Peaky Blinders (2013–…): Season 6, Episode 4 - Episode #6.4 - full transcript

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
My brother sends his apologies
for not being here

and would like to invite all of you
to his home for a meeting.

All you have to do is sit with
Jack Nelson and talk about

a new golden age.

If anyone is going to kill
Tommy Shelby... It will be you.

The future belongs to us.

Your daughter has Consumption.

Consumption is a very
infectious disease.

While they X-ray Ruby,
they have to X-ray us.

It'll be the girl's mother who laid
the curse.

Perhaps she waited until your little
girl was seven

so you'd know how it feels.

Now that I'm without whisky, I can
hear the spirits clearly

and they are saying Ruby will be
well if I make amends.

She's gone, Tommy.




# In this heart lies for you

# A lark born only for you

# Who sings only to you

# My love, my love

# My love

# I am waiting for you

# For only to adore you

# My heart is for you

# My love, my love

# My love

# This is my grief for you

# I will have you with me

# In my arms only

# For you are only

# My love, my love

# My love. #



I've written some words.

I can't speak 'em.


You're the oldest.

You speak 'em for me.

I'm sorry, brother. I can't do it.


We could have afforded
a golden carriage.

She deserved a golden carriage.

But we didn't afford ourselves
that luxury.

Because gold doesn't work.

That was the last lesson
that Ruby taught us.


This place was her favourite place
in the whole world.

And she used to say...


.."you never know what's going to
come down the river."

And it's true.

Little Ruby's fate came
a thousand miles too soon.

But in her name and in her memory
things will change.

And whatever comes down the river
from now on we will make good...

..we will make peaceful and honest
and good

and send it on down the river
better than it was.

In her memory we will do this.


But for now, we send her on,
to wherever it is you go... the hope that if there
is a destination...

..that it's a yard like this,

with horses and boats for her
to play on.

Tom, I've got the petrol.


Who will light the flame?


Jeremiah, you made her laugh.

You light the flame.

No, no! No! Lizzie...

No, you won't burn her! No!

Lizzie, shush, shush, shush!


I just want to see her.

I just want to see her face. We'll
go and see her together. Come on.

We'll go and see her together. Yeah.


Oh, my baby.



The devils who did this will pay,

What do you mean?

What do you mean?

Where are you going?







Riley, I think the police are here.

Evadne Barwell?

Yeah. Who's asking?


I am here on behalf of
the blue sapphire.


Don't shoot! There are babies!



# From the silence

# From the night

# Comes a distant lullaby

# Cry, remember that first cry

# Your brother standing by

# And lot of loved

# Beloved sons of mine

# Sing a lullaby

# Mother is close by

# Innocent date

# Such innocent eyes...


# Envy stole your brother's life

# Came home murdered piece of mind


# Left you nightmares
on the pillow. #




Gold dust.

Our business is done, Esme.
Get out of the car.

Not quite done, Tommy.

I thought this would be a good time.
In fact, it's the perfect time.

Some business is still unfinished.

Christians say, "The Lord gives,
the Lord takes away."

Our spirits are the same.

Spirits just took away your child.

Get out of the car, Esme.

But those same spirits want to give
you a different child, Tommy.

What child?


A daughter lost.

A son found.

Before you went to France,

a long time ago at Appleby Fair
you slept with a girl.

Her name was Zelda. I met her.

She said you slept together under
a hazel tree, May 1914.

When she fell pregnant, her father
threatened to kill you,

but you'd already joined the army
and gone away to France.

You remember the girl and the
hazel tree, don't you, Tommy.

Whoever that boy is, Esme...

..whoever he is, our business is
done here. I brought you

to this camp for a reason, and I
brought him as well.

He is yours.

A boy born with hazel eyes.

He calls himself Duke.

His mother is dead. He's a thief.

He works the fairgrounds, but he

says he wants more to his life than
big wheels and carousels.

If the losing of Ruby has left
a hole in your heart...

..I'll send him to you.

If you give me a bit more gold...

..I'll tell him Tommy Shelby
can offer a man far,

far more than big wheels
and carousels.


Is our business done or not, Tommy?

I know where you went.

I'm going to spend more hours
working in the Commons

with Mr Churchill.

His fight is my fight.

I sat like a stone and thought about
you killing someone in her name.

And the Shelby institutions
will be expanded.

I will set up a fund to research the
causes and cures for Consumption.

Did the woman you kill
have children?

10,000 children die every year,
Lizzie. Go to bed, Tommy.

I've been reading about new

Stop and close your fucking eyes.
I will not...

I will not stop!

What is this good that you
will become?


I killed a woman.

I killed a woman and three men.

And their bodies will be thrown
aboard the boat,

like all the other bodies,

but I am stepping off that boat
and onto another boat.

Do you understand?


The doctor from the Sanatorium
called and said that he needs

to speak to you urgently.

But I think now you are beyond
the help of doctors. Lizzie...

Frances said Arthur's here.


Tom? Yeah, it's me.

Ah, fuck.

Arthur, give me a light, will you?

I can't find my lighter.


I'm sorry I couldn't speak at the
wagon, Tom.

Don't be sorry.

What are you doing here?

Waiting for this fucking cup
to fill up.

Nearly empty, this barrel.

There are plenty of barrels, Arthur.

Start another barrel.

I thought maybe they're all full
of fucking blood.

The junk, Tom...

..fucks you up your mind.

You know, Arthur.

You was already fucked up.

You was fucked up since you
were a kid.

This is my theory.

It's from that time I gave you

a beating when you were 12
and I was nine.

We were fighting over cigarettes.

Maybe when I had you down
on the ground,

I gave you one too many to
the head.

It was a draw, though, Tom.

Nah, I beat you.

I had you pinned.
You actually didn't.

We both agreed. You're so fucked,
you can't remember, brother.

I do. I do remember little things.

I know you do.

So, do I.

The fog and the gas is clearing, eh?


Here, that cup's nearly full.
Pass it here.


Tommy...stuff any more.

You don't drink no more, Tom.

After Polly was gone, Arthur...

..I thought I could just march
and march.

I just kept up that fucking left,

right, left, right, left, right,
fucking rhythm.

I'd never have to stop.

Then Ruby went.

I stumbled and crashed.

And now here I am...

..sat on my arse on the ground

like a fucking tunneller..

..with my old comrade Arthur.

Remember the January, Arthur?

The family boat?

The whole family living on something

the size of ten of these
fucking barrels.

Remember that night at Tile Cross,

16 of us sleeping on the boat,
the coppers come.

We all swam like rats.

Except for Arthur.

Arthur holds them off with
a boat hook, all on his own.

And I remember,

I climbed back up at the lock
and looked back

and saw you waving that
fucking boat hook

in the copper's faces...

..on your own.

That's when I realised.

When I had you on the ground,
all them years ago,

it's because you let me win.

You wanted me to win.

you've wanted me to win ever since.

What chance do I have...if you start
doing that again, eh?

You'll stop.

You'll stop cos the family
needs you to.

It's like that long tunnel
on the Dudley stretch.

You remember Dudley canal,
line number one?

3,172 yards of fucking
pitch blackness and rats swimming.

Yeah. Then we'd come round that
corner and there'd be

a shaft of light.
And then we'd know.

Yeah. And you and me would both know
it was nearly done.

That's where we are now, Arthur.

Just a few more yards to go.

Then you'll change your ways.

And I'll change the fucking world.

# Like a slumber
In the moss

# Like a display
In the dark

# I have loved you
From the start

# But there's cold veneer
near the cloud of you

# Of you

# Of you

# Of you

# Oh

# Sit on back in thrones of blue
And inlay black, so righteous you

# Bear cold decree

# It's dead to me

# Sit on through
while your mistakes loom

# You're stone dead blind
and it's drowning all

# Your company. #

We assumed, at this late hour,
you would've had dinner.

There are drinks and sandwiches, if
you want. We're not here to eat.

Mr Shelby will be down shortly.

Please, tell Mr Shelby on behalf of
us all

that changing the world can wait.

He doesn't want to wait.

There is Champagne.

Oh, goodie.


I heard cars.

Mr Shelby, the guests are...

I know.

Dad, there's a Bentley and a


Go to bed, Charles.

I can't sleep.

I see her, when I shut my eyes.

Go to your mum.

She'll be awake.

She holds on to me.

Let her hold on to you.

You hear me?

Always let her hold on to you.

Go on.

Mr Shelby, the guests said they
would understand if...

Have you served them drinks? Yes.


OK, Frances.

The agenda is in my head.

The agenda is in my head.

I'm OK.

Do I look OK?

If someone touches you, you won't

Sing it.

Sing it. I love that song.


..can't be singing rebel songs in
a house in grief and mourning.

Sing it to me softly.

It breaks my heart.

Don't look at him. He's English.

He can block his ears.

Darling, should she sing her rebel
IRA song, while we wait

or would that be inappropriate?

You know I went to a meeting of
similar intent to this in Berlin.

Attended by the Chancellor

..and Goering and Himmler.

It lasted until the sun came up.

We spoke about the future of the
world in a serious way.

When the first rays of light entered
the room,

we all stood and stared at it, as if
it were the world to come.

There was no singing, no giggling.

And when breakfast was served on the
terrace, overlooking the mountains,

they brought up some Jews.

And while we ate our eggs, they were
forced to eat grass.

And we watched as we sipped our

We should all remember this is
serious business.

Oh, Diana.

Now, look what you've done. You have
killed the mood.

Let her sing her fucking song to
raise our spirits. Go on, please.

# In a neat little town
they call Belfast

# Apprentice to trade I was bound

# And many an hour's sweet

# Have I spent
in that neat little town

# A sad misfortune came over me. #

# Blackbird, sit on my shoulder
and tell me a song. #

Did it break?

Mum will fix it for you.


# When I cry, do you hear in colour
or black and white, bird?


# The morning is new
but the feeling is old

# Intervene, blackbird, and
shorten the road

# Blackbird, the way I imagined
love was wrong

# I've come

# to love him like I couldn't
fathom, blackbird

# What I tap away at
I fear and I long

# Intervene, blackbird, and
shorten the road


# Blackbird, slip into my slumber
and show me a song

# When I dream

# Do you see in colour or at all,

# The picture is peaceful but I
dream alone

# Intervene, blackbird, and
shorten the road. #

SOBS: She's not here any more.

# Her eyes, they shone like diamonds

# I thought her the Queen. #

Mr Shelby. No, please, no

Thank you all for coming.

Now, let's try to find out

how this new world of ours will
look, shall we?

Perhaps, Mr Mosley, we can turn to
what practical things

Mr Nelson can do to further our
cause, while he's in the country.

It's me who has the ear of the
President of the United States.

Which is kind of why I'm here,

We do, indeed, have things for you
to whisper into the President's ear.

Tell him we are England.

We are the mood England is in.

And in Ireland, appeasers to the
English abound

but we represent the true liberated
spirit of the country that...

..populated your own.

I hear about communists in both

We are the bulwark against them.

When it comes to the working class,

we could move our people from
Republicanism... Fascism with just a nudge.

They trust us.

You ride with hounds, Mr Mosley.

Will you hunt communists?

Oh, my hounds are baying.

Shelby... run as a socialist.

Mr Shelby has one of the largest
Commons majorities in England.

In the heart of England.

When the time comes, he'll resign
his party whip

and run as an independent.

But underneath, do you truly believe
in the cause, Mr Shelby?

I'm here.

Mr Nelson, I'm here four nights...

Four nights after and I am here... this room, in this meeting,
I am here and I am serious.

Prove it to him.

Prove it physically.

Perish Judah.

Perish Judah.

That thing is going to get us

Go to bed.

At school, they've stopped talking
to me.

They say the black rubs off.

When they come to power, they'll
take her off you.

They're going to separate us all

They'll send her to Africa.


And where will they send you?

Where will they send you, Karl?

You're half Gypsy, so... Egypt maybe?

Something I never told you before...

..because it wasn't important.

Maybe now, it is.

Your dad was Jewish.

He was the son of a tailor in

They changed their name to Thorne

to stop the bricks coming through
the window.

So, where will they send you, Karl?

Mr Nelson, you can report back
to your President

that the aristocracy and the
meritocracy are united

in their conviction that a new order
is coming.

Also, Mr Nelson, at present our
weapons are coming from Germany.

The British are closing our supply
lines down.

We would value a supply from Boston.

Weapons, I can give you, if they're
to be used in a good cause.

And while on the subject of import
and export,

Mr Shelby, in light of our new

and since you have proven your

in a most extraordinary way,

Boston is now officially open for
the importation of your merchandise.


If we have established what we came
here to establish,

perhaps we should all say goodnight.



That's the same typewriter you
bought me all those years ago... help me become respectable.

Do you remember?


This arrived.

It's from the sanatorium.

I've already paid Ruby's medical

I don't think it's a bill.

It says it's urgent. It's from the
senior consultant.

Why didn't you come to bed?

Why didn't you come to bed?

I'm typing up my recollection of the

If I...if I do it straight away, I
can quote people word for word.

The information is more...

..useful to Mr Churchill if it is
word for word.

I burnt her chair.

The paint on the wood left a smell
in the air.

I didn't open the window.

I quite like the smell.

Not yet.

Not yet.

I have this work to do cos now I

..that I will change.

That I have to change.

And change for good, Lizzie.

Not just yet.




# She had a heartful of love
and devotion

# She had a mindful of tyranny
and terror

# Well, I try
I do, I really try

# But I just...
Baby, I do, I error

# So, come and find me
my darling one

# I'm down to the grounds
the very dregs

# Here she comes
blocking the sun

# Blood running down
the inside of her legs

# The moon in the sky is battered
and mangled

# And the bells from the chapel
go jingle-jangle

# Jingle-jangle, jingle-jangle
Jingle-jangle, jingle-jangle

# Do you love me?

# Do you love me?

# Do you love me? #


# Do you love me? #

I saw him leave.

He keeps this apartment expressly
for this purpose, doesn't he?

Are you following me, Mr Shelby?

I'm flattered...

..but why?

When I do business with someone,

I make it my business to know their

Mosley's reputation is no secret.

Not him, you.

How did you know I'd come here?

I know things.

I read people's minds, you know.

Little glances across tables. It's a

The whole family...

..witches and sorcerers.

Your uncle will disown you.

Fucking his business partner behind
his back.

You think he has morals?

He's a Catholic.

Men do what they want, women do what
they are told.

Will you tell Michael?

Michael is family.

We are a family healed.

You have no interest in me...

..or in Michael.

So, why don't you just tell me what
you actually want?

You will be with Mosley...

..when he's in Berlin.

You'll be in the room,

when he meets senior members of the
German Government.

I want to know what is discussed...

..and I want to know what is

And if I lie?

I will know.

You know Michael thinks you're the

..and I think he might actually be

That was the other reason I came

What are Michael's real intentions
toward me, Gina?

And if you lie, I will know.


..he intends to complete the deal.

And then, you both walk away.





Mr Shelby, Doctor Holford.

Send him in.

You said it had to be in person.

Here I am.

You might want to sit down.

Mr Shelby, I know that you are still
grieving for your daughter...

..but I have news that cannot wait.

When you were X-rayed and examined
at the sanatorium ten days ago...

..there was no TB found in your

But I am afraid they found something

Something related to your daughter's

They tried to speak to you at the

but you were not co-operating.

After your daughter's death,

you could not be found to be
informed in person.

Eventually, as your personal doctor,
they called me.

I didn't offer you tea. You look
like death. Do you want tea?


At the sanatorium, they conducted
blood tests.

The tests suggest that the shadow
you can see

at the base of your skull... not cancer.

It is tuberculoma.

A tubercular growth caused by the
same bacteria as TB.

You may have picked it up from your

Once this disease enters a
household, it can run wild.

It can be transmitted with a simple

It seems the Shelby household is no

Mr Shelby, as I say, I am aware that
you are still grieving...

..but you must understand this is
very serious.

From the size of the tumour,
expansion must've been rapid.

I have no doubt that you are already
experiencing symptoms?

Have you recently suffered seizures?

Bouts of weakness, dissociation,

Why didn't you come and see me?

I have work to do.

Am I a danger to others?


Unlike TB, tuberculoma is not

Mr Shelby, it is not infectious...

..but in your case...

..I am afraid it is inoperable.

The growth is in your brain stem.

Any attempt to remove it

would result in trauma and brain

Whilst you were refusing my calls,

I showed your X-rays to three of
the best surgeons in the country.

They all said they would not
operate... it would be futile.

Of course, you will want a second
opinion for yourself.

Doctor Helen Rutherford at St

She is a friend.


How bad will it get?

As the tumour grows,

the rate of physical and mental
deterioration will increase.

Eventually, you will need people
around you constantly,

who love you very much.

How long?

I understand you have defeated many
enemies, Mr Shelby.

Now, you have a new one...

..inside you.

You cannot defeat it...

..but you can keep it at bay for a

If you live correctly, if you are
determined and if you fight...

I asked you a question.

So, I want an answer.

I don't want your fucking

How long before I need people around
me, who love me very much?

Sorry. It's fine, Lizzie.

My accountant here was just leaving.

I will telephone you, when I get
back to London.

No, I don't have enough time.

You're an accountant, give me a
fucking number now.

One year.

Perhaps 18 months.

That's fine. That's all I need to

I will adjust my finances
accordingly. Thank you.

I will write to you, explaining the
full implications. Yeah, thank you.

Good day.

Something serious?

No, no, just a...

..just a bill I wasn't expecting and

I'll have to pay it.

Will you give me a minute on my own,


Not a devil...

..just an ordinary mortal man.

POLLY: There will be a war in this

..and one of you will die.


Just give me enough time to do what
I have to do.