Power (2014–…): Season 4, Episode 6 - New Man - full transcript

Returning to his nightclub, Ghost finds himself trapped in a new business venture. Tommy escapes to Chicago for a meeting that takes a turn. With Ghost released, Jukebox and Kanan revisit their plan to hold Tariq ransom.

Previously, on Power...

I want you to give this
to Tommy Egan.

The clubs will be open soon,

and our stuff will be
flowing in no time.

Chicago, they need answers soon.

Keep my phone.

What if something happens?

How are we supposed
to reach you?

You're not.

That's the final payment.

From this point forward,
everything stops with Tariq.

What the fuck makes you
think everything stops?

The prosecution's
willful misconduct

was improper and conducted
in bad faith.

Mr. St. Patrick,

you can go home.

Yo, Slim, you here yet?

Oh, what's up?
What you doing here?

So you got the kid?

You're damn right I got him.

We're gonna get the money
from Ghost for holding his son.

And then we're gonna
kill 'em both.

So what you need me to do?

Hey, brother, I'm out.

We need to talk, so hit me up.

Something big.

Can't wait, Tommy.

Want some coffee?


Where the kids?

Well, Yas is with Mama.

Thank you.

Tariq spent the night
over at Calvin's.

And Raina's at a sleepover too.

They'll be back sometime
this afternoon.

I just figured they'd be here,

you know, seeing as though
I just got out.

I figured we'd celebrate
as a family.

Yeah, well, the kids have been
through a lot, Ghost.

They just need some time.

We need to talk about Tariq.

Guess you need some time
too, huh?

Where'd you sleep last night, T?

Raina's room.

T, you didn't have to do that.

You know how much
I appreciate you...

What you've done for me,
standing by me.


Especially, you know, with
everything we've been through.


I was thinking that we could,

Hey, hey, hey.

I was thinking we could
start over.

Put the past in the past,
you know, like...


I don't know about that, Ghost.

I thought we were just staying
together for appearances.

You know, for the Feds,
in case they come back around.

Terry said the case
isn't over yet.

I wish Angela never came
to the club that night.

Can't change what happened,

I can tell you it's over.


For good.

Are you kidding me?

I just watched that bitch
blow up her whole life

in open court so you could walk.

Tasha, that was...

You know what?
Let's just... let's talk tonight.

I'll let the kids stay out.

Mama can keep Yas.

But we need to go now.

Yeah, we'll definitely
talk tonight.


Excuse me. Quick comment?

Quick comment about
your situation, Mr. St. Patrick?

A quick comment?
Please, sir!

How does it feel to be
a free man, Mr. St. Patrick?

Sir, a quick comment?

Mr. St. Patrick?


Mr. St. Patrick!

James, it's so good
to see you back in a suit.

You look like a-a new man.

And you look the same.

I always look the same.

I have quite the ghastly
portrait in my attic.

Uh, that's a reference
to a book, James,

about a beautiful boy
named Dorian Gray...

Yes, I've read it.
Look, I hate to break up

our book club we're having,

but I'd like you
to get out of my club.

Why are you so suspicious of me,

when all I want is the best
for you, for everyone, really?

It's obvious you're not here
to throw me

a welcome home party, Simon, so,

let's cut to the chase.

What a way to talk
to a creditor.

You owe me a substantial
amount of money.

I'm here to collect.

Oh, I see you haven't spoken
to your wife, Tasha,

about the little deal we made
while you were away?

No, I haven't.

Then I'll inform you.

I gave Tasha an awful lot of
money for something in return.

Tasha took money from you?


How much?

Oh, details are so gauche.

If you agree to work with me
in a new business venture,

I will forgive every cent
of your loan.

That shit again.

No, no.

Something better.

A real estate group.
You would be the CEO.

I'd simply be a silent partner.

What's in it for you?

Well, the business under
your name would garner

a minority business
development loan,

and a tax break that will make
this lucrative for both of us.

Okay, so you've come
to my club to tell me

you need my black ass
to make you more money?

Diversity is all the rage
these days.

We have so much to talk about.

Why don't we order in, James?

I love Chinese, don't you?

Uh, the food and the people.

I told you I would be in touch.

And yet somehow,
I ain't heard from you.

You've been out long enough
to put that phone

in Tommy Egan's hands.

Now, you didn't forget
our little deal, did you?

I talk to Tommy in exchange
for my silence

about your mishap
with the Marshal.

I haven't forgotten,
and I repeat, old man:

I will be in touch.


Is everything all right, James?

What the fuck
is taking you so long?

Where's Ghost?
Where's the money for Tariq?

I had to hit pause on that.
Ghost got too much heat

on him right now
for me to make a move.

Well, you better get moving,

Or I will put a bullet
in this boy's ass for fun.

I ain't no fucking babysitter.

Don't fuck this up.

I ain't gonna fuck this up... why
you keep saying shit like that?

I ain't gonna make a move till
I can get him clean.

Where you got Tariq?


I'll give you the address once
Ghost's ass is in the car

and the money's in hand.

Don't call me till you got
good news.

Was that Slim?

Oh, you eavesdropping now?

Nah, I was just hoping to see
him like you said I would.

I'm gonna have to be home later.

What I said was that he was out

getting crew and supplies
for the lick.

And I thought you said

you were all covered
with your moms.

I am, but she's gonna call,
and I'm gonna have to go home.

The last time I disappeared,
I told her

it's not gonna happen again.

I got you, little nigga.
Don't worry about it.

Me and Slim got all this
under control.

All he needs is a little more
time to crew up.

Give me your phone.

I'll handle your moms.

Wait, it's Tariq.



The Feds took the chains off
the weave shop this morning.

Yeah, it'd be nice to get things
up and running again.

Like I said, it'll be nice to
know what the fuck is going on.

What is life supposed to look like
now that Ghost is out of jail?

Is he staying back
at the penthouse?

Yeah, but we ain't getting
back together for real.

We just got to play house and...

be a united front
for the Feds, you know.

I'm not talking about for you.

I'm talking about for me.

What is my life supposed
to look like now?

And can my business go back
to being regular?

Just a weave shop,
not no drug money shit?

Look, we got to keep
moving things

like we have been
for a little while.

Tasha, I want out.
For real.

I promise you, you will.

As soon as we can.

Mm, so, um,

you talk to your new man
last night?


Cell phone must be broke
or something,

'cause I ain't heard from him.

Well, he'll come around.

You know better than anybody
how these men are.

I sure do.

Look, I got to roll.

I got a lot to do to get
the weave shop open again.

All right.
Go ahead.

I know how thirsty these bitches
are to get they hair did,


Bye, Tasha.


I hope you get stuck
on the way down.


Mr. Egan.

Jason Micic.

Good to meet you in the flesh.

Something happened where you had to
move out in the middle of the night?

No, nothing like that.

We're expanding into new areas.

This is one of our new spaces.


Look, I know why we're here.

The money that should be coming in
from our pharmaceutical weight.

We had a small hiccup
with the distribution.

Have you figured out a solution?

We have.
We're going back

to the courier method
from the old days.

And we set up a small,
private gambling operation

so even more money'll
be coming in.

You turned a setback into a win.
I'm impressed.

Yeah, well, me too.

But you know, I've been doing
this shit for a while,


I can go home now?

You can stop looking over your
shoulder, Tommy.

Nobody's coming through
the door with a gun.

I'll relax when I get back
to New York.

Ah, yes. New York.

Not without its fair share
of difficulties.

But we can't control everything.

Ghost was a concern,
but now that he's out of prison,

we can relax a little.

He's out?

Ghost always lands on his feet.

It's time for all of us
to move on from Ghost.


Yeah, it's not a problem.

Just tell him we've been
selling drugs in the club.

He'll understand that he doesn't
have an option but to go along.

You're not going back
into the club.

You're not going back
to work with Ghost.

I need him
off the table entirely.

Jason, um,

all respect, all right, but,

I've been down this road before.

I'm not gonna kill Ghost.

All right?
It's just not gonna happen.

Bodies are bad for business.

If Ghost goes now,
they'll be looking at you.

It's a bad relationship, Tommy.

I want you to cut all ties
with him entirely.

For good.

And that's what you brought me
to Chicago for?


But there is other business too.

You ever been to Los Angeles?

No, I don't like dry heat.

I would like you to consider
taking a trip out there soon.

Meet some mutual friends.

We are expanding our reach.

We'd like to see
if you can run both coasts.

But Ghost can't be
anywhere near it.

Do we understand each other?

Yeah, we do.


More conversation to come.

There is a celebration tonight.

Ooh, tonight?
I was thinking

of driving back
to New York tonight.

If we're done.

We're not done.

Stay the night.
Celebrate with us.


- BG.
- Sup?

- What up?
- Good.

Yo, you seen Tommy, dawg?

Nah, man.
I haven't.

But it's not like
we talk every day.

All right, well, I got
to tell him something.

He's got to know right away,
all right?

All right.

So let me know if he hits you.

Sure thing, boss.

There he is.
There's that motherfucker.

Stay here.

Yo, what's up
with this urgency shit, man?

I've got to meet Ghost
at the club.

Wait, he's out?

Does he know we're running shit
through the club?

I don't know,
but I'm about to find out,

so if we're done here...

Yo, we ain't done, dawg.

Not by a long shot.

I saw you talking to Kanan.

Tommy specifically told us to
stay away from that motherfucker,

even shoot to kill
if you saw him walking around.

What the fuck was that about?

The nigga shows up at Truth.

I can't shoot him
in the club, can I?

It ain't no big deal, man.

The nigga wants to
get back in the game.

I told him Tommy ain't with it.
He pushed.

I shut it down.
Simple as that.

And you told Tommy about
all this, right?

No, I didn't tell
Tommy about all this.

Never had a chance to, man.
What's up... what's up with this?

You suspecting me,
asking me questions and shit

like you my bitch
or something, dawg.

Look, trust me.

I'm loyal, man.
All right?

I even found us a new primera.

We don't need to expand.

I don't know, man.

You heard from the other
primeras asking about Cristobal

getting extra keys?

He ran his mouth.

I know 'cause he ran it to me.


Look, look, look.

I know some cats who got beef
with their connects.

I don't got the details yet,
but look,

you want to meet up with them?

I got to talk to Tommy first.

Oh, my God, yo,
when was the last time

Tommy didn't want to make money?

You know he's about the hustle.

And you know if you ask Tommy
before you meet with them,

he's gonna ask you why does he always
have to wipe your ass for you.

Dawg, you're the man.

You're the Distro.

You tell him Cristobal's
a problem,

and you show up with a solution
already in hand, man.

Set it up.

My man.
I got you.

Got you.

Was that Slim?

When is he gonna be here?

Look at you,
all star-struck on a lick.

Slim's slowing down
in his old age.

The future's with little niggas
like you.


So how'd you get your nickname,

When I was a kid, I knew
all the songs on the radio.

I could imitate anybody.

Were you good?

I was better than good.

I was great.

What you want to hear?

What does your moms like?

She used to sing me
this song called,

Midnight Train to Georgia.

I'm not sure who sing it, but...

Gladys Knight.

Can you sound as good as my mom?

Your moms couldn't touch me.

On her best day.

You ever hear
of Ma-hah-lia Jackson?


And yeah.

Lights out, little nigga.


We need to talk about Tariq.

No, I think we need to talk
about you first.

At the club today, Tash, once
the chains were off the doors,

I realized it's like
I never left, right?

Everything in its proper place,

including Simon fucking Stern,
only this time

not because I made
a deal with him,

but because you made
a deal with him!

Come on, Tasha.
Behind my back?

Yes, okay?

I made a deal with the devil
because you

left me with no other choice.

Then if you knew
it was the devil,

why wouldn't you talk
to me first?


Coming from the man who does
whatever the fuck he wants

without consulting anybody!

You were on the inside, okay?

Decisions had to be made
for our family.

The Feds froze our accounts.

We didn't have enough money
to take care of the kids.

Money from Milan should have
been more than enough.

Shit, we didn't have
to pay bail.

Unless there's something
you're not telling me.

No, there's nothing else.

I handled it.

Besides, Stern agreed

that we could pay him back
over time.

Stern lied.

He don't want money.
He wants me.

To work with him.

No shit.

I knew he was lying.

But you're smarter than him.

I know you're not gonna
let him beat you.

What's the business?

Real estate.

Guess he needs a black face
for a tax break and a headline.

Hmm, well...

it's good press.

That could work
both ways, right?

I mean, Simon Stern
doing business with you

is good for your image.

Look, I know you, Ghost.

You are gonna figure out a way
to use him to win.


I don't know how
to trust you, Tasha.

I don't know how
to trust you either, Ghost.

But if we're gonna
make this work,

we don't have another choice.

This is the guy I was
telling you about... Dre.

Looks like we have
common interests.

Why don't you tell Dre here a little
something about your boy Julio?

Julio should have been dead
when he left the Toros Locos.

Ghost stepped in
and saved his life.

Bought his way out.

Well, Ghost is out the game,
so that deal is dead.

And with Ghost out the picture,

Julio's life is, um,

up for grabs.

So what are you thinking?

I'll deliver Julio to you,
and you take him out,

you don't make it look

like a Toros Locos kill.

That way you're protected,

and so am I.

We good?

Yeah, we good.

Let's kill this motherfucker.

Last time I drank this much,

I set a guy on fire.

No, I got fired.
Sorry, from my job.

It's a different story.

Wait up.
You had a normal job, job?

Don't get crazy. It wasn't
the fucking post office.

I was a bouncer at a strip joint
when I was a kid.

My moms made me get the job.

Your moms?

You're serious.

Yeah. The Boy Scouts
was all full.

Nah, that was a cushy job, man.

As much booze and girls
as you wanted.

I mean, I got paid to fight.

I said, "Sign me up,

I was born for this shit
right here."

I found what I was good at.

The hustle.
The grind.

This game right here,
you heard me?

Your boy Milan,

he liked the grind.

I mean, he had that security
business on lock.

Smart cover.

In his prime,
Milan was very, very valuable.

Yeah, I thought he'd be
a moneymaker for you,

which is why I was surprised

that the Milan kill
got approved so easily.

I thought there'd be
some pushback.

Milan was on his way out.

He was a very strange man.

His death just moved up
the timetable.

Well, happy I could help.


And call me crazy, I don't like

a guy that eats people.

I mean, is that a Serbian thing?

I don't hate it,
I just don't like it.

Ah, yeah.
Serbian specialty.

Hey, hey, hey.

Hoo, that's nice!

Yeah, hook a brother up.
Let me get one more.

I haven't been this fucked up
since I used to do goofballs.

Rakia's very potent, huh?

Like I said,
it's one of our specialties.

You know, I'm not a specialty
kind of guy.

I like to keep shit simple.

Might have to sit
this one out, because...

The fuck is going on?

Yo, Dre!

Yo, Dre, where you at?


I should have known.

Dre set me up, huh?

Your death was marked the day
you chose to walk away from us.

Rules of the street,
little man...

Blood in, blood out.

Your blood is the only thing
that makes this right.

You know what's gonna happen if you
go back on your word with Ghost?

Ghost bought your freedom.

But Ghost is out of the game.

Every breath you take

is a disrespect
to the Toros Locos.

This ends now.

Three against one?

Que pasa, Bub?


You afraid you can't
beat me alone, whore?

You are the whore...

Ah! Ah!

Let's go, motherfucker.
Let's go!

Let's go!
Come on!


Come on!

Fuck yeah!
You want a piece of this?

You want a fucking piece
of me, bitches?






You disresected me
for the last time.

What you deserve is that
Dre kills you, motherfucker!

And this is what you deserve.


Yo, yo, yo.
What the fuck?

Ah! Hey, you lucky I'm cramped from
being in that motherfucking trunk.

Fuck off me!
Yo, get the fuck off of me!

Yo, yo.

Yo, yo, yo, my man,
what the fuck is going on here?

I thought we was getting along.

We was talking expansion
and shit.

Oh, you best be here on vacation
or some shit,

or I'ma pull your throat out
through your asshole.

Tommy, you are going to die
for killing Milan

without getting
Jason's approval.

You little cocksucker.

You think you gonna
run game on me?

I was burying people alive
when you were still

shitting yellow, motherfucker.

Look, I don't know what this
motherfucker's angle is,

but he signed off
on the Milan hit.

He was down, and he said
that you was down too!

He is trying
to save his own life, okay?

I did not know anything.

Come here, you fucking...

Tatiana, over here...

Ah, fuck!


Thank you for coming here.

Now, Petar told me

that a rival gang killed Milan.

That's what Tommy told me.

But I did not know
Tommy killed Milan.

You lying piece of shit.

You was in the room!

Jason, Petar said
that you cleared the hit.

That's what I'm telling you,
all right?

Petar played us both.





Tatiana, thank you
for telling me who to believe.

Yeah, rot in hell,
you fucking bitch.

I think you'll be
a great successor to Milan.

I hope we'll be in business
for a long time.

Me too.

Although I didn't particularly
enjoy my ride here,

I respect the way you guys work.

But trust me, I ain't never

gonna let you walk
behind me again.

Fair enough.

After you.

You're a funny guy, Tommy.

Yeah, you ain't
seen nothing yet, hmm.

What the fuck, man?

Couldn't get rid of me
that easy, motherfucker.

Don't try no stupid shit.

We got Tariq.

You do exactly what the fuck
I tell you to do,

or we gonna kill
that little nigga.

You put a hand on my son,
Kanan, I will fuck you up...

You ain't gonna do shit.
You ain't the one giving orders.

I am, and you get your snitch
motherfucking ass in that car,

and you do exactly
what I tell you to do,

or Tariq is dead.

What's this about, man?

Don't fucking play stupid.

You know what this is about.
It's payback time.

Look, do whatever you got to do
with me, all right?

Just leave my son alone, man.

I do whatever the fuck
I want to do.

Isn't that what you did
back in the day?

Didn't give a fuck about what
nobody else think but you, right?

Put me in jail.

My son ain't had shit
to do with that, man.

This is between you and me, K.

If you gonna kill me anyway,
I'm just asking you:

why the fuck he got to get hurt?

Keep your mouth shut, all right?

Don't say nothing else,
before you say something stupid

and I put a bullet
in your brain.

Just keep driving.

I know you too well,

Don't you do nothing
you'll regret.

Pull the fucking car over.

Put it in park.

What the fuck, man?

You better not pull no
motherfucking bullshit moves,

or Tariq is gone for good,
you hear me?

I'm not fucking playing
with you, man.

K, what I got to do
to get my son back, man?


Come on, K, I just got out
the motherfucking joint.

You know that.
I'm low on that, man.

I ain't got
no fucking money right now.

Well, if you want
your son alive,

you'll figure some shit out.

Not having no money never stopped
you from getting money before.

Look, man, I might know
of a place, all right?

Where we can get some cash, but
the shit ain't gonna be easy.

Life in the game ain't easy.

You know that.

It's your move.
Let's go.

Hurry up.

Hold on a sec.

Shake it off.
Come on.

I got to go.

My mom likes
to pick me up early.

I got to be standing outside
Calvin's pretty soon,

or I got to call him
and tell him to cover for me.

You're not going anywhere.

Just tell Slim I'll call him.

Now look what you made me do.

- Hello.
- Hi.

You're a little early
for the open house,

so I'm not quite ready.

I just want to take
a quick peek.

Okay, well,
it's 2,200 square feet total,

and that in there
is an extra room

that you can do whatever
you want with.

Could be a den,
or an extra bedroom.

What's a den?

Is this a safe neighborhood?

Oh, yeah, it's...
It's real quiet.

Real peaceful place.


I'm looking
for some peace and quiet.

I'm thinking about relocating
from NYC.

Well, you couldn't find a better
place at a better price.

- Yeah?
- It's a buyer's market.

Are you a family man?



Yeah, haven't been
lucky with love.

Your luck could change.

You ever wanted kids?

Wasn't in the cards for me.

How about you?
You got kids?

Two girls.

I bet.

You love your little girls,
don't you?

You like fucking
your little girls, Sam?

W-what kind of question
is that?

Maybe you should leave.


I ain't going nowhere.

I'm calling the police.

I told Holly she should call
the police on you.

But she never did.

You know Holly?

Holly Weaver, my niece?

I know Holly, yeah.

And I know what you did to her.

Every night when she lived
with you when she was a kid.


I don't know what
she told you, man.

But she wanted it.

She wanted it,
and I gave it to her.

That was all.

She was nine years old,
you motherfucker.

Some girls are faster
than others.


You shouldn't have touched her!

You shouldn't have touched her,

You shouldn't have touched her!

Tariq all right?

We holding him close
till we get the paper.

Well, let me talk to him.
Can I talk to him?

After you deliver the cash,
you see him face-to-face.

Not before.

We're here.
This is it.

What is it?

Tommy's stash house...

This is where we gonna
grab the money.

You gonna rob your own friend?

Why that don't surprise me?

All right, so K, I'ma just hold
tight right here while they unload.

There'll be one on the outside,
three on the inside.

I'll go around the backdoor.

Come in through the side,
catch 'em by surprise.

I taught you well.

All right, I need a piece.

K, you don't expect me
to rob these niggas

without a gun, man.

The fuck you doing?

You don't need the bullets.

Big Grim!

Yo! When you get out, Ghost?

Oh, man. Couple days ago.

Oh, man.

You look good, man.

Thanks, bro. I'm trying, man.

I'ma go upstairs.

Yeah, um, sorry, man.

I can't let nobody upstairs
without a call

from Tommy or Julio.

Tommy's who sent me.
I was just with him.

See, that's a lie, 'cause I know
he's out of town.

Grim, stop fucking up, man.

What's up, man?

Hey, what's up, Ghost?

Been a minute.

Yeah, man.

Been a while.
Good to see you.

What you been up to... oh!

The fuck?

Hey, man,
I don't want no problem.

I don't want none either.

So the money goes
in the bag, Marcus.

Come on, man.
I ain't fucking around.

Put the money in the bag.

All right.

K, what the fuck, man?
You said no one would get hurt!

You saw him.
He made a move.

Fuck, man!

It's your bitch.

Tasha's my wife, K.

She's probably wondering
where Tariq is.

So what should I say?

Tell her the truth.

You gonna get the little nigga.
You better not fuck this up.

Hey, Tasha, I was
just about to call you.

What's up, T?

I went to pick up Tariq

from his sleepover,
and he wasn't there.

Calvin said something
about some girl?

He left his house
to go see a girl.

Yeah, he called me.

He called you?
Why you?

Tasha, probably 'cause he thought
I would understand about a girl.

Look, I'm headed out now
to get him, okay?

The girl lives in Bushwick,
so it's gonna be a minute.

How does he know
some girl from Bushwick?

Tasha, I don't know, but I'll ask
when I pick him up, all right?

I'll talk to you later.

Thank you for showing up
for him.

Look, Ghost, about last night,

Tasha, we can talk about last
night at another time, all right?

I will call you when I got him,


All right.

K, you know it ain't got
to go down like this, man.

Tell me you ain't feel
that shit tonight.

Crazy, right?
How close we once were?

Yeah, and then you used everything
I taught you against me.

You know, all this bad shit
happened because you set me up.

K, I had a plan, man.

You ain't want to follow
the plan.

So I was either gonna kill you,

or put you on the inside.

Loved you like a brother.

I wasn't gonna kill you.

So you just made a bad choice.

Because if you would've killed me,
you wouldn't be here right now.

We was kids, K.
Crazy motherfucking kids, man.

Just trying to make moves.
We were innocent.

I wasn't never innocent.
You either.

Who's got my boy, K?

One of the baddest motherfuckers
we both know.


No, not Tommy.

She run these streets harder
than some of these men.

Love pussy,
but ain't got no heart.


Pull over right here.

Kanan, why don't you let my son
walk away, man?

He ain't like us. He don't
belong in that bullshit, man.

Talk to Jukebox,
tell her she can have

whatever the fuck she want
with me.

Just let my son go.

Take it.

I knew you was gonna do that.

So why you give it to me?

'Cause I ain't gonna forgive you,
and I ain't gonna let you go.

Jukebox gonna want to kill Tariq
the minute she get that money.

I don't know who she got
in there with her.

I don't know what
they gonna do to me.

So you can take that gun
and you can use it

to kill me for all the shit
we got between us,

or we can go in together
and try and save your son.

About fucking time.

I wasn't about to accept a check
from this motherfucker.

We just stole your money back.

And Ghost about to get
what he deserve.

I'm here, son.
We going home.

You look good, Ghost.

All dressed up
like a fucking civilian.

People really believe that act?

I never done
a fucking thing to you.

You ain't got no good reason
to do this

to me, Jukebox, or my son.

Ain't about you.

It's about his ten years inside.

And money.

What the fuck is going on?

No, no, no.

Y'all niggas thought
you was gonna play me?

Motherfucker, I will kill your
bitch-ass son right here, right now.

Don't, don't, don't, don't.

No, no.
Don't, don't, don't.


You all out of excuses now,
ain't you, nigga?

Don't do it.

You are all out

of your little slick-ass moves.

Now, the question is,

should he watch you die,
or the other way around?

It's gonna be all right, Tariq.

No, don't lie to the boy, Ghost.


You know what, little man?

This motherfucker

is not who he says he is.

His name ain't even Slim.


Oh, yeah. He's been playing
you the whole time.

For a money grab.

You are nothing to him

but a dollar bill.

You ain't got to fucking
take it there, Jukebox.

Tell him who you really are...

or I will blow
his fucking head off!

Tell him!

I'm Kanan Stark.

I'm a no-good motherfucker,
ain't that right, Jukes?

I ran this street with your dad.

I did a lot of bad shit.
We hurt a lot of people.

Jukebox is telling you
the truth.

I ain't never been good.

I wasn't raised that way.

You told me Kanan was dead.

I did.

Tell him why
you been hanging out with him.

Why you taught him
about that life.

I was running game on you.

I wanted... I wanted
to get the money.

And get back at Ghost.

I wanted to hurt him,
so I used you.

Now tell him all about Shawn.

I killed Shawn.

I killed my own son.

And I would do it again
if I had to.

He was soft, not like you.

Back the fuck up!

I got you.

I got you.

Fucking bitch,
running your mouth.

See you around, little nigga.

I got you.

I got you.
I got you.

I got you, man.