Peaky Blinders (2013–…): Season 4, Episode 3 - Blackbird - full transcript

Luca Changretta understands the complexity of his enemy, as the weight of gypsy tradition hangs upon Arthur. But could there be a traitor within the Peaky Blinders' midst?

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
I want you to be alive after your entire family is dead.

That is what will hurt you the most.

Michael is badly wounded. John is dead.

I sent a message to Aberama Gold.

I need you back.

I'll help you 'cause Michael wants me to help you.

Starting now.

The bullet's been written.

Me, as the oldest brother, will put this bullet into his head.

You said you'd bring every man and woman out on strike.

Do you have a whistle?

It's almost as if you want trouble.

All right, first come, first served.

Form an orderly line, all of you.

All right. All right.


Have your contracts of employment in your hand!

Bring 'em in. Get in there.

Get moving.

On you go. Go on.

Keep going. Keep going.

You, where are you going?

- Bradley. Foreman.
- All right.

You go and see that man over there. Go.

- What's your name?
- Bradley. I'm the foreman.

- When did you last work here? - 1922.

How many have done this type of work before?

They're mostly farm hands from down Worcester way.

But I'll show 'em. Hungry men learn fast.

All right. On you go.

Dirty scabs! Black legs!

What bastard threw that?

Get him out here!

Bring him out!

It wasn't me!


Oi! Enough.

Come on. Get him out. Get out!

Get out!

All right, ten more.

Two more.

- That's it.
- Ten.

Close it up.

Right. Ten bob a man.

Two pound there for you.

What about security?

Yeah, well about that.

By order of the city of Birmingham police department,

you and your ugly workforce are now under the protection

of the Peaky fucking Blinders.

- Mr Gray?
- Yeah, send him in.

It's your mother.

Oh, fuck.

I read about it in the paper.

I have a right.

I'm your mum as well.

You want me to go away?


I'll just leave these.

They're from our orchard.

You used to love these.

I hope there are no worms in them.


I just wanted to say that you're welcome to come home.

To get better at home.

I know you got bored in the village but...

we love you.

And your little brother misses playing football with you.

And your dad...

passed on.

He passed on peacefully in our bed.

Oh, fuck.

Now go home.

I'm expecting Tommy.

He's due here now.

I'll go then.

I'll not be in the same room as that man.

Come on, Poll, Tommy's expecting us.

Who's with us?

Isiah and two Lee boys.

Ada? How long since you've had a fuck?


Been nearly two years with me.

Over Christmas, I counted it up.

So I've made a New Year's resolution to change the situation.

Oh. Anyone particular in mind?

Not really.

Just me and someone unsuitable.

# From starry eyes colliding

# From Mars to someone crying

I'll sit in the front.

# No matter what I'm hiding

# I get lost

# But I always come around

# Call when you're ready 'cause I'm ready to ride #

So this is just to make business official.

Your official return to the company payroll.

So no more talk of New Year's resolutions

or Tommy might change his mind.

What New Year's resolutions?

Never mind.

I think Ada's trying to tell me to behave myself.

Yeah. Behave yourself.

Behave myself or what?

Behave myself or fucking what?

Okay Polly, I'll tell you the truth.

After your recent troubles, Tommy asked me to keep an eye on you.


Whilst working for this company I have killed a man,

I have lost a man, I have found a son, I have nearly lost a son,

I have nearly lost my own life.

Now I will accept my job back

if the terms on offer are favourable.

But I will not behave myself.

Sorry I'm late.

Where's Arthur?

Do I look like his fucking mother?

No, Linda.

Why are you here?

You all right? Is Billy all right?

Yes. Everything's fine.

Well look, lovely to see you, but I'm late for a meeting.

They can wait.

I've got something for you.

Something for a loving husband who's been working very hard

and is under a great deal of pressure.

Something to relieve his stress


It's silk. From Japan.


My hands are dirty.


Feel all of it.

Feel it properly.

You, uh, you want to do this here?

Why not? I thought you were the boss.

I am the fucking boss.

So tell me what to do, boss.

Come here.


Before we start this extraordinary general meeting

of the board of the Shelby Company Limited,

I'd like to note the absence of the Deputy Vice President

who has not yet arrived.

We will continue without his presence.

Item number one.

The reinstatement

of the Shelby Company Limited Company Treasurer.

The board welcomes back the former treasurer,

with generously improved terms and conditions.

Due to the exceptionally difficult circumstances

the company now finds itself in.

The proposed treasurer will now check the terms and conditions

to see if they are in order.

Item number two.

During the absence of the Company Accountant, due to ill health,

all responsibility for the keeping of company accounts

pass to the head of acquisitions.

Item number three.

The Company Treasurer, having read the terms and condition,

lodges a signed contract of employment

agreeing to the terms and conditions with the temporary head of accounts.

All those in favour of the reinstatement of Mrs Elizabeth Gray,

to the position of Shelby Company Limited Company Treasurer,

please raise your hands.

Why goodness, thank you.

Any other business?

Right. I declare this extraordinary general meeting over.

Now we can talk about the real business.

But for that we need Arthur.

Where the fuck is Arthur?

- Mr Shelby...
- Fuck off.

- They've broken into the paint shop.
- Oh, yeah?

They're chucking paint around. I think they mean to set light to it.

Well, you deal with it, man. I'm fucking busy!

What was all that about?

In this sinful place there will be temptations.

It's my responsibility as your wife to help you resist those temptations.

By putting myself between you...

and the devil.

In the words of my sinful Catholic mother,

"Keep his balls empty and his belly full."

God rest her soul.

Mr Shelby...

You have to come to the paint shop immediately. Please.

I have to go.

Won't be late.

Sorry, ladies, there's no smoking in here.

Yes, love, we know.

All right, he's an hour late. Fuck him.

This business directly affects Arthur, but he's not here,

so we'll take a vote without him.

What business?

Official business that wasn't on your agenda, Ada.

An informant told us

that six years ago, Luca Changretta came from New York to Birmingham

to be best man at his cousin's wedding.

We found out that they used Reid and Dunn on Broadgate

for the photographs.

The photographer kept the negatives.

I persuaded him to give us copies.

And to enlarge this one.

That is Luca Changretta.

I've seen his face, so I could pick him out.

Half the men in the photograph are Changrettas,

which means the chances are they are the men who come to kill us.

We need to get both these photographs into pubs and on street corners.

Then we put it about that there's a reward for information.

We also propose that we give a copy of this photograph to Mr Aberama Gold.

We need to forget the idea that it has to be Arthur that pulls the trigger.

Tradition will just fuck us up.

We should wait for Arthur.

Arthur's not here, Ada.

We need Luca Changretta dead. That's it.

Dropping the law of the bullet

is part of the process of modernisation that I was working on before I...

Before I was executed.

You weren't executed, Poll.

What did you call me?

Right. Let's take a vote. I'll deal with Arthur.

All those in favour

of giving the photographs to Mr Gold, raise your hand.

Then it will be done.

- Mum...
- Oh, "Mum" now, is it?

I smelt perfume when I came in here.

Yeah, it was the flowers.

Right, that's it.

Who came in here, Michael?

The truth is, Polly, the woman that raised him came in here.

She has every right to come in here.

She brought him fucking apples and she left.

We are in the middle of a vendetta and Arthur is missing.

We need to find him.

Concentrate on what unites us.

- This is all temporary.
- Yeah, temporary. Right.

# There's a devil inside of me

# He's holding on... #


# And I don't know if he's staying

# Or for how long

# There's a devil inside of me.

# And he's holding on

# And I don't know if he's staying or for how long... #

Party is it, eh?

Is that what it is?

What is this, a party, eh?

Fuck off out of it! Get out!

# And I'm sad to say he's got me thinking

# About the bad parts of my life...

Okay, I wasn't gonna hit ya.

But that wasn't fucking nice.

# There's a devil inside of me A monolith of doom

Oh, you...

Arthur... Mr Shelby, please.

- Please.
- Don't fucking move.

- Eh?
- Mr Shelby, please, please, please.

Now get the fuck out!

Fuck your fuckin' revolution!

# I find I'm right back at the start #

I'm a fucking mess.


Where are you going? Come here.

Fucking hit man, are you?

Eh? Is that what you are?

Arthur Shelby, eh?

Let's see who wanted you.

What about...

What about fucking John Shelby?



Thank you.

Send my guests in.

You wire Polo and let him tell the family.

He has four kids.

Don't you two have any other clothes to wear?


Look at me.


I'm here as a lover of theatre.

They kill two of our men...

You complain about your fucking belly.



- With respect. - "With respect"?

You raised...

"With respect"?

Open your mouth.

- Come on...
- Open your fucking mouth!

You fucking dress like them.

You eat like them.

You don't fucking talk to me about, "With respect".

Sit down.

What do you have?

Arthur Shelby killed her son in a boxing ring four years ago.

She would do that for us?



Anyone seen Arthur?

Anyone seen Arthur? Eh?

In your office, Tom.

If you're not going to show up for a family meeting,

let someone know. We thought you were dead.

There's 15 fucking Italians out there.

No there's not, there's 13.

I just killed two of them.

Ripped out their hearts and burnt their bones to ash.

I did it.


Your brother.

Not fucking Aberama Gold or his punch drunk son.

But me.

Even if you don't trust me no more.

What the fuck are you talking about? Arthur?

I got cleaned up at Ada's.

She told me.

You took a vote in my absence.

All right, calm down and tell me about the men you killed.

You put my job out for contract.


Yeah, well, I'm gonna make it my fucking job anyway.

Because this was all my fault.

It was me that shot the old man.

- Yeah, out of mercy.
- Aye.

NowJohn's dead.

He's dead because of me and I'm gonna make it right.

Arthur, wait.

How did the men get in the factory? I need to know.

Through the back fucking door

that was supposed to be locked and bolted.

Some bastard gave me up. Somebody with keys.

Yeah. Why don't you sit down and work it out for yourself.

Take a fucking vote.

Who is this little bear?

Yes. Eh?

Are you all right?

Daddy's home, isn't he?

Yeah, I'm all right.

Look, Daddy's home.

How's Polly?

Is she all right?

Oh, go on, Linda.

I mean, it was her idea, wasn't it? Hmm?

The Japanese silk? Hmm?

I'll put him to bed.

You kept me away from that fucking meeting to stop me from voting.

- Here we go.
- It was Polly's idea, wasn't it?


You know what I am, don't ya?

I'm a working man. Yeah.

Fucking working man.


Who's lost his job.

Is that what I am, Linda? Is that what I am, eh?

I don't want you dead.

Polly doesn't want you dead.

Let Mr Gold do the killing for money.

It's the modern way, Arthur.


Hmm? Hmm?

What are you doing?

Now fire it into the fireplace.


- All right.
- Fire it.

Get rid of it.

Then we'll go to bed.

We'll do anything you like.

Just fire the gun, Arthur.

Fire it.


You go tell Polly...

there are rules between a man and woman.

There are rules.

That I have to do this.

I have to do it.

John wants me to do it, Linda.

My brother...

And I'm gonna do it!

Was it fear or was it hatred?

Was what fear or hatred?


You had a one way ticket to Glasgow in your pocket.

Your wife and kids left three days ago.

Now, I'm gonna ask you again.

Was it fear of the Italians

or hatred of us

that made you unlock the door and give up my brother?

I didn't unlock any door.

Here, have a drink.

You're gonna need it.

Thirty five Drumcree Street, Parkhead, Glasgow...

Please, please, please, please...

We have allegiances with Catholic gangs in that city.

Your family are safe only at my discretion.

Now, explain to me why you were catching the midnight train to Glasgow.

You mean you don't know?

I run a factory full of black leg non-union labour.

I live in a street full of men laid off or on strike.

Look at the photograph, Mr Devlin, and tell me who are the men

- that contacted you.
- No.

No, you listen to me.

I get spat at, windows smashed, petrol on the curtains.

But for fear of you I clock in every fucking morning.

And today, two men are shot and burnt on my shift.

And you ask me why I'm getting on the midnight train to Glasgow.

Who else has the keys to that door?

They hang on a hook inside my office.

Today I left the office unlocked.

- Why?
- Because I forgot.

Because I left in a hurry.

Because there were men trying to set fire to the factory.

Mr Shelby, may I tell you something?

You have a lot of enemies.

Communists. Italians.

Before the factory came out on strike,

I heard word that two Italians attended a communist party meeting in Stechford.

They hardly spoke English.

Now, if they got a party man into the factory,

it might have been him that unlocked the door for them.

Mr Shelby, my train leaves at 12:00.

It's just gone 11:00. I can still make it.

Please. For my kids.

I need you here.

Isiah, get three of our men with police badges

to watch Mr Devlin's house.

Mr Shelby, please...

Our friends in Glasgow will take care of your family.

For the curtains.

Before you, I was an ordinary working man.

Yeah, and now you're one of us.

# Blackbird, blackbird Singing the blues all day

# Right outside of my door... #

- Who is it?
- Tommy Shelby.

- Is this union business?
- Yes.

So conduct it in the proper place at the proper time.

I've come to make an improved offer.

I heard music.

What's your improved offer?

- Do I not get a drink?
- No.

Have you ever seen any of the men in this photograph before?


You're a member of the Stechford Communist party.

I'm told two Italian men attended a meeting recently.

Can you see either of the men in this picture?

As the Small Heath coordinator

of the Organisation for the Maintenance of Supplies

I have also been sworn in as a Special...

We have reason to believe that outside agitators from overseas

are attempting to foment trouble in our factories

in advance of a General Strike which could take place at any moment.

This is a matter of national security.

May I look at your badge?


What would you like to drink, Constable?

Whisky. And, actually, it's Sergeant.

I only have beer. Times are hard.

How long has it been since you've had a bottle of M&B bitter?

Help yourself.

Have a seat.

You know, when this business began, I did some research on you.

It turns out I know someone who used to know you very well.


You were in love with Kitty's sister. Greta Jurossi. Before the war.

Do you remember Greta Jurossi?

Her parents were Italian.

They didn't approve of a Watery Lane Gypsy, but you won them over.

With your charm. Sweetness.

Very, very thorough research.

Greta died at the age of 19. Of consumption.

And Kitty said you were at her bedside for three months.

Every day, holding her hand.

And after she died you went away to war.

Kitty said that the sweet boy who left never came back.

No one came back.

Here's the funniest thing.

She said in those days you believed in things.

In justice. Fairness.

Once you saw a man beating his horse and you fought him.

He was twice your size but you beat him.

And then you beat him with his own whip.

Kitty always liked to tell tall tales.

She's a party member now.

She swears before you enlisted in the army

you joined the Communist party yourself.

Is that true?

You know, when I was at the door, I saw you through the curtains.

You were dancing alone.

I've also done my research.

Your sweetheart was at Passchendaele.

When he came back, he was listed among the shell shocked.

Blew his own fucking brains out.

I don't know any men in the photo.

You haven't looked.

This afternoon two men came into my factory and tried to kill my brother.

I believe a Stechford Communist party member let him in.

I was wondering if you might be able to help me in my investigations.

Kitty said next time I see you, before we start fighting,

I should send you her love from the good old days

and give you this.

Greta Jurossi and Tommy Shelby in Blackpool.

Do you recognise the boy in the photograph?

I'll leave that here.

Apologies for interrupting your dance.

# I wish

# I wait

# But it's all in vain

# I wish I was a maid again

# But a maid again

# I never can be

# Till apples grow... #

Arthur... I need you to listen to me.

I need you to listen to me, Arthur...

The world is changing.

Listen to me, Arthur.

And listen to the sweet voice ofJesus...

# I wish... #

- Finn?
- It came from Arthur's house.



Where is he?


He fired the bullet.


Said it's the modern way, Tom...

It's the modern way.

Yeah. Yeah.

Yeah, it's all right.

It's all right, brother.

You did well.

God spoke to him, not me.

What are you doing here?

On Mondays, I do the inventory.

Make sure nobody's dipping their hand.

Well, it's my job now.

I'm back.

And there's gonna be nobody dipping their hand with me here,

not unless they want it cut off.

I said to Arthur while I'm stuck in this fucking place

I want something to keep my mind busy.

What? You're going to take bets?

I have always been able to do addition and subtraction without pen and paper.

But I'll need a telephone.

Apparently we have special clients who take bets by telephone.


This is a betting shop.


Arthur said yes. Tommy said yes.

But did God say yes? Gambling is a sin, Linda.

It's not me that's doing the gambling.

I'm just taking the bets.

The rule is that door should always remain locked until 9:00 A. M.

Right. Boy. Boy, where are you going?

Well, Arthur's not coming in today. He's taking the day off. So...

So what?

So today, Tommy said that I'm in charge.

Sorry, you're in charge?

Yeah. That's what he said.

All right, sweetheart.


Let's give our boss a first day

that he'll never forget.

Sending Finn to the shop was a mistake.

They've already found out he's a virgin

and they're arranging a girl for him, this afternoon.

I thought Linda was there.

She is. She loved the idea.

I know. She even swears now.


Sounds funny coming from her.

Polly says in the end we all turn into our mother.

Well, keep an eye on her.


The whore watching the Madonna.

Does Finn know what they have planned?


Do they have someone?

Yes. A girl I used to work with.

- Is she nice?
- No.

She's from Aston.

They're paying her out of petty cash.

Right, well, call 'em

and tell them to pay extra

and get someone nice.

Nice women don't do that sort of thing.

Yes, they do. What about you?

I mean in the past. Come on.

Where are we going?

Somewhere I've not been in a long time.

Are we expecting somebody?

Tommy, I'm fucking freezing here.

We used to come here.

She'd wait for hours for me,

when I couldn't make it.

And I'd wait for her

if her family kept her in.


Some girl.

Some girl before France.

I've not been back here since.

But I wanted to come here with you.

Are you kissing her or me?


I want Shelby Company Limited

to increase non-taxable charitable contributions

to local charities by twenty-five percent

as of now.

And I'm gonna build

two new institutes for destitute children.

One in Saltley, one in Digbeth.

I've already identified the buildings.

Two former workhouses.

I want you to be in charge of the project.

All right, come on, let's go.


Because I promised someone I'd change the world.

You do realise, Tommy, we're all going fucking mad here.

Yeah, I know.

Come on.

Finn? Come here.

- How was your day?
- Yeah, it was okay.

Good man. Well done.

No trouble?

No. No trouble.

And she looked after you?

I don't want it like that ever again, Tom.

Not when they don't even want to do it,

except for the money.

Everything's for the money, Finn.

Yeah, I know. But...

She said, "Be a man."

And were you a man?


But then I apologised to her. Because she looked so tired.

Sit down, Finn.

Right, listen to me, Finn.

She was right.

You need to be a fucking man.

People get tired.

Working in a fucking factory gets you tired.

I don't go round apologising. Do I?


There's an empty space here to be filled.

Do you understand?

- Yeah.
- So...

Be a fucking man.

Okay, Tom.

- Champagne, please.
- Of course.


Women alone are not allowed at the bar.

Will someone be joining you?

What do you think?

This is public enough, no?



The boy in the hospital is out of bounds.

And I will ask you to spare Finn and Arthur.

In return for what?

Tommy Shelby.

And, uh, why should I trust you?

Because you know our history.

You know what happened between us.

You are an unlikely Cassius.


You know, my mother...

My mother knew your mother.

She taught her how to read.

Did she tell you that John and Arthur spared her life?

When Tommy wanted her dead.


And now she's given me the information about you people.

So Tommy Shelby was right.

His, uh, ruthlessness

was justified.

You should have killed her when you had the chance.

John was a good boy.

Arthur tries.

Tommy's different.

You take Tommy. Spare the rest.

You know,

my mother used to say this about you.

She said, "That Polly Gray,

"that child would never let go of a grievance."

And she loves to dance.

What do you say, huh?

You want to dance?

I don't dance any more.

Well, that's a shame.

'Cause you're dancing with me.

# On a gathering storm comes a tall handsome man

# In a dusty black coat with a red right hand #