Pretzel and the Puppies (2022–…): Season 1, Episode 6 - The Show Must Bark On/Dogs at Work - full transcript

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Welcome to the neighborhood

Hey, pup, paws up

If you want to do some
good It's possible

With the Doxie family

Hey, pup, paws up

We can change
Muttgomery It's possible

You got Greta,
Pretzel and their pups

Poppy, Pippa, Pedro,
Paxton And there's Puck

-Hey, pup -Paws up!

It's possible

"The Show Must Bark On!"

Can we please go faster?

We're going to a
concert with real music.

Hurry, hurry, hurry!

Come on, Poppy!

Come on, Paxton!

Come on, Pedro!

Come on, Puck!

Come on, Mama!

-Shall we dance to the show, Doxies? -Yeah!
-Shall we dance to the show, Doxies? -Yeah!


Dad, why are you stopping?

Because we're here, Pippa.

Yes, yes, yes!

We're the first ones here.

Oh, hiya, Doxies. You're early.

We're still setting
up for the show.

What's back there, Mr. Shaggs?

Well, why don't you
come on back and see?

Us? Go back there? Can we?

Can we?

Come on.

You know us as the dogs
of the city council,

but today we're the Jazzy Paws.

- Ms. Clawtez.
- Hi, pups.

- Mr. Bernard.
- Hey there.

And yours truly…

Mr. Shaggs!

You got it, Pippa Pup.

Hi. I play the piano.

What do you play?

I play these drums.

Oh, yeah!

Give it a try, Pippa.

What's this big
thing, Mr. Bernard?

This, my peppy pup,
is an upright bass.

Have a listen.

Sounds big and thumpy.

It is kind of thumpy.

Now come on and lend a paw.

How do you use this silly, gold,
twisty, tube-y thing in a concert?

I think that silly, gold, twisty,
tube thingy plays music too.

Right, Mr. Shaggs?

It sure does.

This is actually my
smooth saxophone.

I dig it.


Looks like more dogs are
arriving for the show.

I think we're ready to start.

We all can't wait to hear
you play, Mr. Shaggs.

Come on, pups. Let's
go set up our blanket.


All the dogs are gonna be so happy
to hear your music, Mr. Shaggs.

Thanks, Pippa Pup.

My sax!

My upright bass!

- My drums!
- No.

Hey, that was not smooth.

Oh, no. All your
instruments are broken.


I'm so sorry this happened.

Can you still play the concert?

I don't think I can play
music with this broken drum.

Or this broken bass.

And definitely not with this
broken smooth saxophone.

I'm afraid we'll have
to cancel the show.

Cancel the show?

But so many dogs are
here to hear your music.

They need your smooth saxophone.

- And thumpy bass.
- And drummy drums.

I wish we could
help the Jazzy Paws.

Come on, pups. Paws up!


- Let's find a way to save the show.
- Yeah!

Now, that's music to my ears.

-Ours too!

I dig your pep, pups.

If you can't play with
broken instruments,

maybe we can try fixing them.

We'll need lots of glue.

And string, and tape and paper.

Mom has all that
stuff at city hall.

City hall has it all!

Can we try to fix your
instruments, Jazzy Paws?

Anything that'll help
save our show, pups.

Go for it!

All right, let's load
these instruments in here.

- Yeah!
- Great idea.


Come on, let's go!

Which one do you
want to start with?

How about the upright bass?

Glue please, Mama.


I'll add some tape.

What about these strings?

Let's tie them. How
do you tie again?

Got you covered, Paxton.

Upright bass,
fixed. What's next?

A little help?

Help is on the way, Pedro.

Thanks. That's a big hole.

I need more tape.

Say hi to Mr. Tapeball.

Let go!

Come here, Mr. Tapeball.

Thanks, Mom.

Drum, fixed.

Help me put these back
on the smooth saxophone.

Mr. Tapeball, we
need your help again.


Now all the Jazzy Paws
instruments are fixed.

Let's hear how they sound.

They sound like music.

And I'll bet the Jazzy Paws will
make them sound even better.

I don't think they sound
like music anymore.

They're still broken.

We can't give up, pups.

The show must go on.

And those paws must go…


Dad, you look like
an upright bass.

Yes! That sounded...

Like Mr. Bernard's bass.

Kind of like it, but
also kinda different.

What sounds kinda like a drum?


Not that.

That's a little more drummier.

That's a drummy sound.

But Ms. Clawtez has three drums.

Try these drummy
bowls too, pups.

They sound like drums.

Now we need a smooth saxophone.

Doesn't sound the same.

Wait, the sax has holes in it.

Like this?

Mom, what's a chew toy
doing in your office?

What? I like to
chew while I work.

Try this, Paxton.


We still need a bassy bass.

- Dad, do that string thing again.
- Okay.

I'm an instrument.

- I wanna be an instrument!
- Me too.

I can't wait to hear the Jazzy
Paws play these instruments.

Come on. Let's bring
'em to the park.

Come on. Let's go.

Dogs are waiting
for us to start.

Guess I should go tell them
the concert is canceled.

Can't play without instruments.

Jazzy Paws, we're coming!

Wait. The Doxies, they're back.

Jazzy Paws, look!

What is this?

We couldn't fix
your instruments.

So we brought these for you.

You did? For us?

I've never played
instruments like this before.

Try them! Try them!

They make paw-some music.

That sounds different.

But good different. I like it.

Me too. It's smooth and squeaky.


You got a different kind
of upright bass in there?

Yep. You're looking at him.

Now, that's thumpy.

Jazzy Paws, I think we've
got a whole new sound.

- Oh, yeah!
- All right!

Does that mean you could
play them at the show?

We sure can.

Thanks to you, pups,
the show can go on.

- We saved the concert.
- Go, Jazzy Paws!

You hear that, Pippa?

You made your bark
and saved the show.

Yeah! I made my bark.

Dogs of Muttgomery,

-I'm thrilled to
introduce: -The Jazzy Paws!

With our brand-new sound…

One, two. A one,
two, three, four.

Yeah, that's it!

Come on, dogs and pups,
let's all make music.

All it takes is one tiny spark

And you, too, can make your bark

Make a change for a dog or pup

Just get those paws up!

"Dogs at work."


I have an idea: Let's
make a pup sandwich.


Okay, Dad, lay down and
be the sandwich bread.

Really flat.

Is this flat enough for you?

Yeah. You're up next.
On his back, Paxton.

Sorry, Dad.



I'm okay.

Now, come on, Poppy.

You can be the top
of the sandwich.

You need help, Pops?

No, I can do it by myself.

I did it.

Yes, you did.

I knew you could do it, Poppy.

Now I wanna eat the sandwich!

What's that?

Looks like the
construction dogs.

And I think they're
building something.

Come on.

What is it?

It's so big!

Heya, pups. Hey, everyone.

- Hi.
- Hey, hey.

Hi, Mom.

Mom, the construction dogs are
building something in the park.


I had a feeling you'd
sniff this out, Poppy.

Do you know what it is?

You know what it is,
don't you? What is it?

Oh, there's Foredog
Frida and her crew.

Let's hear what
they have to say.

Fine furry friends
of Muttgomery,

we've been working our
tails off building something

really special for the city.

Feast your eyes on

the brand-new
Muttgomery Bowwow Tower.


Oh, from up there you can
see all around Muttgomery.

- Mom, Dad, can we go up and see?
- Sure.

Can we go too, Mom?

Sure. Go on.

So cool.

- This is so cool.
- I love it!

This tower is so high.

I can see the whole
world from up here.

Now try looking through
those binoculars.


I see our house.

And is that the lake?

I see Kibble Market
and The Bowl.

And I've never seen
that tree before.

I can see Sunnyspot.

And there's Nana.
I can see Nana.

Hi, Nana!

She looks close
through the binoculars,

but Nana is still too far
away to hear you, Pippa.

I never knew the tops of
buildings were different colors.

I have to draw
that in my paw-pad.

I wanna see that.

I can't see.

Me neither.

You can't see through
the binoculars?

We're too small to reach them.

I really wish we could see
what everyone else sees.

Every dog should be able
to use the binoculars.

Come on, pups. Paws up!


Let's find a way that every dog
can see through these binoculars.


Hey. Did you see that?
The binoculars move.

Yep. They tilt up
and down like this.

Dad, help me tilt them
down so these pups can see.

Try them now. Try them now.

Yes. I can see, I can see!

Can you see your house?

- No.
- Or the lake?

- No.
- Or Kibble Market?

No. Just lots and lots of blue.

If we tilt them like this,
all you can see is the sky.

It's okay, pups.
Keep those paws up.


Way, way up.

Hey, maybe pups can jump to see.

Jump, pups. Jump!

- I can see!
- Can't see.

-I can see!

- I can see!
- Can't see.

They can't stay jumped.

I can see when I stand
on my tippy-paws.

Try tippy-paws.

Our tippy-paws
aren't tippy enough.

I know! Do tippy-paws on me.

Look! I'm a step stool.

Higher, higher!

Oops. Sorry.

I wanna see longer.
How can we see longer?

Maybe you can step
on something else.

Like real step stools.

Where are we gonna get those?

We can make some. Tall
ones and short ones.

And in-between ones.

Like this.

And then we could see?

All by ourselves?

I think so.

So, how are we gonna
make 'em, Pops?

I haven't figured
that part out yet.

Well, what if you ask
some dogs for help?

Maybe some dogs who know how
to make things like that?

The construction dogs? Do
you think they would help us?

Only one way to find out, right?

Come on.


Excuse me, Foredog Frida.

Oh, heya, pups.

Mayor Greta.

What can I do you for?

Well, there's a small
problem with the binoculars.

Every dog can't use them.

Oh, they can't? Oh, no.

But we think we
know how to fix it.

With this.

A dragon riding
a roller coaster?

Oops. Wrong page.

That was my idea. His
name is Rolly the Dragon.

He loves roller coasters.

I meant to show you this.

A step stool so
every dog can see.

What a smart fix.

I think we've got some future
construction dogs here.

Really? You think so? Us?

Does that mean
you'll build them?

Yeah. We'll build
them with your help.



Come on over, pups.
Hard hats for everyone.


- Can I have the green one?
- I like purple.

Hey, where did everyone go?

Hang on.

Oh, that's better.

Now come on.

How about we build
some step stools?

First, we'll need some wood.

Wood coming right up.

I'll help you, Dad.

Thanks, Poppy.

What if we made the
steps look like… this?


I'll help you draw the rest.

I just need some more… wood.

Thanks, Dad.

Now we just have
to cut them out.

Stand back.

What do you think?

Bowwow. I love it.

Keep 'em coming, pups.

Let's get to work.

Thanks, pups.

Let's get these into the
tower and put 'em together.

Forgot my tools.

Don't worry. I've got those too.

That's one helpful dad.

- So cool!
- Thank you.

Anyone seen my screwdriver?

- Here you go.
- Thanks.

Wanna try, Poppy?

Me? Really?

Go on. It's okay.

- Great job.
- Thank you.

Now all we need is some paint.


I wanna help paint.

- I'm done.
- Me too.

Looks great, pups.
We're all done.

Fine furry friends
of Muttgomery.

We've been working on something

to help every dog see
through the binoculars.

So come on and check out
the new and improved…

Bowwow Tower!

The new and improved
Bowwow Tower.

Go on. Try the step stools.

I can't wait!

We made them so you can use the
binoculars all by yourselves.

I see our house.

And grandpa's house.

And there's the lake.

I can see it now
too. Thanks, Poppy!

You're welcome.

Thanks, construction dogs.

I don't need binoculars to see
you really made your bark today,

my little construction dog.

Yeah. I made my bark.

Now every dog can
use the Bowwow Tower.


All it takes is one tiny spark

And you, too, can make your bark

Make a change for a dog or pup

Just get those paws up!