Peaky Blinders (2013–…): Season 4, Episode 2 - Episode #4.2 - full transcript

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
You can't live like this another year.

Tommy, you've never even seen Arthur's kid. NorJohn and Esme's.

- I'm staying with Polly.
- She's in a bad way.

I'll get through to her.

The union convenor causing all the trouble. Her name 'sJessie Eden.

I will conduct myself as a businessman.

Who says sweetheart.

Today, everyone in the family received one of these.

Changretta knows where we all live. We need to be together in a place

even they won't dare to come.

You mean back home?

This is the New York Mafia we 're talking about!

And we 're the Peaky Blinders!

We're not the Peaky Blinders unless we 're together.

- What's the purpose of your visit?
- Pleasure.

# I began to warm and chill

# To objects and their fields

# A ragged cup, a twisted mop

# The face ofJesus in my soup

# Those sinister dinner deals

# The meal trolley's wicked wheels

# And the mercy seat is waiting

# And I think my head is burning

# And in a way I'm yearning

# To be done with all this Weighing of the truth

# An eye for an eye And a tooth for a tooth

# And anyway I told the truth

# And I'm not afraid to die

# And the mercy seat is burning

# And I think my head is glowing

# And in a way I'm hoping

# To be done with all this Weighing of the truth

# An eye for an eye And a tooth for a tooth

# And anyway I told the truth

# And I'm afraid I told a lie #

Please, can we get some help here? Please!

It's all right Michael. It's all right Michael, I'm here.

It's all right Michael, you're gonna be OK.

Don't leave us now, just keep keep breathing.

No, no, I don't want fucking kids in here, I want soldiers.

I don't want fucking kids who joined just for the sport.

Go on, go.

I want men who've served in here.

All right, Poll.

Mrs Gray, please.

Don't go, don't go...

He's in good hands.

Polly? Poll? Poll?

Fuck those bastards responsible!

All right, let them do their job, all right?

Let them do their job, I'll get soldiers.

I'll be back. I'll be back.

Is it him?


On his own doorstep.

His own fucking doorstep.

Right, get out. And you, out.

What the fuck?


Fucking gone.

In the bleak midwinter.

We promised, Arthur.

I can't.

In the hole we promised.

- Can't look at him.
- Come here brother.

Come here. Come on, come here.

Oh, my!

Now say it.

Say it, brother.

In the bleak midwinter.

You're cursed and I curse you again!

Come here, come here.

Leave me with him.

You've spoken to him, now it's my turn.


No peace for either of you, ever.

Our stuff will stay with me.

Taking the children on the road...

to live with decent people.

They'll never know the curse side of this family.

We're done with them, John.

Tommy, they're gathered.

John is dead.

Esme's gone on the road with the Lees.

She's taken the kids.

Michael is badly wounded, they say it's 60/40 in his favour.

There's no number, there's no percentages.

So the hand, the hand beneath him stops him falling.

Spoke to someone...

my son will live.

Michael and John were shot because we killed someone...

Vincenzo Changretta.

His son Luca has come to take revenge.

Men from New York and Sicily are in Birmingham.

These men will not leave our city until the whole family is dead.

That's how it works, an eye for an eye.

- It's called vendetta.
- Yeah, well...

The bullet's been written...

It says Luca.

When the time comes...

and it will come...

me as the oldest brother...

will put this bullet into his fucking head.

There's been some bad blood between us.

Polly, please?

Until this business is settled we stay together.

We stay here...

Small Heath, Bordesley, Hay Mills down to Greet.

We know every face,

every man is a soldier in this army.

These men are professionals and they're good at what they do,

so we're gonna need more than we have.

We send a message to Aberama Gold.

No. No, Tom.

I'll get you 50 Lee boys. Good men, Tom.

I don't need good men Johnny, for this I need bad men.

Tommy, his people are fucking savages.

You know, heathens, Tom.

They don't even let them in the fair,

so they come and steal our horses. You know, stealing from their own, Tom.

So this is the plan, Thomas?

This is the plan?

Bullet with a name on it, help from a bunch of savages.

We're gonna go on the offensive.

- I've spoken to Moss.
- Moss?

I've spoken to Moss.

Moss is putting out word. Eyes and ears so we can find them.

Yeah, the truth is, the police are busy with the revolution.

Moss says they're expecting strikes and riots

when the weather gets warm and the Bolsheviks plan to...

The Bolsheviks couldn't plan a fucking picnic.

- He's reading the wrong papers.
- Ada!

Real, or not real, the coppers don't give a fuck about us, all right?

Which means...

that here today in this room...

we have to agree to end this war between us.

Take a vote.


I was never a part of this, but...





Shut up, Finn.

Why can't I say peace?

Arthur, let him have his say.

Finn? Sit at the table.

Little bastard...

Sending a fucking kid, Sergeant Major...

to do men's work.

My son's not here to speak...

So I'll speak on behalf of us both.


Five for peace.

Two for truce, one abstension.

Let's get on with the war.

Whoa. Curly, how are ya?

Here, catch.

Right, come on then, boys, unload, unload.


Blues and Villa goalkeeper?

Dan Tremelling plays in goal for the Blues

and TommyJackson for the Villa.

Fair enough.

- Charlie?
- What is it, Curly?

We've run out of bullets Charlie.

We need more ammunition.

More ammunition.

Johnny, more ammo.

We're like sitting ducks here if the wops come.

Yeah, well, Tommy said we should do it in the open.

This is howJohn wanted to go.

On the smoke.

And the truth is...

we died together once before.



Danny Whizzbang,

Freddie Thorne,


and John.

We were cut off from the retreat...

No bullets left, waiting for the Prussian cavalry

to come and to finish us off.

And while we waited...

Jeremiah said, "We should sing, 'In the Bleak Midwinter.'"

But we were spared.

The enemy never came.

And we all agreed...

that everything after that was extra.

And when our time came...

we'd all remember.

You remember that God spared you.

But what did you do with that extra time that he gave you, eh, Thomas?

At ease! At ease.

Do not return fire.

I repeat, do not return fire. Stand down.

The men doing the firing are on our side.

I took the trouble...

of giving an invitation to Aberama Gold.

Oh fuck! Now it's begun.

Put it out in the open on purpose.

You used John's funeral fire as a fucking beacon.

We were never in any danger Polly.

You set a trap.

Finn? Finn? Go to the yard and light the fires.

You set a trap with us as fucking bait.

Who's dead?

Our enemies.

- Who's dead?
- You wanna know, Poll?

Two fucking no good Italians heard about the vendetta,

tried to make a fucking name for themselves, that's who.

We got word to them about the funeral,

the where, the when...

Told them where to stand for the best shot.

And Aberama Gold would do the rest.

That's the language of vendetta,

they take one of ours, we take two of theirs.

You used your own brother's funeral.

When did we vote on this, Tommy?

Curly, get a boat ready to take the bodies to the city.

And another boat for anyone,

anyone who wants no more part of this.

'Cause this is how it's gonna be.


I'm not staying for this, Arthur, I'm going home.

Oh, yeah? Home's 57, Watery Lane.

You go there, lock the doors, you wait for me.

Key to number 57.

I'm going home to the country.

You will stay here until it's over. Take the fucking key, Linda.

Look, away from here you are a weakness to all of us.

They will take you hostage and the baby,

they will use the baby.

Take it. Put the kettle on, wait for your husband.

The only way any of you Shelbys will leave this place

is on a cloud of smoke like John.

Well, you're a Shelby now too, Linda.

Five hundred each. A thousand for the brace.

Where do you want them?

Charlie, take him to the yard.

Not too far and not too deep, Curly,

I need the message to get through.

Okay, Tommy.

Finn, you go with him.

Go on. Go with him.

Oh, Tom, uh, tellJanet to save me some goose, please.

On your feet.

Wait outside.

Hello, Mum.

They said you'd be out cold.

No, don't move.

The doctor said they've sewn you up like a football.

What else did he say?

He said you took four bullets.

Only one was live, one was ricochet...

Two were already spent.

Two had passed through John.

Last thing I remember was his face.

I watched him go.

Where's Tommy?

Oh, don't worry about Tommy, just get better.

Where is he?

Tommy's back.

We're all back. Garrison, Watery Lane, Charlie's...

- I need a cigarette.
- No.

I made a decision.

Give me a cigarette, Mum.

- It's not allowed.
- It's not allowed?

- I've decided we're gonna get away.
- Mm, yeah?

Just me and you, Australia.

I've been to the Cunard office and I've got a magazine.

- Hmm.
- Now, America's no good

because that's where they are, but there's no Italians in Australia.

I think there are, Mum.

Bad ones, I mean.

Have you stopped taking those prison tablets?

Don't you worry about me.

Well, I do.

And just you get better.

The doctor says it'll be five weeks, then you'll be up and walking.

Now, there's a boat that leaves on February the 13th.

Tell Tommy I need to see him.

Tell him to bring a gun small enough to fit in the chamber pot, in case...

I've banned Tommy from coming.

The factory's coming back to work tomorrow.

Just forget about the fucking factories.

Is there any word of them going out on strike?

We can go to Australia,

it'll just be you, me, and your sister,

'cause I've found out where she was buried, somewhere outside Melbourne.

Listen, Mum...

I'm gonna get better slowly.

But you need to get better fast.

Without you he falls apart and without him...

without him, they'll take us all.

You've got to get us through this.

And I promise...

I'll board that train with you and we'll go to Australia.

I like your yard, Mr Strong. How much would you take for it?

It's not for sale.

Not for sale?


I just took a look around. I like this place.

Fire for melting silver, canal to get it away.

How much?

Nothing you see here is for sale, Mr Gold.

Oh, everything's for sale, everything.

You tell Mr Strong I'm going to buy his yard.

This yard has been in his family since they settled.

But I've decided to make it part of our deal.


Charlie, come here.

I'm gonna spin a coin for your yard, Charlie.

You're going to what?

If it's heads...

Abbie here takes all of this with my blessing.


And if it's tails...

I fuck your daughter, Mr Gold.

You have three daughters I hear,

and Esmeralda is the oldest and also the prettiest,

so I'll have her.

So make her part of the deal and spin against the yard.

Tommy, for fuck's sake.

Here, you toss the coin, Mr Gold.


Please don't believe this is a joke,

the coin to us is sacred, yes, Arthur?


You toss that coin, you take a bet before witnesses,

and if I win...

Then we'll insist

that the terms of this agreement... wager are fulfilled.

Toss the coin, Mr Gold.

Tommy Shelby, OBE...

No wager today...

but with this penny I will buy a flower to put on your grave...

When the time comes.

And before that time...

please don't again disrespect my friends or their valued property.

We missed Christmas, let's have it now.

Peace on earth, goodwill to all men.


Rum, Curly?

Toast to my brother, John, raise your glasses all of you.

Raise them up, all of you.

John Shelby.

I've got wire, I've got chains, I've got the steel rods. Now what?

Right, put the steel rods up the geese's arse there,

and then you put those steel rods above the fire,

spinning the rod to stop the bird from burning.


You did get potatoes, Charlie?

No, I didn't get fucking potatoes, what's the matter with you?

I don't want that bastard Aberama Gold

putting it around that we live like Diddycoys.

I want him to see that we live proper, that we eat proper, in the proper way.

What the fuck are you talking about?

I'll get the potatoes meself.

Never thought my high fucking heels from Paris

would be stepping through the horse shit of Small Heath ever again.

Temporary, Polly.

Yeah, until hell freezes over.

How's Michael?

You said eight men from New York, seven from Sicily, at £500 each?

Course you can afford it.

Most we'll do ourselves.

How many of your factories are in the safe territories?

Seventy percent.

Shelby Company Limited will continue to manufacture.

Lizzie says its only whores these days?


Have them smuggled in, I suppose.

I need you back, Polly.

Paying whores for sex.

Paying killers to kill.

Yep, nothing for nothing.

Poor Thomas.

You know, our mother went this way.

Spirits and ghosts, tablets, fucking... fucking séances,

scaring us kids halfway to fuckin' death.

Yeah, well. I'm not going that way.

'Cause in the smoke I realised something.

I'm just like you now.

You and Arthur.

I was dead in that noose and then I was saved,

so everything from now on is extra.

But what I didn't understand until today

is when you're dead already...

you're free.

Fucking love it.

I'll help you because Michael wants me to help you.

Starting now...

Get your whores vetted by Lizzie, they'll use your weakness.

Don't take any new men on in the factories

unless you know their families.

And your new friend, Mr Aberama Gold...

he wants something other than just money.

I see things in the air around people, but it's not just the tablets.

It's real.

Ask him what he really wants.

She's a fine beast this one.

Nothing you see is for sale, Mr Shelby.

You know your grandfather camped with mine for a while?


And didn't last.

No, it ended badly in a pub called the Wenlock.

We were owed money, still are.

Other than money, and this scrapyard that's clearly not for sale,

what is it that you want from me, Mr Gold?

How do you know I want anything from you?

Well, because my company treasurer

is a certified accountant and also apparently, a witch.

You're a sporting man.

- Yes, I am.
- And a gambling man.

Bonnie, take off your shirt.

What I want from you, Mr Shelby, is for you to take a gamble on him.

I want you to help my son achieve his ambition.

What ambition might that be?

Who is it?

Inspector Moss.

- I'm looking for Tommy.
- He's at Charlie's.

But I wouldn't go there, some bad men have arrived.

Yes, I've heard.

They'll be drunk by now, or worse.

Can you take a message?

The, uh, intelligence service in London

have sent seven officers up to Birmingham

to check out the investigation into communists and seditionists.

They've got a list of people of great interest and, uh,

top of that list is Ada Thorne, formerly Shelby.

Now, they seem to think that she came back from New York

to organise a revolution in Birmingham.

Well, tell them they're wrong.

Ada Shelby's now firmly back in place in the family business.

Thing is, when you get a mark against your name...

it's very hard to shift it.

They will come looking for her.

Well, tell them there's a queue. Everybody wants a Shelby.

Mrs Shelby...

These are military men, no less dangerous than any Italians.

You tell Tommy, I think he'll understand.

Say goodnight to you then.

- Hello, Curly.
- Oh, hello.

I'm here to collect Mr Shelby's horse. I'm a little early, I think.

Are you going to train the horse to race?


Don't use a crop, she's very gentle.

- I won't.
- Yo.

I, I...

How is Mr Shelby?

Well, now he's got the Americans after him, he's a bit hard on people.

- The Americans?
- Yeah, they call them the Mafia.

Dear God.

Yeah, there's 15 of them. Yeah, they want to kill us all,

but we got guns and grenades and, and Polly's back,

so it's gonna be okay, yeah.

I'll get the horse.

Mr Shelby, thank God you're back, we've got real trouble.

What meetings do I have today?

Um, well, uh, there's a supplier from Coventry at 10:00,

uh, the convener with the boiler makers unit at 11:00,

and then Chamber of Commerce at 1:00.

But that isn't the thing...

Right. Clear a space here, move this car back,

give me a hundred feet of rope and a bell.

- Rope?
- Yep, and a bell.

Mr Shelby, this place is about to explode.

A rope and a bell, Devlin.

Bonnie, this way.

Yes, Mr Shelby.

And by the way, the revolution is scheduled to begin at noon.

There he is, Billy Mills,

former heavyweight champion,

Staffordshire, Warwickshire and Worcestershire.

Hello, Billy.


And now I work for you, Mr Shelby,

for not enough money.

Right. That enough for you?

Enough for what?

Someone here who wants to fight you. Bonnie Gold, come here, son.

I'm a heavyweight,

he's a welterweight at best.

Nevertheless, he wants to fight you.

Yeah. And then when I damage him, the Blinders will take my eyes.

No comeback, Billy, just a fight, Queensbury Rules.

- When?
- Now.

- Where?
- Here!

Right, you lot, come here.

Let's make it interesting. Come place a wager with me.

I'll give you good odds.

I'll give you good odds on the boy, even better on the big lad.

There you go, what you want?

Bonnie, come here, son.

- Give him one!
- Let's have it then!

Your boy knows he can hit back, right?

Told him in the professional game people want their money's worth,

don't win too fast.

But if you've seen enough...

Finish it, Bonnie.

Fuck me. That was a punch.

What's he got, horseshoes in those gloves or what?

No, just his dad's strength and his mother's temper.

- Does he have fits?
- No.

- Asthma?
- No.

How's he cut?

Well, no one's cut him yet, but his skin's thick.

- Does he drink?
- Water, sometimes.

- How many fights?
- Twenty-five, bare knuckle,

all knockouts, five with gloves in pastures, all knockouts.

Against Romany fighters?

That's why they won't let us in the fairs no more, he keeps winning.

I could fight a fucking tree and knock it out, Mr Shelby.

I like him. I like it.

- Mrs Eden is waiting upstairs
- I'll be there in a minute. Arthur?

Mr Shelby's on his way.

Fight in the workshop?

No, no, just a bit of sport.

Do you want some more tea?

No, what kind of sport?

Sport between men, Mrs Eden.

Actually, I'm Miss Eden.

Be patient, a good man will come.

- What do you think?
- No, that was over fast.

Yeah, but you can tell, eh?

I'd give him to the Irish boys at Digbeth, they can teach him.

- And then what?
- We promote him.

Big money in London, New York, if he's good.

We control him.

On the book, control the odds, like a horse.

Control when he wins, when he loses. Alfie Solomon runs a fighter,

says it's fuckin' money for nothing, fighting's been good for us,

better if you know who's gonna win.

But we got a lot going on, that's all.

Yeah. That's why it'd be good to have the kid around.

We take the fucking kid on,

one day he may end up fucking taking a bullet for you.

Can't afford to lose another brother, can I?

No one else is like him, so he's all right.

Come on.

All right, I'll do it.

But we need to do a deal about money.

- Hmm.
- Yeah. Speak to my accountant.

- The witch?
- Yeah.

So when will my first real fight be do you think, Mr Shelby?

Soon as we can find anyone stupid enough to get in the ring with you.

God help him.

There you go, Bonnie.

You're a Peaky Blinder now, son.

- There you go, the lion's share.
- Thank you.

Mr Shelby... I understand you've had a bereavement.

I'm here to talk business.

Then I'll be blunt.

As will I.

What you're doing here is robbery.

Every man is free to leave.

You cut five shillings from the weekly wage.

And you said, if I did that

you'd bring every man and woman in all my factories out on strike.


Do you have a whistle?

If so, blow it.

I thought at least we might have a discussion,

as I do with other owners.

I'm not other owners.


You believe because coal is expensive and it's been a cold winter

and because wages have been cut over the past twelve months,

you think because of all that nobody will walk out on strike,

because no one can afford to.

And until recently that would've been true.

But something has changed this past year.

Cold winter in the east, people are not afraid anymore.

I have it on very good authority

that the Bolsheviks couldn't organise a fucking picnic.

You know, Mr Shelby...

It's almost as if you want trouble.

If the rule of law in Birmingham were to break down

during this period of turmoil for my family,

then yes, that would indeed have its benefits

for reasons you could not understand.

I've heard rumours.

Sport between men.

Just blow your fucking whistle, eh?

Tools down, we've had a clearing!

Right, come on you lot, put your tools down!

Everyone out!

I said, everyone out.

Stop working immediately.

Yeah, come in.

I did say this would happen.

Who's next?

Um, he's a, a delegate from the European Council for Trade.

He's here to talk about the import of car parts to France.

- Right.
- He's come all the way from Paris,

but given the circumstances I could send him away?

Given what circumstances? Send him in.

Mr Shelby, this is Monsieur Paz from Paris.

I heard you had trouble.

It's good of you to see me.

You just came from Paris, eh?

You know Paris?

I left Paris in a cattle truck.

They said you were French.

Well, I came here from Paris.

That does not mean I'm French.

Guess where I'm from.

Well, in my cattle truck in Paris...

There were American soldiers who played cards.

They sound like you.

Yeah. Did you win?

You didn't come on a train. Your suit is pressed, your shoes are clean.

Where do you get your suits made?

I have a tailor in New York City.


Funacci, Italian.

He's my uncle.

He makes suits in the basement of Madge Street.

He is my uncle,

so every stitch, stitched with blood.

I heard you dress well, Mr Shelby,

but now I see...

not so well as me.

You know, I have uncles as well...

But they're not the sort of men who would, who would work in a basement

with a needle and thread,

Mr Changretta.

I am surprised how easy it was to get into a room with you.

And now?

And now?

And now you should know

that during the trouble you had earlier on your factory floor

I sent an accomplice into your office in overalls.

He found your gun...

and unloaded it.

Arthur Shelby.

Polly Gray.

Michael Gray.

John Shelby.


Ada Thorne.

And finally...

Tommy Shelby.

None of you will survive.

You're level of security is pitiful

and we are an organisation of a different dimension.

I could've killed you when I walked through the door.

But you see...

I want you to be the last.

I want you to be alive after your entire family is dead

'cause my mother says

that is what will hurt you the most.

You people have traditions of honour, as do we.

Instead of sending you a black hand, I could've had you killed in the night.

I don't know why...

But I want you to know why

and I wanna suggest to you that we fight this vendetta with honour.

No civilians, no children.

No police.

Welcome to Birmingham, Mr Changretta.


# Where the road is dark

# And the seed is sown Where the gun is cocked... #

Ah, that smell. I miss it.

What, the shithouse?

No. I don't know what it is.

Birmingham, I suppose. Small Heath.

- That smell.
- The smell brings it back.

Where'sJohn do you think, Tom?

Fuck knows.

Well, he's gone, though.

Like a hole behind your head.

Thought you thought there was are heaven.

No. More like hell for ourJohn.

No, neither one.

He's just not here anymore.

# Now I been out in the desert

# Just doin' my time

# Searchin' through the dust

# Lookin' for a sign

# If there's a light up ahead... #

It's like with Grace, Arthur...

They're just gone,

just fucking gone.

# I got this fever burnin ' in my soul #

# On a gathering storm comes a tall handsome man #

# In a dusty black coat with a red right hand #