Pressa (2007–…): Season 3, Episode 2 - Episode #3.2 - full transcript

What do you have today ? It is manly this fire

Help ! Isn’t this some Tai restaurant ? No it is a Philippine restaurant.

Registered owner is Jesus Akina.

There was a grill there. Someone burned inside.

I want to know something about the girl that burned inside.

I want to know some about the girl that burned inside. Did she have any friends here or ?


I can’t understand this. How did this happen ?

We did not set on fire.

It is totally clear. He has turned on fire himself.

You killed Malaja. You fucking rats. Get out.

One newcomer has been burned. More will die.

Was he confessing that he burned the place ?

What do you say Daddy. How are you ?

I am just dyeing.

The car is registered property of Isak Egilsson. He is nineteen years old.

His half-brother Viktor Báruson is a known hand charger and has a criminal record that is same length as the phonebook.

The are you going to introduce me to your boyfriend ? Isn’t he not a bit old for you ?

You do not order me !!

I have hired a very powerful man that has been editor of a new site similar this one.

Are you telling that Gestur Sveinsson Is the man you are speaking about.

Good morning.

There is no problem getting rid of him. Do you mean killing him ?

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The police withholde’s all news of a shooting by a (TUNGUMÁLASKÓLINN) Language School here in Breiðholti. But as we understand.

That the man had been giving a lesson in Icelandic when he was shot.

He is now at Landspítalanum but his wounds are not considered serious.

It is not know if the cases are connected in anyway.

But yesterday was an rather scary video distributed on the internet.

Where a man with a mask declares him self responsible for a fire at the restaurant Manilla.

Attacking people because of origin. Then we are facing a whole new reality.

In the video, he announced that even more newcomers would die.


Shall we cook together tonight ? I do not really know how long I will be. This with the shooting could be delayed.

Something new in that. You know I can not talk about the work with you.

I'm not asking about anything. I'm just interested in this as anyone else.

It's not like there is shot at people every day with a shotgun.

A riffle. What kind of an riffle ?

Girls ! Katja, Hugrún have you heard anything from Alda.

No. No.

Wait a moment.

Can you let me know if you sea her ore hear something ? Yes. Yes. Thanks.

Hi, hello. Has she been found ? No not jet.

She has to be found. Yes I know that Ágúst. I have been looking all night. What have you been doing ?

I have just been driving around. Is there something more I can do ?

Oho, I don’t know. I let you know.

But not until after lunch. I am teaching until twelve o’clock.

No, hello. Hello.

Welcome to work. Thanks.

Likewise, I just say now. Thank you.

Well, let's go over this. Forgive Nökkvi just a little.

Yes, I have just arrived at the old Post. Nice it is.

I have now been to many places and been involved, among other things ..

Own part on my own website. And most recently, a major breakthrough in the web world.

I reached sixty percent increase at and….

Yes, and really looking forward to work with you agin. And thank you for welcoming me.

Welcome dear Gísli. Yes well, nice. But what about this here ?

THE POST. Shot in Breiðholt.

Is there something. The police does not comment on anything. But this man there who got shot ?

He will go home today. Just scratches. But the description of eyewitnesses says…

It was as if his legs had just been torn off then he just fell.

Was this a newcomer or? No, this was an Icelandic woman who works there.

Maybe she should use the Icelandic teaching. Hehe

Well, what's behind this? Isn't this the video over there on Youtube or?

Let us not be too quick to draw any conclusions. He was threatening this in the video.

More will die. Did he not say that? Of course, there was speculation about this on the morning radio.

Will not act wondering in some speculation.

Listen, you were encouraging us yesterday to come with speculation.

Listen, you were encouraging us yesterday to come with speculation.

I was just talking about using the angle.

I mean, racism has increased since the crash ?

Let's develop something then, huh, the police ?

Are they going to carry firearms. This is Breiðholt, this is not Baghdad.

Which means ? Which means that people do not generally carry guns on them Nökkvi.

Then bring something else up.

There exist a hunting riffle in every other home.

There where found cartridges from a riffle like that.

They will announce this at a press conference at five o'clock we can do nothing sooner.

Listen, the paper will not be published again until this morning, so ...

So this will not be an issue. Hear, this is cool Stína you are working on this today.

There is good that Sossinn has started singing again.

Okay. Bring more angles on this.

Is the meeting finished ? Yes.

I told Nökkvi this about Alda.

Has she been found ? No.

Do you have a cigarette ? Yes

The police just tells me to wait.

Yes, the police does not do anything about it until she has been lost for more than twentyfour hours.

What can I do meanwhile possible that will be to late.

Do not get sick of your imagination.

i would no make to see a picture of here in television news.

She told wanted.

I don’t even know how she was dressed.

Look for her as a journalist not as a hysterical mother.

Hello my name is Lára I am mother of Alda.

Yes. Can I talk some with you

Yes, please enter.

This not the first time that Rebekka disappears. Look.

You know. What can I do ?

I mean she is seventeen years old there is only Viktor this and Viktor that. Don’t you have worries.

This a lot older man and…? I mean he is treating here very well.

I mean he is giving her clothes, cosmetics it is not that.

But I know this not the son in law you would prefer.

Does Isak live with him ?

I do not know anything about that.

But do you know where Viktor lives.


Are you ready to call Rebecca for me ?

I can maybe try.

The mobile is off.

Do you know I would not be so worried if I was you.

They are just like the cats.

They come home when they get hungry.

Good bye.

Bye, bye.

My Rebekka.

Alda’s mother looked for like a freak out. Jesus. I just want you to let Alda know.

Ohh, please. Do that.

Yes okey I hear you later. Are not joking ? Shit.


Your mother is freaking out.

She is looking for you all over.


I told you that this about the riffle could not be published until after the press conference Gestur.

Wait a little. We tell news here.

Don’t you understand that this does not…What is happening here ?

He's shoved this about the rifle on The Post's network.

Stína can you give us a little privacy here

Gestur ! What had we spoken about ?

Wait, what for is an online media If you are not going to use it ?

I spoke about on the conference before what matters !!!!!

I am responsible for these online media. You are also responsible for that we have lost all confidence by the police.

You've already messed everything up here. Go to hell.

This will be some circus.

Hasn’t the Thai interpreter not arrived. No.

We just have decided to delay this press conference until tomorrow.

We have nothing to tell than what is already on the internet.

This devil’s leak always.

Well then she has arrived. Hello.

What do want the Chinese ore the Blacks. Are they not all people like you and me ‘

And this is the last registered address ? And you don’t have any address registered for Viktor Báruson ?

Okey, thank’s.


Yes, I am looking for Isak that lived in apartment nine, one.

Where is Isak ?

No, I am looking for him. Do happen to know where he is.

Are you maybe his mother ?

Talk to Viktor.

Is he at Viktor’s ?

God. Jesus. Do you know by any change where Viktor lives.

Are you from the police ?

No, my name is Lára and I am a reporter at The Post.

Devil's journalists.

Are you ready to let me inside ?

Hallo !

Hallo !


Are you not the journalist ?

Yes, who is this ?

You spoke with me yesterday, Sigurður at the language school.

Yes, hello.

Can we speak to each other.

Why is a conference, there was coming a new video. Ha.

This is a terrible policy.

Have you seen this. Yes I placed this on our website.

The purge continues.

We have faked the cockroaches.

Shot them.

And now we blow up the devils.

And Iceland will become again ours.

That is a promise.

Jesus. Are you not kidding.

There are clearly some racism punches exploding.

Weren't you talking about defining racism in Iceland ?

Then just a wide and nice profile.

Interviews with declared racists.

This is a awful team man.

Well. It will then be in the newspaper it will not be on the website.

I mean we naturally host this online.

Racism has increased.

After the crash. Ohh, it's a natural hell of a cliché to blame the crash on everything.

But you know, a lot of these racists are just ordinary people.

Exactly. You know that do there shopping in Bónus. Yes, yes exactly.

I mean what does this people when they come to the casher.

And needing to let Poles serve them. Exactly that is exciting exactly that.

I want to focus on the newcomer community.

What people is present at these Icelandic lessons and so on.

So we have to make sure not to make this too homogenous, Kristján you come up with some counterbalance.

Hah, okey bye for the moment.


The energy manager's wife was having a baby in the back seat of their Land Cruiser. Do you bother to take it ?

Which of these should interest me, that this was a woman or this was a Land Cruiser ?

Thank’s Stína.

Can you analyse this better. How he behaved ?

She said that he had before there was shot, he had been very upset.

And she means the teacher Sigurður ?

Mister, mister Sigurður. Hm, hm.

Sorry for a moment.

Freyr. Can you speak a little with me ?

Yes. One second. Okey.

Check this out. There are all in confusion man. The police and the newspaper and the media.

I don’t no anything about what is happening.

This is not about racism.

Rather ? Money of course.

This rice shopper here is just a front.

He has a bunch of money.

There is a big money laundry there behind this.

And there was a total mistake to involve these boy’s in this.

What boy’s are you speaking about.

These hand chargers Viktor Báruson and co.

Me and Malaja where going to get married.

She told she was illegal here.

Then Jesus sad that I needed to pay to her family in the Philippines.

I had already paid almost one million kronor.

And then suddenly I was supposed to pay another million.

I told him that I could not do that.

Then he took her.

The Philippines ?


They told that they where going to make her work for the money.

It was then when I spoke with Viktor.

I had known him since we where small and I knew he was in irregularity.

He was going to sort things out.

Think about ir. He cut the finger of the man.

Then he burned the place. Did Viktor and them put fire in the restaurant ?

I really don’t know it.

You're not going to repeat anything after me.

Delete this !

Wait. Why ?

This is not a interview.


What is this ?

I don’t know.

A knife. For what do they use it ?

I don’t know. Finger clipper. I am going to take a picture of you.

Yes. Take the picture.

Oho, come on.

Cant you be a little more relaxed.

This one is terrific.

Can I see ?

No, and I deleted it.

Okey. I have to show this one to Isak.


Rebekka. Don’t show him this.

Isn’t this a one sexy bitch ore what ?

Send it to me. No I hate it.

Girls. I don’t want you play here in the living room. There is work to be done here.

Look what I took a cool picture of her.

Hey, you are not at all to be in there.

These are not toys look. Oho, don’t be so boring.

Yes, go and play elsewhere.

Take care of your Barbie dolls.

Hey, have heard something from Siggi. No.

He's out some where in town shitting on himself.

We have to finish this case before the police grabs him.

He is a loose cannon.

You know how he is.

They at school say he was very excited he left. He tossed furniture and behaved like a mental patient.

We have to look at the possibility that he shot at school.

He is not at home.

He is somewhere hiding for us.

We make the search for Sigurður in priority.


Look. It is just missing that CRIMINAL is tattooed on his forehead.

The photo gallery is open. Hmm.

Let's go to a party.

Where have we ended up. Oh my God.

Reverse. This is Rebekka friend of Alda.

Puff. Are you sure you want to see more of this.


Look here. Where is this ?

Kópavogur or Breiðholt. Seljahverfi.

I know where this is.

Lára. What are you going to do. Lára.

This Ágúst. I am not present at the moment but please leave messages.

He is teaching before lunchtime.


Hey. Don’t you know where this is ? Are you not getting to the place ?

There it is. Montecarlo. You friend was calling the guy is sitting there still drinking beer an so on.

Okey. Hear from you.

Siggi. Hello. Well are you here to kill me.

No can I not invite you home. The police has arrived.

Well Sigurður Andri. Am I never left in peace. No you have to come with us now.

No ! Yes come. No. Take it easy this guy has been drinking beer here easy all day.

Hallo. I Ágúst at home ? No.

He's at Þjóðarbókhlaðan. (The National Library)

And the mobile off. Have you found Alda ?

No, but I know where she is.

Eyrún is everything okey.

Yes off course.

Lára I am just in a meeting I am finishing a job with my assistant teacher. I can she you have moved up too the forty years old.

I don’t need do justify my self for you. And I don’t care a shit. There is Alda I am thinking in.

I think I know where she is. In some party shit place up in Breiðholt.

I think it would be good for Alda that we would show cooperation.

Lets go there and let's get her home.

Is there something wrong with you. We are not going to enter some drug place.

This is a police case Lára.

Try to tell the police that. The fault with you is that you never listen to other people.

Listen. Are you afraid saving you child Ágúst !

There is necessary to save her from you.

What did you say ?


Are you going to speak with me ?

Can I just step outside ?

It is not possible to breath close to Gestur that maniac.

Do you know this is all about trust.

There is one thing when we are together.

But the other thing is. I can not speak about the job with you without it is published.

I have to be able to trust you.

I know what you mean.

But is that in reality the only thing you are afraid off.

What do you mean ? I mean….

Which is more normal that you are that you are feeding me with information ore it will be known that we are dating ?

No this is an misunderstanding. What I am speaking about is just conserning the job.

Investigative police officer and investigative journalist.

I just want that we can stay together.

Hm. Hm.

This can be wherever Lára.

The only birch.

This is for sure somewhere here.

There is his car.

This is the house.

Here it is.

Is Alda here ? Who are you ? I am her mother.

I hear her. Let me inside.

Alda. Hey. Can I assist some ?

My daughter Alda is here inside and I want to speak with her at once. What ?

Do you think this is something Lost and Found.

Did you say something ore ? Ha !

Alda, my Alda ! What is going on ? Alda !

Don’t interfere in this.

We are here outside. I she does not come in ten minutes we will call the police.

Does the woman have Alzheimer. Or ?

Did you not hear what I said ? This not Lost and Found.

And there will be presses charges on you. For what ?

Calculate that yourself. She is fourteen years old.

Fourteen years old ? I did not know that man. She told she was sixteen.

Take the whore out. Isak. Take her out.

I want to be with you. You lied to me Alda.

Sorry. Sorry, just get out of here.

Don’t act like this. Are going to have me in prisoned ?


Now I call the police. No, not jet.

Every minute with these scumbags is to much. Alda is not supposed to be there. Halldór.

Thank’s for come with me and all. But I decide what to do here.

Get out from here.

Dear Alda. Leave me alone. Why are you telling how old I am ? You destroyed all.


Parkodin, welcome.

Well. Can we keep on then ?

You say that Jesus and family has taken Malaja as a pledge due to debt.

Was Malaja not only escaping from your violence ?

I'm not violent. The police officers who picked you up today say otherwise.

We can keep you here for two weeks. Probably longer.

Ore you can tell us what happened.

Witnesses saw you by the school just before the shooting.

This is so much stupid.

We know you got rid off the weapon somewhere.

There is just a question of time when we find it.

What does the technical department say when they examine your computer?

Possible videos that have been shown on the internet lately ?

I don’t say a word.

I have told to much.

You do not need to tell me anything. The only thing that matters is that you are back home.

Damned fool. Who ? Damned Viktor idiot.

He so disgusting moran and a fucking filth.

Isak would never throw me out.

Dear Alda.

There are things happening there that you should not take a part in.

These are very dangerous mens.

They have guns. Hah.

The storage is full of guns and rubish.

What kind of guns ?

Just riffles, shotguns and so on.

Wait, what are they meant for ?

I don’t know.

Dear Alda you are not to be there. You are just a child.

I am not a fucking child any more.

Do you want me to talk to her ?

No. Just leave her alone.

The little stump has felt asleep.


Well, thank you for this.

Thank for coming with me.

No problem..

Can we have a chat soon ?


Let’s do that.


Everybody have heard about this.

Heard what ?

This about me and Sólveig.

What can you tell me about Alda ?

She's just deep down.

I think this will work out although. Look.

She has to stay with daddy and Þórdís.

This will work out. I know it.

I am needing to talk to Sólveig. Are you coming with me. I don’t think so.

Alda has always liked boy’s toys more than girls toys. If she tells she has seen a riffle like this I do not doubt it.

She spoke both about riffles and shotguns.

Yes we know they are deep in drug dealing.

The narcotics department has had them in its sights for a long time. It just has not been possible to nail them.

Now you have the opportunity for that.

There is more needed than rumour.

Sólveig. They are infamous hand chargeers and you know it.

There where for sure them that burned the restaurant and shot at the language school.

We have a man in custody suspected for this shooting.

Who is that ?

Sólveig. Listen.

Listen, I am not here as a journalist.

I know about a criminal gang in Breiðholt that has a riffle like this one.

You now get the feeling that this is the basis of the discussion.

That they how have money want to do business with the state.

Thank’s for the food.

You're welcome.

Hello. Hi this is me.

Hi. What do you say ?

Just… Nothing special.


What ?

I just wanted to hear you.

Okey. Okay. We just hear each other.

What do you think ?

Look. Listen Isak. I fucked up.

Yes no problem just forget it. No it is not that.

I told mom about the guns in the storage.

Are they canceling or ?

They come in fifteen minutes


I don’t know it.

I spoke with him. He is still very angry with me.

Do you think you can possible help me with this.

Whom are you speaking with ?

Hmm, my girlfriend.

You are welcome to invite her for a visit if you want.

Aha, hm, may I invite you for a visit ?


There was nothing there.

They knew we where coming.

You must be able to find this. Trace the track ore something.


We are capable of doing our job.

Thank you for the help.

Oh, what the hell.

Hi. Hi.


Listen. I will work this out.

You have never done this before. I know how to do this.

The photographs are on the way.

Did they found something ?

No, they did not find anything.

Then this is useless Lára. No, the weapons had just been removed.

Look, if nothing is found. Then it is not news.

What are you going to place on the front page ?

Useless travel to Fossvogur.

No, Breiðholt.

What, is that all you have been doing today ?

No I am…. Do you know I have not seen you here all day. You where not at the morning conference and not the later conference.

Are you still at work, or ?

Specially from this Sigurður before he was arrested.

Yes actually, I can just not tell anything he told.

Do you know. I expected more from you Lára. What do you mean ?

What do I mean. Yes you know I am just on this case because it is connected with Alda.

I have told you million times that I am quit with these criminal cases. Yes, yes.

Listen do something little from this. This is not a front page look.

Yes big deal. Yes big deal here. I have plenty of people here to stay on the soft news look.

You are hired here to other things.

Hm, hm.

Hello darling. Isn’t all fine ?

Yes, yes. Just wonderful.

Just if there is something, then..

Then you can always come to me. Yes is that yes.

Yes my darling

My best to your girlfriend.

Stop this. Why ? Do you remember what Siggi told about this Jesus. ?

What ?

All this diagonal eyed team that comes here for work and send the money to their home.

Always in problem to make foreign exchange. This is because off the capital controls and all that.

He arranges that for them.

Who ? Jesus.

Okey. The big guy.

He exchanges Icelandic krona to foreign exchange and send the money for them.

Viddi, this is a big money turnover.

He has a lot of money this guy.

All in Euros and Dollars. I think there has come time to visit the man again.

This is so much stupid.

You are for sure pregnant Alda.

Can I look ?

There is no one. Aha, aha.

This team is absolute ants.

Always working.

Come on.


Hey, are you looking for you finger ?

We close.


I don’t want to talk to you.


I want to talk to you.

You owe my friend. I am collecting.

I am not affraid of you.

Yes you are, you should be.

Ore do you want to loose more fingers ?

You are the one that started the fire. Aha.

Thats right, thats right. We where just doing you a favour.

We didn’t see any of that insurance money.

I did not get any insurance money.

You will get a lot of money from the insurance company.

We are going to take our cut from that.

Take more fingers. You want get any money from me.

Devil, men have become a toff man.

Ha, ha where did you learn this from some kung fu school. Ha, ha !!!

Take a big act. I have learned to be a kung fu master.

Ha, ha !!!

Ding dong man ha, ha !!

Are you alright ?

You should hide again from this people !!

Shall I call the police ? No, don’t do that.


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