Pretzel and the Puppies (2022–…): Season 1, Episode 7 - Roller-Dogs/Sniff & Share - full transcript

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Welcome to the neighborhood

Hey, pup, paws up

If you want to do some
good It's possible

With the Doxie family

Hey, pup, paws up

We can change
Muttgomery It's possible

You got Greta,
Pretzel and their pups

Poppy, Pippa, Pedro,
Paxton And there's Puck

-Hey, pup -Paws up!

It's possible

"Roller Dogs."

I'm ready to roll.

Let's go, let's go, let's go!

Hold onto your tails, pups,
and wait for Roller-Dad.

Are you pups
forgetting something?

Bye, Mom. Have a
good day at work.

Have a good day at work.

Have a good day at work.

I wish you didn't
have to go to work

so you can come
rolling with us, Momma.

Yeah, then you could see
all our cool rolly tricks.

I know, pups. That's why…


I took the day off so
I can roll with you.

- Mom's coming!
- Wait till you see my trick!

And how fast I can go!

And our rolly spins.

I can't wait!

Just call me Roller-Mama...

Gotcha, Roller-Mama.


It's been a while
since I skateboarded.

We'll help you, Mom.

Thanks, Paxton.

Mom, now you can see
how fast I can go.

Watch me, watch me!

Watch out for Ms.
Pupperpost, pups.


Sorry, Doxies.

I'll just zip right
outta your way.

Thanks, Ms. Pupperpost.

Thank you.

Okay. Good to go.

I think you mean good to roll!

Wait. Watch out for Gus!

Hi, Gus.

Hello, Doxies. Out
for a family roll?

Yeah. We're gonna show
Mom all our rolly tricks.

Well, it's a
beautiful day for it.

Weather like this always
puts a smile on my face.

Do you see a smile?

I'll see ya around.

Bye, Gus.

Oops, sorry. I'll go this way.

And we'll go this way.

- Bye, Gus.
- Bye, Gus!

- Bye!
- Come on. Let's go!


Enjoying your day
off, Mayor Greta?

Sure am, Mr. Bernard.

- I'm good.
- Goodbye, Doxies.

Bye! See you later!

Okay, no more stopping.


Why are we stopping now?

For the butterfly.

Hi, butterfly. Bye, butterfly.

We're never going to
be able to show Mom

all our cool rolly tricks
if we keep stopping.

There are just too
many dogs around.

It's so nice out, I guess everyone
just wants to be outside today.

Ollie, stop!

I'll never learn to
scooter like this.

Sorry, Ollie. Let's
try another time.


No one can roll today.

Come on, pups. Paws up!

Yeah. Yeah.

Let's find a place
we can roll without…


Well, I'll put my
paws up to that.

I mean, as soon as I get
better on this skateboard.

You're doing great, Mom.

Come on. Let's roll!

We can roll here. I
don't see any dogs.

No, we can't.

Bumpy, not rolly.

What is it, Paxton? See
a place we can roll?

No, my butterfly is back.

See? He's flying into the park.

That's it. The park is so big.

There'll be lots of
room to roll there.


Well, come on, Roller-Doxies.

- Let's go for a roll in the park.
- Yeah, come on. Let's go!

Wait for us, butterfly.

All right!

You're doing great, Mom.

Thanks, Poppy.

You sure are.

We're rolling now, pups.

Mom, we can finally
show you our tricks.

Look how fast I can go.

So fast, Pedro.

Mom, look at me!

Are you watching?

I sure...

Look out, pups!

Sorry, Doxies. Didn't see ya!

There's so many dogs here too.

It's hard to roll.

We can't roll on the sidewalk.
We can't roll in the park.

Where can we roll?

Where, where, where?

Whoa, Pedro.

How about I roll over for
a hug and a deep breath.

Mom only got to see our
tricks for a little bit.

I wish we could find a place
to roll without stopping.

- Yeah, with no dogs.
- No bumps.

No doggie-disks.

I'll put my paws up
again if you will.

Even on this.

Mom's right. Paws up, pups.


Let's keep trying to
find a place we can roll.

Cool drawing.

That rainbow sun
is bowwow-utiful.


Careful, don't step on the sun.

Don't worry. It's so
colorful, I couldn't miss it.

Hey, everyone. Look!

Dogs are walking around the
chalk drawing on the sidewalk.

Oh, yeah. They are.

Maybe if we draw
something on the sidewalk,

no one will walk on it.

But we can roll on
it like a rolly path.

My name's Pedro.

Can we borrow some
chalk, please?

My name's Gary. Sure.

Thanks, Gary.

I'll draw a big, long
line over here in green.

I'll draw blue
scooters over here.

Purple wheels.

And red hearts.

Okay, our rolly
path is all done.

Yes! Dogs can walk over there.

And they can roll over here.

Come on. Let's try it.

Yes! It works!

No one is walking on
our chalk rolly path.

Now we can roll, and
we don't have to...


We ran out of rolly path.

That's all we could draw.

I wish we could make a rolly
path all over Muttgomery.

Then we could keep rolling.

Maybe we can.

We can?


As long as the dogs of the
Muttgomery city council vote "yes."

At least I'm rolling
towards City Hall. Come on.

Yeah! Wait for us, Mom!

Ah, Mayor Greta.

I thought this was your day off.

It sure is. But
my pups have a...

A huge, gigantic idea.

We'd like to make a roller
path around the whole city.

A roller path? In Muttgomery?

Yeah. So dogs can roll.

And not stop for walking dogs.

If there's a path for rolling,
where do walking dogs walk?

Anywhere outside the rolly path.

Like this.

Let's show 'em, pups.

Walking dogs can walk over here
without worrying about rolling dogs.

And rolling dogs can roll over here
without stopping for walking dogs.

Why, that is a big,
huge, gigantic idea.

All in favor?

We can paint our rolly path!

Yes! We did it!

Come on, pups. I know
just who can help us.

Thanks, city council!

Foredog Frida!

We were wondering if you
and the construction dogs

can help us paint a path
for dogs to roll on.

A roller path?

Happy to help, Doxies.

What color paint would you like?

This looks good.

Green, please.

Green it is!

Come on, crew! Let's
paint a roller path.


As Mayor of Muttgomery,

I declare this rolly path
dry and ready to try!


I'm gonna roll so fast!

All right. Let's go!


Now we can roll
without stopping.

And show Mom all our tricks.

Mom, look how fast I can go!

Check me out, Momma. Ta-dog!

Look at our rolly spins.

Can you see me, Mom?

I love those rolly tricks, pups.

I'm so happy I get to see them.

And try them!



Go, Mom!

I'm scootering, Papa!

You're doing great, Ollie!

You really made your
bark today, Pedro.

Now all the dogs in Muttgomery
have a place to roll!

Yeah, I made my bark.

Now come on. Let's all roll.

Wow, Mom. You're going so fast.

That's right. I'm Roller-Mama!

And I'm Roller-Dad!

All it takes is one tiny spark

And you too can make your bark

Make a change for a dog or pup

Just get those paws up!

"Sniff and share."

Yes! Okay, all done!

- Yes! Paw-some!
- Yeah!

- I'm home, pups.
- Hey there.

- Hi, Mom!
- Mom, Mom! Look what we made.

Bowwow! What in the
wags is this creation?

You'll see, Mom. You'll see.

Watch this, Mom.

Ready, Dad?

Let it roll, Puck!

There goes the duck!

Down the dad slide.

It made it to the skateboard.

Catch it, Pedro. Catch it!

So close!

That was amazing!

I'll get the ball so
we can try it again.

Hey. What's this thing?

The Doxie Baby Boxy.

Doxie Baby Boxy?

Yep. All your old baby puppy
things are in this box.

Can we see?

Baby stuff. Baby stuff.

I used to wrap you all
up in this blanket.

All of us? But it's so teeny.

Well, that's 'cause you
were all so teeny back then.

I could hold you all at the
same time in this one paw.

Poppy, look!

Triangle and square. I
used to love this book.

Triangle. Square. Two
shapes? That's it?

This really is a
tiny baby puppy book.

Puck! Remember this?

My Dino-Dog rattle.

Remember how you used to
shake, shake, shake it?

Oh, Pippa.

Your very first
polka-dot collar bib.

I remember that, Momma.

This used to fit you perfectly.

Why are you crying, Mom?

Don't worry, Pax.
These are happy tears.

Grown-ups get happy
tears sometimes

when we remember our
pups being little.

It happens to me too sometimes.

What else is in the box, pups?

Hey, my old helmet!

Try it on!

Doesn't fit anymore.

Remember this, Paxton?


I haven't seen you in so long.

You used to keep me
so warm and cozy.

We can't use this stuff
anymore. It's too small.

I can still snuggle
under Wingsy.

I think.


This used to make a
barky baby puppy sound.


A crying baby puppy sound?

It's coming from outside!

That's not the
toy crying, Pippa.

It's a real baby puppy. Look!

That puppy is so sad.

Hey! Maybe she wants
to shake, shake, shake

my old Dino-Dog rattle.

I'll shake to that.

Come on. Let's clean
it and give it to her.

Why is she crying?

She's just a little
sad right now.

This used to make me smile
when I was a baby puppy.

I'm too big for it
now. Can she have it?

We gave it a really good bath.

Well, she does love rattles.
Maybe give it a try.

It still works!

She can keep it.

I love to hear her
giggle. Thank you.

You're welcome.

That baby puppy really
likes that Dino-Dog rattle.

I have an idea.

Maybe we can find other baby
puppies and give this stuff to them.

I like the way you think, kiddo!

Come on, pups. Paws up!


Let's give this stuff
to some baby pups.

Where can we find
other baby puppies?

There's tons of baby
puppies in the park.

Come on!

Let's set all this stuff up so
everyone can see what we've brought.

What's that, Wingsy? Okay.

Wingsy wants to stay with me.

That's okay, Paxton.

Yeah. You don't need
to give Wingsy away.

Okay. Everything we've
brought is on the blanket.

Let's get some baby
pups over here.

Hello, baby puppies.

Do you need a new
toy or a new book?

Or a new bib?

We have lots! Come see!

Any pup want a spinner toy?

I'm okay.

Triangle. Square.

Again! Again!

Triangle. Square.

Mommy, read!

Triangles and squares
are his favorite shapes.

You can keep it.

Thank you!

Grandma. Grandma!
Look what I found!

You're fast on that!

My grandpup got a little too
big for her spinner at home,

but this one fits her perfectly.
But this one fits her perfectly.

You can keep it.

Thank you.

I'll get it!

Nice catch! Do you
need a new fetch ball?

You can keep it.

Thanks! This too?

I'm sorry. I'm not
giving Wingsy away.


Are you sure you don't wanna
give her your butterfly?

I can't. Wingsy needs me,

and I need Wingsy to
keep me warm and cozy.



You both like to
play music together?

- You can keep it!
- Thank you!

Only a few things left, pups.

Thank you.

Thank you!

Thank you!

Look! We gave almost
everything away.

Our turn! Giving away
your things was so kind.

We brought some things
to give away too.

Can we use your blanket?

Someone else can have this.

I only need one
ring for floating.

Can I put it on the blanket too?

I got stuff too.

I don't need this box
anymore or the stuff in it.

I don't need this anymore.

Maybe someone else can use it.

- Thank you.
- Bow-wowzers. Look at all this.

What even is this thing?

Now we have way more
stuff than before.

That doesn't even all
fit on the blanket.

What are we gonna do?

We can't just leave it all here.

We can find a place
for all this stuff.

Keep those paws up, everyone!

We have too much
stuff for paws up.

And there's even more in
that box the dog brought.

Wait a minute.

That's better.

- I'll put in this stuffie.
- I'll put these squeakers in too.

I'll help with these books.

Agnes here could really use
a tiny baby puppy helmet.

I just put one in here. This
was mine when I was little.

It fits. You can have it.

Thank you!

What a wonderful idea to have
this Share Box in the park.

"Share Box"? I like
how that sounds.

This box is giant.

All the stuff on the
blanket will fit in here.

And this lid will keep it
all clean and safe and dry.

Let's fill up the Share Box.

There. It's all
in the Share Box.

Did you say "Share Box"?

Just what I've always
needed. Thanks!

Mom, can we keep the
Share Box in the park?

Muttgomery's mayor says,

it's a wag-nificent idea!

Let's decorate it so every
dog in Muttgomery will see it.

Yeah! I love it.

I'll do the swirls.

I'll do the stars.

Wingsy, I'm gonna paint you.

Presenting the new
Muttgomery Share Box!

Come on, everyone. Check it out.

Share Box? What's that?

Put something in that
you don't need anymore.

Or take something
out that you need.

You really made your
bark today, Puck.

The Share Box is already
making Muttgomery happier.

Yeah, I made my bark.

Hey, where did Wingsy go?

Wingsy, there you are.

She sure loves this butterfly.

I know. But that's not…

So snuggly.

Wingsy's pretty cozy, huh?

I'm a little too
big for him now,

but I know he'll make
you really happy.

She usually doesn't like naps,

but I think Wingsy's going
to really help with that.

Thank you.

Bye, Wingsy. Take care of
this new baby puppy, okay?

Happy tears?

Maybe a little.

You and Wingsy made your
bark today too, Pax.

How about a happy hug?

All it takes is one tiny spark

And you too can make your bark

Make a change for a dog or a pup

Just get those paws up!