Prime Suspect 2 (1992): Season 1, Episode 1 - Episode #1.1 - full transcript

I'm Detective Chief Inspector
Jane Tennison

attached to Southampton Row
Police Station.

We're in the interview room
at Southampton Row.

I'm interviewing --

Would you please state your
full name and date of birth?

Would you please state your
full name and date of birth?

Robert Oswalde.

13th of August, 1961.

It's the police.

- Excuse me, please.

We're laying new drains.

I think it's covered
in polythene.

So she consented
to sex with you?

Wa you gwan on with?

She was begging for it, man.

Well, if she was
a willing partner,

why did you use violence?

Why did you hit her?

You know these things,
how them happen.

No, I don't know.

Some of them white thing,
them like it rough, you know?

Jesus, Frank. What is it
with you and red lights?

Have the Pakis murdered someone?

Shut your mouth
and move that bike.

Oi! Nobody talk to him
like that, see?

We live here, not you!

What's the matter
with you people?!

- Are you in charge?

- Yes, sir. For the time being.
- Then, please, take it away.

We will, sir,
as soon as possible.

Not as soon as possible -- now!

I Pay my poll tax.

I'm afraid
it's a suspicious death, sir.

And as such, all this
has to be done properly.

Now, can you go
with this officer, please?

I've just got to ask
a few questions, sir.

How did you know that
this girl wanted it rough?

I knew.
The way she look.

Well, how did she look?

She had blond hair.

And she was wearing
a red blouse.

And a tight, tight
black skirt. Like for you.

So she didn't actually
say anything to encourage you?

But that's not surprising,

since you tore her tights off and
rammed them down her throat.

It's just her word against mine.

No, no, it's the doctor's reports, the
forensic evidence,

and her word against yours.

How many other women
have you attacked?

How long
before you kill someone?

- Kernan!
- Excuse me, excuse me.

If that is my Simone
that's in there --

Nola, I've just arrived.

Give me a chance
to find out what's happening.

We won't be issuing
any statements tonight.

Now, go home.

You should all just go home.

You never did try
to find my daughter!

You people should go home.

If it's my Simone,

you won't be able to stop us
from going in to her!

Get the area
cordoned off properly.

If this turns out to be
Simone Cameron,

we've got a real problem.

- The forensic boys are here?
- Yeah, they're waiting for you.

I want my Simone!

What you're saying is
that the slabs --

The slabs were in place
when you bought the house.

- Is that right?
- Of course, yes.

And you haven't done
any work yourself?

I'm telling you, no.

Thank you.

Down here, sir!

Let's take a dekko.

Good evening.

- Rotten weather.
- Yeah.

Look 'pon her now?

Sit down, please, Robert.

She love it

Cock teaser, innit?

What she say I did to that bitch
is just turning her on.

Sit down, please, Robert.

You know, the thought
of a woman being humiliated

doesn't turn me on.

Someone being frightened
half to death.

But that turns you on,
doesn't it?

Well, it must do.

Why else would you
force yourself on someone?

You're a very attractive man.

How tall are you?


Oh? Really?

Well, I'm sure a lot of women
do fall for you.

But not this one.

Some women say no
when they mean yes.

- Ah, so she said no to you?
- I said "some" women.

- She said no to you?
- I've nothing to say.

She said no.
That's not begging for it.

Bullshit, man.
She put word in my mouth.

Let me ask you this, Robert --

Good. That seems
a convenient place to stop.

I haven't finished yet.

Unfortunately, we're gonna have to
since it's well after 6:00.



Though I would just sound
one word of warning.

Some of D.C.l. Tennison's
more unconventional questions

might get a less-experienced officer
into difficulties.

Remember, under PACE,
no attempt may be made

to bully or threaten a suspect.

And finally,
well done, D.S. Oswalde,

for playing his part
so convincingly.

And finally -- finally --

tomorrow's first session

will be on interviewing
the victims of rape, okay?

See you all at 10:00.

You're too good at that,
Detective Sergeant.

T'ank you, ma'am.

Are you having a drink later on?

Maybe. But I might
just have an early night.

Might see you, then.

Looks like it's a female, Oscar.

Oh, yes?

What makes you say that,
Mr. Gold?

It's wearing a bra.

Oh, God.
That's all we need.

Tony, you take over
till Tennison gets here.

But she's still on that course,
isn't she,gov?

Not anymore she's not.

Oh, great.



Now, um, what was it
you were saying

about white women
liking it rough?

Hey. That wasn't me.
I don't think like that.

Oh, I know.
I'm sorry.


- Know what I'd like to do now?
- What?

Let's drink the entire contents of the


I don't know.
I just feel like it.

What would you like first?





That's Dame Sibyl.

Don't make a sound.


Hello, gov.

About two hours.



Okay, see you.

What's wrong?

That was my gov.
He wants me back.

- N ow.
- What?

Yeah. He wants me
to head a murder inquiry.

Yeah, I'll have to
tell Thorndike.

Damn, and it's
my lecture tomorrow.

Look, sod Thorndike.

I'm sorry, Bob. There's nothing
I can do about it.

I know that.

- What's your problem, then?
- What about us?

What about us?

Oh. I see.

Bob, I-I'm not saying I don't want
to see you again, okay?

Aren't you?

Come on.
This is hard enough as it is.


The detective chief inspector has
given her orders.

What did you expect?
That's really unfair.

It's not as if the love of
your life is walking out on you.

I just don't like being treated like
some black stud.

Is that what you think's
been going on here?

Yes.l do..

Well, that's in your head.

Is it?

I think you'd better go.

Don't worry.
I'm going.

I hope I can rely on you
to be discreet.

You really are something else, aren't


But I don't know anything
about rape victims.

Then it's time you did.

It's attitudes like that
that account for the fact

that only 8% of rapes
are ever reported.

There are my notes.

Well, it'll be a help,
but it's bloody annoying.

Well, what can I do, David?

Hasn't Mike Kernan
got other D.C.l.s available?

Yes, but he wants me to head it.


Maybe he thinks
I'm a good detective.

Yeah, but why
this specific investigation?

Well, the body's been found
in Honeyford Road.

Where the Cameron family
still live.

Added to which, it looks like
it could be Simone Cameron.

Well, that's politically sensitive,

A word of advice.

Charges may be brought
against the officers

involved in
the Derrick Cameron case

if it goes
to the Court of Appeal.

Well, quite right, too,
if that boy was fitted up.

What are you getting at?

I'd be careful if I were you.

This may not turn out to be
such a prize for you.

Obviously, you're a liberated and
enlightened woman.

Oh, thank you, David.

But don't be too trusting
of our Afro-Caribbean friend.

That's your advice, is it?

Good luck tomorrow.

Oh, and drive carefully
if you've been drinking.

Okay, ma'am.


Go on home.

Not if it's my Simone.

I don't want to lose her
a second time.

Natural plant fiber such as cotton
tends to disintegrate.

Forms part of the diet of the early
inhabitants of the corpse.

But wool, like hair --

they're made
of the same stuff --

can be remarkably resilient.

How old
do you think she is, Oscar?

She hadn't
quite finished growing.

So still in her teens, I'd say.

How long do you think it would take
a corpse to get like this?

That I can't tell yet.

Oh, come on, Oscar.
Minimum time?

Two years.
Don't quote me on that.

So it could be Simone.

Now, you see,
you're doing it already.

Now, when were
these garden slabs laid?

Before the Viswandhas came here.

- Yeah, which was?
- About 18 months ago.

Do we know who they bought
the house from?

All he gave me was the name
of a property developer.

And have these slabs
been disturbed since then?

Not according
to the workmen, no.

She must have
been put down there

before they were laid, then.

Our prime suspect has to be

whoever was living here
when she was buried.

We need a definite
date of death, Oscar.

Is there any of that soup left?

Oh, if there is, could you
get some out to Nola Cameron

if she's still out there?

The rest of you
might as well go home.

I'll aim to have a briefing
at 10:00 a.m.

Right, gov.

Can you get a shot of that
for me?

Hands tied together
at the back with...

...a leather belt.

Just a minute, madam.

- My -- My daughter, Simone!
- Calm down.

- Simone! Simone!
- Take it easy.

- It's all right.


It was all arranged weeks ago.
I'm go with the C.L.O.

I can't back out now,
but it's gonna be a nightmare.

I want you to be there.

Community center.
Starts at 8:00.

No thanks.
I'm trying to give up.

Christ. Since when?

Uh, 6 days, 5 hours,

and, um, about 15 minutes.

The meeting is supposed to be
to discuss community policing.

But given what's
happening just now,

we're sure to be dragged facedown
through the shit

about the Cameron family.

And Phelps
is coming down tonight,

and he's bound to have
the media in tow.

That man can smell a vote-winner from
50 miles.

Well, let's face it, gov.

Nola may be
jumping to conclusions,

but we can't claim to have
done well by her family, can we?

Not if it turns out
that Derrick was fitted up.

Yes, well, let's concentrate
on the immediate problem.

- Is it the Cameron girl or not?
- I don't know.

And I won't find out anything

from Oscar Bream
until tomorrow at the earliest.

- Yeah?

Yes, I'll hold.

If we could find out
one way or another

before tonight's meeting,

our lives would be
a whole lot easier.

I'll see if the forensic boys can shed
any light.

And I want the rest
of that garden dug up

in case
there are any more bodies.

Christ, what do you want? Another


That's right.

Well, I thought she was the
very best person for the job.

It requires tact and...

Well, I'm sure
she'll be able to cope.

I will do.


Now, how in hell
did the commander know

what happened
on your course already?

What do you mean?

That I brought you back
to lead this inquiry.

Well, I'll give you one guess,

and it involves
funny handshakes.


- Same lodge?
- I'd put my money on it.

You better make sure
you vindicate my decision.

I'll do my best, sir.

Right. We need a name
for this operation, Tony.

Where are we up to
in the "A" to "Z"?

I think it's "N," gov.

Good. Look up the first "N"
for us, then, would you?

Right, gov.

No way.
I am not opening a book.

Why not? We could all earn
a few quid out of it.

Because last time I ended up
75 quid out of pocket.


It was 'cause
you talked me into it.


As some of you are aware,

workmen digging
in the back garden

of Number 15 Honeyford Road

have uncovered
skeletonized human remains.

The hands were tied
behind the back

and the body
wrapped in polythene,

so it's definitely
a suspicious death.

And some of you who have
been down there will be aware

there's a lot of speculation going on
in the area

that it could be
the body of a local girl

who went missing a few years
ago -- Simone Cameron.

Put that up for me,
would you, Jonesy?

Certainly her mother,
Nola Cameron,

who still lives a few doors away from
number 15,

is completely convinced
that it's Simone.

Well, I'll get the forensic boys and
the pathologists

to give me an answer to that
as soon as possible.

But in the meantime,

we've got to take
Nola Cameron's fears seriously.

The unfortunate thing is that the
Cameron family have been

the center of attention
in that area for some time now.

You know the eldest boy,
Derrick Cameron --

Remember Derrick Cameron?

- We all know Derrick.
- Yeah.

Well, he was accused of stabbing
a white youth to death,

and he was sent to prison
on the basis of a confession

made right here in this nick
in 1985.

Well, now there are doubts cast

upon the safety
of that conviction.

In fact, a campaign led
by Jonathan Phelps,

Labour's candidate
in the local by-election,

to have Derrick's case brought
before the Court of Appeal

is gaining a lot of support
from all sorts of people.

So there is a lot of anger
and bitterness and resentment

against the police.

Always take the brunt of it anyway,
don't we?

Well, it looks like we can
rule out the present owners.

So our first priority

is to find all former residents of
number 15.

So let's get down there

and see what information
we can get.

- Passports at the ready.

You know that's out of order, Frank.

Have you been listening
to a word I've been saying?

I don't want the Camerons --

and that means the uncles,
the aunts, the lot --

interviewed at all.

And as far as the other residents go,
remember this --

If we go in there expecting aggro,
start leaning on people,

well, we'll get it.

So it's easy does it.

You're all graduates of
the Rank Charm School, right?

Except Frank.

Now, I want a list
of all former residents

of the Honeyford Road area
for the last 10 years.

-10 years?

Uh, I've asked D.S. Haskons
to be our office manager.

- Does he get a hat as well?
- Tony, you got a name for us?

Yeah, the first "N" is,
uh, Nadine Street, gov.

Nadine. Very nice.
So it's Operation Nadine.

Ii Honey, is that you? ii

-ii Oh, Nadine ii
- Chuck Berry.

All right.
Come on. Let's go.

- Jonesy.
- Go on, love. Run along. Quick.

Haskons, Haskons.

I'll get all this stuff bagged up for
you as soon as possible

so you can get Mrs. Cameron
to take a look at it.

Pullover remains.


Label from her jeans.



And so on.
Not very helpful I'm afraid.

I've got a pair of those.
They're not cheap.

Oh, looks like a piece of skull.

Could you get it sent over
to Oscar Bream?

But we have found several coins,

the most recent of which
is 1986.

But most promisingly so far,

the belt that secured her hands behind
her back.

Very distinctive buckle.

Could have belonged to her,
l suppose.

Or the killer.

Local C.l.D.

Good morning, madam.
D.C. Lillie, local C.l.D.

We're investigating a suspicious death
in this area.

Excuse me.

Oh, Jesus Christ.
Here we go.


- Shut your mouth!
- Frank!

All right, love.
Calm down, calm down.

Relax, relax.

Let go of the boy, man!

No, you wouldn't
wear them for tennis.

They'd do your ankles in.

Right. What have we got
on the property developer?

Since gone bankrupt

and disappeared
off the face of the earth.

- Jane, a word.
- Yeah, in a minute, gov.

My office now!

Kernan the Barbarian.

Burkin has just arrested a young black
lad for possession.

Oh, God.

He's doing his bloody house-to-house,

there's a smell of spliff,
and he barges in.

Pulls the lad out
by the scruff of the neck.

I don't believe it.

So now we've got bricks thrown into
the garden of number 15,

a reception full of people
bleating on about

infringement of civil liberties and
police harassment!

With this bloody meeting

I just don't believe it.

Do you want me to remove
Burkin from this inquiry?

We can't do that, Jane.

I'm up for promotion.


Chief super.

Right now I can't afford to do my
dirty washing in public.

My interview will be a nightmare if
this keeps up.

I hope you'll be recommending
me for your post.

Oh, do you?

Well, don't take too much
for granted.

Now, get this boy cautioned
and released

and tear bloody Burkin up
for ass paper.

Look, gov, he was blatant,

almost blowing the smoke
in me face as if to say,

"Go on, nick me."

That's not the point.

At the moment,
what with the Cameron case --

Derrick Cameron's a villain.
He deserves to be banged up.


So he had to be leaned on
to confess. So what?

"So what?"

So our reputation
goes down the toilet again!

What reputation?!
They hate us!

Well, I'll tell you something.
I ain't so keen on them.

As far as I'm concerned,

one less on the streets
isn't no loss.

You're making a fool
of yourself.

If they don't want to be
part of our country,

why don't they go home,
sort out their own problems?

That's enough, Frank!
Just shut it!

If I hear an outburst like
that from you again,

it will be
a disciplinary matter.

Yeah? Then perhaps you'd better
take me off the case.

You won't be off the case,

You'll be off the force.

If you think fitting someone up
because they're black is okay,

then you shouldn't be Old Bill at all.

- It's simple as that.

I'll be right there.

I mean, Jesus, this is
a murder investigation, Frank.

A young girl finishes up

buried in someone's backyard
like the family cat,

her skull smashed to pieces.

What difference does it make what
color her skin used to be?

I want that boy cautioned
and released,

and then get back to work.

This way, Nola.

I want you
to look at these things

and tell me if you
recognize any of them

as having belonged to Simone.

They're all her things.

Take your time.

Look at them carefully.

These are her things.

We found this belt
buried with her.

Do you recognize that?

This is her belt.

She always wore this belt.

I see.

And what about this watch?

That is hers.

I bought her this watch!

Do you want to sit down?
Would you like a cup of tea?

No, thank you.

You know, the experts
will be able

to give us a lot more information

Your dentist has supplied Simone's
dental records,

and we can compare those
with the girl that we found.

And that way we'll know
absolutely for sure.

Until then,
I'm afraid these things

are all that we've got to go on.

Now, are you sure
you recognize all of them?

Oh, yes.

- Oh, yes.
- I see.

Thank you very much.

Report just in from Gold, boss.

He reckons Nadine's body

was infested with maggots --

Yeah? So?

So bluebottles won't lay
their eggs underground.

So that means she must have been

aboveground for a while
before she was buried.

At least a few hours.

And the other thing is she must have
been killed in the summer

'cause that's when
the flies are active.

And Simone went missing
in February.

Which means when I go
into this meeting tonight,

I'm none the bloody wiser.

My concern
is that Derrick Cameron's case

reaches the Court of Appeal

and that someone who's been wrongly
imprisoned for six years

is released.

The Police
and Criminal Evidence Act

brought in stricter safeguards

for the interrogating
of suspects.

But that was not much help
to Derrick Cameron.

- If that means a no-go area...

- If that means a no-go area...
- With respect --

...then I'm afraid I can't make any
such assurance.

The idea is not to create
no-go areas.

Quite the reverse.

Now, we've heard from your
community-liaison officer,

who is, of course...

...who -- who is, of course,
a white police officer...

I'm sorry, that's a racist remark,
isn't it?

...about sensitive policing,
community policing,

yet once again local people
are being treated

as second-class citizens.

- Yeah!
- Yeah!

If you are talking about

the invesfigafion
that I am heading --

I am.

I believe that
that's being carried out

in a completely professional --

- In a hostile...

In a hostile
and intimidatory manner,

with violent arrests being made by
your officers,

though, of course, no --
no charges were brought.

One of my officers was provoked into
making an action

which in retrospect
can be seen as being hasty.

Look, the most important
thing is

that there's a murderer
out there walking free.

We have to find that person.

To do that, we need the help and the
support of this community.

Now, afterwards, myself
and three of my colleagues

will be staying behind

in the hope that you
might be able to help us,

give us
some crucial information.

For example, who was staying
at Number 15 Honeyford Road

before the Viswandhas?

We know that!

He left here at the same time as my
daughter Simone went missing.

What was his name?
Somebody here must remember.

I would like to ask Mr. Kernan about
the heavy police presence

in the Honeyford Road area
at this moment.

I'd like to ask him

how he's got the front
to come here in the first place

when Derrick Cameron's banged up in

for something he didn't do!

- Obviously, I...

Let him answer.
Let him answer.

I am unable to discuss

the details of that case.

I would have thought my presence
here this evening

is indication of --
of good faith.

The justifiable anger
and unhappiness

at what has happened
to Derrick Cameron

cannot be so easily dismissed

by a police officer who was stationed
at Southampton Row.

I'm not dismissing anything.

The Cameron case focuses
on the fundamental question --

Is it possible to expect justice in
this country

if you are a person of color?


Listen, I don't like the police.

Thank you.

But I tell you this --

You should talk to the guy
that Nola mentioned.

- Yeah?
- White guy about 50.

Worked as a builder.

Can you give me his name, sir?

We argued about parking space,
you know,

and in the morning all my car was
covered in brake fluid.

I see.

But don't worry.
I got my own back.

Go on, then.
Tell me.

I pissed in his petrol tank.

Dave Hardy. Or Hartley.
Something like that.

Word is a family called Allen
lived at number 13.

One or two people think

they might have owned
number 17, as well.

Thing is, Esme Allen still runs

a West Indian takeaway
which is nearby.


Well, give it
another half an hour, okay,

and then call it a day.


Small son study
for him school exam.

And me daughter Sarah -- She's
studying law at the university.

I tell you, them think
the world's at them feet.

Them will never have to scrub floor or
take out rubbish here.

Let's hope they don't come down to
earth with a bump, innit?

Mrs. Allen?
Mrs. Esme Allen?

Yes, dear.

I'm Detective Chief
Inspector Jane Tennison.

It's not bad news, is it?

Don't tell me
someone's been hurt.

- Sarah?
- No,no.

- Not Tony?
- No, it's nothing like that.

We're just making
some inquiries, that's all.

Oh, my Lord.
You gave me a fright.

Is it about
that poor Cameron girl?

Yes, that's right.
In a way it is.

Is there somewhere
a bit more private we can talk?

You take the lady downstairs.
I'll look after the shop.

- All right. Come this way.
- Thank you.

Mrs. Allen, I understand
that in the '80s

you and your husband used to own
Number 15 Honeyford Road.

That's right.

But you lived at number 17
with your family.


Well, I'm sorry
to have to tell you this,

but I'm afraid a body
has been found buried

in the back garden of number 15.

My God.

So we're very anxious
to trace the former occupant.

You think he killed poor Simone?

We just want to eliminate him
from our inquiries.

What was his name?

David Harvey.

And do you have any idea
where he lives now?


My husband might know.
But, uh...

Well, we tried not to have anything
to do with him.

I wouldn't let my daughter
go near that house.

We all knew what he was like,
particularly with young girls.

He wasn't always like that,
but after his wife died...

I thought
they were a lovely couple.

But after she'd gone --

drinking and cursing
and, you know, carrying on.

I think I'd better speak
to your husband --

in fact to the whole family,
as soon as possible, please.

Yes. This evening.
We'll all be there this evening.

Thank you.

It's Harvey.
Not Hardy, not Harley.

Harvey -- H-A-R-V-E-Y.

So we've got to start again.

I'm gonna see Oscar Bream.

Okay? Bye.

Makes a pleasant change,

not being up to the armpits
in someone's viscera.

Though this girlie
is sorely taxing my memory

of student anatomy classes.

You know there are
206 named bones of the body?

26 to each foot for a kickoff.

Luckily, most of those were still
inside her plimsolls.

Well, that's fascinating, Oscar, but
is it Simone Cameron?

Absolutely not.


As I said, like Simone --

in her teens, 15 to 16 --
but taller.

Simone was 5'7"".

This girl is 5'8".", 5'9".".

At the moment it looks
as if she was all there.

No mutilation.
Good head of hair.

Luckily, Paul here
likes jigsaws.

That could be a bit
of the zygomatic arch.

Are you sure
that it's not Simone?


Want me to point out
the differences?

Not particularly, no, thank you.

What else?

Fractured her wrist
when she was younger.

Playing netball?

Perhaps she fell off her bike.
That's for you to discover.

Don't rub it in.

Well, look, can you tell me
if she's black or white?

- No.
- Shit!

I've been going
up a dead-end street.

Well, we've got a man here
can do

all kinds of jiggery-pokery
with a skull

to ascertain ethnic origins.

Better still,

a medical artist who could make you a
clay head at a price.

Is he good?

He's our very own Auguste Rodin.

- Yeah, but is he good?
- Naturellement.

That's expensive, right?

Do you want to put it
to Mike Kernan?

No. Sod it
Let's do it.


So, uh, how long
before I get it?

- Three weeks?
- Fine.

I'll pick it up in three days.

I'll talk to him.

Perhaps if you were prepared
to model in the nude...

- That's sexual harassment.
- What isn't these days?

How did she die, Oscar?

No idea.

The skull could have been
smashed after death.

For all I know, she could
have been buried alive.

- D.A. Harvey.

No, Harvey.

That's H-A-R...

Well, when would you be able to?

Yeah, it's just I'm trying to --

I'm trying to
find out whether...

I'm gonna do some myself.

- Have you got anything for me?
- Nothing so far, boss.

But we have got some more stuff
dug up from the garden of 15.

- Oh.
- Jonesy's getting it from Gold.

Well, let's hope it's good, then.

Right. Listen up.

I've just come from Oscar Bream
at the path lab,

and it's definitely not
Simone Cameron.

So we got to operate
on two fronts --

find David Harvey
and identify Nadine.

And it's a bottle of Scotch
for whoever gets David Harvey.


They found a plastic bag
buried as well.

Gold has definitely linked it
to the girl.

Contained this.

Cloth is West African.
Several yards of it, in fact.

And those ivory bracelets
are Nigerian.

Yoruba amulets.

Supposed to ward off
evil spirits.

Didn't work for Nadine.

They're very old
and very valuable.

May I talk to Esme, your mum?

Please wait here.

Mum, someone's at the door
for you.

Hello, it's Jane Tennison.

Yes, come in.

- This way.
- Thank you.

This is my son Tony.

- Hello, Tony.
- And this is his daughter, Cleo.

Say hello, Cleo.

- Hello.
- Hello.

Tony and his girlfriend

are doing the decent thing
at long last,

and their daughter
is to be a bridesmaid.


Lord, how times
have changed, huh?

You wanted to see my husband?

Yes, please.
Thank you.

So when's the happy day, Tony?

- Uh...
- Do you like my dress?

Yes, I do.

Oh, I think that's lovely.

Oh, Tony, just a minute.

Could you have a look
at this for me, please?

That's a description
of the dead girl.

Do you remember
seeing anyone like that

in the Honeyford Road area
in the mid-'80s?

She might have been
at school with you.

I'm a bridesmaid.

Mm, you are, aren't you?

Have you ever been a bridesmaid?

Yes,l have.
But you know, never the bride.


Come along, baby.
Say bye-bye.

- Bye.

Wedding boy.

Chief Inspector,
what can I do for you?

And you have no idea

where David Aloysius Harvey lives now?

I'm afraid not.

Now, you bought this property

in, uh, when was it,
1989, right?


And, uh -- and Mr. Harvey
obviously moved in

shortly afterwards.

With his Wife.

After she died,
he let things go.


And then you sold the property in 1989

with Mr. Harvey
as a sitting tenant.


Did that lead to any bad feeling
between you and Mr. Harvey?



Not much.

The problem we had was that, uh,

he was very erratic
in paying the rent.

Sometimes he seemed to have
money and sometimes not.

I presume you had a set
of keys to number 15.


Mr. Allen, did you do anything to the

while you were the owner
of the property?

Harvey laid the slabs.

I didn't want him to, but, uh,

he did very much
as he pleased, really.

And when were those slabs laid?

I'd say 1986, '87.

Because, you know, it's almost certain
that body was buried

before the slabs went down.


I can see that.

Mr. Allen, how is it you can
afford two properties

with your pay?

Esme's café
has always done well.

To tell you the truth,

it was her money
that paid the second mortgage.

And your son's at public school?

That's right.

When will you ever learn, Pop?

Black people aren't supposed to own
businesses, houses,

get an education.

This is my daughter, Sarah.

Now, now.
There's no need to be rude.

I agree.

You're the law student.

And you're, um...
You're 20.

So that means in the summer of, let's

um, you would have been, um...

-20 --

not your strong point?

Not particularly, no.

It's my son David
who is a wizard at maths.


Did you ever see
anyone like this

in the vicinity
of Honeyford Road?

Yes, of course.
Simone Cameron.

No, it's not Simone.
We're sure about that.

Would you look
at the description, please?

Well, then, if it's not Simone,

you'll need to be a bit more specific,
won't you?

That's if you can be bothered.

And what does that mean?

Well, the police aren't exactly noted
for their...enthusiasm

when it comes to solving cases

when the victim is black,
are they?

Was she black?

Doesn't say so here.

Maybe it's you
who's jumping to conclusions.

When's the happy day, Tony?

Two weeks away now.

Well, I'll see you before then.

Thank you.
Thanks for your help.

- Bye-bye. Thank you.
- Take care.

You got anything
on David Harvey yet?

Not yet, gov.

We've tried the electoral roll, NHS,
DSS, rates.

I've just finished working
my way through the phone book.

You know, Vernon said he was erratic
on paying his rent.

Did you check the credit-reference



Well done, boss.

Mrs. Eileen Reynolds.

Got a pen?


Fancy a drink?

No, I should go home, really.

Oh, right.
The twins.

Go on.
Off you go.

- Good night.
- Night, Richard.

Got you.
Got you.

Thanks, Oscar.

Right. Well, they've done
the tests on Nadine's skull.

It seems she was of mixed race.

West African
and probably English.

Well, that would explain
the Nigerian bracelets, then.


Let's see what David Harvey's got to

Jesus, I hope
the lift's working.

You know, you ought to give
up smoking cigarettes.

Makes you feel
a whole lot better.

Ah, here we are.

There's nothing worse
than a born-again nonsmoker.

David Harvey?


We're police officers.

Could we have a word with you, please?

So why did you move away,
Mr. Harvey?

Had my first heart attack.

When I got out of the hospital,

I came here to be closer
to Eileen, my sister.

I didn't want to
live there anyway.

Not after my wife died.

I only stayed on because the big darky
wanted rid of me so badly.

Should never have moved
to this dump.

I'm a bloody prisoner.

Lift's always on the blink.

- Place full of junkies, pimps.

That's her.
That's the wife.

She was the gardener.

Lovely garden
when she was alive.

I tried to
keep it going after...

Oh, well.
You know?

In the end, I paved it over.

I can tell you exactly when,
as well.

I hired
some stonecutting equipment.


There you go.

Last week in August.

It was during all that week
I did the digging.

Took up the grass.

Leveled it all off.

I'd laid about half the slabs
by the Saturday,

stayed with Eileen
Sunday morning,

stayed on till the Monday.

And Eileen lives locally?

Well, she does now, but in those days
she lived in Margate.

Anyway, when I got home
on a Monday,

I finished laying the rest of the
slabs and cemented them in.

So then the only time that the house
was left unattended was --

Let's see. That must have been on
Sunday the 31st of August.

That's right.


And did you notice anything unusual
when you got back?


No signs that anyone else
had been digging in the garden.

No extra earth anywhere?


I must say, Mr. Harvey,

if someone asked me
what I was doing

on the last weekend
in August 1986,

I don't think
I'd be able to remember.

How is it that you can recollect so

'Cause my wife died on that day
the year before.

Oh, I-I see.

Eileen asked me down
to stay with her

so as I wouldn't be on my own, yeah?

Oh, that'll be my lunch.

I spend that weekend
with her every year.

Don't know how I'd manage without her.

She always sends my food over.

Oh, good. My colleague will want to
have a few words with her.

Oh, no, it's not her.

This is my nephew.

What's going on?

We're police officers.

So you're certain

you don't recognize this girl
from this description?

What do you want with my uncle?

Quite sure.
I'll tell you later.

But you know he's not very well?

I'm fine. Don't worry about it.
I'm fine.

What's all this about?

Your uncle will tell you
after we've gone, Jason.

Thank you very much, Mr. Harvey.
We'll show ourselves out.

Lying bastard,
Trotting out his alibi

like a speech
he'd learned by heart.

Yeah. Right.

And he wasn't shuffling
about like that six years ago.

If he could lay those slabs,

he could smash
a young girl's skull.

Well, we'd better
get a move on, then, hadn't we,

before David Aloysius Harvey
dies on us.

- Where's D.C.l. Tennison?
- Following up a lead, gov.


Can I have your attention, please?

This is Detective Sergeant
Bob Oswalde.

Bob's joined us
from West End Lane

to assist on Operation Nadine.

Oh, where's
the medical artist's studio?

Uh, first on the left.

Thank you.

- Hello.
- Hi.

I'm D.C.l. Tennison.

I believe you're making
a clay head for me.

Come in.

May not look like much
at the moment,

but, um, I have high hopes.

She had the most beautiful skull I've
ever seen.


Oh, yes.
See this?

The orbicularis oris.

The muscle overlays
the maxilla and mandible

on the eminences due to
the incisor and canine teeth.

Its fibers surround
the oral aperture.

Function -- closing of the mouth
and pursing of lips.

See, I'm a scientist.

Otherwise, I'd have said

it's the muscle that allows you to
kiss someone.

When will she be ready?


By the end of the week.

Hang on, hang on.
Why me?

Bob needs a desk.

That's not an answer. Why me?

Because you're only ever
at your desk to drink coffee.

Yeah, because normally
I'm out there, mate,

making sure the streets
are safe to walk.

- Super Lillie.

Batman and Lillie.

What is happening?

It's bad enough having to police them,
let alone work with them.

You're only saying that
'cause he's taller than you.

Talking about?
No, he ain't.

Can you shut up, can you,
and get on with some work?

can I have a word, please?

Yes, gov?

What's Bob Oswalde doing here?

Do you know him?

Answer the question, Tony.

Well, he's part of the team.
Kernan brought him in.

Thank you.


I want a word with you, gov. Now.

Thank you, Sharon.

What do you mean
by co-opting someone

on to my team
without telling me?

Well, it seemed to me that
a black officer would be, uh --

How can I put it? --
a useful addition.

Well, why didn't you consult with me?

Actually, I consulted
the community-liaison officer,

who thought it was
an excellent idea --

a black face prominent
in this inquiry,

an antidote to the Burkins
of this world.

Are you saying you can't use
an extra man?

- No.
- Then what are you saying?

If he had been a part
of the team from the beginning,

that would be different.

But now every time I ask him
to do something,

it's open to misinterpretation.

- I don't understand.
- It smacks of tokenism.

It's political maneuvering.

I mean,
you should have asked me first.

Pulling rank just undermines me.

I wasn't pulling rank.

- I was just trying to help you.
- Oh, bollocks.


You can't work with the man?

Well, yes, I can work with him.

'Cause all my sources
reckon he's a good officer.

- Yes, yes. I'm sure he is.
- What have you got against him?


Well, we didn't hit it off
particularly well on the course.

I don't want you to marry him, for
Christ's sake.

I don't want him on my team.

He's on the team already.

I've made my decision.
I'm not going back on it.

Now, get the man briefed
and put him to work.

We'll review the situation
at the end of the week.

I'll be watching
the progress of this case

very carefully from now on.

Are you expecting me to believe

that this
is complete coincidence?

I don't know
about a coincidence.

How many black detectives
did he have to choose from?

What I'm saying is
it has nothing to do with me.

You know me well enough to know
I wouldn't ask

to be the token black
on your team.

Well, just -- just don't think

that what happened
on that course

gives you
any special privileges.

I don't.

Don't you dare tell anyone.

Jane, please.
What do you take me for?

Don't call me Jane.

Look, give me some credit.

What happened happened.

It's gone.
Long since forgotten about.

Let's not give it
another thought.



Well, I'll see you back
in the incident room, then.

I'll be along in a minute.

We could have the clay head
by tomorrow.

By the end of the week
at the latest.

So after talking to Harvey,
our best bet

is to concentrate on Sunday
the 31st of August 1986.

Has Harvey got an alibi?

His sister, Eileen.

I'm gonna see her shortly.
But what we need now is a name.

We've got to build up
Nadine's life story.

Then maybe we can connect her
to Harvey.

I've been wading through
these statements.

One or two people
talk about a young girl

staying in the basement
at number 15.

- Really?
- Conflicting reports.

- But it could have been '86.
- That's brilliant.

Right. I'd better make a start on
missing persons.

Bob, could you handle that
for me, please?

Tony, see if you can have a word with
Harvey's consultant.

Make sure he's not just
a bloody good actor.

Well, if he is,
he should win an Oscar.

All right. That's it for now.

Nice one.

I'm glad to see the boss

is keeping her colored friend
in his place.

Gov, can I put someone else
on mispers?


With respect, ma'am,

it's ridiculous having
a man of his experience --


He might pick up on something
a more junior man might miss.

Don't call me "ma'am

I'm sure.
Of course I'm sure.

Every year
since his Jeanie died.

He wouldn't have left
until the Monday morning.

What you lot
have got to remember --

He's a sick man.
You shouldn't be hounding him.

Mum, they have got
their job to do.

He's waiting for an operation, you

You'll be
the bloody death of him.

We're not hounding him,
Mrs. Reynolds.

We're trying to eliminate him from our

You wouldn't be hounding him like this
if he was a black man.


Mrs. Reynolds, I've questioned your
brother once, that's all --

which is not surprising,

considering the body
of a young girl

was found buried in his garden.

Well, that's a load of rubbish.

Simone Cameron this,
Simone Cameron that.

Was it Simone?

- No.
- Exactly.

It's my brother
you should be concerned about.

He's the one that's dying!

So, um, is that all for now?

Thank you very much for coming.

Come on, then, Mum.

Don't pull me about!

Well, he's in
the hospital tomorrow.

Thanks to you.


Uh, just one last thing.

You said that
you and Mr. Harvey fell out

because he wouldn't move.


- Is there nothing else?
- What?


But didn't he sublet
the basement to a girl?

That had nothing to do with me.

What had nothing to do with you?

Whatever she was doing.

And what was she doing?

I don't know.
It was none of my business.

Well, it was if she was
a prostitute, Vernon.


Because, as the landlord,

you could have been done
for running a brothel.

How dare you
use the word "brothel"?

Well, what word would you use?

I was at work all hours.

Esme was, too.

A neighbor told us
men were calling there.

I spoke to Harvey straightaway, but I
had no proof.

Then suddenly the...

...girl seemed to have gone.

Did you see her?


Was it the girl
whose remains we found?

Is that why you won't cooperate?


My family are very upset.

It is an important time for us.

A wedding
should be a time of joy.

I have cooperated with you
in every way so far.

Then please answer the question.

Did she answer to the description that
I've given you?

She was a white girl.

- Not just light-skinned?
- No. White.

Can you describe her, please?


Perhaps 5'2".".

Tiny thing, really.

Blond hair.

Bleached, I'd say.

But not the girl you described.

Did you have sexual relations with

I did not.

And, uh, what was
the relationship

between Harvey and this girl?

God knows.

I wouldn't put anything
past that man.

And when did
all this happen, Vernon?

Could have been the summer
you've been talking about.

The Viswandhas' brief's
been bending my ear.

He tells me forensic
are still there,

poking around the house,

lifting up carpets,
floorboards, the lot.


Let's get them out of there
as soon as possible.

Of course.

Let's see it, then.

Very nice.

Right. I want these photos
to appear everywhere they can.

That's local and national press.

From now on,
you'll show them to anyone

who might be able to help.

Let's get the Aliens in
to see this.

Vernon Allen has confirmed
there was a tom working

from the basement of number 15 that

But his description
doesn't fit our Nadine.

But I don't know.
Maybe Nadine was a tom, as well.

Perhaps Harvey
was a small-time pimp.

Harvey's gonna be in hospital all day

So I can't tackle him
till the evening about it.

She doesn't look like
a prostitute.



Ask around, anyway.



Vernon Allen has confirmed
the whereabouts of his family

on the 31st of August.

You know there's that
reggae concert in Honeyford Park

on the last Sunday in August?

Well, you ought to. Some of you made
enough overtime out of it.

Well, Vernon Allen says
that Esme was at that concert.

she's there every year.

She runs a stall
selling West Indian food.

Well, Tony Allen was also at
the concert, which as you know,

it's an all-day affair --
10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

Now, Vernon stayed at home
to look after Sarah and David.

Tony returned home
at about 9:00 p.m.

so that Vernon could go to work.

Now, I've checked
with Vernon's work records,

and he definitely did
do a late shift that night,

right through Sunday night
and late into Monday.

Now, by the time Esme had
packed up and got home,

it was about 10:45.

And she says
by the time she got home,

all the three kids
were asleep and in bed.

Now, obviously, I'd like
these accounts verified

wherever possible, okay?

Perhaps that's the link between
Nadine and Honeyford Road.

Sorry, what is?

Reggae Sunsplash.

Yeah, go on.

Well, Harvey could have
met her there.

Or Tony Allen.

Perhaps the victim's bag
of African cloth

was a costume of some sort.

She might even have been
performing at the concert.

That's a good point.

Well, that's
an interesting thought.

Worth following up.

Frank, Gary --

I want you to go first thing
tomorrow morning

to the Sunsplash organizers.

See if they can point you
towards any bands

using musicians
or -- or backing singers

wearing African gear, okay?

Anything else?

- Any more bright thoughts?
- Nope.

No? All right.
Well, that's it, then.

Why are you doing this to me?


Treating me like the office boy.

I don't know
what you're talking about.

Why didn't you send me
to see the concert organizers?

Well, you're busy already.

Besides, I thought you didn't want to
be given special tasks

because of the color
of your skin.

I don't.

I want to be given a task

commensurate with my
abilities and experience.

Well, I want you to continue
overseeing mispers.

But I would also like you

to arrange for the Aliens
to see the clay head.

Watch their reactions.

Thank you.


Are you sure, Vernon?



I'd remember if I had.

What a beautiful child.

Tony, what's wrong?

Come, Tony.
Sit down.



Calm down.

Don't fuss.


It's all right.

It's very hot in here.

He suffers from asthma.

I see.

Have you seen her before, Tony?

I've never seen her.

You're certain?

I'm certain.

He's our prime suspect, and
he's dying.

I'm not gonna sit back
and watch.

I don't know
why you're so bothered.

It's just another runaway. Another
dead prostitute.

You don't mean that.

I do if it means climbing
these poxy stairs again.

She's someone's daughter, Tony.


Anything we get
from the old sod's

likely to be
thrown out of court anyway.

He didn't know
what he was saying.


I've never seen her before.

I did let out the basement room that

I admit it.

There's nothing wrong with that.

The big darky complained
about everything I did.

He just wanted me out.

So why did you let the room, David?

Did -- Did you know
the girl already?

I've never seen her before.


It seemed a very big house
just for me.

And I needed the money.

So I put a card
in the newsagent's window.

What was her name?


I don't remember.

How long did she stay?

- Couple of months.
- Which months?

- June, July.
- Not August?

She'd gone by then.

Did you know
that she was a prostitute?


Could she have
been friends with this girl?

It's possible.

Do you think she had
a set of keys to the flat?

It's possible, I suppose.

Could she and some friends
have used the flat

that Sunday
you were at your sister's?

How should I know?

As you say...

...I wasn't there.

Your father remembers her.

She was bleached blond,
slim, about 5'2".".

Well, I don't!

- Do you like reggae, Tony?
- What?

I do. Reggae, soul, jazz.
Do you like jazz?

- What are you talking about?
- Just talking, man.

Well, don't.
Just leave me alone.

- Don't jump the rails, mate
- I don't remember any girl!

- Here you go, mate.
- Oh.

Just, uh, one last thing, David.

Could we have a photograph
of you, please?


It'll help to eliminate you
from our inquiries.

- Will I get it back?
- Yes, of course.

One from the mid-'80s,
if that's possible.

Are you the photographer?

My nephew, Jason.

Hmm. Very good.


Younger and fitter there, eh?

Thank you.

I'll get it copied
and have it sent back to you

as soon as possible.

I'd remove that
if I were you, David.

That's not very safe.

So somebody can get in
if l collapse.

All the same.
Thank you.

Thanks a lot.

You'd make a wonderful
crime-prevention officer.

All right.
Night, gov.

I hope you get something.

See you tomorrow.


Ii I was a fool,
afraid to the heart I I

ii Waiting for my life to start ii

ii Drifting along
with the little I had 1 I

I I I was safe, secure, and sad I I

I wouldn't if I were you, dear.

I j You made me see
so many possibilities I I

- Hello.
- Hi, Rachel.

Fancy something to eat?

I I You opened my eyes
to this world I j

Well, if he's a pimp,
I've never seen him before.

I'll ask around
about the bleached blonde.

- It's not much to go on.
- You're telling me.

Maybe she was one of those
that tried it for five minutes

and decided
it was no kind of life.

One of the sensible ones.

Still,l suppose
someone might remember.

'Cause most of the girls
who do that area are black.


This is a likeness
of the dead girl.



Never seen her before either.


Do your best, okay?

I always do.

See you around.


Jane, remember,
Friday's Emma's first birthday,

so you won't forget
to send her a card, will you?

Haven't forgotten, Mum.

Oh, and if you're back by 10:30, you
can telephone me.

Oh, and Daddy sends his love.

- Thanks,Daddy

Mike Kernan, 9:35.

I was hoping for an update, Jane.

Any results
from your clay head?

Um, it's my interview tomorrow,

and they're bound to ask me about
Operation Nadine.

Particularly whether
my D. C. I.'s come in on budget.

Anyway, ring me tonight
if you can.

Or drop by my office
first thing.


So we've spoken
to the concert organizers.

They've given us the names of the
bands using backing singers,

and we're talking to them now.

Let's tread carefully there,

We're under the microscope.

- How's Oswalde getting on?
- Fine.



How do I look?

Like a chief superintendent.


I don't know
nothing about it.

Do you want to look at them, sir,
before you answer?

I told you I don't know her.

Right, mate. Uh, D.C. Rosper,
Southampton Row.

Would you please look at the
photograph before you answer me?

You can't make a man
look at a photograph

if he doesn't want to.

Can't I? I can nick him for
obstructing police inquiries.

- Now look at it!
- He wasn't with the band then!

- Can I have a word, Frank?
- Let me take a look.


Your batty man
want a word with you, Frank.

I Freedom I

- What did he call me?
- Don't know.

Yes, you do.

I'm gonna nick him.

That'll be a big help,
won't it, Frank?

Listen, perhaps the gov
gave you this lead

to see if you can manage
to talk to a black guy

without arresting him.

I think that drummer
might know summat.

Maybe go back in there
and have a word, yeah?

Well, go on,
but you're wasting your time.


Thought you might like to know

forensics have found
a fragment of our girl's tooth

between the floorboards
in the front room of number 15.


I think I might have found her.

- Yeah?
- Joanne Fagunwa.

Mixed parentage, went missing
in early '85 from Birmingham.

Got a photograph?

I suppose that's with the file, but
that's in Birmingham.

Get it faxed through.
If it looks promising, then go.

- To Birmingham?
- Yes.

Richard, did we check
on when Mrs. Harvey died?

August '85, wasn't it?

- Will you check on that?
- Yes.

- Boss, can we go now, please?
- Yeah. Come on, let's go.

Right. Dead tom.

Nice one, Bob.

- Later.
- Yeah, man. Later.

Where's Dirty Harry?

- Eh?
- Your partner.

Clint Eastwood, ain't it?

Oh, yeah.
Sorry about that, man.

Do you like reggae?

- Yeah. Solid, guy.
- Seen.


Peruse these at your leisure.



Vids from '86.

Apparently two bands
used girl backing singers.

Do I have what it takes,
or do I have what it takes?

I'm not saying
you killed her, David.

But what I am saying is that
she was killed in your house.

Are you all right, sir?

Call an ambulance, Tony.

Don't move, don't move.

Hello? Hello, yes,
can I have an ambulance, please?



Listen, we're going
to the hospital, all right?

You can contact us there.

All right.


You know, we could lose this one if
Harvey croaks.

Right. Come on.

Only be a minute.

Can I show you
these photographs?


Do you recognize these amulets, Mrs.


They belonged
to my husband's family.

He gave them to Joanne.

Then I'm sorry to tell you

that they were found with
the remains of a young girl.

Can I show you a photograph
of a clay head we've had made?


Does that look like
your daughter?

Oh, yes.

It's very like her.

It's very clever.

I'm sorry.

How did she die?

Well, we're not certain, but the
circumstances are suspicious.

Don't tell me she suffered.

Please, please,
don't tell me that.

How's it going, Gary?

I'm having
a skanking good time, skip.

Are you, indeed?

Are you feeling all right?!

Her father died
that year, you see'?

I still don't know
why she left home.

She had everything.

She even had her own pony.

She had everything.

Did Joanne ever have
any accidents as a child?


You know, the usual cuts
and bruises, but, uh --

Oh, yes, she did.
She broke her wrist.

She fell off her bike.

Well, anyway,
she rejected it all.

She -- She started having bits woven
in her hair.

You know, beads.

And -- And her hair
isn't even black, really.

It's more a dark brown
with gold threads.

She was almost blond
when she was little.

And her skin looks almost tanned more
than anything else.

She was
such a pretty little girl.

We've so many photographs.

I keep meaning to sort them out.

I don't think the local police

treated her disappearance seriously --

Just another young girl
leaving home, going to London.

Loads of them do that,
don't they?

I saw a documentary.

It isn't just Joanne.


Yes! Yes!

She always thought
the best of people.

Perhaps we protected her
too much.

I don't know.

Have you got children?

No. No.

Would you like a cup of coffee?

That would be lovely.

Perhaps if ours hadn't been
a mixed marriage.

Do you think that could have been the

I mean,
made her go off like that?

That's right.

And Bob Oswalde called in.
He's got a positive I.D.

Joanne Fagunwa.
He's bringing mum in now.


Turn it down, please!

He didn't look that bad.

He's a very ill man.
You've seen that for yourself.

You've also seen he has
great difficulty breathing,

even when lying flat.

He needs complete rest.

Dr. Lim, we have
reason to believe

that Mr. Harvey
was involved in the murder

of a 17-year-old girl.

Now, I don't mind
what conditions you make,

but we have to talk to the man.


T-This I recognize.

It's my -- It's my one and only
attempt at knitting.

Ch, Why -- why her?

Why her?

Thank you for your kindness.

Do you think you'll find out
how it happened?

You know, find the person
who did it?

I'm sure we will.

I wonder...

This may seem...

Could I buy the clay head
when your inquiries are over?

It's just that...

Does that seem strange?

No, no.
I'll find out for you.

I mean, there's nothing else,
is there?

There's nothing
to remind me of my baby.

Take care.

Did the Aliens
have keys to Harvey's house?

I suppose they must have.

Where did Tony Allen
go to school?

- Have you seen this, Bob?
- Is that the tape of Joanne?

You should have a look.
I think I'm in love.

I was his head of year.
I remember him very well.

Bright lad.
Did very well in the fifth form.

Good results,
going on to "A" level.

Sights set on a college place.

And when he came back
in September, he'd changed.

He was surly and introverted.
A loner.

Let me know
as soon as he wakes up.

I will.

I spoke to him.
Headmistress spoke to him.

Got dad up here.

Nothing seemed to help.

Ah, there we are.

September '86.
I'm usually right.

Educational psychologist's report.

Help yourself.

I see Tony played in a band.

Did he?
I didn't know that.

We did our best,

but there was really no point
in him staying on.

The only person he seemed
to relate to was his Sarah.

He'd gone by Christmas.

I still see him in the supermarket
from time to time.

Waste, really.
Bright lad.

- Hello?
- Jane?

- Who's this?
- It's Bob Oswalde.

Jane, look, I know this is
a bit unexpected,

but, um, I want to talk to you.

Well, can't it wait?

You know, I'm expecting a call from
the hospital.


- All right.

This had better be good.

I've seen this.


Your finger.
Very interesting.

There's a better shot
in a moment.


Is that Tony Allen?

- Tony Allen.
- Jesus.

Now, he's concealed the fact

that he was playing
at Sunsplash,

so evidently knew Joanne.

Now, the Aliens had keys
to Harvey's house,

and I've been to his school --

Wait, wait, wait, wait.
Now, let's think this through.

Just 'cause
he's on the same bandstand

as Joanne,
that doesn't mean --

- Oh, shit!

This could be it.

I'm expecting Harvey
to come 'round.

- What's this?

Oh. That's, uh --
That's last night's dinner.

You know, it's one of those frozen
chili con carne things.

And what have you got
for tonight?

One of those
frozen chili con carne things.

D.C.l. Tennison.

Where do you think you're going?


Right. Good.
She got a number?

It's a call box, is it?

2-3. Got it.

Tell her
I'll call her straightaway.


It's not the hospital.

It's a snout of mine that's trying to
get through to me.


What are you up to?

Rachel, it's me.

What you got for me, darling?


What the hell
do you think you're doing?

What's this?

It's lettuce.

Well, it was.

You really need to eat
some decent food.

What was the telephone call?

Anything interesting?

No, not really.

Apparently, the girl
who was at number 15

jacked it in soon afterwards,
went legit.

No one seems to know
where she is now,

but they're sure
she's not on the game.

I took a look at Tony Allen's
school record today.

Now, everything was fine
until 1986.

He came back from the summer
holidays a different person.

The educational psychologist's
report talks of anxiety,

depression, low self-esteem.

- What is it with you?
- What?

What -- What are you
trying to prove?

- Do you have any tomato puree?
- No.

How can I work
in these conditions?

It's as if you're trying to take some
kind of test all the time.

Well, you're no different.
I watched you on the course.

You know they're all lined up

wanting to see you
fall flat on your face --

Thorndike and all
the rest of the senior shits.

So you want to be the best,
come out on top.

Well, I'm the same as you,
which is why...

...when I calmed down
and thought about it,

I understood why you've been treating
me like the office boy.

And why you've gone off
and done a number on your own?

I mean it, Bob.
You are a member of a team.

Am I?

Well, from now on you are.


I don't suppose
you've got anything to drink?

- So let's pick him up.
- No. Not yet.

Look, I know that boy's involved in
the murder.

You have no evidence of that.

You didn't see his response
to the clay head.

All we know for sure

is that he was on
that same bandstand as Joanne.

- So he's been lying.
- Yeah.

And we'll tackle him about that when
the right time comes.

- What does that mean?
- It means not yet.

I can crack Harvey.
I'm sure he holds the key.

Except that old bastard
might croak on us at any time.

I thought
you'd really go for this.

Look, I don't want to
argue about it, Bob.

Obviously, the point is
I shouldn't have come here.

Well, no, you shouldn't,
as a matter of fact.

We said that at the hotel.

Well, I mean,
that's not the point, actually.

- Look, all I'm trying to say --
- Look, don't bother.

Oh, hello, gov.

Yes, it went very well,
since you ask.

Sorry, what?

My interview.

- Oh, yeah, right. Good, good.
- Any news on Harvey?

Uh, apparently,
he's regained consciousness.

I'm going to see him right now.

- Well, gently does it, Jane.
- Yes, yes, yes.

Get him anything he wants.

Solicitors, doctors, nurses,
geisha girls -- anything.

Just so long
as his brief can't suggest

you got a statement
out of him unfairly.

- Of course, of course.
- Excuse me, gov.

Apparently, Harvey's wife died in
October '85, not August.

So his sister's
been telling fibs.

So it would seem.

Well, let's see what Harvey's
got to say about that.

By-election today?

Well, why aren't you wearing
your blue rosette?

Senior policemen are politicians
first and foremost, Jane.

Remember that
if you're up for super.

We in?

Well, Dr. Lim's still a bit jumpy
but, yeah, I think so.


I don't want him upset.

Any extra pressure on
his heart could be fatal.

We need some more there.

Hello, Tony.

You don't remember me?

Detective Sergeant Oswalde.

Just thought I'd do
a bit of shopping.

And while I'm here, perhaps you can
take a look at this.

Do you recognize her?
It's Joanne.

Why don't you people
just leave me alone?

Because you're telling us lies.

- You knew Joanne.
- No.

You worked
at Sunsplash together.

Better than that... played in the same band.

Remember her African costume, Tony?

Her bracelets?

Don't know
what you're talking about.

Oh, yes, you do.

I don't. I...

Don't you think it would be a good
idea to talk to me, David,

get it off your chest?


David, we know that Joanne --

that was her name --

we know that Joanne was
killed inside your home.

A fragment of her tooth
was found in the house.

Doesn't mean I killed her.

Now, your wife didn't die
in August, did she, David?

Jeanie died in October 1985.

What's the point in lying, David,
carrying all that guilt?

You know you're a very ill man.

If you do tell me...

...nothing will happen to you.

It'll never come to trial.

We'll just be able
to clear this whole thing up.

And most important of all,
you'll feel so much better.

Yo, Tony!

All right?

What is wrong with you?!

Why are you doing this to me?!

Doing what, man?
I've been shopping.

Leave me alone.

Just leave me alone!

You know,
I'm a Catholic, too, David.

It's been a long time
since my last confession.

But the one thing
I do remember is... that feeling of relief, you

Great weight being lifted
off your shoulders.

I think we all want to believe in
something, don't we?

We'd like to think
that we could just repent,

everything will be all right.

If only we could
just turn the clock back

and make everything all right.

You're dying, David.

Why don't you
just get it off your chest?

Just tell me what happened.

No more lies.
It's too late for lies.

Come on, you can talk to me.

- Can I?
- Of course.

You can -- You can have
your doctor present,

a solicitor, Jason,
your sister -- anyone.

You know, I'm only 55 years old?

It's a joke.

I'm sure the doctors will do
all they can.

I'm very frightened.

Leave me alone.

Leave me alone.

Boss, he's here.

- So how is he?
- He is a little better.

Jason, your uncle
wants to talk to me.

Yeah, so I was told.

And he's asked
that you should be there.


Well, I would ask for you
to remain quiet,

not to interrupt
while I'm talking to him.

Okay, right.

Let's go in.

Is Tony in?

You know I'm in.
You followed me home.

- Can I come in, Tony?
- No, you can't.

I'd like to ask you
a few questions.

You heard him.
He said no.

I don't have to answer
your questions.

Who told you that?
Sarah, the law student?


Go back inside, love.

She says you either arrest me
or stop harassing me.

Tony Allen,

I'm arresting you for the murder
of Joanne Fagunwa.


Where are you taking him?!

Phone my dad!
Phone my dad!

Do you wish
to consult a solicitor

or have a solicitor present during
this interview?



- Calm down!

Come on.
Take it easy.

Little interview,
it'll all be over.

- Good boy. Come on.
- I'm scared!

Let me out!

- Let me out!
- Anthony Allen.

Please, don't leave me
alone in here!


I'm gonna get the doctor
to take a look at him.

I don't think
he's fit to be detained.

- Please!
- He's all right.

Just let him stew for a bit.

Look, I'm the custody sergeant.

Don't try to tell me
my job, right?


You do not have to say anything

unless you wish to do so.

But what you say
may be given in evidence.

Do you understand, David?