Peaky Blinders (2013–…): Season 2, Episode 6 - Episode #2.6 - full transcript

As Derby day arrives, Tommy is faced with impossible decisions as he prepares to strike back at his enemies and take the family business to the next level.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
The pro-treaty Paddles and the King want the same man dead.

You've been chosen, Mr Shelby.

The Epsom Derby, Pol. We'll be drinking with the bloody King.

For the last 10 years, Sabini's made it his race.

If we're gonna take him down, might as well make it there.

It's good to see you, Grace.

Tommy, do you have someone?

The horse will come fifth or sixth. But I will win you.

Mr Churchill was impressed.

He has asked that the Colonial Office grant him an Empire export licence.

I want my son out of prison now.

He can be freed by tomorrow morning.

I'm talking about a simple transaction here.

I will carry out your assassination

at a place of my choosing.


Derby Day.

My name is Thomas Shelby,

and today, I'm going to kill a man.

Today is Derby Day.

The murder will take place this afternoon,

at the Epsom races.

It may be that I am able to escape after the killing.

The odds are not good, which is why I am writing this letter.

I've been forced by agents of the Crown to carry out this murder.

In the event of my own death, I want the following facts to be known.

My family are innocent of any involvement.

Who are we?

- Let's go.

And while some of them may be guilty of other things,

I've not shared details of this mission with any of them,

and no company assets were used.

Agents of the Crown joined forces with pro-treaty Fenians

to arrange this murder.

I believe the governments intend to falsely blame the anti-treaty IRA.

Therefore, the bullet I fire this afternoon

will be the starting gun for civil war in Ireland.

The man I have been instructed to kill

is Field Marshal Russell.

Formerly a Black and Tan commander who committed many atrocities

in the county of Cork.

There is no remorse in my heart at the prospect of his death.

However, the conspiracy behind the killing

is cause for international concern.

Such is the gravity of my secret mission,

that after I have served my purpose, I believe they intend to kill me.

Do you want tea?

I therefore want to name a particular individual in this letter.

The agent who has initiated and orchestrated this crime

is Major Chester Campbell of the British Secret Intelligence Service.

He chose me for this dirty business as an act of vengeance,

prompted by hatred of long standing.

In the event of my death,

it is imperative he be brought to justice.

If you are reading this, then I am dead already.

I hope that, living as you do in a truly free country,

you will be able to make the above facts known to the world.

Yours sincerely, Thomas Shelby.

Did you one anyway, you ignorant git.

Ada, sit down here for a minute.

Ada, if anything happens to me today,

I need you to post this letter.

The stamp's already on.

Don't ask any questions, it's to do with insurance.

Look, Tommy,

whatever it is you're involved in, just tell us.

God, you never let anybody in.

We love you, Tom.

What are you doing up at 6:00 in the morning?

- Ready?
- What the bloody hell's going on?

- Little errand. -What errand?

- You just have to stand there, Ada. -Stand where?

- Let's go, come on. flames, what's going on?

Don't listen to him, James. He'll get you killed.

What errand?

For the cause, Ada.

The good old cause.

Hands off cocks, on with socks.

One at a time.

One at a time, that's all I ask.

You're getting out, Mr Shelby.

All 10 witnesses against you withdrew their statements,

last night.

All at once. 9:00.

Don't ask me why, because I don't know.

The next 10 minutes, you don't do or say anything I haven't told you.

All right?

- All right? -Yeah.

Hello, Ollie.

Well, hang on. just you, yeah?

He stays out here.

Uh, you stay here.

Johnny fucking Dogs.

How did they get me out of there?

I need to get you to a telephone. You need to make a call.

It's all part of Tommy's plan.


That'll probably be for you, won't it?



You're out.

Right, so that'll be your side of the street swept up, won't it?

Where's mine?

What you got for me?

Signed by the Minister of the Empire himself.

Yeah? So it is.

This means that you can put your rum in our shipments,

and no one at Poplar Docks will lift a canvas.

You know what? I'm not even going to have my lawyer look at that.

- I know, it's all legal.
- You know what,

mate, I trust you. That's that. Done.

So, whisky...

There is, uh, one thing, though, that we do need to discuss.

- What would that be? -It says here, "20%

"paid to me of your export business."

- As we agreed on the telephone... -No, no, no, no, no.

See, I've had my lawyer draw this up...

...for us, just in case.

It says that, here, that 100%

of your business goes to me.

- I see. -It's there. Right.

Don't worry about it, right, 'cause it's totally legal binding.

All you have to do is sign the document and transfer the whole lot over to me.

- Sign just here, is it? -Yeah.

I see. That's funny. That is.

- What? -No, that's funny.

"I'll give you 100% of my business."



Ollie, no. No, no, no.

Put that down. He understands, he understands.

He's a big boy, he knows the road. Now, look,

it's just non-fucking-negotiable.

That's all you need to know.

So all you have to do is sign the fucking contract.

- Right there. -just sign here?

- With your pen. -I understand.

Good. Get on with it.

Well, I have an associate waiting for me at the door.

I know that he looks like a choir boy, but he is actually an anarchist

- from Kentish Town. -Tommy...

I'm going to fucking shoot you.

All right?

Now, when I came in here, Mr Summons,

I stopped to tie my shoelace. Isn't that a fact?


I stopped to tie my shoelace.

And while I was doing it,

I laid a hand grenade on one of your barrels,

Mark 15, with wired trip.

And my friend upstairs...

Well, he's like one of those anarchists that blew up Wall Street, you know?

He's a professional.

And he's in charge of the wire.

If I don't walk out that door on the stroke of 7:00,

he's going to trigger the grenade and...

...your very combustible rum will blow us all to hell.

And I don't care...

...'cause I'm already dead.

He tied his lace, Alfie.

- And there is a kid at the door. -From a good family, too.

Ollie, it's shocking what they become...

What were you doing when this happened?

He tied his lace, nothing else.

Yeah, but what were you doing?

I was marking the runners in the paper.

What are you doing?

Just checking the time. Carry on.

Right, Ollie, I want you to go outside, yeah, and shoot that boy in the face

from the good family, all right?

Anyone walks through that door except me, he blows the grenade.

- He tied his fucking lace... -I did tie my lace.

I bet, 100 to 1,

you're fucking lying, mate. That's my money.

Well, see, you've failed to consider the form.

I did blow up me own pub...

...for the insurance.

OK right... Well, considering the form,

I would say 65 to 1. Very good odds.

And I would be more than happy and agree

if you were to sign over 65% of your business to me.

- Thank you. -Sixty-five? No deal.

- Ollie, what do you say?
- Jesus Christ, Alfie.

He tied his fucking lace, I saw him!

- Mmm-hmm. -He planted a grenade, I know he did.

Alfie, it's Tommy fucking Shelby...

You're behaving like a fucking child.

This is a man's world.

Take your apron off,

and sit in the corner like a little boy.

Fuck off. Now.

- Four minutes. -All right, four minutes.

--Talk to me about hand grenades.

The chalk mark on the barrel, at knee height.

It's a Hamilton Christmas.

I took out the pin and put it on the wire.

Based on this...

...forty-five percent.

- Thirty. -Oh, fuck off, Tommy.

That's far too little.

In France, Mr Solomons, while I was a tunneller, a clay-kicker.


I blew up Schwaben Höhe.

Same kit I'm using today.

It's funny, that.

I do know the 179.

And I heard they all got buried.

Three of us dug ourselves out.

Like you're digging yourself out now?

Like I'm digging now.

Fuck me.

Listen, I'll give you 35%.

That's your lot.


- You're late. -Hey, it's my business.

How the fuck did you get me out of that?

I need you today, brother.

I pulled some strings.

- You all right? -I am now.

So Arthur's back in charge now?

He's in charge of you, and you're both in charge of him.

Look-out duties only today.

- Tom, I'm getting sick of this... -Finn.

You don't obey orders, you don't come.

- Johnny Dogs. -Tommy.

- Your boys will meet us there?
- Well, at least they'll be there,


- Captain? -Ah, we promoted you.

Well, the boys decided you're no longer like a Sergeant Major.

Fucking those rich women and using those fancy words.

I'd say you're more like a captain these days.

Fine, well, I'll take it as a compliment.

Just don't bloody shoot me.

Let's go to the Derby, boys.

All right, then! Load 'em up!


No, I'm afraid Mr Shelby is in London.

- He can't be reached.

- No, he won't be back today.

He's at the races. The Epsom races, the Epsom Derby.

Can I ask who's calling?

I'm going to the station.

- What's that? -That money's yours.

You take the money, you get a train,

you start a new life in London.

I don't want to see you here when I get back.

If I get back.

Everything's an "if" in this Birmingham life.

You can write on Sundays and visit on holy days.

But I want you to wash this city out of your hair and your clothes.

It's what I should have done at the start.

Now I've got business to attend to.

I do love you, Michael.

I love you too.

You'll miss your train.

Me beloved greyhounds.


Today's rabbit.

When I give you the signal, I want you to send that man to his maker.

I decided to use you men because I couldn't trust

the hearts and the livers of the English pansies and posies

they'd given me as operatives.


This is a man of some capability,

but I expect no excuses and no failures.

The Red Right Hand of the Ulster Volunteer Force

will not let you down, Mr Campbell.

The Red Right Hand.

Good luck, gentlemen.

Gentlemen, today, we are not fucking about.

I hope you've all obeyed instructions

and brought loaded firearms with you.

--Very good.

You will all know that if you are lifted on a racetrack these days

with a loaded weapon, you get 20 years.

That's all right. Today, you won't get lifted.

Because today, there will be no coppers around to lift you.

At exactly 3:00, there will be an incident in the owners' enclosure

and all the coppers on the track will be diverted. All of them.

They will be looking for someone.

- So you will be free to operate at will. -Looking for who?

Me. They will be looking for me.

Now, while the coppers are busy with me,

you will make your move on Sabini's pitches.

You will confiscate his takings, you'll destroy his licences,

and you do it at gunpoint.

He usually has police protection, so they won't be armed.

We should aim to complete the takeover without a shot being fired, understood?

And remember, the licences are more important than the takings.

All right. Before the fun begins,

you can all lay 10 bob on Nom de Guerre.

- I hear she's going to win.

Only beer beforehand, boys, and plenty of time for rum and whisky after.

And remember, do not make a move until 3:00.

When the coppers leave. That is all.

Incident? What are you going to do

that's going to make every copper at the Derby look the other way?

Trust me, brother.

Ten, please.

She threw a shoe coming out of the box.


She looks in fine shape.

Hello, hello, hello.

I missed you, buck. Missed you, buck.

- Should I be worried? -You should not.

Go and drink, enjoy the day. I'll come and find you when the race is done.

Hmm, that's nice. Is that yours?

My mother wore it to the Derby in 1895.

She was presented to Queen Victoria.

After the race, I'll change in the horse box

and then come and join you up there with the toffs, what do you say?

Hmm. Yeah.

You don't want me to join you.

It's fine. I'll stay down here in the mud.

Whatever happens today, it was good.

You mean, win or lose?

Yeah. Win or lose.

You know, I never watch the race. Can't stand it.

I always like to find somewhere dark and quiet.


If you can't find me up there,

I'll come and find you later.

What do you mean?

Whatever happens, May,

no regrets. No regrets.

And I will find you.

All right.

Remember that.


Put this on Nom de Guerre.

Good day, sir.

There he is.

Fucking meatball blokes.

Right, let's go.

I have to talk to you.

- Grace. What are you doing here? -I have to talk to you.


This is not a good time.

What's all this about? Please excuse us.

Whatever it is, Grace, it'll have to wait.

It can't wait. It wasn't me who is at fault.

I'm pregnant.

The baby's yours.

Better believe...

Make your husband believe that it's his.

Is that what you want me to do?

Grace, I seriously have things to do.

It's not worth the toss of a coin this time?

Grace, I have things to do. When they are...

When they are done, I will decide.

- When will that be? -After the race.

After the race? After the fucking race, Tommy?

When the race is over I will decide what to do.

What to fucking do, all right?

But Tommy... I was right not to tell him?

I could have phoned him and lied, but I didn't.

Just tell me that I was right.

Not to phone and lie. Agree with that, Tommy.

Yes. Yes, Grace.

Because the thing is...

...I love you, not him.

That is a thing.

A baby, Thomas.


- Go to your race. -Where will you be?

I'll be waiting.

I'll wait where they lay their bets.

Found a lost sheep.

Come on, Lizzie.

- What do you think? -About what?

- About the dress? -Undo two buttons. Come on!

Oh Tommy, I never thought I'd see the like of this.


But I do know that I'm here to work,

so you may have noticed I haven't taken a drink.

Well, here.

Take this. You might need it.

What's the work you want me to do here today, Tommy?

Is it taking notes in a meeting?

No, Lizzie. You're not here to take notes.

My shorthand won't be required.


There's a man here and I need him separated from the crowd

-and taken to a quiet place. -A quiet place...

- Lizzie, I know what I said. -Yeah, you know.

You know, you told me I shouldn't do that kind of work any more.

I just need you to isolate him, is all.

No exceptions, you said.

I've drawn a map, all right,

of where exactly you need to take him.

For months I made no exceptions because you told me not to.


just keep him busy. I have the place marked with an "X"

and I'll get to you before it can start, I promise. All right?

I mustn't smudge my eyes, he might not like that.


...this is the only time. After this, never again.

All right, I'll pay an extra five...

Do not talk to me about money now.

Not right now, I swear I'll break this glass in your eyes.

No exceptions, there's been no hardship.

You know why?


Doesn't matter.

Who is he?

- To your right. Soldier.

Smoking a cigarette. just be alone with him at 3:00.

When the race starts, and I'll do the rest. Yeah?

Got a piece of chalk?

- Chalk? -It's how the soldiers know.

It doesn't matter, just give me the fucking chalk.

Lizzie, it's gonna be all right. Eh?

I'll get to you, I promise. Before it can start.

I will be there.

Keep them fuckin' guns ready. Keep them guns ready.

Coppers aren't moving. Stood there like fucking gargoyles.

Keep your wits about you, boys, all right?

Ladies and gentlemen,

the race will begin in four minutes.

So please make your way trackside.

Shouldn't you be busy?

When you've planned something well,

there's no need to rush.

Do you know something?

I actually trust you to do this.

Do you think there might be some...

...measure of respect developing between us?

Ladies and gentlemen,

runners and riders are coming to order, please take your seats.

Old foes that have grown to admire each other,

and see each other's professional virtues.

Personally, I think not.

I think not.

Well, I drink to that.

Ladies and gentlemen,

please be upstanding for the national anthem.

It's always the plan that you'll stay together forever.

Or perhaps she'll whore for you,

take her husband's money. Is that the plan?

How wrong I was about her.

I was wrong about her as well.

You once said to me,

that men like us can never be loved.

She loves me. She told me.

She loves me.

And all you got was a bullet and a fucking wolf head cane.

Well. Bully for you.

This I know.

Ahead of you is damnation,

but I have the love of God,

and the certainty of salvation.

I know what you did to Polly.

I know what happened to my uncle in jail.

Today, it'll be me dead,

or you, but whoever it is,

gonna wake up in hell tomorrow.

Ladies and gentlemen,

the runners and riders are under starter's orders.

- And they're off!

Come on girl, come on.

At least make a showing.

Come on, Tommy.

What a pretty dress.

Take it off.

Let's take this off first, shall we?

Lift up your dress and show me that you're clean.


Do as you're told!

We should take it slow, we've got time.

- This area's closed off. -What?

The King will be coming this way after the race.

- This area is secure! -But I need to...

- You'll have to go round.

- Get the fuck off!
- You bitch!

Fuck off!

Get the fuck off me!

- Hey!

- Russell!


Stop it!

- Lizzie... -Where were you?

- Where the fuck were you?
- Give me the gun, Lizzie.

Lizzie, Lizzie.

- I'm sorry. -Fuck off, fuck off!

Just go.

Go on, go!

Officers. Officers!

I was taking a shit

and I heard voices, Irish voices and I heard a shot.

I swear to God, there's a soldier lying dead in there.

Get every man in uniform around the King.

Every man in uniform around the King. Right now!

The IRA are on the course.

Everyone to the King.

All right, my pretty boys. This is it.

Right. Ready. You get round the back.

Come on. Don't bunch.

Right, you stay with us. I want you to stay back!

Let's go!

Put your hands in the air!

Turn around!

Is there a problem?

Fenians on the course.

A soldier's been shot, someone said there was an Irishman in here.

That is correct.

Very sorry, sir.

Check the security to His Majesty.

I will now take your mind off the situation.

Mr Sabini, you're late. Have a seat.

What happened to your nose?

You want to have that brother of yours put down.

Oh, I tried that. He bit the vet.

I've told the coppers that you're a fucking gypsy racketeer Peaky Blinder.

They're coming. They're gonna throw you out.

Before the King comes up here.

Well, from what I saw the police are a bit busy right now.

Did you win any money today, Mr Sabini?

Where are the coppers?

Said to that sergeant, "one minute", he said, "two", it's fucking ten!

Like I told you, they're a bit busy. Same as my boys.

- What the fuck does that mean? -What does that mean?

Well, my boys are on the track.

They're having a little bonfire.

Gaming licences, you know.


You place too much reliance on the police for your security, Mr Sabini.

That was a mistake.

You're gonna now think about who you are,

think about where you are.

You pull a weapon, you are the King's assassin.

Now sit down, stay calm.


Now your next mistake, Mr Sabini,

was breaking your promise with Alfie Solomons.

Hmm. You promised Alfie that his bookies could come to Epsom.

He was very hurt when you said no.

He was very hurt.

That's why me and Alfie are back in business.

Hold it! Hold it!

It's all right, it's all right, Officers.

He's just a bad loser. What the fuck? Hey!

You fucking lose, you fucking gypsy bastard!

You lose!

What the fuck are you looking at?

Step back, move.

You're now a prisoner of the Red Right Hand.

Now, take his hat and gun.

Get him up.


Take a seat.

Sit down!

That's it.

You make yourself nice and comfortable.

We're just going for a wee drive, Mr Shelby.

Let's go.

I guessed and then John confirmed it.

Guessed what?

Who are you?

I'm May Carleton .

I train Tommy Shelby's horse.

And you're the woman who he said was going to sail away.

I see he didn't tell you about me.

He did tell me about you, I wonder if that's significant.

Tell me what about you?

Do you have any idea where he is?

I'm waiting for him here.

There's been trouble on the track.

All the bookies have had their licences burnt.

Shouldn't you be down with the horses?

Which means they'll have to re-apply for their legal pitches.

It's all part of Tommy's plan for the future.

What do you know about Tommy's future?

The applications will be denied, of course.

Then all the pitches will be allocated instead to Tommy's bookies.

I know because I'll make sure of it.

I have influence with the board.

- There's business and there's love. -Is there?

There's Thomas Shelby.

- What do you want from him? -Same as you.

I want to feel alive.

Did he tell you my name?

My name is Grace.

In your statement to the House, sir,

I believe that you should say that witnesses

heard the killer say that

they were members of the IRA and that the killing was in retribution

for actions of the Field Marshal in County Cork.

Oh, our friend from Birmingham?

He's been taken care of.


A very good day, sir.

- Thank...

Sorry, I must go.



Tommy told me you'd be here.

And I told Tommy it should be me who finishes you.

Small and weak.

That's how you like it, isn't it?

Well, this time small and weak has got a gun.

No, you wouldn't do that here.


Do you see any coppers?

Well, I don't.

They're all around your precious King.


Polly, Polly...

- Some part of you... -I have no parts.

Some part of you wanted me as well.

I know that, I felt it.

And sure as hell some part of me wants you still.

And not just that part, but...

some part of my soul.

Some part of my soul.

Curious how that is to me and curious that it should be you.

Opposites perhaps.

Opposite, and that...

That thing sticking in my heart,

you own, you own part of that heart, you do.

You do, Polly. You do.

Don't fuck with the Peaky Blinders.

Let's get you home.

Come on.

Look at this place, we own it!

Put your money away before I take it off ya.

- Fuckin' clean up! -Get up!

Lizzie, what the fuck are you doing here?

- Working for Tommy, same as all of us. -You work for the Blinders.

- What happened to you?
- Fell over.

Oh, don't fuckin' give me that.


Come here, come here. Come here, come here.

--Eh? Were you working?


Thought you'd earn yourself a few bob at the races, eh?

It's gotta stop, Lizzie.

It's gotta stop, Tommy's already told you.

Toffs at the races are the worst, you know that.

Hey, come here, come here. Look at me.

Cheer up.

We won.

We fucking took Epsom.

We kicked the Cockneys' fucking arses.


We fucking beat them, all right.

John didn't even shoot his gun!

We're kings! Kings of the fucking world!

John, I don't see the same thing in your eyes that I see in Tommy's.

You should get out.

You should get out.

Where is Tommy, anyway?

Any of you boys in France?

You know, I wouldn't mind a cigarette.

The Somme.

Black Woods.

Somme, the Bulls.


So fucking close.

So fucking close.

Oh... And there's a woman.


A woman...

...who I love...

...and I got close.

Nearly got fucking everything!

Oh, what the fuck?

Get it done, boys.


we have our orders,

you know how it is.

I know how it is.

In the bleak midwinter.

At some point in the near future,

Mr Churchill will want to speak to you in person, Mr Shelby.

He has a job for you.

We will be in touch.

Get out of the grave, tinker.

Be on your fucking way!



Ladies and gentlemen, I'd like to raise a toast.

- To the Small Heath Rifles.
- Small Heath Rifles.

To the Lane Boys.

And to the Peaky fucking Blinders.

Who's gonna stop us, eh?


Polly and I had a bet.

One of us bet

you'd take the money and go.

And one of us bet you'd still be here.

She wants me to stay.

Mmm, you know something, Michael?

What Polly wants

will always be a mystery to me.

I've decided.

I want to make real money

with you.

I've got some ideas, Michael.

For the future of the company.

And also,

I'm planning on getting married.