Orphan Black (2013–2017): Season 3, Episode 6 - Certain Agony of the Battlefield - full transcript

Paul learns the truth about Coady's plans for Castor and has no choice but to make a dangerous play.

When Beth died
I took her identity.

You're her monitor.

And she killed herself
because the man that she loved

Turned her whole life
into a lie.

Jason Kellerman!

You dumped my ass
in high school.

Give me those pills back,

I will have your money back
within the week,

And I will double
Ramon's weight.

The reason we can't find
the Castor samples

Is because Johanssen used them,

To make a clone.

We don't leave loose ends.


I brought you Helena
to keep Sarah off the table.

- Hey...
- You did this to me!

That's not what happened.

We had the original Castor DNA,

That is all you need
to develop a cure.

If you don't
put yourself out there,

Then you're never
really gonna find

What you're looking for anyways.

- Shay.
- Cosima.

- What's her name?
- Gracie.

And you consummated
this marriage?

The child is lost!

You will not be welcome
back here again.

Your first logbook.

Any intimate contacts,
their names go in.

I need to check your eyes.

Get the keys. Get me out.

Now, we are even, sestra.




Come on, mum.

Wait for me.

Wait for me, Kira.

Monkey, wait for me.

You look tan.

Grandmother was greek,
I got the gene.

Is that it?


They each have one?

Maybe there's an explanation.

Something in their psychology.

It's not about their psychology.

Maybe it's a memory test
or something.

It's research
on civilians, unsanctioned.

Look, I'm gonna
take this to the director,

- But he's gonna need more.
- I'll get it.

Proof, paul.

Find out what she's up to,
get evidence.

Till then, we can't act.

I just hope it's not
as twisted as it looks.

And yesterday, I saw an iceberg.

Cal says
it's because of the tides.

Just don't let him feed you too
much salted fish, okay, monkey?

Because then you're gonna end up
with a beard like him, darling.

- Nah.
- Yeah.

- It's epigenetics, monkey.
It's a proven fact. -No.

It is.

Is mummy mad at me?

- No.
- Oh, no, love. No.

She'll be so sorry

She didn't get to talk to you.
She misses you enormously.

And when she finds out
how much fun you're having,

She is gonna be so happy.

Time to sign off now,
love, okay?

Thanks to your dad for the call.

- Remember, we love you.
- I love you, too.




- We'll find her, fe.
- Just stop, please.

My people are working on it.

Every time you say "my people",

I picture nine squatters
around a tyre.

Well, they've tracked down
Castor's headquarters.

To where?

Mexico, maybe.

Information is spotty.

S, it's been five days,

I can't keep sitting
on my hands here.

I know.

Thank you, honey,

But you don't need to serve us.

Helps to have something to do.

Then there's her,
cast out by her family.

She's suffering some kind
of weird, mysterious disease.

Well, Cosima's working on that.


If raising Sarah
has taught me anything,

It's how to survive worry.

You keep on living.

Fourth time this morning.

- You slept through the others.
- Oh, my god. Sorry.

My co-worker
is very excitable.

Yeah, this very mysterious lab

You work at, studying...

What is it? Wait, I forgot.

- Hold on. Black holes?
- Black holes.

- You're right.
- Exactly.

I made this for you.
Put liquorice root in it,

It will help
with that cough you've got.

But you, my dear,
have to earn it...

...By telling me this,
who's Sarah?


What do you know about Sarah?

Wow, bad topic?

How do you know that name?

I know that name
because you were dreaming,

And you said it.

So I figured
she was an ex or something.

- Sorry.
- Well...

Sarah's a friend. She's...

She's like my sister.

Wilder version of me.

Doesn't get much wilder than you.



- Oh! Oh! Oh!
- Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!

- Don't look!
- Mom?

We're changing!

What... What do you want?

Oscar put earwax on my gi.

Okay. Well, uh, just change
into a fresh one, okay?

I'll be down in a minute. Go.

Go. Don't look.

Do you have the keys to the van?

I told the sanghas
I'd drove to dojo.

Well, no. There's lawn signs
in the van, Donnie,

You'll have to take transit.

Oh, come on.
I hate bussing to karate.

The kids are all rangy after beating
the shit out of each other.

Lawn signs, Donnie.

And I am meeting Jason later.

That's today?

- Yes.
- I wanna be at that.

Oh, for heaven's sakes.

We were high school
sweethearts, that's it.

I'm not talking about that,
all right?

I'm not talking about
being jealous.

Because I am jealous.

Your man is savage jealous,
Mrs. Hendrix.


But paying this debt
to Kellerman is business.

And if we really are gonna
take it to the next level,

Then we do that together.

And that's the way
it's gonna be.


Are your underpants
tearaway, mister?

No. But the elastic's
wearing out.

- So...
- Mmm.

You're late.
Where have you been?

Uh, excuse me?

I tried calling you all morning.

- Mmm-hmm.
- Cosima, hang on.

You're back.

I came as soon as I found out
Sarah was missing.

Five days too late.

No thanks to you.

Were you planning on telling us?

Yeah, that depends.

- Who is "us", delphine?
- It's topside.

Where I am protecting LEDA.

But Castor remains impenetrable,

Which is why I told Sarah not to
go after them in the first place.

Yeah. Well, wild type
and all that.

Tell me something.
How did you two manage

To get your hands
on a Castor brain?

How do you know about that?

Because you ran the tissue
through this lab,

And Dr. Nealon is not an idiot.

The prolethean girl, Gracie...

Gracie Johanssen,

Why are you studying her?

Fine. You want to play games.

Now, tell me something,

In all your fun sneaking
around, did you notice this?

The same misfolded protein.

Found in both subjects.

Holy cow.

How did this happen?

We studied them in isolation,

Had no reason to compare.

The unique protein
found in both Gracie Johanssen

And the brain
of a dead Castor boy.

Now that to me
warrants a follow-up.

Don't you agree?


What happened?

Are you hurt?

They did something to me.

- When?
- Last night.

I don't feel right.

My god. You're burning up.

Thank you.

Slow. Slowly.


You get me out of here, now.

Trust me, I'm trying.

Just get me a car and a gun,
and I'll take my chances.

I can't.

Paul, you are the worst of them.

You know that?

Because I don't even know
where you stand.

Welcome back, major.

She isn't well.

I gave her an
anti-inflammatory last night,

She's been having a reaction.

It'll pass soon enough.


You did something to me.

Rudy was there.

She's been feverish.

So tell me, how was arlington?




I'll fill you in.

Helena got away, didn't she?

She won't last out there.

If the desert doesn't get her,
Rudy will.


Did you hear the one
about the pregnant girl

Who fell down in the desert?

Leave me be.

The only reason
you're alive is because of me.

- Get up!
- I have no strength.

It's not exhaustion
that stops you,

You regret leaving Sarah behind.

Don't you?

I regret nothing.

Why are you lying here, then?

Because your sister is
more important than your baby?


Because I am hungry.

What was done
to Sarah manning last night?

You have to ask Dr. Coady,
I wasn't there.

Since when are you left out
of the medicine?

She's the boss,
she shares what she wants.

Look, you were gone
for months, paul.

Things changed.


When I left, we were trying

To cure six soldiers.

When we were still stateside,
maybe a month after you left,

Rudy came back from leave
with a girl.

She was sick...

Hey, doc.

Bloodshot eyes, dizzy.

Coady treated her.

- On base?
- I didn't think much of it.

But after that,
the science took a turn.

Things got more secretive.

The boys were told to record
their intimate contacts.

You mean take hair samples.

Which I test
for genetic precursors.

Coady says
it's for security purposes.

But you know that's not true.

I think she's getting
baseline numbers,

Before pictures.

- Before what?
- I don't know.

A different team follows up.
I don't have access.

In her quarters,

That's where she keeps
that material.

I understand that
you've been missing work,

Coming in late.

Are you not feeling well?

I feel great.


There's nothing I should know?




And you must be Gracie.

I know you've probably heard many
frightening things about this place.

A rare instance
of prolethean wisdom.

But I can assure you
that we are here to help.

But you already did tests
at Mrs. s's house.

Trust me,
I know how much this sucks,

But we've got
some amazing technology here

That's, um, gonna
help us learn more, okay?

Uh, this is scott.


Come on in.

Ladies, we're gonna
give you a bit of privacy.

Gracie, be strong,
my little urchin.

- What is it? -I need your
help with something.

And it's really important,
so I don't want any quivering.


I want you to take me to rachel.


If anybody knows about Castor,
it's gonna be her.

I'm not authorised.

I'm not even supposed to know
where she is.

Yeah. But you do, don't you?

Scott, my sister is missing,

And I am
really, really desperate.


Now, nut up,
and lead me to the cyclops.

Sergeant rollins.

Mark, right, from sammy's team?

And you're major dierden.

When we first met
out in the field at that bar,

I had no idea.

Ah, we were both
undercover soldiers,

I was just trying
to keep it that way.

Good work retrieving
the Castor DNA.

Yeah, well, I had help.

You brought Sarah manning in.

I was with Rudy.

It was either
take her or terminate.

I made the call.

And marrying the Johanssen girl?

Was that a call, too?

Speak freely.

Fell in love with her.

I need you to do something.


"for my old friend Jage."

Well, you know, in high school
we all called you "Jay-Jay",

But then
I shortened it to "Jage".

There's every single dollar
in there, you're paid in full.

Yeah, I see that.

It's the "continued prosperity"
part that concerns me.

I mean, your debt's paid,
Alison, you can walk away.

But we don't want to walk away,

We wanna take this
to the next level.

The next level?


Whoo! Did you see that?


Oh, geez louise!

- I was about to brain you, man.
- What?

I'm sorry, whose car is this?

It's ours, baby.

You bought this?

10k down, in cash.

You should have seen
the guy's face.

I don't think you guys
are ready for the next level.

What? Why not?

Because, Donnie,

Conspicuous spending
is the surest way

To attract the attention
of the authorities.

Cars aren't conspicuous, Alison,

They're, like, everywhere.

There's only one way
to launder money,

You pay taxes on it.

You guys need a front.

And I'm sorry, ali,

But your garage-made soap
is not gonna cut it.

I have a plan.

You do? What plan?

It's something I've been
mulling over for a while,

It's a business plan.

We have five minutes.

So this protein,
it's in my blood?

That's right.

It's similar to something
we found in one of,

Um, your husband's brothers.

I know what Mark is.

Then you know that what's in
Mark's brothers is in Mark, too.

We think that's maybe how it got
transferred to your system.


Go back to your post.

You mean, Mark made me sick?

But Mark isn't sick,
he's strong, he's healthy.

The protein can have a different
effect on different people.

What? What does this mean?

Sir, tell me.



- It's okay.
- What is it?

It's contagious.

Your defect,
it's actually transmitted.

What does it do
to the women who catch it?

Temperature's 103.

Heart rate increasing, 122.

Thank you. That's expected.


I'm placing you under arrest.

On what grounds?

You're sterilising women.

You are unfit to lead.

I am taking charge of this camp,

And I will use force, corporal.

Patience, son.

Put them in the stockade.

That's an order. Lock 'em up!

Sarah. Sarah.


You gave her the Castor
pathogen, didn't you?

Tell me.


She received two units
of Rudy's blood.

Dr Silva.

Sarah, come with me.

- I can't get up.
- You don't have to.

Just hold my hand.

Think carefully.

Turn around.

You know how to use this?

- Yeah.
- Don't let anyone in here.

Come with me, Sarah.
Don't worry.

It's this way, Sarah.

Come on.

I'm here by the beach,

Documenting my marathon lady,
in training.

Are you ready to put your body

Through months of hell?

You're damn right.

Come on, Sarah,
we're almost there.

Don't be afraid.

my lovely girlfriend, Beth.

Beth, say hi to the camera...

hey, there you are.


Just thinking about the day
paul moved in.

You remember that story?

I don't think I know it.

He had two suitcases
to his name, that was it.

That should have been
a huge red flag, right?

I was so gaga for him.

I convinced myself he was
some kind of zen master.

Materially unattached.

"You two are a good match."

Liars. Grifters.

I didn't know you, Beth,
when I took your life.

Now, I miss you.

No! You don't get
to miss me, Sarah!

You hear me?
I won't accept that!

I'm trying to finish
what you started,

To help our sisters,
but I keep failing.

Helena's left me,
and Cosima's still sick.

And I let you jump.

No. I jumped.

I let myself get consumed
by this thing.

I killed myself because
I couldn't understand it.

Neither do i.

You're starting to.

I don't understand the why.

Why did you
take over my life, Sarah?

For Kira.

We do terrible things
for the people we love.

Stop asking why.

Start asking who.


Where's paul?

Jesus. Are you sure?
Sterilising them?

There's medical records
going back almost two years.

- It's some kind of human trial.
- Okay.

All the science, bag it,
it's evidence.

It's also the cure for the boys.

We need to make sure
that moves forward.

We will.

Where's Coady right now?

Confined to quarters,
camp's on lockdown.

Only people out
are guys I trust.

Good. Here's what's
gonna happen now.

You'll need a formal
removal of command order

And an extraction team.


I will camp out at the director's
office until he sees me.

Now, best case,

I can have a team there
in six hours.

Can you keep a lid on things
until then?

No sweat.

Castor boys are not gonna
take this sitting down.

Are they all accounted for?

There's one patrol still out.


You leave him out there.

You don't need
that trouble, paul.

Six hours. Hang in there.

Okay, quick.

Hello, rachel.



Yeah, fft you, too.

You know, it's funny.

Your hand was a lot steadier

When you were jamming that
needle into my neck, wasn't it?

No, no, no.
Let's stay here, shall we?

You're not allow...

- Allowed.
- Yeah.

- Here.
- And you know what?

If you tell anyone about it,

I'm gonna come back,
and I'm gonna harass you

Every day.

I want you to tell me
what you know about Castor.

Castor. Hmm.

R... R... Rumours.

- Rumours.
- No. No, no, no.

Not rumours, they're very real.

And they've taken Sarah,

So I need you to tell me
where they took my sister.

Is that funny to you?

Well, let's see what we can do
about that, shall we?

Just stop.

Rachel's gonna get
a bit of a makeover.

- Ain't she?
- Stop.

- Felix!
- What?

I think this is
just what the doctor ordered.

- Stop!
- Yes.

Do you want to see
how pretty you look?

Aren't you beautiful?

- Scott, get Dr. Nealon.
- Tell me what you know.

No one is coming for you!
Do you understand?

Because no one cares!

I'm not going to help you

- If you humiliate me.
- Humiliate you?

I haven't even gotten started.

Why don't we go for a spin?
Shall we?

Felix, we really should go.

And maybe then she'll tell me
where my sister is!

Where did they take her?

Get me out of this place.

Felix, let's go.

You sure about this, ali?

- You hate bubbles. -I hate
the way my mother runs it,

But when we own it,
we'll run it differently.

- As a drug front.
- Yes.

Are we in this together or not?

- Yeah.
- Good.

Oh, shit.

Your mother's store.

Yes, you remembered.

I remember the stock room.

Really? Why? What happened there?

Okay, let's go inside.
We should go in.

Good, good. Okay.

Come on in.

Feel free to explore.
Oh, we have

My mother's new men's line.
It's minty gleam.

It's her original recipe, but we'll
probably update it with a little musk...

Okay, Jason doesn't need
to know about the musk.

We do the musk part.

This is just a courtesy visit,
so you can see the business.

You're not gonna
let go of this, are you?

No, no. I mean, this is a very
reputable local business.

- Yeah. -Eleven years
of clean books.

Good storage, centrally
located for distribution.

I mean, you've seen how
quickly we can move product.

So with bubbles,
the sky would be the limit.

Selling soap.

It's perfect.

I was supposed to have children.

It was expected of me.


You've been through
a lot recently,

You don't have to make sense
of it all right now, okay?

Part of me
feels relieved, Cosima.

Does that make me a monster?

No, honey.

So far from that.

Shall we get you home?

- All set.
- Okay.


I miss you.

When? Yeah.

Yeah, I'm on it.

There's a situation
back at base.

What kinda situation?

We're needed.

Hey, come in.


What is it?

I was coming here
to tell you that I thought

Maybe we should
slow things down.


But now that I see you,

I just kinda wanna make out for,
like, seven hours straight.

Do you wanna talk about it?

Mmm, yeah. After, after.

- See, this is my life right now.
- Mmm-hmm.


You're just gonna
lose patience with me.

I guess we'll see.


Cosima, the book...

Uh, Duncan's book,

With all the weird
symbols and stuff.

I think rachel knows the code.

Human sterilisation trials.

Dr Silva says you haven't shown

Any of the same symptoms
as the other women.

Did you love Beth, paul?


Did you love her?

What happened to Beth...

I will carry that
with me forever.

We were looking for a cure

And we thought dyad had answers.

I wanna talk to Coady.

Give us a minute.

You gave me Rudy's blood. Why?

Temperature's down,
no haemorrhaging.

- Remarkable.
- So you knew I'd beat it. How?

Because Castor and LEDA
have the same disorder.

It attacks the boys' brains,

The women's epithelial tissue.

But as your fertility
proves, Sarah,

You're somehow
able to fight it off.

You're infecting
innocent women with it.

To understand it.

I didn't put it in the boys.

I just found it.

So, it's engineered.

Who engineered it?
Was it Duncan?

It's a weapon.

You're field testing it.

You wanna isolate it

To develop it in other forms.

It could end wars

In a single generation

Without spilling
a drop of blood.

So who wants it?

Who is it for?

- Where's Rudy?
- He set out on foot.

I lost contact.

The hell's going on here?

Major dierden has command.
The camp's on lockdown.

- You're confined to quarters.
- That's bullshit.



Paul and Sarah
are still out there.

We need to go.

Help is coming.

You're still trying
to save them.

- None of this is their fault.


Patrol came back, without Rudy.

I checked the sat phone,

And, major, they got a call
from arlington.

Paul, what's your status?

That depends on you.

Extraction team's en route.

Rudy's patrol is still out.

And we can't reach
their sat phone.

Well, good.

That's what we want.

Is there a problem?

No, sir. We'll be waiting.

We have to go.

Go back to your quarters. You never
spoke to me, do you understand?


Make this right.

Miller, listen to me!

Listen to me! Aah! Miller!


Paul! No.

Let's go.

- Yeah. Yeah.
- Let's go.

It's this way.

Through here. Through here.

Hey. What are you doing?

This tunnel comes out
of a garage.

You take a jeep.
Go north-west.

Paul, I'm not leaving
without you. Open the gate.

Listen to me, open the gate!


It was never Beth I loved.



What kinda guy are you?

- What kinda guy am I?
- Yeah.

You know what kinda guy I am.

First thing, secure the science.

Does he know
what he's done to those women?

I know exactly what I do, sir.


Your devotion to my boys
was pure, paul.

I could always count on it.

Cure them, Virginia.

Drop the rest.

The science in this room

Could rewrite the very nature
of humankind.

You ask me to
turn my back on it?

I'm sorry, paul.

I can't.


You came back.

Come, sestra.

People miss us.

When I see this,
yes, I will kill her.

Hello, Helena.

A vote for Alison Hendrix

Is a vote for change.

I can't sell you the store.

There's been a hiccup.

We need that store front in
order to move all this product.

We'll have it to you by tonight.

You know, whatever this is,
it's not cool.

You know what?
I don't really care.

We're drug dealers.

He's being held captive
by some man called pouchy.

Whoa! What are you doing?
Oh, my god!