Prison Break (2005–2017): Season 1, Episode 4 - Cute Poison - full transcript

Michael gets more of the tools and people he needs, but someone very high up has taken notice and started wondering what he's up to.

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Previously on Prison Break:
- I didn't kill that man. - The evidence says you did.
- I was set up. - Put down your weapon.
I find it incumbent you see the inside of a prison cell.
- I'm looking for Lincoln Burrows. - He killed the vice president's brother.
- Why you wanna see Burrows? - He's my brother.
- I'm getting you out. - That's impossible.
Not if you designed the place.
- You've seen the blueprints. - Better than that.
I've got 'em on me.
- You find out who's trying to bury him. - Nobody is.
The evidence was cooked.
- A lawyer's poking around. - Anyone that's a threat is expendable.
Scofield, found you a new cellie. Haywire, get in here.
- Someone found Fibonacci. - Who was this someone?
Where is Fibonacci?
I give you that information, I'm a dead man.
On your feet.
What time is it?
- Get up. - What's going on?
Let's go, Lincoln. On your feet.
- Bellick. - Come on, move it.
Bellick. Bellick. No! Bellick!
Bellick! Where are you taking... Bellick! No!
No! Bellick, no! No! I got a month left!
Please, no, Bellick!
Bellick, no. Bellick, please, no!
No, I got a month left! Please!
No, Bellick...
Please, Bellick...
Make your peace, Lincoln.
Let's get on with it.
Open 40.
Close 40.
Haywire, you ever thought of breaking out?
- What the hell would I do out there? - Not be here.
Halfway houses. Psych visits. Meds. Checking in with the PO.
Urine tests. Keeping a job.
No. Why'd you ask?
This guy was talking about it in the yard. I didn't know what to say.
Tell Officer Bellick.
He'll make life easier for you if...
If what?
- Your tattoos. - What about them?
What are they of? No, no, no, what are they? Like, some kind of...
- They're just tattoos. - Candy time, Haywire.
They think I have schizo-affective disorder with bipolar tendencies.
Think you got it?
I take the pills to keep the quacks off my back.
Bye, now.
Get outta the way.
You know, maybe they give you those things for a reason.
Yeah. To keep me dull.
To keep me in their invisible freaking handcuffs.
Seriously. Those tattoos, they're beautiful.
You mind if I, you know, look at the whole thing?
I do, actually.
Yo. Stand clear.
Does there need to be a reason?
I'm not even talking to you, man.
What's the problem?
- Nothing I can't handle. - Well, I knew there was a problem.
I could tell by looking at you from across the yard.
Guys, didn't I say there was a problem?
So what's the problem?
- You're looking at it. - What, Haywire?
Yup. He's my new cell mate.
- That's a problem. - He doesn't sleep.
- So when do you dig? - I don't.
Hey, you and I are in bed now.
You made me a promise. You said that we were gonna get out of here.
You renege now, and I'm gonna cut you.
So you better take care of your business.
Or I will take care of you.
Have a nice day.
It's really coming together, isn't it?
- Yup. - You think it'll be done in time?
Well, I figure we still have the interior alcoves and pilasters to do, which is no small task.
But, yes. I think so.
Listen, I have to say I really appreciate all the effort that you put into this.
I wish there was some way I could, you know, pay you, or something.
There is one thing you could do for me.
- My cell mate. - The inimitable Charles Patoshik. Haywire.
- Then you know. - Hold it right there.
Officer Bellick is in charge of cell transfers. You're gonna have to talk to him about that.
I tried. But he seems to think we're a good match.
- Has he threatened you? - Who? Haywire or Bellick?
Unfortunately, unless there's some evidence of violence
or sexual predation between cell mates,
those kinds of requests fall on deaf ears around here.
Prison system's a little too crowded for requests based on personality.
- It's not exactly Sandals out there.
Warden, sorry. Your wife is here.
What? She's not supposed to be here till four o'clock.
Becky, do not let her come in here under any circumstances.
She's not supposed to see this until our anniversary. I'll be right out.
Hi, sweetheart. You're early.
- Let's go eat. - You're acting funny.
- I am? - What's going on in there?
- Just going over some files. - Becky said you were in a meeting.
This isn't Toledo all over again, is it?
Toledo? How can you say that?
- Then you won't mind if I look. - Uh, Judy...
Warden, I'm not gonna be able to cooperate. I'd get killed if I did.
Johnson's still deciding.
Then you and I are done.
You should have just told me.
Well, you know how anxious I get when you come around the inmates.
Becky, have a guard escort Johnson back to his cell.
I'll deal with him later. Come on, let's eat.
- What are you doing here? - I'm your attorney.
I'm representing you now.
If that's all right with you.
- Last time I saw you, you called me a liar. - Things have changed.
I believe you now.
I got in touch with Crab Simmons' ex-girlfriend, Leticia.
She corroborated your story.
- Will she testify? - She's missing.
I don't know. I think the Secret Service got to her.
- Secret Service? - They've been poking around.
They show up, she disappears. What do you think?
Oh, man.
I didn't realise it was that high up, you know? Do you know what we're up against?
I know it's a lot more than either of us can handle on our own.
- Project Justice. - Why have I heard of them?
They handle death penalty cases. There's a guy, Ben Forsik.
I sent him copies of everything. You could tell him what you found.
Maybe it'll be enough to bring him on board.
So, uh, how's Sebastian?
What do you mean?
Well, you being here. I mean, is he cool with it?
I haven't talked to him.
The, um...
The engagement's off.
You could at least say that like you mean it.
I do.
God, you always were a lousy liar.
I better get to Project Justice.
Thank you. I didn't have a whole lot left.
You can thank me when I get you out of here.
Baby, it's me. Are you there?
Hello? Are you there?
Hey. If she is, she obviously don't want to talk to you.
It's Wednesday, babe. You were gonna come around today, right?
Look, I gotta hang up now. I gotta go back in the block, but...
you're gonna be here today, right?
I'm your man, baby, and I love you.
I do.
It's a pattern.
- What did you say? - Your tattoo. It's a pattern.
You're seeing things.
Putting him in with Haywire is a low blow.
What? The shrinks cleared Haywire for re-entry into Gen Pop.
- He's so doped up on meds he's like a kitten. - A kitten who murdered both his parents.
With respect, sir, if you give Scofield preferential treatment,
it'll undermine your credibility.
I know you got a soft spot for the guy because he's got brains
and he's helping you with that contraption, but the guy's a violent criminal.
He deserves punishment as much as the rest of these guys.
You know that I'm less interested in punishment than I am in rehabilitation.
And sticking him in with Haywire is not rehabilitation in my book.
You delegated authority over Gen Pop to me, boss.
- I know I did. - You gotta let me do my job or pass it on.
Now, Brian, go easy.
There's a reason I'm giving you more and more responsibility.
When I retire, I'm recommending you to take my place.
Don't make me regret it.
All I'm saying is, take another look at the Scofield situation. I trust yourjudgment.
Yes, sir.
Hold up. This is supposed to be an open visitation. Why we doing it here?
Ask your visitor.
What are you doing here? Where's Maricruz?
- She's not gonna be coming any more. - Is she hurt?
No, no, she's fine, she's fine. She's just, uh...
She's with me now.
She's with you now? It's a joke, right?
No, she made a decision, man. She decided she needed stability.
- Is she gonna get that from you? - You can think what you want about me but...
I'm not the one who's in prison.
I actually can do something for her.
She wanted me to talk to you first in case you got mad...
Hijo de tu madre, ¡te voy a matar!
Así sea lo ultimo que hagas.
¡Desgraciado! ¡Te voy a matar!
You just proved my point.
You're a con.
And that's all you'll ever be.
Make it quick.
Yeah. He's right in here.
Take a walk, Choppy.
Scofield. You're in a restricted area.
I'm doing yard work for PI. We need some fertiliser.
Then why are you in the masonry section?
Oh, by the way, how's the foot?
Don't ever go around me to the Pope again.
Now, move.
You know what, Haywire?
I don't think we're gonna work out.
And since I was here first, I think you should go.
I crapped myself once in junior high.
During PE, we were playing badminton,
and I knew I had to walk past a bunch of the other students to get back to the locker room,
and so I just started walking.
And I tried to make fun of it, you know, before anyone else did.
So I turned around behind me, and I said, "Look, I have a tail."
I just shared a secret with you.
- Now it's your turn. - You want to know what the tattoos mean?
- Yeah. - Nothing.
Hey, fish.
Making any progress?
With Sleeping Beauty back there? Or with the digging?
- Either. - No.
- But I know what to do. - Oh, yeah?
Problem is, you don't got the stugots to do it.
Abruzzi, let's go.
See ya.
Yeah? Really? Well, tell the crazy son of a bitch I said hi.
- Wrap it up. - How's Aunt Ruth? She out of hospital?
- Wrap it up. - Hold on, Ma.
Bite me.
OK. We got a problem now, man.
Let's handle it then.
That's what I thought.
- Hello? - Maricruz? It's me.
What's going on? What's the deal with you and Hector?
- When were you gonna tell me? - What?
That Rita Saldaña's been visiting you.
- What? - Yeah. Hector told me.
Hector told you. Of course he told you. Baby, that guy is a snake. He's a liar.
- Why would he lie? - Why would he lie?
Because he's been trying to get into your pants since the minute we started dating.
You know what? I don't know what to believe.
Me, mami. Believe me.
Yeah, while I wait by the phone twice a week.
Baby, where is this coming from?
I don't know.
Look, there's just so many things.
Yesterday I went to Teresa's house, and I saw her baby.
Is that what this is about? Your clock is ticking?
Well, I am gonna be 30 in a few years.
You're 25. You want to get pregnant? Let's get pregnant right now.
I can't get pregnant until I'm married.
We're gonna get married. In 16 months.
Yeah, well, Hector says that if something goes wrong in there,
you could serve your full sentence.
I can't wait ten years.
I can't wait ten years, baby.
I'm gonna be out in 16 months.
Te lo prometo, mi amor.
But what if something does happen, huh?
Baby, I can't wait that long.
I can't.
I'm sorry, I gotta go.
Hello? Baby, wait... Hello?
Even if Leticia turned up, her testimony would be worthless.
By and large, mostjunkies with criminal records don't shine on the stand.
I just found all this out in the past couple days.
I'm confident I can find out more now that I'm devoting all my time to the case.
The agent who came to visit when Leticia was in your office, what did he want?
Nick, please. You've got to understand, unless there's new information for us,
we've already reviewed Mr Burrows' case thoroughly.
Do you have any new evidence?
- No, but I... - But.
That is what you're telling us, right? I need to clarify here.
Yes. That is what I'm telling you.
But, Mr Forsik, you don't need to point out what I don't have. I'm well aware of that.
I'm asking for your help. I don't think a man should be killed for something he didn't do.
That's what it says on your mission statement in the lobby.
- We get many requests for representation. - I'm sure you do...
And I have to decide which cases we're going to devote our limited resources to.
I will do all of the legwork, Mr Forsik,
but with no experience in death penalty cases,
I'm just asking you to point me in the right direction.
I'm sorry.
We just don't have the manpower.
Thank you for your time.
She's just leaving now.
It'll take her a half-hour to get across town in this traffic.
We're not gonna need nearly that much time.
I've turned up quite a bit already.
Hey. Hey, have you seen my toothpaste?
- It was right here. - I haven't seen it.
- I always put it in the same place. - I'm sure it'll turn up.
Lights out in ten minutes.
The tattoos - there's a maze.
- Get away from me. - I need to see 'em.
You gotta show 'em to me. It's pulling me in.
I said, get away from me.
He's got a maze on his skin.
Man's got a maze on his skin.
Why? Why would he do that? Why?
Why would he put a maze on his skin?
I don't know.
- How are your contacts in chemical lockup? - Depends who's asking.
I need a bottle of drain line root control, sooner than later.
You got weeds growing in your cell?
Just one.
Looking for me?
I wanted to ask some questions about the Lincoln Burrows case.
- Yeah? - I'm Veronica Donovan.
I'm representing Lincoln on his appeal.
What about it?
You were the first one to Lincoln's apartment the night of the murder.
I'd really appreciate it if you could just tell me exactly what you saw.
Dispatch called. Burrows was seen running from the garage where they found Steadman.
So we went over to Burrows' place.
We spread out, I took the bathroom. I saw your client washing out the bloody pants.
Police! Hands up.
I don't need to tell you it was Steadman's blood.
In the report you typed up, you said you saw Lincoln in the bathroom. That's all.
Later, you testified that you saw him washing the pants. Which one is it?
- Does it matter? - Did you see him washing the pants or not?
Yes. He stood up, turned around, his hands were all wet, looking guilty as hell.
Your testimony factored into his conviction. You know that, right?
You know, lady, if you got any other questions, just go through the department.
Ms Donovan?
I didn't mean to scare you.
- What are you doing here? - Nick Savrinn, with Project Justice.
I know who you are, but what are you doing here?
Look, my boss may not think Lincoln's case is worth looking into, but I do.
There's a quicker way to take care of your problem.
There's smarter ways, too.
Lights out in ten minutes. Hey, lights out in ten minutes.
What stood out was that most death penalty cases take ten years to exhaust all appeals.
Lincoln got there in three.
So for it to be expedited, there had to have been some political influence?
Steadman was the vice-president's brother. It's not hard to believe.
How? They got to every judge that rejected his appeal?
It doesn't take ajudge.
All it takes is a little special attention from one of his clerks.
But how Lincoln got fast-tracked doesn't interest me. It's why.
If he was set up, then why?
I think the answer to that might lie in the victim.
What do we know? He was a CEO of EcoField, right? He was pushing alternative energy.
Successfully pushing alternative energy.
Oil companies, the Saudis, even our government -
a lot of people stood to benefit with Steadman out of the picture.
Why did you wait till now to take up this case?
I thought he did it, like everybody else.
I just hope it's not too late.
It very well may be. You need to prepare yourself for that.
What about you?
Why death penalty work?
My father did 15 years for a crime he didn't commit.
I know that when the government gets you in their cross hairs, you stand very little chance.
That's why.
Now, do you want my help?
- I want in. - Too late.
I'll do anything. These hands are digging machines.
I'll get you to China. I'll dig like a psychotic rodent if I have to.
Fish, I gotta be back in.
As of right now, there is no in. Van Gogh over there is my new cell mate.
But you're gonna get rid of him.
- I'll do what's necessary. - You're my boy.
- So how you gonna do it? - Let's just put it this way.
Someone's gonna get hurt.
How did we miss this?
Scofield's father was out of the picture by the time he was born. Took his mother's name.
All right. Scofield had no priors and a full-time job as an engineer?
- Correct. - Then he goes and robs a bank,
discharging a gun in the process,
so in sentencing he could manoeuvre his way to Fox River,
where his brother's scheduled to die in less than a month.
- Obviously, something's up. - With all due respect,
brothers are incarcerated together all over. It may just be a coincidence.
Move on the younger brother.
Do it pre-emptively, before anything rises up, bites any of us in the ass.
It's a pathway.
Where does it lead?
Where are you taking me?
What? Are you nuts?
Officer! I need an officer!
What the hell's the problem down here?
What the... Son of a bitch. Open up on 40.
He's got the pathway on his body. It leads somewhere.
- Back off, Haywire. - Now, look.
Look at his tattoos. It's a pathway.
I said back off. You want a hot shot?
I'm telling you, look... Argh!
Back off, man.
- Let's go. Get him out of here. - It leads to hell! It leads to hell!
It's a pathway to hell! He's taking us all to hell!
So, the gang's all back together again.
Well, ain't that swell?
I told you not to go around me with the Pope.
But you just keep making waves, don't you?
- Good to be back, man. - Good to have you back.
So, when do we get started?
- Good afternoon, Mr Scofield. - Hello.
How are you feeling today?
Real good.
What happened?
Caught an elbow playing basketball.
- Mind if I take a look? - By all means.
You know you're gonna get killed in here, right? If you're not careful.
I'll make you a bet.
When I get out of here, alive, I'll take you to dinner.
Lunch. Cup of coffee.
Michael, this charm act
could be exactly what's getting you into trouble out in the yard.
Lean forward.
All right. You went to the parking garage, Terence Steadman is already dead.
- That's right. - You saw that, you ran? Took the gun?
- Dumped the gun. - Where?
- Storm drain. Van Buren and Wells. - Nobody ever found it.
What did you do after that? Go back to your apartment?
I was freaking out, trying to figure out what had happened.
Then I saw the bloody pants in the tub.
The cops, they busted in a minute after I got there.
The pants, with Steadman's blood on them.
First cop on the scene says he saw you washing them in the tub.
He's lying. My hands were wet after splashing water on my face.
Police! Let's see the hands! Hands up!
I never touched those pants.
Which brings us back to the gun, the one you dumped.
It was planted. Only way it could have got there.
- Ballistics matched it to a slug... - The gun was planted. Just like the pants.
Your fingerprints were all over the gun.
- Who's Bo? - He's the guy who arranged everything.
He had me come round the night before, try a few guns, see which one felt right.
That was the setup. One of those must have been the murder weapon.
That's how they got my fingerprints on the gun. Had to be.
All right. So this Bo, he coerces you into doing this, all to clear a $90,000 debt?
He was gonna kill my son.
- Well? - Lot of "I didn't do it", don't count for much.
The tape that shows Lincoln pulling the trigger. You got it?
- Yeah. - If Lincoln's telling the truth, the tape's lying.
I think we should have a look, decide for ourselves.
You're clear.
If the chemicals can eat through the iron pipes,
how come they can't eat through the tube?
When the chemicals are combined, they become a corrosive.
- You studied chemistry or something? - Not in school.
But what you're doing up there in the infirmary,
what's it gotta do with this here?
Getting through this wall is just the beginning.
There's a whole lot of real estate in between here and the outside walls.
The infirmary's the closest building to those walls.
And the weakest link in the security chain.
I think I've removed enough grout to bust through.
I'm gonna need you to make some noise.
§ Como una promesa, eres tú. Como una mañana...
Is that the best you can do?
Have some faith, papi. Have some faith.
§ Como una sonrisa, eres tú
- Shut up! - § Eres tú, así...
§ Eres tú
§ Mi esperanza, eres tú, eres tú
§ Así, eres tú
§ Eres tú
§ Como el agua de mi fuente
§ Eres tú
§ Eres tú
- § Eres...
Not one more word. Next inmate that opens his mouth goes in the hole.
We're good.
You OK?
- It's fine.
I got it.
- Everything all right? - Couldn't be better.
You want to come in? We just sat down to eat.
No. I just wanted to stop by to tell you in person.
- Problem solved. - What's this?
That is a transfer request. Michael Scofield is getting shipped out tomorrow.
Have a good night.