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Pokémon (1997–…): Season 21, Episode 44 - Episode #21.44 - full transcript

[Ash] The Manalo Festival,
which celebrates the solar eclipse,

is almost here!
We went to Pokémon School like always,

but Professor Kukui and the other
grown-ups were acting kind of strange.

Meanwhile, Lusamine asked
the Ultra Guardians

to head to the Altar of the Sunne.

We did and, when we got there,
Lunala appeared from an Ultra Wormhole!

But then another Ultra Beast, one we’ve
never seen before, also appeared!

[all gasp]

That’s an Ultra Beast too?

It appeared from that Ultra Wormhole,
so most likely it is.

So, that Ultra Beast has to be the one
who’s been absorbing

-the Alola region’s Ultra Aura power.

And Lunala’s Ultra Aura,
it’s absorbing it even now!

[Kiawe] They’re heading for
Melemele Island!

-[Mallow gasps]
-Oh, no!

We have to protect Lunala!

Ultra Guardians, prepare to deploy!

[all] Ultroger, Lusamine!

-We’re going to have to go after them too.
-I suppose so.

-[all] What a hassle!
-[Faba] Yeah.

[narrator] Lunala has suddenly appeared in
Alola with a mysterious Ultra Beast

in hot pursuit.

The question is now:
What will become of Lunala?

♪ Tapu Koko, Tapu Lele
Tapu Bulu, Tapu Fini ♪

♪ We've been preparing, sharing ♪

♪ Training, studying A to Z ♪

♪ Bonding, battling, laughing ♪

♪ Getting crazy, you and me ♪

♪ 'Cause it's coming soon ♪

♪ We will all meet our destiny
Under the Alolan moon ♪

♪ Pokémon! ♪

[Jessie and James sigh]

-[Meowth groans]

Will you knock it off with the dumb sighs?


But our selling skills are squat.

Maybe we should just give up
this business.

[groans] Huh? What was that?

Whoa, the Legendary Pokémon Lunala!

That’s not all. Here, feast your eyes!

My eyes are not feasting well.

Maybe it’s one of those super-rare
Ultra Beasts, more or less.

We got to give headquarters a honk!


[Matori] Gozu, what’s the meaning of this?

-[Gozu] Of what?
-I’ve felt so sluggish

ever since we entered the Alola region.

Me, too. It’s naptime. Shall we go home?

Meowth. Meowth. Meowth. Meowth. Meowth.

-We’ve got a problem! Oy vey! Look at you!

What’s up with that getup?
And where are you anyway?

For me to know and for you to find out.
What do you want?

Lunala and some super-rare
black crystal Ultra Beast

-have shown up over on Melemele Island!

-That’s nice.
-That’s nice? Aren’t you surprised?

-Gozu? Gozu!

[grunts and gasps] Set a course
for Melemele Island, full bore!

-[all] I’m bored.
-You’re not going to catch it?

We will, because we’re Team Rocket’s
elite force, the Matori Matrix,

best of the best.

-Restoring glowsticks?
-I said Matori Matrix!

That right?

Do us a favor and go home...
and that is an order.

-[gasps] Hey! Who do you think you are?
-She can’t hear you.

That bob-cut glasses goon!

She loves herself way too much for me!

Woo-hoo! Jessie’s back to being
her miserable self!

Miserable? I really don’t need this.

-Home doesn’t seem like a bad idea.
-Shut your yap!

If she catches Lunala
and the super-rare Ultra Beast,

she’ll become more stuck up
than she is already!



[Hala] It was trouble in the air
that beckoned me here,

but I never would have imagine this.

[Hariyama] Hari.

It would be terrible if a battle erupts.
A total disaster.



[Hariyama] Yama.


[gasps] Tapu Koko!

Tapu Koko!

[Hala] What is that?

-[Ash] Huh? There they are!

-[Pikachu] Pika.

Noivern, quick!


-Good job!
-Keep it up!


It’s gone.

That was Phantom Force!

Lunala isn’t backing down!

What you’d expect from
a Legendary Pokémon!

That’s so cool!


-[Lillie] Ash? Gladion?
-Garchomp, use Dragon Pulse!


Noivern, use Boomburst!


[all groan and yell]

-[both] No, Lillie!

[gasps and pants]

Thanks, Lunala. Thanks so much.

-[Ash] Lillie?
-[Gladion] You okay?

-[Altaria trills]

-[gasps] Altaria! You all right?

Lunala, thank you so much
for rescuing Lillie.

-Pika! Pika!

I offer my gratitude as well.

-[Ash] Oh!

Charizard, Flamethrower, quick!


-Flygon, use Fire Blast!

-Metang, use Flash Cannon!

Dragonair, use Ice Beam!

[all] Let’s go!

[squawking and shrieking]


[yelling and shrieking]

That move is too dangerous!
Retreat for now!

-I got it!
-Poi-Poi-Poipole. Poi-Poipole.

-Poipole, what is it?

Poi-Poi-Poi. Poipole.

[Rotom] Ash, the symbol
on that Ultra Beast’s back

is the same as the one Poipole drew.

You’re right!

[Rotom] If it was drawn
in the ancient murals.

It might have something to do
with the Blinding One too!

[all gasp]

What’s it doing?

It’s absorbing
all of Lunala’s Ultra Aura power directly!

[all gasp]


That’s not all! Could it be...
It’s trying to absorb Lunala, too!

[all gasp]

It’s like what happened with my mother!

-I won’t let you!

[Ash grunts]

Noivern, use Boomburst!


Now, use Bite, go!

Get away from Lunala!



-You okay?
-Of course.

-[gasps] Look! Lunala.
-[Pikachu] Pika?

-Lunala, no!

-That creature absorbed it.

-[Kiawe] What’s happening?
-It’s an electromagnetic net!

-It’s coming from there!

[all gasp]

-No way!
-It’s optical camouflage?

[all] Who’s that Pokémon?

[all] It’s Noivern!

[Noivern] Noivern.

Begin reeling it in.

Right. You heard her.
Open up the hatch pronto!

[both] What a complete pain.

[Lana] They’re taking it away!

-[Ash growls]


-[Ash grunts]


-[Lillie] That’s...

-Solgaleo! I missed you.
-Pika. Pika.


[gasps] Solgaleo!


-You can do it!

All right!

-But... Lunala.

Where’s that Ultra Beast?

It fell down in pieces.

[growls softly]

-It’s that aircraft again!
-Yeah, what’s up with them?

Don’t goof up this time.

Raise the electromagnetic net’s power

-as far as it will go.
-Sir, you’re asking for serious damage.

-Whatever. Do it.
-[both] What a pain.



-Stop it now!
-Silvally, use Air Slash!

Pikachu, use Thunderbolt!

Pika! Pikachu!



-[all groan]
-We’ve been hit.

Retreating at once!

[Kiawe] Oh, no! Look!



-[all gasp]
-Oh, no!

It looks like it’s absorbed Solgaleo!

It’s escaping.

-Wait! Give back Solgaleo!

-[Ash gasps]

It absorbed Solgaleo and then disappeared.


[both] Huh?

[both yell]

-Time to Bulk Up!
-Time for my best Vul-tricks!


[all] Huh?

I feel fit as a fiddle!

That bob-cut glasses goon gal
makes me so mad!

Yee-haw! Those two are both back
to being abnormal this time!

[Jessie] Step on it! Let’s catch them!

[James] Our targets are Lunala
and the super-rare whatever!


What should we do? Give up and go home?

Uh-huh. Let’s go and have some Pinap Juice
on the beach.


Hold on! We will never give up!
We’ll just wait for another shot!

-Use the optical camouflage!
-[both] Roger!

-How is Lunala?
-We’re administering first aid!

-This will make you feel better!
-It’s a Sitrus Berry.

-Please be strong!
-It needs to go to a Pokémon Center.

The nearest one is in the underground base
below the Pokémon School!

-Let’s hurry! Faba.

[Komala snores]

[equipment bleeps]

Mother, can you tell us the name
of the Ultra Beast that absorbed Solgaleo?

I don’t know. For the time being,

we’ve decided
that we’re going to call it UB Black.

That sounds scary.


Professor Kukui and Principal Oak!

-Is everyone all right?
-[all] Yeah!

[both gasp]

[Kukui] Amazing! That’s Lunala!

-Great! Professor Kukui is back to normal!
-That’s right.

My once-troubled heart now feels like
nothing but clear skies on a sunny day!

I feel like a Roggen-roller,

ringing a Bel-dum without a care-umaka!

You all seem back to normal too!

We are. It’s quite bittersweet.

We’re feeling fine only because UB Black

is absorbing Solgaleo’s Ultra Aura power
instead of ours.

I wonder if Solgaleo was all right.

Professor Burnet! How’s Lunala?

The treatment was a success!

All it needs to do now is regain
its strength.

-[all sigh in relief]

[sighs] Lunala!

UB Black.

Oh, yeah.

I know I saw UB Black, on the mural
found at the Altar of the Sunne.

Yes. There appears to be a real connection
between the Blinding One and UB Black.

I’ll decipher the text on the mural as
fast as I can to get to the bottom of it.

Just one more thing.

Why did Poipole draw
the same symbol as the one on the mural?

Poi. Poi. Poi. Poipole. Poi, Poi, Poi.

Poipole sure is excited.

I wish I could understand it.

-[pants] Everyone.
-[all] Huh?

I determined who owns the aircraft
that tried to capture Lunala!

So, who were they?

A group that operates mainly in Kanto,
Team Rocket.

[grunts] Not those guys again.

it’s their elite Matori Matrix.

Matori Matrix? Oh, my.

Let’s discuss our course of action
and get UB Black over there.

Understood. I’m asking you to please stay
by Lunala’s side.

-Ultroger, Lusamine!

-I think we should go, too.

It’s begun.

The day of the solar eclipse....

and the Manalo Festival.

[Olivia] Solgaleo, the manifestation
of the sun, has been taken away

and Lunala, the manifestation
of the moon, had its strength stolen.

What is to happen?
What will become of Alola?

The Blinding One. I see.
Apparently, this happened a long time ago.

But you were saved by the manifestation
of the sun and moon, right?

In that case, won’t you help this time?

[Acerola] Listen to yourself!

You need to appeal to it properly.

Please let our feelings reach
the Blinding One.

Let all our appeals be heard.

[grunts and sighs]

I hope you feel better really soon,
Lunala, okay?

[thinks] When I was on Lunala’s back,
it felt so nice and warm,

just like Solgaleo does.

I felt the power of the moon.

[thinks] Solgaleo rescued my mother
and Lunala rescued my sister.

Now it’s my turn to help!

You can count on us
to help you out, Solgaleo!

We’ll give it our all!

[all] Right!

-With all of our might!

[all gasp]


[all giggle]


Yes! It's getting
all of its strength back!


Everyone, look out!

[all gasp]

[narrator] UB Black has absorbed Solgaleo
and taken it away,

while Lunala has regained its strength
after a similar attack.

The future is now an uncertain mystery,
but the journey continues!