Peaky Blinders (2013–…): Season 2, Episode 5 - Episode #2.5 - full transcript

Tommy's powerbase in London has been obliterated.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
This place is under new management.

By order of the Peaky Blinders.

just write down "peace", right,

between the Jews and the Italians.

And war against the gypsies.

- I love him, Tom. - I know.

That's why I'll keep him away from the old business,

put him charge of the new.

Some idiots at the Marquis of Lorne.

Tried to stop me and Isaiah from drinking, but it's all right.

We fought them off.

The Marquis, eh?

What do we want with a 1,000-guinea horse?

When we make our move on Sabini's racing pitches,

a good racehorse is a passport to the owner's enclosure.

May Carleton. I breed racehorses and train them.

I've made arrangements with men I trust.

If I should die, then you will die.


Would you stop the noise?

You working tonight?

Not so much work as pleasure.

Others are doing my work for me tonight.

Gentlemen, welcome!


Mr Solomon.

You must be Arthur.

- That is right. -Arthur!

- Arthur! -Pleasure to meet you, sir.

I've heard so much about you.

Shalom. Let me just say.


For luck.

You understand I'm the commanding officer on this operation.

You're here purely as an observer.

Just do your duty.

Dear Lord,

for what we're about to receive may the Lord make us truly grateful.




Passover started off way out there in the Far East,

out in the sand, out in the desert, where me forefathers come from.

You know, the Jews, the brews, whatever you want to call them.

It started out as a little speck on the horizon.

Arthur, this ain't right.

Billy, don't worry, mate, you know what I mean? If you want, you can leave.

If you need to go to the little boys' room, you can leave.

We going to open 'em in a minute.

He's all right, he's all right, Billy boy.

- Do you want to leave? -No, you're all right.

- You want to stay? -I'll stay.

You stay there, then, treacle.

Okay, so the pharaoh. Have you heard of him?

He kept my people, the Jewish people, in slavery,

for thousands and thousands of years.

Persecuted race.

He did, he persecuted my race.

The killing of the innocent, right?

Seder, this feast, that what we is having here.

Seder is basically the day what when the Jewish angels decided,

you know, that the evil fucking Egyptians

had pushed their fucking luck!


It is part of our tradition to do with Seder, right,

that in order to make it good with God to kill a king,

we have to carry out the Korban Pesach.

- Right. -That,

is the ritual sacrifice of the Passover goat.

- It's a goat. -Yeah, and we're gonna sacrifice it.

Tonight. That's part of the reason why we have to shut the doors as well.

But this year we thought we'd give the fucking goat a name.

- You've named it? -We fucking did, yeah.

- They named the fucking goat. -The evil fucking Egyptian pharaoh,

-the fucking enemy. -That's right.

- You know what we called it? -What did ya call him?

Tommy Shelby.

- Stay where you are!

You're all fired.

- Fuck you.

- That's right, let's take a load off.


And the evil Egyptian scum...

...was finally cleansed,

with the blood of the Passover goat, mate.

That's from Sabini.

And tell your gypsy king...

...whoever comes down south, shall return north

in many fucking pieces. Huh?

This fucking animal. He come in here, right, with a fucking gun and razor

and he shot him in the face!

And my lads, they restrained him.

Look at him. He's dead. Is he dead?

He's fucking dead!

He wants arresting or something, right?


Michael! You can't take him away again, you can't take my son away!

You come back here! No! No!


Don't you fucking touch him! Get off him!

Don't say anything! Tommy will get you out!


I'll be all right...

You should know, that as of this night, Tommy Shelby is finished.

Mick? This is Thomas Shelby, he's come to check up on his filly.

Yes, I've heard about you.

Mick is the best horseman in England.

He likes to waste money, I know that.

According to the reports I've been given,

you're spending two pound a month on worming powder.

What? You want a horse with worms?

Horses get worms from the water trough.

Put goldfish in them, they eat the worm eggs.


- It'll be a gypsy thing, is it? -No.

It's an accounting thing.

- Goldfish cost a penny each. -Or you can win them at the fair.

If you want, I'll dispense with the vet altogether. Excuse me.

Did you ever consider a career in diplomacy?

Hello, hello.

How are you, eh?

Goldfish, seriously?


You people have a lot to learn.

They asked me if I wanted a fire in the guest bedroom.

I said no.

Just one fire tonight.

Bold and fearless, eh?


Though I'm not really fearless.

- Drink? -Why not?

- Madam, there is a telephone call. -I'll take it in the drawing room.

It's for Mr Shelby.

We had a deal.


We had a fucking deal.

I would thank you to moderate your language in a place of worship.

We had a fucking deal.

Mr Shelby.

If you read the papers,

you might have seen that the Home Secretary has got himself

into a bit of a fizz about certain moral issues.


Protection, racketeering, drinking, cocaine and, of course,


And he's demanded results.

You offered me protection.

You promised me protection.

Well, no, you see, it was Mr Churchill that made you that promise.

And the Home Secretary outranks him, so...

And I can hardly be blamed if your demented brother

decides to go on some sort of blood orgy during dinner.

Do not fucking lie to me.

Do not sit here in your fucking church and lie to me!

You will need to contain your emotions or this meeting is at an end.


That's better.


Let us review the new situation.

I have your brother in a prison cell,

charged with the murder of Billy Kitchen.

The case against him is strong.

And I have no doubt that his destiny is to hang.

And then there is Polly's son Michael.

He has already admitted to helping Arthur burn down the Marquis Pub.

Oh, he was a tough nut to crack, that boy.

But crack he did.

So I have your brother facing the noose.

I have your cousin facing five years for arson.

And I have your entire organisation in disarray

in Birmingham and in London.

What do you want?

What do I want?

I don't understand.

I've already agreed

to do your fucking killing for you.

Now what is it you want from me?

Oh. There you go, you see...

An agreement is not the same thing as an assurance, now, is it?

See, I found that

I wasn't sleeping so well.

And it wasn’t just that...

...the smell and the noise in that room, no.

It was the nagging doubt. The knowledge.

The knowledge that...

Tommy Shelby is not afraid to die.

And therefore,

the threat to your own life might not be enough

to make it certain that you will obey me on the given day.

I needed also the power of life and death over your family

and that I now have.

Your brother, your cousin and your sister.

I've known her address in Primrose Hill since the day she moved in.

Now she is safe only as long as I want her to be.

I've been ahead of you, every step of the way.

And, as my father used to say,

to make sure your dog obeys you, you have to show it the stick

once in a while.

Tommy, Arthur's in solitary confinement. Michael's in remand wing...

Yeah, I already know. Get out, shut the doors.


It's me.

Tommy, can you hear me?

Yes, Grace.

I think you called.

I haven't slept.

Grace, this is not a good time.

I can call you back.

- No, no, it's fine. It's all right. -Can we meet?

Yes, we'll meet.


Grace, there are some things I have to do first.


Coppers have lifted 10 of our men in Camden town,

the rest of them on the run.

- Tom, they've taken Michael. -Business first.

- They took Michael last night. -Polly, business first!


They took all our whisky.

So no doubt they'll be supping that for Christmas.

They've impounded all our vans,

put their own locks on the warehouse.

The Eden Club and all our pubs have been raided by the coppers

and handed back to Sabini and Solomons.

The Black Country boys think it was Arthur who killed Billy

because that's what the coppers told them.

So there'll be no more free passes for our whisky boats.

I don't give a fuck about whisky.

I don't give a fuck about Billy Kitchen.

I want my son out of prison now.

Thomas, I spoke to Johnny Dogs.

This meeting should just be family.

- I can help. -It's family only, she's not blood.

- Let her speak. -Tommy! Or is this a business...


Enough, Polly.


I spoke to Johnny Dogs. The Lees are kin.

- The bloody Lees! -They can give us men.

We don't need more fucking men.

It's men that have done the damage. It's...

It is men fighting like cockerels that have put us here in the first place.

Esme, I'll take up their offer. We need men.

If Michael ever gets out of prison,

I am taking him away from this family, for good.

This life is bad.

This life is all bad.

- Aunt Pol, what are you doing? -Shut up and walk.


Should I go and speak to Queen Mary Lee at the Black Patch?


She can give us soldiers for a few nights.

Mmm, good.

John, go bring up the car.

Imagine riding away, Thomas.

Living the real life, you know?

Your gypsy half is the stronger.

You just want to ride away.

France is the new place for us, they say.

Lot of metal lying around still.

Guns and trucks and spent shells and things.

Then you go south.

Saintes Maries.

Where the Black Madonna is.

My brothers go sometimes for the fair.

It's like a home for us.

They still let you get lost there.

I've been to France, Esme.

So has John.

Now get your coat and go with your husband.

If you ever talk about getting lost again, I'll cut you

from this family.

What family?

- Come in.

Ah. Polly.

I've come to see my son.

Close the door.

I've just been conducting an interrogation.

It can be awfully hard on the hands.

My son. Michael. Where is he?

Do you think I need a shave?

It's been a long day.

I need a shave, don't you think?

Well, maybe it can wait till later.

Your son has been having a hard time of it I'm told.

And that is why I thought that you and I together,

we should do whatever we can to get him freed.

Now, I have a form here, a release form.

With my signature,

he can be freed by tomorrow morning at dawn.

So sign it.

- He didn't do anything. -"Sign it,

"Mr Campbell. Please, sir."

Something like that. That would be a way to say that, wouldn't it?


what would prompt me to do you such a favour, hmm?

What do you want?


You mean inside information about Tommy Shelby's criminal empire?

With respect,

I would say I know more about Tommy's dealings than you do.

He doesn't trouble the family with Irish business for instance, does he?


So, no.

It's not information I need.

What else could you give me

in return for my signature?

I'm talking about a simple transaction here.

I have a great curiosity.

Like a magpie sees something,

something shining in the mud.

Oh, he has no need for the silver,

but he takes it anyway.

Sign the form.

-"Please, sir." -Please, sir.

I will sign that form with this hand

when I am finished.

- It's a deal? -It's a deal.

- Don't cry. -Oh, I can cry.


That is what I want.

I need you to cry.

I will try.

"I need a favour, Mr Campbell, sir.

"And I will do anything, anything in return."

That's what you might have said. Hmm?

I felt something

when I had you up against that car.

And you felt it too.

Don't tell me you didn't, Polly, because...

Oh, and now you think you're...

You're so respectable,

with your son and your house

and your maid, but I know what you are, gypsy Fenian slut.

Do you want to do it on the floor or on the desk, Mr Campbell?

Now you cry.

You cry!

Get out. Get out.

Get out!

No. No! I want him free.

I'll get him free.

You don't need to shave.

You don't need to do anything.

A victory is just doing nothing as well.

Doing it soft and gentle.

Should I talk or not talk?

Should it be like I'm weak and small, yes?

Do you want me to talk or not to talk?


You're small and weak.

That's what I am...

Small and weak.


You made me cry.


We had an agreement, right?

Yes. Yes!

Where have you been?

Went to the Spotted Dog in Digbeth.

A glass or two of rum.

Was it one glass or two?

It was three.

Where's the baby?


More like five.

It was more like six.

Did you meet the maid?

Talked politics with her and she got bored and went to bed.

I phoned James.

He talked to the lawyer anyway.

Said he'd take Arthur's case for free,

so we don't need Tommy.


We'll get Michael free as well, I promise.

There's no need, they'll let him out in the morning.

If the baby wants anything at night, ring the bell by the bed.

She gets paid to work 24 hours, that girl. She's getting lazy.


Take advantage if you're nice.

You need cream on them cuts or they'll go bad.

The screws told me why I've been freed.

They told me what you did.

They thought it was funny.

Maybe it is.

What are you doing, Tommy?

Shovelling shit, Curly.

Just like you.

Why're you doing that, Tommy?

To remind meself what I'd be

if I wasn't who I am.

Tommy. What's going on?

I think Tommy's lost his mind, Charlie.

Well, it's honest work, Curly.

But I don't want to get used to it.

So I'll need six cans of petrol.

Bring them to the garage.

Put them in the back of the car.

Six cans?


If you ever want a job, I'll get you your own shovel.

Petrol. Yes. Yeah.

You're far too gorgeous for some half-blind auntie.

She's my harshest critic.

I have to be perfect.

She's not half-blind, she's half-deaf.

So what time will you be back?

Before midnight.

I'll be awake.

Is this your house?


Have a seat.

Do I not get a drink?


- You want one? -Yes.

Still whisky?


But other things have changed.

I saw vans with your name on at the docks.

Yes, some things have changed.

Tommy, I really wasn't sure about coming tonight.

I lit a fire in the bedroom upstairs.

My plan was

that we'd sit here for a while,

talk about old times,

drink some whisky.

And I was gonna tell you

I hadn't spent a day

without thinking about you.

And then we were gonna go upstairs

and sleep together.

But just now on the way to opening the door,

I changed me mind.

So just have one drink

tell me how happy you are in New York

and then you can go.

- You changed your mind? -Mmm.

So you can go.


As a matter of fact,

I am happy in New York.

And I am married.

Oh, yeah, he's... He's rich. I know.

And he's sweet.

And he's kind to me.

So what makes you think that I would have gone to bed with you

after one whisky and some conversation?

I was accounting for three whiskys.

How dare you?

It doesn't matter now, 'cause I've changed me mind.

I came here because you asked me.

Even though he's sweet and he's kind to you?

And now I feel like an idiot.

Well, then, go.


Well, you're still here.

Are you so certain?

That you're still in love with me?

I was.

But I'm not any more.

You're not armed, Grace, are you?

No, I'm not armed.

I don't carry guns. I don't have to.

You don't have a sense of humour any more, either.

What are you talking about?

The thing is, I hate reunions.

I didn't want to sit here for hours talking about nothing

and dancing around what we really want to say.

So now,

I know you're happy in New York.

I know your husband's rich and sweet and kind to you.

I know you're unarmed.

And you didn't come here for sex because you don't love me any more.

And it's only three minutes past.

Another drink?

I'll take that as a yes.

It's good to see you, Grace.

So you didn't light the fire?

You see, my real plan

was that we go out.

I want to impress you.


do you like Charlie Chaplin?

Yes, I like Charlie Chaplin.


I bet you've never heard Charlie Chaplin speak.

I thought you were taking me to see Charlie Chaplin.

I am.

- This isn't a picture house. -No, it's not a picture house.

So how will I see Charlie Chaplin?

You will see him and you will hear him, just like I promised.

There you go. There's Chaplin.

- Oh, my God. That's him. -Mmm-hmm.

That's really Charlie Chaplin in person.

Yep. He's in England promoting his film.

And how the hell do you know Charlie Chaplin?

I don't. I know his bodyguard, Wag McDonald.

It's that chap there.

Wag was a bookie in Birmingham, then he went to Los Angeles.

You see, Wag is also Romani gypsy,

as is Chaplin, but he keeps it a secret.

Chaplin was born on the Black Patch, a gypsy camp in Birmingham.

That's why he gave Wag the job, even though Wag was on the run.

Thank you.

Thank you. See, we all have our secrets, Grace.

Come on. I'll introduce you.

Hello, Wag. Mr Chaplin, this is Grace.

Hello, Mr Chaplin.

- Hello. - Hello, Mr Campbell.

Uh, you said you knew my sister's address in Primrose Hill,

so I expect you have men watching the house,

see who comes and goes.

Well, tonight your men will see me return to the house

with a very beautiful woman.

She will stay until just before midnight.

Of course, I'll close the curtains.

Can you guess who the woman is?


Sleep well, Mr Campbell.


Tommy, do you have someone?

It's too late, Tommy.

It's 11:00, Grace.

I mean, it's too late.

If you'd come with me to New York...

I have things to do.

You mean the coin landed the wrong way?

It couldn't have worked.

That was a question.


Tommy, do you have someone?

I have a racehorse.

She's gonna win the derby.

I'll drive you.

When do you sail back?

We don't know yet.

You don't have a return ticket?

This wasn't right, Tommy.

When do you go back, Grace?

They're doing tests on us.

I don't know when they'll be finished.

We're having treatment.

A doctor on Harley Street.

Some new thing, a breakthrough.

We're trying for a baby.

Why did you come here tonight?

The doctor believes it's surely me who's at fault.

I'm sorry.

It's no one's fault.

I'm tired of that, Tommy.

Can I see you again?


You're used to working undercover, eh?

I've never lied to him once.

So tell him the truth.

Put your arms up.

Oh, what've we got here then?

Get your fuckin' hands off me.

Oh, here he is.

The King of London Town.

You been enjoying yourself?

Oh, yeah, it's fucking great.

Surrounded by Sabini's men.

Rats everywhere.

Fucking cockneys.

Well, at least you're going to get what you've always wanted.

And what's that?

Well, you tried to hang yourself twice.

Now the King is gonna do it for you.

- I've been a fuckin' idiot. -Yeah.

I haven't appreciated nothing, John.

Are you fucking repenting or something?


I used to be good at drawing.

Arthur, please, for God's sake, I don't need this.

I should have listened more in class.

What fucking class? You were never there.

I used to draw horses.

- Arthur... -Stallions.

- Great big ones. -Arthur.

- They looked real. -Not stallions. Not now.

I should have done more with me life, John.

- Good things. -Arthur, for God's sake...

Even Ada said it wasn't my fault.

Arthur, will you listen?

- They're gonna hang me, John. -They're not gonna hang you.

Says who?


And how is Houdini gonna get me out of this?

- Well, we... -Don't tell me. He's got a plan.

But you don't know what that plan is, do you, John?

I do...

'Cause we just can't be trusted.

All right.

If he's so fucking clever, why am I in here?

Well, it's...

Why is all our men and half our whisky been lifted?


The Jew and the cockney have run rings round him.

- Will you shut up? -Look at you. Look.

- A big fucking man... -Fucking shut up!

He's already told me what I've got to do.

What business have you got here?

I just pulled over.

I never smoke and drive, you know?

- Where are you from? -I'm from Ireland,

the beautiful north where the rocks sing in the wind.

Yeah, in the beautiful north.

You know, I've just pulled over for a fag.

I want to see some identification!





Does it really stop the horses from getting worms?

Yep. It really does.

Anyway, I thought it would make you smile.

I'm sorry that you had to drive through the night.

You must be exhausted. You can go and sleep if you want.


We have to stop.


I came here to tell you we have to stop.


Because I'm me and you're you, that old thing?

There's someone.

For a long time.

And I didn't want you to think anything about how

it's gonna be after the race.

Not many of your people know about me,

so I haven't done the damage that would come.

"My people?"

Well, the damage isn't done,

is what I mean.

- Right. -It's...

Even if it's like this, I want the horse to stay here.

To stay? Yes, of course.

Epsom is close.

I haven't got my outfit yet so it's all right.

You can still be with me at the enclosure.

That's very gracious of you, sir.

You can wear something.

It's funny, isn't it?

Because you'll be up there and I'll be down in the ring.

Sort of upside down, isn't it?

You can still be with me after and you can still wear something.

I'll be covered in mud from the ring.

May, forget about men like me.

I was going to tell you how much he's improved.

There are other men, May.

I think she stands a chance of placing, so...

That's the silly part of our business done.

Are you going to drive straight off to Birmingham? Or...

And what if I said, uh,

"All right, I'll stay," after what I just said?

Then that would be all right.

You talk about damage.

The damage not yet done.

You don't think that half of London already thinks

that I'm fucking a racketeer?

Laughing about it. Laying on bets about when you'll steal the silver.

You think your people are ruthless? Try mine.

So that's why you carry on, eh?

Because you can't back down.

Amongst many other illogical reasons.

So will you drive straight off or...

I haven't got any petrol in the garage.

Yeah. I have some cans of petrol in the car.

Good. So you can go.

They look happy in there, eh?

And why wouldn't they be?

Who is she?

Someone who's sailing away.

So let her sail.

You've told me about her like a gentleman.

Now kindly behave like a gangster again.

Feel sorry for me. It's fine.

Because your horse will come fifth or sixth.

But I will win you.

Mr Shelby’s just parking his car. He said for you to wait in here.

Isn't this impressive?

And what is it you exactly do here?

I exactly am a secretary to Mr Shelby.

A secretary? My, my, my.

All that paperwork.

Do you want tea?


I keep everything locked up, Mr Campbell.

Everything of value.

Take a seat.

How is your company treasurer, Polly?

- Why do you ask? -Oh, just give her my regards.

You like to play with fire,

don't you, Mr Shelby?

Yesterday in Belgravia,

Field Marshal Russell's house was burnt out.

An incendiary device was put through his letterbox,

which means

that he will have to find somewhere else to live

for at least the next three months.


Which also means that your plan,

for me to break in and shoot him in his bed,

is now no longer an operational possibility.


But if you think a wee burn frees you from your obligations,

-think again. -I will keep my side of the bargain.

Oh, by God, you will.

I will shoot your field marshal,

but I will do it in a way that serves my purpose.

The only purpose is my purpose.

I will carry out your assassination at a place of my choosing.

Listen to me.

All operational detail must be mutually agreed.

I'm a soldier. I've experience. I will determine where and when he...

Now that man has 24-hour armed police protection...

Your plan was full of holes.

My plan was mutually agreed!

Well, now your plan is up in smoke.

And I have formulated the only viable alternative.

Oh, for God's sake, what do you mean?

How would you get to him?

I won't. He will come to me.

Now, listen to me, Mr Shelby.

When this meeting is concluded,

I must report directly to Mr Winston Churchill.

Your relationship with Mr Churchill is not my concern.

And Mr Winston Churchill will need to hear detail.

Well, you tell him he'll have to trust me.

Look, Mr Campbell.

I will carry out my mission.

- Good. -Good.

But I will do it in a place where it will be impossible

for you or your men to have me shot afterwards.

Because that was the plan.


Coppers front and back. No way out.

Me shot dead, dumped in the Thames.

I will do the killing,

but at a place where that will not be an option.

I've recently become a racehorse owner, Mr Campbell.

It's, uh...

Well, perhaps you can guess which one is my horse.

Where and when?


Derby Day.