa, mosa, look at me!

Mosa! Mosa!

No! No, look at me,

Go, go, go! It's ramal.

Look at me! Mosa!

Michael: Hurry. We've got a
minute tops to get out of here.

Get up there,
after him.

Drop them!
(Gun hammers click,
cross crying)

Drop them!

Put it down!

Do it!

Cross (Crying):
Down, now!

Board spans the gap.
Blanket covers the wire.

Get out!
(Guard yells in arabic)

What are you doing
in this cell?

Zakat (Echoing):
They're on the roof!

(Radio buzzes,
indistinct transmission)

(Indistinct radio chatter,
guns cock)

(Guards yelling in arabic)

Don't shoot!

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

(indistinct talking in arabic)

Abu ramal:
I trusted you, kaniel outis.

And you lied to me.

By god and my armies
of the caliphate,

you will die for it.

Maybe even tomorrow.

♪ ♪


I'm putting you in danger
by saying this,

but maybe it doesn't matter
because I'll be dead,

and they'll leave you alone.

But I love you.

You'll see I loved you.

I never stopped loving you.

This whole lie, it was for you.

Sara, if I...

If I do die,

don't let them put kaniel outis
on the headstone,

because that's never who I was.

Make them put my real name...

The man I have always been...

(phone beeps)
Michael Scofield.

(Gunfire, explosions
in the distance)

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media access group at wgbh