Power (2014–…): Season 5, Episode 8 - A Friend of the Family - full transcript

The AUSA turns up the heat on Ghost and implicates his inner circle in on a RICO. Ghost and Tommy plan to frame Dre for the murder of Raymond Jones, Raina's killer, while Angela and Tasha enact a plan of their own.

[Ghost] Previously on Power....

I fucking hate my dad.
He's a fucking liar.

[Ghost] Kanan kidnapped Tariq.
Kanan's a bad man.

He murdered his own son.

Shawn said he was in jail
for a long time.

Is that why he was mad at you?

[Tasha] You and Tommy just
riding around with Kanan,

like this ain't his fault?

Your son is fucked up
because of Kanan.

Our son almost died
because of Dre.

I'm ready to become my own man.
Ready to be a hustler.

-Just like you.

If you fuck with me,
you better kill me, nigga.

Because I swear to God,
you best believe

I will get you back.

-Where is the tape now, Joe?
-It's destroyed.

You do what I fucking say!
That's my shit!

My organization!

[Ghost] I need you
to take out Jason Micic.

I'll do it for you
if you do something for me.

Diego Jimenez.

I took care of business.
We need to bounce now.

A hitter from the Jimenez
is on his way over.

There's only
one way out of this.

The murder weapon?
You told me it was gone.

I'm going to turn myself in.

If anybody's going down
for my family, it's me.

♪ They say this is
A big, rich town ♪

♪ I just come
From the poorest part ♪

♪ Bright lights, city life
I gotta make it ♪

♪ This is where it goes down ♪

♪ I just happen
To come up hard ♪

♪ Legal or illegal, baby
I gotta make it ♪

♪ I never took
A straight path nowhere ♪

♪ Life's full of twists
And turns, bumps and bruises ♪

♪ I live, I learn ♪

♪ I'm from that city full of
Yellow cabs and skyscrapers ♪

♪ It's hard to get a start
In these parts without paper ♪

♪ Homey, I grew up in hell
A block away from heaven ♪

♪ That corner every 15 minutes
They moving seven ♪

♪ Pure snow, bag it,
Then watch it go ♪

♪ Occupational options
Get some blow or some hos ♪ ♪ Shoot the ball or the strap
Learn to rap or to jack ♪

♪ Fuck it, man
In the meantime ♪

♪ Go head and pump a pack ♪

♪ This my regal, royal flow
My James Bond bounce ♪

♪ That 007
That's 62 on my count ♪

♪ I'm an undercover liar
I lie under the covers ♪

♪ Look a bitch in the eyes and
Tell her, "Baby, I love ya" ♪

♪ You're my inspiration
You're my motivation ♪

♪ You're the reason that
I'm moving with no hesitation ♪

♪ They say this is
A big, rich town ♪

♪ Yeah, I just come
From the poorest part ♪

♪ Bright lights, city life
I gotta make it ♪

♪ This is where it goes down ♪

♪ Oh, yeah, yeah ♪

♪ I just happen
To come up hard ♪

♪ Legal or illegal, baby
I gotta make it ♪

No one is
turning themselves in.

It's an emotional decision,
not a rational one.

I've already
made the decision, okay?

Mr. St. Patrick,
why did you kill Raymond Jones?

Because he killed my daughter.

What was your pre-existing
relationship to the deceased?

-I didn't have one.
-Then how did you find him

the night
you say you killed him?

I followed him.

But how did you know where
to find him in the first place?

Tell me, Mr. St. Patrick,
how do you know

Raymond Jones
killed your daughter?

Was there a witness?

Uh, if you give me
a fucking minute,

I can give you these answers.

The police aren't going to give
you a fucking minute, Ghost.

Why would Detective Jones
kill your daughter?

And, Mr. St. Patrick, if you
are so sure Detective Jones

is responsible
for your daughter's death,

why wouldn't you
come to the police?

Why would you take the law
into your own hands?

There is not one lie,

there's not
a hundred lies good enough

to satisfy
any of those questions.

The road will lead back
to Tasha, to me,

and then it will lead to Tariq.

We have to come up
with a better solution.

[tense music]


Andre Coleman.

You want to frame Dre?

What's he got to do
with Tariq and Raymond Jones?

He introduced them.

All of the trouble that Tariq
is in is because of Dre.

Can you prove the connection?

Do you even know whether
or not he has an alibi?

I got it, Angela, okay?

I just need to
talk to a few people.

Tasha, I'm going to need
that gun soon, okay?

So please keep it
in a safe place.

You guys can
catch me on the cell.

Framing someone
is the right idea,

but not Dre.

If not Coleman, then who?

You know the name Kanan Stark?

[Blanca] Terry Silver's gone,
in the wind.

-He dodged the subpoena?
-Hard to say.

His office says
leave of absence,

but his apartment's empty,
furniture gone. Damn, must have
skipped town in a U-Haul.

It sounds like someone
has something to hide.

Which means
there's something wrong

with Tasha St. Patrick's story

about her
supposedly stolen gun.

The subpoenas to LaKeisha Grant
and others are still going out.

He can't hide everyone.

Our indictment on
James St. Patrick is imminent,

with or without Silver.

Thanks for
chasing Silver, Blanca.


[door opens]

[Donovan] After you.

-What have you got?
-I ain't got jack shit. There's no surveillance footage
at the time Tony Teresi

said James St. Patrick
killed Marshal Williams.

Cameras just happened
to be down.

I guess we're out of luck here.

Except Teresi is a witness.

Yes, but we don't want to burn
him on this unless we have to.

Proctor doesn't know that.
He just got his license back.

I bet he'd like to keep it.

See if you can squeeze him for
information on Williams' death.

And be careful.
We share an office with Valdes.

Make sure she doesn't
find out what we're doing.

She is the last piece
of this puzzle.

So how'd it go down?

Diego, done, but your boy,
Ghost, never showed.

The other boy, Kanan, did.

Okay, did you shoot him?

-[2-Bit] No.

Because that ain't what you
told me to do, remember?

I do shit your way
and your way only.

Like, you said kill Ghost, you
ain't say nothing about Kanan.

Motherfucker, got that right.

Why the fuck
you ain't call me, man?

Because you ain't tell me to.

All right.

Ghost and Kanan
are working together,

and Ghost must have sent Kanan
to do his dirty work.

But when y'all niggas get
another clean shot, take it.

Shit, if I would have known,

I could have
popped him right there.

We had him dead in our sights.
Oh, shit.

Damn, Chris,
you looking casket sharp.

[2-Bit] You got an arraignment
or some shit?

Not that it's your
fucking business,

but we got clubs to set up.
Let's do this.

Hey, so, uh, let me, um,
talk to y'all later.

[tense music]

When we meet with Quinn, you
call me Mr. Coleman, all right?

-You're kidding, right?
-Do I look like I'm kidding?

You're the boss.

How the fuck did you
get the drop on Diego?

Last-minute opportunity,
we had to move fast.

-Without telling me?
-Just call Jason
to buy us some time.

What if he don't believe me?

Got the nigga's head
if you want it.

[phone beeps]

It's on ice
if you want it for proof.

Uh... yeah.

I got some shit to do.

I'll drop the head by later.


[door opens, closes]

Yo, Tommy, listen brother.
I need your help on something,

but Kanan
can't know about it. You always keeping secrets.

I'm trying to frame Dre
for Ray Ray's murder.

Dre? But we need him
to get to Alicia first.

I know, but Tommy, the cops
are fucking gaining on 'Riq. So if we don't move fast,
and Tariq ends up in jail--

Okay, what we got to do?

Well, first of all,
we gotta link Dre to Ray Ray.

The day that Ray Ray got shot,

I told you that I saw him
talking to Dre

out on the street,
seemed like business.

But we got to prove it,
so I'll see what I can dig up.

Once we do that,
we got to take Dre out.

[phone buzzes]


I was expecting
more enthusiasm.

Is that Jason, Jason?

Who the fuck else
would it be?

Once we get Dre, we got
to move on Alicia fast.

Yo, Tommy, you roll
with me somewhere?

I got to check out a spot.

[elevator chimes]

Uh, congrats on getting
your license back.

You know, I would have
gotten you a cake,

but no one likes you.

Oh, yeah?
I figured you couldn't

afford it on your
bullshit government salary.


Oh, hey, it's cousin Benny.

-Hey, go fuck yourself.
-[Saxe] Keep it moving.

Eh, catch up with him later.
This way.

After you.

What was that about?

Just a chat with your cousin
about your social life.

I'm going to nail you
on that perjury charge.

It's not going to stick.

If not that, maybe this will.

Marshal Clyde Williams.

A little hard to recognize
the face, you know.

You put in a request
to have him transferred

out of the Manhattan
Correctional Center.

Yeah, that guy, oh.

He had a history
of complaints against him.

He's a bad motherfucker.

Jeez, someone got to him, huh?

St. Patrick murdered him
the day before he was released.

James. Come on.

He's a numbers guy.
He runs a business.

Hey, you know, unless you
start cooperating with us, we're going to charge you
as a conspirator, Proctor.

The consigliere
of James St. Patrick's

criminal organization.

[scoffs] Consigliere?

Eh, you guys
watch too many movies.

You've been instrumental
in every move he's made.

You're like a-a little shadow
everywhere St. Patrick goes.

[Mak] For instance,
you knew your boss

had a problem with Williams.

And with his tendency to kill
people he has a problem with,

you tried to transfer
the problem away.

-You were the last person

-to see Bailey Markham.

And you represented both
Thomas Egan
and James St. Patrick.

Which proves
absolutely nothing.

Your fingerprints
are on everything, Joe.

It's just a matter of time.

Okay, for this to even
begin to stick,

you have to prove that
James St. Patrick
killed Williams

the night before he got out.

Now, why would he do that
and risk everything?

It makes no sense.

We have a witness
to the murder.

[Saxe] Ball's in
your court, player.

This right here
is a pound of weed.

That's a kilo of coke.

Kids at my school
love this shit.

How much is it worth?

That's Xanax.

There's a thousand bars
in the pack.

I get each pack
for a thousand.

It's worth like
five dollars on the street.

But if you serving them rich
white boys up at your school,

you can get them off for like
10, 15 with resort pricing.

Damn, that's almost $15,000.

I looked up my school tuition.

I could pay that
with five re-ups.

Not quite, because
every package you move,

you bring me back 11 Gs.

Don't get greedy, young bull.
That shit add up quick.


Yeah, that still is a lot.

I want to start
moving now, though.

What the fuck?
You got a plan on how
you going to move this shit?

Where you going
to hide the cash?

You don't ever want
to get caught slipping with both of them
in the same place.

What class did
you take in school?

Biology, philosophy, economics,

pre-calc, Italian, and history.

That's what I thought,

they ain't teaching you
the shit that I'm doing.

Let's hold on your supply.
You got more to learn.

I got to recruit a few niggas. I think you could learn
a thing or two.

You coming or not? Yeah.

[soft music]

[Dre] Quinn.
This is Diego Martinez.

He will be overseeing
my clubs while I'm out of town,

so I just wanted you two
to get to know each other.

Well, it's a good thing
you hired him,

because you are going to Paris
sooner than expected.

I like the sound of that.

Diego, do you feel comfortable

taking over operations
so quickly?

Yeah, yeah, Mr. Coleman and I
have known each other

for a long time.

I'm familiar with the way
he likes to run things.

And you have a background in
nightclubs and entertainment?

I grew up helping my cousins
run restaurants in Miami.

Shit, when I was 18,
I started promoting.

Been in nightclubs ever since.

Well, it seems like
we are in good hands.

So you can call me anytime.

Andre, my office will be
in touch about travel plans.

[softly] Okay...

That was, uh, a good touch
on that Miami story, man.

That was nice.

Why's that got to be a story?

Yeah, bring it in.

It's good to
see you again, Kanan.

What's with the kid?

You got all your bodyguards.
I thought I should bring mine.


What can I do for you?

I know you've
been down a supplier

since that shootout shit.

I want to be your next one.

I thought you worked for Tommy.
He send you here?

Tommy's out the game
for a minute.

He had some issues
with a former partner

who was like a brother to him.
Real sad shit.

Turns out, his boy, Ghost,
is who called the hit

that got your boy, Nicolas,
here popped in the leg.

Well, you're going
to take care of him, right?

Sorry to hear
of these troubles.

I'm running my own game now.
Same product, better price.

Just with none
of Tommy's drama.

That shit Tommy
got you was good, right?

It's selling well,
no complaints.

So what we waiting for?

[both speaking Italian]

What's that, 'Riq?

I asked if I could trust you.
He says I can.

Now I see why
you brought the kid.

We're going to do this
on a trial basis.

[phone clicks, taps]

What are we getting
from just sitting here?


[indistinct chatter]

They look like us.

[Tommy] Except Dre got
Crustyballs in a suit.

Punk-ass pretty boy
bitch motherfucker.

Why would he be bringing
Cristobal into the clubs?

Why would he do that?

Who the fuck cares?

Now we know where Dre's spot
is, we'll catch him here.

Now, I got a little family
dinner I got to get to.

You couldn't invite a brother?
Damn, man.

Oh, okay, I get it,
your other family, okay.

So you still drinking
Teresi's Kool-Aid, cool.

Look, since you got
plans in your head,

but you don't like to share,

you let me know when
you ready to make a move.

I'ma walk from here.

[elevator chimes]

What, is she here
to arrest you or something?

She's here to help.

Help who? Dad?


Your dad is
not involved in this.

He knows nothing about it.

It's just us.

[Angela] I'm here
to help your mom.

And to help you.

-I don't trust her.
-[Tasha] But I do.

When it comes to this.
Come here.

[Angela] I need information
about Raymond Jones.

About who he was working with.

Anything you have
will be helpful.

All right, well,
he used to hang out

with this woman named Jukebox.

She was a dirty cop from D.C.

They ran licks together.

They used their uniforms
as a disguise, I guess.

How did you meet Jukebox?

Through a friend, Kanan. [Angela] Does Kanan
know Raymond Jones?

[Tariq] Yeah, he knew him,
but they never kicked it.

Where's Jukebox now?

I believe she's dead.
Kanan killed her, right?

This is what you wanted me
to come home for?

Your mother tells me
your friend, Kanan,

may have killed his son,
Shawn Stark.

Do you know
anything about that?

[tense music]

You're framing Kanan
like you and Ghost did

when I was a little kid.

Yes, he needs to take the rap.

You're working with her.

The woman
that ruined our lives.

The woman that broke
our whole family apart.

The woman who arrested Ghost
for the one thing
he didn't fucking do.

I knew Ghost was a traitor.

I thought maybe he made you
help him set up Kanan.

But you're no better.

You're a fucking
backstabber, too.

You better listen to me, boy.

Catching the charge for Ray Ray
is the least Kanan deserves.

No matter what me
and your dad have done,

Kanan has done worse.

He killed Shawn, his own son.
Don't you forget that.

He was good to me.

Ain't nobody in the goddamn
history of the world

been better to you than me.

I'm your mother!

I could go to jail for this.


It's either me...

Or Kanan.

Find another way, Ma.





-You made it.
-How are you?

-Come on.
-Oh, wow.


Welcome to my humble abode.

I told you.
Hey, Tommy, Tommy.

-I got you this.
-It smells so good in here.

-It's wine.
-Doesn't it smell good?

-[Tommy] Ooh, Chianti.

-Do you have a cook?

Hi, welcome.

Hey, this is Connie,
and my dad.

-This is my girl, LaKeisha.
-It's nice to meet you both.

-Ah, hi.
-Nice to meet you.

-It's nice to meet you.
-It's nice to meet you.

How you doing?

Oh, goodness,
you're beautiful.

Thank you. You could use
some of your dad's charm.

Oh, you ain't even
heard him speak Italian yet.

How did that go, Dad?
[speaks broken Italian]

-Come on.
-[speaks Italian]

Oh, I don't know what half
of what I just ate was,

but it was delicious.

My compliments to the chef.

-Thank you.

Yo, Connie, I got to tell you,
you one smart woman.

Me and the old man, we checked
out an ambulance place.

-It was perfect.
-Mm, good, good.

I'm happy to have helped you
in your, um, search.

Oh, no, no, no, no.
It's all good.

I don't keep nothing
from 'Keisha.

You trust her that much?

I do.

[Connie] That's easy
to say now.

But wait until they've locked
her in a box for two days.

See if you feel
the same way then.

Well, it wouldn't
be the first time.

Yeah, we've been through
some shit together already.

'Keisha ride or die.

I don't know
what the fuck you're saying.


I don't mean to be rude,

but men like these,
it's more hard than easy.

They took Tony away
for 25 years.

I thought he'd never come back.

Right now, we're lucky.
We're living on borrowed time.

You know what?

-You never let me down.

Because I love you.

You dumb palooka. [LaKeisha] Well, we've been
through some shit, too.

I thought we was through,
but then Tommy

came back into my life,
and I really feel like

he has my back this time.


I'm in for whatever.

That's hard to find in a man,
so when you find it,

you don't let it go.

Well, in that case,
welcome to the family, 'Keisha.




Andre Coleman.

And LaVerne Ganner,
Kanan's cousin.


I thought you took the day off.

I didn't.

So, how's my recommendation
coming along... boss?

How's your independent

into Tommy Egan
coming along, John?

-So you know.
-I know.

And I want to know
what you're keeping from me.

Don't we all want
to get the bad guys here?


Way to play the white hat.


This is Saxe, huh?

Don't get caught up
in his vendetta, John.

It predates you,
it predates Greg.

Saxe has always been out
to get me and never won.

You're really going
to give up a corner office

with an entire team
who answers to you in D.C.

for Cooper Saxe?

I can't wait to get as far away
from this office as possible.

We got a CI,
some old guy close to Tommy,

but nothing concrete yet.

-What's his name?
-Confidential informant.

It's Saxe's contact, and he's
playing it close to the vest.

So are you gonna
call D.C. or what?

[keypad beeps]

We got good news, Tash.

Angela got us surveillance
of Dre and Ray Ray
in the street together,

which means they're
officially linked.


So I just got to get her
a few more details

so she can make her full case,

and me and Tommy
take care of Dre.


Would it be better
to maybe frame somebody

with a lower profile?

Dre's profile
ain't as high as he acts.

I mean, somebody who's
completely off the radar.

No family, no friends, no job.

Somebody nobody would miss.

Sure, but I don't know
anybody else in Ray Ray's crew.

What about Kanan?

[scoffs] Kanan saved our son.

Dre put him in harm's way.

See, you don't
want to target Kanan,

because it would mean
you would have to admit

that everything
that's happened is your fault.

The shooting at Truth.
Killing Rolla.

Everything about Tariq.
Raina's death.

It's your fault.

It's Dre.

What if your plan
goes wrong, Ghost?


Tonight, oh, my God.

[both moan]

All right, all right.

-Tommy, Tommy.
-Why stop?

-Tonight meant so much to me.


They weren't too tough on you?

You know, sometimes, old folks,

they got a certain way
of looking at things.

No, I can handle it.


And you stuck up for me.

That's what matters.


What the fuck?

Who you got coming over
this late at night?

Tommy, ain't no nigga
coming over here.


-Let me answer the door.
-Go ahead.

Answer the door.

Fuck you want?

-Is LaKeisha Grant here?
-Who wants to know?

Yes, I'm here.

-You've been served.
-Wait, come here.

Better run, motherfucker.

[tense music]

-What the fuck?
-What is it?

A subpoena to appear
in front of a grand jury?

For what?

For the murder
of Raymond Jones, NYPD.

Tommy, is this about
Tasha's alibi?

The one she wanted me to give
for her and Tariq?

Yo, you said
it wouldn't come to this.

I know.

And when I said that,
I thought it wouldn't.

So what am I supposed to do?

Lying to the police
is one thing,

but lying in a courtroom,
under oath?

Yo, they could
send you to jail for that.

You gave Tasha your word.

So that's what this is about.

You coming back into my life.

No. No way.

You know better than that.

I just don't want something bad
happening to the family

because you got scared.

I am scared.

And I got
a goddamn right to be.

I know, and it's fucked up.

But I'll tell you this,
Tasha is smart, talk to her.

If we're gonna
get out of this thing,

you got to do what she says.

And then, we ain't fucking
with her or Ghost anymore.



[Ghost] Hey, son,
I got a question for you.

When you were running
with Kanan,

you ever see Dre
and Ray Ray together?

Yep, in your friend
Breeze's apartment,

where you killed him.

Did Kanan tell you that?

You killed
your own friend, Breeze.

For some territory?
To get ahead in the game?

Breeze was a bad dude.

He was gonna
get us all killed.

You come here
asking me about Kanan, why?

You want to frame him again?

Tariq, I do what I need
to do to solve problems.

I'm not framing Kanan to solve
this one, I promise you that.

You're going to frame Dre.
How though?

He wasn't there, how are you
going to prove he was there?

And then what if
that doesn't work?

-Then Mom goes to jail?
-No, if that doesn't work,

then I turn myself in
for Ray Ray.

Not your mother,
I'm your father,

and your life
is my responsibility.

Yeah, right, you'll just
find another way out.

[soft music]

You're my son, all right?

And what that means is
I would do anything for you.

Including sacrificing my life

to give you the future
I think you deserve.

You don't have to believe it,
but it's true.

So you're going to jail,
not Ma?

Tariq, no one in this family is
going to jail if I can help it,

but yes,
I'll take the rap, not Ma.

[soft music]


We need to talk.

20, 40, 60, 80, 100.

Yeah, yeah,
I know how much it was.

How the fuck
did you make that shot?


Yo, your game is on today.

I've been thinking
about this shit.

How did you and Ghost
get close enough

to Diego Jimenez
to pull that trigger?

From what I can come up with,
Dre wanted Diego dead.

-Ghost made a deal.
-With Dre?

Why the fuck would he do that?

Why is not the question.

What you should
be asking yourself is,

what's Dre's side of the deal?

Who's supposed to get dead?
Me, you?

[door opens]

[door closes]

-What up, fellas?
-What's up, Ghost?

Tommy, I need to rap
with you for a minute.

K, you mind
if we have the room?

You always send
a motherfucker

out the room
like a goddamn kid.

Like you forget who taught you
the game in the first place.

Yo, K, you ain't got to go.

I was headed out anyway.

Y'all play nice.

Later, K.

Did you know that LaKeisha
got a subpoena

to appear
in front of a grand jury?

-You're goddamn right, shit.

She got to go under oath,
and lie about

where 'Riq and Tasha were
the night Ray Ray got shot.

I think I got a plan, Tommy.

It'll keep 'Keisha
and all of us safe.

Yeah, why don't that
make me feel better?

Look, when I was on the inside,

was Dre running product
through Truth?

Because I did the books, Tommy.

He made too much money
in there.

-Yeah, that's how we did it.

And you got an issue
with me keeping secrets?

Come on, Tommy,
do you understand

how much you put at risk
by doing that?

Yeah, I do, my life.

Milan kept us in it,
Petar said keep going.

-I didn't have a choice.
-Okay, Tommy.

I'll just use that,
all right?

I'll say I fired Dre for
running drugs through the club.

Then he reached out
to his contact, Ray Ray,

to get revenge on me.

Of course,
we've got to make sure

that we keep his drug dealing
separate from ours.

Then when we kill that nigga,

we just drop
a La Arana card on him.

Yo, I got one better.

We still got
Diego's head, right?

We drop that shit
in Dre's place,

that gives
the Jimenez motive.

That's better,
and then we drop

the murder weapon on him, too.

Wait, what the fuck
murder weapon?

Tasha said she
got rid of the gun.

She told me the same shit. I'll explain later, all right?

I ain't usually
ride dirty like this,

not since I got caught,
thanks to your mom and pop.

I'm a little short
on manpower these days.

Pfft, don't worry about it.

Ghost gonna
get his time sooner or later.

You going to fuck Ghost up?

No, Ghost going
to fuck himself up.

He thinking about
taking the rap for me

-on this whole Ray Ray shit.

I ain't never know Ghost to
roll over like no little bitch.

Motherfucker win,
no matter what.

You don't believe
that shit, though, right?

I mean, I don't know.
He seemed real enough about it.

I think he might try to
pin all of it on Dre first.

Now, that do sound like Ghost.
Maybe you can trust that nigga.

Close the trunk.

Let's take this shit
to the "Eye-talians,"

and then I want
to show you something.

[tense music]

Don't you already
have everything you wanted?

Relax, I'm gonna
do you a favor.

Oh, you're gonna
do me a favor, really?

After blackmailing me?

That just means
we're on the same side.

My advice is that you distance
yourself from Andre.

If you don't,
you won't win the election.

I'm going to need more than
your word, and your spite.

Here's the truth.

I fired Andre.

Because while I was
wrongfully imprisoned,

I suspected he was pushing
drugs through this club.

I was right, and ever since,
your friend, Andre,

has had a vendetta against me.

Why are you
telling me this shit now?

Because he's pulling
the same tricks

with the Basset Hotel Group.

I can tell because
of how much money they've made

in such a short amount of time.

He's in with some bad people,

and it's going to come down
on him real soon,

which means that if you don't
break ties with him,

he's gonna drag you
to the bottom.

What about you, James?

You stick close to me.

And I'll be pulling you up
with me to the top.

Back in the day,
me, Tommy, and your pops
used to run this block.

We was around your age,
we was selling crack

a hundred miles an hour
up the street.

Until the cops
started to know our faces.

Every time they seen us,
they used to hop out,

run down on us.

Ghost would be gone
before we could even think
to run and shit.

See, he-he ain't try
to outrun the cops.

He just figured that as long as
he could outrun me and Tommy,

the cops would settle for us.

[scoffs] Nigga always
thinking about himself.

Well, it's worked
for him so far.

Take these dimes,
hit me when you get them off.

When I get them off?

How the fuck
I'm supposed to do that?

-I don't know these people.
-Figure it out.

Don't come back until you do.

Just don't get caught.

All right.


Got your law license back.

Ha, appreciate it.

So, hey, uh, yeah,
I was going through old files,

trying to get back up
to speed, and...

You know that guard at the MCC
who was giving you a hard time?

Well, he was brutally murdered. You don't know
anything about that, right?

-[Ghost grunts]
-Good, that's good.

In-in not knowing
anything about that,

because I wasn't
your counsel at the time.

There wouldn't have been
any witnesses, would there?

So there's potential exposure?

Could be.
Did something happen, Joe?

No, no, I am just doing my job,

which is watching your back.

Well, I appreciate that.

But I do
have a question for you.

Let's say I decide
to take the rap

for something I didn't do.

What's the collateral damage?

-Care to be more specific?
-I can't be.

Hypothetically, if you turn
yourself in for something,

there is no way the State
is not gonna use that

as an excuse to dig deeper
into your life.

And you already got a big
target on your back, buddy.

And what about the others
who are close to me?

Is this what you were talking
about with Angela and Tasha?

You know what,
forget I asked about it.

-Stupid idea.

James, come on.
You can trust me, okay?

I'm watching your back.

The more you tell me,

that's the better
I can advise you.

Now, come on, James, you--
Let me in.

Thanks, Joe.

Good seeing you.


And then, this guy knocked on
my door and handed this to me.

I'm being asked
to appear

on the witness stand
in a grand jury.

This is about
you and Tariq, right?

No, it's about Ghost.

They think he murdered
the man who killed Raina.

-Did he?
-No, he didn't.

But the man who did
is still out there,

and the police
aren't going after him.

They're coming after us.

What's your man, Silver,
saying about all this?

-How can he help?
-He can't.

You know the alibi
I asked you for?

-For me, Ghost, Tariq--


Well, I need one more.

It's for the person
who we think killed Ray Ray.

Hold up, Tash.

So you're saying you know who
killed Raina's killer, right?

But you're not gonna go to
the cops and tell them that.

You want me to get
on the witness stand,

and risk my freedom
and my life,

to lie for you instead?

'Keisha, I got you.

You know I would never
let that happen.

How is it that you got me?

Have I ever asked you
to commit perjury?

Have I ever hijacked your
business to clean drug money?

Even on a basic level, Tash,

Yas been over here
a million times.

When's the last time
you laid eyes on Cash?

You know what, you're right.

I admit it, I haven't been
a very good friend.

But I have kept
all of my promises.

You know what, if you don't
want to do this for me,

you can just say no.

Lying about the amount of time

y'all was at the penthouse
is one thing.

But me lying on somebody
who wasn't even there?

That's something different.
That's a bold-faced lie.

Tommy wasn't there, either,
but you could do it for him.



I can't get justice for Raina.

And I can't protect my family
without your alibi, 'Keisha.


It's not my problem, Tash.

So you're just
gonna send me to jail?

You're gonna
send Tommy to jail?

How would you feel about that?

[music on car radio]
♪ Systematic, automatic,
Blast the music, yeah... ♪

Uh-uh, ain't no way
you got that shit off already.

Scared money don't make money.
Get back out there.

Kids on the corner
copped it all off of me.

♪ The mic's my co-star
My flow is so far ♪

♪ Beyond yours, dawg
An iceberg to a snowball... ♪

This fucking 20 is fake.

How you supposed to be out
there moving weight for me

and you getting beat
for the money?

♪ New release, same shots
Do you please say rock ♪

[engine starts]

[Kanan] Shit,
you hustling backwards.

We losing money.

Oh, that's them.

♪ ...starving artist
In the garden
I be working with tree... ♪

Yo, spin the block.

-Yo, give me the gun. Come on.
-You want the strap?

♪ Momma gave birth
When it's on, it's on ♪

♪ I'll fight
When I'm gone... ♪

Don't forget to
put one in the chamber.

Ah, shit.

Give me that shit
unless you want to eat caps.

All right, bro,
I'm going to be running.

♪ When it's on, it's on
I'm right when I'm wrong ♪

♪ I'm high and so gone
I'm singing that song ♪

♪ When it's on, it's on
I jump and won't fall ♪

♪ I'm kicking down doors
I'm breaking down walls ♪

♪ When it's on, it's on... ♪


This little nigga tweaking.

It didn't go
as well as planned,

but it worked out, right?

[phone beeps]

You like the son
I never had or some shit.

What about Shawn?

Shawn wasn't build like us.
He was weak.

That's why you shot him?

He was disloyal.

Maybe if he was different,
he'd still be alive.

-He made me do that shit.
-He was your son.

I ain't never had no DNA test.
I should have took it.

Look, I loved the kid.
He disappointed me.

You more my son
than he ever was.

Don't worry, I'd never do no
grimy shit like that to you.

How could you kill
someone you love?

Some niggas say you not
a real killer till you do.

[ambient hip-hop music]

I got to go home.

All right.

I've been waiting an hour.

[Dre] Well, I couldn't
get here earlier.

Too busy planning my departure
as the Basset Hotel Group's

new International
General Manager.

I could give a fuck.

Diego is dead, Jason isn't.

You think you can
get away with that?

Hold on, first of all...

Kanan killed Diego.
Not you.

So it sounds
like neither of us

kept our end
of the bargain, huh?

Doesn't matter how I did it.
You owe me a body.

I tried to kill Jason, but the
motherfucker didn't show up.

Somebody must have
tipped him off.

You know, maybe you
should watch your back,

because someone in your
organization is tripping.

And for the record, I don't owe
you a motherfucking thing.

The only reason
why I'm even talking to you

is to let you, Kanan,
and Tommy know

to stop fucking with me
and my crew, you hear me?

And since you killed Diego,

Alicia needs me more than ever.

The streets is mine now, James.

[tense music]

You've come a long way since
you chose me as your mentor

instead of Kanan.

I appreciate the lessons.

But your little mentee...
got to go make some money.

I'll see myself out.

Fuck, it's cold out there.

Thank you for
coming out all this way.

You know, we--
We got to be more careful.

-You good?
-Yeah, I mean, you know.

These feds,
they're lightweights.

You know,
they were just sweating me

on how much we've been
seeing each other.

They didn't get dick.
But this?

I mean, come on, we got
to get rid of this thing.

It's all that's left that links
you to that dead Fed.

No, I need it for insurance.

There's a recording on there

that could put James and Tommy
away for life.

I'd have to burn myself
in doing it,

but I could get immunity
in exchange.

I'll probably have to go
into fucking WITSEC.

-Witness protection?

[tense music]

These guys you work for,
can you trust them?

Here's the thing.
I like 'em, I do.

But I never
asked to work for them. They used Lindsay's problem
to strong-arm me

into working for them.

And the Feds, no,
they've been relentless.

They've threatened me.
They've threatened Elisa Marie.

It's just...

I'm having a real hard time
being loyal, Ben. And it's killing me, you know,
because that is not who I am.

Think they'll be loyal to you?

I think I'm last
on their list of priorities.

He'd pick his girl, Valdes,
over me in a heartbeat.

Tough call.

But I know you'll make
the right choice.

Now get this fucking spy shit
out of my hands,

because it makes me nervous.


You cool?

Don't let what happened on the
block get to you, little man. You failed, but you fixed it.
Just never quit.

Look at me,
just breaking into my own.

It took me ten years longer
than I wanted to,

but I'm about to be one of
the top distros in the city.

Like Nicky Barnes
around this motherfucker,

because whatever happens,
I never quit.

-[siren wails]
-Oh, shit.

That's something else
that ain't never change.

Motherfucking 12
sweating a nigga for living.

I got that weed on me, K.

Don't pull that shit you pulled
with that security guard.

This the real police,
put that shit under your seat.

[indistinct radio chatter]

At least it's not the D's
in the unmarked car.

Those are the boys that'll
kill you for selling a loosey.

Evening, officer.

[officer] Give me your
license and registration.

Kid got ID, too?

Give him the ID, reach slow. [officer] Are you doing
all right, young man?

Yes, sir.

Mind if we take a look
in your trunk?

I ain't got nothing to hide.

I'm going
to open the trunk now.

[dramatic music]


I saw you put your gun in
the safe like I told you to.

I need it for Dre,
where'd you hide it? Tasha, where the fuck
is the gun?

110, crime to central.

85 me a sector
to this location.

[indistinct radio chatter]

Don't sweat that, 'Riq.
Ain't nothing back there.

Although, cops are always
trying to make a point.

Probably sprinkling
crack back there

to try and catch me
on the charge.

Bad news for them.

I told you,
I ain't going back.

I know.

Both of you,
step out of the car.

Just do what they say.

I'll give the kid directions.

Come on, get out of the car.

Put your hands on the hood.
No fast moves.

We found a gun in the car.

A .380 Micro Eagle,
in the trunk.

That's a bitch gun, I don't
know how that got back there.

[tense music]

[phone buzzes]

-[Ghost] What are
you laughing at?
-Are you fucking kidding me?

We're a family?
You're a family man now?

Tasha, you went behind my back.

You did this shit
behind my back!

That's right, I did.

The same way you went
behind my back with Silver.

-Where's the gun?
-With Tariq.

What-- Where's Tariq?

-With Kanan.
-With Kanan?

Yes, and the NYPD,

who are arresting him
at this very moment.

Tasha, what the fuck?

The fuck are
you thinking, Tash?

Tariq's been reported
missing by his mother,

and you fit the description,
which is why

we pulled you over
tonight, okay?

I ain't kidnap his ass.
He here on his own free will.

-Is that true, kid?
-We was riding together.

Let the kid answer.

[tense music]

Tell 'em, 'Riq.

Show them what
a real killer look like.

I don't know
what he's talking about.

He was my friend,
Shawn's father.

I thought I was safe with him.

Are you being held
against your will?

Take the kid, man.

All right, come on, let's go.

It's the kid
we're looking for.

All right, you're safe now.

It's been a minute
since I've been in cuffs.

Don't make them too tight.

-[police 1] Stay down!
-[police 2] Gun, gun!



Was Angela
involved in this, too?

We tried to include you,
but you didn't want to listen.

So you both
put our son's life at risk.

Tasha, you know Kanan's
not going to go down easy.

I called in
a missing persons, okay?

The cops will bring Tariq in.
He'll be in police custody.

He's safe.

-Oh, shit.
-[Runnels] Hands up!

Stay on the ground!

1013, shots fired, 1013!

[indistinct radio chatter]


Drop your weapon,
stay on the ground!


[indistinct radio chatter]

[Officer Weekley groans]

[pounding on door]

Any available units...

[Officer Weekley groans]

No, no, no, please!


Oh, shit. Damn.

[overlapping radio chatter]




[sirens wail]

Oh, my gosh, Tariq.
Are you okay?

What happened?

Yeah, we were wondering
the same thing.

Mr. and Mrs. St. Patrick,

we'd like to ask you
some questions.

Mrs. St. Patrick, I'd like
to start with you first.

Follow me.

[tense music] [singer vocalizing]

And what exactly was your
relationship with Kanan Stark?

He was a friend of the family.

When was the last time
Mr. Stark was at your house?

[Tasha] Ask LaKeisha Grant,
she was there.

♪ ...he wasn't
Thinking about you ♪

♪ Because you didn't
Give a...about me ♪

♪ Thought I was up
In my room ♪

Yes, I saw Kanan Stark
at the penthouse

during Raina's wake.

Yes, he had opportunity
to steal Tasha's gun.

♪ Hey, I was playing you ♪


♪ I was playing you ♪

So, Ray Ray knew...

that I knew about him
stealing from my friends.

So he was after me.

But he ended up
killing my sister instead.

I knew how it all happened,
but I didn't say anything.

I told my Uncle Kanan,
but I didn't tell anyone else.

♪ So it's funny how you... ♪

I was just so scared.

I didn't know what to do.

I'm so sorry, sir, for lying.

[Tariq sobs]

I'm sorry.

♪ I was playing you ♪

♪ I was playing you ♪

♪ I was playing you ♪

♪ I was playing you... ♪

-Sergeant Rodriguez.
-What are you doing here?

Turns out Raymond Jones

was just another
dirty cop on the take.

You were right, this is
way below my pay grade.

♪ I was playing you... ♪

[Proctor] I don't have anything
to give you on St. Patrick.

But what I can say is, if
anyone is helping them out...

It's Angela Valdes.

I'm glad you came, Tommy.

I figured
you'd want to be here.

Vladimir, Drifty, Rolla.

Then Diego, now Kanan.
He said you'd do this.

He saw you coming.

When's it stop?

How many of my people you plan
on killing without telling me?

I ain't responsible
for this, man.

Tasha set this up with Tariq.

You're going to blame
your wife and kid?

You really expect me to believe

you ain't have
nothing to do with this?

Was that Dre shit
just to keep me out the way?

Ghost, out of all your lies,
this one is the biggest.

This ain't what family does.

Hey, listen to me, man.

Tasha made this call
all on her own.

She put our son at risk,
Kanan was the one

that actually helped me
save him, all right?

Come on, man, you can't
think that I actually

had something to do with this.

With you, brother,
I just don't know anymore.

Rest in peace,
you tough bastard.

[gun cocks]

♪ Go get the strap ♪

[hip-hop music]

♪ Trilogy ♪

♪ Yeah, yeah
Go get the strap ♪ ♪ Yeah, yeah
Go get the strap ♪

♪ Yeah, yeah
Go get the strap ♪

♪ Go get the strap
Nigga, go get the strap ♪

♪ I am not gang-gang
I do not gang bang ♪

♪ But play me like I'm pussy
I will pull up and bang bang ♪

♪ Niggas get knocked out ♪

♪ When they say
They going to pop out ♪

♪ Hop out, we'll wop out
And air the whole block out ♪

♪ Blow the whole stock out ♪

♪ They're not about
What I'm about ♪

♪ I'm a one man band
I bring the drum out ♪

♪ And dump it
Up in your block ♪ ♪ One o'clock
Blowing the trumpet ♪

♪ I'm with the shits
My niggas still hit the licks ♪

♪ I'm stupid rich
Still doing some stupid shit ♪

♪ You niggas know the 5's
Scared to come outside ♪

♪ That's the third time
You've been got ♪

♪ Second time
You've been shot ♪

♪ Your man
Just ain't your man ♪

♪ Shows first,
Then fucking ran ♪

♪ We on a different
Type of time ♪

♪ You on some different shit ♪

♪ Now, nigga don't you play
With me, play with a bitch ♪

♪ I ain't ran into a problem
That I can't fix ♪ ♪ Hit your ass upside the head
With a full stick ♪

♪ Yeah, yeah
Go get the strap ♪

♪ Yeah, yeah
Go get the strap ♪

♪ Yeah, yeah
Go get the strap ♪