Prison Break (2005–2017): Season 1, Episode 20 - Tonight - full transcript

Westmoreland uses Bellick to plug a hole in the escape plan, which forces Michael to move up the breakout timetable. A fearful Tweener pledges his loyalty to Michael and in return may get out of jail for free; Michael feels that he has no choice but to involve Sara in the plan and must betray his father figure; and Veronica finds her life in jeopardy from her closest ally, who has a surprising connection to a Fox River inmate.

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Previously on Prison Break:

I want him under
24-hour surveillance.

I have to be there
when they kill this man.

The least you could
do is review his case.


The thing I can't
quite figure is

with the crap storm
this thing's become

why they haven't killed you.

Have at it.

Now, out of respect
for what you once were,

I'm going to let you walk away.

Why don't you just hand
me that shank you're holding?

I'm not even sure
why you need it.

Thank you.

Your keys, they were right
over there by your in-box.

Well, you got a maintenance
guy waiting outside here,

says you want him to change
the locks. Want me to call him off?

No, send him in.

It's your last chance, Tweener.

Scofield and his whole PI crew,

they're escaping.

You know I can't let
you leave here, boss.

Dogs. The numerous
times I've been apprehended

while trying to
elude the authorities,

it's always because
of the damn dogs.

Turns out you can run from
just about everything in your life

except your own
particular stink.

Yeah, well, some of us
stink more than others.

Kinte, you can smell
like a bouquet of bonbons,

but unless you get
rid of your smell,

you might as well
send a note to the police

with directions
and some cab fare.

You know, Theodore's right, man.

We gotta scrub down our cells.

What about our bunks?
Pillows, sheets, everything.

Either get rid of your
smell or change it.

Well, how much time we got?

John? Three days.

That's the soonest I could get
us into the guards' room for PI.

You think you'll have
the extra suits by then?

Probably. They should
be here tomorrow.

Good, so we're good to go.

All we got left is figuring out

how to get through
that door in the infirmary.

How to get Linc out of that box.

And you can do
that in three days?

Three days should
be plenty of time.

We got to get out of here.


I don't know how he
found it. He just did.

So the hole's
just sitting there?

I covered it the best I could,
but it's just a matter of time

before someone
discovers Bellick's missing.

What do you mean
Bellick's missing?

Okay, okay, okay.
Fox River is a big place.

Maybe they won't
notice for a while.

Nothing happens around
here without Bellick's say so.

Somebody is gonna
notice that he's missing.

And when they do, they're
gonna close this place

down until they find him.

What are we gonna do?

As soon as it gets dark, we go.

Tonight? Pretty, we ain't
ready to escape tonight.

Escape already started.

It started the minute
Bellick found that hole.

And it's gonna end the minute
they figure out that he's missing.

Then stay!

I'll be sure to read the
papers in the morning.

See how many years
you got when they realized

which crew was working in
that room and dug that hole.

So what's the play, man?

Do you think you can have
the plane ready by tonight?


You had kitchen
duty, right? Yeah.

What'd you use to
scrub down the floors?

I don't know. I think
it was some peroxide,

or something like
that. That'll work.

Get as much as you can.

I'll work on getting us
that key to the infirmary.

The rest of you find
whatever you can

to get rid of the
scent in your cells.

None of this matters if we
can't get in the guards' room.

We're gonna leave after dinner,

during tier time when
the gates are open.

7:00, one by one,
through my cell.

Whoa, whoa. No, we were supposed
to go through the guards' room.

That was going to
give us a head start,

hours before they even
found out we were missing.

We leave through your
cell, we ain't got no lead time.

7:00. Count's at
8:00, that's only...

Sixty minutes.

Sixty minutes to get over that wall
and as far away from here as possible.

They'll be right on our asses.

Quit your talking and start your
walking. Ladies, yard time is over!

They already are.

Come on, let's go.
Hurry it up. Single file.

You know, there's one thing
we didn't talk about out there.

Your brother.

I mean, he's under
24-hour surveillance.

I'm just saying, if you
can't get to him by tonight,

we still have to go,
you know that, right?

Lock it down.

Hey, boss.

What do you want?

My brother's in Gen Pop.

He's got no clue I
was in an accident.


Well, is there any way I
can get a message to him?

Yeah. Put it in your will.

And you're sure all
those dots connect?

Okay. Thank you.

Who was that? A friend of
mine at the title company,

handled a lot of
my firm's business.

She dug up an address for
that phone number in Blackfoot.

Where is it?

It's not the where that's
interesting, it's the how.

It turns out our little
place in Montana

was purchased for $2 million by
an offshore holding corporation.

Well, that's pretty standard for a
transaction that size, though, right?

Sure. Only this holding
corporation was bankrolled by a trust.

A trust financed by the
estate of Terrence Steadman.

Looks like you and I are
going to Blackfoot, Montana.

Have you seen Bellick today? No.

Why? Mack was asking.

I guess he ain't showed up yet.

He's probably just late.

Bellick? I haven't beat that
guy to work in eight years.

Scofield, this ain't
Gibsons. Move.

They're already starting
to ask questions, man.

We're not gonna make it
out of here in seven hours

without them
finding the answers.

How we coming
with that peroxide?

I'm gonna need it before
we meet up for yard duty.

Probably not till later.

You wanna tell me
what you need it for?

Makkos, you going to be eating
them there Brussels sprouts?


You mind if I... Take them.

They smell like crap.

Do they, now?

What's up?

Yo, if you got... Tonight.

What? Change of plans.

Why, did something
happen? Just find Sucre.

He'll tell you what you
need to do to be ready.

But what about the... Tonight.

What the hell's going on?

The President changed his mind.

We were given assurances
he would veto the energy bill.

Assurances can tell you
everything that a man is going to do

until he wakes up in the
morning and changes his mind.

Then change it back.

I don't think you understand.

The President... Have
you enjoyed our support?

Yes. Good.

We certainly wouldn't want
you to take it for granted.

Are you threatening me?

Why? Do you feel threatened?

Caroline, we've all
been through this before,

the ebbs and flows
of political conscience,

but we've found at the end of
the day we get what we want.

It's simply a matter
of who helps us get it.

If you can't convince a doddering
old fool finishing up his second term

what the best thing is
for this country's economy,

perhaps you're not the kind
of helper we're looking for.


I was thinking about
something... Enough, Michael.

Enough with the... the lies and the
coincidences and the stories, all of it.

It's not what you think.
I know what you did.

The question is, are you
man enough to admit it?

The keys.

Congratulations. Is that the first
time you've been honest with me?

It's not... The second?

What are you after, Michael?

Is it drugs? Is it needles?


Then what?

Please understand
that I never meant...

I never wanted to
involve you in this.

Well, you've done a
pretty poor job of that.

I came here to
tell you something.

I'm getting my
brother out of here.


And I need your help.

Michael, uh, honestly, for your
own good, don't say anything more.

You know he's innocent.

Do what you're talking about and
he won't be. But he'll still be alive.

You understand that I'm required
to report everything you're telling me.

Yes. Then why would you?

Because you're the
only one that can help.

And because I know you
want to be part of the solution.

Yeah, aiding and abetting
is not part of the solution.

Neither is doing nothing knowing
what you know about his case.

How dare you put this on me.

I did what I could. I gave
my father the information...

No offense to your father, but
the people who are framing Lincoln,

let's just say they have a
higher security clearance.

So now it's a conspiracy? I
didn't come here to have a debate.

You're asking me
to break the law.

I'm asking you to
make a mistake.

Not hurt anyone,
not steal anything.

Just forget to lock up.

Leave the door unlocked
when you leave tonight. That's it.


This is where you're
breaking out of? This room?

There are alarm contacts on
the glass surrounding the door.

Otherwise, I
wouldn't need you to...

I was part of your plan.

Was it all an act?

At first, yes.

I needed to be here.

But then I wanted
to be here with you.


And it's killing me to know
that you'll never believe that.

Whatever you may think
of me, this is about Lincoln.

Don't make him
pay for my mistakes.


Hi, it's me.

There's been an acceleration.

How fast are we talking about?

Fast. Tonight.

Son of a bitch.

I think what you're trying
to say is, "No problem"?

Yeah, of course.
It'll be taken care of.


The van? Waiting up
Fitz Street, 200 yards...

Behind the old mill?

Behind the old mill, I got it.

One question, John.

Don't you want a bigger
plane? You only got three seats.

I thought you said there
were seven or eight guys.

Well, not everybody
gonna have a ticket.

You gonna tell me who is?

The three of us still breathing.

Whatever airport's
closer to Blackfoot.

Aisle, window, it...
it doesn't matter,

just get us on the next flight.

Yeah, I'll hold.

Hello? Change of plans.

We're going to need you to
have a girl at the airstrip tonight.


Was I not enunciating?

No, it-it's just that...

Look, things could get messy.

So wear a smock.

Is that his nympho secretary?

Come on, man, like
you wouldn't hit that.

I don't know, Vegas,
2:00 a.m., maybe,

but if she didn't have
such a big booty.

Man, the booty is the
man's biggest weakness.

I know I would've hit it.

You find a way to
the infirmary yet?

I'm working on it.

Yo, you seen Bellick
today? Not yet.

I need to talk to him. Do you
know if he went somewheres?

Do I look like his mother?

The guy hasn't shown up yet.

You sure he ain't showed yet?

'Cause I thought I saw
him here this morning, man.

Tweener! Need a hand over here.

Yeah, I'm on it.

All right? Fine.

It's just, uh, just
sore, that's all.

You live to my age,
you'll know all about it.

You know you got a couple of
foxes in your hen house, right?

Who are we talking about?

The bastard and the born again.

They both want out of here.
They'll behave until then.

Think so?

I just picked this off
of T-Bag yesterday.

If I would've been
there 10 seconds later,

they'd have been serving Abruzzi
with red sauce over at the morgue.

I know you want to be shot caller
and everything, and that's cool,

but you got to
handle things, man.

Are you picking up
what I'm putting down?

Yeah. Look, this is it, man.

Ain't no do-overs this time.
Can't be no complications.

We break out tonight, or
we ain't never getting out.

We got that paperwork
in from the county.


Yeah. Sorry.

The paperwork from
the county. Right. I got it.

Um, do me a favor, could
you take care of that for me?

I got to get out of here. Sure.


Where... where
are you going? Out.

Put your blues on
over your PI gear.

What? Just do it.

You want to tell us why?

If we don't have time
to get the suits we need,

we're gonna have to make them.

Yo, what the hell are you
doing, man? We got company.

It's okay. He's coming with us.

Hey, whatever happened
to, "We got too many people"?

When the plan changed,
so did the timing.

I'll make sure we
all get through.

Well, for health reasons,

information like that should be
disseminated a little more pronto.

Uh-uh, Fish. One more person means
there's one more thing that can go wrong.

He is not coming.

It's not up for discussion.
The hell it ain't.

I owe him.

I don't owe you a damn thing.

Well, you're gonna
if we get nailed

'cause you didn't wanna cut
down on the damn guest list.

Don't worry, it'll be fine.

Hey! Hold up, cons.

I saw some drops of blood on
the floor of the PI locker room.

Now who's going to
tell me what's going on?

That'd be me, boss.

I, uh, did it while I was loading
some equipment back into the shed.

You make sure and
get that patched up.

Will do.


Move it!

Are you okay?

Okay enough to make it
out of here tonight, I swear.

Hey, Shelly, this
is... It's me. I...

Listen, I know I'm supposed
to call you as my sponsor,

in case I have a...




I think we should break a bottle
of champagne across its bow.

If you're intending to get this thing
home for your anniversary tonight,

I wouldn't recommend it. No.

Listen, I... I want
you to know that I...

Well, I feel very
fortunate to have met you.

Yeah. I'm guessing not
many structural engineers

make their way into Fox River.

No, no, I don't mean
because of your vocation.

I mean because you're
a decent young man,

and there are not many of those
who make their way into Fox River.

Well, for what it's worth,
there are a few down there.

Well, that's good to hear.

Listen, I know this
goes without saying,

but, uh, if there's
anything you need...

Well, let's just say
that I owe you one.


there is one thing
you can do for me.

So this whole thing, this whole
time, it was never about me.

It was about Dad.

I can't believe it.

Michael. Michael!

What? You got something
you want to tell me?

Just told you everything
we knew about Dad was a lie,

and you barely blinked.

We have to go. Tonight.

What are you talking about?

Bellick found the hole, so
either we go now or it's over.


Look, I know it's gonna
be tight, but I can do this.

Michael, stop it.

The chains on
your locks, they're...

Michael! Michael! I can do this!

Listen to me!

Go. You gotta go.

Don't say that.

Look at me! You can't do
this. There's not enough time.

If you stay here, they'll nail
you and you'll rot in here.

I'm not asking you, man, I'm
telling you. Leave me behind.


What the hell you think
you doing? Nothing, man.

You trying to run something
for those Wonder Breads

you been running around with?

No, it ain't even like that.

Tell me something, boy.

Is you stepping
or is you fetching?

I thought I made myself
clear when I said your punk ass

was no longer in business.

This ain't business, all
right? This is personal.

What you got there anyway,
some kind of cleaner?

What you trying to clean
up, Sergeant Franklin?

There's breaking news report

with implications in the
race for the Presidency.

Political correspondent
Nancy Lu has the details.


And rumors coming out of
Vice President Reynolds' camp

detail a preliminary
short list of running mates

should she, as expected,
win her party's nomination.

Perhaps the biggest surprise

is the inclusion of Illinois
governor Frank Tancredi.

His consideration is
attributed to his reputation

for being tough on crime.

And some point
to his recent refusal

to grant clemency
to Lincoln Burrows,

the murderer of the
Vice President's brother,

which was welcomed
with deep appreciation

from within the Oval Office.

Thanks, Nancy.

Locally, a jackknifed big rig...

What the hell are
you doing, John?

Lord's work.

The Lord wants you to spread
horse crap all over your mattress?

It's not in our place
to question his will.

Are we clear?

Hey, hey, hey!
Let's cut the noise.

Open on 88!

Yo, what's that?

Avocado's gear.

He's getting out of
the infirmary tonight.


So you got plenty of
time to bake him a cake.

Hey, I heard you were
asking Patterson about Bellick.

Said you thought you
saw him this morning?

Yeah. I was.

No, it was yesterday.
That's when I saw him.

You sure?


You know, time just sort of
blends together up in here.

All right.

Close on 88!

What am I supposed
to do with this?

Pour it in the toilet.

You had C-Note steal some
peroxide from the kitchen

so we can clean the toilet?

We got to get all of us in the psych
ward tonight to access the pipes.

A bunch of cons
wearing their prison blues

would stick out
like a sore thumb.

But the inmates in the
psych ward all wear...


Peroxide acts as a bleach.


Just a few more hours now. Looks
like we got everything we need.

Everything except your brother.

You worry about the suits.

I'll worry about Linc.

Could you, uh, give
us a couple of minutes?

Of course, Mr. President.

You probably know why I'm here.

If I were a betting man, I have a
pretty good idea where I'd lay my chips.

The energy bill, Richard.
Why did you change your mind?

You've been saying for
months it's so full of pork,

the damn thing's
ready to squeal,

and... and now all of
a... Yes, the bill is flawed,

but it's better
than doing nothing.

And, frankly, I find it a
little curious that you're here,

telling me to veto a
bill you voted in favor of.

You're on the way out.

Some of us need to think ahead.

Actually, I've been doing some
thinking ahead as well, Caroline,

specifically, about
my endorsement.


I'm considering making a switch,

throwing my weight
behind Senator Challis.

You can't do that.

Can't I?

Caroline, you are everything
that's wrong with politics.

You vote not to legislate
change, but to profit.

You run not to make a
difference, but to make demands.

You put me on your ticket
not because I share your views,

but because I didn't
share your gender.

So don't take the
moral high ground.

We all know how
this game is played.

Richard, please, I...
Good day, Caroline.

Richard! Richard!

You know what I got my
wife for our anniversary?

What? A scarf.

Well, this is a big one for me.
I had to do something special.

Okay, let's get this
thing down to the car.

We'll do it all together
on three. All right.

Ready? One. Ready.

Two. Three.

Oh, no! Oh, no! Put it
down, put it down, put it down.

All right, get... get
Scofield up here right away!

It's working.

All right, get them
out and get them dry.

We got to get them on under
our clothes before tier time,

which is in 45 minutes.

You think everyone else will be
ready? We don't have a choice.

As soon as the
gate's open, we go.

And we're gonna
need every second.

Open on 40.

Scofield, Pope needs
to see you, ASAP.

Now? What for?

A bar mitzvah. Let's go.

It's 6:15, bro. You can't...


Hey, pretty, tick-tock.

Excuse me a minute.

Sara, to what do I
owe the pleasure?

I guess to congratulations.

Can't believe I had to
hear about it on the news.

Oh, the VP thing.
Well, that's just talk.

Is it? Yeah.

What was it your
mother used to say?

"It's always nice to
be invited to the dance,

"even if you don't
have the right shoes."

Yeah. She also used to say,
"Your father's a lying bastard,"

but I figured that was
just the booze talking.

You know, it's always
nice to see you, Sara.

Is there something
that you needed?

Or did you just come by
to... Just tell me something.

Did you... did you look at
the information I gave you

from Lincoln Burrows' attorneys?

Sweetheart, move on.

The man's attorneys had a window
to present new evidence, they didn't.

Now that window is closed.

I just need to know, did
you look at the information?

Come on, Sara.

Answer me.

I swear, working at Fox
River has changed you.

You're always saying you
want to make a difference?

At that place? It's too late.

You should be a teacher, so
that you can get to these people

before they become... Did
you look at the information?

I didn't need to.

I supported the
findings of the court.

If you have a problem with
the verdict, go after them.

But before you do, I suggest
you look at the guy's rap sheet

and ask yourself if the
world will be a better place

with Lincoln Burrows
walking the streets.

Just tell me one thing. Did they
promise you the vice presidency

before or after you
signed his death warrant?

I will not discuss morality
with an addict and a thief.

You want to talk reality, Sara?

How many times did I use
my influence to keep you

and one of your junkie
boyfriends out of jail?

How many? Was
it three, four times?

I swear, Sara, it's
funny, you know?

You have no trouble whatsoever
with me bending the law,

especially when it's
bent in your direction.

Grow up.

You talk to that Tweener kid?

Yeah, he says he got his
days mixed up, but I don't know.

What? Just something
about the way he said it.

Oh, come on, man, Bellick's
just taking a personal.

I don't want to get the
guy busted. And if he's not?

I'm just saying, it's 6:30, and
no one's heard from the guy.

We got to tell Pope.

Okay. I'll tell him.

Did you call a cab for
the airport? No, not yet.

Why not? Come on, the
flight leaves in an hour.

Yeah. Yeah.

I'm starting to think that us going to
Montana might not be a good move.

What are you talking about?

What if you are right and the
smoking gun is in that house?

You think they're just
gonna let us walk in there

and make a citizen's arrest?

Look, Nick, I don't know
what your deal is lately,

but I'm getting on that
plane with or without you.

I can't let you do that.

All this time you
were one of them?

Who's pulling your leash,
Nick? Steadman? Kellerman?

Look at me. I want you
to remember my face

when you do whatever
the hell it is you're gonna do.

Look at me!

You're a coward.

Oh, Scofield's
outside, sir. Okay.

I want you to try every number
we have for Brad Bellick.

Uh, try his home first. His
mother usually answers.

Mrs. Bellick? Hi.

Uh, one moment, please. I
have Warden Pope here for you.

Mrs. Bellick?

No cause for alarm, no, no.
We just... We haven't seen him,

and we were wondering if he
might be home under the weather.

So Brad called you when
he pulled in this morning?

And he said he was here?

Okay, well, uh, thank
you, Mrs. Bellick.

We'll keep you posted.
I'm sure he's fine.

Radio Mack. Have him check
the parking lot for Bellick's truck.

If he finds it, have him
call me immediately.

457. This is base.
What's your 20?

I'm pregnant, Fernando.
I'm gonna have your son.

But all I know is,
is I'm really scared.

I'm really scared
to do this alone.

John, it's never too late.

If you'll agree to accept
Christ into your heart

and turn from your sin,

he will forgive you
and save you in eternity.

I'll give you Fibonacci
when the time is right.

The time is right now.

No, the time is right when you and I
are both standing outside those walls.

I'm gonna get out of here
someday, and when I do,

don't think I won't remember
what your front steps look like.

I'm being shipped back off.

How many times I got to say it?

You only got one thing I need.

I've got some bad news, Charles.

Your daughter's got
esophageal cancer,

and she wants to see
you while there's still time.

How long does she have?

Hospital says a week.

I read somewhere
where the actual Taj Mahal

appears pink in the morning,
milky white in the evening

and golden when the moon shines.

The changes, they say, depict
the different emotions of a woman.

Well, I can tell you something,

if we don't get this
thing fixed tonight,

I don't wanna know what kind
of emotion my wife is gonna have

if I walk through that
door empty-handed.

It's strange. I mean,
it just gave way.

We lifted it up, and the
support beam snapped.

What's this? The support.

And the one that
holds up that beam.

You took it?

I'm sorry.

But I needed to
get back in here.

I... I don't understand. Why
would you... I'm breaking out.

And you're gonna make
sure my brother goes with me.