Prison Break (2005–2017): Season 1, Episode 3 - Cell Test - full transcript

Two steps forward and one step back. Michael gets Abruzzi on his side and proves Sucre's trustworthiness, but then loses a valuable piece of his plan.

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Previously on 'Prison Break':

I didn't kill that man.

- The evidence says you did.
- I was set up.

Put down your weapon.

I find it incumbent
that you see the inside of a prison cell.

- I'm looking for Lincoln Burrows.
- Man killed the VP's brother.

- Why do you want to see him?
- He's my brother.

I'll get you out of here.

- It's impossible.
- Not if you designed the place.

- You've seen the blueprints.
- Better than that. I've got 'em on me.

- Find out who's trying to bury him.
- Nobody is trying to bury him..

The evidence was cooked.

- There's a lawyer poking around.
- Anyone that's a threat is expendable.

You come around these bleachers again, it's
gonna be more than words we're exchanging.

- Someone found Fibonacci.
- Who was this someone?

- Where is Fibonacci?

- I give you that information, I'm a dead man.

Oh, my God! Williamson, get in here!

- What the hell happened in here?
- An accident.

Let me get in here. Hold on. Come on.

Get out.

I thought you said you were
gonna have a conversation with him.

Yeah, I did.

Things... escalated.

We need some help here. Bring him on into three.
Kathy, I'm gonna need 10ccs of Xylocaine.

Thanks, guys. I'll take it from here.

I said thank you. I'll take it from here.

Let's go.

OK, let's take a look at you.

You're OK. You're OK.

- What happened?

- Nothing.

This isn't nothing.
I need you to tell me what happened.

Don't make me lie to you.


All right, you guys?

- Yeah, no problem.
- Yes, sir.

IA should start an investigation.

Oh, there's no need. We know what happened.

Perhaps you'd enlighten me.

There was a pair of gardening shears left
on the floor of the shed. He stepped on them.

- The blade went right through his boot, huh?
- Yeah.

So why wasn't the boot still on his foot?

Like I said, Doc,

we got it taken care of.

Let's go.

- I'll kill that scum.
- You wont

- You kill him, you kill our ticket out of here.

Look what he did to you. You won't last
a second here unless I do something about it.

- You ever hear of Top Flight Charters?
- Yeah.

They operate flights from small airfields
in the Midwest, like the one ten miles away.

They're run by a shell corporation
Abruzzi owns.

We get him on board, there'll be
a flight for us the night we get outside.

You're willing to risk the entire escape
on a guy you don't know?

Preparation can only take you so far.
After that, you gotta take a few leaps of faith.

- Abruzzi's a huge leap of faith.
- I'm not talking about Abruzzi.

There's someone else who holds the key
to this thing. It either works or it doesn't.

Problem is, I couldn't know
who that was until he got in here.

Sucre? You can't be serious.

The guy's a thief, Michael. He can't be trusted.

Gonna have to trust him,
because he's my cellmate.

- How well do you know him?
- About as well as a man can in a week.

You tell him, he tells everyone, we're done.
You know that, right?

If he's not on board, there's no digging
in that cell, and if there's no digging,

then there's no escape.

Thank you for calling.
Please leave a message after the tone.

Maricruz. It's me, baby. Are you there?

Pick up if you're there, Mari.
I've been in the SHU.

I've been thinking about you.

About your body.
God, I've been thinking about your body.

- Hello?
- Mrs Delgado...

Hi, how you doing? It's me, Fernando.

Sorry to bother you at home. Do you know
what's up with Maricruz's cellphone?

- It just keeps going straight to voice mail.
- Maybe she has it turned off.

- Any chance you know where she is?
- I know exactly where she is.

- And that would be?
00:06:12,022 --> 00:06:13,783
- With Hector.
- Hector?

- Hector?
- That's right. They're at the mall, I think.

I don't suppose next time you see her
you could have her turn her phone back on?

Mrs Delgado, I know you don't like me,
but I love your daughter and she loves me.

We're gonna get married, you know?

If you were a decent man,
and you really loved her,

you'd let her live her life.

What's that supposed to mean?

I'll tell her you called.

- I'm looking to do some damage.
- Well, you've come to the right place.

I want to do it slow.

Inflict the maximum amount of pain
so a guy wishes he'd die, and get it over with,

but just can't quite get there.

Oh, I got that.

I got that.

Look at this right here, boss.

I call it the gutter.

You jam it in the stomach.
These bits hook the intestines.

You give it a pull back, poor sucker's guts
are hanging right out of his stomach,

and he'll get a real good look at 'em
cos the wound's not fatal.

At least not until the infection sets in.

You're one sick puppy,
you know that?

Thank you.

- What happened?
- I'm OK.

They've gotten to you, haven't they?
The other prisoners.

My God, Michael, this place is gonna kill you.

You said you talked to a woman.
What was her name?

- Leticia.
- Leticia Barris.

- How'd you know?
- A year ago I was doing what you're doing -

trying to find out the truth.

It's a bottomless pit, Veronica.

They designed it so that when you
got to the bottom of it Lincoln would be dead.

Why didn't you tell me?

Once the day was set, once that final appeal
had been rejected, he had 60 days to live.

I figured I could play their game and watch
him die, or take matters into my own hands.

You don't have to do that.

Leticia knows something. If I can get it
out of her, maybe we can reopen the case.

What'd she say?

Somebody else was behind
the killing of the vice president's brother.

- Who?
- She took off before I got anything out of her.

She's holed up in the Elysian Fields project.
I'll go see her.

That place is dangerous.
Take someone with you.

- Who?
- Fiance'd be a good place to start.

I think that's probably the last thing
in the world Sebastian would ever want to do.

- It's good to see you.
- You too.

No priors, a good student.

Then you get yourself arrested
for intent to sell.

- Good life get a little boring?
- It was stupid. It won't happen again.

Well, we're all here to make sure of that.

I spoke to your mother before you came in.

She told me that there were
some extenuating circumstances...

If you mean that guy at Fox River,
he's got nothing to do with this.

- He refuses to call him his father.
- The world would be better without him.

It's clear to me
you've got a lot of anger, young man.

it could land you in the wrong place.

To make sure that doesn't happen,
you'll check in with me once a week.

Fridays. One hour.

- Your grades need to be pristine.
- Absolutely.

To give you an idea where
that anger will get you if you don't rein it in,

I'll sign you up
for the programme at Fox River.

You'll have a mentor who you'll work with.
Give you some perspective.

A mentor?

Your father.

Let's go. Pick up the pace.

This ain't the Sistine Chapel, guys. Just
roll it up and down, move on to the next one.

Tell me that ain't what I think it is.

It ain't what you think it is.

Fish, a cellphone in here?
That's cardinal sin number one.

- They can tack two years onto your bid.
- If they catch you.

You know what trouble
I can get for knowing this?


Now, that means you can make calls
whenever you want, right?

I don't like the look in your eye.
What's in there, you never saw it. Got it?

Why didn't you include any names?

Why would I want anyone to watch me die?

I've seen it happen a number of ways.

Some people want to go it alone, others have
grandiose statements they want to make,

but most want some member of their family there

before they leave this world.

I'll do it alone.

Son, in my opinion,

all inmates who have made that choice
have deeply regretted it in their final minutes.


leave it blank for now.

You have less than four weeks now.

You should give it some thought.

Hi, I'm looking for Leticia Barris.

- Five.
- Thank you.


Don't you move a muscle.

Take it easy, Leticia.

You're working with 'em.
You think I'm stupid, lady?

I hear the clicks on my phone,
I see the cars on the street.

I know you're scared. I am too.

But, please, put the gun down.

Where you going?

Ireland. What difference does it make?

All the difference.
Nobody got your testimony.

That's the reason I'm still breathing.

- I'm not with them. You have to believe me.

- What you sneaking in here for?
- I thought maybe they'd gotten to you.

- Oh, yeah? Why do you care
about my wellbeing all of a sudden?

- I don't.
- Finally, an honest answer.

But maybe you can save Lincoln.

And maybe you can bring down the guys
who killed your boyfriend in the process.

If someone killed you and Crab could've done
something to them, you think he would have?

I'm not as strong as he was.
I can't take those people on.

I'll take them on.

All you have to do is come to my office
and tell me what you know.

I'll type it up,
you can sign the affidavit and split.

I'll take you to the airport myself.


Y llam�ndolo. Bua. Y lo meto en el bolsillo.

� T� sabes?


Hey, what's up, Lincoln?

I want extra time outside
for the next two weeks.

Paint fumes in Pl must be getting to you.

Cellphones allowed in here?


Extra time outside, couple cigarettes.

Half-hour one week. One cigarette.

Know a con named Sucre?

This is what I don't understand, John.

Otto Fibonacci fingers you.

He put you in prison for life, yet you act like
you don't even want to find out where he is.

That's not true, Philly.

Maybe you don't think you have anything
to lose any more. You're already locked up.

Maybe you like it here. I don't know.

But what I do know
is that if Fibonacci testifies next month,

you and I are gonna be neighbours.

And I am not going to let that happen.

I don't think you would fit in here, Philly.

Fancy suits and ties and shirts.

I think you're right, so let's cut to the chase.

Did you break this kid?
Did he tell you where Fibonacci is?

- What is this?
- It's a little gift from me to you.

- Are these his?
- Yeah. He won't crack.

Well, perhaps you should consider
using a different methodology then, John.

From what I gather, there are far worse
threats in prison other than bodily harm.

What happened to the days
when you used to trust me, Philly,

that I would get things done?

That was when you actually did get things done.

- Daddy! Daddy! Did you hear the news?

What... what news?

We're going to stay
with Uncle Philly at the lake.

Yeah, and we're gonna have a good time.

You're right, John. Maybe you're right.

I do trust you.

Now, you're gonna
take care of that thing, aren't you?

How are those bone-yard visits
going with that girlfriend of yours?

I imagine pretty good, huh?

You know, visitation rules stipulate
that conjugals are only for married couples.

We're engaged. Besides, I got that coming...

to me cos I ain't caused
no static in this place.

Please, don't dead my conjugals.

I won't.

Thank you.

But in exchange,
you have to tell me where that cellphone is.


Don't play stupid with me. I'm giving you
a chance to save your precious conjugals.

You lie to me, they're gone
and they're never coming back.

Where's that cellphone?

Turner, your transfer came in.
They want you in administration.

He didn't talk.

All I got to say is I better get
to make all the calls I want.

Gonna be kinda hard.


I lost my conjugals over soap?

You may have lost your conjugals, but
I can do you one better. I can get you to her.

- You can get me to Maricruz?
- That's right.

Yeah? How you gonna do that?

We're breaking out of here.


- Starts in our cell.
- In our cell?

- To tell you the truth, it's already started.
- Ah.

Are you crazy?

You think I want to break out of here?

16 months from now I'm at the gate.

I'm getting married,
and not with no posse on my ass.

I oughta beat you six ways till Sunday.

I lost my conjugals
because of your little bar of soap.

I had to see if you could keep a secret.

You want a secret? I got a secret for you, fish.

You dig in my cell when I'm there,
and I'm gonna split your wig.

That went well.

Let's start with Lincoln's relationship
with your boyfriend.

He owed my man 90,000. He wasn't getting
it done. All of a sudden, it gets done.

Crab walks up with 90k and a big-ass smile.

- Who paid him?
- Not Lincoln. They paid his marker.

Who's they?

It's all right, Leticia.
I told you, you're safe here.

Crab brought this guy home.
Never seen him before.

Crab did what he always did. He told me
to take a walk, so that's exactly what I did.

There was something about this guy.
He wasn't the kind he usually dealt with.

What do you mean?

Couldn't put my finger on it
till he went outside. Then I knew.

- He had that look.
- What look?

Like they own the place,
like they're untouchable,

like they're government.

So the government paid Lincoln's debt?

- Did Crab say what they wanted in return?
- Uh-uh.

All right. Just give me
a moment to type this up.

- Where are you going?
- To have a smoke.

- This is only gonna take me a minute.
- So will the smoke.

No swelling, so there's no sign of infection.
I'll keep you on antibiotics for ten days.

You should be good.

You understand by law I must file a report
if I feel there has been prisoner misconduct?

There's no way this injury happened
by stepping on a blade in a garden shed.

If you file the report,
things could get a lot worse.

- They're not already?
- Not compared to what they could be.

- I've made some enemies.
- Yeah.

You scared?

Men. OK.

Here's what I think. I think you are scared.

And you wouldn't be human
if you weren't scared in a place like this.

When I was young, I couldn't sleep at night,

because I thought
there was a monster in the closet,

but my brother told me
there wasn't anything in the closet but fear,

and fear wasn't real.

He said it wasn't made of anything.
It was just... air.

Not even that. He said you just have to face it.

You just have to open that door,
and the monster would disappear.

- Your brother sounds like a smart man.
- He is.

In here, though,
you face your fear, you open that door,

and there's a hundred more doors behind it.

And the monsters
that are hiding behind them are all real.

If you want,
I could recommend you be sent to ad seg.

With the rape victims and the snitches.

It would keep you safe.

Thanks, but I think I'd like
to face the monsters on my own.

Have a good smoke?

I don't smoke.

Didn't mean to startle you.

Special Agent Kellerman, Secret Service.

We've been informed that you obtained
a copy of the surveillance tape

entered as evidence in the Burrows trial.

- Is there a problem with that?
- We're just following up.

Has there been an amendment to the Freedom
of lnformation Act that I'm not aware of?

When a prisoner gets near the end of his time
on death row, there's a lot of last-minute...

I don't understand why this would
be a problem for the Secret Service.

It's not. The prosecution made its case
far beyond any reasonable doubt

and we know that we have the right man.

That being said,

if you come across anything
that could shed some light on his innocence,
00:26:34,288 --> 00:26:35,540
I'm offering my help.

Sounds great.
I really appreciate you coming by.

- Do you have a card, Agent Kellerman?
- Of course.

Don't hesitate to call.



- Sebastian, I'm so sorry.
- Where are you?

- This isn't the time. I'm sorry.
- This is the time. I'm at the reception hall.

The coordinator's here, the vendors.

Look, l-I'm just...
I'm sorry. I-I can't talk right now.

I say we take his whole foot.

We could cut off all his limbs.
He still wouldn't talk.

Pain is not the answer here.

Maybe the Beatles were right after all.

Maybe all you need is love.

- What are you doing?
- What does it look like? I'm rolling it up.

- You can't do this.
- I'm done with your reindeer games.

I'm gonna transfer to a nice,
quiet cell with a normal cellie,

one that doesn't screw my entire life up.

Look, I'm sorry about your conjugals,
but if you go now...

- Don't do this. Please.
- Listen to me, fish.

I got 16 months. I got a fiancie to think about.

I get caught with a hole in my wall, I don't
get to see the world for another five years.

Let's go, Sucre.

- I can't do that.
- There is a solution. We can work it out.

Sorry, fish.

Can I ask you something?

Why have you denied any family
or loved ones to be there for you in the end?

Why would I let them watch me die?

I've caused them enough pain.

Maybe it's not about them watching you die.

Maybe it's about me watching them live.

- That the final torture?
- No.

It's about how you want to leave this world.

What's the last image
you want to take with you?

A stranger?

Got an issue with our little friend over there?

You don't give the green light.

Everything in here runs through me.
You know that.

May Tag's in the ground
because of that piece of detritus.

- So now you want him.
- Every day for the rest of his bid.

Seems you and I have something in common, then.

Get in! Easy Now, Fish.

Don't make this any harder than
it needs to be.

It's time we came to an arrangement,
don't you think?

You know, I was thinking I was gonna gut you
bow to stern , soon as I laid eyes on you.

but, alackaday, you look so pretty
when you're scared, don't you?

Maybe we oughta get the love out of the way
before the hate. What do you say, pretty?

Yeah. Yeah, maybe it's time
I lit up that leather once and for all, huh?

God, he talks too much.

You and I need to have a conversation.

What happened in there was my way of saying

I know I've been going about
this whole thing the wrong way.

We've got a man down!

- I'm trying to make amends.
- We need some help.

- Bygones be bygones.
- We need a doctor.

- You're a mercurial man, John.
- I prefer bold.

Come on,
just keep it moving, guys. Come on!

- Tell me what you need from me.
- A trade.

You get me a plane, and I'll get you Fibonacci.

- What do you need a plane for?
- I think you know.

I help you, I'm in.
You know that, don't you?

I do.

- Just gotta know the exact date and time.
00:32:25,444 --> 00:32:28,175
- I'll tell you soon enough.

Soon enough won't cut it.

I needto be outside before
Fibonacci testifies.

You will be.

- He testifies in one month.
- Then you'll be out in plenty of time.

If not, you're a corpse.

So cut the crap. Tell me the exact date and
time so I can start making the arrangements.

- I don't know if I can trust you yet.
- Why not?

Like I said, John, you're a mercurial man.

- Lewis, take these off.

- Sink, I can't do that. Come on, man.
I'm in a cage. Ten minutes.


It's my kid.

So, here we are.


- How you been?
- You know, in trouble.

How's your mom?

- She's good.
- Hey, um...

I've been talking to the chaplain. They'd like
me to decide on who I should have at the...

I guess what I'm trying to say is...

when you get to the end,
you start to realise what's important to you,

you know, who really matters to you.

And, you know, that leaves you and Mike.

The only blood I got left in this...
this world.

Yeah, I gotta say,
I'm not really following what you're saying.

Well, uh...

In the end, the only thing that matters is love.

Blood, family, you.

Give me your hand.

What are you doing?

Give me your hand.

Give me your hand.

I want you to be there when...

I want you to be there the day before I die.

So I can see you.
So I can hold you.


I love you. I've always loved you.

This whole thing...

I don't know if I can take it.

Me either.

I don't have a choice.

You do.

I am so sorry.

I met with this woman today
and she knew things about Lincoln's case.

Then she just disappeared.
I think something happened to her.

I'm gonna make this real easy for you.

Do you want to get married or not?

I don't know.


Maybe we could postpone it. I can't do this
right now. It's supposed to be a celebration...

If you're really telling me
you want to postpone this thing,

then I want to cancel it.


I'm sorry.

I'll come and get my stuff tomorrow.

Open on 40.

Found you a new cellie.

I found him in psych ward.
You were the only guy with an empty tray.

Psych ward?
You got a problem with that?

Cos if you do, please feel free
to drop it into my suggestion box here.

Haywire, get in here.

Close it up on 40.

Oh, and, Scofield, just a heads-up,

don't make eye contact with him.

Lincoln, we have a problem.

I got a new cellmate.

- That's a problem.
- We'll just have to bring him on board.

- You don't bring a guy like that on board.
- I'll work when he's sleeping.

Ten feet, Scofield.

- How far behind are we?
- Three days.

I thought you said
the margin for error was zero days.

I did.

Nice out here.

I got a buddy who's got a place
way back up in these woods.

Come up here hunting around this time of year.


Back in. Back in.

Here. Come here.

- Take her out there.
- She's nothing.

Nobody would believe her if she talked, anyway.

A hundred yards or so should do it.

Do it.


I'm sorry.

- You gotta believe me.





Pick up the casings.

What's your problem?

I got a neuroanatomic lesion
affecting my reticular activating system.

What does that mean?
It means I don't sleep.

At all.

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Visiontext Subtitles: Sarah Johnston