Pressa (2007–…): Season 3, Episode 1 - Episode #3.1 - full transcript

Thank’s for me.

Leia !

You can finish this tomorrow. I am just finishing.

Have you made ready in the dining room. Oh, oh.

Good night. Good night.

Jesus ! Jesus ! Open !

Jesus !

Are you finishing love ?

We need to come inside.

I am just finishing.

Can you hurry up ?

I am hurrying.

The fire department to Reykjavík has dealt with fire that is been in the restaurant Manilla in Fellahverfi.

Manilla ? Did we not go there one day ? Yes.

There will be dinner. Okey ?

You wlll come, don’t you ?


See you. Bye.

Come love.

Hi, how nice he is.

Well, bye my love.

See you later. Yes that will be.


Stefán. Yes.

Meeting, Yes I will come.

We have to reach her today.


Good morning everyone. What do you have today ?

There is this terrible fire.

Yes is that sure ?

Is this not a Tai resturant ? No it is a Philippine restaurant.

Are there some photographs ?

Lárus is there right now. Who is the owner ? Registered owner is Jesus Acina.

Do we know some thing about him? Hmm, no this is a new arrived.

Isn’t that not named immigrant Icelander

There is possible that we know something about although he is a new arrived

Does someone top a fire in a restaurant.

I have a Grafiti epidemic at Akranes. Everything is getting mad because of that.

It’s Lárus.

Yes. Don’t we then need to send an photographer to the countryside ? Akranes is not that far.

It does not make any difference there is needed to go through Hvalfjarðargöng (The tunnel) and it costs two thousand kroner plus…

Gasoline and time. Don’t you have anything here in the capital area ?

It is not like this is at Egilsstaðir. No okey.

You then take the phone to work on this and send Lárus.

Okey. Lára what do you have ?

Yes, there has been such an increase in apron surgery for women over forty.

Yes, yes I am considering take some look at that.

There is, you know, cut here. Yes, yes apron surgery. Yes, yes I know that.

Sorry I do not hear you. Close the door. Nökkvi there was found a dead body in the ruins.

Yes !

I’ll hear you better later.


“Burned bones”

Ólöf, have a word with me.

Apron surgery ? Yes. Lára is your mind present at work ?

Yes my mind is totally present at work.

I assume that I have sacrificed enough for this newspaper.

When will you be satisfied ? When I will be killed ore ?

I am not telling that I am just telling that we need something sharper than apron surgery.

Yes I but I do not have anything sharper than that.

Hear me, the pictures from Lárus where arriving. Yes good.

Well it looks….

This maybe a little much. This one is good. This one is fine.

Am I per missed to go ? Yes, yes.

Let’s go outside for smoking.

And what, are you considering to go for a apron surgery ?

Stína, there is bunch off women considering this.

I have just stopped to write about criminals.

Ohhh, don’t matter what. What are the news about your pet ?

There is difficult to say. We are just together and like that. But no one has asked: Should we start to be together ?

Who is it ? Wait a bit. Þórdís off course.

Hello. Hello am I disturbing. No this is okey.

Listen, do you know your fathers medicine are finished. Can you possible jump to the pharmacy. Is not short while since I went for them last for him ?

They finish so quickly. He needs them now. I can not leave him alone here.

No off course not.

I will bring it. Let’s say that for now. Yes, okey.

And are waiting this on the mobile. Ohh, that is some old tradition. I need to save Þórdís in the memory.

Hasn’t this morphine guy in Denmark not been judged ?

Yes. But i have bigger worries that overgrown children in motorcycle clubs.

This just an old paranoia.

Do you know the sex. According to the arm bones It looks like a female to me.

But I need to look at it better to be sure.

Did she die in the fire or.. ? We can not see that here.

There was a grill at the place.

Some one burned inside.

Yes. I’ll come.

Hello, hello, here. Have you got this ? Yes.


Hello dear daddy. Hello love.

I just can not understand how quickly these medicine finish.

No I feel like I just went to pick these up.

Well, well.

Well is this better ? Hmm.

Ooo, sorry don’t you want coffee ore something. No sorry I can’t stop,


What do you say daddy ? How are you ?

Well, I don’t know I am just dyeing.

Ooo, don’t say like this.

This is just temporary. We need to believe that. Isn’t it.

Yes, yes how evert that is considered.

Hey, you shake this off yourself.

Alvin, what did you say with them ? Nothing, I told I did not know anything.

And did they believe you ? I don’t know.

I have never been questioned by the police before.

There is a man here that wants to speak with you.

Hello. Hello. My name is Kristján reporter from The Post. Are you the owner off Manilla ?

Yes. Can I have a few words with you ?

I spoke with the police already.

I am not from the police, I am a news reporter.

Is Alda not at school ? Why is she then mailing on Facebook. They are not let to use Facebook at school.

Where are you ?

They are so crazy look. Off course I needed to go home and….. Ooo, good mother is on the Twitter.

What, are you friend of your mother on Facebook ? What shall I write ?

Just say you are at school.

At school. I am not buying that. The school hat Facebook blocked. Ask her what lesson she is at.

What lesson.

Look at the lessons schedule.


Biology…It took her far to much time to answer.

She would have answered immediately if she had been in class.

She has turned off the chat. I think you daughter is fucking around with you.

There are clear burn marks from gasoline in the floor. Ignite then. Yes.

Gerða. Yes. But we are waiting for results from sample research and autopsy.

A witness saw a big car driven fast away. Dark car probably a four wheeler.

That does not narrow the circle much.

We have not found a photograph of her. They at the restaurant tell her name was Malhaja Mahit.

We have not found her registration jet. She could have arrived using a false passport or…..

Possible she was called another name there at the restaurant. Did she live there at the restaurant ?

This Jesus did not want to admit that.

He told she had been working late hours.

What did you say his name is ?

Jesus. Do you pronounce that correctly ? Yes I think so, possible Jessus.


We found this padlock in the storage. It was on what was left of the door.

On the inside ore the outside ?

We don’t know that.

We need to speak more exactly with this Jesus.

Lára are you doing something. Why ? I need to go down to Hverfisgata, police station, the police is going to give an announcement after ten minutes.

This is the interview with this Jesus. This just half a page. I can not be in two places at same time.

You owe me a favour. This is in the file Manilla dated today. Nökkvi I am going down to Hverfisgata, police station. Hah, yes.

Stína. Yes. Are you not coming with this graffiti there in Borgarnes ? Akranes. I just need to finish this first.

Making some summary for the website.

Who told you to do that. Huh, Bjarni.

Why are you telling Stína to write some dammed news for this fucking website ?

We have here value that has the name

This an open website that needs to be updated every hour.

Hey, Bjarni we have many times spoken about this. My people here does not have time to give their time on the internet.

We are all busy here trying to sell a newspaper here.

I want to put more emphasis on the website section.

People normally get the news on the internet now. But don’t you know that do not have time for that.

If I am expected to publish a new newspaper here every day.

The internet is pushing us. Again and again Bjarni.

It is not what the people want look. The people want something thoroughly.

Something tangible. Something that they can sink its teeth into.

Yes, yes and for that is the newspaper. I just want to build up the website part side by side.

So that the website and The Post support each other.

Then you just have get someone else for that.

There is full job to publish The Post.

Yes, then it will just be that way.

Yes, okey good. Good.

Okey, what I don’t understand. What was the girl doing there in the middle of the night.

She was working.

We did not start the fire. That was not us.

Okey, let’s take this step by step. Why was a padlock on the door ?

Daddy, tell them about the mens…

Don’t interfere in this. You are just a child.

What did she say ?

She is shocked that this happened.

That is not what I said.

Don’t inter fair in this.

What are you speaking about now ?

Find them who did this.

If not we will not get anything from the Insurance.

That is exactly what we are trying to find out.

Then speak with someone else than me.

Daddy, tell them the truth. Don’t inter fare in this.

Alvin, take you sister.

We will finish this down at the police station. What ?

You have to answer some questions down at the police station.

Why don’t you speak with me here ?

Why don’t you finish this here. This is not possible.

You where her boss ? Yes.

What about her family ?

Her family lives at the Philippines.

There no one here, no one that we can speak with.

Okay, thank you for answering my questions.

Her family lives at the Philippines.

There no one here, no one that we can speak with.

Good morning.

Is Jesus present ? Jesus ? Yes.

Do you have any idea when he will come back ?


My name is Lára I am a reporter at The Post.

I want to know something about the girl that died.

There came a reporter from us here and he forgot to ask some questions like where did she come from.

From the Philippines.

Where you friends ?


Do you know if she had some friends here or ?


How is Sigurður ? He is a teacher.

Hello, I am looking for a man that has the name Sigurður. I think he is a teacher here.

Yes he is teaching. He is just finishing.

Thau is only used for festive occasions like….

The personal pronoun we and the possessive pronoun our.

As in us Icelanders and our homeland.

Okey, lets say this good for the day.

Sigurður. Yes.

My name is Lára reporter at The Post. Can I speak a little with you ?

About what ? About the restaurant Manilla.

Why ?

Where you in connection with a woman that was named Malaja and worked at Manilla ?

What do you mean with had the name ?

Has no one come here to speak with you ?

About what ?

Is she okey ?

No, she died in the fire.

The fire, what ?

Why are you telling me this ?

Sorry, I just thought that…..

Well, can I do something for you ?

Do you want me to call someone ?

This not what I asked for.

Listen, no one wanted this.

I do not know how it caught fire.

I don’t understand this. How did this happen ?

Listen. We were doing you a favor, you know, Siggi

You asked us to talk to the man and we talked to the man.

But not enough. He had a fucking mouth and we just took him.

We cut off his finger.

The next thing I know you are here at my home. The finger ? Yes.

We cut off his little finger.

Jesus Christ. You asked.

Most people does not want to know what we do.

We just want the money. And we did not turn on fire.

It is totally clear. He has turned on fire himself.

Definitely. Clearly.

Has he turned on fire him self ?

What shall I do now. Can you tell me that. You shall not do anything.

You shall just go home to sleep.


This will not be taken again. And you shall shut up. Understand ?

Do you want to calm down with you.

On the house.


I kill him. No.

You do not intend to kill him.

We take care of this.


What an idiot man.

Fucking poor thing.

This will be some fuck. No.

And did you get all this from this girl there at the Filipino market.

Some from here and other things from this Sigurður.

We just finish this business.

Yes. No one had spoken with him. I was telling him the news.

This is a good stuff man.

Listen good. Put this into progress.

Now I am recognising you again. Hey.

This was an absolute exception for Nökkvi.

I go straight to this apron action review after this.

Ha, no you are going to follow this. You can not come up with anything else.

Not a chance.

Did we have to check this better before we did this ?

This was not your fault.

No. No whom then ?

No one this just happened.

Can't take it back.

I just needed to send a message.

Just to be totally calm.

Can you handle that ? Yes. Ha ? Good.

Can I assist you ? Shrimp sandwich and Pepsi Max.

The shrimp sandwiches are finished.


We have one roast beef, smoked lamb and salat and ham and cheese.

No do you know. I have lost my appetite.

You are so terribly ugly.

Hi. Hi. Hallo, hallo good to see you my boy.

My love.

May I offer you coffee ore something ?

No I have to pick up a pizza.

I have some bills here. Can you deposit the half on me ?

This is the kindergarten and birthday present.

Trusses. I will deposit on you. This is no problem.

We will see each other again

Goodbye love.

Take care of yourself. Yes I will do that.

What, do I have to go together for this dinner invitation or ?

I should preferably be here. Am I disturbing ?

There has arrived a man here. I will speak with you. Yes bye.

Will this be on the front page ?

I was at the printing before and I saw that Lára´s news was in stead of my news.

In stead of yours. This is the same news.

No Nökkvi. She was assisting me. This my news.

Kristján. Lára is the reason for that this news are one the front page.

If it would have been published like you left it. It would have ended up on page six. That is how it is man.

Yes, yes.

This is okey. Good article.

Alda. Hallo some one at home ?

Hi. Am I disturbing. Do you know Lára I do not really bother to be working in my spare time.

This not about the job. This is about Alda. I need a little help

Is she in trouble? I do not know quiet well.

Can you possible call Sólveig and ask her how is the owner of ML 349

It is a white Mercedes Bens.

Okey. Call you later.

Can you make a favour to Lára ?

What ? Find how the owner is.


Hi. She can not do this until tomorrow morning.

Ohh. Why not ?

It can only be accessed in the database at work.

Well, okey thanks Stína.

No problem.

We are going to have this on page ten and the interview on page six. Yes.

We also have to follow this up with this girl who burned inside.

Lára. You are in good contact with this Sigurður this morning.

I am not in a good contact with him.

Have you seen the video.

What video.

Come and look.

The newcomer is not welcome in Iceland.

They who come here and multiply.

They declare war against the white rage.

But here we say stop.

We tell the business community and the multicultural society that the increase .....

Does this man say anything wise ore ?


The rats and cockroaches that have moved here are to be crushed.

One newcomer has already been burned.

More will die.

That is enough

Wait, he was admitting he burned the place.

I hear that. When did this come on the internet ?

Late last night I understand. Alas, this is not some idiot Nökkvi.

Even though this is utter nonsense. Then this is quite a month on sale if we play right out of this.

Yes, here, okay, let's look at attacks on immigrants.

Mainly about newcomers. Prejudice in the system, racism.

The situation in society after the collapse. Just the whole package.

This, this is the case. Nökkvi this is not racism in society.


This is just some idiotic post on Youtube. Lára, take care of talking to Sigurður.

You can not shuttle this to the Internet ?

No Bjarni I think it's much cooler that it's the front page tomorrow.

Is this not just old news. It all depends on how the day develops.

Listen, it's just everything on the other because of this video.

I just heard that the computer is burned at the Manilla restaurant.

These are probably the first terrorist attack in Iceland.

This is a completely new reality facing us if it turns out to be true?

What can not this person be found. What's the matter?

The police have been trying to track down this video. But, but without progress.

Still anyway.

But at least there is a nervous breakdown in the immigrant community.

That's for sure. It has been heart of people who did not come to work.

Yes, yes this is ugly. Yes, this is awesome.

Newcomers who come here. Propagate.

They are waging war against the white race.

Here we say stop.

This is brilliant.

Newcomers are not welcome in Iceland .

That you are coming here, multiply……

We have a little nigger here with us. What ?

We understand this.

Cockroaches to be crushed.

One newcomer has already been burned.

More will die it is ......

That's a promise.

Can I have a word with you ? Hm, hm.

You remember we spoke about here. That I would find for you a man to take care of the internet Post.

Hmm, yes I do not have manpower for it.

Yes exactly, I have hired a very powerful man that have been editor of internet news sites.

Oh, how is that ?

He brought up by sixty percent. should I know that or ?

Yes if you follow something on the web. I'm just busy publishing a newspaper here every day my Björn.

Yes, what's going on here ?

Bjarni. Are you telling that Gestur Sveinsson is the man you are speaking about.

Good morning. I'm just home again.

Devil, this is a good man. I even found my old cup.

You killed my wife !!!

Where are they !! ?

You killed Malaja hell. Get out, get out…..

I've had enough of you damn… Call the police.

Get him out of Alvin.

Be calm. I'm calm. Out with you !

Take him out !

Are we doing some stupid ?

Don’t call the police.

Are you okey ?

We just take care of this.

Have you heard something from her ?

Yes. She told she slept over at her girl friend this night.

Hmm, this is what Sólveig took for you.

Okey. The car is registered as Ísak Egilsson he is nineteen years old.

Nineteen years old ? Yes.

He is not on the criminal record but his half-brother.

But his half-brother Victor Báruson is a well-known hand collector who has a criminal record that is as long as the telephone directory.

Oh my god.

I would now be more interested in seeing this Isaac if he is Alda boyfriend.

Yes, yes of course he is on Facebook.

Aren't you kidding ?

Jesus Christ.

This is now your future son-in-law my dear.

Stop this.

Have you stopped ? Yes, yes I am .....

What? Is not all right? Well, that's just something you're not into.

Tell me about it. You can tell me everything.

Okey we ing roar have a small meeting here. Girls can you not go home for a little while.

For dinner with mom and daddy and so on.

I have to pay him. Wait ? I do not mean this bad. We just need to talk we the boys.

We have to use the cells.

I think that will be the best. You call me tonight if you will do something.

Yes. Okey. Go home ? Yes just for a little while.

Bitch there. Líf !!! Boring. This was just a small joke. Well kiss me. Let’s see again. Aha. Darlings.

Yes. I have do go. Bye, bye.

I hear you okay.

This is the hottest news today.

He is everywhere this idiot.

If we do nothing about this, this could go very badly.

What do you want to do ? Just get rid off him.

What about the situation in the meantime. Get rid of him.

There is no connection between him and us. Still !!

There is no problem getting rid of him.

Listen. Do you mean to kill him ?

Just silence him.

The police is looking for him.

We just have to find him before them.

The Post. Is a newcomer dying today ?

Question mark. Is this code ? No just clean.

Have you just dropped out of school ?

No, why ?

You've been so much away that they thought you were going back to Canada.

Why are you lying like this to me ?

Hum, when are you going to introduce to your boyfriend ?

Ísak Egilsson, nineteen years old. Is he not a bit old for you ?

He is just my friend. Your friend ?

His brother is a judged criminal Alda.

Have you completely lost yourself, Alda. Did your upbringing not go better than this ? What upbringing ?

You've never fucking raised me. You do anything but that.

You do not speak like this with me.

Don’t you understand that I am trying to help you ?

This man is dangerous.

No, you can not have this. My computer ? I paid for it. It’s mine.

Give me the mobile also. No.

Come here.

You will stay here.

No you can not. Go into your room.

You do not order me.


Are you here ?

The police was here before looking for you.

I have told the pupil’s that the class will be cancelled.

Sigurður. Fuck.

He must come outside. Yes.

This is him, this is him.

Ooo, what the fuck men



Dear Alda. I brought some to eat.

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