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Pokémon (1997–…): Season 21, Episode 17 - Lilie Soars Through the Air! The PokéSled Jump Tournament!! - full transcript

[narrator] This is Ula'ula Island,

where we find Alola's tallest mountain,
Mount Lanakila.

So, why don't we take a peek to find out
just what our heroes are doing there?

It's so white!

-That's 'cause it's real snow!

-[both squeal]

-Roc! [growls]

[squeals happily]

My dad brought me here once
when I was a little kid.

-So, snow is no big deal to me!

-Huh? [groans]

-Yeah, bull's-eye!
-Pika! Pika!

Ha! You'll regret that! So... [grunts]

Vul! Vul! Vul!

-Snowy seems to be so happy!
-That makes sense to me.

It was hatched from an egg that was found
right here on Mount Lanakila, after all.

-On the other hand...
-[all shivering]

[Rotom] They all look so cold!

I guess Rowlet and Litten
aren't used to cold climates.

Why don't you get warm
inside your Poké Ball?


You'll catch a cold with those clothes.

I don't think I'd take advice
from you on that!

But watch this!
If I beat my Belly Drum like Hariyama,

my fighting spirit
will drive away the cold!

Exactly! The fire in my spirit rages
even hotter than a Blast Burn.

I'm toasty warm!

And my soul is raging far hotter than even
the most powerful of Inferno Overdrives!

[wind whooshes]


[all sneeze]

♪ Tapu Koko, Tapu Lele
Tapu Bulu, Tapu Fini ♪

♪ We've been preparing, sharing
Training, studying A to Z ♪

♪ Bonding, battling, laughing
Gettin' crazy, you and me ♪

♪ 'Cause it's coming soon
When we all meet our destiny ♪

♪ Under the Alolan moon ♪

♪ Pokémon! ♪

These new-fangled, cold-weather jackets
are both light and warm!

-Though they do feel kind of itchy.
-I really rather like mine.

Then shall we be on our way?

Crab! Crab! Crab! Crab!

[Ash] It's going to be fun
watching Crabrawler evolve!

Of course that's why we came all the way
to Mount Lanakila in the first place.

Oh, look there! It's a group of Snorunt!

-Sandshrew! Sandshrew!

-And a white Sandshrew!
-That's a new one for me.

[Rotom] Sandshrew! Alola Form.
The Mouse Pokémon.

An Ice and Steel type.
Their outer armor is like steel,

which prevents them rolling into a ball.

There aren't many places
in the Alola region

where one comes across Pokémon
who live in snowy habitats.

This might be the perfect spot
to have a little rest.

Good idea. Okay, everyone!
We're taking a ten-minute break!

I brought hot tea along with me
that we can all share!

-I brought some chocolate cookies, too!
-I brought some Old Gateau!

I brought freshly-baked
Moomoo Milk bread from our farm!

-That means it's snack time!


Huh? Did you forget to bring a snack?

-Of course not! Look over there!
-[Ash] Huh?

I've never seen a footprint like that.

Amazing! What a discovery!
Judging from the footprint's diameter,

I'd say it's an undiscovered Pokémon
who could be as much as ten feet tall!

[both] Huh?

Huh? [sniffs]

-Vul! Vul! Vul!
-Huh? Snowy, where are you going?

-Wait for me!
-[all] Huh?

-All right, let's go!

Hey, Snowy? Where did you go?

-[Snowy] Vulpix! Vul!
-That's Snowy!

-[Cerah] Huh! Look out!
-[Lillie] Huh?

-Ninetales, you're up!

Ninetales! Nine!

-[Cerah] Are you all right?
-Me? I'm fine!

Oh, thank goodness! I'm sorry! I didn't
think anybody would be out on this trail.

It's all right, but it was Snowy who...
What a pretty Ninetales!


Snowy ran this way because
it knew Ninetales was over here.

Excuse me.
Would you tell me the name of that move?

-It's called Aurora Veil.
-Aurora Veil? I see.

-Vul! Vul!
-Huh? Would you like to learn

-how to use Aurora Veil, too?

[both pant]

-Hey, what happened?

-Huh? White Ninetales?

Oh. Are you...
Is your name Cerah, by any chance?

-[Cerah] Yes, that's right.

It's you!
Do you mind if I shake your hand?

[Rotom squeals happily]

-Hey, who's Cerah?
-[Sophocles] You don't know Cerah?

Cerah is the most famous
Pokémon Sled Jumper from the Alola region!

She's appearing
in the next big competition!

Oh! Sorry. I had no idea!

I'm Ash Ketchum
and this here is my partner, Pikachu.

-I'm Rotom Dex. A pleasure.

-My name's Sophocles. This is Togedemaru.

It's nice to meet you. I'm Lillie
and Snowy is my partner's name.

-That's such a cute name!

A white Ninetales. You are so cool!

Ninetales, Alola Form. The Fox Pokémon.

An Ice and Fairy type.

This Pokémon is known to rescue people
from treacherous mountain accidents.

Wow. That's so awesome of you!

[gasps] I've got to get back to the track
right away. Sorry.

I hope you do very well.

Hey, you know what? There's
a Pokémon Sled Jump event tomorrow.

You could enter if you wanted to.

-I know you'll have lots of fun!

Got to run! Hope to see you again!


-[both] The coolest!
-I'll say.

-[Kukui] Hey! Get back here, quick!
-[all] Huh?

-[grunts] There's a battle going on!

-[Sophocles] Crabrawler against a Sneasel!
-Crabrawler! Power-Up Punch!

-Crab, Crab, Crab... rawler!

Sneasel! [groans]

It's a win for Crabrawler!

Crabrawler! Crabrawler! Crabrawler!

-Aha! And so it all begins!
-Don't blink, or you'll miss it!

Crabrawler! Crabrawler...

-Check it out!


[Rotom] Crabominable.
The Woolly Crab Pokémon.

A Fighting and Ice type. The white fur
on its body allows Crabominable

to withstand the coldest weather.

Now you and I are the perfect match!


Huh? That's the same shape
as the print we saw earlier!

It wasn't a footprint. It was the mark
left by Crabominable's punch!

[Sophocles] Oh, well.
So, it wasn't a new kind of Pokémon.

Yeah, but it's an amazing discovery

Hala? So, now what are your plans?

Hm. I actually did have a different
reason for coming out here. [chuckles]

[all] Huh?

I was planning on signing up,
along with Crabominable,

-for tomorrow's Pokémon Sled Jump.

-Is it the event Cerah was talking about?
-You're right!

Cerah the famous
Pokémon Sled Jump competitor?

Mm-hm. And we just
happened to say hi to her in person!

-Oh! Ha!
-I'm jealous.

I heard Cerah would be invited
as a guest to the competition,

so I guess it's true.

So, why don't we all go
and check out the track?

Glalie! [echoes]

-Pokémon Sled jumping is great!

-[Cerah gasps] Lillie!
-It's Cerah!

don't you think it looks like fun, guys?

-Sure does!
-[Lillie] Lots of fun!

You can rent a sled. Entering
the competition is as easy as pie.

-Sounds great! We're going to enter!

-Turtonator and I are going to enter, too!

-Vul! Vul!
-Do you want to enter, Snowy?


Do it, Lillie.
We'll all be there to cheer you on!

Yeah, you can do it!

All right. Then Snowy and I are in!

How about practicing?
It's not until tomorrow, remember.

-Hey. Why don't we all practice together?
-Huh? You don't mind?

[all] All right!

Who would've thought the Twerps
would be jumping in?

Well, I, for one, am not losing
to a bunch of half-baked fools!

We'll win enough dough
to make our own rules!

[all] Think of it! Freedom
and we'll be off on a new, new blast!

Wobbu! Wobbu!

All right, look up there! That's where
I've been practicing since I was a kid!


[Cerah] First, we'll try a basic jump.


[all] Whoa!

Okay, who's up next?

-[Ash] I'll try it!

[Ash laughs and yells]

-Huh! I did it!
-Pikachu forgot its move!

-Yeah. Guess you're right.
-That was a good effort for a first time.

So, why don't we concentrate
on jumping and landing safely for now?

[kids] Okay!



-Ow! What happened?
-Turtonator might be too heavy to jump.

-Go get them!
-Relax. No pressure!

-All right. Here we go!

Oh! It's so fast! [screams]

Keep your eyes open!



-[all panting]

[all] Lillie!

[all] Who's that Pokémon?

[all] It's Ninetales!

[Ninetales] Ninetales! Tales!

-Thunderbolt, go! [laughs]

[Ash screams]

-Now that was an impressive jump.
-But how much can a human body take?

Vul! Vul! Vul!

-Snowy's ready to go again.

-What about you?
-[Lillie] Well, I...

[Cerah] Does jumping scare you now?

I know I can jump!
Well, at least theoretically, I can.

I just have to put my mind to it!
That's all. I guess.

A fall can put fear into your mind.
Sometimes it's the first thing you feel.

I feel bad that Snowy tried so hard
to deal with such a high jump.

I understand.
I went through the same thing.

You did, Cerah?

It was when this one was still a Vulpix.

My mother wanted me
to take piano lessons,

but when a friend of mine entered
a Pokémon Sled Jump competition,

I half-heartedly started practicing, too.

Then after a spectacular wipeout,
I got scared of jumping.


I had decided to give it up, but then...


Vulpix wanted to build up my courage
by getting me to try it again

and after some coaxing, I agreed.

I'll never forget the exhilaration
I felt at that moment!

By the middle of that jump,
I got the sense that

-Vulpix and I were feeling the same way.

Really? You both felt that?

[Snowy] Vulpix! Vulpix!

-We're both going to give it another try!

First things first! You're going
to have to get used to the speed!


-Do you want to ride Charizard again?

-[Lillie] Yes, please!
-But the last time, you were scared stiff.

[Lillie] That's exactly
what I need to do to get over it!

Hm. I'm not scared!
I'm not scared! Humph!

I am not scared!

-[chuckles] I did it!
-Vul! Vul!

-[girls] All right!
-That's the spirit!

You're a success!

[Mallow] Next, you should try a move.

-Which one?
-Vul! Vul!

-What if I tried Aurora Veil?
-Huh? A move Snowy doesn't know yet?

[Mallow] Can Snowy learn it
during the jump?


Maybe you should ask Cerah
to teach you the basics!

All right. The move Aurora Veil can
only be used when there is hail falling.

-Does Snowy know any moves that do that?
-Of course!

We've worked on that a lot
practicing our moves.

[Snowy] Vul!

-Aurora Veil!

Pop! Pop! Pop!

-Vul. Vul.
-Snowy? Let's take a break.

-I guess it's not that easy to learn.

[Snowy] Vul! Vul!


-Wow! See that?
-Yeah! It looked like Aurora Veil!

-Snowy! That was great!

All right, I'm calling it for now!

Let's make a U-Turn to the Pokémon Center
down the mountain!

[all laughing]

-Wow! Snowy!

-You did it!
-That was so good!

Pop! Pop! Pop!


[sportscaster] Alola!
And welcome to Mount Lanakila

and the Special Move Competition
of the Pokémon Sled Jump Games!

I'll call the action, and I'm here
with a Pokémon Sled Jump master!

The pleasure's mine! The jumps are judged
on the distance, plus the beauty of moves!

And after 40 years of concentrating
on jumps, I'm an expert!

[sportscaster] First up on the slope
is the team of Kiawe and Turtonator!


They're using Flamethrower
as they approach the jump!

There's the takeoff!

That's impressive!
Launching a spinning move in midair!

I can tell you right now
how that will be judged. A fail!

What a landing! Expect high marks!

No way. I would have gone much farther
40 years ago!



[sportscaster] Next up, we have
the self-styled master of all jumpers,

-Jessigold, with her Mimikyu!
-Show them who's the jumping queen!

-Ride them high and steal the scene!


[sportscaster] They make their approach
and pick up the pace using Shadow Ball!

Of course! That's a brilliant technique
I developed 50 years ago!

[sportscaster] The takeoff...
it's a midair Wood Hammer!

And it's all because of me!

[all] Huh?


-[sportscaster] What just happened?

[Team Rocket] We're off with a new blast!

-Uh, that looks like a Bewear.
-I wonder if they know each other.

[sportscaster] Next up are Island Kahuna
Hala and Crabominable,

a heavyweight-class duo.

-Look at that!

With the boost from a Power-Up Punch!

You know, 60 years ago,
I'd have flown farther!

He unfolded his fans!

Not that old trick!
The fan-floating technique!

It's a kahuna specialty!
The Kahuna Belly Drum!


[sportscaster] When it comes
to originality, no one beats a kahuna!

Next up is the close-knit team
of Ash and Pikachu.

-Watch out for great things!

-[sportscaster] Here's the takeoff.
-Do it, Pikachu!

They can't be...
I know that! It's a Thunder Shock!

-All right, Pikachu, full power, now!
-Pika! Pika! Pika!

-Gigavolt Havoc!
-Pika... chu!

Oh, no! Their Z-Move backfired on them
and they jumped backwards!

I think they broke my record for negative
jumping distance set 70 years ago!

[sportscaster] Next up! Next up!

Next up! Our final entry is
the pairing of Lillie and Snowy.

Snowy, remember all our practicing.

-Let's do it right!

-Let's go!

[all] Yay, Lillie and Snowy!

After a careful approach,
here comes the takeoff!

-And skyward hail-making!
-[gasps] Oh!

[sportscaster] Huh?
It's getting windy up there.

-That's sure to be a fail!
-[grunts] Do it!


-[giggles] Oh!

And it's an Aurora Veil!


And a successful landing!
A spectacular jump!

Perhaps. Although I would have done
a much better landing 80 years ago.

-Yes, Lillie!
-What a landing!

-They're the best!
-A stupendous jump!

-Great job!
-Pika! Pika!

And that completes the jumps
for our competition.

Now, while the judges are busy
tabulating all the scores,

we present our special guest Cerah,

-with an exhibition jump.

Dubbed the Silver-Haired Glider,
Cerah makes a perfect approach.

Ninetales powers their takeoff
with Frost Breath!

Then it's the Dazzling Gleam
that leads to an Aurora Veil!

A multi-colored curtain!

But she isn't done yet!

It's the Galactica
Shooting Star technique!

What a beautiful sight to see!

That looks just like me 90 years ago.

That was totally amazing. Perfect!


Now, we present you
with the judges' tabulations.

I think it'll be Lillie
who takes first place!

-I was thinking the same thing!

No, not me.

Don't worry 'cause we'll be the winners!

-[drum roll]
-First prize goes to...

the team of Kahuna Hala
and Crabominable!


Crabominable? We did it!


[sportscaster] For the victorious pair,
our Sled Jump master

will present a fabulous prize
chosen just for the occasion!

-It's my very sled from 99 years ago!

[all groan]

I'm sorry. I really wanted to win this
for you so could feel happy and proud.


Not bad for a first time.

Cerah. Hi!


Yes. A bit.

That's how it should be.

But that frustration will turn
into the determination to succeed!

Right! And it's so much fun
to participate in something

where you can work
with your Pokémon as a team!

Cerah, thank you so much!

[giggles] Watching you made me think back
to my very early days.

-And all the great friends I made.


The class sure had a lot of lessons
to soak up.

Class, we're heading back to
Melemele Island

-quicker than a Quick Attack!
-[all] Right!

[narrator] Now Lillie and Snowy
have strengthened their bond,

how will that affect
the kind of Trainer Lillie becomes?

The answers to come,
as the journey continues!