Pretzel and the Puppies (2022–…): Season 1, Episode 2 - Treat Yourself/Pups on Parade - full transcript

Pedro gets creative to help picky eater Puck try new things. Poppy finds the perfect way to celebrate Muttgomery's birthday.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Welcome to the neighborhood

Hey, pup, paws up

If you want to do some
good It's possible

With the Doxie family

Hey pup, paws up

We can change
Muttgomery It's possible

You got Greta,
Pretzel and their pups

Poppy, Pippa, Pedro,
Paxton And there's Puck

-Hey pup -Paws up

It's possible

"Treat Yourself."

Come on, Dad! Higher!

What can I say? Being
a swing is my thing.

Hey, pups. Who wants to grab
some kibble at Kibble Market?

- Yeah! I do, Mom!
- I do, I do.

I'm so hungry.

Good to hear, because Mr. Kibble has
something very special in store today.

Poppy, Puck, Pedro, Pippa and
Paxton, get ready for Kibble Fest.

Kibble Fest is the best.

What's Kibble Fest?

Hop on, and let's find out.

Oh, yeah!

This is Kibble Fest.

So many colors.

So many dogs.

So many kibbles.

But where's Mr. Kibble?

Greetings, Doxies!

I'm so excited to be welcoming
you all to Kibble Fest,

the biggest and tastiest day
of the year in Muttgomery.

-Come on!

I think you had
'em at "tastiest."


- You mean we can eat all these kibbles?
- But of course, Pedro.

I've been cooking up all
sorts of new flavors.

Try one or try them all.

Just dig those snouts
in and have a ball.

Mr. Kibble, I'll lend you a paw
and help keep these bowls filled.

See you in a kibble bit.

Well, pups, what kind
do you wanna try first?

Do we have to try these?

Only if you want to, Puck.

I wanna try those
over there. And those.

- Me too! I wanna try them all!
- Me too!

This one's yellow like a banana.

Tastes like a banana too.

I love bananas. Can
I have some, Paxton?

Not too salty.

Just the right amount of crunch.

I'd give it a five out
of five on the yum scale.

Save some yum for me, Poppy.

So many flavors. Feels like
there's a dance party in my mouth!

My mouth wants to dance
too, Pippa. Can I try one?


Hey. Where's Puck?

- Yuck!
- There he is!

He's not trying any kibble.

Well, what do you think?

I think...

Maybe I can help.

Come on, Puck.
Dig in. Try these.

They're hard on the outside
and soft on the inside.

How do they do that?

I've always wondered
that myself.

That's okay, Pedro. I
don't wanna try those.

Then how about these kibble strips?
You've gotta, gotta, gotta try some!

I don't want to
try those either.

I don't want to
try any of these.

Mr. Kibble, do you have any plain
kibble? That's the only kind I like.

We have all kinds of
kibble at Kibble Fest.

I should have some
plain right over...

I seem to be out of
plain at the moment.

That's okay. I'm not
really hungry after all.

What was that?

I think it was my stomach.
I guess I am really hungry.

Quiet, stomach. Didn't you hear
Mr. Kibble say he's out of plain?

Guess my stomach's not really
being a good listener today.

Want me to take you home, Puck? I
can make you something to eat there.

Hold on. Let me ask my stomach.

Do you wanna go home?

Don't answer that,
Puck's stomach.

I know you're hungry,
but you can't go home.

I can't? I mean, we can't?

No way! We don't want you to miss
out on this yummy day with all of us.

- Don't go, Puck. We'll miss you.
- Yeah.

Thanks, everyone.

- But what can I do?
- Look!

There are so many
different kibbles here.

If you stay, I know we can
find some you'll wanna try.

What do you say, Puck?
Go home or go kibble?

I say, let's kibble it up.

- Yeah!
- Yeah!

But we better do it fast, before
my stomach says something else.

Come on, pups. Paws up!


Let's find some kibble
that Puck will try.


Wanna try this kind, Puck?

It's super crunchy,
crunchy, crunchy.

It's super yucky, yucky, yucky.

How about these?
They sound delicious.

They sound hard to me.

If you look over here, Pax and
I arranged these kibbles by...

Color! They're rainbow-licious.


Don't worry, Puck. There's
still so many kinds to try.

There sure are.

Too smelly.

Too bumpy.

Too smooth.

Too big. Too small.

Nope. Too wet. Too dry.

Too kibbley.

How can kibble be too kibbley?

I don't know. It just is.

There goes my stomach again.

I know. I haven't
forgotten about you.

But there's gotta be a kind
of kibble Puck will try.

Look! Mom's over there with
Mr. Kibble. Maybe she can help.

What is she doing?

Only one way to find out.

Come on, pups.

Hey, pups. You having fun
kibbling it up at Kibble Fest?

Not all of us.

We can't find any
kibble Puck will try.

That's a shame. But
the day is still young.

Puck, would you mind
passing the mint?

Those small green leaves
in that jar there.

You mean this? Smells good.

Smelly, but good smelly.

I could use some
blueberries too, pups.

Blueberries. I love,
love, love blueberries!

What are you doing with
all of this stuff anyway?

Why, making a fresh batch
of kibble for the festival.

And now all of you pups are too.

- We're…
- …making kibble?

I wanna make kibble!

- Let me help!
- I'll help!

You can help us cook
up a new flavor.


Come on, pups! Paws up!


Let's make some kibble!


So, what do we put in?

That's up to you, Puck.
It's your kibble, after all.

How about this orange stuff?

I've smelled it at home before.

Excellent choice!
That is sweet potato.

Very flavorful, and what makes
some orange kibble orange.

I think I like sweet potato.

- What do you think, pups?
- Add it in.

How about this yellow stuff?

It smells super strong.

That's ginger.

I use it when I need
a little extra kick.

Add it in.

Here we go.

Hey, look! Lots more
ingredients up there.

Going up.

And ingredients going down.

I wanna add this.

I wanna add this.

Can we add this and this and
this? The bowl's almost full.

Now what, Mr. Kibble?

Now, we mix.

Come on. Let's go
faster and faster.

I can do faster.

It looks bowwow-utiful.

But it doesn't look like kibble.

That's because there's
one last thing to do.

After you make it,
it's time to bake it.

Lend me a paw, Puck.

I present to you
Kibble à la Doxie.

I can't believe we made that.

Do you wanna try this
kind of kibble, Puck?

Try it?

I made it, so of
course I wanna try it.

I hope he likes it.

I don't like it.

I love it! I can taste the sweet
potato and the spicy ginger.

And all the stuff we
put in. It's so good!

Yeah! Go, Puck.

- Awesome! He likes it.
- He likes it.

Thanks, Pedro. If it wasn't for you, I
would have missed out on the biggest…

And tastiest...

…day of the year. And my
stomach would have too.

You hear that, Pedro? You sure
made your bark on Puck today.

You helped him try a
whole new kind of kibble.

And he loves it.

I made my bark!

- I wanna try some too.
- Me too.

I wanna try some too.

All it takes is one tiny spark

And you too can make your bark

Make a change for a dog or pup

Just get those paws up!

"Pups On Parade."

Time for breakfast, pups.

- Good morning, Dad!
- Hi!


So, what are you hungry for?

Kibble pancakes!

Well, my ears are super
happy to hear that,

because that's what my
tail's been cooking!


- Morning, pups.
- Morning, Mom.

And a very special kibble pancake
for a very special mama mayor.

For me?

And on such a special day too.

What's so special about today?

Drumroll, please.

Today is Muttgomery's birthday!

Yeah! It's
Muttgomery's birthday!

Who's Muttgomery?

Muttgomery. Where we live.

Our city. Today is
our city's birthday.

Wait a second. Cities
have birthdays too?

Of course. Pups can't
have all the fun.

Lucky Muttgomery. Birthdays
are the best days.

Happy birthday, tree.

Happy birthday, street.

Happy birthday, our house.

How old is Muttgomery?

One hundred years old today.

One hundred?

That's even older than Nana.

That's so old! One, two,
three. Almost a gazillion.

What can we do to
say happy birthday?

Let's have a birthday
party for Muttgomery.

- Yes!
- Yes, yes, yes!

All the dogs in
the city can come.

- Mom, Dad…
- Can we do it?

Can we, can we?

I think… we have to do it.

Me too. Great idea, pups!

Come on, pups. Paws up!


Let's make a party
for Muttgomery.

Let's make it a surprise party.

Good idea.


Scooters! Let's have
scooters at the party.

And fancy party outfits.

We can have a surprise
scooter-dress-up birthday party.

And we can use all of these
art supplies to make...

Decorations! Come on.

Ready, Mom?



A surprise
scooter-dress-up-decoration-bubble party!

I found party hats!

I found some long
paper for you, Pax.

Thanks, Dad.

Yes! Love that big 100. Now
all we need is balloons.

Where do we hang all this?

Oh, yeah. We need a
place to have the party.

I know, I know!

Follow that pup!

Let's have Muttgomery's party...

Surprise party. Remember?

Oh, right. Sorry, Pippa.

Let's have Muttgomery's surprise
party here. In the backyard.


Dogs can ride
scooters over here.

Dress-up over here.

Games over here.

Water bowls here.

And our friends too.

Dad, can you pretend to be
Dill and stand over there?

And, Mom, you can be
Delilah. Over there.

We'll need room for
Nana and Mr. Kibble.

Nana and Mr. Kibble.

And Ms. Pupperpost.

Ms. Clawtez.

Mr. Bernard.

- And Mr. Shaggs.
- Whoops!

I think we need a bigger
place for the party.

Well, I happen to know the
mayor of Muttgomery very well.

She's wonderful, by the way.

And she thinks there must be lots of great
places around the city to have a party.

Come on, pups. Paws up!


Let's find a place big
enough for Muttgomery's big…

surprise party.

How about Gigi's Groom Palace?

Party and puppy-cuts
at the same time!

Not enough room in
there either, Pippa.

Or the fire station.

But the fire truck's in there.

Let's go to Kibble Market.

That's way too small, Puck.

Not for the party.
For party treats.

Oh, yeah. Great idea.
Place later, treats now.

Looks like we're going to Kibble
Market. Want a ride, Greta?

I thought you'd never ask.

Mr. Kibble, we're having a
surprise party for Muttgomery.


-With streamers and balloons.
-And cowboy-bubble fairies. .

But don't tell Muttgomery.

My snout is sealed.

- Do you have enough birthday treats for...
- A gazillion dogs?

Birthday treats for
a gazillion dogs, eh?

That will not be easy.

So I better get cracking.

- What's your favorite flavor?
- Apple.

- Blueberry.
- Banana.

- Pear.
- Watermelon.

Apple, blueberry,
banana, pear, watermelon.

Coming right up!

Birthday treats for a special birthday
Clap your paws and say, "Yay, yay!"

That's another thing we need
for the party: a birthday song.

Yes! Gotta have a song.

So let's sing!

But quietly. Don't
wanna ruin the surprise.

This is Muttgomery's
birthday song

100 years is really long

We love so many things about you

Like fetch playground

And the mural too

Today is your
birthday We never knew

Muttgomery, we love you

- Yeah!
- Yes!

Here you go.

Fruit treats for
a gazillion dogs.

And some for you pups too.

Thanks, Mr. Kibble.



Okay, party dogs. Come and
get your gazillion treats.

Where are all the party dogs?

And where is this party anyway?

We still don't have a
place for the party.

And we forgot to invite
any dogs to come.

It's okay. Everyone
forgets things sometimes.

- Wait. What's your name again?
- Poppy.

So, what do we do?

Well, I know one
thing we can do.

How about…

- Come on, pups. Paws up!
- Yeah!

Let's invite some dogs and
find a place to have a party.


It's okay. You can say it now.

Have a party for
Muttgomery's 100th birthday!

- Surprise!
- Yes!

Come on, everyone. We're having a
party for Muttgomery's 100th birthday!

And you're all invited.

Where is the party?

We don't know yet. Follow us.

Did she say a party? For
Muttgomery's birthday?

Come on, Gigi! It's Muttgomery's
birthday. We're having a party.

Chief McSpotz! Everyone!
Come join our party!

Come join the birthday party!

Wow. A party? Let's go.

Come join the party, Ms.
Pupperpost and Ms. Clawtez.

I never knew cities had
birthdays. Daddy, can we go?

Sure! Come on!

Look! Everyone is following us.

- It looks like a parade.
- Yeah!

We made a parade!

And now we can celebrate Muttgomery's
birthday all over Muttgomery.

Happy birthday, trees!

Happy birthday, lamppost!

Happy birthday, fire hydrant!

Happy birthday, mailbox!

You sure made your
bark today, Poppy.

You didn't just make a birthday
party. You made a birthday parade.

I made my bark.

Who wants some bubble wands?

I do, I do!

A special birthday
treat for you.

And one for you. There you are.

This is Muttgomery's
birthday song

100 years is really long

We love so many things about you

Like fetch playground

And the mural too

Today is your
birthday We never knew

Muttgomery, we love you

Happy birthday, Muttgomery.

All it takes is one tiny spark

And you too can make your bark

Make a change for a dog or pup

Just get those paws up!