Pretzel and the Puppies (2022–…): Season 1, Episode 3 - Do the Doxie/Hot Dogs - full transcript

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Welcome to the neighborhood

Hey, pup, paws up

If you want to do some
good It's possible

With the Doxie family

Hey, pup, paws up

We can change
Muttgomery It's possible

You got Greta,
Pretzel and their pups

Poppy, Pippa, Pedro,
Paxton And there's Puck

-Hey, pup -Paws up!

It's possible

"Do the Doxie."

- Surprise!
- What?

- What?
- Dad has a special surprise!

Pippa, did you say surprise?

I'm okay!

While Mom's at work today…

- We're going to visit Nana!
- Yes!


Wait. Puck is still asleep.

Just kidding!

Last one to Nana's
is a rotten biscuit!

Hop on, pups!

- Yes!
- Yes!

Let's go!

Have a tail-wagging time, pups!
I'll see you there after work.

Here's Sunnyspot, pups!

Yay! We're at Nana's!

Come on! Race you
to Nana's house!

Nana! Nana! Open up.

It's your favorite Doxie pups!

My grandpups!

You're all so much longer
than the last time I saw you.

Even me, Nana?

You too, Pedro.

I have a feeling you're gonna be just
as long as your dad when you grow up.

That reminds me, Pretzel.

I knitted this for you.

You did? What is it?

A sweater!

Think it'll fit?

It's just the right size!

Thanks, Mom!


What are we doing today, Nana?

I'm so glad you
asked, my sweet Pippa.

You pups came to visit
me on a very special day.

It's the day all my friends
and I do Paw-laties.

Come on!

Paw-laties? I love Paw-laties!

What's Paw-laties?

It's how we shake our
tails and move our bodies.

And today, you can all
shake and move with us.

- We can?
- Paw-some!

I can't wait!

You know, I did Paw-laties
with Nana when I was a pup too.

You did?

Sure! How do you think
I learned to do this?

Yep! Uh-huh! Hey!

Nana, wait for us!

This is the activity center where
my friends and I do Paw-laties.

Ah, here are all my friends now.

Good morning, Doxies.

Ready to shake, shake, shake
that tail of yours, Rufus?

I've been waiting all week to
do Paw-laties with my friends!

That goes double for me!

And doing it with puppers too?
Now, that sure makes my tail wag!

-Me too!

The more, the furrier!

Then let's get inside
and move our bodies!

I mean, after I
get this door open.

We'll help you. Come on!

It must be locked.

I think I know why, Poppy.

Look! The activity center is
closed for painting today.


Oh, no! Not today!

If the activity center is
closed, we can't do Paw-laties!

This is a disaster,
a dog-tastrophe!

Well, nice seeing you
anyway, Doxie pups.

Nana, don't be sad.
Maybe we can help.

Come on, pups! Paws up!


Let's find a way for Nana and
her friends to move their bodies!


Maybe Nana and her friends can
move their bodies like this!

Playing in the dirt?
Paw-some idea, Puck!

Pedro, I think Puck
means gardening. See?

Playing in the dirt is the
best part of gardening.

That's what I always say.

Come on. Let's do some
move-your-body gardening!

Hey! Look out, Pedro.

Whoops! Sorry, Puck.

Whoops! Sorry, Paxton.

It's okay, Pedro.

Not a lot of room to
move in this garden.

-We agree!

Too squeezy for us, too.

And definitely too squeezy
for us all to move our bodies.

It was a tail-wagger of
an idea anyway, pups.

Paws up one more time?

- Hey!
- Hey!

Yeah! Paws up!

Yeah! Yeah!

Look! There's tons of
room to move over here!

And move and move and move!

But what can we do out here?

Iced tea?

Nana, maybe you and your friends
can move your bodies at a tea party.

How can I resist a
move-your-body tea party?

Excuse me.

Do you have more tea?

Enough for a lot more dogs?

Did you say more tea?

Help yourselves, pups!

But you might need a
few more tea tables.

I think I can handle that part.

Nana! Your friends
are gonna love this!

It's the yummiest way
to move your body ever!

Except we're not
moving our bodies.

Not really. We're mostly
just moving our tongues.

And I'm not moving at all.

Then let's start moving!

That didn't work
so well, did it?


Still yummy though!

Thank you for the
yummy tea anyway.


Don't let those tails go
down, pups, or those paws!

Your dad's right.

A tea party isn't the only
kind of party there is.

Yeah! Let's have a different kind of
party where we can move our bodies.

But what kind?

Whatever kind of
party you'd like!

Maybe looking at party
stuff will give you an idea.

We keep it all in here.

Like I said, we
sure love parties!

Look at all this stuff!

Let's see what we can find.

I love the colors of
these decorations.

And I love this
giant fetch ball.

Let's have a fetch party!

That's not a fetch
ball. It's a...

Sparkle ball!

Can we play with it anyway?

Dad, go long!

Did you say long?

Whoops! I'll turn that off.

Wait, don't turn
it off. Turn it up.

I know what kind of
party we can have.

A dazzling, move-your-body
dance party!

I love that, Pippa!

You should move your
body when you dance.

But can all my friends come?

They all want to move
their bodies too.

We can have it out there,
where there's plenty of room.

Come on, pups!
Keep those paws up!


Let's have a dance party
for Nana and her friends.

These will look great
on Nana's house.

One for Flora's house, and
one for Rufus's house, too.

Throw me one too, Dad.

Need a lift, Pedro?

Thanks, Dad!

Pippa, pass it to me!

Okay, we're all done.

Come on, Nana. Let's see if
your friends want to come.

Open up! It's your
favorite Doxie pups!

- Hello again, Doxie pups.
- Hi!

I know Paw-laties was canceled,

but do you still want to
move your bodies today?


Then we'd like to invite you
all to Sunnyspot's first-ever…

Dazzling, move-your-body
dance party!


Hit it, Dad!

Do the waggy wiggle!

And the tail twister!

And the ruff 'n' roll!

And don't forget the howly hop!

And put them all together,
and that's how you do…

The Doxie!

Yeah, that's it! Dance! Dance!

What a great way
to move our bodies.

I like this as
much as Paw-laties.

I'm doing the waggy wiggle!

Check out my howly hop!

Come on. Now everyone
do The Doxie!

- Did I hear "Doxie"?
- Hi, Mom!

I didn't know there was gonna be
a dance party at Sunnyspot today.

There wasn't, until the
pups got their paws up.

Thank you, pups.

Our tails are wagging again,

and it's all thanks to you, and
you, and you, and all of you!

You sure made your
bark today, Pippa!

Yeah! Nana and her friends
are moving their bodies now.

All it takes is one tiny spark

And you too can make your bark

-Make a change for a dog or
pup -Just get those paws up

"Hot Dogs."

Get ready for…

the Puck duck.

Mine! Mine!

Not mine.

Sorry, Puck. It's too hot
to play Puck duck today.

You always wanna play Puck duck.

Anyone else wanna play?

- Maybe later?
- Too hot!

No, thank you.

Waggle those tongues
into these, hot dogs.

Drink up!

Thank you! I have never
been so thirsty in my life.

Wow, you pups are thirsty.

If it's too hot for Puck duck,
let's find something else to play.

Poppy, wanna build a tower?


But I think that's as tower-y
as I can do in this heat.

Looks pretty tower-y
from down here.

If we can't play
this, let's try…

I know! Pippa! Let's twirl!

Maybe I'll just twirl this.

Oh, no!

It's even too hot for my
swirly twirly tailey twisty!

Hi, pups.

Sorry the mail is late.

Ms. Pupperpost, too
hot for you too?

Maybe just a little, pups!

Gotta zip.

That wasn't as zippy as usual.

I know it's hot for you
too, flower friends.

Thanks, Dad. They
really needed a drink.

Let's bring Mom a drink at
work in her favorite bowl.

Yeah! And play
Puck duck with her.

- You really wanna play today, Puck.
- Yeah.

Come on!


Wanna play Puck duck?

Hi, Puck.

A little too hot to play.

We thought it might be cooler
on the floor like this.

We were wrong.

We brought water.

And hugs!

Hi, pups!

Too hot for hugs!

It's never too hot for hugs.

Thanks, Paxton!

Your bowl, my lady.

It's a hot one, huh?

Seems like every dog in
Muttgomery is a hot dog today!

Too hot!

We have to find a way to cool
off so we can play again.


Sounds like it's time
for a paws up, pups!

Too. Hot. For paws up.

We'll be back with
some cool ideas.

- Come on!
- Yeah!

Good luck, pups.

Okay, pups!

What can we do to cool...

Can we talk about
it somewhere else?

It's so hot in the sun!

That's it! We have
to block the sun.

Dad, you're long enough.
Can you block it?

I don't know if I'm
quite that long, Pedro.

Thanks, Dad!

Come on, everyone. Get in here.

I need more room.

- Scooch, pooch.
- Oops!

You're on my tail.

Not so close.

Dad's shade is paw-some!

But no one's blocking
the sun for Dad.

Sorry, pups.

I wish there was even
more of me to go around.

If we can't block the hot sun,
what about something cold?

Well, what can you pups
think of that's cold?


A snow dog!

A snow dog in a snow
fort making a snowball!

I don't know where we can
find one of those, Pedro.

Well, what can we find?

I know! Come on!


We can be ice dogs!

What a great idea!

- Yeah!
- I want some. Ice! Ice!

Leave some for me!

Hey! Come back here, ice!

No! Come to me!

Oops! Sorry, Puck.

It's okay.

This would be so funny…

If I wasn't so hot.

Gonna get ya. Gonna get ya.

Didn't get ya.

Hi, ice cube.

Bye, ice cube.

Hey, pups!

- Hop in!
- Yes!

- Yes! Dad did it!
- Yes!

Way to go, Dad!

Now that is cool.

Yeah, this ice is sure…

not ice anymore?

Where'd all our ice go?

It melted into water.

Ice does get melty
when it's hot.

And it is hot!

But the water is
still cool. Try it.

Last one in is a rotten biscuit!

Now the water's gone too?

It's on your fur. You
pups soaked it up.

We need more cool water.

Hey, pups, what's long and
green and filled with water?

The hose!

Dad, can you spray us with the hose to cool us off?
Dad, can you spray us with the hose to cool us off?

You bet, hot dogs!

I'm cool! I'm cool!

I wanna be cool
too! Spray me! Me!

I wanna be cool too. Spray me!

Sorry. One hose,
one pup at a time.

We need more hoses.

Or something like this.

See? One watering
can, five flowers.

I'm a flower. Water me.

Me too! Me too!


Looks like there's no more
water left in the can.

Dad, what would happen if you stuck
the hose into the watering can?

Maybe a little
something like this!

- This is so cool.
- I love it!

But this still isn't
enough to cool off Mom

and all the other
dogs in Muttgomery.

What if we had even more hoses?

And more things with
holes to spray them into?

Then we could cool off everyone.

Come on, pups. Paws up!


Let's find things with holes to
make an even bigger cool-er off-er.


No holes in this.
How about this?

No holes.


Come on. Now let's
put it all together.

Oh, yeah! Time to cool
down some hot dogs!

Hey, hot dogs! Wanna
cool off? Follow us!

All in favor of
following the pups?


Hey, hot dogs.

- Wanna come to our house to cool off?
- Oh, yeah!

- I'll come!
- Me too!

Where is everyone going?

To cool off. Come
on, Ms. Pupperpost.

You had me at "cool."

Everybody, welcome to the
Doxie cooldown play zone.

- What is it?
- Amazing!

How does it work?

How'd you do that?

It feels good to cool down!

Come on. Give it a try.

I would love to cool down.

Yeah! Yeah!

Now that makes my tail wag!

And I'm cool enough
to do it again too.

Dad, you're doing a swirly
twirly tailey twisty!

Hey, I'm not panting anymore!

I feel like a whole
new Mr. Bernard!

And my zip is back!

Thanks, Doxies! Zip!

What a cool way to
make your bark, Puck!

Yeah, I made my…

Just kidding! Bark!
Now let's play!

All it takes is one tiny spark

And you too can make your bark

Make a change for a dog or pup

Just get those paws up