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[grunts] What a good sleep!

A brand-new start to a brand-new day!


Poi. Poipole.

-Poi. Poi. Poipole.
-Huh? What's the matter Poipole?

-Poi. Poi.

-What's it looking for?
-[stomach growls]

-[giggles] Breakfast, breakfast.

-Hey. Alola, Professor!

-Oh, no!

What? Something the matter?

That's what I was going to ask!

-Why is your coat buttoned up like that?
-Why? It's cold.

-You're actually wearing a shirt? Whoa!
-It's like my mind's totally covered up

-by a dark cloud.
-What about Professor Burnet?

-[Burnet yawns] Over here.
-[all gasp]

-[gasps] You okay?
-Yeah, fine.

Just a little sleepy, that's all.

So you're not going diving?

If you mean my research,
this is more than enough. [yawns]

[narrator] So, people sure aren't
acting like themselves today.

[yawns] Well, whatever.

♪ Tapu Koko, Tapu Lele
Tapu Bulu, Tapu Fini ♪

♪ We've been preparing, sharing ♪

♪ Training, studying A to Z ♪

♪ Bonding, battling, laughing ♪

♪ Getting crazy, you and me
Because it's coming soon ♪

♪ We will all meet our destiny
Under the Alolan moon ♪

♪ Pokémon ♪

[Ash] Alola!

[Sophocles] Alola.

[Sophocles groans] I'm so hungry

Wait, didn't you have
breakfast this morning?

No. Mom overslept,
which she hardly ever does.

Huh? Huh? Alola!

-[Mallow] Just listen to this!

Dad didn't have any energy, so he left
the restaurant preparations to me!

I couldn't believe it!

Sounds familiar. Mimo and I had to do
all the Pokémon chores before deliveries.

Like us. Dad never went fishing.
He just lazed around.

The same with Hobbes. He acted exhausted.

That's strange! Professor Kukui
and Professor Burnet were weird, too!

How were they weird?

-Well, you see--
-Hey, everyone.

Weird like that.

Is something wrong?
We usually say Alola, right?

-[Kukui] Huh? I guess so.
-Is something wrong?

Nothing. Now, about the Manalo Festival
that takes place the day after tomorrow,

during the total solar eclipse,
I was going to do a class on it,

but you just go talk
amongst yourselves instead.

-[all] Huh?
-[Kukui] That's right. You'll be fine.

[all] Huh?

[both snore]

-I'll Vul-pix myself to sleep.

All right class, I'll give a talk
about the Manalo Festival!

Cool! Go for it!

This will be the first total eclipse
of the sun in 21 years.

According to the stories, the four island
kahunas will go to the different ruins

on each island in order to give thanks
to the Legendary Pokémon,

who are said to have created
the islands in the first place.

Thus, the Manalo Festival!

It's an authentic Alola region tradition
for countless generations!

-So what does Manalo mean anyway?
-It's a word in our ancient language

that literally means
"you and I are living here together."

-Wow. That's a cool word!
-Yeah, I like it, too.

Manalo and Alola. Those two words seem
somehow connected to each other.

Well, you know,
the word Alola means sharing.

Put the two words together...

[Sophocles] It means
let's live together and share!

I have a question! Can you tell me
about the Legendary Pokémon

who created the Alola islands
that you were speaking of before?

-That's the Blinding One!
-The Blinding One?

-Know something about it?

Uh-huh. Acerola told me about it
on Ula'ula Island.

This is the image we saw.

[Sophocles] Is that supposed to be
the Blinding One?

Solgaleo and Lunala, too.

The picture Poipole recently drew
is of the Blinding One.

-Why would Poipole draw that?

[Ash] See, that's what
we haven't figured out.

I've heard of the Blinding One.

-There's no doubt that's it!
-For real?

Back when Mother was a young girl,
my grandfather would tell her

the legend of the Blinding One
when she went to bed.

It was her favorite bedtime story.

Later, Mother would tell my brother and me
the same story as we were going to sleep.

-Hey, can you tell us the story, too?

The Legend of the Blinding One.

Of course. When the Blinding One
appeared in our land,

the world overflowed
with a blinding, glistening light.

That light had a strange
and wonderful power,

which created the islands of Alola.

When The Blinding One
had shed all of its light,

it transformed into darkness,
and went into a long, deep sleep.

At that point, the sun and moon
became flesh and appeared,

sharing their own light.

As it reawakened from its slumber,

The Blinding One's light
once again shined blindingly

and it spread to the ends of the sky!

The end.

I never heard that before.

What about the sun and moon
becoming flesh?

It probably means Solgaleo and Lunala!

-They were in that picture, too.
-And the ends of the sky?

Maybe an Ultra Wormhole!

That means the Blinding One might still be
on the other side of an Ultra Wormhole!

Mm-hm. Maybe, as long as this isn't
just some fairytale.

-Wow! The Blinding One.


It's lunchtime!

-[Sophocles sighs]
-Sophocles? Oh no, you don't have lunch?

-Nope. It's all over. I'm done for.

We'll help! You see, being hungry
isn't fun-fisk, funky, no, Mantine!

What does that mean?
Ash, you're just making me hungrier.

[Rotom] Ash was imitating
Principal Oak and his puns.

Don't tell me you've gone weird, too.

Come on, this is Alola!

-That means sharing, right?
-[Lillie] All right, I'll join!

-[Mallow] Me, too!
-[Kiawe] I'm in!

-[Lana] And me!
-Thanks, everyone. Awesome.






[all] It's time to eat!

-[grunts] It's yummy!
-[Lana] This is Alola and Manalo, right?

Huh? That's right.

They mean sharing and living together
in peace and harmony, right? Right.

This'll be a blast!
I want the eclipse to be today!

But you know, with eclipses, the moon
covers the sun and then you can't see.

That's not my idea of a good time.

Ancient civilizations
were petrified by them,

but to us modern folk, an eclipse
is nothing more than a natural phenomenon.

-Since when did you become fuddy-duddies?

Everyone else
is really looking forward to it!

-[Meowth] Oy vey...
-[Wobbuffet] Wobbu! Wo!

Huh? Hey, Dad? You here?




-Ready for this?
-Bring it on!

Now, Pikachu!


-Let's show them, Marowak!

-Use Gigavolt Havoc!
-Pika! Pika!


-Inferno Overdrive! Full Power
-Maro! Maro! Maro! Maro!


[both] Now what?

[sighs] Not much power today is there?


[Rotom] It appears Pikachu and Marowak
didn't build up the Z-Power

in their bodies like they usually do!

-It is cloudy out.
-[Kiawe] Could that be the reason?

-Poi! Poipole! Poi! Poi! Poi! Poipole...

-What's wrong, Poipole?
-Poi, poi. Poipole

[both] Huh?

-Poipole. Poi
-What's that?

I need to document this!

The power of Ultra Auras that we've
observed throughout the Alola region

so far is taking a sudden nosedive,
don't you think?

But why would that happen?

-[Burnet] I'm working on it.


You know you're forbidden to speak
until your superior has spoken first,

which, in this case, is me.

Oh, please forgive me, Chief.

Oh, my! I never intended to speak
to you that way, Faba

I need to cheer up. Such talk.
I don't like the way I've been acting.

Well, you're not the only one.

[yawns] I might be feeling
the same way, too.

Is this a side effect
of the Ultra Auras' weakening? [groans]

I can't say anything for certain,
but It could be related.

Results complete. It looks like
a tiny Ultra Wormhole has opened up

and it seems to be absorbing the sum
total of the region's Ultra Aura power.

-[Lusamine] Absorbing?
-Up until now,

whenever an Ultra Beast would appear,
Ultra Aura power levels rose dramatically.

But, this time, it's the opposite.

The only possibility I can think of is
that there's something unknown out there

that's absorbing Ultra Aura power.

It looks like we're going
to need to investigate!

-[all] What a hassle.

-Status report?
-Giovanni. Sir.

As we suspected, a very small
Ultra Wormhole has been opened.

As such, the possibility exists
that our target will appear.

I see. Are you certain that our target
will prove to be the Blinding One?

Not sure. That is my goal.

-To find out the answer.

-Then good luck.

Gozu, when do we get to Alola?

-We're almost there now.

-Engage camouflage!

-[grunts] What's the matter, Silvally?

You have got to calm down.
Please, Silvally. Now!

-Wait. Are you afraid?

-[Silvally growls]

[sighs] It can't be.






[all] Who's that Pokémon?

[all] It's Lunala!

[screeches] Lunala!

It just won't clear up.

Worse than that,
it seems to be getting even darker out.

I think a bad storm is on its way.

-[bell rings]
-[all] Huh?

Is that the Ultra Guardians'
emergency signal?

I doubt it. Look at Professor Kukui!

-[Oak] A Snorlaxing day.
-[Kukui] I'm snored out.


All right!

-Let's do it!
-[all] Mm-hm!


[all] Huh?


[Lusamine] Alola.

[groans] All right, Ultra Guardians.

-Is everyone ready?
-Yes, Ma'am.

Mother, would you please make yourself
presentable before appearing in public?

-I guess, but it's such a hassle.
-Mother, how could you?

Please listen. Go to the Altar of the
Sunne on Poni Island right away.

Does that mean there's been
another Ultra Beast sighting?

[Lusamine] We'll save the details
for when we get there.


Fine. Chop, chop.

Is something wrong?

Now is when you're supposed to say
the phrase!

Man. I've always wanted to say it!
All right, Ultra Guardians, off you go!

[all] Ultroger!

Wow, you're here, too, Professor!

Looking good, kiddos.

Hang tight. Member number seven
arriving soon.

Member seven?

-[wind whooshes]
-[all yell] Huh?

-Hey, Ash!

Great to see you! Why are you here?

[Gladion] Silvally is frightened.

And if that's because of an Ultra Beast,
the danger could be unheard of.

Unheard of?

-Is that an Ultra Beast, too?

Yeah! And its name is Poipole! Cutie, huh?


[Kiawe] Lusamine, what's today's mission?

Why don't we take this in order?

-[yawns] Professor Burnet?

Since yesterday, the level of Ultra Aura
power in Alola has been plummeting

to levels never seen before.

We theorize. That's why
we've been feeling rather tired.

Exhausted would be a better word.

That sounds like my dad
and Professor Kukui!

Perhaps. For some reason, it doesn't seem
to affect certain individuals

-like children or Pokémon.
-That sounds right!

My research says the reduction in
Ultra Aura power is caused by

a very small Ultra Wormhole, which has
opened up not very far from here.

And we think that's where the Ultra
Aura power is been being pulled through

-Being pulled through?
-It's possible that there's an Ultra Beast

on the other side of the Ultra Wormhole
that has that capability.

[all gasp]

What's the probability that
the Ultra Beast might appear on this side?

If the Ultra Wormhole
becomes any larger, it just might.

For that reason, we'd like to get
the coordinates on the Ultra Wormhole.

Hey, Faba? Faba!

Uh, yes. Now, let's see,

This thick cloud cover
is getting in the way.

So it's time to use the cloud-busting
machine I just happened to develop.

However, this requires you to combine
all of your Z-Moves to power my invention.

-That should clear out the clouds.
-Our Z-Moves?

We tried that, but it didn't work out.

-We just couldn't build up enough power.
-That makes sense.

Recent research has demonstrated there is
a hidden connection between Z-Power

-and the power of an Ultra Aura.

We couldn't use our Z-Moves because
the Ultra Aura power levels dropped.

But even if you don't have full power
individually, if we can get four of you

to input the power you have,
this machine should work. I think.

Four of us?

I know I can use Z-Moves.
And Kiawe, Lana...

And me.

-Let's go, Pikachu!
-Pika! Pika!

Gigavolt Havoc, full power!

-Inferno Overdrive!
-Maro! Maro! Maro!

-Popplio, Hydro Vortex!

-Continental Crush!



-[Ash] Whoa!
-[Kiawe] A complete success!

And it's all thanks to you!

Now, I'll research
the Ultra Wormhole's location.

[Lusamine] While we're waiting,
there's something I want you all to see.

-[all] Huh?
-Quite recently,

we discovered new ruins located
just behind the Altar of the Sunne.

-[all] Huh?
-I'll show you.


-This is it.
-[all gasp]

-It's the Blinding One!

Poipole! Poi. Poi. Poi. Poipole.

That's the symbol Poipole drew yesterday!

-Yeah, you're right.
-And look at all those letters!

[Rotom bleeps]
Those are ancient characters!

Do you remember?
The legend of the Blinding One?

-Of course!

If we can somehow decrypt these letters,

we could gain a clearer understanding
of the legend.

[Lillie gasps]

-[Burnet] Come back, quick!
-[all] Huh?

-[Ash] What's going on?

It looks like we've located
the Ultra Wormhole.

We've determined
that it's quickly growing larger!

Where is it?

Up there. In that direction.

An Ultra Wormhole?




-It's Lunala!



-So cool!

I'm getting to meet
another Legendary Pokémon!

I'm moved to an intensity
no less than an Inferno Overdrive!

How great is this?
First I meet Solgaleo and now Lunala, too!

-So awesome!
-[Rotom] It's the best!

-Calm down, Silvally!

Hey, Gladion, do you think Lunala's
absorbing the Ultra Aura's power?

Huh? No, it's not!

-There's another one coming!
-Huh? Wait, another one?


-[all gasp]

-[all gasp]

Poipole! Poipole!

[narrator] First Lunala suddenly appears,

then another creature appears,
in hot pursuit!

But what is it?

We'll find out, as the journey continues!