Power (2014–…): Season 3, Episode 9 - I Call the Shots - full transcript

Angela searches for the mole; Ghost works to regain the club deal; Kanan exerts a dark influence upon Tariq; Milan warns Tommy about the price of betrayal.

GHOST: Previously on Power...
MILAN: I see potential in you, my friend.
You could replace me.
- What's going on, Tommy? - Well, like you said,
we work for Milan till we don't.
MAN: Andy and Alby swooped in and got the deal with Karen, bro.
They moved so fucking fast.
If you help me out on this,
I'll set you up with the biggest bust of your career.
My name's Slim. You mind if we shoot a few?
Yeah, sure.
It's just a matter of time until you're exposed.
What's this?
It belongs to Lobos's guy, okay?
Whoever the leak is at your office
was calling him on that phone.
You go back to the Feds. You tell 'em you'll help 'em.
You give 'em a bigger fish.
Tommy, Ghost is plotting something against Milan.
If you're working on some plan to get out, you better fucking tell me.
Got no plan, man. Don't know where his headquarters are, man.
GHOST: Can you tell me where he hangs out? TOMMY: No.
I'm just as much in the dark as you.
JOE: * They say this is a big, rich town *
* I just come from the poorest part *
* Bright lights, city life
* I gotta make it, this is where it goes down *
* I just happen to come up hard *
* Legal or illegal, baby, I gotta make it *
50 CENT: * I never took a straight path nowhere *
* Life's full of twists and turns, bumps and bruises *
* I live, I learn
* I'm from that city full of yellow cabs and skyscrapers *
* It's hard to get a start in these parts without paper *
* Homey, I grew up in hell, a block away from heaven *
* That corner every 15 minutes, they moving seven *
* Pure snow, bag it, then watch it go *
* Occupational options, get some blow or some hos *
* Shoot the ball or the strap, learn to rap or to jack *
* Fuck it, man, in the meantime *
* Go head and pump a pack
* This my regal, royal flow, my James Bond bounce *
* That 007, that's 62 on my count *
* I'm an undercover liar, I lie under the covers *
* Look a bitch in the eyes and tell her, baby, I love ya *
* You're my inspiration, you're my motivation *
* You're the reason that I'm moving with no hesitation *
JOE: * They say this is a big, rich town *
* Yeah, I just come from the poorest part *
* Bright lights, city life
* I gotta make it, this is where it goes down *
* Oh, yeah, yeah
* I just happen to come up hard *
* Legal or illegal, baby, I gotta make it **
[ ominous music ]
TOMMY: Shipment's out.
Everything as usual, plus Milan's new shit--
and we're looking good from our collections, except for Ruiz.
Ain't got a dime from him.
Milan wants his territory covered ASAP.
I thought you had him on lock.
Trust me, Ruiz is good for it, all right?
He never wanted out of the game to begin with.
He's good. He wants back in.
Oh, yeah? He don't seem like it.
It means, he hit me up last night.
He said he wanted to talk about something,
so I'm going by there later.
So you talking to Ruiz now but you can't pick up the phone for me?
I mean, I hit you last night.
What you find, a good piece of pussy or something?
No, I was with Milan.
Brought me to his warehouse
where he keeps that designer shit.
He just wanted me to know where it was.
- How'd it look? - How did it look?
It looked like a fuckin' warehouse--
made of bricks, cold, dark.
[ speaking Serbian ]
Tommy, you will come to know these men as time goes on
and you continue to show your value.
Hey, Milan.
[ speaking Serbian ]
Tommy is one of us now. Isn't that right?
We just got to be on the same page.
- You know what I mean? TOMMY: Mm-mm.
What I'm saying is, if we get anything, Tommy,
we've got to make sure we talk.
- I know. - Oh, okay.
The Feds step to Angela about Lobos?
Is she keeping her fucking mouth shut?
They're looking at her, yeah,
but I found something on Hugo
that I think Angela could use.
She'll figure it out, man. She's smart.
[ chuckles ]
She ain't that fucking smart.
And if she was, she never would've gotten mixed up with you in the first place.
TOMMY: See you later.
[ phone beeps and chimes play ]
[ phone vibrates ]
[ phone beeps ]
[ phone vibrates ]
[ helicopter blades whirring in distance ]
NEWTON: * Just call me angel of the morning *
[ knock at door ]
* Angel
* Just touch my cheek before you leave me, baby *
Ms. Egan, it's good to see you again.
You look breathtaking.
- It was Agent Asshole, right? - Right.
Oh, that must make you Agent Dickhead.
Tommy ain't here.
Now, that's funny that you know we're looking for your son.
When's the last time you saw him?
We're not just gonna walk away, Ms. Egan.
NEWTON: * Before you leave me *
Thank you.
So when's the last time you saw him?
It's been days since I've last seen Tommy.
Stubborn kid--won't let me pay him back for the pizza.
- Yeah? - 25 bucks to pick up
two pepperoni pies-- can you believe that price?
MEDINA: Wow. 25--that is-- that is really something.
I got the receipt around here somewhere.
Ah, take a look for yourself.
- Oh, look at that. - Hm.
Hey, Knox. Look at the date.
That's the last time you saw Tommy?
Yeah, yeah.
He was here all day, hogging the remote.
How do we know he was here all day--
that at some point he didn't leave, come back?
Oh, well, we bought it with his credit card.
MEDINA: I think it's time we got out of your hair, Ms. Egan.
Sorry for the trouble.
Be sure to tell Tommy we stopped by.
Just a little bit to the left--about 6 inches.
Okay, and make sure that extra signs are posted out front.
MAN: We'll take care of it. - Thank you, guys.
[ phone rings ]
Hey, girl. What's going on?
WOMAN: Wondering if you talked to 'Keisha today.
She ain't showed up,
and ain't nobody here covering her shift, either.
- You tried calling her? WOMAN: She ain't picking up.
- Probably with some nigga. - Huh.
WOMAN: You might want to call her yourself.
Ah, all right, don't worry about it.
I'll track her down. Thanks. WOMAN: Bye.
[ phone blips ]
[ elevator bell chimes ]
- What's up, Dre? - What's up, boy? Your mom here?
Nah. She's not home.
What the hell happened to you last night, man?
You trying to get me in trouble with your pops?
Nah. Slim just came to pick me up from school.
My fault I didn't tell you about it,
but thanks for covering up for me.
Well, I had you this time,
but I ain't doing that shit again, man.
What'd you and Slim do?
He just took me to the old neighborhood him
and my dad grew up in.
I guess you too, right?
That's it? Nothing else happened?
No, nothing else.
Look, man, just be careful of Slim, okay?
Why? I thought you guys was friends.
I mean, yeah, we are, but I'm your friend first.
Just saying, you ain't got to hang out with him all the time, okay?
All right.
Whoa, Valdes, where you headed in such a hurry?
- Ladies' room--excuse me. SAXE: Hey, Valdes, did you hear?
I think we're, uh, all about to be cleared of this MJ bullshit.
- What happened? - It looks like someone initiated a search
in the prison system related to Lobos's whereabouts.
Nugget is, it was done after we told everyone Lobos was dead.
Whoever it was obviously wasn't one of us.
Because we knew of Lobos's location.
SAXE: They're trying to find the source of the search as we speak.
Once they do, we'll all be exonerated.
Can't wait.
Who the fuck is this supposed to pay?
What's the problem?
You know this ain't gonna be enough to cover the whole shipment.
Like I said before, I'm not paying into something
that I don't believe in.
Okay, just so we're all clear,
you want me to bring this to our connect in your name?
You got to do what you got to do.
Look, Tomas, we got a system set in place
and a clientele that expects a certain product.
It ain't easy to diversify.
I'm not saying I don't want to play ball,
but I think this would be a lot easier
if I heard it from the horse's mouth.
Okay. Okay.
Hey, Poncho, what you think about all this?
Simple shit to me--the end of the day, it's still drugs, man.
- That's what I'm talking about. - Listen.
I told Ruiz we should push this shit to kids studying for exams.
My nephew and his friends stay up all night.
The neighborhood is changing.
We got to keep up with the times.
- Yeah. - He ain't listening.
[ phone vibrates ]
[ sirens wailing in distance ]
Hey. How are you?
After I told you Lobos was alive, who did you tell?
I didn't tell anyone.
Whoever you told initiated a search for Lobos's location in the system.
Who the fuck did you tell, Jamie?
Because when they find him,
he's gonna give you up and we're both fucked.
They can't give me up legally.
Boy, are you out of your fucking mind?
You had Proctor looking into this?
Look, if they find out it's Proctor,
we're protected, okay--fully.
We just say, after the Lobos attack,
he looked into his location to make sure that his client,
Tommy Egan, was safe. That's it.
No, see, everyone thought Lobos was dead.
Lobos's location was irrelevant
unless Proctor knew he was alive,
and the only people who knew were in my office.
It's a straight line--Proctor to Tommy to you to me.
Look, they can't prove that you told me anything.
They need proof.
Juries don't need proof.
They need a good story.
I knew Lobos was alive.
We were living together, sleeping together.
They don't need a fucking map.
Angela, it's under control, all right?
You were right about the Feds going by Kate's house.
They went by Kate's house. They fucking pushed.
They pushed hard, especially Greg,
but she held up. She held up because of you.
There's no way--Greg isn't on the Lobos murder task force.
Greg was there.
You know what he's thinking, huh?
Can you trust him?
My relationship with Greg is none of your business.
I'm looking into the burner cell you gave me,
and hopefully, for all our sakes,
it leads to something that can end this whole damn thing,
and I never have to see you again.
I, um--I heard MJ and Lance found a new lead,
someone looking for Lobos in the system.
That's good news, right?
Could be.
Maybe they'll find the leak that way.
Perfect. Thank you.
[ sighs ]
I can't stop thinking about
that damn video and Jamie's alibi.
Do you still think Tommy's one of Lobos's killers?
I don't know.
I spoke with Kate Egan today.
Medina let me come along because I know her.
I should have told you, totally.
It's just everything moved so quick, 'cause--
- Well, what'd she say? - Uh, well, what you'd expect--
that she was with him and eating pizza.
I don't know. I--she's crazy.
I--well--you know, she could be lying.
I just can't prove it.
Listen, um...
I didn't want to believe the St. Patrick alibi,
but I can't ignore a surveillance tape.
Facts are facts, so...
our pursuit of St. Patrick and Egan as the killers,
it's over, so...
Gonna have to find the leak another way.
But you and I, we're gonna keep working together
to clear our names, I promise.
We're on the same team now.
KANTOS: James, good to see you again.
Andy and Alby just want the party
and the cementing of their partnership with Karen
to be a community event,
and, seeing as you're part of the community,
they wanted to ensure that you're invited.
[ laughs ]
You're serious? You're working with them now?
With the Bassett deal finalized, there was a need for expansion,
and with expansion came a need for someone to run the day-to-day.
Good thing I was free.
I do, however, need one little thing from you.
Stern's guest list, the one I gave you?
I want it back.
Why would I do that?
Because I could have said
so much about you, but I didn't.
Yeah, so I just need that list.
I understand. I'll get the list together.
You can pick it up in a few days.
[ electronic dance music plays ]
[ phone vibrates ]
- Yo. GHOST: Where we at?
Yo, dude, these youngins,
they're eating this shit up.
JULIO: Yeah, yeah, yeah. - Here you go.
JULIO: We'll hit the numbers you set--couple more shifts.
WOMAN: Thanks. GHOST: Good work, Julito.
I want you to hit me the moment we do.
JULIO: All right, bro.
[ tense music ]
[ scoffs softly ]
[ camera shutter clicks ]
[ sighs ] I woke up.
You were gone. I thought--
[ sighs ]
I guess I'm used to people disappearing in the middle of the night.
Yeah. Well, I'm right here.
Ghost asked me where I was the other night.
What did you tell him?
Enough not to be suspicious.
Look, I told him I came here.
I think he just wants to be involved with everything.
Ghost is not the type to ask a question
without knowing the answer.
He knew exactly where you were,
and I know this because Bratislav saw him following you.
It's disappointing, isn't it?
I like you, Tommy, but your other half's persistence for an exit
has put your potential in jeopardy.
Ghost following me don't mean he want to get out.
It's him trying to figure out what I'm doing.
He's still down with your vision,
I promise you, lock and step.
Maybe you're right, but either way, from this point forward,
I'm holding you responsible for his actions,
and if you cannot get him in line and he continues looking into me,
then, well, it's back into the pit for you.
And this time I will not stop Petar and the men.
I thought I was your apprentice.
You are, Tommy,
but you are tethered to Ghost.
Ghost is an attachment,
and attachments are bad for business
if you want to stay alive.
I'll handle Ghost.
Hey, Bob, can you do some digging for me?
I got a serial number of a possible burner.
I was trying to find the phone number attached to it.
BOB: A burner? - Yeah, and the phone call,
text history--you know, whatever you can do.
BOB: Okay, sure. I'll--I'll look it up.
Okay, great. I'm gonna send it to you right now.
BOB: Okay, I got it. - All right, thanks. Bye.
Sally, it's Angela Valdes, the AUSA.
I helped you on the Whittier case.
SALLY: Yeah, last summer. - That's right.
Could you look up a card number for me?
I need the cardholder name. SALLY: Of course.
I-I'll try.
Emailing it to you right now.
SALLY: Got it. - Great.
SALLY: It was prepaid.
Prepaid? No purchaser name?
SALLY: Uh, that's about it.
Could you tell me where it was purchased?
SALLY: That'll take a while. I'll have to get back to you.
Okay, fine. Be sure to call me back.
SALLY: I will. - Thanks.
I don't know why I'm fucking surprised.
What's the problem, Tommy?
Milan knows that you followed me
to his warehouse the other night.
You just gonna stand there and look stupid or are you gonna be real for a change?
Look, man, you don't understand what I'm trying to--
No, you don't.
Milan said he's gonna kill me if you don't stop.
He made it clear. One more time and I'm dead.
You fucking hearing me?
You willing to risk my life to get yourself out?
I chose you over Holly.
This time, motherfucker, you need to choose me.
I do.
I choose you, all right? I'll leave it alone.
I hope so.
- Tommy. TOMMY: Yeah?
Ruiz hit me up about that payment.
Look, man, I was thinking. He ain't never gonna reach his full potential
unless we set up a meet, you know, between he and Milan.
You know how that motherfucker is.
Yeah, I do.
We set up a little face-to-face
between he and Milan,
make him feel all fucking cozy and special.
- How you want to do it? - You run the point on this one,
brother, all right? You take him.
Better for all involved if I just peel back on this one.
ANNOUNCER: [ on TV ] 6'4", displayed 104...
[ TV announcer continues indistinctly ]
What you got for me?
So Ghost is still in good with that Serbian motherfucker,
and now they moving some new weight--pills.
I don't want none of what they got going on as long
as they fucking with that Serbian nigga.
The minute he out the picture, I'm coming to collect.
All right, bet, man.
Tariq said, "What's up?"
You thought he wasn't gonna tell me what you said, huh?
Hey, what the fuck were you doing with him
the other day, man?
He said he wanted to chill, so we did.
If I was gonna cap the little nigga,
don't you think I would've already done it?
You said you was gonna teach Ghost a history lesson.
What the fuck you mean by that?
Sit tight, motherfucker.
You'll know when I want you to know.
You thinking you should just tell Ghost, right?
What you think he's gonna do when he learn I'm alive,
in town, hanging out with his kid,
and you knew the whole time?
You ain't got no options, Dre.
You made a choice--me.
Ain't no moves left.
All right, man. Get the fuck out of here.
- You're not gonna flush? - This a fucking joke to you?
[ scoffs ] No, it's not. Sorry, just--
You think I want to be here in this fucking pisser,
plotting and scheming like a filthy rat?
I'm a Soldado, a primera.
Vibora, I get that this is tough for you.
I do. You're a man of principles.
I respect that, but it was you who reached out to me
because you got something big, right--a meeting?
- Tonight. - With Ghost?
- With Milan. - Will Ghost be there?
I don't think you're following me.
Getting closer to Milan is big.
[ clears throat ]
What the hell's that?
State-of-the-art FBI button recorder.
Before the meeting,
you're gonna attach this behind the collar on your jacket.
It's gonna record anything
within a 20-foot radius, all right?
Now, it doesn't emit a signal,
so if you're searched it won't be detected by a scanner.
If they find that on me, I won't make it out of that room alive.
Then they better not find it.
Meet me in the morning.
Remember, I want St. Patrick.
He shows up, you get him on the recording.
He doesn't, you make sure that he's the topic of conversation.
- All right? - Gonna see what I can do.
Fuck you want?
Look, man, I need to talk to you about Tariq.
Ghost got me watching him.
He been talking a lot about you lately and that--you know,
everything going on with him and--and Ghost and his mom, I--
bro, I just think you need to check him out.
Thanks very much, Dr. fucking Phil.
[ Dre scoffs ]
- I'll be sure to talk to him. - All right.
Just so you know,
Tariq is family business, and you ain't family.
Even though I'm the reason why you're still walking around?
Oh, you didn't know that? Ghost didn't tell you, did he?
I'm the one that heard that the Koreans wanted to light you up.
I told Ghost. So listen, Tommy.
I'm not here to fuck up whatever you got going on
or step on your toes at all, bro.
I simply just want to be down with you and Ghost.
That's it.
That's a nice speech, kid, but we're done talking.
[ keys jingling ]
[ light applause ]
Thank you again for that enlightening presentation
on otorhinolaryngology, Dr. Sullivan.
Next we have Raina and Tariq St. Patrick's father,
Mr. James St. Patrick.
[ light applause ]
Mr. St. Patrick is one of Manhattan's biggest nightclub owners.
Thank you for that. Hello, parents and kids.
How you guys doing?
KIDS: Good. - You sure?
KIDS: Yeah.
GHOST: Thanks for having me here.
The late, great Dr. Maya Angelou once said,
"You may not control all of the events
"that have happened to you
but you can decide to not be reduced by them."
A question already-- yes, young man?
You own a nightclub?
Absolutely. I own three nightclubs.
You ever have any famous people come in the clubs, like Fetty Wap?
Odell Beckham?
Bump that. How 'bout Beyoncé?
GHOST: [ laughs ]
Uh, sure, we have had
the occasional celebrity or two come in the club.
This is the secret.
It's to make everyone who comes to the club
feel like a Fetty Wap or Beyoncé--
a celebrity, you know?
We want everybody to feel like a star
for that night, at least,
and, yes, Odell Beckham has been in the club.
Your dad's awesome. You ever been to the clubs?
Yes, young beautiful lady in the middle of the room?
- Is it hard, running a club? - Yeah, baby girl, it's--
- Dad. - Pardon me.
Yes, Raina, it is hard to run a club,
but it's, uh--
it's hardest on those who you love.
Um, can't speak for all the other parents here,
but when I decided to follow my dreams,
it took me away from my family.
And it's my fault.
You know, you don't realize the late nights
and the meetings that you decide to take instead of going home,
that just extends this gap between you and them,
and, well, kids, it's a gap
that you can't fill with words.
[ tense music ]
So you just do your best
and show them how important they are.
Where was I?
- You were great. - Thank you.
[ phone vibrates ]
Gonna take this real quick, Tasha.
- Hello? RUIZ: You are one smart son of a bitch.
You were right. As soon as I reached out to Agent Knox
with news of a meeting, he tells me to meet him in some fucking men's room
and he hands me this little recording device.
You didn't meet him at the FBI?
No. Restaurant--west 50s.
GHOST: He's running you off the books, man.
Means he'd never be able to officially use you
unless he can corroborate it with hard proof like a recording.
Knox wants me to make sure you're mentioned on the tape.
I cannot be mentioned, not once.
Neither Tommy nor I can be incriminated
in any way or the deal is off.
Yeah, well, that'd be a lot easier to do
if Tommy was in on the plan.
You deal with Milan. Ruiz, I'll deal with Tommy.
Just make sure we're not mentioned on the recording.
Está bien.
Hey, my family.
Dad, you were amazing.
[ phone vibrates ]
AUSA Valdes. SALLY: It's Sally.
I did some research, but I wasn't able to locate
where the prepaid card you asked about was purchased.
- Angela? - I'm here.
- Thanks for getting back to me. SALLY: Sure. Bye.
[ phone vibrates ]
You gonna talk to me or what?
[ phone vibrates ]
Knox, seriously, I don't got
all fucking day to mess with you. What's up?
All right, I'm working on a hunch,
but I need you to not ask me where I got the information.
Oh, fuck that, man. I know better than to trust you.
If we solve the Lobos murder, you solve it.
I won't take any credit.
- All right, what's up? - All right.
The cell that was found on Lobos when he was killed--
what was the phone number attached to it?
- Oh. - Knox, you better spill.
- What the fuck is going on? - One--one--one more question
then we can act like we never had this fucking conversation, okay?
I promise.
Did you guys find out
where the burner ending in 0148 was purchased?
Look at me. I am protecting you.
- I'm gonna look it up. - Okay. Thank you.
Thank you.
All right, here it is.
I'll send it to you. Let's go.
People think they got to go to them fancy spots to get their kicks.
When you in the hood, this is all you need.
I know Dre told you not to hang out with me,
but Dre be talking out both sides of his mouth.
I know he say he's your friend, but you can't always know
what's on his mind.
- What you think? - I told you already.
I told Dre I think you're cool.
[ hip-hop music playing ]
Well, you got it right there.
Don't let no nigga try to talk you into how you feel.
Those are clean.
Man, $250 clean?
It's all good.
Clearly you got your mom and your dad buying you nice shit.
When I was coming up, man, if you wanted some nice shit,
you had to go and get it yourself.
You used to steal 'em?
That's how you showed people you wasn't no pussy,
how you let 'em know you needed to be respected.
You want people to respect you, right?
- I'm gonna step out real quick. - Okay.
[ tense music ]
[ keypad tones beeping ]
[ keypad tones beeping ]
Excuse me.
Can I have these in a size 10?
- Here you go. - Thank you.
[ store phone rings ]
Yeah, come on. Fuck this place.
Let's get out of here.
MAN: You two have a nice day. KANAN: All right.
ANDY: So with this partnership, you're gonna get one of these gems
in each and every one of your hotels.
KAREN: It is an impressive space.
ALBY: Yeah, it's plush.
So if you follow me,
we're gonna show you one of our four exclusive lounges.
KAREN: Okay. MAN: Yeah, head right over there.
I'm a man of my word. I promised Simon Stern's guest list.
- Where's Kantos? - Uh, he's not here right now. He's out running errands.
So do you want to swing back later on when he's back,
or do you want to have a seat and watch us work?
[ chuckles ]
Pleasure to see you again, Karen.
Enjoy the party tonight.
[ door slams open ]
KAREN: What's happening? ANDY: I don't know.
Uh, excuse me. Excuse me. Who's in charge?
- What-- - Andy Jones and Albert Tatum,
we have a warrant to search the premises.
We have reason to believe there's drugs being sold
- and housed in this club. - Drugs? Mate, you're--
you're off your head. Right, right.
I'm gonna call my solicitor and sue you for slander.
MAN: Right away, please. ALBY: We have no idea what this is about...
ANDY: Absolutely. ALBY: But we can assure you
- we have never nor currently allow drugs in this club. - Oh, wow.
MAN: Ask you to step back-- ALBY: We have no idea how that got in there.
- Karen, Karen, Karen! No, no-- - Hey, excuse me.
We have no idea how that got in there.
DONATO: You have the right to remain silent.
Anything you say can and will
be used against you in a court of law.
You have the right to an attorney.
If you cannot afford an attorney,
one will be provided for you. Take 'em out.
MAN: Let's go. Come on. - [ muttering ]
ALBY: This isn't over. Hey, don't-don't--
ANDY: This is a setup. A setup is what it is, mate.
That's a pity, right? What a shame.
But there's always a silver lining, Karen.
Yeah, forgive me if I don't share your optimism
for this moment, Mr. St. Patrick.
An exclusive black-tie event at my club in a few days,
and I would love for your father and you
to be my personal guests.
- Right. - If you're free.
[ police sirens wailing in the distance ]
Our schedules seem to be open.
Have a good night.
What the hell are you doing here?
I waited for you at Truth like you said.
Yeah, well, good thing you didn't wait here, right?
Could've been your ass carried away in those handcuffs,
with your record.
As I promised. Take it.
Kantos, you and I aren't gonna have
any problems going forward, are we?
No, we won't.
Ruiz, welcome.
You were at the club.
Why didn't you step forward and say that you were the connect?
I only make myself known to a select few.
Cuts down on witnesses.
Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo. You better back the fuck up.
Your men already frisked us at the door. You feel me?
Milan, I've known Vibora a long time.
If I can trust him, you can trust him.
PETAR: Hands up, please.
All right. Tommy's right.
If you trust him, you frisk him.
[ dramatic music ]
TOMMY: Okay. Excuse me. Pardon me.
[ music swells ]
MILAN: Is there a problem?
A gift for the host.
A token of appreciation
for taking the meeting on such short notice.
I've already heard this speech.
So if it's the same to everybody,
I'm gonna wait in the hallway.
[ both speaking Spanish ]
So, gentlemen, let's talk business.
[ line trills ]
WOMAN: At the sound of the beep, leave a message.
[ phone beeps ] Damn, 'Keisha.
Where you at? Call me back, okay?
[ elevator dings ]
Hey. I didn't think you'd still be up.
I couldn't sleep.
I see.
I'd offer you one, but--
No need, but I am gonna celebrate, Tash.
I beat those little motherfuckers,
and I got my club on the brink of everything I ever wanted.
This is it.
Well, I'm happy for you.
For us, T.
This deal means that the Truth brand
will expand beyond my wildest dreams,
but, more importantly, our children
will have legit money behind them
for the rest of their lives.
I got to say,
you said you would make it on the club side,
and... you pulled it off.
I was wrong.
- You did a great job today. - Mm, yeah.
The kids seemed to enjoy it,
but I don't know if the Bougie Bitches Club noticed.
I noticed.
That stuff you said today about us...
About me and the kids...
[ delicate piano music ]
You mean it?
Every single word.
I'm glad you found a way
to get Milan his money.
Thank you.
Thank you for protecting us from him.
Look at me, Tasha.
No matter what,
I'll always protect you and the kids.
You are my family.
I guess you got it all figured out, don't you?
You can say that.
It's late. Um, I--
Raina's got a dentist appointment tomorrow.
No, wait--
[ whimpers ]
[ sighs ]
[ dramatic romantic music ]
WOMAN: * Oh, no more
* Apologies
* Need be exchanged
* Oh, no words
* Could ever help
* Relieve this pain
* All
* Our silence could not excuse *
* Disappoint
* Or f-further prove
* Anything other
* Than what we already know
* Easier to live with pain
* Than have to let it go
* Oh-oh, oh-oh
* Oh, oh-oh, oh-oh
* Oh-oh
* Oh-oh-oh
[ phone vibrates ]
Hold on, baby.
Who'd you want that to be?
I've known you a long time, Ghost.
Can't nothing be wrong on your big night, right?
Once I get this call, the night's about to get bigger.
Because Ruiz is gonna help me take down Milan.
Wait, what? What are-- What are you talking about?
I got a plan in motion
to get us out from under Milan once and for all.
Ruiz? [ scoffs ]
I mean, you think you can trust him?
I got way too much on him,
it makes it hard for him not to play ball.
I don't know about this plan, Ghost.
Maybe you should be careful when--
The plan's already in motion as we speak.
Just waiting on the call.
I mean, while I'm waiting, you know,
probably got time for round two.
I don't know.
I-I need to think before we--
I think maybe you should go back to the office.
Wait, you-you serious? Tasha, we just--
I mean, what are the kids gonna think
when they come in here in the morning
and see you sleeping in my bed?
It ain't us getting back together, is it?
You're probably right.
I'll go.
Good night, T.
Good night, Ghost.
[ phone vibrates ]
Yo, T, what's good?
Ghost just told me he's gonna take out Milan.
He didn't tell me the specifics,
but he told me he's using Ruiz
to do it, right now.
Milan said that if Ghost doesn't fall in line,
he's gonna kill me and the kids.
You need to find out what's going on with Ghost,
and you need to stop him.
Listen, I got you, T.
I'm gonna take care of it.
Thanks for calling.
Get yourself some sleep.
It's all gonna be fine now.
TASHA: Okay. Bye.
[ sighs ]
[ exhales deeply ]
[ knocking at door ]
The alert you wanted me to set up--we got something.
NYPD just sent this over.
One of Lobos's, uh, henchmen was found dead
a few days ago-- a Hugo Sanchez.
- No shit? - Why would he still be here?
If he was working for Lobos,
that job ended when the man was shot.
Sanchez must've still been communicating
with someone on the inside,
probably this leak everyone's looking for,
but I guess he can't be a witness now, huh?
No, I guess he can't.
Unless we find out where he was staying.
Maybe he met with a person there, huh?
- I'll look into it. - No, I'll do it.
You go home.
- You sure? - Yeah, for sure. Great work.
All right. Thanks.
[ footsteps approaching ]
[ indistinct conversation ]
[ laughter ]
My kids would cry. Everybody--
This is good. So we're all one big happy family now?
Well, Milan heard my concerns
and helped me to understand my importance here.
So we're good.
We're going to have a drink, Tommy, to celebrate
our continued relationship. You will be joining us.
I got to call it a night. I got a meet across town.
I told Poncho to take off.
I said I'd give you a ride home...
- Oh-- - But we got to break now.
Well, guess that's good night for me too, then.
Gentlemen, a pleasure. Sir.
It's a beautiful car.
Thank you.
My father used to own one just like it--
well, for a little while.
Hey, Ruiz...
You know what it's like to be betrayed.
- Yes, I do. - Yeah. I know. I know.
Somebody you trust constantly looking you in the eye
but lying to your face-- there's no going back.
That's how he does it-- one side of his mouth
telling you what he thinks you want to hear
and the other side giving you just enough
to make you think he actually gives a fuck
about you and what you think.
[ chuckles ]
But he don't care about what happens to you.
He just uses you until he don't need you no more.
That's what doing Lobos was about.
Tommy, it's been a long night.
What do you say we leave it alone, huh?
Me and Ghost killed him to start over,
but it was never about that,
just like going from corner boys
to running the biggest shop in New York fucking City
wasn't about being gangsters.
It was all for him,
all so he could figure another way to get out.
[ engine grinding ]
What's wrong?
Ah, just--the old bitch, she's overheating.
[ sighs ]
Better pull over, check it out.
Older cars-- you know how it is.
Sit tight. I'll be a second.
Hey, Ruiz,
you get me my flashlight in the glove box?
I used to work on my dad's car.
If it's overheating, you're gonna have to--
[ grunts ]
Tommy, what are you doing?
You're gonna regret this.
No, I won't, 'cause it ain't me doing this to you.
It's Ghost.
[ both grunting ]
[ blade slices ]
[ grunting ]
[ panting ]
[ grunts ]
No problems?
I been stealing cars since I was 11, man.
- Oh, shit. - Come on.
Help me drag him to the car.
All right.
No, hold up.
Ghost don't know about this, right?
No. He won't know you're involved, unless you say shit.
Pfft. I ain't saying a goddamn thing, man.
GREG: Betel--
179 West 8th Ave.
[ car horn blares ]
[ door unlatches ]
MIKE: [ indistinct ]
[ car engine turns over ]
GREG: 181 West 8th Ave...
Where have I see--
Son of a bitch.
Holy shit.
Mike, what the fuck?
What are you doing here, man?
Have a seat, Ghost.
I know you had a plan with Ruiz.
Ruiz told me about it...
Right before I stabbed him.
Ruiz is--he's dead?
Tommy, where's the body?
Where's the body?
It's under the fuckin' LIE, where I left it.
Who gives a fuck about the body?
I told you, one more time, and Milan was gonna kill me,
and you looked me in the face,
and you said you weren't.
What makes you think Milan isn't gonna kill us tomorrow
or the next day or the next fucking day after that?
You fucking lied to me, Ghost.
To me.
I didn't want you in the dark.
I wanted to do this with you--
take Milan's fucking ass down. Why?
Because Milan out of the way benefits both of us, man,
but I didn't think I'd get you to see it.
So yes, I lied, all right, but if you want me to say
I'm sorry-- to fucking sit here
and say I'm sorry, it's not gonna happen, Tommy.
I want out, man,
and I'm never gonna stop,
never, until I get out.
So unless you put me down, right here,
right now,
it is what it is, man.
You said getting Milan out the way
benefits both of us.
That right?
Yeah, I said that.
Help me see that.
You want to run the drug business
the way you want to run it,
and I want to run my life the way I want to run it.
As long as Milan's in charge, Tommy,
it ain't gonna happen, man, for either one of us.
But I'm getting in so good with him.
Tommy, he's a fucking psychopath, man,
and every day you--you allow him to dig his claws in,
it's one more day he gets closer
to the organization becoming his.
So I say we fucking get rid of him, man.
And you can mark your own path, brother.
I just need some time
to come up with a plan to take Milan down.
I just need some time.
If we're gonna do this--
kill Milan-- I call the shots.
I'll come up with a plan.
Call you in the morning.
MILAN: [ muttering ]
Tommy, I didn't expect to see you back tonight.
What's going on?
A few days ago,
you asked me if I was one of you.
I did.
Yeah, you did.
Well, I am,
and we need to kill Ghost.
[ soft ethereal music ]
MAN: * Oh, ah...
* Living foul
* You went from everything that I wanted *
* To the very thing I want to live without *
* I gave you everything that you wanted *
* Yeah, kept it real with you when you shut me out *
* Don't understand
* But ever since you moved away *
* Girl, you been trippin' on a nigga *
* Acting different, on a nigga *
* Being distant, with a nigga *
* And I find it kinda crazy how you switched up *
* On a nigga
* Tell me I ain't gotta worry
* Shit, but that ain't what I heard *
* Because the word around town *
* Is you out here living foul *
* Living foul
* Living foul, yeah
* Out here living
* I said, the word around town *
* Is you out here living foul *
* What's the truth? Asking you *
* Girl, you need to tell me now *
* Because the word around town *
* Is you out here living foul *
* Living foul, yeah
* Out here living
* I said, the word around town *
* Is you out here living foul *
* What's the truth? Tell me now *
* Is you out here living foul, baby? *