Power (2014–…): Season 2, Episode 10 - Ghost Is Dead - full transcript

Bodies from Ghost's organization drop left and right, each death inching closer to Ghost and Tommy.

Previously on power...
Mrs. Stern, i have good reason to believe that simon's
Been skimming from the clubs, hiding assets.
There's proof, i can destroy him in this divorce.
You said you had documentation? I will.
I'm gonna leave town with the kids.
I want you to come with us.
Lobos's dispute with the jimenez cartel
In mexico has turned deadly.
New york is not safe anymore.
I can put nomar's killer in jail if you help me.
Ghost: So you arrested tommy?
Angela: He was standing in a hotel room with felipe lobos.
You got lobos, too?
Judge lefevre: It is your belief that the completed sketch
Was withheld in order to deceive the court?
We request you dismiss with prejudice.
I agree. Mr. Egan, you're free to go.
You stole that sketch from my apartment.
We've both been playing dirty, angie.
Angela: He played me just like you said.
Tell me everything you've got on james st. Patrick.
We're gonna take him down.
Ghost being dead is something we all want.
With all y'all behind me, we'll put ghost and tommy out the game forever.
Ghost: What kanan's asking you to do, shawn,
No real father should ever ask of their son.
I knew you couldn't kill ghost 'cause you're weak.
Dad! You don't deserve to be my son.
¶ they say this is a big rich town ¶
¶ i just come from the poorest part ¶
¶ bright lights, city life, i got to make it ¶
¶ this is where it goes down ¶
¶ i just happen to come up hard ¶
¶ legal or illegal, baby, i gotta make it ¶
¶ i never took a straight path nowhere ¶
¶ life's full of twists and turns, bumps and bruises ¶
¶ i live, i learn, i'm from that city ¶
¶ full of yellow cabs and skyscrapers ¶
¶ it's hard to get a start in these parts without paper ¶
¶ homie, i grew up in hell, a block away from heaven ¶
¶ that corner, every 15 minutes it move a seven ¶
¶ pure snow, bag it, then watch it go ¶
¶ occupational options, get some blow or some hos ¶
¶ shoot the bowl or the strap, learn to rap or to jack ¶
¶ fuck it, man, in the meantime ¶
¶ go ahead and pump a pack ¶
¶ this my regal royal flow, my james bond bounce ¶
¶ that 007, that 62 on my count ¶
¶ i'm an undercover liar, i lie under the covers ¶
¶ look a bitch in the eyes and tell her, "baby, i love you ¶
¶ you're my inspiration, you're my motivation ¶
¶ you're the reason that i'm moving with no hesitation" ¶
¶ they say this is a big rich town ¶
¶ yeah ¶
¶ i just come from the poorest part ¶
¶ bright lights, city life, i got to make it ¶
¶ this is where it goes round ¶
¶ yeah ¶
¶ i just happen to come up hard ¶
¶ legal or illegal, baby, i got to make it ¶¶
[ rattling ]
[ rattling ] [ bell jingling ]
[ rattling ] [ bell jingling ]
[ silenced gunshot ] [ grunts ]
¶ get out of my head, out of my head ¶
¶ yeah, we're high and low ¶
¶ you're dark at your worst ¶
¶ you're loved and you're cursed ¶
¶ you're high and low, you're high and low ¶
¶ get out of my head, out of my head ¶
¶ yeah, we're high and low ¶
¶ you're dark at your worst ¶
¶ you're loved and you're cursed ¶
¶ you're high and low, you're high ¶
¶ and i burrowed in your love once... ¶
[ phone buzzes ]
¶ i burrowed in your love once ¶
¶ 'cause when you love, you set your heart on gold ¶
¶ we were capsized by the weight of it all ¶
¶ oh, get out of my head, out of my head ¶
¶ yeah, we're high and low ¶
¶ you're dark at your worst ¶
¶ you're loved and you're cursed ¶
¶ you're high and low, you're high and low ¶
¶ get out of my head, out of my head ¶
¶ yeah, we're high and low ¶
¶ you're dark at your worst ¶
¶ you're loved and you're cursed ¶
¶ you're high and low, you're high and low ¶
¶ 'cause you wanted love, 'cause you wanted ¶
¶ 'cause you wanted, 'cause you wanted love ¶
¶ 'cause you wanted ¶
¶ 'cause you wanted love, 'cause you wanted ¶
¶ 'cause you wanted, 'cause you wanted... ¶¶
Mike, wait.
I don't have time for the apology, angela.
You'll have a formal hearing about the egan sketch in a few days.
Maybe you should think about the private sector.
It's about the egan case.
There is something i should have said weeks ago.
I think i'd better tell you now.
Cashier's check? [ chuckles ]
It's a nice touch,
But i think you should put me on retainer.
Tommy's out free and clear,
Till they catch him reoffending.
But the feds, they still want to nail lobos,
Which means you're still vulnerable to charges.
And your girlfriend, the prosecutor--
Angela. Whoo.
We blew her up in court.
I doubt she's gonna have that job much longer.
And if i were her,
I'd want to nail you on my way out the door.
Name you as a witness at least,
But probably as a defendant.
Angela wouldn't do that.
I've considered all the angles.
I'm going legit. Trust me, i'm good.
You're right. You are good.
But you don't have eyes in the back of your head.
You want out? You want to walk away?
Clean? You've got to cut ties with everybody who knows who you are.
Including you?
If i need you, i'll call you.
But don't wait up. I've got everything under control.
[ sizzling ]
[ r&b music playing ]
Oh, what? Tommy! Damn!
I'm gonna have to get the kids out here before there's nothing left.
Look, i had enough of the government's
Fucking nutrition loaf to last me a lifetime.
I thought i was never gonna get one of these again.
You know, ghost said he had a plan,
But for a minute i wasn't so sure.
Yeah, me either.
I mean, i get arrested and he don't?
It's hard not to think that that's fucked up.
But you should have seen the look on angela's face
When my lawyer pulled out that sketch.
Oh, yeah, ghost played her like checkers.
She never saw it coming. [ chuckles ]
Ghost put our family first, t.
He and angela are over.
Maybe things can go back to the way they were, you know?
Before all this shit.
Um, tommy, can you go get the kids up?
Tell them we're gonna be late.
Sure. All right, thank you.
But i'm gonna need some more bacon.
You know what? Get outta here.
[ chuckles ]
Tommy: 'riq, raina.
Where you at?
[ knocking ] 'riq?
[ sighs ]
Shawn, where are you? It's almost 8:00.
The kids have to be in the car for school in a few minutes.
If you're not gonna make it, let me know.
[ phone buzzing ]
Hey, girl.
Jarita: Hey, shawn didn't come home last night.
He's not answering his phone, so i thought i'd call you.
I told you to look out for him.
I heard from him last night.
Said he had some business driving ghost.
Look, you talk to shawn again, you tell him to call me, okay?
I got you. I'll tell shawn to call his mom soon as he hits me up.
That's some cold shit, k.
What you think she gonna do when she find out you the one that clipped him?
She ain't gonna find out shit, right?
If you did your job right, right?
I did what you wanted me to do.
Nobody's gonna find him, man.
You heard from anybody?
[ siren wailing in distance ]
Ruiz called and i didn't answer.
Ghost ain't dead, so what's there to talk about?
Good, don't take none of their calls till we got our next move.
Now that shawn done fucked this shit up,
Ghost know we'll be coming for him.
And he'll be ready, so we need to be ready.
Get the crew in here strapped.
Did i stutter, motherfucker?
[ scoffs ]
[ kissing ] [ dog whines ]
Oh, you missed daddy while i was gone, didn't you?
You know what? If i'm lobos,
I might be suspicious of you sitting here
Making out with your dog while i'm on the inside.
Got to keep our head on a swivel, tommy.
No, what we gotta do is make it crystal clear
That i ain't said shit against him.
Me getting out was a fed fuck-up.
All right.
I'll call him, let him know right away.
Make sure he's still down with us moving his weight.
Then i need to call the primeras, let them know we're back in business.
So i'll hit ruiz, you get serb and drifty.
Thanks. Cheers.
But we got a bigger problem, tommy.
Shawn put a gun to my head and tried to kill me last night.
Kanan's orders. Oh, bullshit.
He's the one that hired the hitter, got cruz killed, and shot holly.
That was rolla. The hitter told me with her dying breath it wasn't.
[ grunts ] i suspected kanan.
Wasn't until last night i was sure.
He thinks i'm the reason he went inside.
Needed his time to be someone's fault, so he made it mine.
If that was true, why didn't he just cap us when he got out?
'cause he wanted the business back.
He needed to learn how it worked.
What you taught him.
All he needed was an introduction to lobos.
Oh, shit.
He asked to come to the lobos meet.
He wanted me to take him.
Of course he did. With lobos on the inside,
Kanan's got to find another connect and take us out.
It's his only play.
Unless he still trusts you.
[ knocks ]
Knox, come on in.
Sorry i'm late, sir. I was looking for angela.
We were supposed to meet with you together to discuss james st. Patrick.
Actually, greg, i already spoke to angela.
She came in early. I wonder if you can back her up on some of the details.
Come on, have a seat.
When did angela first have contact with st. Patrick about the egan case?
[ knocks ] uh...
Hey, jerry. What are you doing here?
Ausa sandoval asked me to join.
Please, continue, agent knox.
The night we interrogated holly weaver,
I saw them talking at angela's apartment.
Why were you at her apartment?
She seemed upset after the weaver thing went south, sir,
And i went there to...
See if she was okay.
He may have seen the sketch at her place that night and stolen it then.
After egan was released, she was very upset.
She went to st. Patrick's club right from the office--
How do you know angela went to truth straight from here?
Did you follow her?
Mike, i know what it-- i know what it looks like,
But i was trying to protect her.
If you thought she was in danger, you could've assigned her a detail
Through proper channels.
You had a sexual relationship.
She broke things off, you couldn't take no for an answer.
[ chuckles ]
If that's what she told you, then there's only one reason that she would lie.
She must be working with st. Patrick.
She's discrediting me to cover for him
Because i told her that we need to pursue him as a suspect
Because i think that james st. Patrick is the real ghost.
If valdes is working with egan and st. Patrick,
Then why the hell would she have led us to lobos?
I had the wrong address. She had the right one.
She got us a collar.
Yes. Is there hard evidence against st. Patrick,
Or just your suspicions? There's no-- no, there's no evidence yet,
But we're making some headway. He was in her apartment.
No wonder you want to put the cuffs on him.
St. Patrick took advantage of angela.
She made mistakes, but she wasn't aiding and abetting.
I don't know what you were doing.
She's filed a formal harassment complaint, greg.
You're suspended, effective immediately.
I'm gonna need your gun and your badge.
Looks like they knew where the cameras were.
No fucking faces. Stern: Faces wouldn't help.
Cops never catch these kinds of people anyway.
And they got all the cash on hand.
We were doing such good business
That we didn't have time to make a bank run.
'course, and insurance doesn't cover cash.
Anything else missing?
Ghost: Ledgers, paperwork.
But the numbers will be in the system, right, kantos?
Actually, i, uh, didn't get a chance to upload
The latest figures from the ledgers into the system.
What a shame. Without those ledgers,
How will i know if you reach the 20%
Necessary for you to buy back truth?
We both know i hit the mark.
Without that paperwork, we don't know anything.
Let's look on the bright side, james.
We get to keep working together.
Isn't that a treat?
[ siren wailing in distance ]
I'm freezin' my balls off out here! Let's go!
[ gun hammers click ]
Yo, yo, yo.
What the fuck's up, dre?
What's up, k? I miss something?
Can't trust any nigga who gets sprung that fast.
I ain't no snitch, motherfucker.
Why you here? I'm here because fuckin' ghost set me up.
I'm in a hotel room with fuckin' lobos and a bag full of dough.
Next minute, i'm doin' a fuckin' perp walk, no ghost in sight.
I'm at my pretrial shit, my lawyer's like,
"blah blah blah, evidence is wrong."
Judge says they gotta let me go, so i come straight here
Because i know it's fuckin' ghost that dimed me out.
Ghost did that same shit to me. Set me up.
Put me in 10 years so he could run the hustle his way.
Yeah, but ghost wasn't there the night you got popped.
Ghost took the bulb out the taillight
So i get pulled over with the weight.
The anonymous tip came from a woman-- tasha.
Tasha? Really?
Why didn't you tell me, man?
I thought you might've been in on it.
I know you ain't now.
Lobos is still in lockup, but that ain't gonna stop him from movin' weight.
Now, i can't run with that motherfucker by myself. I need you, k.
No doubt. And now that i know how ghost treats his friends,
I'm thinkin' it might be better to be his enemy
While he's still walkin' around.
You know what i mean?
Yeah, motherfucker fallen off, man. I should've known.
Couldn't even take care of that bitch in miami.
I mean, a bitch. He didn't kill that girl in miami?
Seems like this motherfucker been lyin' to you for a long time.
I wonder what else you don't know.
Come on, let's head to the back,
Talk about how we gonna step to lobos.
Hey, ghost still think you trust him. Yep.
I think i just figured out how we gonna lay this motherfucker down.
Tommy came over for breakfast this morning.
You got him out...
Just like you said you would.
That's the ghost i used to know.
Now you know why i needed angela alive.
You were right, t, to tell me to stay with her until i had a plan.
Tommy told me what you did to her to get him out.
Said she could lose her job.
So is it over...
Between you two?
Is it over between you and shawn?
Yeah, i knew.
He told me himself
When he came last night to kill me. What?
Kanan put the gun in his hand, but you know the real reason
He wanted me out of the way, right?
[ sighs ]
I used angela to protect our family.
You fuckin' that kid could've destroyed it.
What would you and the kids do
If shawn had pulled that trigger?
What did you do to him, ghost?
I told him to leave new york and never come back.
So you just let him walk away, just like that?
I don't blame him!
I blame you. You and kanan.
Oh, and, t.
I'm sure you'll hear from shawn soon as he's set up.
But you know then you got an important decision to make.
I mean, you can stay here with the kids
Or you can go live off the salary of a high school basketball coach.
Fuck you, ghost.
You need to look around.
There's no winners here.
Just me and you, baby.
Both of us.
[ speaking serbian ]
[ gunshot ] oh!
Saxe: The doj would love to spare the taxpayers
The expense of a trial.
If you're willing to take a deal,
We can make certain... Considerations.
Protective custody, for example.
[ speaks spanish ] your client doesn't speak english now?
He went to wharton business school.
Mm, qué?
[ speaking spanish ]
Wendrif menkins...
Vladimir jankovic...
[ sighs ]
Can i go back to my cell now?
Told kanan i was down to kill you.
He definitely thinks you set him up.
He said tasha was in on it, too.
He's out of his goddamn mind.
You know, prison does that to you.
Friends turn into enemies.
No doubt.
Funny thing is,
He said you didn't kill that bitch down in miami.
Someone else did.
It's true.
I got to her a second after she was stabbed.
I talked to her, but, no, i didn't get the kill.
So you lied to my face.
Tommy, i wanted to tell you, but you were so deep under kanan's sway.
I ain't never given you a reason not to trust me, ghost.
Except that one time.
You know, the one where you forgot to mention
That holly talked to the feds?
You had your reasons, tommy, for not telling me.
Don't make it any less true, right?
Well, now you know everything.
Do i?
Is there anything else that i need to know?
Tommy, i burned angela to get you out of jail.
What else i gotta do to prove my loyalty to you?
You know what she meant to me.
It's you and me, tommy, just like it's always been.
I'll get kanan to the spot.
After our last conversation, my client generously agreed
To raise our settlement offer half a percent.
You're joking. I recommended a quarter percent, but mr. Stern insisted.
Baby, i just want you to be happy.
Happy? Without the park avenue apartment
Or the house in long island or the house in florida?
Have you thought about hoboken?
Oh, i've thought about a lot of things,
Mainly how you would look in a prison uniform.
Prison? Lawyer: Embezzlement.
It's only club fed, but they still make you wear the jumpsuit.
I'm sure you know that my husband has hidden assets offshore.
I'm sure you helped him do it.
But you know where those assets came from?
Embezzling money from his own clubs.
Two sets of books, two sets of cost reports, two sets of everything.
We found ravenna holdings, mr. Stern.
Simon, don't admit to anything--
If she wanted me in jail, she'd have gone to the feds already.
What do you want, madeline?
Bravo, james.
The robbery was a ruse
Just so you could get your hands on the books.
Kantos told you, i take it?
He didn't have to. I can add.
I brought the club to 20% profit, simon.
But the numbers didn't show it because you were hiding something.
All i had to do was find proof.
And give it to madeline so she could ruin me.
You won't enjoy working for her, james.
She's a tremendous bitch. So are you, darling.
You have the papers for me to sign, james?
Oh, let me guess. You bought truth back from her.
And verbatim and syrup.
See, i think it's time for me to expand.
Take care of yourself, james. You, too.
It was a pleasure doing business with you both.
This isn't over, james.
Yes, simon, it is.
But you were right about one thing.
Because of you,
I'm now exactly the man i always wanted to be.
[ chattering ]
Ghost: Angie!
[ sighs ] angela. Angie.
Go away. I don't want to talk to you.
Look, look. Stop, stop, angie.
I made a deal with madeline stern to beat simon,
Get truth back plus two more clubs.
Fully legit. So you're totally clean?
I will be. [ scoffs ] god.
What i'm saying is everything that i said
Would happen is gonna come true.
Everything you ever told me was a lie.
The problem is it was a really good lie.
[ elevator dings ]
I could've burned you yesterday.
But i thought about you losing your kids.
I thought about you, so i didn't do it.
I hurt someone else instead.
He deserved better from me, i deserve better from you.
[ keys jingling ]
You still love me, angie.
My career is over because of you!
Just like you worked to get those clubs,
I worked to get where i am.
Where i was.
I know this never occurred to you, but it's not just me.
It's my father in the home. It's my nephew in college.
It's my sister. My family depends on me.
And when isabel ruiz gives her statement at my bar hearing tomorrow,
Everything i worked for goes down the drain.
But congratulations to you, jamie.
Looks like you got everything you wanted.
Now go away and leave me alone.
Can you do that one thing for me?
Can you leave me the fuck alone?
Thank you.
[ elevator dings ]
Goodbye, ghost.
Okay, we all good.
I talked to lobos and he wants to deal.
Nah, ghost don't suspect a fuckin' thing.
Hey, i'll talk to you later. I gotta go. [ barking ]
Hi. [ dog whining ]
Tommy. I'll give you a head start.
'cause when i catch you, it ain't gonna be good.
Ghost sent me away. I didn't want to leave you. He made me go.
You better step your lying,
Gold-digging, snitching ass off
Or i will choke you out in front of god and everybody.
Look in the bag.
I can prove i'm telling the truth about ghost.
Ask him about monica moore.
I love you, tommy.
[ whimpers ] bell, let's go.
[ chatter ]
[ speaks spanish ]
[ music thumping ] [ chatter ]
[ camera shutters clicking ]
Wait here.
[ hammer clicks ]
Welcome to truth.
Your boy already wanded me, man. I ain't packin'.
Are you just gonna shoot me right here, man?
I'm not here to kill you, man.
That was you in miami, wasn't it?
In the alleyway?
Got to the girl before i did.
I killed her because kanan told me to.
But i'm not taking orders from him no more, man.
He's fucked up in the head. Tell me something i don't know.
Shawn came to see you the other night.
And after you sent him away, he came to the shack.
Kanan shot him.
He told me to dump the body so nobody could find it.
Fuck. That was it for me, man.
Ghost, you know i'm a father, man.
If he could do that to his own son, what you think he's gonna do to me?
It's exactly the same thing i should do to you for workin' with him.
[ breathing heavily ]
You wanna work with me, huh?
What more i gotta prove, man?
[ horns honk in distance ]
He bought it. Ghost thinks i'm on his side now.
What about tommy? [ scoffs ]
Motherfucker don't suspect a thing, man.
Ghost think he got that white boy in pocket like he always does.
Good. Tommy'll bring him to the spot.
We'll take him out just like they did breeze back in the day.
You'll get rid of the body.
We'll have the whole crew meet,
Tell 'em how everything gonna roll with lobos.
So i ain't comin' to the meeting?
Sure, we'll still be there when you get back. [ scoffs ]
I need you to reach out to the serb, ruiz, and drifty,
And explain to 'em tommy on our side now.
Ghost did him just like he did me.
Greedy motherfucker don't know how to treat a friend.
[ lighter clicks ]
This shit is good.
[ speaking spanish ]
[ keys jingling ]
Ghost: Víbora.
Vibora: Ghost?
You heard tommy got knocked? I heard he got out.
But lobos is still inside.
Since tommy didn't spill,
The feds will need a witness against him.
So, i've done the math.
Lobos' best play is to eliminate anyone who can talk.
Ruiz, the others have only heard his name,
But you and i, we've seen his face.
[ speaks spanish ]
You want me to leave new york?
Not just us, our families, too.
Lobos goes scorched earth.
I'm telling you, i need you to go into hiding
So that nobody, especially lobos, will ever find you.
[ classical music playing ]
[ pounds on door ]
Guard: Food's here.
[ groaning ]
The defendant, angela valdes,
Is charged with the violation of new york state unified court system's
Rule of professional conduct 4.4a,
Obtaining evidence that violates the rights of a third party,
In this case a minor, isabel ruiz.
The new york state bar is also seeking grounds for disbarment.
At minimum, a censure against ms. Valdes on her permanent record.
I have reviewed all the exhibits submitted into evidence
And i'm inclined to hear the testimony of the witness,
Miss isabel ruiz, before hearing any other arguments from counsel.
There has been a, um-- a change in the availability
Of the witnesses, your honor.
Miss ruiz did not appear this morning
And calls to her home have not been returned.
Automated voice: You've reached... Isabel's voice: Isabel.
Automated voice: I'm sorry, the inbox you are trying to reach is full.
Ah, isabel ruiz didn't show up, did she?
How do you know that?
[ scoffs ] you got off scot-free.
What's going on?
Oh, right, yeah, you were suspended.
So temporarily.
Lobos was stabbed in his cell this morning.
Most of his network's been eliminated in the past 36 hours.
Ruiz and his whole family boarded a plane to california.
We lost track of them after they landed.
They could be anywhere by now.
Any other bodies? Egan?
No, just drifty, vladimir, and lobos,
Each with a spider loteria card left nearby.
The jimenez. Looks like they finally caught up to lobos.
Looks like it. He's in surgery right now.
Is he gonna make it?
It's anybody's guess.
[ line ringing ]
Pick up. Come on, pick up.
Automated voice: You've reached 347-555-0156.
Please leave a message.
[ beeps ] jamie, call me back.
Yo, tommy.
[ door rattling ]
Can't get out that way, kanan.
I said it myself-- tight like a pair of balls.
[ hammer clicks ]
Where tommy? He got a gun, too?
He ain't here.
That wasn't part of the plan, was it? Why he ain't show?
This how it's gonna go?
You just gonna shoot me unarmed like a little bitch?
Unarmed, huh? What the fuck is this?
This the gun you used to kill your own son?
He wasn't my son no more.
He was your son.
[ groans ]
[ grunting ]
[ shouting ]
[ grunts ]
[ electricity buzzing ]
Put the fuckin' wrench down.
[ wrench clangs ]
[ clicks ]
I'll do you just like you did rolla.
Only you deserve it.
[ grunting ]
[ gasping ]
10 years locked up, i thought about killing you a hundred different ways.
Put a gun in your mouth and watch your brains hit the walls in your club.
I made you watch me fuck tasha.
I pushed you off the roof of your bougie-ass crib.
I seen you dead so many times,
I was worried i wouldn't enjoy it when i finally got my chance.
Boy, was i wrong.
Whoa, this is even better than i thought.
[ grunts ]
[ gasps, panting ]
[ wheezing, coughing ]
You always talked too fuckin' much.
[ lighter clicks ]
[ door opens, closes ]
[ liquid pours ]
[ groans ]
Kanan's dead, huh?
Yeah, i figured it'd shake out that way. I gave you the drop.
Where the fuck were you? Whoa, whoa, whoa.
I could've been killed.
I was hangin' out with her.
You can't trust her. No, i can't trust you.
You paid her to leave.
She's trouble, man.
Just like kanan was trouble back in the day?
Like i was trouble when i wouldn't help you kill lobos?
You think i'm fuckin' stupid, don't you?
Just like kanan did. I don't think you're fuckin' stupid.
You know what? Maybe i am fuckin' stupid.
Because i thought this was some sort of midlife crisis shit--
Fuck your bitch from high school,
Play "what if," and move on.
And i thought when you got me out of jail and burned angela
That you were still the same old ghost
Underneath all the bullshit, my brother.
But my brother's gone.
So i'm gonna do your lyin' ass a favor and take over.
I'ma distribute for lobos from now on
With ruiz, the serb, and drift,
And leave you to your precious party planning, all right, motherfucker?
Tommy, come-- no, i'm gonna buy you out.
Just do me one favor and stay the fuck outta my business.
There is no more business.
[ laughs ]
The fuck does that mean?
They all knew our names, tommy.
They knew our faces.
Keeping them alive was too risky.
The only way out was to cut all ties.
Ain't nobody left.
So when i was hittin' them up
And they was writin' back,
That was you trickin' me?
So you could kill them without telling me first?
They were disloyal to us, tommy.
All of 'em.
They all deserved to die.
They was trouble, huh?
[ hammer clicks ]
So, what, ghost, am i next?
Tommy, don't do this. You got everything you wanted.
What about what i want? We got a business.
We got a legitimate fuckin' business.
One more time with that fucking shit.
That's your business. This is my business.
It's the only thing i was ever good at.
Fuck that. You're great at it.
But i got more to offer. You motherfucker.
No matter how much your suits cost
Or how many clubs you ever own,
You just a ghetto-ass corner boy from around the way
With a drunk for a daddy and no mama.
Motherfucker. You ain't changed at all.
So do it, motherfucker.
Go on, do it.
Prove to me that you ain't nothin' but a thug.
Go on, do it! [ hammer clicks ]
Put the gun down.
You already got yourself a new bitch?
You think you traded up, kid?
Word of advice-- watch your back.
Have a nice life, motherfucker.
[ door opens, closes ]
[ knock on door ]
[ sighs ]
[ sighs ]
What the hell happened to you?
It was a long night, angela.
How was your hearing?
Isabel ruiz didn't show up.
But i think you know that.
I came to tell you lobos' whole new york syndicate is dead or missing,
But i think you might know that, too.
I heard.
How did you survive this, jamie?
Why are you the only one left?
If i accept what you are and i love you anyway,
What does that make me?
If i care about all of the things you've done to get here,
I should walk out of here right now and never come back.
You know what you should do?
You should call the bar committee and accept the censure, too.
I should call my boss, make a full confession, put you in cuffs.
But when i thought you were dead, i--
I didn't-- i couldn't care about any of that.
I can't get over you,
But i can't be with you, either.
I can't be with ghost.
Angela, there is no more ghost.
Ghost is dead. Forever?
After tonight, ghost is gone for good.
But james st. Patrick is real, standing right in front of you.
And very much in love with you. [ inhales sharply ]
[ distant sirens wailing ]
I'm right here.
I have my kids, i have the clubs,
And everything we ever wanted can happen now.
[ sighs ]
And if i walk away now, i'm just gonna be standing back here
A week from now, a month, a year.
[ soft laugh ]
If, from this point forward,
You can be everything you said you would be...
I can't promise i can forget everything, jamie,
But i can try.
Girl, i still can't believe that shawn didn't say goodbye.
It's just not like him.
I mean, if he was in trouble, he could've just come to me.
That's what we always promised each other.
Maybe he decided he wasn't ready to be a daddy to three kids.
I kinda understand why he wouldn't say goodbye.
You don't know that's the reason. [ phone buzzing ]
This could be him now.
This is tasha st. Patrick.
[ r&b music playing ]
¶ early this morning ¶
¶ when you knocked upon my door ¶
¶ early this morning ¶
¶ when you knocked upon my door... ¶
You sure i can't take that for you?
You don't know where to go yet
And it's pretty dark back there.
I'll show you later. All right.
And then you can take out all the garbage you want.
[ laughs ]
You have a good day, baby.
Mm, you, too. See you tonight.
¶ me and the devil ¶
¶ walkin' side by side ¶
¶ me and the devil ¶
¶ walkin' side by side ¶
¶ and i'm going to see my woman ¶
¶ till i get satisfied... ¶
You were only suspended.
If i call 9-1-1 right now, you'll get arrested.
You'll be fired.
You don't have a signal down here.
I just-- i just wanted to tell you in person
What an amazing lawyer i think you are, really.
After all this time, i'm just--
I gotta say, i'm impressed.
Even i couldn't defend the case you laid out against me.
And i lived it.
Everything you told them was a lie.
If you're not stalking me, what are you doing here?
[ thuds ]
You burned me to protect st. Patrick.
You fucking sold me out!
Because, you know, you're boyfriend's dirty.
You know he's ghost, right?
He's going down, angela, and i swear to god...
You're going down with him.
[ door opens, closes ]
This is my fault, 'keisha.
No, it's not.
You didn't pull the trigger.
But i know who did.
Verbatim is not a total overhaul,
But i would like a new lighting rig.
¶ say, i don't see why... ¶ let me call you back.
¶ keep on doggin' me around ¶
¶ must be that old evil spirit ¶
¶ so deep down in the ground... ¶
[ lock clicks ]
¶ you may bury my body... ¶ [ beeps ]
¶ down by the highway side ¶
[ smacks ] holy shit, babe.
[ laughs ]
¶ you may bury my body... ¶
[ phone buzzing ]
¶ down by the highway side ¶
Was that my phone? Yeah, it was tasha.
You wanna call her back?
¶ ...Evil spirit ¶
¶ take the greyhound bus that ride... ¶
¶ me and the devil ¶
¶ walkin' side by side ¶
¶ me and the devil... ¶
[ speaks spanish ]
¶ and i say... ¶
Come on, hold on. Take her off the leash, go ahead.
I'm gonna take her off her leash.
Ready? You ready, girl?
Go get it!
Looks like she needs a little help.
I'm gonna make sure she finds it.
Yeah, she's a little retarded.
You're fucking with the wrong motherfucker, man.
You have an important call.
Who the fuck is this?
How is the girl, hmm?
A-and the dog?
Look, jefe,
I didn't say shit about you to any-fucking-body.
I believe that you were not aware
Of ghost's plan to compromise us.
You would never sign up for that.
But you sent this motherfucker here to kill me anyway.
I want us to work together.
Music to my ears.
But first i need you to do something for me.
Kill ghost.
I know this will be difficult for you,
So i'm going to make it a very simple choice.
Kill fantasma and become my sole distributor
Or i will kill the both of you
And the girl.
And the dog.
¶ me and the devil ¶
¶ walkin' side by side ¶
¶ me and the devil... ¶
[ dog whines ] ¶ walkin' side by side ¶
¶ and i'm going to see my woman... ¶
[ speaking spanish ]
Did i wake you up?
[ sighs ]
You okay, angie?
You okay, jamie?
[ siren wailing in distance ]
[ water dripping ]
[ police radio chatter ]
Structure wasn't compromised.
These sprinklers are still working?
Been vacant at least three years, but plumbing's still up to code.
Come take a look at the south door.
Why would somebody break in here to start a fire?
[ sighs ]
The tool mark's on the wrong side of the door.
Nobody broke in here.
Somebody broke out.
¶ i was innocent then, i ain't do no wrong ¶
¶ she said, "you mommy little man?" i said, "yep, uh-huh" ¶
¶ she was everything to me, when she came, i just lit up ¶
¶ sunday morning i was so sharp, all did up ¶
¶ it was welfare or hustling, they killed her for that ¶
¶ the first shot, bullet wound in my back ¶
¶ i'm fucked up, look at my sneakers, i'm fucked up ¶
¶ now i'm on my own, mommy gone ¶
¶ sam said "you a young boy, why your clothes look so old? ¶
¶ you don't need fish, little nigga, you need to pole ¶
¶ you don't need no new kicks, you need to owe" ¶
¶ shop that, bag it, get right back at ya ¶
¶ that touched me, it hit me in my heart ¶
¶ i'm a hustler, homie, he was giving me my start ¶
¶ i am what i am, sabrina's only baby ¶
¶ practicing in the mirror, pulling out my .380 ¶
¶ aw, man, i fucked up, men are gonna kill me ¶
¶ whenever shit can go wrong, it always will, see? ¶
¶ seven grams of cocaine, three grams of dope ¶
¶ st. Mary medallion hanging from my rope ¶
¶ try to punk me and my gun smoke ¶
¶ look, i'm out of control, my gun go ¶
¶ off like it's legal, call the cops you need to ¶
¶ give 'em my description, i ain't bullshitting ¶
¶ my high school sweetheart, love didn't last long ¶
¶ nigga start flashing that bread and she was gone ¶
¶ that hurt me like the bullet in my calf ¶
¶ then my next girl was a pain in the ass ¶
¶ i got two shots left ¶¶