Orphan Black (2013–2017): Season 3, Episode 5 - Scarred by Many Past Frustrations - full transcript

Sarah and Helena suffer a strained reunion; the Leda family worries about Sarah's absence.

- I can't do this. - I love you.
- SOBBING: - Oh, my God.
- What the hell's going on? - This is Seth.
They wrote down all my information in this little notebook.
And then yanked out a piece of my hair and put it in a bag.
The child is lost!
You will not be welcome back here again.
I love her. GUN COCKS
- GUNSHOT - We need to get you to a hospital.
No! If you take me, my people will find me.
The reason we can't find the Castor samples
is because Johanssen used them, to make a clone.
Mark! I've got it.
- Please let me go. - MARK: Stand down, soldier.
I'm your superior officer.
We don't leave loose ends.
No, we don't.
You must be Parsons.
- STRUGGLING: - Kill me.
- PUPOK: - You killed their lab rat.
What did you expect, cheesecake?
He was suffering.
And now you are.
Oh, Helena, guilty pleasures won't help you escape.
Poor little brother.
Never even saw the sunlight.
No. His DNA doesn't have the synthetic sequences
that made you and your brothers viable.
Viable but defective.
But by comparing his genome to yours,
we can isolate the defect.
Develop a gene therapy.
However, the major is returning.
He's not going to be happy about our new guest.
No, he won't.
And I don't need you stirring the pot,
so you're going to leave.
Ma, no.
I should be here for Mark to debrief.
You and your brother did well.
I'll debrief him when he's stable.
You have 48 hours - enjoy yourself.
Yes, ma'am.
Hey. Hey!
- POUNDING ON DOOR - Hey! Hello!
Oh, shit!
HELENA: Not so smart after all.
Oh, my God!
Helena? Helena!
Hey! Hey!
Oh, God, you're alive!
What have they done to you? Are you OK?
I'm most wonderful.
Hey, look at me. What have they done to you?
You put me here.
No! Hey, are you hurt?
- Hey... - You did this to me!
And now you make deal with their mother.
Me for you.
- SIGHS - Shit!
Yes, much shit.
Hey, hey, that's not what happened.
I don't know anything about their mother.
- PUPOK: - Give her nothing!
Don't worry, Pupok, I will sew my mouth shut.
Helena, please, look at me!
Sarah, it's Art. You were supposed to check in,
- let me know that you're OK. - KNOCK ON DOOR
Don't let me worry.
Are you Arthur Bell?
What can I do for you?
Sarah said to come here if I was ever in any trouble.
You met Sarah?
- When? - Two days ago.
In Halton.
Well, you better come inside.
- MRS S: - Thanks, love. - FELIX: Of course.
You know, tracking down long-lost clone children takes time.
She said she'd call if she had any news.
Just a wee bit concerned.
Me too.
Then again, we should probably be concerned about this.
Cosima, she got an internet date.
Hello, Sapphire.
I can already tell this is going to be a waste of time.
Cos, you're scouting, nothing more.
You're just there for 20 minutes to determine some physical chemistry.
Oh, God, Felix!
'Just be yourself.'
- And don't bail, OK? - OK. - Ciao, darling. - Bye.
Don't worry, you'll be fine.
I'm just super-nervous.
I don't want to, like, fart or spill my tea on her or something.
Just don't spill your purse.
No-one wants to hear about an ex.
Do I, like, reek of it or something?
- Yeah. - I just...
Dang, girl!
- Hey! - Hi! Sorry.
- Cosima. - Shay.
I mean, I saw your pictures, but...
are you sure you're in the hard sciences?
Yeah, yeah, I am.
thank you, I think.
GRACIE: We went back to the hotel, but my mother found me.
We had a big fight.
- What about Mark? - I don't want to talk about Mark.
Look, Gracie,
if you're pregnant, the best place for you to be
is with family.
Is there anybody else who's not involved,
an aunt, a cousin, maybe?
Well, I got to get to work.
OK, so I'm going to take you to a shelter.
You're an expectant mother, you'll be first priority.
I lost the baby.
That's why they cast me out.
I think I know someone who can help.
- SHAY: - You're nervous? Is this your first Sapphire date?
Yeah, yeah, it is.
Uh, I just got out of a relationship, so I'm...
not supposed to say that.
I'm nervous and so I'm babbling and it's not good.
It's OK. Here, I'll babble, OK?
Um, my first internet date, bridge-and-tunnel goth.
Black choker, spiderweb eye make-up,
I mean, the whole shebang, and none of it in her pictures.
And the best part, every time she thought we had a connection
she insisted on high-fiving me.
- Ooh, wow! - Yeah.
- I'm way worse than that. - You totally are.
- I'm warning you now. - Thank you.
So, you from, uh, you from around here?
This is how we do this, OK?
Prairie girl, hated the winters,
two siblings, parents split when I was six,
pescatarian, blue, Barcelona.
Barcelona's your favourite city?
Yeah, it is.
- Up high, buddy! - Ooh!
- No. No. You're hilarious. - Ooh! - Not doing it.
- It's kind of my thing. - No. No, no way. - No? - No, no high fives.
- SARAH: - Helena, I...
Yes, yes, there was a deal made for you,
but I didn't make it.
Mrs S did. She traded you to Castor
to get me and Kira out of Dyad.
She made a bad choice.
- PUPOK: - Sarah's lying. She's poison.
She's going to melt you like butter.
Shut up about the butter!
Mrs S, she made that decision to protect her granddaughter.
Think of what you'd do to protect that baby in your belly.
Keep it far away from you.
You know, I had to send Kira away again,
because these Castor arseholes came after us.
But I knew I had to come find you because we can't fight them alone.
You know, I should've just left you here to bloody rot!
In convent, I lived for four months in a broom closet.
I do not rot.
Another one of you bastards.
Back away from the door.
Here, kitty, kitty, kitty, kitty.
Against the wall.
I don't think so.
Come on, let's go.
- Helena! - Let's go.
- Hey, Helena! - Come on.
Helena, you know they're our brothers, right?
They tell you that?
Head down.
Oh, you're the bad mother, eh?
Dr Virginia Coady.
You must be very proud of your boys.
Fine, let's chat.
What have you done to my sister?
Helena's fine.
She's been confined and controlled much of her life.
My opinion, a secure environment gives her comfort.
This is Dr Silva.
What are you... What are you doing?
What are you doing?
You got your bloody genome, what do you need?
A contribution.
We have high hopes for the original DNA,
but your biology can't be ignored.
So we're going to take some stem cells
by filtering your blood.
It's a process called apheresis.
We'll start with some samples.
You can go to hell, you know that?
Psycho bitch!
I'm not someone you can fight, Sarah.
It's probably the last place you expected to be.
But these are good people.
FELIX: This is insane!
They're creepy, crypto-religious fanatics.
Look, she says she split from them and I believe her.
Then fine, why don't you keep her?
After everything she's been through, she needs a friend, not a cop.
And she knows her husband's a clone?
Yeah, she seems to.
And she's obviously struggling with it.
Yeah, well, she doesn't look ready for cult-deprogramming to me.
She looks a damn sight better than you did when I took you in.
I was not yet formed.
You were a budding delinquent at six.
Now, go on. Help her get settled and I'll see Arthur out.
Go on!
You, baby Jesus, come up the stairs with me.
Listen, I'm not quite ready to raise alarms, but...
- Sarah. - Yeah. - I know.
I've got some friends at Halton PD and they're looking.
She was tracking Castor, it just...
I don't like it.
I'm going to go through everything again.
Criminal databases, military records,
known points of contact.
Look, if there's a trail, I'm going to find it.
- OK? - Good man. - Yeah.
The mother wants to make medicine for the Mark-faced boys.
Yeah, thank you for the warning.
They took, like, a gallon of blood.
You say they are our brothers?
- I do not believe. - No?
- Mmm-mmm. - I don't care what you believe.
You're institutionalised.
What does this word mean?
It means that you love it here.
Don't worry, I'm sure they'll make
a nice little cage for your baby too.
To a rat, a small hole is like a door.
Have you figured a way out of here?
Eat your food, sestra.
Oh, right, you're the, uh...
You're the hard scientist.
Yes, I am annoying like that.
Holistic healing, though.
Like, tell me what that's about, from your practice.
I focus on nutrition,
body work, spiritual counselling.
You're either in balance or not,
and if not, I try to help you get there.
Plus, I can, uh...
- WHISPERING: - I can see inside your soul.
My friend would totally, um,
be shocked that I'm doing this, but...
..you want to go somewhere?
Hell, yes.
Easy, son, easy.
We cleaned and resutured the bullet wounds.
We also redressed your arm.
What happened?
I, uh, I burned it off,
to prove my loyalty to the pastor.
And that? Also part of your cover?
I did what I had to to complete my mission.
And you did. What's her name?
Pastor's daughter.
And you consummated this marriage?
Just remember -
it wasn't real.
She's not one of us.
Your first logbook.
Any intimate contacts, their names go in.
- FELIX: - I think there's an old box
with some of Sarah's clothes in here.
I doubt anything fits, though.
I don't blame you for not wanting me here.
I wouldn't trust me either.
You know I sleep with men, right?
I'm not stupid!
But as a Prolethean, you disapprove.
I'm not a Prolethean any more.
Really? And we're just supposed to take your word for it?
All my life I've had doubts,
but I just let my parents tell me what to think and what to do.
I'm 18 years old and I've never smoked anything
or been to a rock concert
or gone skinny-dipping.
Brilliant. Let's start with skinny-dipping.
The shower's down the hall.
OK. Helena, how many men live on this base?
Approximately...11 million.
I know you. I know you've counted them.
All you had to do was stay away.
What's this then, eh?
No uniform, no rank?
- I'm a major, Sarah. - Yeah, I wouldn't wear a uniform either
if I was doing illegal shit.
Come on, now. You are short on friends.
Are you all right?
- Fat lot you care. - I do care.
I was trying to keep you out of all this.
Hello, Dirty Paul.
Hey! You know what? This is the guy who sold you out to S.
You don't believe me, you can piss off too.
HELENA: Is this true, Paul?
It was either her or you.
- SARAH: - So you're a snake either way you cut it.
Now, if you thought about it for one second,
you'd realise all I am doing for these men
is what you do for your sisters.
- Protecting them. - So they can assault women and abduct people?
That's a hell of a cause.
And Helena's innocent?
How many people has she killed?
Just do the right thing.
Let us go.
That is out of my hands now.
The military is just another family, Sarah.
Your genetic siblings are dying.
Everything we do is for them.
You tell yourself whatever you need to.
HELENA: Opening up their heads?
I think Parsons would disagree.
Second Lieutenant Parsons
sacrificed what little life he had left for his brothers.
He begged me to end it.
You murdered him.
And you destroyed months of data that could've helped them.
Maybe you're next, Paul.
- SARAH: - Yeah, Paul!
Maybe you're next!
There's some food downstairs, if you like.
Thank you.
Look at those crazy kids of mine.
Sarah looks so happy.
Why wouldn't she be?
I was always taught they were less than human.
But your father took Helena in.
Because she was fertile.
He thought she'd been blessed by God.
Fertile, infertile...
They're all just people, love.
Even your Mark.
Though those Castor boys are no friends of ours.
I don't presume to know how you feel about losing the child...
Then don't.
My father put that baby inside me and my mother let him.
What an awful thing.
Why are you being so nice to me?
I was married young too.
Eloped, much to the utter disappointment of my mother.
My husband, John, was killed.
Oh, my goodness.
We were going to have a family.
When my husband passed, I was adrift.
Angry, but I couldn't go back home.
My Aunt Joan took me in,
and she stopped me from self-destructing.
So, I'm your penance?
You're my guest.
I brought you Helena to keep Sarah off the table.
She fell into our hands, Paul.
- Sit. - We had the original Castor DNA,
that is all you need to develop a cure.
In theory. We still have to extract a viable sample from the bones.
Will you sit, please?
These two sisters are unique. They offer alternatives.
The time you bought us will save lives.
And no harm will come to Sarah Manning, I promise.
What are we doing, Virginia?
What we have to.
Parsons knew that.
Oh, that's it. Right there.
- That's your medius. - Mmm.
That is some serious tightness.
You want to talk about the break-up?
"Loving is short. Forgetting is long."
- That's beautiful. - Mmm.
It's Pablo Neruda. My mum made me read everything.
- You OK? - Mmm-hmm.
Do you want me to go?
You want me to, um...
- WHISPERS: - ...stay?
I...don't know.
I'll go, OK?
Her name is Delphine.
She and I worked together.
And she's French. Mostly just really great hair.
Which is now in...
I find it in all my clothes and shit.
I don't know what I'm doing,
but you're way more than I expected.
Come on, Helena. I know you're planning some kind of escape.
I have no plan. I'm institutionalised.
Come on.
We're surrounded by desert,
yeah, so we're in Mexico or something.
Come on, talk to me. I can help.
You want to be my sandwich?
- What? - In Siberia, when planning escape,
you take weak person with you.
They're called "sandwich" because you eat them.
You want to know why I left Kira with Mrs S?
Cos I was too young and I felt tied down and trapped.
So, I would leave Kira with S for days on end.
And one day, Mrs S wouldn't let me see her.
Why she does this?
Uh, cos I was high or hungover, or some shit.
And she was right to do that.
But...I left town with Vic,
just to show S what a mistake she'd made.
I missed nearly a year with my kid.
Just being selfish.
- VOICE BREAKING: - I didn't get to watch her grow up.
Or share her secrets.
Or be her mum.
So, you want to hold this stupid grudge, you go ahead.
Fine with me.
OK, Sarah.
But you have to help me.
- FELIX: - Hey.
You never told us John Sadler was killed.
- You were eavesdropping? - Yeah!
Wasn't about to leave you alone with Rosemary's Baby, was I?
Come on, S.
He was a beautiful rebel.
Also a fairly beautiful drunk.
Had a habit of rubbing people the wrong way.
There was a drunken fight, and he ended up with
a pair of garden shears stuck in his throat.
Why didn't you tell us?
Took me a long time to let go.
I'm in no rush to relive that pain.
Everything all right, chicken?
I'm tired of being cooped up like one.
- I'm going out. - Oh, to a Victoria's Secret fashion show?
To a club or something.
I WAS going to ask you to come.
Hang on just a minute, miss.
You don't even know where you're going. Felix!
Wherever they drink mai-tais.
Uh, whoa! Hang on here, just one second.
Um, do you know what?
I think that we could do with a plan.
Yeah, a plan.
I also think we could do with a cocktail.
- That's a great idea. - Yes.
- SARAH: - Helena, what's happening?
Any moment now.
BOTH: Five, four,
three, two,
- Meal tray. - I'm not done with it.
Yes, you are. Put it through the slot.
Why don't you come in and get it?
Open it.
Great, everybody come in.
Go ahead.
Ah-ah-ah. I don't think so.
I would suggest you show the brothers some respect.
Make life easier on yourself.
Cooperation is your friend.
You can take her back now.
What do you call this?
Gin and juice. Dressed to party, much like you.
MUSIC: Let's Shake by Teenage Head
Come on, madam. You've got to start somewhere.
Can you hear it?
It's in here, Gracie. Come on.
And in here. OK. Feel it.
Enjoy this. Come on.
Felix, come and help us. Come on.
OK. Let me show you how it's done.
OK. You want to twist. All right?
- Go, Gracie! - OK, now bring them forward.
- Felix! - SHE LAUGHS
It's how it's done.
It's a good look for you.
- WHISPERING: - Hey! Helena, it worked.
Sarah, I think you were institutionalised too.
Sorry I ever said that.
OK, ready?
- SARAH: - Hide, hide! Hide.
All right. Good, good, good. Good girl, good girl.
MUSIC: Girls Girls Girls by The Lords Of The New Church
She's got good moves.
All that handling, Felix, and she's just a normal girl.
Yes, careful with your gloating or you're going to get more wrinkles.
Cheeky pup.
I love alcohol!
Yes, we all do.
You do, don't you?
Come on, Felix.
All right.
That's it.
Shake it.
See, darling, that's why I don't dance in heels.
- Gracie? - Come on, Gracie, don't quit on me now.
Gracie? Felix, turn it off!
- GRACIE GROANS - What? - Gracie, honey.
MUSIC STOPS Something hurts.
- 911, now! - Yeah.
All right, honey, I'm here.
HELENA: OK, I'm ready.
You ready? You ready? OK.
Um, um, um...
OK. Go! Now, now, now.
Hurry, hurry.
Hide, hide, hide.
Come on. Come on.
You got it! You got it, you got it!
Well done. Well done.
Hurry, now. You have to hurry. Hurry, Helena.
Get the cam. Get the cam.
- WHISPERING: - Helena. Psst, psst.
Hey! Hey, what's up, mate?
Your bloody camera's...
I don't know what's happened to it there.
Get the keys.
Get the keys, Helena.
Helena, get the keys.
Get me out. Come on. Come on, we have to be quick.
Now we are even, sestra.
What? No, no!
You... You leave me here, you've got nobody.
Come on. You've got nobody. Come on.
Come back. Pl...
Helena, no.
Come on. No, no! Helena!
- VOICE ON RADIO: - Go on, get in here.
We're here, love.
- What's her name? - Gracie Johanssen.
She recently miscarried, but...she just collapsed.
- Hey. - Hey.
- Thanks for making the time. - Yeah.
Let's make this quick. I have to put my daughter to bed.
What's with the sunglasses?
I've been sick.
The doctors don't know what's wrong.
For all I know, those assholes gave it to me.
I need to check your eyes. Can you open them for me?
- PUPOK: - What are you doing?
Go, stupid.
Moya sestra...
- She tears my heart. - Your sister's dead.
Think of the baby inside you.
- MILLER: - Everyone, get out here now!
Now! Out!
Anders is down!
Helena has escaped!
Run. Run while you still can.
I want everyone searching the camp.
She's got to be here somewhere. You, too.
- Now, move! - Yes, sir.
Your mother's store.
Yes, you remembered!
I remember the stock room.
Lead me to the cyclops.
Hello, Rachel.
- Who's Sarah? - What do you know about Sarah?
- You're back. - I came as soon as I found out Sarah was missing.
You promised me that no harm would come to her.
And none has.
You did something to me.