Prime Suspect 2 (1992): Season 1, Episode 2 - Episode #1.2 - full transcript

All right, David.

Let me take you back
to what you said originally,

that you were with your sister in
Margate on Sunday and Monday

and not at Honeyford Road.


I didn't stay the night.

I came back Sunday.

Sunday afternoon,

not Monday like I said.

So, did you ask Eileen
to provide you with an alibi?

She knows nothing of this.

But she must do, David,
'cause she confirmed your story.

She said that weekend

was the anniversary
of your wife's death.

It wasn't.

She said you spent it with her,
and you didn't.

I don't want my sister
dragged into this.

I'm afraid
she already is, David.

Leave her out of it.

I'll tell you nothing
if you drag her into it.

Take it easy.
Oi, oi, oi, oi!

I told you it was gonna be
about 20 minutes, didn't I?

Small interview, sort it out.
Turn left.

I hated it down there anyway.

Godforsaken cold bastard
of a place.

Thought I may as well come home, do
something useful,

get some more work done
in the garden.

So what time did you get back
to London?

About 5:00.

I did some more work
and went inside.

I was watching the telly in
the front room when I saw her.

Who did you see, David?

I saw the girl, Joanne.

She was standing at a bus stop,

waiting for a bus
that didn't run on a Sunday.

And what time was that?

About half-past 8:00 or 9:00.

It was getting dark.

I watched her.

She was standing with one leg
behind the other...

...sort of swinging herself.

I thought I'd better tell her.

I went out to her,

told her the bus didn't run,

said she should phone
for a taxi.

Told her she could use my phone.

She came into the house.

This interview
is being tape-recorded.

I'm Detective Sergeant
Robert Oswalde,

attached to Southampton Row Police

The other officer present is...

Detective Inspector
Frank Burkin.

I'm interviewing.

Can you please state your
full name and date of birth?

Anthony Allen.

5th of May --

Louder for the tape, please.

Anthony Allen. Anthony Allen!
5th of May, 1969!

We must be allowed
to see our son.

The officer in charge will be out
to see you in a moment.

I don't believe
this is happening.

Well, it is.

Come and sit down.

The officer won't be long.

I tried to touch her --
touch her tits.

Do you remember
what she was wearing, David?


Was she wearing a bra?

I don't think so.

And then what happened?

I hit her.

I admit I knew her.

She was your girlfriend, Tony.

No, she wasn't!

I told you, she was going out with the
lead singer.

I asked her out,
but she said no.

So how come she ended up
at Honeyford Road with you?

I had some tapes there
she wanted --

songs for her to learn.

She came in after my dad went to work,
stayed for an hour or so.

That's all.

And then you took her
to Harvey's house

because you knew he was away
for the weekend.

You used your father's keys
and went next door with her.

What happened then, Tony?

I didn't kill her.

I tied her up,
hands behind her back.

What with?

I don't remember.

I gagged her.

I had sex with her.

I left her lying there.

And where was this?

What do you mean?

Which room were you in?

The kitchen.

A belt.

I tied her with my belt,

left her lying there,

went and watched the telly.

I don't know why.

It was like a dream.

What kind of a brother are you to say
things like that to me?

I'm not your brother.

I'm a police officer.

Because you want to be white.

You hate your black brothers
and sisters.

You're black!

Why did you give up playing the bass
after that concert, Tony?

You're a sellout.
You wouldn't understand.

Try me.

Bass notes are the pulse.

They come up at you
through the soles of your feet.

They sound inside your head.

They beat with your heart
from beneath.

A heartbeat
from beneath the Earth.

You see?
You don't understand.

I couldn't play anymore.

How could I play anymore?

Why ask questions
when you don't understand?

She must have choked on the gag.

There was sick all round
her nose and mouth.

I didn't mean to kill her.

I must give Mr. Harvey
his medication.

I'll be back soon, David.

I'm concluding this interview.

The time is 8:10.

I'm sorry.
This must be awful for you.

I've known him all my life.

And I...don't know him at all.

You'll be all right
to go back in?


I'll get us a coffee, all right?

If I had buried her,

I'd have buried her so deep

you'd never have found her again.

She'd never have come back.

Has she come back?

She's inside you.

I can see her looking out at me,

looking at me through your eyes,
reaching out to me.

I'm her friend.

She wants to get away from you.
You're a coffin.

You suffocate her.
You're a coffin!

Your eyes are little windows.

I can see inside you.

Through your eyes, I see Joanne.

She hates you.

What did you do
with Joanne's body?

I kept it in a cupboard
under the stairs

till the following night.

I dug a hole,

put the earth in bags.

I had a lot of plastic sheeting.

I wrapped her up
in the sheeting,

buried her.

I'm sorry, Jason.

Sorry you have to hear all this.

I just needed you to be here.

Did you bury anything else
with her, David?



A plastic bag.

What did it contain?

I don't know.

Have you seen him?

They won't let me see my boy,
my Tony.

Hello! I want to speak
to somebody now!

I want to see
the person in charge!

- Esta.
- Hello!

I banged the earth flat...

...laid the rest of the slabs,

cemented them in.

There was a smell.

The darky next door complained.

I told him it was the drains.

Thank you, David.

Would you like a car home?

No, it's all right, thanks.

I'd rather walk.

Thank you.

Bloody brilliant, boss.

You nailed the bastard's bollocks to
the floor.

Think so?

I know so.

Oh, God, hospitals depress me.

Do you fancy a lift home?

I'm a black bastard.
I deserve all I get.

Tony, just stop it, man.

I'm a black bastard.
I deserve all I get.

Tony, will you stop it?

I'm a black bastard.
I deserve all I get!

- Tony, just stop it!
- I'm a black bastard!


A word.

In a minute.

Now, Sergeant Oswalde.

I'm concluding this interview
at 11:25 p.m.


Don't leave me alone in here!

Don't leave me alone!

- What's all that about?
- What?

Look, I don't know what's going on in
there between you two --

What do you mean?

What do I mean?

He's off his head.

That's your considered psychological
opinion, is it?

You're one arrogant bastard.
You know that?

Don't leave me alone in here!

Don't look at me like that, Frank.

You've been wanting
to have a go at me

ever since I arrived
at this poxy nick.

Well, go on, then!

- What the hell's going on?
- Butt out, Mike.

Don't tell me to butt out.
I'm in charge of this area.

Prisoners are my responsibility,

- So where's his brief?
- He said he didn't want one.

Look, that boy's climbing
the walls in there.

Has he been seen by the doctor?

Not yet. It's in hand.

In hand?

The arresting officer hasn't even got
credible evidence.

Look, don't tell me my job.

How would you know, anyway?

Look, you've got nothing from him that
would stick in court.

Now, he should go back
into the cells

until the boss
has been informed.

Have you left him alone
in there?

This is my kill, right?
You're just pissed off

because a token black's gonna have
this case signed, sealed,

and on the governor's desk
by morning.

Bollocks you are.

I'm phoning Tennison.


I'm sorry I can't take your call at
the moment.

Please leave your name
and number after the tone,

and I'll get back to you
as soon as I can.

This is a waste of time.

You're wasting my time.

Come on, Tony.
You're as guilty as hell.

I've known it
from the first time I saw you.

Your guilty secret's written
all over your face!

I am guilty.

Then tell me what
happened that night.

We're all guilty.

I'm choking.

No, you're not.

I'm choking.

No, you're not!

All you've done
is cry like a baby!

You're pathetic!

I'm sick of listening to you.

You're a bloodclaat mummy's boy!

Come on.
You're going back to the cells.

I can't breathe in there!

- Don't --
- Fuck you!

Either you tell me
how Joanne met her death

or you go back in the bin
and you sweat!



Stop! Stop this!

You're doing yourself no good.

Stop it!
You will stop this!

Stop it! Stop! Stop!

Just calm down, all right?!

Stop this! No!

No! No!

Quick as you can, boys.

Please, please, please, no!


Straight down.
Number seven!

Straight in, quick as you can!

I can't breathe!
I can't breathe in here!

Come on! Out!

Quick, quick!

No, please!
I can't breathe in here!

All right, all right!

Look, I'll leave the flap down, okay?

What do you think you're doing?!
Leave him alone!

Here, piggy, piggy

Just keep the noise down.

Nasty bastards!

Tony Allen's back in his cell.

Don't know where
that doc's got to.

I'll give him another call.

Mr. and Mrs. Allen,
they still in reception?

Won't budge.

You should have gone home
hours ago.

Let the lad sleep it off.

Let Tennison deal with it
in the morning.

Oh, come on!

T Last night she came to me T

T She came softly T

T So softly she came,
and her feet made no din T

T And she laid her hand on me,
and this she did say T

T "it will not be long now
till your wedding day" T

A good atmosphere generates a good
contest, too, doesn't it?

Yeah, well, Giblin is always
in good fights anywhere, Reg

Always good value for money.

It's nice to actually see him boxing
at British title level.

Oh, shit!

Jim, Dave!
Here, quickly!

Turn that thing off, will ya?

I'm trying to get some kip
in here!

Get a knife, someone!

What do you think you're doing?

Get a knife!

Oh, Jesus Christ Almighty!

What's going on?

Watch your fingers.

Gently. All right.

Gently now.

Get me a mask.

- It's too late.
- Now!



Okay, okay, okay.

Hey, are you listening to me?

Hey, you lot out there, I know what's
going on, you know?

I'm not stupid!

Okay. Here we go. Ready?

1,2, 3,4, 5.

T For a twelvemonth and a day T

T And they want to ask me
the reason why I'm wearing it T

T It's all for my true love
is far, far away T

Hey, are you listening to me?!

1,2, 3,4, 5.

It's no good, Bob.

Bob, it's no good.
He's dead.

It's no good, Bob.
He's dead.

Look at me.
Look at me.

Look at me!

The boy's dead.

Leave him.
He's dead.

Hey, come on, you guys,

Come on.
ls there anybody there?


Oh, sh--
No, hang on, hang on.

The machine's on.

Yeah? Who is it?


What was he doing in the cells?

Jesus Christ.

I'm on my way.

Hello, ma'am?
It's D. I. Burkin.

Look, I'm a bit worried.

I'm not exactly worried,
but the thing is,

Oswalde's arrested Tony Allen
on suspicion of murder,

and he's got him
in the interview room now.

And, well, I mean,
this kid is climbing the walls.

I mean he's really freaking out,
and I'm worried.

Can you call me back?

You suffocate her.
You're a coffin!

Your eyes are little windows.

I can see inside you.

Through your eyes,
I see Joanne.

She hates you.

Sign of hemorrhaging.

A mark high on the neck,
oblique angle.


Cover him up, Frank.

Good. Let's start getting
packed up, then.

Someone give Oscar Bream a ring,
let him know.

You've killed him, you bastards!

You murdering bastards!
You filthy bastards!

Oh, brilliant.

Not bloody good enough!

I was told he was on his way!

The prisoner
is your sole responsibility!

Put it in your report!

Well, that's my promotion
down the toilet.

A boy is lying dead
in the cells,

and you're worried
about your promotion?

Just don't start, all right?

The custody sergeant told me Burkin
was trying to call you,

worried by what Oswalde
was up to.

Burkin's supposed to be
a detective inspector,

not a limp dick.

He should have sorted it.
Calder should have sorted it.

Well, they bloody didn't.

Christ Almighty, do I have to do
everything myself?

All right, all right.

I mean,
what's Burkin being paid to do?

All right. I hear you.

How'd it go with Harvey?

He confessed to murder.

Thank Christ for that.

But I've got my doubts about it.


We're being handed it gift-wrapped,

and you've got your doubts?

Yes, I do,
and I have good reason for it.

Look, gov, what I need now

is to know what went on
in that interview room.

I mean, what made Tony kill himself,
for Christ's sake?

- Riots, the lot.
- Oh, don't be ridiculous.

You remember
who you're talking to.

I'll listen to those interviews,

and I'll report back
as soon as I can, sir.

You do that.

By the way, you do know
that Tony's mum and dad

are still in reception,
don't you?

Well, they can't be told,
not until we get things sorted.


Send them home.
Tell them tomorrow.

For their own sakes,

it would be better to be told
in the morning.

- No, we can't do that.
- Yes, we can.

Well, how would
we explain that in court?

That would reek of a cover-up.

Besides, think how they'd feel.

I've made my decision.

- Well, that's a bad one.
- Well, that's what I'm paid for.

Oh, you're paid to make
bad decisions, are you?

You know what I mean.

How much have you had to drink, Mike?

Now, you bloody watch it!

None of this would have happened

if you'd kept Oswalde
on a tighter rein.

You brought him in, not me.

I didn't ask for him.
He's a loner.

He's a one-man band.
He's not my type.

That's not what I heard.

I beg your pardon?


No, you explain that comment.

I'm merely suggesting

that you might have let
your personal feelings for him

cloud your judgment.

That's all.

My personal feelings?

Do I have to spell it out
for you?

You had an affair
on that course.

There. Now, I didn't
want to mention it, but --

Nothing happened on that course.

You will bloody argue,
won't you?

You've been misinformed.

I hope so, for your sake.

Show Mr. and Mrs. Allen up to
my office, will you, please?

Not a word about what's happened.

Thank you.


I'm sorry.
I can't talk about it right now.

I've got to see Kernan.

Kernan knows about us
on the course.

Listen, if you've been bragging

about having laid
the governor --

Look, what do you take me for?

Do you think I'd say anything?

Do you think...

Well, all I can think right now

is I've got to go and tell
that boy's parents

that their son is dead.

That boy's dead because of me.

Do you really think it matters that
Kernan knows about us?

Yes, it matters.

About time, Chief Inspector.

We've been waiting out there
for an eternity.

can you give my son this?

Esta said he didn't even
have time to get a coat.

I hate to think of him spending the
night in a cell.

I don't want him to catch cold.

Would you sit down, please?

I have some bad news
to tell you.

I just want my son.

Esme, please sit down.

I'm afraid that after Tony
was returned to his cell

after questioning,

he took his own life.

Is he hurt?

Vernon, your son is dead.

I'm very sorry.

Do you understand?

I'm so sorry.


He used strips
of his own clothes.

You killed him.

You killed him.

You killed him!

You killed my boy!

You killed him!

You killed him! You killed him!
You killed him!

You killed him!

My boy!

You killed him!

You all killed him!



He hanged himself.


I mean, when exactly?

Between midnight
and half-past 12:00.

While we were waiting
in reception?



May you rot in hell for this.

Come on.



Thank you.



Where are they going?

Don't think they know.
Organize a car for them.

I think Mrs. Allen will need to see a
doctor, as well.

They probably both will.

Are you okay?

Straightaway, please.

Excuse me.

Go to your right,
and I'll show you out.


And soon the speculation
will come to an end.

The latest opinion poll gives
conservative Ken Bagnall

a three-point lead...

Yes, sir.

Have the family been informed?

What about MS15?

Well, get onto them

David Thorndike should lead
the invesfiga?on,

which is good news for us.


A complete bastard,

but a complete bastard
who is the most likely candidate

to take over from you
if you get the move upstairs.

And that will surely depend

on how you handle this business from
now on.

Kenneth Trevor Bagnall,
conservative, 13, 137.

Not enough.

Jonathan Phelps, Labour, 16,000.

Did you hear that?

It's in David's best interests

to stop Southampton Row
being dragged through the mire.

Keep me informed.

Well, we'd better be going.

Looks like I've got
an early start in the morning.

I'm a black bastard.
I deserve all I get.

Tony, just stop it, man.

I'm a black bastard.
I deserve all I get.

Tony, just stop it, man.

I'm a black bastard.
I deserve all I get.

Tony, will you stop it?

I'm a black bastard.
I deserve all I get!

- Tony, just stop it!
- Enough!

A word.

In a minute.

Now, Sergeant Oswa/de.

I'm not talking
about Oswalde's part in this.

You and Mike Calder
had the authority

to stop those interviews,
but you didn't.

You let them continue.

Oh, no, better yet,

you let Oswalde interview
that lad on his own

while you sat by the telephone

waiting for me to do your job for you.


Ready when you are, gov.


The rank of inspector

is supposed to mean something, Frank.

It carries responsibility.

You know, it's supposed to denote a
certain authority.

You won't make excuses.

You'll face the music
like a man.

That'll be all.

I mean, I just --
I just don't understand it.

We're at Harvey's bedside, getting a

Bob's off chasing Tony.

It doesn't make sense.

His ass is grass.

It's a dreadful thing
to have happen.

You carry something like that around
with you

the rest of your life.

They'll close it now,
won't they?

The spade should be suspended.

I mean, why was he brought in
in the first place?

You know why, Frank.

To talk to his people.

Yeah? Well, now one of them's dead,
and it's down to him.

Look, I'm not exaggerating
or nothing, right,

but that boy was really weird.

I mean, like climbing the walls,
screaming and shouting.

He was like mental.

And believe me,
I tried to tell him.

Of course you did, Frank.

She's here.
Come on.

Good morning, everyone.

- Morning.
- Morning.

Well, I expect you've all heard

about the events of last night.

Just to clarify,
Tony Allen hanged himself

in cell number seven
using strips of his own clothes.

I informed his parents
shortly afterwards.

Now, obviously, we can expect
a good deal of adverse publicity

from this.

I'm told we can also expect
an internal inquiry

led by D.C.l. Thorndike
to begin almost immediately.

Needless to say,
I regret what has happened,

but Operation Nadine continues.

But, surely, ma'am,
if Harvey's confessed,

I mean, that's it, innit?

Quite honestly,
I'm not convinced

about David Harvey's
version of events.

Admittedly, there are a few
inconsistencies, gov, but --


He said she wasn't wearing
a bra. She was.

He said he used a gag on her.
We found no traces of a gag.

He could have removed it.
It could have rotted away.

Well, yeah, it could have.

But he said he killed her
in the kitchen,

and the fragment of tooth
was found in the front room.

Well, perhaps there was violence in
the front room

before the murder took place.

Perhaps he moved the body after.

I mean, he did say he hit her.

Well, perhaps, perhaps.

"Perhaps" won't stand up
in court.

To be quite honest with you,

I don't think the confession
of a dying man

is gonna stand up in court, either.

But he knew that her hands
had been tied with a belt.

Yeah, and he said "my belt."

I mean, look, did that belt
look like anything

David Harvey might wear?

She was wrapped
in polythene sheeting,

there was a plastic bag buried with

and he said the body remained

which ties up with the maggots and

I mean, none of these details were
mentioned in the press.

Look, I'm as certain as you are that
Harvey was involved,

most probably
in the disposal of the body.

But I'm not sure
that he killed her.

We've got to go over
Harvey's statements

with a fine-toothed comb.

We've got to look at what
Tony Allen had to say again.

You won't get much there, gov.

I know.
I was there.

You may have been there, but you
obviously weren't listening.


Frank, don't you think it's
a bit late to be pulling rank?

Now, look,
we've messed up but badly,

so now we've got to work
twice as hard.

Why, if David Harvey didn't actually
murder Joanne,

would he involve himself
in the burial of her body?

Can we connect Tony Allen
to David Harvey --

a connection strong enough

to make Harvey confess to
a murder that he didn't commit?

I want to go back
to Eileen Reynolds.

I want evidence.

I want corroboration.

I want to solve this case.

D.C.l. Thorndike, D.S. Posner
to see Superintendent Kernan.

We're expected.

Southampton Row's reputation
precedes H. Jane.

If you come in the front,

you're likely to go out the back with
blood on your face.

Is this on record, David?

No, of course not.

Just talking.

Good, because that's bullshit.

If it was ever true,
it's not anymore.

I've never seen excessive force
used in this nick.

certainly not like that.

What, with the Cameron case --

You're here to investigate
a death in custody.

I know why I'm here, Jane.

Well, let's concentrate
on the case in hand, shall we?

I intend to.
Don't worry.

Look, I think it's important

for you to know that I take
this job seriously.

I'm not prepared to do
a whitewash.

No one's asking you to.

It's my belief that when one of the
foot soldiers cocks up,

it's down to the officer
in charge.

I accept that.

I don't know.

Perhaps you allowed
your personal feelings

to cloud your judgment.

I beg your pardon?

It'll keep.

Could you ask
the custody sergeant...

Mike Calder.

Yeah, to step into my office, please?

One more thing, David.

If I'm to be interviewed,

I'd like to speak to an officer senior
in rank to me.

Well...that may not be possible.

How could you have
arrested him for murder?

If it wasn't for you, none of this
would have happened!

Tony wouldn't hurt anyone,

let alone tie them up,
rape them.

Wait a minute, Sarah.

What's his daughter
gonna do now?

How did you know
that she was tied up?

That's another life
you've ruined!

Who told you that?

He was gonna be married
this weekend!

- Who told you she was tied up?
- Just leave us alone!

Who told you she was tied up?

Would you like to come
this way, please, sir?

It's just in here.
All right?

Tony Allen, who was to have been
married this weekend,

leaves a fiancee
and a 3-year-old daughter.

You can't pull Sarah Allen in now, not
with all this going on.

I just want to talk to her.

Off premises is fine.

Too soon.

Instead it has turned...

Go back to Harvey.

I have done.
He can't talk at the moment.

Don't know if he ever
will be able to again.

Well, then, see where other lines of
inquiry lead you.

We'll review the situation
in a few days.

Go home.
Get some sleep.


And leave Sarah Allen
out of it...for the moment.

The whole black community

I have to speak to Sarah.

How dare you come here?

How dare you?

It's very important.
I have to speak to Sarah.

Haven't you done enough damage?

Just leave us alone.

I have to speak to Sarah.

My wife is...

My wife...

Go inside, Pop.

Let me handle this.

Go on.

Sarah, were you there
that night?

I don't know
what you're talking about.

Or has Jason Reynolds
spoken to you?

I don't know any Jason Reynolds.

Now leave us alone.

Sarah, please,
for Tony's sake, come on.

- Sarah --
- I'm closing the door.

Bob, give yourself a break.

You can talk.

Ring this number.

It's a friend of mine.

She helped someone
who was at Broadwater Farm.

She's good.

A shrink?

Yeah. Sort of.

there's no shame in that.

Other people make a mistake
at work,

the firm loses a few grand.

We make a mistake
and someone loses their life.

Did Mrs. Fagunwa recognize
that belt?


Go home, Bob.

Hello, Eileen.

I've been expecting you.

I wasn't lying.

He was there with me
that weekend.

Came down a lot in those days.

He had a caravan there.

Sometimes he stayed with me,
sometimes at the van.

Well, then, why did you say

that it was the anniversary
of his wife's death?

It makes no difference.

I've spoken to a solicitor,

and he tells me that confession

is not worth the paper
it's written on.

It was obtained under duress.

And if my brother did it,

why has that blacky
killed himself?

Do you know Tony Allen?

No, I seen it on the telly.

Because he did it.
That's why.

But then why did
your brother confess?

To get you lot off his back.

You know, you're not helping your

by lying for him, Eileen.

I'm not lying!

You don't have to stop
loving him.

You don't have to stop supporting him.

But you do have to stop lying for him.

Do you know something?

You're a pious cow!

I've done everything for that bloody
man since he's been ill.

I worked my fingers to the bone to
support him!

I know.
That's what I'm saying.

I know you support him -- like taking
out that loan for him.

You lot think you know everything.

Five grand's a lot of money.

How could you afford to do that,

My son helps out, all right?

What does Jason do for a living?

Now, you leave that boy
out of this!

That's a simple enough question.

He has a sort of
photography business.

What does that mean?

In the summer,
he works the seafront.

I don't really know.
I don't pry like you do.

You mean he's a seafront photographer?


He used to keep a bloody monkey here
at one time. Okay?

D.S. Oswalde, please.

So, Tony was involved?


Thank Christ for that.

Isn't that Sarah?

And look at that.

Recognize that?

It's the belt.

I want him picked up,
and I want a team up here.

I want this place turned over.

Quite a collection.

No wonder the old sod
had a heart attack.

The wardrobe's full of it.

Here you are, boss.

Close it up.
Take it downstairs.

Quite a little photographer, isn't he?

Hang about.
Isn't that Jason?

Yeah. Get onto vice.

See who publishes this muck.

Listen, Bob, get someone
down to Harvey's bedside.

Make sure I'm informed
as soon as he utters a sound.

I want to find this little shit.

Hello. S.P.D.

Seems as though Jason
preferred amateur models.

Well, he didn't have to
pay them, did he?

The Polaroids
are early photographs.

The later ones are much better quality
-- 35 mil.

They're quite professional.

Would he develop them himself?

I think black and White's
pretty easy,

but you need more sophisticated
equipment for color.

I suppose he could have had
a studio somewhere.

You know, it's worth checking with one
of those places

that specialize
in developing dodgy photos.

I mean,
they might have an address

or a contact number, even.

Can you process yellow pages?

You were right, ma'am.

Jason Reynolds attended
the same school as Tony Allen.

In fact,
they were in the same year.

Now, when Eileen moved
to Margate

to be closer
to one of her boyfriends,

Jason stayed on in London, living
mainly at number 15.


Now, the head of the year
reckons they weren't friends,

says Jason was a bit of
a waster, a Jack the lad.

But if they were neighbors,

I suppose they could have
hung out together.

But they sound so different.

Which brings us back to Sarah,

who Kernan has ruled
out of bounds.

Boss, I know this is a bit
out of left field,

but I think I recognize her.

Go on.

I don't know.

I mean, I've been looking
at them for ages.


The thing is,
Camilla's really happy there.

What's Camilla got to do
with it?

I think it's her teacher.

Tell me
if you recognize this person.

No, I've never seen her before,

What about this girl?

She's beautiful.

No, Miriam, she was beautiful.

Her remains were found buried
in the garden

of number 15 Honeyford Road.

Her hands had been tied
behind her back with a belt.

The belt belonged to
a Jason Reynolds.

Do you recognize this man?

Miriam, do you want to look
at the photos again?

No need.

Tell me what you know
about the photographer.

Jason Reynolds?

I met him in the summer of...'86.

At that time,
I was still at school,

still living with my parents
in Margate.

He was taking photographs
on the seafront.

You know,
a seaside photographer.

He was charming, funny.

As you know, I let him
take photographs of me.

For a while,
he made me feel attractive,

the center of attention.

I stripped and posed.

I dressed up and posed.

Whatever he asked for, really.

You see, I wanted
to get away from home.

My mother was ill, and...

He said his uncle had a flat
I could rent,

that he'd look after me.

So I came with him to London,
to Honeyford Road.

Could you all please wait outside?

Just line up quietly.

I lived in the basement flat there for
two months.

June and July?


Did you work as a prostitute, Miriam?

No, not really.

Jason tried to get me to go

with various friends
he brought round, but...

None of us really knew
what we were doing.

Did you have sex with his uncle,
with David Harvey?

when I couldn't pay the rent.

Now, do you recognize
either of these two men?

Did you have sex
with either of them?


Now, where were
those photographs taken?

At the flat.

And in Margate?

His uncle had a caravan.

Can you tell me where exactly?

I can't remember
the name of the site.

It was some way out of town.

All right.
Thank you very much.

That's it?

Yes. Thank you.

- Boss, look at this.
- What?

Well, it's a 1992 calendar.

So he's still using the caravan.


Try all sites
in the Margate area.


Phil, I want Eileen Reynolds arrested.

Bring her in, put her
in an interview room,

and let her stew.

Right, boss.

Maybe that'll bring Jason
out from under his stone.

...all the caravan sites
in the Margate area.

Jonesy, give him a hand,
will you?

Now, this is the belt, Eileen,

that was used to tie
Joanne's hands behind her back.

Do you recognize it?

I've never seen it before.

There's lots of belts
that look like that.

Well, I think
it's quite distinctive.

The dead girl --
Joanne Fagunwa.

Joanne and Tony.

Joanne and Sarah Allen.

So why isn't Mrs. Bloody Allen
sitting here?

Go and arrest her.

Arrest Sarah.

Because it's my belief that Jason took
those photographs.

You've no proof of that.

Well, they were found
in your brother's flat, Eileen.

I don't know anything
about that.

That's your son, Eileen.

Your son the pornographer.

Would you look at them, please?

You won't look at them?

All right,
I'll describe them to you.

The first shows a girl.

She's about --
She's about 14, I would say.

Your son's penis is inserted
in the girl's anus.

Her face shows pain and fear.

Stop it, you sick bastard bitch!

It's not me in these photographs,

I didn't take them.
Your son Jason did that.

Right. This one shows
a different girl.

She's a little bit older perhaps.

Tell me where Jason is.

I don't know.

We should never have come south.

God, I did my best.

He's no son of mine.

He doesn't even talk
like a son of mine.

He's some sort of --

Tell me where Jason is.

I don't know.

Where's your brother's caravan,

As far as I know, he sold it
to help pay off the loan.

Information service, which is
to be published tomorrow,

also warns that almost
a third of the pupils

on assisted places

come from families
of below-average earnings

and that 1 in 10
is from an ethnic minority.

The government's
expansion plans

for the capital's
orbital motorway

could destroy more than
80 important wildlife sites

says the Royal Society
for Nature Conservation.

How is she?


I don't like her taking drugs.

Well, it's better than having her
sobbing all night.



Why are you doing that?

They're about Anthony.

I know that.

I just don't see how it helps.

Well, if it helps me, then, surely,
there's nothing wrong.

You know I'll be going
back to college

straight after the inquest?

Of course.

Is there someone
who can take notes for you

so you don't fall behind?

Yes, don't worry.


Did Tony ever talk to you
about that night?


My bath will be running over.

22-year-old Anthony Allen

is at the center
of an internal police inquiry

into the running
of that station.

Detective Superintendent
Mike Kernan

today issued
the following statement

after the news was announced

that the coroner's inquest into the
death would start tomorrow.

I'm very pleased that
the inquest opening tomorrow

comes so promptly
after this tragic event.

I am confident
that the verdicts

will fully vindicate
the police.

What do you have to say
about this?

The Allen family
are law-abiding...

Any more details
about the suicide?

...and therefore have been
very fortunate

in being able to secure
the services

of a professional barrister.

No one is on trial.

We're not investigating a crime,
but a death.

It's our job, yours and mine,

to decide how Anthony Allen
came to die in police custody.

One word of warning.

You may be asked to study
some distressing photographs,

taken both at the time
of the young man's death

and at the autopsy.

I consider the viewing
of these pictures to be vital

as an aid to reaching
your decision.

It must have taken a great deal of
force and determination

to strangle himself in such
a manner, wouldn't you say?

Well, I don't know about that, sir.

Well, Professor Bream
thought so.

He thought that Tony Allen
may have taken

rather a long time to die.

You did make your checks
every 15 minutes, didn't you?

30 minutes, sir.

Oh, yes.

Because it's checks every 15 minutes
for prisoners at risk.

And, of course, you had decided

that Tony Allen wasn't at risk, hadn't

Mrs. Duhra.

Why was the flap left open?

Because the prisoner requested that it
be left open, sir.


To let in some fresh air.

Because he couldn't breathe?

Because he was claustrophobic?

I don't know about that, sir.

No, I don't suppose you do.

If, as you say, he refused
the offer of a solicitor --

He did, sir.

Why did you not make sure

that some responsible adult
was with him --

his father, for example,

who was in reception
almost the whole time?

Because there was no need.

But his mental health was of concern
to you, was it not?

No, sir, it wasn't.


But we can see
from the custody record

that you called a doctor
at 9:15 p.m.


So you must have been concerned.

But he didn't arrive, did he,
till after 1:00 a.m.?

Didn't you think
to call another doctor?

I was busy.

A boy loses his life
because you were busy?

Please, Mrs. Duhra.

Doctor or no doctor,

you had it in your power
to send Tony Allen to hospital.

With hindsight, Sergeant,
would you not agree

that you made a series
of ill-judged,

not to say fatal, decisions?

Yes, I made mistakes.

I admit it.

For God's sake, man,
don't cry about it.

It's Muddyman.

I'm at the hospital.

Listen, David Harvey died
at 7:30 this evening.


This investigation is turning
into a graveyard.

How did it go today?

Oh, well.
Tomorrow's another day, eh?


Would you say that
the interviews were carried out

in accordance
with PACE regulations?

Yes, ma'am.

You made no attempt to bully
or pressurize Tony Allen?

Sergeant Oswalde, do you hold

a higher national diploma
for psychology?

Yes, ma'am.

Passed with distinction?

- Yes, ma'am.
- Look who's here.

It is my intention

to call an expert witness
in a moment,

a professor
of forensic psychology.

But before I do so,

I would like to read you some of Tony
Allen's last recorded words

before you had him
returned to his cell

and ask you for your assessment.

Tony -- "I'm choking."

You -- "No, you're not."

Tony -- "I'm choking.
I can't breathe."

You -- "There's nothing
wrong with you."

Tony -- "I'm dirt.

I'm dirt in everyone's mouth,
choking them.

My life is dirt."

You -- "This is pointless.

I'm putting you
back in the cells."

Tony -- "My life's a cell.

I'm trapped.

So much earth and mud.

Earth to earth,

dust to dust."

In the cold light of day, Sergeant,

how would you assess
Tony's mental state?

From that, I'd say
he was hysterical.

Obsessed with death?


In despair?


Suffering from claustrophobia?


Yet you had him returned
to his cell,

his 10-by-6-foot cell.

You had an exemplary record, Sergeant.

Could it be
that in some subtle way,

you were being tougher,
harder on this black suspect

because you, too, are black?

I'm afraid your question
is too subtle for me.

Turning, then, to the attack

Tony is alleged to have made
on your person --

Do you intend to question
Sergeant Oswalde

for much longer, Mrs. Duhra?

That rather depends
on his replies, sir.

Then I should like to
adjourn for the day.

The court will resume
at 10:00 tomorrow morning.

All rise.

What the bloody hell
was the commander doing there?

Mike, the verdict
has to be suicide.

Anything else is unthinkable.

Well, meanwhile, Duhra's
projecting my station

as a hotbed
of racism and brutality.

Well, I can kiss
my promotion goodbye,

thanks to two black bastards.

I beg your pardon?

Well, you know what I mean.

No, l don't

Oh, for God's sake.

I'm sorry just to show up
like this,

but I needed to talk to someone.



I just don't know what happened, you
know, that night.

When she read that stuff
back to me today,

it was obvious
that Tony Allen was at risk,

that I had been bullying him.


Perhaps they're right.

Perhaps I am a coconut.

I heard them shouting that.

What does that mean?

A coconut.

A Bounty bar.

Brown on the outside,
white on the inside.

I should have thought it was a bit
more complex than that, Bob.

Do you think I'm responsible
for his death?

No, I don't.

But it's what you think
that matters.

I think I as good as killed him.

I've got to go.

You can stay if you want.

No, I'd better go.

Listen, call me if you
want to talk, all right?


Take care.


And at 11:20 p.m., you
interrupted Sergeant Oswalde

and asked to have a word
with him

because you were concerned
with the way

that Sergeant Oswalde
was conducting the interview?

No, ma'am.

You weren't concerned for Tony Allen's
safety or well-being?


Then why the need for "a word"?

I thought the particular line
of questioning

was proving fruitless.

I wanted to suggest another approach
to Sergeant Oswalde.

I see.

So nothing
in Tony Allen's behavior

gave you cause for concern?


Nothing at all, ma'am.

What happened to Tony Allen

came as a complete surprise
to me and a shock.

Mr. Peters, you were in the
cell next door to Tony Allen

on the night he died?

Yes, miss.

Did you see or hear anything

that is relevant
to this inquest?

I saw the body.

They didn't want me to.

They were trying to move me,

but I saw it lying
on the cell floor.

I see.
Anything else?

Yes, miss.

I heard the prisoner sobbing,

trying to tell the police
that he couldn't breathe.

I heard some policemen
kicking on his cell door,

telling him to shut up.

And then I heard him
threaten them.

Threaten them?

What exactly
did he threaten them with?

Killing himself if they didn't let him
out of the cell.

- Quiet, quiet.

He threatened to kill himself?

Go on.

I heard a police officer --

I'm not sure which one -- shouting at

And what did
the police officer shout?

"Go on, then, nig-nog.
Hang yourself."

- Quiet, quiet.

They were all shouting,
"Do it, do it, do it!"

Sidney Peters, can you tell
the members of the jury

how you came to be occupying
the cell next to Anthony Allen

on the night he died?

I'd been arrested, sir,
for being drunk, sir.

Mr. Peters, is it true

that you're a member
of Narcotics Anonymous?

Yes, sir.

Perhaps you'd like to tell

the members of the jury
why that is.

Because, ladies and gentlemen,

I used to be addicted
to various narcotic substances.

Thank you, Mr. Peters.


Who is this?

And why should I want to read that

I think you'll find something
in it to amuse you.

Now, promise me you'll buy it.

Who is this?!

Well, it's a threat, isn't it?

From Jason.
He's the photographer.

Of course I'm going to court.

I wouldn't give them
the satisfaction.

But someone needs to warn Oswalde.



- What?
- Page five.

Cup of tea, please, mate.

Egg and bacon, sausage.

Beans, two of toast,
and a fried slice.

Yes, sir.

That explains it, don't it,

why the boss was so keen
to take your side

when Tony topped himself?

So, tell me, what's she like?

She do tricks?

I bet she loves it on top,doesn't

Go on, tell me.


All rise.

Ladies and gentlemen
of the jury,

the time has come

for you to withdraw
and consider your verdict.

But before you do, I should like to
offer you some advice.

There are a number
of possible verdicts,

but I think,
under the circumstances,

you should focus your attentions on
just three --

unlawful killing,
misadventure, suicide.

I'm sorry
about that tabloid shit.

So am I.

I received these this morning.

From the same source, I'd say.

Look at them in private.

Have you agreed a verdict?

We have.

The verdict is suicide.

He wouldn't kill himself!

He had no reason!

He was getting married
this weekend!

He loved his daughter,
his family!

He was always a happy boy.

He would never kill himself.

Thank you, thank you.
Come on, Mr. Allen.

Thank you.

He had no reason!

Party pooper-

- Richard.
- Yes, boss?

Start again
with the caravan sites.

Start with Clacton

and any others that come
within the postal district.

And then work out along
the Essex Coast from there.

- Fast, please.
- Right.

Have you seen this?

Clacton. Everyone else
start working their way...

"Lovely Donna from Clacton, 36-22-34."

It's you, innit?


In the paper.
You're Donna.

Dirty sod.

Sarah, phone.

Who is it?

I don't know.

All right.
Thank you, Doctor.


It's not a good time to call.

Hang on a sec.


We can't let him get away
with this, Sarah.

He can't turn us
into his victims as well.

All right, but off the record.

I'm not giving evidence.


No, tonight, please.

All right.

I can probably make it
around 7:00.




My name is D.C. Lillie.

I'm trying to locate
Jason Reynolds.

Double sweet!



Where the hell's that?

Christ knows.

Richard, Walton-on-the-Naze.

- Got any street maps?
- Where is it?


Right. How long is it gonna take to
get there?

Well, this time of day, I should think
about 3 1/2 hours.

I want Oswalde to go.

Inform the local plod.

Tell them to sit tight
till he gets there.

Why Oswalde?

'Cause I say so.


T Don't go wasting
your emotion T

T Lay all your love on me T

T It was like shooting
a sitting duck T


There you go, Sandy.
Try them on.

Go on, then.

Yeah, come through.

One of you stay
at the site manager's office

and keep an eye out.

The other two join me
at the van. Okay.

I haven't got a key.

Can we have some of them
popadam things?

This is
a Chinese restaurant, Sandy.

I know.

I'll order for us, eh?

No need to worry
your pretty little head.


Bloody hell.

Can you wait outside, please?

We'll just have to sit
tight until he arrives.

I think when it was really bad,
he heard voices.

I know he dreamed of Joanne
night after night.

Always the same dream.

That she'd been buried alive.

He could hear
these muffled screams.

He couldn't bear to be alone.

Confined spaces petrified him.

If only I'd have been around,
I could have explained, but...

Mum and Pop
just wouldn't believe

that there was anything
wrong with him.


you could still help,

by giving us a statement
about what happened.

He never had a girlfriend.

No one was more surprised
than me

when Esta came onto the scene.

I don't suppose
it would have lasted

if she hadn't become pregnant.

Sarah, please.


I thought only cheapos
and people from circuses

lived in caravans.

Oh, I am with a circus, darling.

Yeah, you're a clown.

No. I'm a knife-thrower.

In fact, I'm looking
for a new assistant.

What happened to your last one?

Did you miss one night?

No. I never miss.

She just got too old.
That's all.

All her ass was hanging
out of her costume.

I like a nice, young ass.

- Tight little ass.

Like yours.

Dirty sod.

Same again, cock.

Was this the room
that Tony was interviewed in?

No, love, no.

- People of his type...
- Disgusting.

What'd you say?!

Eh? My type?!

What' S "W type, then, eh?! Eh?!


Yeah, all right, all right.

Calm down.


Come on, darling.

I was at home with Pop
until Tony got back.

That was just before 9:00,
as arranged.

As soon as Pop had gone,

Tony said he had to go out
for a while.

Of course, he wasn't supposed to, so
we started arguing.

I watched him go back out to a girl
who was waiting for him.


Tony must have got Pop's keys
from somewhere,

because they went next door.

Into Harvey's house?


Joanne was looking for
a flat to rent,

and Tony told her
about Harvey's basement,

about how his father owned it and all

I followed them and watched.

They went into the bedroom together.

They kissed.

They lay on the bed together.

I watched for a while.

It made me feel odd.

But I was 13 and curious,
l suppose.

Then I saw Jason come in.

I had --

I had quite a crush
on Jason at that time.

Tony was pissed off to see me, but I
wouldn't go.

Tony and Joanne
were dancing together.

Jason was watching them, encouraging

telling them to kiss.

Just get my key.

It's too big. Look.
Can't get it in.

Jason found a Polaroid camera.

Jason took photographs.

Hang on.
There we go.

So, why don't you
make yourself at home, eh?

This is the studio.

Got me darkroom in another van.

Then Jason started
making suggestions.

What kind of suggestions?

That we should undress,

encouraging Tony
to touch Joanne.

I could see Jason
was getting turned on by it.

We were all turned on in a way, but...

He ran out of film
after about 10 pictures,

but he wouldn't stop.

He became more serious,
more insistent.


Oi, hey.
Whoa, I'm sorry, all right?

Look, I'm sorry.

Joanne was scared.

Tony tried to stop him.

But Jason got angry.

More angry
than I've ever seen anyone.

He went completely wild.

He punched Joanne in the face.

Her mouth was bleeding.

He broke a bottle.

I really believed he'd use it.

He made Tony tie some tights --

They were my tights --

around Joanne's mouth.

Jason took off his belt and tied
Joanne's hands behind her back.

Don't be afraid, eh?

Nothing to worry about.

It's the punters.

They love a bit of bondage.

I won't tie you too tight.

It's all acting, really.

I don't like it.

Of course you do.

I don't.

He raped her there
in front of us.

He held the broken bottle
over her face,

and we did nothing.

We stood and watched.

Joanne was choking on the gag,

and we stood and watched.

When it was all over, he warned us
that we were guilty, too,

that he had the photographs
to prove it.

He let us leave.

We didn't know what to do.

The dreadful thing was that
we just left Joanne there.

We weren't even sure
whether she was dead or not.

The following night,

I heard noises
in next door's garden.

When I looked out my window,

I saw Jason and Harvey digging.

They were putting the earth
into sacks,

and Jason was taking them off
somewhere to dump.

I guessed why,

but I couldn't look after that.

My nightmare was the sound
of those shovels.

The following morning,
I told Tony,

and we took an oath together
never to tell a soul.

The next time I made myself look from
my bedroom window,

all the slabs were in place.

Not a sign that
anything had happened.

Sometimes I could almost
believe that it hadn't.

Until she was dug up again.

It was an awful secret
that we carried around with us.

Oh, God.

What am I gonna do without him?

Without Tony?


It's all right.
It's all right.

I'm a policeman.
It's all right.

Get off of me!




Black bastard!

Come on, nigger!

Come on, run, you black nigger!

Black bastard!
Nigger bastard, come on!

Come on, then,
you black bastard!

Black bastard!

Black nig...

You black bastard!

Black nigger!

Jason Reynolds,
I'm arresting you

on the suspicion of murder
of Joanne Fagunwa.

You do not have to say anything,

but anything you do say
may be given in evidence.


Come on, nigger!

Kill me! Come on!


Thanks for the show
the other night.

Just your scene, eh?
Nice bit of beef.

Eh, nice black tube steak
up your stank?!

Look, this is not official,
you understand,

but under the circumstances,

I think it appropriate
to give you a little taster.

My recommendation is that
disciplinary papers are served

on Calder, D.l. Burkin,
and D.S. Oswalde.

I am critical of the way
the station was run.

need to be tightened up.

Too many canteen cowboys.

But I find no one to blame
for the death of Tony Allen.

Clearly, David,

you're the right man
to sort this station out.

And, of course, congratulations
to you, too, Mike,

nailing Jason Reynolds
and getting the move upstairs.

I shall have to give you
the name of my tailor.

He's particularly adroit

at disguising any tendency towards
the middle-age spread.

Thank you, sir.

Do you intend to do anything about
this press story, sir?

Let it blow over.
Oswalde's back at West End Lane?

Yes, sir.

But besides, Tennison's
a bloody good detective.

Perhaps, but one who's displayed a
considerable lack of judgment.

I think you know what I mean.


Well, I don't think
there's any doubt

that Jason Reynolds is going away for
a very long time.

The C.P.S. has informed me

that they're not going to press
charges against anyone else.

So well done.

Right. Well, I don't know about you,
but I'm off to the pub,

where I'd like to buy
each and every one of you

an extremely large drink.

That won't be necessary, Jane.

Perhaps I can take
this opportunity

to make an announcement.

Mr. Kernan here will from now on
be known to you all

as Chief Superintendent Kernan.

I'm also very pleased to be
able to introduce his successor

here at Southampton Row --

Superintendent Thorndike.

Thank you, Commander.

I realize that I may have made
a few enemies

carrying out the investigation on
behalf of MS15.

So the best thing to do is to clear
the air straightaway.

If anyone thinks it's gonna
be a problem for them,

get in the way of the smooth running
of the station,

then they should apply
for a transfer immediately.

And since we're all about to go off

just to prove I have
a lighter side,

I've arranged for us all to have
a drink to mark the occasion.

It's round the back.

So I didn't even merit
an interview?


Sir, could I have a word
with you, please?

Official or unofficial?


Jane, it can wait, surely?

No, it can't wait.


You'll have
my formal request for a transfer

first thing in the morning.

Very well.