Power (2014–…): Season 4, Episode 10 - You Can't Fix This - full transcript

When tragedy befalls the St. Patrick family, Ghost and Tommy seek retribution. Tasha tries to keep things together at home until she realizes it will be on her to prevent further disaster, causing her to seek help from an unlikely ally.

- Is it true?
- What?

You're mounting a war
against the Jimenez again.

There's advantages
to being underestimated.


How we looking with
the other thing, though?

Going down as we speak.

Sure he won't wonder
where you are?

It's his big night,

and he won't even remember
I was invited

in the first place.

Funny thing is we never
would have come to this moment

if it wasn't for each other.

I guess that's true.

I am humbled to be the
Eastern District of New York's

new head of Criminal.

I know who you are, Ray Ray.

♪ They say this is
a big, rich town ♪

♪ I just come from
the poorest part ♪

♪ Bright lights,
city life ♪

♪ I gotta make it,
this is where it goes down ♪

♪ I just happen
to come up hard ♪

♪ Legal or illegal, baby,
I gotta make it ♪

♪ I never took
a straight path nowhere ♪

♪ Life's full of twists and
turns, bumps and bruises ♪

♪ I live, I learn

♪ I'm from that city full of
yellow cabs and skyscrapers ♪

♪ It's hard to get a start
in these parts without paper ♪

♪ Homey I grew up in hell,
a block away from heaven ♪

♪ That corner every 15 minutes,
they moving seven ♪

♪ Pure snow, bag it,
then watch it go ♪

♪ Occupational options,
get some blow or some hos ♪

♪ Shoot the ball or the strap,
learn to rap or to jack ♪

♪ Fuck it, man,
in the meantime ♪

♪ Go head and pump a pack ♪

♪ This my regal, royal flow,
my James Bond bounce ♪

♪ That 007,
that's 62 on my count ♪

♪ I'm an undercover liar,
I lie under the covers ♪

♪ Look a bitch in the eyes
and tell her, baby, I love ya ♪

♪ You're my inspiration,
you're my motivation ♪

♪ You're the reason that
I'm moving with no hesitation ♪

♪ They say this is
a big, rich town ♪

♪ Yeah, I just come
from the poorest part ♪

♪ Bright lights, city life ♪

♪ I gotta make it,
this is where it goes down ♪

♪ Oh, yeah, yeah ♪

♪ I just happen to come up hard ♪
Season 04 Episode 10
Title: "You Can't Fix This"

♪ Legal or illegal, baby,
I gotta make it ♪


So you ran outside
after you heard the gunshot?


Did you see anyone
when you came out?

Besides your sister?


Can you think of anybody
that would want

to hurt her or your family?

No, everybody liked Raina.

She was a good person.

Have you been
threatened by anybody

that seemed dangerous
or suspicious,

before or after
your father's court case?

No, Detective,
he hadn't been threatened.

Okay, look, we've been through
a lot this year as a family.

He's told you
everything he knows.

I understand this is difficult,
Mr. St. Patrick,

but it's critical
if we're to find the person

who killed your daughter.

Please, can we
just go home?

We're almost done.

We found one set of prints
that deviated from the others:

a man's 10 1/2 boot.

Remember seeing anyone
in boots last night?

Tariq, anything you know
will help.

I told you
I didn't see anything!

Don't you think I would have
said something if I did?

Don't you think
I wanna catch him?

Okay, okay.

You can go home.
We'll be in touch.

Okay, let's go home.
Come on, son.

♪♪ Somber music...



I can't just leave her here.

The M.E. will release
the body after the autopsy.

We'll call you
when she's ready.

In the meantime, you can
take her things home now.


You know, so there ain't,
like, some secret handshake

or some shit, right?
I just don't want to go

in there unprepared.
Hey, you're Tony Teresi's kid.

That's good enough for me.

Good enough for anybody
that matters.

Listen, I'm sorry about
being a dick before.

Fuck outta here.
I was being a dick first.

Hold up.

'Sup, K, I didn't know
you was back in town.

Tell the old motherfucker
to go inside.

Don't concern him.
This shit is about you and me.

All right, all right.

Go ahead, Sammy.

We got a problem here, kid?

No, no, no,
we good, we good.

Go inside.
Come on, I got this.

Believe me,
it's all right.

Fuck you doing, K?

Ghost told me you split
after you killed Jukebox.

The fuck you doing
in town now?

I had unfinished business.

I come back here
to find this shit.

Yo, what the fuck?

This your idea
of a welcome home present?

Hell no. I just told you
that I didn't know

you was in town
till right now.

How I'm gonna send them
out to meet you?

But more importantly,
you saved Tariq's life,

according to both
him and Ghost.

We ain't got no beef.

I mean, you see that ink?
That's Tainos.

These motherfuckers
are Cristobal's guys.

Who the fuck is Cristobal?

He took over for Anibal,

head of the Tainos.

One of my former primeras.

He and Dre,
they tight like this.


He knew I was coming back.

I'm gonna take care
of this shit.

I'm gonna go out of town,
I'm gonna put a crew together,

I'm gonna come back,
I'm gonna fuck Dre up,

and that Cristobal bitch, too.

You let me go back inside,

I might be able to get
some local backup.

- Y'all still beefin'?
- Mm.

You might wanna get, like a
marriage counselor or something.

All right, fuck you,


'Riq, wait.

Now look,
I know I have told you

not to talk about
our family with anyone.

But if you saw something
last night

that you were scared
to tell the cops,

you have to tell us.

You have to.

I already told you
everything I know, Mom.

He's lying.

You just can't see it
because he lies

exactly the way you do.

He's not lying, Tasha.

He didn't see anything because
it was a professional hit.

The Jimenez Cartel.

Tommy warned me that they
were coming after us,

and I didn't listen to him.

Wait a minute, why the fuck
would the Jimenez be after us?

Real estate project
I have with Simon Stern.

The land we were building on
was Toros territory.

So for the deal to go through,
I had to deal with the Jimenez.

So you dragged us
back into the life.

- No, Tasha...
- This is on you!

- What happened to going clean?
- I'm gonna take care of it.

There is no taking care of it!

You can't fix this!

Our daughter is gone, Ghost!

I know! Fuck!

I carried her.

I carried that girl
in my body, Ghost.

She was blood of my blood,

flesh of my flesh.

This isn't just
happening to you.

But I'm gonna be the one
to end it, though.

I won't rest until the man that
killed our daughter is dead.


You just better
not get killed.

And don't get fucking caught.

We still got
two kids upstairs

that we need
to take care of.

♪♪ Dirty South's
The Unknown plays...



♪ A wall of darkness ♪

♪ In front of me ♪

♪ A life I've left ♪

♪ Behind ♪


♪ Reeling back ♪

♪ On this journey ♪


♪ Just don't ask why ♪


♪ Dive deep ♪

♪ To the unknown ♪

♪ Dive deep ♪

♪ To the unknown ♪

♪ Dive deep ♪

♪ To the unknown ♪

♪ Eeeh ♪

♪ Dive deep ♪

♪ To the unknown ♪

♪ Eeeh ♪




♪ See I know ♪


Tameika and I
have hand-picked this team.

We want the dedication
and the professionalism

of Eastern District's
Criminal Division

to be unparalleled.

Under my leadership,
we will become

a paragon of criminal

The mistakes of the past
will stay in the past.

Now, last night
a house in Suffolk County

was raided after the neighbors
made a complaint.

Eighty-six keys of cocaine
were discovered,

along with enough weapons
to equip a small army.

We've been watching
this cell for months.

This is my case.

And maybe I'll
assign it to you, John.

For now, everyone is briefed.

A dozen bodies were also found
plastered inside the walls.

According to
the FBI agents on site,

one particular weapon
stood out from the rest.

The inside mechanism
of this gun

has been changed several times.

Somebody loved this gun,

enough to ensure
that he or she

could continue to kill with it
and not be traced.

Cooper Saxe,
nice of you to join.

Sorry, boss.

I was distracted by the news
about St. Patrick this morning.

James St. Patrick no longer
matters to this office.

Never should have
in the first place.

That case is closed as far
as we're concerned, Saxe.

Oh, it's not about his case.

His daughter was shot and killed
outside her school last night.

But I'm sorry, what were...
What were you saying?

Yes, the next order of business

is to trace the manufacturer
of this gun.

V Gentle music...


Guys, I thought we fucked
James St. Patrick over.

Destroy Injustice's
Man of the Year.

He's a totally clean

He is, as far as I know.

The teenage daughters
of legit businessmen

don't get gunned down
in cold blood

outside a Sadie Hawkins dance.

We don't know what happened.

She could have been in the wrong
place at the wrong time.

Yeah, right.
You know, if it were me,

and my daughter was murdered,
I'd want revenge.

And I'm from Connecticut,
not Queens.

I'm from Queens, Saxe.


Now, Greg...
You remember Greg?

He had a theory that James
St. Patrick was the real Ghost.

Major drug dealer,

Guys like that,
their kids get hurt.

He's gonna make a move,

And when he does, it's gonna be
the perfect opportunity

to take him down.

Take him down for what?

After everything
that's happened,

this office is not looking
to prosecute James St. Patrick.

This office, Angela, or you?

This is evidence
of criminal involvement.

You ignore it,
it's your funeral.

Well, the little girl's really.

- Get out.
- Too soon?


Sweet office.

♪♪ Jacob Banks's Mercy plays...


♪ I played the game ♪

♪ I reconciled ♪

♪ Well, well, well, well ♪

♪ I wear the blame ♪

♪ Like a shooting tire ♪

♪ I sing your lullaby ♪

♪ Your melodies ♪

♪ Like a symphony ♪

♪ We fold us in ♪

♪ When we walk the wire ♪

♪ I just need
a little mercy ♪

♪ Mercy on me ♪

♪ I just need a little mercy ♪

♪ Mercy on me ♪


♪ I just need a little mercy ♪

♪ Mercy on me ♪

♪♪ Tense music...


Thank you.


Hey, Angie.
What are you doing here?

Jamie, I'm so sorry.

Is there anything I can do?

Nothing anyone can do.

Do you have any idea
who could have done this?

Was there anyone
targeting you?

Look, Angie, I gotta go

make funeral arrangements,
all right?

What's in the bag?

It's just a suit.

Jamie, I want to help.

Whoever did this,
I will put them in jail.

If you know, please tell me.

I just told you,
I don't know.

If you do know and you are
taking steps to get revenge,

if you get caught,
you will lose everything

you've ever worked for.

You will lose everything.

I already lost everything.

Thanks for coming by.

- Ghost.
- Tommy.

- You know where we're going?
- I know where to start.

Everything we've ever done, man,
every choice we ever made,

it was for those kids, brother.

I know, brother.


Let's go get 'em.

I want that shit
to be sparkling,

so I can fuck
your mama on it.


Yo, you know where
I can find Ray Ray?

What's up, little man?
What's good?

Yo, I need to find Ray Ray.
He owe me some money.

I ain't seen him
in a minute, man.

I've been out in D.C.

Why he owe you money?
You been hitting licks?

Yeah, something like that.

Yo, if you hear from him,
let me know.

All right, bet.

♪ Clap clap,
round of applause ♪

♪ Clap clap,
round of applause ♪

♪ Clap clap,
round of applause ♪



Cuz, where you been?
I need my phone back.

- Not yet.
- Did I ask?

Give me my phone back.

Look, your boy ain't show
last night.

You might need
to text him again.



What, you catching feelings
for him or something?


Look, he was there,
all right?

Shit got fucked up.

I had to clip his sister.


You said that he just
owed you money.

What the fuck you shooting
his sister for?

Don't matter.
What's important is that

I just read
his statement right here,

and he didn't say shit
about me to the cops,

which means he's gonna appeal
to a higher authority.

His father.

He hates his father.

Yeah, 'cause his daddy's
a no-good motherfucker, yo.

And he'll be looking
for me in a minute.

Look, cuz,
I gotta leave town.

What the fuck am I supposed
to do if you leave town?

I don't...

♪♪ Tense music...

Go in the back,
and stay the fuck quiet.

Yo, what's good?

Detective Raymond Jones?

Who's asking?

AUSA Angela Valdes.

- Come in.
- Thank you.

I'm looking into
Tariq St. Patrick.

I was hoping you might
be able to help.

I spoke with his principal,
Mrs. Chambers.

She told me you were
at the school.

I was wondering why you
had questions for him.

Two students' houses
were robbed,

and Tariq was near
or on the premises both times.

The truth is,
the kid's on a bad path.

I went there to scare
some sense into him.

You know his sister was
killed last night, right?

Yeah, yeah,
I heard about that.

That's very sad.

♪♪ Suspenseful music...

Fuck is this, man?

You know exactly
why we here!

Get down!


- Shit, man.
- Don't move.

I didn't burn your fucking
product, asshole!

That's not why we're here.

Which one of your Jimenez
Jefes killed my daughter?

- Man, I don't know what you talking about!
- Who gave the fucking order!

You tell me,
maybe I'll spare your life.

Who gave the order.

- Motherfucker.
- Ahh! Shit!

I had nothing to do
with your daughter.

I didn't even know
about her till right now!

You're a fucking liar.

Why the fuck
should we believe you?

The Jimenez don't kill kids.

Alicia wouldn't approve of it,

and Diego don't do shit
without her say-so, man.

Get the fuck outta here.

Swear on your motherfucking life
you never made any move

against anyone in my family,
swear to me.

Swear to me.

I said swear to me,

I killed Julio.

Dre set me up to do it.


What the fuck?
Dre set you up to do what?

You better fucking...

Ghost, what the fuck?
He was talking Dre.

I don't give a fuck
about Dre.

I don't give a fuck
about any of that.

If the Jimenez
didn't kill Raina...

- He coulda been lying!
- The truth was the only way

to save his life.
He gave that up, didn't he?

Fucking no, man,
the Jimenez didn't do this.

So we're back
to square fucking one.

I gotta go plan
my daughter's funeral.

We're gonna find out
who killed Raina, Ghost.

I promise you that.

Everything happens
for a reason.

Sometimes we just
can't see...

Sorry to interrupt.

Oh, um, exc... excuse me.

Let's go in here.

I cannot believe
this is happening.

I know, I know.
It's unimaginable.

I don't understand how
you're even walking upright.

Tasha, I'm going to help you

get justice for Raina, okay?

I have investigators.
I have contacts.

I will not rest
until her killer is found.

Do you...

Do you have any idea
what happened?


I don't.

You can trust me, Tasha.
You know that.

Whatever it is,
I can help.

Look, Terry, please,
I can't talk about it, so...

Yes, you can.
Yes, you can.

Look... I love you.

Tasha... I'm sorry.

I know... I know this
isn't the right time.

It's certainly
not the right place,

but it is the truth,

and I can't watch
this happen to you

without... without being
a part of making it right.


Wh... where's James?

♪♪ Gentle music...

He's out...

making arrangements.

Tasha, listen to me.

Your family is under intense
scrutiny right now, okay?

So if something criminal is
happening that you can stop,

then you need
to stop it right now.

- Let me go.
- Tasha...

You don't understand.
You're not a parent.

Then help me to understand.

Thanks for stopping by, Terry.

I thi... I think you
should leave now.

- Tasha...
- Bye, Terry.



And I want my fucking money
for babysitting

that little punk bitch,

You ain't given me or Juke
our money in a minute.

What's up, man?

Look, I-I don't got time
to play games with you.

All right,
I don't owe you shit.

You ain't gonna shoot me
in broad daylight,

so get the fuck
out my face.

You think you're so slick,

See, you forgot I'm
an undercover cop, motherfucker.

Yeah, this whole time
I've been wearing a wire.

I got tapes on tapes
of you and Kanan

running your fucking mouth
about drugs, kidnappings,

pulling licks, all that shit.

You want me to keep
my mouth shut,

you pay me, motherfucker.

I don't got shit on me.

But I got a spot
I can meet you at

with the money
I owe you, man.

No, fuck that.
I say where.

- Okay.
- I'll text you an address.

You be there at 6:00.

Don't fuck up, nigga.

I'm sorry for your loss, son.

She's in a better place,

Yeah, I guess.

Oh, baby, come here.

How are you holding up?

I don't know what I would do
if I lost a sibling,

but a twin?

I just can't imagine
what you're going through.

Where's Raina?

When's she coming back home?

I don't know, Yas.

So how much
we gonna pull down?

There's no way to know,
but this nigga Dre

is strutting like he's
rich as a motherfucker.

Ghost put him in position
to get that money.

He got that money,
and we gonna take that.

That's a fact.

And his position
in the drug organization.

We gonna be making money
hand over fist.

This is our op right here.
Andre Coleman.

You ever Google this nigga?

Google, what the fuck for?

- For this.
- You see him?

That right there, that's Ghost.

He outta the game now,
but back in the day

he was a murdering
son of a bitch,

and that right there,
that's Dre.

That's our ops right there.

- Mm.
- If he's smart,

he moved his bitch
and his little girl,

'cause I know where
that spot is at.

You think this guy,
James St. Patrick,

still work with Dre?

Wouldn't make sense now,

but nigga Ghost do be doing
some strange shit. Why?

Says here his kid got shot.

- Tariq?
- A daughter.


Oh, and she was
a smart girl, Father.

You don't even know.


I was there her whole life.

You know,
a godfather is supposed

to be there to protect you.

A lot of fucking good
I was for her.

Tommy, you can't
blame yourself.

It's God's will.

Fuck God's will.

If I wasn't high
on the fucking shit,

this never
would have happened.

Well, I can't absolve you
from snorting your own product.

When I catch one of my kids
with a frosty nose,

I have him clean out the toilets
after the homeless come through.

I am sorry about the girl.


I'm glad you came to see me.

How's shit going with Dre?

Uh, we got a meeting tonight
with the new connect.

That fast?
This motherfucker.

- Tommy.
- Sorry.

This guy
who fucks mothers.


He's been setting me up
all along.

You know,
he even set up Julio

to get killed by the Toros.

Is that true?

Oh, yeah.

Jesus Christ.

He's been fucking me left and
right this whole fucking time.

If I catch him alone,

I'm gonna break that
sixth commandment again.

Tommy, I can't give you
absolution in advance.

Why not?

Doesn't work that way.
I don't really know why.

I've never really been able
to get an explanation on it.

Father, I gotta take this.

Yo, K, what's up?

Yeah? Yeah, well,
you want to roll on Dre,

I'm down for whatever.

Oh, we're gonna do that
with a quickness

as soon as I get
back up there,

but that ain't
why I'm calling.

I think I know who killed
Ghost's little girl.

♪♪ Dramatic music...

Fuck you talking about?

When I was up there
getting to know Tariq,

we was hitting licks
with this cat named Ray Ray.

Raymond Jones.
He a dirty cop.

One of Jukebox's friends.

- Why would he shoot Raina?
- I don't know.

But Tariq called me,
asking how can he find him.

Now the little nigga
ain't answering his phone.

Either he went
looking for Ray Ray,

or Ray Ray came looking
for him.

I need to find Ray Ray.

Where he stay at?

We don't allow
those devices in here, son.

And "James" is fine.

I'm very sorry
about your loss, James.

We're all devastated by what
your family is going through.

We're here to help you.

I'm here to accept
whatever help you can offer.

I thought we'd
perform the service here.

Councilman Tate told me
you don't have a church home.

That's true.

We'd like to become
your spiritual refuge.

Your sanctuary.

A place you can feel safe
to bow your head.

For a small honorarium,
your daughter can have

the homegoing she deserves.

A police escort for the casket.

A congregation in song,

a crowd on the steps of
our great, historic façade.

Um, again, Reverend,

I'm humbled by your offer,

but I think that'll draw
a lot of publicity, no?

I think that's the last thing my
family and I need at this time.

I mean, we've been
in the news enough.

We can help shape
that publicity, son.

It's coming
whether you like it or not.

Consider it.

I'm sure you'll see that
God is bringing us together

for a reason.

I think the word is charlatan?

He's an opportunist certainly,

but he believes
in what he's saying.

Yeah, just like I believed in
what you were saying, Rashad,

when you said you wanted
to give back to the community.

Now you get us kicking back to
some two-bit hood from Queens.

You got me up in here
turning my daughter's funeral

into a press conference.

James, Raina is gone.

As hard as it is to face...

No, no, no, no.

You have no idea
how hard this is to face.

I don't, but it's reality.

And this is an opportunity
in a wake of tragedy.

You want to help
your community,

be the symbol
we need you to be,

you gotta use that agony
to make change, brother.

Look, Rashad,
with all due respect,

I know we're in a church,

but I don't give
a fuck about that today.

You will tomorrow

and all the tomorrows
after that.

The daughters of innocent men

sleep safely
in their beds, James.

Now, I don't know what happened
to Raina or why.

But if it had something
to do with your past,

it needs to stay there.

What you trying to say?

I'm not trying
to say anything.

Look, here's what's
gonna happen.

You're gonna let Macedon
do Raina's service.

I'm gonna stand up there
with you

as your brother.

And you're gonna let the police
handle everything else.

You understand?

Are we clear?

Real clear.

♪♪ Tense music...


we do have to tell Chanté

that she's no longer
on the group song.

- Hey, good to see you.
- Hey, hey.

- How are you?
- Yeah.

- Ahhh!
- Where the fuck is Ray Ray?

You fucking hear me,
you insect?

- Talk!
- I don't know! I don't know!

I don't know.

Look, he left town.

Please don't shoot me.
Please don't shoot me.

Please, please.


Did he say where?


Is 'Riq okay?

You know Tariq?

Yeah, I heard
about his sister.

I just wanted to make sure
he was okay.

I didn't want him to think that
I had anything to do with it,

'cause I didn't.
You have to let him know.

Why would he think that?

Because Ray Ray took
my phone last night,

and he used it to...

To what?
Used it to what?

I don't... I don't...

Never mind, never mind.

Hey, what's your name?



Have a seat, Destiny.
Come on.


You know, Tariq mentioned you.

He was really upset last night,

that you lied to him.

He thought that you
set him up to die.

No, I didn't lie to him.
I didn't know.

I didn't know
what Ray was gonna do.

It's okay, Destiny, 'cause
you can make this right now.

You understand?

♪♪ Tense music...

You are gonna make this right.

I just need your help.

You asking me
to snitch on my cousin.

I ain't asking you
to do nothing.

Any innocent little girl
just like you

died yesterday.

I don't wanna hurt you.

But you need to tell me
where Ray Ray is at.

He's going to D.C.

That's good.
That's real good.

What else?

He's making a stop
in the city at his spot

in the Heights.

You got an address?


Yo, T, we found out
who killed Raina.

What are you talking about?

I thought it was the Jimenez.

No, it was some
dirty fucking cop.

I'm about to meet up with
Ghost to get our hands on him.

Don't let no cops
into the apartment, all right?

What... I don't get it.

Why would a cop
want to hurt Raina?

It wasn't Raina
they was after.

It was Tariq,
and the guy's still

out there
looking for him.

Okay, I'm coming to meet you.

LaKeisha can watch
after the kids.

No, we got this.

You stay there.
Hold down Tariq.

Find out what else he knows.

And Tasha,
figure out some alibis.

We're gonna need 'em.

Fucking gut him, Tommy.

♪♪ Intense music...


Oh, 'Keisha,
have you seen Tariq?

Why, what's wrong?

What's wrong?


Where's your brother?

He left.

He left? Where?

♪♪ Tense music...



Have you guys seen Tariq?

Nah, he said he was
going somewhere.

Well, did he say where?

No, he just took
his bag and left.

I think he went in the office.


♪♪ Suspenseful music...


Karen and I both want
this to be the Best Club

in New York City,

so let's get, uh...
Let's get that handled.

- Uh-huh.
- All right, thank you.

Hey, man.

Sorry, I heard
about your sister, man.

I'm glad you hit me up.
How you doing?

'Riq, what the fuck
is this, man?

I need to find Ray Ray.

So what you want with me?

Well, you introduced me
to Kanan,

and you knew where I was
when Ray Ray sent that text.

So I'm guessing
you know everything.

So where the fuck is Ray Ray?

Riq, you on that lean again?


And I might be high enough
to shoot you

right here in broad daylight.

Hey. 'Riq, you'd be
shooting me for nothing.

Look, I swear
I'd help you if I could,

but I don't know
where he is, 'Riq.

That's bullshit.
You're lying to me.

Everybody's always
fucking lying to me.

Ray Ray was looking for me
when he shot my sister, man.

All right, little bro, look,

I feel you, but Ray Ray
is a bad motherfucker.

Let me handle this.
Put the gun down...

No, I'm taking care of it.

Listen, Dre, I covered
for you before.

But if you don't tell me
where Ray Ray is,

I will snitch on you
to my pops and my Uncle Tommy.

I'll tell 'em
that you knew everything.

I'll tell them that you knew

that Kanan was alive
this whole time,

and that you knew
who killed my sister

and you still ain't say shit.

I did that for you, man.

I kept shit quiet
for you, man.

Yeah, I'll tell them
everything I know about you

at any time.

So either you speak
or I will.

So where the fuck is Ray Ray?

- Hey, hey...
- Where is he?


Nigga's gonna be
in Washington Heights

at 6:00 P.M.

735 Fort Washington Ave.

Apartment 5C.


All right.


- Tasha.
- I need your help.

I asked Jamie... James...
If he wanted me to help.

- He said no.
- Tariq is missing.

Can you please
track his cell phone, please?

Oh, my God, yes.
Yes, I can do that.

Can you get me Agent Donovan?

No police.

Ghost... James said
you cloned his phone once.

Actually, never mind.
I'll call him later.

Carl, I need you to find
a cell phone for me.

Yes, I'll pay cash.

I don't care.

What's Tariq's cell number?

It's a 347 local.

I'll text it to you
right now.

He's fast.

Okay. Thank you.

Did Tariq run away
because he shot Raina?

Is that why Jamie told me
that he didn't need my help?

What? What the...

Tariq did not kill Raina.

Are you out of your
goddamn mind?

He would never
hurt his sister.

Tasha, then why are you here?

Why couldn't I involve
the police?

You don't trust me.

But you knew I would help.

Tell me what's happening.

I just...

I just need to find Tariq.

Listen to me, Tasha.

I went to Tariq's school.

A police officer
named Raymond Jones

had been there
looking for Tariq.

I went to see him.

He's the one
that suggested

that Tariq killed Raina.

I just looked
in Raina's file,

and the same Detective Jones

has been looking at Tariq's
witness statements.

Did Raymond Jones kills Raina?

I... I don't know.

Tasha, where is James
right now?

Okay, Tariq is in
Washington Heights.

I can't get you an address

because it's all done
with cell towers,

but this is what's close.


If James gets caught
killing Detective Jones,

he will get the death penalty
this time, Tasha.

I promise you.

Thank you, Angela.

♪♪ Tense music...


♪♪ Phantom Passenger's
Run For Cover plays...


♪ Yeah ♪

♪ Running in these streets
you don't wanna trip ♪

♪ It's getting hard to breathe,
take another breath ♪

♪ Murder on your screen,
death is not a myth ♪

♪ The world is at my knees,
not my fingertips ♪

♪ When it start jumping
on these blocks ♪

♪ It'll have you
pumping like Reeboks. ♪

Um, who is it?

♪ You looking at a savage,
run for cover ♪



♪ You looking at a savage,
run for cover ♪


♪ Run for cover ♪

♪ Run for cover ♪

♪ Run for cover ♪

♪ You looking at a savage,
run for cover ♪


♪ Stuck up in a prison
where there's no bars ♪

♪ Chills around your body,
it's a cold war ♪


♪ Click clack of a bomb
over Baghdad ♪

♪ Ain't nobody living
by an honor code ♪

♪ See them folks only
want to bring a dollar home ♪

♪ Rally round your fam
with a hundred drummers ♪

♪ You looking at a savage,
run for cover ♪


♪ Run for cover ♪

♪ Run for cover ♪

♪ Run for cover ♪

♪ Run for cover ♪

♪ You looking at a savage,
run for cover ♪


♪ Run for cover ♪

♪ Run for cover ♪

♪ Run for cover ♪

♪ Run for cover ♪

♪ You looking at a savage,
run for cover ♪


Don't fucking turn around.

You killed my sister.


Who the fuck
told you I was here?


I ain't dumb.

I know you're a cop,
and I got the drop on you.

Goddamn right I'm a cop,

and you came up in here
with no backup.

- Hmm?
- I ain't alone.

That's bullshit.

Ain't no way your pops
or your Uncle Tommy

gonna let you
come up here first.

If they were here,
I'd already be dead.

You deserve to die
for what you did.

Then pull the trigger,

Be a man.

Go ahead, do it.

Do it.

Yeah, that's what
I fucking thought.

You a little bitch.

Just like I thought you were
when I first met you.

Your sister, she the real G.

At least she stepped up.

Son, are you okay?

You okay?
You okay?


Are you okay?

He killed Raina, Uncle T.

I had to fix it.

- He's okay.
- I had to, I had to.

Hey, it's all right.

Oh, my gosh.

- Are you all right?
- He's fine.

- Oh, my God.
- Thank God, he's fine.

Baby, give me my gun.
Come on.

Give me my gun.

- Tommy.
- Yeah.

Oh, shit.

We gotta get out of here.
Come on.

Take off your backpack.
Turn your jacket inside out.

Come on, let's go!

I saw this motherfucker
talking to Dre today.

Do you know
this piece of shit?


Son, how'd you know
where to find him?

Dre told me.

Come on, let's go.

The witness picked out
a photograph of Tommy Egan

as the man who kidnapped her.

And we already have
a tracker on his car.

- We could just turn it on.
- Maybe.

Even better,
she said she could voice ID

James St. Patrick
as the man who told her

to say good-bye
to her boyfriend.

Now, she never saw
the boyfriend again.

I told you we were
staying away from St. Patrick.

I guess our alert to be
called if his name came up

is still in the NYPD system.

She heard St. Patrick
on TV of all things

and she felt
she should come in.

I'm not convinced
there's enough to pursue here.

Did you talk to Angela?

She's been gone for hours.

Just listen to what
the woman has to say, huh?

Where is she?

Maria Suarez, this is
U.S. Attorney Tameika Robinson.

Would you please
tell her your story?

Exactly what you told me.

♪♪ Suspenseful music...


This winter is
fucking endless.

You made me meet you out here
to talk about the weather?

Look, man, the meeting's
not till later.

What do you want
to talk about?

I want out.

I don't like
the way you work.

Hold on.

Where is this
coming from, Padre?

Me and you never
had problems before.

That was before I found out
you set up Julio to die.

I don't want
any part of that.

You do that,
you'll do anything.

I gotta keep
my kids safe.

And, um...

Who told you I did
anything to Julio?



And you believe him?

I mean, you know he's a...

He's a fucking crackhead,

He wouldn't lie to me.

Look, Dre...

you let me walk away
without a fight.

I'll never tell
those guys about Julio.

You ain't saying shit
to anyone ever.

I just told you,
I won't be a problem.

No, no, you just told me
that you belong to Tommy.

And that shit ain't
gonna fly with me, man.


Rest in peace, motherfucker.


♪♪ Arrow Benjamin's
Silent Preacher plays...


♪ I'm slow in the quicksand ♪

♪ Drowning in the sun ♪

- Where we going?
- Trust me.

♪ I'm a sleeping hero ♪

♪ And a bullet's
in the gun ♪

♪ Dream in the fast lane

♪ But I wake up in a crash ♪

I'm not sorry.

I'm not sorry either.

Take off your shirt.

♪ Sometimes I pray ♪

♪ The prayer to me ♪

♪ Was more than just
a silent preacher ♪

♪ And my faith
was heaven made ♪

I had to fix it, Mom.

Listen to me, Tariq.


When we go upstairs,

you're gonna get off
that elevator

and go straight
to my bathroom.

Don't talk to anyone.

♪ Sometimes I pray ♪

♪ The prayer to me ♪

♪ Was more than just
a silent preacher ♪

♪ And my faith
was heaven made ♪

♪ Standing for
what I believe in ♪

And then you're gonna

take off the rest
of your clothes,

put 'em in a trash bag.

Don't touch anything.

You hear me?


And you're gonna
wash your hands

better than you've
ever washed 'em before.

Go under Daddy's sink

and make sure
you scrub your nails

with a toothbrush
and hydrogen peroxide.


♪ Silent preacher

Then you're gonna
get in the shower

and don't come out
until you scrub your hair

and wash every inch
of your body, twice.

♪ Silent preacher

Don't stop
until you wash

every bit of this day
down the drain.

♪ Silent preacher

♪ Louder ♪



One more stop.



- Yo.
- I just said we gotta go.

It's for you.




Yo, how long y'all think before
we get this product, man?

- I don't know.
- Shit better be fast.

I just bounced a check on
Grandma's gall bladder surgery.

Man, you spent all your money
on Afro Sheen.

Ohhh, and you spent
all yours on toothpaste.

The fuck outta here.

Motherfuckers can see your
teeth from outer space and shit.

Yo man, you guys seen
Father Callahan?

- No.
- No.

Sorry for the delay,

I'd like to meet our connect,

Alicia and Diego Jimenez.

We're very happy to begin
this new partnership.

Normally we do not meet
our primeras,

but we have an issue
we'd like to address.

The death of Uriel,
the head of the Toros Locos.

- Ohh.
- That wasn't us.

- Hell no.
- The power vacuum

at the top of the Toros
is already causing trouble.

Uriel had a very firm hand.

Our agreement was based
on access to this hotel

and others like it, yes,
but first,

on a smooth transfer,
no war.

Alicia, look,
you have my word,

no one in this room
made the call to kill Uriel.

Yo, yo, yo,
Callahan is not here.

He might have done it.
That's right, he didn't show.

Callahan dropped out
for different reasons.

Look, we're ready to proceed.

I could vouch for
each one of these men.

No one will make a move
without my say-so.

♪♪ Tense music...


So we are agreed.


We're agreed.


No word from Jones at all?

I'm sorry, Miss Valdes.

I spoke to Detective Jones

When he didn't report, I sent
one of my unis to look for him.

Apparently the shots-fired call
came from this location

not long after
you and I spoke.

We found his car
parked outside.

What is this place?

A flop we put together
as part of his cover.

The techs haven't run
the DNA yet,

but that blood type
matches Jones'.

There was rug here.

The doer must have used it
to get rid of a body.

Detective Jones
was very careful.

We have no idea who could
have tracked him here.

You see that?


There's a bullet in there.

If you run the ballistics,
I bet you'll get a match.



I'm so glad that you called.


Are you okay?

I need to tell you
what happened today.

All right.

But I need to know

that you will never
tell anyone.


you can trust me.


if someone...

lost a member
of their family,

the person closest to them
in the world,

and... and they knew
who killed her,

and they went
to confront that person,

just to talk,

but in the heat of the moment
their gun...

If they killed
the person who killed her...

- Tasha...
- If they did,

what would you tell them,

Tell James
to get a lawyer.

It's not James.

It's me.



I need a lawyer, Terry.

I need a lawyer.

I can either be your lover

or your lawyer, Tasha, but...

But not both.

♪♪ Gentle music...


Will you take my case?





He's with the fucking
Jimenez, man.

We can't just roll up
and shoot the motherfucker.

It's gonna take more planning,
more soldiers.

I got some guys with me.

Yeah, but that ain't gonna
be enough, K.

I may have some people.


Anybody feel like Italian?

♪♪ Gallant's Shotgun plays...



♪ How did I get stuck
in this valiant position ♪

♪ Either I survive
for an instant ♪

♪ Or cradle the earth ♪

♪ My godforsaken
weakened pulse ♪

♪ I knew I had
to amend this ♪

♪ Though I never was
a force to be reckoned ♪

♪ Or a sight to behold ♪

♪ With burns on the backs
of my palms ♪

♪ Will I regret my cause ♪

♪ Or revel in my thoughts ♪

♪ Oh, I'm caught
in the winds ♪

♪ Of remorse ♪

♪ 'Cause everybody knows ♪

♪ What good is a sword ♪

♪ Next to a shotgun ♪

♪ Oh no ♪



♪ What good is a sword
next to a shotgun ♪


♪ Oh I know that
I'd rather be bold ♪

♪ Next to a shotgun ♪