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Pokémon (1997–…): Season 21, Episode 45 - Episode #21.45 - full transcript

[Ash] When Lunala was threatened,
the Ultra Guardians were there to help!

We succeeded in saving it, but barely!

But UB Black absorbed Solgaleo
and went back into an Ultra Wormhole.

After that, we made a promise to rescue
Solgaleo at all costs and so...

-We'll give it our all!
-[all] Right!

[Ash grunts]

[all chuckle]

[Gladion] Lunala!

[all] Ah!

[pants] No, Lunala!


Please, Lunala, calm down!

-Poi! Poi! Poipole! Poi!

Solgaleo! It must want to rescue it!
What do you think?

-Of course and we do, too!
-Right! Let's go!

-[all] Mm!
-Right now!

Wait just a minute!

You intend to go through
that Ultra Wormhole along with Lunala?

-But it's dangerous!

But we went to rescue you
and we got back fine.

It may have been fine back then,
but there's no telling what world

-this Ultra Wormhole is connected to!
-We'll be fine. Please, Mother.

[sighs] Very well.

And we'll back you all up
with everything we've got!


-[Ash] Okay! Let's go!
-[all] Right!

♪ Tapu Koko, Tapu Lele
Tapu Bulu, Tapu Fini ♪

♪ We've been preparing, sharing, training
Studying A to Z ♪

♪ Bonding, battling, laughing
Gettin' crazy, you and me ♪

♪ 'Cause it's coming soon ♪

♪ When we all meet our destiny
Under the Alolan moon ♪

♪ Pokémon! ♪

[cackles] So all we need is to catch
Lunala before Bob-Cut Glasses Goon

and give it to the Boss.

And our brand will blow sky high!

And then Four Eyes will be taking
her orders from little old me!

-Wobbu! Wobbu!

[all] Huh?

[all scream]

Hey, that was Lunala!

[Lanala screeches]

Hm! We never give up.

-Twerps beware.
-Time for some news gathering fare!


-[Lusamine] Let's get moving as well!
-[Burnet] Right.

-[Wicke] I'll send for the helicopter!
-Wait a moment.

-Please, Lusamine, I'll go instead.

[Lusamine] Huh?

We've been inundated with situations
we never could have predicted.

There's no guarantee
Team Rocket won't attack again.

-But I--
-[Faba] It's exactly as he says.

Please stay here, Lusamine. You're needed
to gather data and issue orders.

I'm with you, Professor. Never fear.
Everything will be fine.

All right, then. You have your wish.

-Keep an eye on things, Burnet.
-Be careful out there.

-All right. Kukui, you're in my charge.
-[Kukui] Huh?

As team leader, I must carry that weight.

-[both laugh]
-[Kukui clears throat]


[all] Huh?!

It's open!

-Everybody ready to go?
-[all] Right!

Lusamine, we're headed inside!

Once you've rescued Solgaleo,
get back here safe and in one piece!

[all] Ultroger!

[Wicke] Something's wrong.
All communication has been cut off.

-[both gasp]
-Can you re-establish audio?

Trying my best.

-We'll soon arrive at the coordinates.
-I've been waiting for this chance.

-Entering the Ultra Wormhole--

-[all gasp]

-What happened?
-Attack at nine o'clock!

[grunts] Just stay on course!

Ma'am, we can't enter an Ultra Wormhole
while under attack!

-Quick! Evade! Fire damage control!

-Hard to port!
-Damage control on those fires!

There's a heat signature on the mountain
slope dead ahead! Putting on screen!


-[Kukui] Good job, Braviary!

Hey, I know you can hear me.
You're the Matori Matrix, correct?

You will not interfere
with the Ultra Guardians!

[grunts] How dare you?

[both groan]

-Braviary, Rock Slide!

Alakazam, Shadow Ball!
And, Hypno, use Psychic!



-Send them packing, Gozu!

I don't need orders for that!
Readying counterattack!

-[Kiawe] Where are we?

Poi! Poi! Poipole! Poi! Poi! Poipole!
Poi! Poi! Poipole!

-What's up, Poipole?

-Ash, look, it's flying out of sight!

[Lunala] Ah!

[gasps] Let's go!

-[both] Huh?


-Quick Charizard, Flamethrower!

-A bunch of Poipole!

Poi! Poipole!

-Over there!

-Some more over there!

[all] Poi! Poi! Poipole! Poi! Poi...

-[Ash] Check it out.
-[Mallow] Is this a Poipole nest?

[all] Poi! Poi! Poipole! Poi! Poi!
Poipole! Poi! Poi! Poipole!

[grunts and yells]

Stop it! We're not your enemies!

-We came here to save Solgaleo!
-[all] Poipole

-No, Poipole!
-[all] Poipole

[Poipole chats frantically]

[all gibber and chat]

-[all] Huh?

-Something really big just appeared!
-No data! No data!

Poi! Poipole! Poi! Poi! Poi! Poi!

It looks kind of like Poipole.
Its color and its shape.

Do you think that they're friends?

[all] Huh?

Poipole! Poi! Poi!

-[Ash] Let's go!
-Hold on!

-If we don't leave now, we'll lose Lunala!

Ah! But we have to help
that giant Pokémon!


-[Lusamine] Have you got a handle on it?
-[Burnet] Hm.

This won't be so easy to figure out.

That ancient mural should have
a hint about the relationship

between UB Black
and The Blinding One, right?

Yeah. If we find it, we may discover a way
to rescue Solgaleo.

I can't find anything physically wrong
with it. But it seems totally worn out.

-These are Sitrus Berries.
-Eat them.

[soft grunting]

-[all] Huh?
-Poipole! Poi! Poi! Poipole!

-[soft grunt]
-[Mallow] Here!

-Taste good?

I hope you're feeling better!

[Naganadel] Thank you, stingerless beings.

[all] Huh?

[all] Who's that Pokémon?

[all] It's Poipole!

[Poipole] Poipole! Poipole!

[Naganadel] Thank you, stingerless beings.

Huh? Who's that? How?

-It is me.
-[Gladion] Telepathy?

You said you were here to rescue Solgaleo?

[Ash] Yeah.

UB Black took Solgaleo,
and then escaped here.

UB Black?

-Are you referring to Necrozma?
-What do you mean Necrozma?

I must make a request. I ask that you
leave and do nothing about Necrozma.

-[all] Huh?
-You see, we require

the power of Necrozma.

-But if we go, then Solgaleo--
-How come?

-We'd really like to understand.
-Poipole! Poi! Poi! Poipole!

Very well. I will show you
what happened to this world.

-[all] Huh?
-Is this telepathy, too?

-All the flowers!
-Hold on. Could this be?

[Naganadel] It is this world
from a time long past.

This world was once filled with light
that poured down from Necrozma.

[Ash] Is that Necrozma? It looks like
the picture of The Blinding One!

So all of the Poipole here refer to
The Blinding One as Necrozma, don't they?

Poipole! Poipole!

-[Naganadel] Sadly...

...what rained down upon us
was not the light of hope.

-[Sophocles] It's a meteorite!

-[Mallow] If that falls down, it'll all...
-Go boom.

Is that...? It's UB Black!

[Kiawe] That means when the Blinding
One loses its light, it becomes...

Becomes UB Black.

So the symbol Poipole drew
and the mural both represented

what happened to the Blinding One
when it lost its light!

[Naganadel] Necrozma protected this world,
but wounded and without light.

It fell into a deep sleep
and, over time, the plants withered

and the land became dry and barren,
like a desert.

After that, all we could do
was join together

and live on the little light
that remained.

My only choice was to seek out a place
where we all could survive.

But I am old now and no longer possess
the power I once had.

-Poi! Poi! Poipole!
-[Rotom] That's Ash's Poipole!

-This one went out alone on a journey.
-Poi! Poi! Poipole!

-[Ash] Is that why it came to Alola?
-Poi! Poi! Poipole!

-Poipole says Alola is a fine place.
-[Ash] Right! It's the best!

I placed my hopes in this little one.

Just as I was ready to give up,
a new opportunity presented itself.

-[Ash] Lunala! Solgaleo!

Necrozma awoke from its slumber in order
to absorb the light from these two,

-reviving itself!
-[Lillie] Light? The Blinding One?

[Rotom] It could be that this light
is the Ultra Aura!

Hm. All right, where could I have heard
this story before?

Yes. It's similar to the legend
of The Blinding One.

Lillie, would you mind telling us
that story one more time?

Sure. When The Blinding One appeared,

the world overflowed with a blinding,
glistening light.

That light had a strange and wonderful
power, which created the islands of Alola.

When The Blinding One had shed
all of its light,

it transformed into darkness,
and went into a long, deep sleep.

At that point, the sun and moon became
flesh and appeared, sharing their light.

As it reawakened from its slumber,

the Blinding One's light
once again shined brightly

and it spread to the ends of the sky!

Necrozma attacked Solgaleo and Lunala
and that's the reason why.

-You do want Necrozma to be revived

so that your world
can be brought back to life, don't you?

-[Naganadel] Of course I do.
-But then, if that happens,

Solgaleo will be lost forever!

You're right!
What will happen to Solgaleo?

Guess it'll stay absorbed from now on.

[Kiawe] But if we rescue Solgaleo...

[Lana] Then Poipole's world
stays like this forever.







-Use Air Slash!

-One more Air Slash.
-Gladion, don't do it!

[Gladion] Ah! If we don't do something
about Necrozma,

-we'll lose both Solgaleo and Lunala!
-But, Gladion...

And eventually Alola could be sunk
into this darkness! Is that what you want?

[screams and growls]

-[Ash] No, it isn't.

But if we chase Necrozma off,
there's no hope for Poipole's world!

-What do we do? I want to save them all!!
-Want to save them all?

Gladion? I think Ash is right.
I agree with him.

-I do, too.
-Me, too.

Me, too.

-Me, too.
-I do too!

Right. How do we do that, then?

Necrozma wants more Ultra Aura power.

Because of that, it's trying to absorb
Solgaleo and Lunala.

But that's because it's really hungry!

-[gasps] That means sharing, right?


We'll help! You see, being hungry isn't
fun-fisk, funky, or Mantine! You see?


I get it. You're saying manalo and alola.

What are you talking about?

Alola means sharing.

Manalo means everyone living together

-in peace and harmony, you see?
-[Gladion] Sharing? Sharing what?

Sharing something like power.

-Right! Of course! Z-Power!
-That's right. Professor Burnet said

there's a hidden connection
between Z-Power and Ultra Aura power!

[Lillie] If we share our Z-Power with
Necrozma, we can live together in harmony!

[Sophocles] And if Necrozma's tummy
is filled up with Z-Power,

-it might release Solgaleo on its own!
-Ugh... Huh!

-That's it!
-Let's do it!


I get it!

There they are. You'll never get to the
other side of the Ultra Wormhole!

Just give up!

-Hm. Trying to make fools of us?
-I'll fix them!

Hold on. Let me.

Here goes! [grunts]


-[Kukui] It's an Aggron!
-The fun is only just beginning!




Evolution beyond Evolution!

Mega Evolution.

Use Heavy Slam!



[Kukui and Faba groan]

-Alakazam, Hypno!

[Faba] No. With just one attack?

[Jessie] Puh-leeze.
They're less than useless!

What are we supposed to do? It appears
to have absorbed that ultra-rare Solgaleo

and entered the Ultra Wormhole.

Lunala and those dingy Twerps followed.

Right, which means,
everything we could ever want

is right inside that Ultra Wormhole!
Where we'll catch them all, of course!

You don't actually mean
you want to enter an Ultra Wormhole.

-That would be quite a fright.
-[both] Hm?

Things go in,
but they don't always come out.

Then what do you suggest?

We lie in wait for the Twerps
and grab everything for ourselves!

Wow! You're always extending your reach
to the stars above!

Our lovely and charming villain
is in the house!


-I've got it, Lusamine! Yay!
-You figured it out?

[Burnet] Yes! UB Black is The Blinding One
after it's lost its light!

-Uh, what does that mean?
-Let me read it.

"The Blinding One, shed all of its light,
engulfed in darkness.

And darkness spread once more,
even in Alola.

Up until then, the people enjoyed
the light The Blinding One shared.

But now, they began to contemplate
the sharing of their own

-with The Blinding One."
-Sharing of their own?

"The sun made flesh

and the moon made flesh appeared,
so people and Pokémon

offered up their appeals. When they did,

those appeals found their way to
the Blinding One and the light returned.

Then Alola
returned to being a beautiful land."

So there was another legend in addition
to the one that my father told me?

Yes. The sun and moon made flesh
weren't the only ones

who had once shared their light
with the Blinding One.

People and Pokémon did, too.

We have to get all this information
to the Ultra Guardians!

Okay, Necrozma, we're going to fill you up
with lots of Z-Power!

-Lunala, get away from Necrozma now!
-Poi! Poi! Poi!



Huh? You're not using Lycanroc?

Silvally and I have been training
very hard. We're growing as a team too.


-Pikachu, let's go!





Use Gigavolt Havoc!


-Inferno Overdrive, let's go!

Hydro Vortex now!


-Use Breakneck Blitz!
-[Silvally roars]

[narrator] Our heroes are drenching
Necrozma with their Z-Power.

Will this save Solgaleo?
We'll find out, as the journey continues!