Prison Break (2005–2017): Season 1, Episode 21 - Go - full transcript

Dr. Sara questions if she should leave a light on and the door open for Michael, who must betray the Pope in order to carry out his escape plan. Veronica finds evidence that points her to Montana, but realizes that her closest ally may actually be her greatest enemy. Michael, Lincoln and the other inmates make a break for it, but after the alarm is sounded, find out who will make it over the wall, who will be left behind and who will leave the prison in a body bag.

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SCOFIELD: Previously
on Prison Break:

I need you to let me
get us out of here.

If you try to screw me
over again, I'll kill you.

Because if Crazy
steps out of line,

all I gotta do is
shoot him with 40ccs

of shut-your-trap,
and it's beddy-bye.

Scofield and his whole
PI crew, they're escaping.

You know I can't let
you leave here, boss.





I've been clean
for 18 months now.

I want to help people get from
where I've been to where I am.

I'm getting my brother out of
here tonight, and I need your help.

You're asking me
to break the law.

I'm asking you to
make a mistake.

Forget to lock up.

Leave the door unlocked
when you leave tonight.

The inmates in the
psych ward all wear...


Peroxide acts as a bleach.


Where's your girl?

She'll be at my place
in about an hour.

Pretty soon, we're
going to call in our favor.

I'm getting on that
plane with or without you.

I can't let you do that.

There's been an acceleration.

Don't you want a bigger plane?

Well, not everybody
gonna have a ticket.

If you can't convince
a doddering old fool

what the best thing is
for this country's economy,

perhaps you're not the kind
of helper we're looking for.

I'm breaking out,

and you're going to make
sure my brother goes with me.

You son of a bitch.

We're going to take
this real easy, Warden.

I just need you to do
a couple things for me.

You just bought
yourself 10 years.


Bellick's truck is here,
sir. I'm staring right at it.

Should we start looking for him?

Michael, if you just
put that shank down...

Tell the guard you
spoke with Bellick,

and he said he's taking
some personal time.

You can't possibly
get away with this, son.

I don't think you want
to find out how badly

I want to get my
brother out of here.

MACK: Sir? Mack.

Yes, sir.

I just spoke with Bellick.

He's walked into town.

He's taking some personal time.

Is he all right?

He's fine.

Copy that.

Okay. I just need you
to do one more thing.


Have Lincoln transferred
to the infirmary.

And he needs to
be there overnight.

How long have you
been planning this?

That is a conversation
for another day, Warden.

Pope to Base.

OFFICER: Go ahead, sir.

Have Lincoln Burrows
transferred to the infirmary.

I want him held
overnight for tests.

Copy that.

Once we're gone,

you'll find Bellick in a hole
under the guards' break room.

I'm sorry you got
caught in the middle,

but, one day, you'll
understand why I did this.

You'll never make
it over the wall.

I'm sorry, Henry.

Everything all right?

Yeah, he's getting an earful
from someone over at the DOC.

Oh. Is he on with Mr. Drushal?

I'm not sure, but it's
turning into a conference call

and he said he didn't
want to be disturbed.

Oh, well, of course.

Have a good night.

You know, Michael...

You know, he can be a
big old grump sometimes,

but I hope you know how
highly he thinks of you.

There's no way he'd get that Taj
Mahal done in time for his anniversary

without your help.



It's 6:55.

That's five minutes till tier.

It's one hour till
the next count.

One hour to get over that wall

and as far away from
this prison as possible.


You unscrewed the toilet, right?

That's five minutes
we don't have.

I'm sorry, I'm
sorry. I'm just...

Just... I just feel like my
head is spinning a little.



Are you okay?

If we get caught,

I can't do 10 more
years, bro. I can't.

GUARD: Tier time, one hour!

There's no going back now.


If you get stuck in one
of them pipes, boy...


T-BAG: Keep walking,
Bull, keep walking.

You okay?



It's got blue spots.

No, I got a late start.

Only one thing you needed to do.

Block the gate. I
got to finish this off.

Said a prayer for you, Theodore.

Said a prayer for us all.

I want him dead.

Anybody gets in the
way, gets run over.

MACK: Hey, do you
want some coffee?

Just a half cup, Mack.

If I have more than
that, I'll be up all night.

Thank you, bro.



How many more screws?

Get C-Note out here.

Huh? Haven't seen him, man.

That's real touching and all,
you sticking up for a brother,

but y'all need to
step aside, right now.

Something you need?

Where is he?

Told you, we haven't seen him.

GUARD: Wilson,
medical eval, five minutes.

Ramirez, report to the...

This whole time, everything
you said was a lie?

No. No, I never stopped fighting

for Lincoln's innocence, never.

They approached me
after I took this case.

Who's they?

John Abruzzi.

John Abruzzi, the mob boss?

Yes, yes.

How much did he pay you?

My father's freedom.

You said your father
was exonerated.

I lied, okay?

I agreed to keep tabs on you. In
exchange, Abruzzi had some guy

who was already
doing a life sentence

cop to the murder that
my father didn't commit.

And that's how I
got him out of jail.

Your dad's life for mine.

No one needs to get
hurt here, Veronica.

Oh, you think Abruzzi
wants legal advice from me?

All you have to do is make sure
Michael gives this Abruzzi guy

what he needs
to know, that's it.

Nick, you don't think they're
gonna let me live, do you?

I gotta believe that.


Yeah. Okay.


Stand up. We have to go.

Get up.



Here you go.

Sucre, drop the sheet.

Manche, you're next.

Let's move it.

That one's for you.

Move your fat ass.


That's for you.

Age before beauty.

All right.

So, you got a key
to the infirmary?

Not exactly.

All right. How are
we doing, baby?

Not good. We're already
10 minutes behind.

Let's move it.

Give me that.






Did you hear that?

Hear what?



MACK: Hear anything?

There's nobody here, man.

I swear, I heard something.

Come on, let's go.

You scream

and I'll cut out your
windpipe, got me?

I need his jacket and his hat.

Evening, Doc.

Brains of the
outfit, huh, Scofield?

He's leading you
off a cliff, boys.

Now, you're acting
like you still in charge.

Shut your mouth, bitch.


Let's go.

You. You know, he's...


Nick, please don't do this.

Tell Michael to give
Abruzzi what he wants.

Please, Nick, come on,
they're going to kill me. Nick!

Nick! Please, no!

No, Nick.

Everyone put your coveralls on.

I'll be back in a minute.

Yo, where you going, man?


You heard him. Come on.

This is ridiculous, man.

One, three, five, eight.

Three, five, eight, one. Enter.

Eight, one, three, five. Enter.

The scope of this, which we're
all aware of, can cloud judgment.

I suggest we look at
this in very simple terms.

We have an employee,
she's not working out.

We fire her.

It needs to be that simple.

She's the Vice President
of the United States.

And that's all she'll ever be.

She's plummeting in the polls.

If we keep her as our candidate,

we're handing the
presidency to her opponent,

and then everything
we hope to gain

with Caroline in
office, it's all gone.

Fine. We ask her to drop out.

How do we know she'll keep her
mouth shut on everything she knows?


Yes, sir.

I need a very frank
assessment from you, right now.

Based on your contact with her,

will the Vice
President go quietly?

No. Absolutely not.

Becoming president is the
most important thing to her.

If we take that away, she
has absolutely nothing to lose.

And I guarantee you, she
will do everything she can

to take everyone she
can down with her.

We need to make
a move on her. Now.


Okay, here we go. Go.

You okay, Doc?


What's going on?

I don't know.

What are we supposed
to do, just sit here?

No. I don't know!

Man. This whole
thing is messed up, bro.

Feel free not to come, Gordo.


We're screwed. We're screwed!

Come on, let's go! Let's...

Michael, we got to go back.

We're moving forward.

We stick with the plan.

Look, do your ears work, fool?

Do you hear that?

It's the fire alarm
in psych ward.

SUCRE: How do you know?

SCOFIELD: I set it off.



MAN ON P.A.: Exit the
building in an orderly fashion.

Exit the building in
an orderly fashion.

We're in the sticks.

You know how many people
would have heard a jet like this land?

Don't worry about it.

False alarm.

Back to the psych
ward, everyone.

Walk in with me, now. Very good.

Just gonna keep on walking.

Come on, guys, you heard him.

Come on, let's go.
It's cold out here.

That's it.

Come on, baby, let's go.


SCOFIELD: Hold up!

Got some stragglers.


Let's go!

Wait a minute.

That's not wack-shack-issue.

Everybody, stop!

Stay where you are!

I said, stay where you are.

What's the problem?

That's John Abruzzi right there.

Yeah, that's, uh...
That's bad news.

Listen, you got that sedative
you were talking about?


You got some now?


Let's have it.

This will put him out, right?

Like a light.

Let's go. Let's go, let's go!

Where are we going?

Straight down the
hall. Straight down.

please don't do this.



Come on.

What's going on?

I'm getting you to the airport.

Go, go, go.

You get to Blackfoot,
you find Steadman.

There's still time for you to
get to the bottom of this thing.

Take this, take this.

I'm sorry about this, okay?

You gotta believe me, I'm sorry.

Take her to O'Hare.

DRIVER: You bet.

Dad, you still got the
key to my apartment?

Yeah, just meet me there.

I'll explain it later,
just meet me there.

Halfway there, yo.

What's up?

I know you told Bellick.

I don't know what
you're talking about.

But I owed you,
and I pay my debts.

But as soon as
we're out of here,

you go your way, we'll go ours.

You understand?

Oh, Sara.

It was a false alarm
at the psych ward.

That's what all that
racket was about.

Good, thank you.

Good night.

Hey. Look, baby, it ain't
worth it if it's gonna kill you.

I'm getting out of here.



Good night, Doctor.

You're overreacting.

I don't mean to shock you, Paul,

but I am privy to things that
you're not. And I am telling you,

the company is selling
me down the river.

It's a Legend for
Literacy fundraiser.

It doesn't mean anything.

It's a rubber-chicken dinner.

Which I got uninvited
to on the day of.

You don't do that
to your candidate,

unless the candidate is
no longer your candidate.

Caroline, you've been
drinking, you're upset.

How can you not understand
this is so beyond me.

I would think, after being
by my side for 15 years,

you would have gained at least
a rudimentary understanding

of how things work.

Listen to me. Listen to me.

They're doing this to
see how you will react.

So you need to be strong.

Be presidential, and
you get through this.

We get through this.


I'm figuring I'll
need a two-inch lift,

if I'm gonna run with the new
set of 30-by-nine-and-a-halfs.

Question is,

add coil springs or just
stay with the spacers?

What do you think?

Whoa, whoa, whoa!

Easy, hey.

I ain't a hero for $14 an hour.

You do what you will.

Uncuff my brother.

You got it, boss.

Pretend I ain't here, boss.

Oh, yeah. You and the radio.

Dad, are you here?

Dad, you gotta get
ready. We gotta go.

How's it going, Savrinn?

MAN: And I get why the
guy's lighting the candle,

but why are the other
two playing the bagpipes?


Welcome to Joke Line.
Just $2.99 a minute...

What the hell?

50 cents for each
additional minute.

Where's the lawyer?

She's gone.


Then so is your dad.

No, no, no!


Have you got her or not?

I can find her.

And will you have her in front
of me in the next two minutes?

It's a very simple
question, Nick.

No. Just... Just
give me a chance.

You just got to
listen to me. No!

Hey! This is
happening right now!

You have one more chance!

Where's the lawyer?

Where's the lawyer?

She's about a million
miles away from here.

You're never gonna find her.

Why don't you just sock it?


Better be open, bro.

We're in.

First we gotta get
that window out,

then we gotta get the bars off.

Manche, Manche.

Is this gonna work?

We're about to find out.


BECKY: Warden?




Pull that. Come on.


What now, genius?


Take your time.

We got 15 minutes
to get over that wall.


We're through.

And you're sure you
didn't see him walk out?


SCOFIELD: Let's go,
guys, I need those suits.

Good job, kiddo.

Let's go, let's go. Come on.

Take this.


HAYWIRE: I knew it.


I knew it.

As soon as I saw you go
into psych ward, I knew it.

Either I come with...

You want me to make a little
person-to-person call here?

Haywire, just take it easy.

The other person being
a correctional officer.

He's in.

What? He's in.

You're crazy!

Okay, after Lincoln,
we go alphabetically.

Whoa, hold on, A-bruzzi.

You want a seat on the plane?

Line forms after me.

Got it?

Yeah. Go, go, go.

Hey, Roy?


Did you see Pope leave?


No way he could have walked by?

I haven't left my post
since I punched in.

All right.


Hey, hey, hey.


You okay, old man?


Let's take a look.

It's just a few more steps.

You can make it.

Oh, I could make it another
foot, maybe two, but why?

I wasn't going for me.

I was going for my daughter.

And you can do that.
Will you promise me?

Yes, I promise.

The money is buried under a silo

at the Double K Ranch
just outside of Tooele, Utah.

There's plenty to split.

The government didn't want
any more embarrassment

after I took off with the money,

so they lowballed
it to the papers.

The truth is, Michael,

it's not $1 million
under that silo.

There's $5 million there.

You check the chow hall?

Yeah. Nothing.

Anybody try his cell phone?


Give Anna her Papa's love.

I will. I will.


Here, easy, easy.


Now, where is that coming from?

Oh! Oh, my God.

Control, this is S and E 5.

I have a code three
in the warden's office.

I repeat, code three.

Sound the alarm.

Patterson to Base. Right now.

No, right now. Sound the alarm!

Yo, bro, we gotta go.

Go, Michael.

Go, and don't look back.

No, no, no.

Go on.

I better go last.

Come on, Michael!
Come on. Come on.


Michael, move it!

MAN ON P.A.: All prisoners,
prepare for immediate shakedown.

Come on!


Michael, come on!
Come on, Michael.

Michael, come on.


Go, go, go.

Come on, move it!

Michael, come on, move.


Michael, grab my hand.

Michael, give me your hand.

Give me your hand. Come on.

Give me your hand. Come on.



Check out the wire.
He's on the wall!

Get down!

Don't shoot! Don't shoot!

Get down!