Peaky Blinders (2013–…): Season 6, Episode 3 - Episode #6.3 - full transcript

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Jack Nelson's coming to London.

There are some people in this
country who I'd like to meet.

Fascists. Not the ones in boots
and black shirts.

The ones in tuxedos.

Mr Shelby, Lady Diana Mitford.

Oswald's most recent
and last ever mistress.

Officially he's coming to buy
liquor import licenses.

And unofficially
he's Roosevelt's envoy.

By being among the Fascists,
by being among 'em,

I can undermine them.

Still looking for trouble big enough
to kill you. If you don't want

to help me carry the bucket,
then I wouldn't blame you.

You have to carry this bucket
on your own.

Do we have a deal, Mr Nelson?

You're a brave man.

Every war hero I ever met,

they're just someone who wanted
to get themselves killed.

If anyone is going to kill
Tommy Shelby... It will be you.

The devil will be dead.
The future belongs to us.

You need to see a doctor.

We've got to keep going until
the Boston business is done.


Tommy, she has a temperature of 101
and nothing is working.

Just get here now.


Out of the way! Out of the way! Where's the doctor?
Can you get the doctor?

I need to speak a doctor. Mr Shelby.

Mr Shelby,
your daughter has consumption.

is a very infectious disease.

There are procedures
that must be followed.

Please, hand over the child. OK.

It's going to be all right.

Right, you take her. You be gentle.

Look after her.

That's my daughter, you hear me?

I need to be with her.

I need to be with my daughter!


OK. Come on. They are X-raying Ruby,
they have to X-ray us

because we might have it as well.
Fuck us, Lizzie.

Fuck us! Fuck you and me!

Who brought this on?

We brought on this curse.

Stop, Tommy.

Fucking stop!

They wouldn't let me pass.

They wouldn't let me pass.

They did it on purpose,
to punish me.

Tommy, stop it, please.

All right.

All right.

My husband is very sorry.


My husband is very sorry
and he is calm now.

He is recovering from addiction.


..he's a horse in a crate,
kicking the crate.

It's just the crate I'm kicking.

I'm sorry.

Lizzie. Yeah?

Tell me what I have to do.

This way, sir. Sorry.

Thank you.


Mr Shelby, you will need to
keep still for a moment.


To see what's inside.

Wait till you see.


God knows what's inside.

God help her.


She has a tubercular infection
in her left lung.

They've caught it quite early.

They'll do more tests.

They do this thing,
pulmonary something,

where they collapse the lung,
let it rest.

Sometimes the lung cures itself.

And if that doesn't work,
they use gold.


Gold? Gold salts.

The doctor said he explained
their methods to you

when you cut the ribbon to open
the institution.

I can't remember,
I wasn't listening.

Yeah, well.

Gold salts.

Salt with 37% gold.

They say it helps, but it will
make her more sick at first.

Did they say what...?

Did they say what the chances are?

No. They don't say. Hm.

But she's small.

And with TB that's not good
because the disease is big and fast.



I'm so sorry, my darling.

But I will deal with it.

I will make it go away.

I will strike a bargain.


You should be wearing a mask.

I am.

You can try gold,
I will try something else.


Mayfair 244.

Ada. Listen to me.

I need you to be me in London.

No, it's important.

I know you want nothing to do
with my business,

but Ruby is very sick.

I need five days of your time.



So she dresses well.

Go to the door and take her coat.
Yes, ma'am.

Uh...and make a note of the label.

Of course, ma'am.


Oh, Thomas, where the devil are you?




Mrs Ada Thorne, ma'am.

I thought you were all called
Shelby. Ah, I'm a widow.

My husband didn't have the
good grace to die. He lingers yet.

Your husband is a member of
the Guinness family, I believe.

They do a lot of good work on behalf
of the poor.

The poor who are only poor because

they spent so much of their income
on Guinness. Please.

I think the causes of poverty are
a little more complex than that.

Yes. I believe it is to do
with genetics.

Huh. Beautiful vase.

My grandfather stole it from
a brothel in Cairo.

Egyptian. The 18th Dynasty, I think.

How do you know so much about
Egyptian vases?

I collect antiques. Hm.

A tribe of Gypsies settles on
a clearing in a factory town.

Children, of course,
ensue in their hundreds,

but one of them becomes
a gangster and a politician,

the other a collector of antiques.

It is quite extraordinary.

A result of genetics, I think.

My dear, you researched me
and I researched you.

If this was 1919, you would have
come through my front door carrying

a revolver and a Molotov cocktail

and would happily have blown off
my head.

Hm, isn't it wonderful how time
changes everything?

Where is the American?
He'll be here later.

Where is Mosley? He heard Thomas
wasn't coming so he decided to sulk.

You know how men are.
Where is Thomas?

His daughter is sick.

Does he not employ a Governess?

It's a class thing, a genetic thing.

He puts his daughter's welfare
before business.

Even the business of changing
the world.

I thought today was purely social.

Now that it's just you,
I suppose it will be.


You should know your brother
has altered my life.

The men here just bounce up and down
in their saddles in a rising trot,

never even galloping.

Thomas is the man on the horse
on the vase.

That's why I put it out for you
to look at.

According to recent interpretations,

the black rider on 18th Dynasty
vases is meant to signify

approaching death.

So, yes, I suppose it resembles

Tell me, why is he so emotionally

Oh. Because he is a character in
a novel, of course.

One of those novels ladies like you
like to read. All about wild men.

Oh, I don't read novels,

I read only pornography
and politics.

In the absence of the men, shouldn't
we ladies be engaging in small talk?

Very well. Small talk.

You know I like to fuck women
as well as men.


Mm, Tommy was right.

He says that everything is a circle.

A lady in Eaton Square, as coarse
and honest as an Aston whore.

I just realised I haven't even
offered you a drink.


Ada. Before the dreary business
of changing the world begins,

I want you to know something.

When the time comes for
the great cleansing,

I myself will personally argue
the case that

the Jews must be dealt with, but
that the Gypsies should be spared.


Let's drink whisky
and wait for the American.



Who the fuck are you?

I am the owner of this Colt pistol
and the bullets within it.

And I am in a hurry.

I followed the patrin signs
for the Lee family.

I'm looking for Esme Shelby-Lee.

Never heard of her.


Esme's husband
was a fucking dirty Didicoi.

He was a Peaky Blinder. Yeah?

Well, I'm the elder and more

And as I said, I'm in a hurry.

Where is she?


Put your gun away, Thomas,
there's children around.

You only found me
cos I let you find me.

I heard you were looking,
and I'm curious.

If any of these men is your man,
please tell him I want no trouble.

I don't have a man.

What use is a man?

A horse pulls the wagon.
A dog keeps me safe.

A cat keeps me warm at night.

And if anybody's going to give you
trouble, Tommy Shelby. It'll be me.

What do you want?

Tell them to leave.

What, you think I'm in charge here?

Oh, I'm sure of it, Esme.


Didicoi's too grand to put his arse
on the grass these days?

I have a daughter, Esme.

Her name is Ruby.

She's fallen ill suddenly.

She's very sick.

And I can tell by saying her name
and looking in your eyes

that I have wasted petrol,
time and hope.

Wasted petrol on what?


Tommy Shelby, OBE MP.

Running round the mountains in

pursuit of a Gypsy curse,
is that it?

I thought you had Polly deal with
the spirits. Polly is dead.

Bullet or a blade?

Still speaks to me in my dreams.

It was her who told me
to come find you.


That name like the ringing of
the school bell.

Come and do as you're told.

Oh, fuck!

I am so glad I'm not in your camp
any more.

Made of bricks and bars.

My daughter is dying, Esme.

Some people go to France.
To Lourdes.

I hear they sell trinkets.

I need more than fucking trinkets.

I can tell from your reaction
this is not your doing.

I'm sorry for troubling you.



The butler says our American friend
is parking the car.

He also says, in answer to
your inquiry, Diana,

that the coat our exotic friend
is wearing is made by Chanel.

That's a very expensive label.
Yes, it is.

But the perfume
I can smell on you is very cheap.


I am deeply, deeply annoyed
that Thomas isn't here.

It is a family emergency,

We only have Ada. The sister.

Well, would the sister like
some more Champagne?

Oh, the sister is allowed to speak?

She thinks this lunch is
purely social.


The sister is here because there's
sickness in the family.

Thomas wanted someone from
the Shelby organisation

to introduce Mr Nelson to you

and to offer all three of you
an invitation.

Ooh. What invitation?

The invitation can wait.

And please remember, in this moment,
in this room,

it is the Shelby family
that holds the power,

because we have the information
and the incentives

that will make Mr Nelson do
what you require him to do.

So when I speak, please keep
your fucking mouths closed,

because, although I'm reluctant,
I am actually quite good at this.

And yes, I will have Champagne.


Ah. Take care of this.

OK, so before these dull
introductions begin,

I just have to tell you something
that my niece Gina just told me.

Oh, Jack. She said the Shelby family
are all witches

and sorcerers who speak freely
with the dead.

So who here's a Shelby?


Is it true?

Gina. Hello, Ada.

Michael sends his regards.

You're the sister.

Yes, it seems I am indeed
the sister.

I did some research.

You were a Communist once,
but diamonds and lipstick now.

Actually, I'm a Socialist.

She is Mr Shelby's
political adviser.

And you, you're the future
Prime Minister of Great Britain

and its dominions. Indeed I am.

And you, Lady Diana Mitford,

the talk of London with
her amphetamines and emeralds.


It is her sharp mind that
I am in love with.

Men bore me.
Ada, do you have a man?

My husband died,
but of course we speak often.

Between this sparkling conversation,
could I get a drink of some kind?

So this little kid Gina,
she runs out,

she marries a gangster,

and now here we all are.

Oh, Jack, please, you are so blunt.

Yes, it's wonderful.

A man who is not careful
with his words.

I'm not careful.

Just say it first then clear up
the broken glass with my bare hands.

There you are.

I don't seem to have
a drink either.

Well, I have Scotch or Irish.

Thomas drinks Irish.

Where the hell is he? Irish.

He's been unavoidably detained.

Nothing is unavoidable.
His daughter is unwell.

He doesn't have a wife?

You know, I did some research
on you too, Mr Nelson.

Ada here is the smart one
of the family.

I learnt that when you were young
you lost a brother

and a sister to consumption?

No ice?

Well, that same awful illness
has entered our family.

And, you see, Thomas has very little
faith in current medical practice

regarding tuberculosis.
Man, he has that right.

He's gone off in search
of alternative approaches

to curing the disease.

Experimental work that he hopes
will save the life of his daughter.

In his shoes I would do
the same thing.

Your brother intrigues me.

Yes, he often has that effect
on people.

Yes, and my future husband has that
effect on 20 million people in this

country who attend his rallies
and listen to his broadcasts.

It's amazing what English
upper class women can do

with just skin, bone and arrogance.

My brother sends his apologies
for not being here

and would like to invite all of you
to his home for a meeting.

A meeting where the real business
will be done.

And where you can meet like minds
from Ireland who would also like

to discuss the future of Europe.

But as you say, this lunch is
purely social.

And looking at my glass, I see
I still don't have Champagne.

Michael told me the sister
had gone straight.

Yes, but her brother is the sun,
and the rest just orbit around him.

Gina tells me lots of things,
but I want to hear it from you, Ada.

What exactly does
the Shelby Company Limited do?




You used to have eyes in
the back of your head.

How can you change so much
and not change at all?

I have other lines of inquiry,
give me the spark plug. Gimme the...

Gimme the fucking spark plug.

Give you the spark, give you hope?
Is that what you want?


Something you should see.

Someone dead,
someone grieving.

A lot of hate against you.

You were wise to come to me, Thomas.

Open up the bonnet, would you?

What hate?

What hate, what grieving?

I can't explain where it is
you have to go.

So I'll take you there.

I hope the suspension is good.

We're going to a wild old place.


Mrs Thorne, Mr Shelby isn't here.

I know. I am.

Do you know where he's gone?

He's gone up a mountain
looking for a miracle.

No-one is allowed to go in
if he's not here.

Just bring me the keys.

All of the keys.

Do you want tea, Mrs Thorne?


Mr Shelby doesn't allow whisky
in the building any more.

Then have someone
go and fetch some.

Until Mr Shelby comes down off
his mountain, I'm in charge.

Yes, Mrs Thorne.


Mickey, I've got to go.
The boss's sister is here.

For the next five days, I'm not
the boss's sister, I'm the boss.

Where is Arthur?
We locked him in the cash safe.

When he gets the yamps really bad
he tells us to lock him in the safe,

to stop him from slipping down
to China Town.

What are the yamps?

When you lose your head.
When you can't control yourself.

Young people say it.

And Arthur gets the yamps a lot?

A lot is twice a day.
Arthur gets them three times a day.

It smells in here.

Arthur sleeps on the floor.
We lock him in at night.

On your feet.

Sit down.

Nice perfume.

Tommy likes you, Isiah.

I believe I'm suited to this life.

I'm not so sure about you.

I was given to understand that you
are no longer part of the company.


You speak well.

I was going to be an accountant

but everybody said I would be wasted
counting money,

instead of stealing it.

What's the name of that perfume?

I've got a girlfriend
with a birthday.

I want you to go to Liverpool.

Then I will go to Liverpool.

We have opium in storage at
the Salthouse docks.

Word got out among the dock workers.

They started stealing cupfuls,
now it's by the bucket.

By the bucket? The audacity of it.

The sale of the stolen opium
is being organised

by a union convenor
called Haydn Stagg.

In the envelope you'll find details
of where to find him

and what to do to him when you do.

Is there a black star in
the envelope?

I decided not.

You decided?

The name of the perfume is
know your fucking place, soldier.


I decided he'll just take a beating.

And also, that you're
going to take Arthur with you.

Arthur, ten days clean,

and we're going to take him into
a warehouse full of fucking opium?

It can be your job
to look after him.

Why take him at all?

It's his reputation you're taking.

The beating can be conducted
in a civilised way.

No-one would dare fuck with
Arthur Shelby.

But they would fuck with me?

Yes. He is Arthur Shelby.

You're Isiah...who?

I'm just Isiah,
who is keen to learn, Ada.

Keep him clean.

Deal with Haydn Stagg,
bring Arthur back in one piece.

And in return, I won't tell Tommy
that you're laying private bets

on races that we've fixed.

Just trying to make
a few extra pennies,

buy that birthday present
for my girlfriend.

Mm, lucky girl.





Lock the door, Lizzie.
There are people around here

who start drinking
this early in the morning.


I need to stay myself
and be strong.

Now, come on, not with me.
You can let it go with me.

I can't cry, Ada.
If I start, I'll fall apart.

I need to stay strong for Ruby.

Tommy says it's just in one lung.

No. They now think it's in both.

It's moving quickly.

They collapsed the left lung
but it made no difference.

They're starting her
on the gold salts tomorrow.

You know somebody who died
on the gold treatment, yes?

Half the people I tell
look like you just did

because they know someome
who died on the gold treatment.

The person I knew was old.

Old and young, the same.

Have you given up, Lizzie?


I'm being strong.

At her bedside, on my own.

While Tommy is up in the mountains
to be among the gypsies.

In truth it's a blessing
he's not around at the hospital,

because all he wants to do
is fight people

and blame himself,

and I've never felt
so ashamed of him,

Christ, because right now
I need a normal man.

And it's me sitting there,
taking away the bloody rags

and watching her disappear.


Do you know when he's back, Ada?

He gave me instructions,
not information.

Can you get a message to him?

He'll be out of reach.

Ada, I thought you might
know things.

I've been away from all this.

You're still Gypsy.

Yeah, well. The mystery leaves you.

What mystery? Lizzie, is there
anything practical that I can do?

Before he left, he was looking
for a number for Esme.

What's Esme got to do with this?

I thought you might know.

Esme's a Lee.

What does that mean?

The Lees and the Barwells,
they're wild tribes.

Where do they live?

They're gypsies,
they live where they like.

Fuck. Fuck, Ada.

Tribes in the mountains.

It's 1934, and the doctors
know what it is,

they know what causes it,

but oh, no, my husband,
he knows better.

Not a normal man, your brother.

He's up in the mountains
with fucking horse thieves

and sorcerers while I'm here
on my own.

Not a normal man.



It's OK, Arthur.
I'll look after you.


And Ada said it would be OK
if I recruited my cousins.

Off the streets of Alum Rock,
and looking for the big time.

What do you say, Arthur?

I say big-time boys
don't ask for permission.

I think he means you're in.

Let's go.

Can you still ride bareback?





We're a long way from anywhere,

If I find out
you've been wasting my time,

I'll use that rope
to fucking hang you.

Right, hold up,
Hold on, hold on.

Listen, you know what
you've got to do, right?

You've got your orders,
I'm depending on you.

Do you hear me?

Let me tell you something.

Any man, any fucking man
who looked like this before...

..they're Peaky Blinder.

Peaky Blinder
still looks like this.


# Ar! Ar! Ar! Ar! Ar!

# Said the puppy to the snake

# I've got a real big mirror
of a smile

# And I hold it to the fakes

# Hard boot slammed to the ground

# So I see what shakes. #

We are here to meet
a gentleman called Haydn Stagg.

A gentleman?

Mr Stagg?

That scoundrel.

Never there when you need him.

Who needs him?

We do.

Where is he?

Last I saw he was up to his balls
in a lady called Maria.


We have no time for tradition

or the rules of the sporting life.

Because, among the Peaky Blinders,

any man who comes home from
a mission with all his bullets,

he pays a fine.

My name's Haydn Stagg.

I hear there's some men here
from Birmingham looking for me.

I was in the banana warehouse
playing football with the boys.


But I'm guessing you gentlemen
aren't here to kick footballs.


We're here about
other business.

We like to call it
Black Star business.

The Black Star a pub, is it?

Yeah. The Black Star's a pub.

The last pub
you ever fucking drink in.

The Peaky Blinders
take you to the Black Star

and all your troubles are done.

But the pub you drink in,
Mr Stagg,

is called The Dolphin, right?

Every night you're in there.

Not to drink -

you're there divvying up
the days takings, in't ya?

And there's a woman there.

She sings out, "Opium for sale!"

Sit down, boys.

The rules say the King puts his head
on the block and the game is up.

You're stealing from
the Shelby Company Limited.

You're stealing from
the Peaky Blinders, man.


..punishment... a visit
to the Black Star pub.

But, out of kindness of my heart,

your sentence has been commuted.

Praise the fucking Lord!

And our lovely Ada, eh?


..instead, Mr Haydn Stagg,
it's just a beating for you.

Well, before I take this beating...

Arthur Shelby, is it, yeah?

Well, comrade, beneath your sleeves
lies the truth.

The marks on your arm.


Stories about you
come up the canal.

Where once you walked fine alone,
now you need a stick.

Let's just fucking do it, Arthur.

For me it was the morphine
they gave us in France.

I got a taste for it, Arthur.

It was 1924 before I realised
the fucking war was over.

There's a warehouse full of it is
just across the yard, there,

where the boys play football.

And they steal it
and roll around laughing,

and it floats in the air.

But I'm strong, comrade.

Arthur. Let's just fucking do it.

Liar. It's me that's due a beating.

But it's me who feels sorry
for you, Mr Shelby.

Because you take your beating
every hour of every day.

Your own blood betrays you,
because it demands dilution.

And sometimes you want to cut
a doorway in your arm

so your blood can escape
and leave you in blessed peace.


Fuck you, man.

I was once where you are now,

If you're going to do it, do it.

But look at me
as the man you can be.

You've tried Jesus, yeah?

Yeah, he looked you up and down
and he shook his head.

Your loved ones...

..your wife, your kids.

Jesus and your wife
and your kids can't help you.

Only you, Arthur Shelby.

Only you.

Don't count the days.


You get to 100, then you wake up
and it's fucking one again.

Don't build mountains.

Walk like it's a flat plain.

Easy step by easy step.

Arthur, just give me the fucking
word and I'll fucking do it.

Use your stick, Arthur.
Give him the order.

Arthur, I'm not going to ask you
fucking twice.

Isiah, leave him alone.

No...No fucking way.

I said you can stand down.

Let's go, come on.

Come on, all of ya. Go on. Go on.

Gypsy graveyard?

You can still read the signs.

No horse will go beyond here.
We'll have to walk.

Just tell me whose grave it is.

You'll see.

Who knows what you'll see?

Do you ever go to John's grave?

Things are really bad.

When what's really bad?

I've done bad things, Esme.

And you think now you're being
punished for them?

I would like to make amends.

You want to lift every curse
anyone has ever put on you?

That's a lot of lifting.

My own curse is in there somewhere.

I should have done more
to protect John.

You think in this holy place

the spirits are listening to you
being kind?

Believe it or not, Esme,
I am discovering kindness.

I'm learning it from my children.

Do you ever think
you've lost your mind, Thomas?

Lost it long ago.

I only use the crate it came in.

I know why you're here.

I'm in a hurry, Esme.

You think you can make a deal
even with death?

Well, soon you'll be in
the right place to do it.

The village disappeared.
The church fell down.

Only us still use the graveyard.

Do you recall a sapphire?

You gave a sapphire to
a woman called Bethany Barwell.

Ten years ago.

She took the stone back
to her camp.

I warned her about it,
but she took it anyway.

She gave the sapphire to her sister.

Evadne Barwell.

Evadne put the stone around
the neck of her daughter.

A little girl.

Straight away, the little girl
began to cough.

She died that night.

Seven years old.

I heard they threw the sapphire
in the river.

No-one's ever gone to look
for it.

I'm guessing it'll be the girl's
mother who laid the curse.

Only women can lay curses.

Perhaps she waited until
your little girl was seven,

so you'd know how it feels.

Do you have whisky? No.


Perhaps the treatment will work
and your daughter will live.

It's science.

Science is winning everything
these days.

Even against the angels.

I can leave you, if you want.

Your horse will know his way back.

But I think there should be some
reward for what I have shown you.

Some consideration.
You can afford it, Mr Shelby OBE.

I will find her.

I will find this fucking
Evadne Barwell,

I will fucking find her,

and I will give her money
to take back this curse.

You only found me
because I wanted to be found.

And the Barwells roam from
the border to the sea.

I will give her £10,000.
More. Anything.

You will put out word, Esme.

You will put out word. I will
put out word, and I will find her.

And instead of this poor
wooden cross... Tommy!

..I will build a monument
to this little girl.

Her mother can decide how big.

It can be as big as fucking
Nelson's Column.

That and £10,000.

I will buy her off.
I will start looking today.

Ruby will be well.

She will be well!

And I will undo the many wrongs
that I have done.

Now that I'm without whisky
I can hear the spirits clearly,

and they're saying Ruby
will be well, if I make amends.

That is the conversation.

If you want my help, I will help
you, Thomas, if you also pay me.

Pay me and I will help you
to find her.

I will pay you.
But I don't want money.

I don't read the papers,
but I know there was a crash,

and nothing is certain
and money loses value.

Instead of money, give me gold.

Gold. Yes, I will give you gold.

In uncertain times,
gold is always certain.

I will give you gold.

And you will help me find
this woman.

And she will spare my daughter.



Lizzie! Where the fuck were you?

Where were you?

Where the fuck were you?

She's gone, Tommy.

She's gone.

Just now. At 5.17.

You weren't fucking here, were you?

Were you?

It was before then, and she
was here, and then she was gone,

and now she's gone to where
they've put the dead.

They've put her with
the dead people.

She was asking, just now, for you.

But went... 5.17.

I told her that you loved...

I gave her your kiss goodbye.