Power (2014–…): Season 2, Episode 9 - Time's Up - full transcript

Tommy is pressured to flip on Lobos or go to jail; Ghost tries to do the right thing.

Previously on Power...

I already programmed
the information on his phone.

You'll be able to read
his text messages,

view his incoming
and outgoing call logs.

Carlton Hotel.

Angela told me her investigation
is actually not about Tommy.

- She wants Lobos.
- How long you been smashin' Tasha?

If anything, I'm using her
for information like you wanted.

Tell me one real thing
she told you.

I know that Uncle G's
going to a big meeting

tomorrow afternoon
at the Carlton Hotel.

Tommy trusts me.
I'm gonna surprise Ghost

at the Lobos meeting tomorrow.
Tell Lobos to his face.

Ghost and Tommy done lost
control of the organization.

...why a guy like you
needs my services.

- I feel like I can trust you.
- What makes you think that?

ANGELA: I just saw the distributor
going into the meeting with Lobos.

FBI! Get on the ground!

I'm gonna get you, Angela!

Your uncle set me up.
I want you to right Ghost's wrong

for separating us
by taking him out.

- You in?
- I'm in.

♪ They say this is
a big rich town ♪

♪ I just come from
the poorest part ♪

♪ Bright lights, city life,
I got to make it ♪

♪ This is where
it goes down ♪

♪ I just happen
to come up hard ♪

♪ Legal or illegal, baby,
I gotta make it ♪

♪ I never took
a straight path nowhere ♪

♪ Life's full of twists and turns,
bumps and bruises ♪

♪ I live, I learn,
I'm from that city ♪

♪ Full of yellow cabs
and skyscrapers ♪

♪ It's hard to get a start
in these parts without paper ♪

♪ Homie, I grew up in hell,
a block away from heaven ♪

♪ That corner, every 15 minutes
it move a seven ♪

♪ Pure snow, bag it,
then watch it go ♪

♪ Occupational options,
get some blow or some hos ♪

♪ Shoot the bowl or the strap,
learn to rap or to jack ♪

♪ Fuck it, man,
in the meantime ♪

♪ Go ahead and pump a pack ♪

♪ This my regal royal flow,
my James Bond bounce ♪

♪ That 007,
that 62 on my count ♪

♪ I'm an undercover liar,
I lie under the covers ♪

♪ Look a bitch in the eyes
and tell her, "Baby, I love you ♪

♪ You're my inspiration,
you're my motivation ♪

♪ You're the reason
that I'm moving with no hesitation" ♪

♪ They say this is
a big rich town ♪

♪ Yeah ♪

♪ I just come from
the poorest part ♪

♪ Bright lights, city life,
I got to make it ♪

♪ This is where
it goes round ♪

♪ Yeah ♪

♪ I just happen
to come up hard ♪

♪ Legal or illegal, baby,
I got to make it ♪

Look up.

[ camera shutter clicks ]

Turn to your left.

[ shutter clicks ]

You're one ugly
piece of shit.

- Look up.
- [ shutter clicks ]

Stand on the yellow print.

Look up.
Turn to your left.

Lose the chain.

It wasn't
a fuckin' question.

[ beeps ]

♪ Let the beat
ride like that ♪

Lift 'em up.

Tongue. Up.

♪ I serve 'em up ♪

- ♪ Thunder in the dope raps ♪
- Turn around.

♪ Boom ♪

♪ Big 'llacs
in the tall grass ♪

Bend over, squat,
and cough.

♪ Real good price, buddy,
you should buy that ♪

♪ Wraaa ♪

♪ Everybody,
get the fuck up ♪


♪ Wraaa ♪

♪ Everybody,
get the fuck up ♪

Lights out.

♪ Wraaa ♪

[ electricity buzzing ]

[ snorts ]

Egan, on the gate.

[ chains rattling ]


What the fuck
you lookin' at?

Nothin', brother.
Be cool.

[ quiet chatter ]

- Who the fuck are you?
- An angel of mercy.

Now shut the fuck up
and sit down.

[ door closes ]

All rise.

The honorable
Judge Jennifer LeFevre.

Good morning.
Be seated.

We're on the record.

Case number 6796969.

DM 184, United States of America
vs. Thomas Patrick Egan.

This is a bail hearing
to determine

whether defendant Egan
should be released on bond.

Good morning,
Your Honor.

Angela Valdes
for the United States of America.

With me is Assistant
U.S. Attorney Cooper Saxe.

Good morning,
Your Honor.

Joseph Proctor,

council for
defendant Thomas Egan.

Good morning, Mr. Proctor.
Does the government wish to be heard first?

Defendant Egan's ties
to the community are loose.

He has an extensive
criminal record,

financial resources, and the intelligence
to make a good faith escape.

We feel that Mr. Egan
is a danger to the community

and that there is
a significant risk of flight.

Defendant Egan should be
held without bail until his trial.

Mr. Proctor, does the defendant wish
to rebut the presumption at this time?

If I may,
Your Honor,

despite Mr. Egan's
past record,

his recent behavior
shows he has now become

an upstanding member
of the community as a business owner.

I assure you,
Your Honor,

Thomas Egan
is of no flight risk.

He wants to stand
and clear his name.

Having considered
the arguments of council,

the pre-trial services report
and recommendation,

the court finds
that no combination of conditions

can assure the defendant's
appearance for trial.

bail is denied.

Defendant is remanded
to custody to await trial.

Trial date is set
for the 23rd at 9:00,

courtroom 23,
Judge John D. Daniels.

Nice work, Valdes.

You know I'm handling
the trial, right?

We'll see.

When do I get
my fuckin' phone call?

- [ moaning ]
- [ R&B music playing ]

[ laughs ]

- See?
- Mm.

This is how
I want things to be.

Me and you.

[ chuckles ]
Me, too, Shawn.

I know you're still
married to Ghost, but...

if we really want this,
can't we make it happen?

- Maybe. [ giggles ]
- [ phone ringing ]

It could be the kids.


Yes, I'll accept
the charges.


Okay, okay.
Slow down.

What happened?

Where the fuck is Ghost?


- Great work at the bail hearing.
- Thank you.

But Proctor seems
to be on his game.

With a case this big, gotta
make sure we're firm on all points.

Wanna box them in.

We have Egan in possession
of a large amount of cash

with intent to exchange those funds
with a known cartel leader,

who, by the way, was in possession
of numerous unlicensed firearms.

Tell me, how are they
gonna get out of that box?

How did you know
they were going to be there?

I had an unofficial tail
put on Egan a couple of days ago.

Set it up through Vice,
tracked him to the location.

I should've
said something, I know.

Can't say I like things
going on behind my back,

but we're here now.

I owe you a drink.
My treat.


You nervous?


Egan's gonna get
what he deserves.

Hope so.

You know, I heard
what you said to Mike.

You and I both know
there wasn't a tail.

I know you grew up
with James St. Patrick,

but he's gonna
have to come forward.

Friends or not, he's gonna have
to make a statement, testify against Egan.

And you're gonna
have to explain

how you found the location
of the Lobos meet.

And if he's the answer,

you're gonna have to
bring him in to Mike.

[ knock on door ]



You changed your cell.


Well, because my number has
a tendency to get into the wrong hands.

So you arrested Tommy?

Guess you were right
about him all along.

He was standing
in a hotel room

with Felipe Lobos
when the agents walked in.

You got Lobos, too?

Hmm. So you don't
need Tommy now.

You told me it wasn't
really Tommy you were after.

But Tommy was arrested
with Lobos and guns and a lot of money.

Can you help him?

The only way out of this
for Tommy at this point

is to testify
against Lobos.

Well, that's
not gonna happen.

Tommy won't snitch
on Lobos,

so there's gotta
be another way, Ange.

Baby, you're from
the same neighborhood.

It violates everything
we believe in to betray a friend.

You know that.

Hey, come here.

You gotta consider
what matters to you most.

You know, babe?

And then you can
make a decision

that goes against
every rule you know.

But you better
consider carefully.

I'll think about
what I can do for him.

I know you will.

You try and clip a nigga like Ghost,
you gotta be precise.

On point, you hear me?

This ain't his first time
at the wrong end of the gun.

Put this on the gun

It goes in the front.

Look, before the actual meeting
and shit like that,

just hit me right quick, one, two,
let me know we in motion, all right?

All right.
And then what?

When you get in the car,
you do what you normally do... drive.

All right?
You want him to relax.

Don't talk, don't bullshit,
turn the radio on.

Play whatever the fuck
the nigga like.

You got tints
on that truck, right?

No one can see inside.

Look, there's an alley
in the West 20s.

It's about a couple minutes
away from his club.

It ends in a garage,
dead end.

Nobody'll be back there.

You get to the alley,
simple and plain...

you turn around
and you shoot him.

- In broad daylight?
- [ scoffs ]

KANAN: You just said
the truck got tints on it.

- Ain't nobody gonna see the muzzle flash.
- Right.

After you do it, you got a short ride
over to this warehouse.

It's not too far
from here, all right?

Give him the address.

- We'll take it from there.
- Once you shoot him,

he's gonna be suckin' wind
and shit tryin' to get air.

Eyes glazed, mouth
like a fuckin' fish.

Can you handle that?

Yeah, I can handle it.

It's gonna be a long car ride
with a dead body

from Manhattan
to Queens, man.

Don't get pulled over.

Don't trip and miss
a stoplight, motherfucker.

I won't.

You sure about this?

If you don't want to do it,
let me know now.

I'm in.

- I said I'm in, I meant it.
- All right.

I guess that dick
ain't what it used to be.

- Tash, what the fuck?
- She beat you.

I told you to keep fucking her
to control her mind

- and she beat you anyway.
- Lower your voice.

Tommy's in fucking jail.

We're about
to lose everything

because Angela
was smarter than you.

Slow down.

Got the whole thing
under control.

- You got the whole thing under control?
- Yes.

Is this the plan
you told me about?

You left out the part
where Tommy's in jail and you're not.

This is just like Kanan
all over again, huh?

I'm not doing
this shit here.

Except you didn't
want to tell me

because you knew that
I wouldn't help you sell Tommy out.

This why I saved the fed bitch's life?
So she could arrest Tommy?

- It's not like that at all, T, okay?
- [ scoffs ]

I would never
do Tommy that way.

Yeah, and you know what?
The old Ghost wouldn't.

But you know what?
I don't know you.

You are not the man I married,
not by a long shot.

I haven't changed.

I'm taking care of Tommy
and it's all gonna work out.

If something happens
to him on the inside,

or if... if he gets

It's not
going to happen!

- Mm.
- I fuckin' said I got it.

You're playing
with fire, Ghost.

You just better make sure
we don't all get burned.


You fucked up
my bail hearing.

Come on, even I
couldn't win that one.

You were caught

Who's paying for you?

Where is he?

He sends his regards.

Well, why the fuck
ain't he in here with me?

- He was running late.
- [ scoffs ]

By the time he got there,
the feds had surrounded the building.

But he wants you outta here.
That's why he hired me.

So he just happened
to be running late

the same day
his fucking girlfriend

magically knows the location
of our meetup with Lobos?


Oh, shit.
He ain't tell you?

That bitch
who beat you in court,

he's been fuckin' her
for months.

How do I know that you aren't here
to keep me inside

while the two of them
try to pin everything on me?

Okay, look.
If you don't trust me, I'm happy to go.

You can get a federal
public defender.

Some asshole who's handling
30 cases at once.

Or you can stick with me.

I'm in the Tommy Egan

I'm expensive as fuck, and your boy's
paying full freight to make sure you walk.

So which is it?
Should I go?

It's your call.

Going once...

going twice...

Sit the fuck down,

Told him what you wanted.

How's he doin'?

- [ elevator dings ]
- He asked about you. He sounds suspicious.

GHOST: When you told him
what happened, what did he say?

He said you were
fucking the prosecutor.

It's not a conflict of interest.
It's a benefit, trust me.

She can help us
from the inside.

You just better
know what you're doing.

Just call me the moment the prosecution's
evidence arrives, okay, Proctor?

Look, I've been doing this a long time.
Egan's the paranoid type.

You sure you just don't
want me to tell him everything?

No. You make sure
he doesn't say

a fucking word
about Lobos to anyone.

Got you.

[ sighs ]

Get off that phone.
I need your undivided attention.

Hamilton Contracts
came in.

They want to roll out
their next line of watches right here.


You talkin' later
in the spring or summer?

We're talking Saturday.
How about that?

Nah, we can't
pull that off.

No way.

not to mention acquiring
all necessary permits,

security personnel.

Permits, police, security,
all taken care of... the whole shebang.

- Really?
- Yeah.

If we do this right, we'll pull in
the biggest haul since we started.

You might hit your mark.

No might about it.


What's that?

Oh, gotta get all
these records shipped over

to Stern Headquarters

I send them
at the end of the week.

Everything has to be
accounted for.

I hear that.

[ groans ]
I hate fuckin' paperwork.

It's the most annoying
part of any case.

It's a million copies
for a million different people.

Yeah, but you get it wrong,
and it blows everything up.

You throwing him in?

Rolla? Hold off.

We were never able
to confirm enough to establish a link.

Never connected
Egan all the way.

- Don't want to be presumptive.
- Good point.

Did you talk to Mike
about James St. Patrick?

I will after we
complete the transfer.

If everyone can take a moment,
we have a guest.

Oh, it's great to see you, sir.
Looking slim.

[ chuckles ]
Mike was telling me you guys

are in the middle
of producing discovery.

Yes, sir.
The defense for all parties

should be in possession
of our evidence by the end of the day.

That's good to hear.
And I understand

it was you
who helped find Lobos.

Yes, sir.

Well, that's good work, Valdes.
Real good work.

Reflective of our training.

Look, everyone take note.
We need more initiative like this.


Look, Justice
wants to ensure

the conviction
of Felipe Lobos.

And in order to gain
that assurance,

we're willing to be lenient
with the distributor's involvement

if he were to cooperate.

You talking about
offering Egan a deal?

COLLINS: Egan's a small fish.
Justice wants Lobos.

So let's make sure
we finish the job.

Get Egan to sing.

All right, well,
that's everything.

All the bank statements,
everything you had sent to my house.

What are you gonna do
with $200,000, Tasha?

That's like your
shoe budget for a week.

I don't know,
'Keisha, okay?

I'm trying to figure
it out right now.

What's going on,

I ain't never
seen you like this,

and I know you're not
being straight with me.

Let's just say Ghost is in
way too deep with Angela.

- Oh, that bitch.
- Yeah, that bitch.

And I gotta protect
myself and the kids.

[ sighs ]

Look, I may need
to go away, 'Keisha.

Not tell anybody where I'm going,
not even you.

You hidin' money from Ghost
and now you wanna hide his kids, too?

If he finds out
what you up to, girl,

I don't know what
he would do to...

He's not gonna
find out, okay?

I'll be long gone
before he suspects a thing.

I know you're strong,

And I'm not just saying this
'cause I'd miss you.

But do you really have to go off and
start a whole 'nother life by yourself?

Can't you find
another way?

Where's he at?

Heads up.


Not planning
on staying long?

I agreed to hold off on killing Ghost
and take part in your plan, Kanan,

'cause you assured me
that you would be able

to use Tommy to align
yourself with Lobos.

However, both Tommy
and Lobos were arrested

and we are no closer
to meeting him.

Explain to me why I do not rid myself
of all of this and go my own way.

Vladimir's got
a point, Kanan.

We're all
in the same boat.

That last distro I received
is running low.

We need something new or we're gonna
be forced to look at other options.

So what's your plan?

No need
to do anything.

Ghost'll be dead
by tomorrow.

[ distant dog barking ]

After Ghost is dead,

we can discuss business
moving forward.

Ghost being dead
is something we all want.

But how does that get us
closer to our objective

with Tommy
and Lobos in jail?

Motherfuckers like Lobos
been arrested before.

He not gonna
stop dealing, not now.

Nothing has to change.

After I kill Ghost,
move him out the way,

he'll have no choice
but to come to me.

I hope for your sake
it plays out as you see.

[ elevator dings ]


TASHA: Shawn?


Hey. What'd you
want to talk about?

Come here.

[ exhales ]

This shit with Tommy.

Ghost says he has it
under control,

but I really don't
know that he does.

I think Tommy could
go to jail for good.

Seems like Ghost is willing
to take the fucking risk.

I could see Ghost
making that call.

I don't know him

I don't know
if I'm next, Shawn.

I don't know
how far he'll go,

and I need to protect
the people I care about,

and I can't
do that here.

I'm gonna leave town
with the kids.

- Where would you go?
- I don't know, honestly.

But far away.

Far away from here,
from Ghost.

But I don't want
to go alone.

I want you to come
with us, with me.

This is all
I ever wanted.

And I'm gonna
make you happy.

You and the kids.

I just need
a couple days.

I can wait.

All right, look,
as my associates continue

to review the evidence
you delivered,

this witch hunt
remains unsubstantiated.

My client tells me he stumbled
into the wrong hotel room.

It's a simple case
of wrong place, wrong time.

If he had any information
regarding Mr. Lobos,

he would be happy
to cooperate.

Yeah, there were a lot
of Mexicans in that room.

Which one was he?

SANDOVAL: Mr. Egan, you're looking at
going away for a very long time.

So what I can offer you
begins and ends

with what you can offer me.

[ sighs ]

If you want
this Lobos guy,

I can't do
nothin' for you.

Can I go back
to my cell now?

ANGELA: Threats aren't
gonna break him.

Everyone's got
a soft spot.

Greg, come with me.
I got an idea.

[ door opens ]

[ compartment closes ]

[ phone buzzes ]


Uncle G's on his way out.

KANAN: Uncle G?

You need to get this shit
out of your mind right now, boy.

He ain't your uncle no more.

Motherfucker never was.

He just another nigga standing
in front of the life you want.


Yeah, you're right.
I'm good.

KANAN: All right,
stick to the script.

Holla at me
when it's done.

I got you.

- What's up, Uncle G?
- What's up, Shawn?

[ phone buzzes ]


[ sighs ]

Meeting's in 30 minutes.


When you get in the car,

you do what you
normally do... drive.

All right?
You want him to relax.

Don't talk, don't bullshit.
Turn the radio on.

Play whatever the fuck
the nigga like.

[ rap music playing ]

No music.
I'm expecting a call.

[ turns radio off ]
Uh, sure thing.

KANAN'S VOICE: You get to the alley,
simple and plain...

you turn around
and you shoot him.

Your uncle set me up,

sent me to jail.

All those years I was gone,
Ghost robbed us of that time.

MAN: Hey, where you goin'?
[ pounds ]

Road's closed.

Everything okay,

Water main burst about an hour ago.
Where you headed?

- What?
- I can give you an alternate route.

Um, midtown.

Okay, a little
off-target, but okay.

Uh, take a left.
Left on 8th.

It'll get you right over there.
Go ahead.

Thank you.

Remind me to talk later.

I've been
thinking about it.

Maybe you're right about
that promotion you asked about.

Oh, yeah.
Great, Uncle G.

[ whirring ]


- [ beeps ]
- [ clicks tongue ]

[ sighs ]

Shouldn't have let a boy
do a man's job, huh?

What you wanna do now?

Plan B,

How much longer
we gotta be in here for?

We're gonna be here a while,
so get comfortable.

[ yawns ]

Egan, got something
to show you.

You got a visitor.

You motherfuckers.

What the fuck
is my mom doin' here?

Well, you're staring
at a lengthy sentence, Mr. Egan.

And I'm sure the funds you give her
aren't all included in your tax return.

And once you're in prison
with all your assets frozen,

- how will Mommy make her house payments?
- [ laughs ]

Medical bills, insurance...
man, that stuff is expensive.

- Mm-hmm.
- And I'm sure she needs her medicine.

Let's leave
his mother outta this.

She can keep her life
the way it is, Mr. Egan,

if you talk.

Stay calm, ma'am.

- Tommy. Oh, honey.
- What the fuck you doing here?


These feds show up at my door
and tell me you're locked up.

- What the hell is happening?
- An obvious manipulation.

Whoa, whoa.
The woman wanted to see her son.

- It's still America.
- Right.

Get the fuck outta here.
Go home.

Look, whatever
they think you did,

you gotta tell them
what they wanna know.

Okay, all right. My client would like
a moment alone with his mother, so...

- GREG: Oh.
- Yeah.

- [ chuckles ]
- GREG: Of course.


Be good.

She looks even more coked up now
than she did when we were in high school.

Oh, yeah.

Yeah, she was definitely
chewing the invisible sandwich

all the way over
from Babylon.

With a woman like that
for a mother he never had a chance.

SAXE: Yeah, every criminal
has a sob story.

Don't get soft
on us now, Angela.

We're gonna nail
this sucker to the wall.

Honey, they said
they're gonna take the house.

Everything you gave me,
they're gonna take it all.

They're just saying that shit
to fuck with your head.

No, they meant it.
They're gonna take everything.

They can do that,
can't they?

Yes, they can,
if they determine

you bought the house
with money from illegal proceeds.

Oh, so I'm totally
fucked, then!

No, Ma,
would you shut...

[ silent ]

- [ audio resumes ]
- Oops.

- That's illegal.
- What? It was an honest mistake, Greg.

Two seconds.

Just to see if we're
making some headway.

MOTHER: Even if it means I lose
every goddamn thing I own?

God, you never loved me.
You monster.

You'd throw
your own mother over

for some asshole
you barely know.

If it means saving
both our lives, yeah, I fuckin' will!

- Right.
- Would you shut the fuck up

and listen to me for a second?

- I hate the way you...
- Shut up.

Shut the fuck up,
you fuckin' ditzy bitch.

If you don't know nothin' about me,
you should know this.

I ain't never gonna be
no fuckin' snitch.

Not for you,
not for nobody.

You fucking pig.
You're an asshole!

Let's go take a break,
calm down a little bit,

- get some water...
- [ audio cuts out ]

We don't need his testimony
to convict Lobos.

Yeah, but it
would've been nice.

Too bad, Tommy Egan.

Enjoy being in prison
for the rest of your life.

[ knock on door ]

- Hey, come in.
- You were right about Tommy.

He won't break.

You talked to him?

No, my boss did,
my... my colleagues.

They tried everything.

I didn't want you to get him
to testify against this Lobos guy.

I told you that
wasn't gonna work.

Angie, you gotta...
you gotta figure out another way.

I can try
talking to his lawyer about a deal,

a confession,
or shorter sentence,

but I'm not sure
my boss will sign off.

And the truth is...

I don't think
he deserves it.

He was in that room
with Lobos,

and he is
a major drug dealer.

And sometimes people
deserve to pay the price.

I think you want me
to protect someone

who legally, morally, fundamentally
doesn't deserve protection.

[ sighs ]

I think we should
stop talking about this tonight.

We can't play
this game forever.

This is the only thing
I can think about.


The only thing?

- Why, Jamie?
- Angie, stop.

- I need to know why.
- Please, stop.

I can't.

- I need to ask you. I need to know.
- [ sighs ]

Why ask a question
when you don't want the answer?

[ distant siren wailing ]

Tommy's gonna go to prison
eventually, Jamie.

There's consequences
to our actions, Angie.

For all of us.

We're running
out of time, aren't we?

I hope not.

But that's up to you.

[ door opens, closes ]


We need to talk.

- [ buzzer sounds ]
- [ door opens ]

[ keys jingle ]

Egan, on the gate.

No sunbathing for me today.
Maybe tomorrow.

GUARD: Let's go.

Where the hell
we goin'?

Hey, motherfucker,
I said, "Where the hell we goin'?"

Just keep moving.

Have a seat, Tommy.

You gonna take off
these cuffs?


I ain't see
no cameras in here.

No mics.

And I don't see
my lawyer.

Nope, just
you and me in here.

So no reason
not to talk.

- I want to help you.
- Help me? That's funny.

[ laughs ]
That's fuckin' hilarious.

You hate my guts.
You always have.

Jamie asked me to help you.
That's why we're in here.

So you are workin' together.
I fuckin' knew it.

No, I want you to go to prison
for the rest of your life.

He doesn't.

But he doesn't get
that the only way I can help you

is if you testify
against Lobos.

If it's reprisal, revenge
you're worried about,

I can get you
witness protection.

I can even relocate
your mother.

The government doesn't want you.
They want Lobos.

Maybe I can get your sentence
down to 15 years.

15 years, you...
[ bangs table ]


Your pussy must be
made out of poison.

It's like the acid
ate his fucking brain.

You ruined him first,
you fuckin' asshole.

You want me
to snitch so bad.

I ain't gonna
give you Lobos,

but I can think of someone else
I can give you instead.

Huh? Nah?

You don't want that,
do you?

That don't work with you
and Jamie's little plan.

Tommy, Jamie and I
don't have a plan.

Sure. That's what
I'll tell the judge.

He paid for my lawyer,
you know.

He wants me to trust
that guy to save me.

But maybe I should
fucking save myself.

wouldn't hurt you.

Are you so sure
about that, Angie?

Are you sure
you know him that well?

- [ pounds on door ]
- [ door opens ]

Sorry, Miss Valdes.
His lawyer's here.

[ soft chatter ]

Proctor, I need
to talk to you.

I want to tell
the judge something.

- No. No, no, no. Not now.
- It's about the...

Just keep
your mouth shut.

Trust me,
don't say a word, okay?

Defense counsel
has filed a motion

to dismiss the complaint against
the defendant, Thomas Patrick Egan.

This better be good,
Mr. Proctor.

Your Honor, the defense
would like to ask the court

to suppress the government's
identification of my client

as the New York distributor
for defendant Lobos' alleged drug network

and any related
testimony or evidence.

We submit that the partial sketch
attributed to witness statements

from Nomar Arcielo
and described in the affidavit

as the primary evidence
used to identify Mr. Egan

was not, in fact,
the sketch used in said ID.

What am I looking at, Counselor?

PROCTOR: We believe
that the identification for Mr. Egan

was achieved through
a facial recognition match of this sketch

completed by
Isabel Ruiz,

the 14-year-old daughter
of Carlos Ruiz,

head of the Soldado Nation.

A sketch obtained
from a 14-year-old

in, no doubt,
an environment of duress

and undue influence
from an overzealous AUSA.

That's why they left it
out of evidence.

It is your belief
that the completed sketch

was withheld in order
to deceive the court?

That's a very serious charge,
Mr. Proctor.

Your Honor,
the partial sketch was sufficient

to identify
the defendant

and properly presented
in the affidavit on that basis.

We don't recognize
this completed sketch,

but I'm sure its lack
of inclusion in discovery

was a simple
clerical error.

Excuse my tone,
Your Honor,

but that would be
a pretty convenient clerical error.

- I agree.
- [ people murmuring ]

The government's exclusion
of the full sketch

and the likelihood that it
and not the partial sketch

led to the ID of Mr. Egan
as your suspect...

[ scoffs ]
It's hard to ignore.

Your Honor, putting aside
the issue of the sketch for a moment,

the plain fact is defendant Egan
was still arrested in that hotel room

with Felipe Lobos in plain violation
of numerous federal laws.

Even so, Your Honor,
if the sketch is dirty,

then every subsequent
piece of evidence,

every government action
against Mr. Egan,

including the tail leading
to his arrest in said hotel room

is fruit of the same
poisonous tree.

[ people whispering ]

I hereby exclude the government's
identification of Thomas Patrick Egan.

The ID is out.

And without a solid ID,
the government lacks probable cause

and the court finds it proper
to dismiss the complaint.

Your Honor,
in the interest of justice...

We request you dismiss
with prejudice, Your Honor.

Prosecutorial malfeasance of this kind
deserves sanctions,

and my client should
be able to walk away free

knowing the government
cannot retaliate.

I agree.

The complaint is hereby dismissed
with prejudice.

Someone on your staff needs
a disciplinary hearing, Miss Valdes.

Mr. Egan,
you're free to go.

Marshals, escort him
back to MCC

for processing
out of the system.

- [ gavel bangs ]
- Thank you, Your Honor.

[ door opens ]

How could you
do this to me, Jamie?

I could lose
my fucking job!

You didn't think I was gonna let Tommy
rot in prison, did you?

Yeah, all that crap
about getting me to help him?

That was all bullshit to keep me
distracted so I'd never see this coming.

No, Angela.
It wasn't bullshit.

If you had figured out
a way to help him,

I wouldn't have had
to do this at all.

You'll do anything,
won't you?

Say anything
to get what you want.

Won't you?

Come on,
we're just alike, Angela.

Don't get all new on me
like you been playin' fair.

You stole that sketch
from my apartment.

And you cloned my phone
and followed me to the hotel.

If I was in that room with Tommy,
I'd be in custody right now.

You knew
I was following you.

I played right
into your hand.

And I gave you Lobos
for your troubles!

But you can't
have Tommy.

We've both been
playing dirty, Angie.

You're just mad
you lost.

Now I'm gonna get
my club back from Stern,

and then everything we wanted
since we were in high school

is there for us to take.

You said all along that
what you wanted was a life with me.

I wanted a life
with Jamie.

This, you...

you're not
Jamie anymore.

Time's up.

Say it to my face.

Say it to my face so that
I can never deny it to myself again.

Are you Ghost?

If I were Ghost,
would I answer that question?

Why does it matter?

Huh? There's
nothing stoppin' us.

Nothing anymore, baby.
Not Tasha, not the case.

Everything that's in the past
can stay in the past.

Stop playing games.
It's over.

No, that's
the lawyer talking.

What do you want?

I know you want me.
I know you want us.

I've been this guy
all along.

If you love me,
this is who you loved.

I loved you because
I thought you were different.


I thought you were like me, trying to
find a way out from where you came from.

This... this club,

this dream,
that's what I loved.

That hasn't changed.
It's still there.


It's all
smoke and mirrors.

Remember what
you said to me?

You sell people
a fantasy.

That's all that you are,
a fantasy.

Fuck you, Ghost.

[ door opens, closes ]

[ chatter ]

[ shutter clicking ]

- [ music playing ]
- ♪ I love it when ya, I am ya ♪

♪ I'm here ♪

♪ It's about to get
a little hot and heavy ♪

♪ You takin'
all the control ♪

♪ Good-bye,
if I let go ♪

♪ I'll erupt
just like a volcano ♪

♪ Oh, you make
my body explode ♪

[ music continues
indistinctly ]

The good people
of Hamilton.

- Glad you could make it. You look nice.
- Hi, how are you?

Thank you for coming.

- Thank you so much for having us.
- Thank you, man.

- You like that?
- Great timepiece.

- Y'all be good.
- Good guy.

[ chatter continues ]

Dominque, make sure
you take care of Hamilton. Thank you.

What's up, boss?

You got it.
How we lookin'?

Killin' it, man.
But we're running out of the good stuff.

- Just gonna run in the back and grab 'em.
- Nah, I'll take care of it.

You keep slingin'.
Make these people happy.

- All right.
- Be back in a minute.

[ sighs ]

[ humming ]

[ gun hammer clicks ]

Don't move.

Drop the keys.

[ keys clink ]

You picked a hell of a night
for this, Shawn.

I would ask why,
but I got a feeling I already know.

- Kanan.
- Shut up.

What's the plan
here, Shawn?


I know you ain't got
a change of clothes.

And what they don't
show you in the movies

is that when you shoot
somebody this close,

there's blowback.

You shoot me,
blood spatters all over your shirt,

you run outta here,
people will notice.

Shut up.

You ain't gonna talk
your way outta this, Ghost.

You ain't gonna
talk me out of it.

My dad told me
that you sent him to jail.

That you set him up.

I ain't gonna lie to you.
It's true.

Back then,
I had big plans.

Big plans that Kanan
couldn't see.

So it was either set him up for him
to go away or it was...

or it was me
killing him.

I wasn't
gonna kill him.

When my pops died,
your dad was there for me, man.

I looked up to Kanan.
Hell, I needed him.

At one point in my life,
I loved your pops very much.

What do you know about love, hmm?

You loved my dad,
but you set him up.

You love Tasha, but you
been cheating on her

for fuckin' I don't
know how long.

She deserves
better than you.

- She deserves...
- She deserves what?

- What, Shawn, you?
- Yeah, me!


While you was out
fuckin' around with Angela,

I had Tasha's back.

I held it down
when you forgot all about her.

You know, you keep sayin'
that we just alike, but we're not.

When I say something,
I mean it.

When I say I'm gonna do something,
I fuckin' do it.

Yeah, you right.

Everything you
fuckin' said is right.

You are not like me.

You ain't built for this.

I always known it.
I think you have as well.

But what Kanan's
asking you to do, Shawn...

no real father...

should ever ask
of their son.

Kanan and I
chose our path.

By puttin' that gun
in your hand,

he's trying to choose
yours for you.

- But I could get it back, though.
- You shut up.

- Drop the gun.
- I said shut up!

I got
the fuckin' gun now.

Now I got it, bitch.

Now I fuckin' got it,
fuck nigga.

- I deserve this.
- Yeah, you fuckin' deserve it.

Not just for trying
to kill me, Shawn,

but for whatever it is
you got goin' on with my wife.

[ coughing ]

That's why you gotta go.

You're not cut out for this.

I want you to leave.

Not just Truth.
I want you to leave New York.

Get up.

Go be a better man
than Kanan,

not the man he's trying
to turn you into.


- Uncle G, I'm...
- Go!

[ door opens, closes ]

[ door opens ]

[ sighs ] Greg, please, you can
yell at me tomorrow.

No, we're gonna
do this now.

I just... I think I finally
figured it all out.

What are you
talking about?

Well, I've been...
I've been watching Egan, right?

And Lobos
wouldn't trust that guy

to run an organization
this complex.

But you know
who I would trust?

I think
James St. Patrick is Ghost...

and I think you have been
working with him to protect Tommy Egan.

Why would you think that?

I saw you together outside
your apartment a few weeks ago.

Hold on.

And you saw him
at his club tonight.

You've been following me.

Oh, absolutely, Angela.

And it's a good thing
that I have,

because now, finally,
I can get to the truth of it all.

And it's... it's...
it all makes sense.

The tip that you got
from St. Patrick about the Lobos meet,

that's all part
of the plan.

We put all of our attention
on arresting Egan

while you and Jamie work
with Proctor to get him out.

Who else would have known
about the sketch, Angela?

I don't...
it's up to Collins

as to what else happens to you
from here on out.

God damn it, Angela.

You're right.

But not about me.

I went by his club tonight
and confronted him.

He didn't deny
being involved.

I've been looking into
James for some time now.

I kept it to myself
because I didn't want you

out on a limb backing me
if all this was bullshit.

And the tip?

Part of his plan.

I thought
he was a good man.

But I was wrong.

He played me
just like you said.

And that's why you were crying
when you left the club?

I'm an idiot.

I thought he and I were...


All right, I can get this information
to Mike and Collins tonight.

We can get St. Patrick
before he moves on

and, uh, we can have him
testify against Lobos

if we got him
dead to rights, yeah?

- Right.
- Right?


But I'm not sure we have
enough for a warrant.

I mean, enough
for it to stick.

Maybe hindering
prosecution, maybe,

but not enough
for the drug charges.

Not enough to prove
that he's Ghost.

I think we should build
a case against him tonight.

Sit down together,
see what we have.

Go to Mike tomorrow.


Okay, Angela.
Yeah, let's do that.

Tomorrow morning.

- Together.
- All right.

Tell me everything you've got
on James St. Patrick.

We're gonna take him down.

[ gate clangs ]

You look like a movie star.
Get the fuck in the car.

It's good to have
you back, brother.

You came through
for me.

Of course I did.
Get the fuck out of here.

You didn't doubt me,
did you?

Well, to be honest, you had your boy
worried there for a minute.

I was getting it from all angles
the whole time.

Feds can be persuasive.

Yeah, but you
held it down, Tommy.

Of fucking course.

You should have seen
that bitch Angela's face

when the case got tossed.

[ laughs ]
It was fucking priceless.

- [ laughs ]
- So what do we do now?

We got to get
back to work.

Yeah, but let's
save it for tomorrow.

For now, how about we get
you some decent food?

Oh, hell, yeah.

- You down with that?
- My man.


♪ Fight each battle ♪

♪ Until we win this war ♪

♪ Nobody gonna stop us ♪

♪ Till we get there... ♪

What the fuck?

♪ Yeah, it's ours ♪



♪ I'm from the home
where them boys... ♪

Dre, I got our plan B.

We gonna catch Ghost
tonight coming out that club.

Drive by there and spray
that motherfucker like it's 1992.

I don't give a fuck
who out there.

Meet me in an hour.

[ door opens ]

Where you coming from?


I went there tonight
to finish the job on Ghost.

Make you proud of me.

Take this back now.

I can tell from your clean, pretty suit
you failed me again.

Yeah, well, I didn't want
to disappoint you, Dad.

It turns out, the only person
disappointed was me.

- Is it true?
- Is what true?

Have you been using me this whole time
to get revenge on Ghost?

[ laughs ]

That slick
motherfucker, man.

He flipped you.

You right, Shawn.
You got me.

Whatever he said,
it's the truth.

- Now you know.
- Now I know.

You're right, I know.

I know you
a piece of shit.

I know Ghost was right
to put you in jail

'cause that's
where you belong.

You're not my father.

You never have been.

You're just
a bitter old thug.

Ain't nothing more
for you but the streets.

Where you going, kid?

I'm taking Tasha
and the kids

and I'm getting
the fuck out of here.

[ groans ]

I knew you couldn't
kill Ghost 'cause you're weak.

- Dad!
- And if Ghost wasn't so weak,

he would have killed you
his motherfucking self.


You stupid little nigga.
Look, you done fucked up.

Now you done
made me fuck up.

Get the fucking phone
out your hand.

Who you trying to call?
You trying to call 911?

- You a rat?
- No.

Who you trying to call?
Trying to call Mommy?

You wanna call Uncle G?

Go on, call him.

Well, that's the only way
it go, right?

Nigga never there
when you need him.

[ groaning ]

But you right
about one thing.

I ain't your
motherfucking daddy.

You don't deserve
to be my son.

Dre, there's been
a change of plans.

♪ When my heart aches,
I'm drowning ♪

♪ Pain won't go away ♪

♪ And in my cups
brown fills my brain ♪

♪ Won't go away ♪

♪ These five yellow girls
all on parade ♪

♪ Asphyxiate ♪

♪ Still stuck in a cage
trying to ply my trade ♪

♪ Won't go away ♪

♪ And I'm afraid ♪

♪ Your love
will blow me away ♪

♪ Am I done? ♪

♪ All 'cause
I numb the pain ♪

♪ Am I just
another runaway? ♪

♪ Yeah, yeah ♪

♪ When shadows creep
across my floor ♪

♪ Won't go away ♪

♪ You've had enough,
but still want more ♪

♪ Won't go away ♪

♪ My engine gunning
thunderbirds ♪

♪ Asphalt wanna race ♪

♪ Still trapped in a box
trying to clear my name ♪

♪ Won't go away ♪