Power (2014–…): Season 3, Episode 8 - Trust Me - full transcript

As Mike and Angela try to ferret out the mole, she picks up a lead while trying to firm up Tommy's alibi; Tasha gets a warning, Tariq makes a dangerous new friend; and Milan orders that a new product be pushed.

GHOST: Previously on Power...
So how the fuck you know about this place?
I know about everything.
For now we got to do what he says.
I don't care what the Serbian Hannibal Lecter says, Ghost.
I'll handle this my own way.
You're not gonna sell drugs in my club.
I am in your home with your family.
Think of them the next time you want to betray me.
You have everything to lose, Duse.
[ grunts ]
MILAN: You have immense value.
This is the best time to be alive.
So you know nothing about the cell phone
found at the Lobos murder scene?
- No. - No.
- No. - No.
You keep saying there's an inside man.
Maybe it's you.
Look into Angela. She's involved.
We need to talk to James St. Patrick.
You killed Lobos,
and the DOJ thinks I participated.
You're gonna let me get the death penalty
for something I didn't do.
JOE: * They say this is a big, rich town *
* I just come from the poorest part *
* Bright lights, city life
* I gotta make it, this is where it goes down *
* I just happen to come up hard *
* Legal or illegal, baby, I gotta make it *
50 CENT: * I never took a straight path nowhere *
* Life's full of twists and turns, bumps and bruises *
* I live, I learn
* I'm from that city full of yellow cabs and skyscrapers *
* It's hard to get a start in these parts without paper *
* Homey, I grew up in hell, a block away from heaven *
* That corner every 15 minutes, they moving seven *
* Pure snow, bag it, then watch it go *
* Occupational options, get some blow or some hos *
* Shoot the ball or the strap, learn to rap or to jack *
* Fuck it, man, in the meantime *
* Go head and pump a pack
* This my regal, royal flow, my James Bond bounce *
* That 007, that's 62 on my count *
* I'm an undercover liar, I lie under the covers *
* Look a bitch in the eyes and tell her, baby, I love ya *
* You're my inspiration, you're my motivation *
* You're the reason that I'm moving with no hesitation *
JOE: * They say this is a big, rich town *
* Yeah, I just come from the poorest part *
* Bright lights, city life
* I gotta make it, this is where it goes down *
* Oh, yeah, yeah
* I just happen to come up hard *
* Legal or illegal, baby, I gotta make it *
[ dog barking ]
[ groaning ]
Shh, shh, shh, shh, Rishka.
He's a friend.
If you're gonna try to ransom me or some shit,
Ghost ain't the type that's gonna pay.
No, I do not plan to keep you here against your will.
After last night's gathering, well,
a man in your condition I would not leave alone.
Okay, well,
I don't know what the fuck your angle is,
but if you're not keeping me,
I'd like to get the fuck out of here now.
Tatiana will stitch you up, then Petar will drive you home,
and you rest.
We will come for you later.
We have business to discuss.
You're a popular man, Mr. Egan.
Come, Rishka.
Where's Lobos?
I don't know.
I handled my end.
Lobos went with your men. Have you heard from them?
[ speaking Spanish ]
Just the federal government
looking for the inside man and his accomplice.
Let me get the phone you used to call me.
I have to destroy it.
I need to get out of the country.
I need a plane ticket, and I need money.
Lobos told me where they are.
Bring me the ticket and the money.
You'll get the phone.
They get to live.
SMOKEY ROBINSON: * You really got a hold on me *
THE MIRACLES: * You really got a hold on me
SMOKEY: * You really got a hold on me *
THE MIRACLES: * You really got a hold on me
SMOKEY: * Baby
Tommy, you want to tell me where the fuck you been, man?
It's like you fell off the grid.
What happened to your face?
Callahan is still breathing.
Our Serbian friend don't like my loyalty to the church.
Yeah, he came by the apartment, too, man.
He threatened the kids.
The kids?
THE MIRACLES: * You really got a hold--
And if Milan wasn't enough,
the Feds found Lobos's body.
Well, I ain't surprised. Are you?
That's because you fucked up the plan.
They know that whoever shot Lobos had inside information.
They think Angela might have been the leak.
Did Hugo give you the name of his inside man?
No, and I ain't trying to find him to find out, neither.
He's been blowing me up, probably trying to set up a meet
so he can shoot me in the fucking face.
You got to let him set up that meet.
We have to find out.
Why, for Angela?
No, Ghost. Fuck that.
No, for us. We're connected.
If they arrest her as the inside man,
then they come looking at us as the shooters, man.
She goes down, we go down with Angela.
Exactly. You got to call Hugo.
Yes, thank you for the surveillance footage.
I just received it.
There you are.
Well done, Jamie.
[ soft music ]
Unfortunately, we cannot overlook the fact
that Mr. Ruiz has broken the law for years.
And we're willing to make a generous offer,
but it will include jail time.
My client revealed incriminating
information about himself in exchange
for your guarantee of immunity.
Well, his agreement
was attached to helping us convict Lobos.
No Lobos, no immunity.
So my deal is dead?
Maybe there's another way to look at this thing, right?
You know I'm interested in Ghost.
And you want to send me inside even after I agreed to help you?
You couldn't protect Lobos.
How you gonna protect me?
I'll be dead in a day, so...
fuck you, and fuck off.
That Tatiana bitch is alive?
And was in your house like it was nothing?
[ soul music playing ]
Guess Milan knew about the tip.
Yeah, he knew,
but he didn't know it was you that made the call,
so that's how we're gonna keep it.
So what are we gonna do?
He knows everything about me, Andre,
so I got to know everything about him.
- Mm. - I'm working on that.
For now it's only club business when we talk in here, okay?
Well, speaking of club business, she ain't
looking good, man.
Them bitch-ass motherfuckers
across the street, Andy and Alby?
They swooped in and got the deal with Karen, bro.
It was in the paper today.
They moved so fucking fast.
MAN: * Talk about the babies
* Starving to death
* Talk about the--
[ tense music ]
[ siren wailing in distance ]
[ gun clicks ]
I'm unarmed,
like we agreed.
You double-crossed us.
You were supposed to kill him.
I guess I forgot.
We think your inside contact betrayed Lobos,
so just give us his name.
We'll find him. We'll get even.
You ever been set on fire before, Hugo?
It's crazy; it smells like bacon,
except it's more personal.
You know this man can identify you, right?
He's a loose end.
El nombre.
I want his fucking name.
I'm not done with him yet.
Tommy, let's get him in the car. It's gonna be a long night.
TOMMY: Come on, stupid. You heard him.
Move it!
HUGO: When Lobos finds out about this, you're dead.
Yeah? I ain't too worried about Lobos.
Oh, no, you don't worry about your own life,
but you cried over a stupid little dog.
Hey, what'd your woman say when she found it?
Did she cry too?
Did you cry together?
Fuck you, you fucking piece of sh--
[ gunshots ]
Fuck, man.
Tommy, what the fuck?
We could have fucking made him talk, man.
Now we got squat
'cause you can't fucking control yourself.
I can control myself just fine!
He had to go. Yo, and fuck Angela.
Tell your bitch not to talk if they step to her.
I'm getting the fuck out of here,
and I'ma keep this gun.
[ soft music ]
You think somebody in this office
really leaked the Lobos information?
Or are they just fucking with us?
They didn't arrest anybody.
- Not yet. - What are you saying?
You better not be saying it was me, 'cause I'm clean.
Probably one of you or Sandoval.
This is what MJ wants, us arguing,
set us up against each other,
I don't know, make us paranoid.
Well, it's not paranoia
if one of us gets the needle.
That's reality.
Who mentioned the death penalty?
White Donovan or black Donovan?
- Hey, Jerry. - Saxe.
Main Justice is gone.
They're headed to Eastern District.
They're running point on the Lobos murder.
I just came from a debrief over there.
So spill. What do they got?
It was definitely a premeditated hit.
There was a fresh grave waiting for Lobos,
but it wasn't used.
Looks like he ran for his life,
was caught and then shot multiple times in the chest
at close range by a man who already had him subdued.
Feels personal, you know?
Any hard leads on the doer?
No, but this is interesting.
Only one set of bullets in Lobos,
but he was walked in the woods by two men,
two sets of footprints.
[ cell phone chimes ]
Duty calls. Enjoy the bagels.
SAXE: Later.
They require so much.
I was arranging a, uh--a pickup
for my son after school.
Do you have kids?
No, I don't.
So how can I help you, Ms. Hazen?
I want to talk with you
about your relationship with Angela Valdes.
You used her once to help your drug-dealing friend Egan
beat a rap.
That worked so well, I think you did it a second time.
I think you used her to help Egan kill his supplier,
Felipe Lobos,
and I'd like to offer you immunity for your testimony
against AUSA Valdes.
I don't have any idea of what you're talking about.
You were living with her.
You paid her rent, got her guard down.
You used her classified information
to commit capital murder.
Turn her in, Mr. St. Patrick.
You're a smart man.
It's the smart play.
[ soft, tense music ]
Did AUSA Valdes give you information
about Felipe Lobos?
And who is Felipe Lobos again?
All the hitters spoke Spanish except for one guy.
He spoke English.
White, New York accent, probably Queens.
It's a local.
Now, I've been thinking about it.
I think it was Tommy Egan.
Not this shit again, Knox.
I saw Lobos get grabbed by three men.
Now, we got two bodies, right?
- Right. - Right?
Leaves one guy, except there were two sets
of non-Lobos footprints found in the woods,
Egan and St. Patrick.
St. Patrick.
Should have seen that one coming.
You know, first you ask me to pull info for you on Ruiz
while you're suspended.
- Well-- - Yeah, that's right.
I found out you were suspended.
I don't even want to know how you knew
that Lobos was still alive.
Didn't even know he was stabbed. Didn't--
Let's just-- let's just go with it.
Why would Egan kill Lobos, Greg?
- Mm. - Huh?
Why would a distro want to kill his international supplier,
a cartel leader who keeps him balls-deep in cash?
Maybe there's a new connect.
Maybe doesn't work for me, all right?
I want facts, so till you get me something real,
lose my number.
[ clears throat ]
You selling contraband cigarettes out of Truth now?
So they are illegally imported.
I thought so. There's no stamp.
Look, I'm trying to locate a man
who makes himself very hard to find.
I think he's illegally importing those.
Look, I'm vice, not customs.
But I got a guy. I can make a call--
No, no, no, listen to me.
This has to stay just between us, all right?
Donato, if you help me out on this,
I'll make it worth your while,
set you up with the biggest bust of your career, man.
I just need an address, a warehouse,
maybe a garage;
I don't know, somewhere where someone
can store these for distribution.
All right, well, I can't help you with a warehouse,
but retail; I'll give you the names of some bars
I've busted selling those under the counter.
Maybe you go in, find out where they get 'em.
Hey, look, pal, you're gonna have to do the legwork,
and probably a lot of drinking too,
if you want to get people to talk.
Get me the names of the bars.
[ chuckles ]
You keep showing up here
in the middle of the day like it ain't nothing.
Ain't you got a goddamn job?
I do, putting murdering drug dealers in jail.
What do you do?
Jamie's alibi for the Lobos murder
will hold up.
You won't say a word.
What about Tommy? Where was he that day?
How should I know?
I'm not his fucking babysitter.
Expect an official visit from the FBI.
If Tommy's innocent, his alibi better hold up,
whatever it is.
I think Tommy was with his mother that day,
out on Long Island.
[ speaking Serbian ]
[ cell phone vibrates ]
Holy shit.
[ tense music ]
PETAR: Oxycodone, Buprenorphine, Secobarbital.
How you plan on moving it?
First we place false purchase orders
from shell medical companies
so that everything's legit on paper.
Then we will set up depots like retail locations
where customers can come and get their fix.
[ laughs ] Oh, fixed spots?
Pill poppers and street junkies are two different animals.
Pills sell to high-end customers.
You got to be mobile.
That's where your real bank is.
What would you suggest?
You need couriers who could blend in
to move into high-end places without getting spotted,
and like magic your Oxy or whatever
shows up right at your door
like a fucking pizza.
I told Petar you would show your worth.
[ indistinct chatter ]
Yo, I can't talk right now.
I got to take Ghost's kid out to Basketball City, man.
This nigga's got me out here like a fucking nanny, man.
I need to talk business.
All right, well, Little Man on the way, so I got to go.
ANGELA: Tommy was with you all day?
Yeah, yeah, he never left.
Most men don't like spending time with their mothers,
but Tommy and I, we're different.
Tell me about that day.
What do you remember? Watch anything on TV?
[ exhales ]
"Judge Judy,"
Maury Povich.
Tommy really likes "Dr. Phil."
So if I find out which episodes were on
and I ask Tommy about them, he'll remember?
What did you eat for lunch?
Uh, pizza.
- What was on the pizza? - Pepperoni.
Where did you order it from?
- I don't remember. - Was it delivery?
I can find out who came here.
Uh, Tommy went to go pick it up.
I thought you said he didn't go anywhere.
You said he never left.
I never left except to get the pizza.
I was only gone, what, 20 minutes, Ma?
Yeah, that's right, Tommy.
You know, uh, he was gone such a short time
I didn't remember.
Sit down, Angela.
[ tense musical flourish ]
[ indistinct chatter ]
Bet you can't make that shot right there.
How much you want to bet? $10, right?
Pay up.
[ chuckles ]
What's good, Dre?
Ain't shit. What's up, man?
Hey, let me see what you got, man.
Make five in a row right there, a'ight?
TARIQ: A'ight.
You got a GPS on me or something?
Nah, nigga, I had other business
on this side of town.
Just came through to see if you all was still here.
That's Ghost's son, huh?
What's his name?
His name's Tariq, man.
See that, Dre? That's three in a row.
Good shot.
Tariq, who taught you how to hoop?
My friend Shawn used to help me out
until he--until he died.
I'm a friend of Dre's.
I used to know Shawn too. We used to play ball.
My name's Slim. You mind if we shoot a few?
Yeah, sure.
I know you and Jamie killed Lobos.
His alibi checks out, but you?
You need to get your story straight with Kate,
or we're all fucked.
I don't know what you're talking about,
but I don't take orders from you.
Listen, I don't like you either,
but we're all on the same fucking side now.
Get your mother in line.
It's too bad things didn't work out between you and Holly.
If she was still around,
you would have had an airtight alibi.
We questioned that girl for 24 hours,
and she didn't say a fucking word.
You ain't the inside guy, but you told Ghost something,
didn't you?
Enough so now you scared out your goddamn mind.
It was dumb to come here, Angie.
What if you were followed?
Trust me, stay cool.
If you don't,
you and Ghost gonna need his and her jumpsuits.
TARIQ: How you shoot so good with that glove on?
Why you have it on, anyway?
Why don't you go get me and Little Man
something to drink?
Nah, we about to wrap up, man.
Go get something for yourself too.
You play ball in school?
No, we don't even have a team.
What time you get out?
Maybe we can go play sometime.
At, like, 3:00.
I see you got the new Jordans.
- You a sneaker head? - Yeah.
I used to be like that too.
I had them red IVs when I was your age.
Really? That's dope.
It was fire. DRE: Hey, look, man.
We got to make a move on, a'ight?
So, yeah, I got to take you back to your pop's.
Get your stuff, a'ight?
All right. Good meeting you.
Nice to meet you too, 'Riq.
[ tense music ]
Hit me up, man.
Ghost, it's time for a meeting with all the primeras
to expand to the next level.
I have something to do right now,
but I'll do as you say and arrange a time and a place.
The time is now,
and as for the place...
What the fuck?
[ tense music ]
What the fuck's going on, man?
And I get no fucking heads up?
In the club, Tommy? What the fuck, man?
I couldn't make a move.
Fucking Igor was on me all day.
[ door opens ]
I didn't know you were back.
- I'll grab another seat. - No, I'll take this one.
I will take a whiskey, though.
I got to get back to my corners.
We gonna get this shit started or what?
And I got a soup kitchen to open.
The homeless don't like waiting, Tommy,
for food or drugs.
What's the deal?
All right, sit down.
Go on, sit down, sit down, sit down.
Listen up, everybody.
I got something special.
[ bottle rattles ]
You see this?
This right here is the future.
Now, we still gonna be slanging dope same as always,
but we also gonna be pushing pills,
and none of that fake shit from China
that'll make you go at a cop with retard strength.
I'm talking name-brand, quality shit,
but you're all gonna be paying for it up front.
- Up front? - What?
- That's never been the deal. SHIN: We don't sell synthetics.
Since when does the distro
tell me how to spend my money on what product?
Since right fucking now.
RUIZ: I sell dope,
not sleeping pills for soccer moms
to suck down with their chardonnay.
SHIN: I agree.
I don't want to do this kind of a business with you.
I can't prove it,
but I know you killed my son.
[ groans ]
- Shit. - Oh.
CALLAHAN: Mother of God.
[ groaning ]
All right.
Well, an--anybody else got a problem?
I'ma teach you how to get these
into every fucking corner in New York.
Man, what the fuck was that?
What's going on, Tommy?
A primera meeting in Truth,
and then he offs Shin in the middle of the club?
Well, you should be happy about that.
He was pretty fucking angry that you killed his kid.
To save your fucking life,
and then you're giving away our whole system.
You told him about the couriers and shit.
What up with that?
Well, like you said, we work for Milan,
till we don't.
You said toe the line, and I'm in step.
Oh, man.
Would you fucking relax, man?
Milan is testing you to see how you gonna take it.
Don't overreact.
Come on, Ghost, think.
All right, pull your shit together.
Okay. Shit, you're right.
And you better straighten out Ruiz 'cause
that mouthy motherfucker's gonna get us all killed.
I'll get Ruiz on lock.
Much more, and we're gonna need a bigger safe soon.
[ laughs ]
Probably should get one anyway.
It's about that time, girl. Trust me.
[ door opens ]
Sorry, we're closed.
Hi, Tasha.
I hope I didn't scare you.
No, I'm just surprised to see you, that's all.
Well, I'm sorry to show up unannounced,
but I could never plan things in advance.
I'm just about to close up.
Why don't we talk another time?
I could come see you.
I am not dangerous to your friends.
She does not know who I am,
but she does not know who you are either, right?
No, she don't know shit,
and it's gonna stay that way.
So this is how Tommy is cleaning his money.
Genius. Most of the DEA is white.
If they're black, they're men.
This place is not even in their vocabulary.
And your husband who was obviously
so honest with you about me,
are you so honest with him?
Does he know what you really do here?
No, but he will if you keep this up.
White boy dancing into a weave shop
in the middle of the 'hood?
You should go before somebody starts asking questions.
Tell your husband to forget his plan
to get rid of me
or he will force my hand.
[ clattering ]
Shit! Oh.
Let me help you with that.
No, no, I'm fine. I got it.
I--I got it. I'm fine.
You okay?
Yes, thank you.
So yeah, were you looking for directions or something?
Oh, no, I, uh, work for Tasha's husband.
You must be LaKeisha.
- I am. - I'm Dean.
- It's nice to meet you. - It's nice to meet you too.
- Well, I have to get going. - Mm-hmm.
So I will talk to you later, Tasha?
- Good night. - Good night.
Good night, Dean.
That was nice of him.
He just came by to see if we needed extra security
around here.
Cut the bullshit, T.
All this crap about wholesaling hair and shit,
you turning my shop into a drug front?
You were never supposed to know.
Tasha, how could you do this to me?
I could lose everything or go to jail.
Who's gonna take care of my son then?
You know what?
Get your shit and get the fuck out.
I can't, okay?
I can't.
If I stop working here now,
he'll know something's up, all right?
The only way to protect you is to stay.
You got to promise me you won't tell anybody.
I don't have to promise you shit.
Lock up behind me.
Make it quick.
I know you believe I was the leak.
But I need you to know I would never do anything
to endanger anyone in law enforcement, especially you.
Too late, damage is done.
I know you hate me, and I don't blame you,
but you have to believe me.
It wasn't me.
You know I want to win too much for that.
Then prove it.
Prove to me you aren't the leak,
or give me something that can help me figure out who is.
Until then, it's just a matter of time until you're exposed.
I really hope St. Patrick was worth it.
[ tense music ]
[ engine turns over ]
[ beep ]
MJ: You miss him?
Hey, MJ.
How can I help you?
I stopped by Truth,
called on James St. Patrick.
I actually get it now.
I wonder what it was like to wake up to him every morning.
You know he was involved
with the Lobos murder,
Now, I don't think he did any of the dirty work,
not with those bespoke suits and all,
but I bet he knows who pulled the trigger.
I don't know what he knows, if he knows anything at all.
You know this is a death penalty case,
and you know a jury would eat you alive--
a young, beautiful woman sleeping with the enemy--
if you wear a wire,
get St. Patrick to talk,
he and the shooter would get prosecuted, not you.
You think he would confess to me?
I saw his face when I said your name.
I think he'd probably confess
just to get back up that pencil skirt,
and you could get a walk.
That's bullshit, and you know it.
If you had evidence, the Lobos shooters
would be flipped on me, not the other way around.
I'd get lethal injection
because I took a vow to serve and protect.
I'm not your leak, MJ.
I don't know anything about St. Patrick's involvement,
but trust me,
if I could prove he was guilty,
I'd serve him up to you on a goddamn platter.
I hope you survive this, AUSA Valdes.
I'll be rooting for you.
TASHA: Ghost. Ghost!
- Hmm. - I know you hear me.
Wake up.
What the fuck, Tash?
Kids saw you come home drunk last night
when you were supposed to be watching them.
I mean, what the fuck are you thinking, Ghost?
You got to have your mind right, especially now.
I haven't seen you like this in years.
I went to a bar last night to do some research.
I'm in control, Tasha.
I'm gonna get us out from under Milan.
I got a plan.
Maybe we shouldn't be planning something against him.
Maybe with Milan, doing nothing is the right thing to do,
keep us all safe.
You got to trust me, Tash, okay?
You have to trust me.
That's why I went out last night.
I need more information before I can make a move.
I'm gonna shower.
[ door closes ]
Tommy, Ghost is plotting something against Milan,
and he's fucking drinking again.
Call me back.
Are you hungry?
No, thank you.
So tell me how Ghost reacted
to the meeting at Truth.
He wasn't happy about it,
but I got him to come 'round.
You see how the tables have turned?
How he needs you now?
I can tell from watching you
that it used to be the other way.
Well, a lot of things done changed.
And yet some have not.
You're still uncle to his children,
brother to his wife.
I went to see Tasha to see if Ghost had told her about me.
He told her everything.
She was afraid, but more for her friend than herself.
What friend?
- LaKeisha, pretty girl. - Yeah.
All of you so connected,
but all it causes is pain.
What would your life be like, Tommy,
if you had no friends,
if you were completely free?
- I am free. - Are you?
Or are you still loyal to a man
who is not loyal to you?
Right now I bet Ghost is plotting against me
even though he knows I will kill the both of you
if he tries to make a move.
He didn't tell me nothing about no plans.
Would he?
You know the man.
Would he tell you before he made a move?
I see potential in you, my friend.
You could replace me.
But you cannot get there as long as you are anchored to Ghost,
a man you cannot trust.
[ tense music ]
Why we working for the Serbian motherfucker, hm?
Why'd you send me away? So you could kill Lobos?
I don't know if I can trust you.
Listen, Ruiz, I know you were talking to the Feds,
and I know that you almost gave them my name
even after I saved your life.
The Puerto Rican girl, the AUSA, she works for you.
Not a good look for you.
You turning snitch on me does not end well for you,
but I'll tell you how you can make it up to me.
You go give them another story.
I'm done fucking with the Feds.
No, you aren't. You go back to the Feds.
You tell them you'll help them,
but instead of snitching on me,
you give them a bigger fish, our new boss, Milan.
I'm not snitching on that guy.
If the Feds put Milan away
or deport his ass back to hell,
I'm out.
I bow out as distro.
You get a new connect,
and you become distro.
You back in the game, baby,
with an upgrade.
[ indistinct chatter ]
KANAN: Yo, Tariq.
How you doing?
Hey, I'ma check y'all later.
I was in the hood, thought I'd roll through, see what's up.
You want to get something to eat?
I don't know. I got to wait for Dre.
You got to wait for your babysitter?
I hear that.
[ hip-hop music ]
* I be getting paper
You want some?
You should try it if you want,
get your buzz on,
unless Dre coming with your sippy cup.
You'll get used to it.
All the good shit hurts the first time around.
[ engine turns over ]
Donato, you said you got something for me?
DONATO: Yeah, a little coincidence popped up.
Four of the places we busted for selling these cigarettes
in the last year are owned by the same company,
a bread company of all things, Stuben Bread.
You know anything about them?
Yeah, I think maybe I do.
Send me the names of the Stuben places immediately.
DONATO: Yeah, will do.
Look, James, is this about the attempt on your life?
Because you could just tell me what you're looking for.
GHOST: I'm looking to get you promoted, all right?
So if this works out for you,
I'll be in contact about that bust.
[ groans ] So?
So I checked Ruiz's ass, all right?
- Oh, yeah. - No more problems from him.
That's over.
'cause I heard Milan likes white meat.
I don't want to be on his menu.
[ laughs ]
- Ghost. - What up?
If you're working on some plan to get out,
you better fucking tell me.
This can't be like it was before,
where you zig without telling me to fucking zag.
Nope, I got no plan, man.
I don't know enough about the cat, you know?
I don't know his story.
Most importantly, I don't know his fucking
weak spots, don't know where his headquarters are.
I mean, can you tell me where he hangs out?
You got any idea?
Nah, I'm just as much in the dark as you.
So I guess we just stay the course.
Right, Ghost.
TARIQ: So this is where you and my dad grew up?
He told me not to come here, to stay away.
Fuck that; nigga needs to know where he come from.
I started out hustling these streets
after school when I was 11.
We started out selling Fat Alberts to my uncles.
Fat Alberts? What's that?
That's 1/4 gram of coke wrapped in foil.
Back in the day they went 25 a pop.
How'd you meet my dad?
He was in the game with me, kid.
He a D-boy from way back.
He ain't just move the shit.
He was one of the baddest motherfuckers
on the block.
He don't seem that way now.
You want to see some proof?
So you're not speaking to me now?
I ain't got nothing to say.
Then don't talk, just listen.
I don't want you to get hurt, Keisha,
and I don't know how much time we have,
so you got to take this bag.
To shut me up, right?
Well, how much?
Almost 500 Gs.
You take this, you look the other way.
You help me to prove to the people
I work for that you can be trusted.
Keisha, I'm trying to save your life.
Are you?
What you gonna do if I don't take the money?
What you gonna do if you don't?
You ain't gonna make it to the cops.
I ain't going to no cops.
I'm no fucking snitch.
Then take the bag, Keisha.
I'll see you here tomorrow.
I'm sorry.
Yeah, I am too.
[ soft music ]
[ tense music ]
Oh, you've got to be kidding me.
I knew you would pull something like this.
This was not the plan, Jamie.
You said you had something.
You drop the evidence off at 8:00.
I pick it up at 9:00. That was the deal.
What's going on between you and Greg Knox, huh?
No, no, no, you do not get to ask me that question.
We are not friends. We are not lovers.
We are just two people
who have to work together to stay out of jail.
- Here, Angie. - What's this?
It belongs to Lobos's guy, okay?
Whoever the leak is at your office
was calling him on that phone.
I figured you could trace the number or texts.
Where is Lobos's guy? Can I talk to him?
- Can't tell you that. - How did you get this?
I can't tell you, Angela.
You don't trust me.
Makes two of us, 'cause you don't trust me.
Where were you the day Lobos was killed?
Karen's hotel, like I said.
Can anyone corroborate that?
Tasha, but you already know that
because you already talked to her.
She said you slept together.
- Is that true? - Come on.
The day after you fucked me
on my dining room table
you took your wife away to reconcile?
We spent the night in the room,
and I spent the night on the couch.
Are you happy?
You two should get your stories straight.
God, I'm such a fucking idiot.
Angie, stop.
- At least we're both innocent. - Angela, stop, okay?
- Listen-- - Just get out.
Get out.
[ soft music ]
KANAN: Have a seat.
A friend of mine, Breeze, used to live here.
What happened to him?
He got shot in this room.
Your father and I used to work for Breeze.
We was tough little niggas like you.
Breeze was strong, but he wasn't smart,
had the same routine every day.
We always know where that motherfucker at.
One day your father said to me--
[ phone vibrates ] Hold on.
Oh, it's my mom. She looking for me.
Tell her you'll be home in a hour.
All right.
[ hip-hop music ]
[ tense music ]
Oh, so what was you saying about my dad?
Your pops knew that Breeze'd be here at 7:00
to watch "Jeopardy!"
Nigga loved Alex Trebek.
So Ghost came up after school.
We broke in, and we waited for him to come home and watch TV.
So--to scare him?
Breeze didn't have time to get scared.
[ phone vibrates ]
Man, I fucking hate my dad.
I thought you looked up to that motherfucker.
Thought y'all was tight.
He always trying to give me rules on, like,
how to act and what men do,
but he's a fucking liar.
Like, he cheated on my mom, then he moved out,
and then he just turned his back on us.
He turned his back on me too.
You want to get him back?
Yeah, I wish I could.
If all the things you're telling me
about who he was was real--
Oh, it's true.
Then everything he told me about himself was just a lie.
I can't even trust him no more.
You can trust me, Little Man.
You can trust me.
Yes, sir?
Uh, can I get a scotch double?
Never seen you in here before.
Well, it's nice to be seen for the first time.
- What's your name? - My name is Bill.
Pleasure to meet you, Bill.
Nice to meet you.
- One of those days, huh? - Yeah.
Seems like one of those days every day now, you know?
It's like the more I fight, the deeper I get.
Uh, sir, what do you say I'd get a pack of those cigarettes
right there, the Drina?
[ door opens ]
[ knock on door ]
You're never gonna stop pursuing me,
thinking I'm the leak,
even without proof I've done anything wrong.
Oh, I'll get it soon.
I, uh, figured out St. Patrick's motive
for the Lobos murder,
so whoever helped him and Egan
kill Lobos is gonna be outed and prosecuted.
I'd get yourself a lawyer, Angela.
I am a lawyer, Greg.
I've been investigating Jamie too.
You said you wanted proof?
Look at this.
The day of the transport he was at the Odette Hotel.
See the date?
You know, this shows him entering.
Doesn't mean he couldn't bail later to do Lobos.
I called the hotel.
His car was with the valet overnight.
He left the next day.
Could have slipped out a side door, had a backup car.
Any witnesses verify that he was actually at the hotel
at the time of the murder, Angela?
Watch this.
His wife, Tasha,
was with him.
I was sure he killed Lobos.
I thought I would feel better if I could just put him in jail.
I went looking, but I found this.
I told you I'm not the leak.
Do you believe me now?
You can say you told me so.
No, I'm not gonna say that.
[ soft piano music ]
I should go.
It's true what I said.
Um, it's a really bad neighborhood.
I could walk you to your car at least.
I'm--I'm just
so cold.
I still love her,
you know?
I mean, I really love her.
[ phone chimes ]
Yo, man, I hate to tell you this,
but I got to close up shop.
Sure, of course you do.
[ Kenzie May "Honey" ]
[ soft piano music ]
[ both moaning ]
KENZIE MAY: * This hate, need space
* Need time to forget this taste *
* Five days to let it go
* Till we can't be alone
* I sit here, lay low
* Five days with the radio
* It keep playing these love songs *
* It's rubbing me wrong
* First we fight with fists
Oh, fuck.
KENZIE MAY: * Then we speak in tongues
* Hanging on, hanging on, hanging on *
* Keep making love until we fall apart *
* We're putting bandages on battle scars *
* We keep on going till we're in too deep *
* Impossible to leave, can't stand this bittersweet *
* So pour some honey on me
* Pour some more honey on me
* So pour some honey on me
* Pour some more honey on me
[ tense music ]
[ tires squealing ]
[ tense music ]
[ phone line trilling ]
What the fuck, Tommy?
[ soft music ]
[ shower running ]
[ tense music ]
[ 50 Cent "No Romeo No Juliet" ]
50 CENT: * Ayo
* Quit captain savin', serenadin' them hoes *
* She no Juliet for no Romeo with no dough *
* She report to pimpin', now back to trickin' *
* She report to pimpin', nigga back to trickin' *
* Ay hoe
* Get back to twerkin', back to workin' *
* Get back to strippin', they back to tippin' *
* Them stacks is fallin', they back to ballin' *
* Them bottles poppin', bitch them hoes callin' us *
* Quit fuckin' around, not playin' around, bitch *
* Shit is for real
* Quick makin' a stack, back makin' some mill *
* I mean, get us a deal, come on *
* Bitch fix us a meal
* Tell me how does it feel
* On the social network when they said *
* A nigga really ain't got no chill *
* He think he fuckin' my bitch *
* Nigga, that bitch for rent
* He know how to treat a hoe
* I mean all that money spent
* She says you a sweetheart
* A sweetheart
* Things tend to go a little different round here *
* We pimpin', nigga