Orphan Black (2013–2017): Season 1, Episode 1 - Natural Selection - full transcript

Sarah Manning witnesses the death of a woman who looks exactly like her. She decides to escape her dramatic life and take the woman's identity for her own. But converting to a new life is harder than she expected.

Huxley Station.

Ugh, shit.


Next stop, Huxley Station.

Next train to New York City

will be departing
on Platform 8B in 10 minutes.

Next train to New York City,
Platform 8B in 10 minutes.

Hey, hey! It's Sarah.

Yeah, I'm... I'm back in town.

I wanna see Kira, okay?

Well, that's not fair, is it?

Can I at least speak to her?



Stop the train! Stop the train!

Stop the train!

Somebody help.


Get some help down here, now!

Elizabeth Childs.

Two phones.

Oh, my God. You look like crap.


No, seriously, ew!

All right.

How's life, Felix?

This long no see, you don't get to know.

I didn't miss your birthday, did I?

No, I know. It's totally
pedestrian, the only reason I'm here.

-Oi, Bobby.
-Hey, Felix.


How's Vic the dick?

Yeah, I hit him first this time.

With an ashtray, so...

He's a little blue.

-It's Vic's.

Think you can flip it
to one of your Bay Street blow boys?

You have no idea what that costs me.

I'll give you 20%.

I wasn't talking about my cut, Sarah.

I was talking about my pride.

What are you up to?

I'm here for Kira, Fe.

After what happened,

you really think Mrs. S
is gonna let you take her?

She's my daughter, she's gonna have to.

You've been gone for almost a year, Sarah.

I'm not judging, I'm just saying.

All right.


Yeah, so I'm back on the run,
the usual Sarah shite storm.


Well, on that note, something
really weird just happened at the train station.


I saw a girl kill herself.


A jumper?

Yeah, and she looked exactly like me, Felix.

What do you mean?

Oh, you robbed her body.

No, she left her bag on the platform.

Ain't that essentially robbing her body?

Okay, that's weird.

Yeah, you think?

Elizabeth Childs.

It's you with a nice haircut.

And a nice address.

What the hell, Fe, did I have a twin sister?

Well, now, when you're a poor little orphan
foster wretch, anything's possible.

Or so we tell ourselves.

I'm gonna go up to her flat.

Yeah, to find out who she is,
to rob the rest of her shit.

Or car. There has to be a car.

Is that her phone?

-Well, answer it.

Try and get 20k for it, yeah?

All right, fine. What about Vic?

I'll call ya.






Paul Deardon.

Out of town till Saturday.


Shitful quality. I'll give you 1 0 for it.

1 0? With the hay roll?

You can do better.

-I'll think about it.

Think fast.




-What? Oh, shit.
-Where the hell is Sarah?

-Where is she?
-Vic, I can't breathe.

-Sarah! Sarah!

-What the hell is wrong with you?

Where the hell is Sarah?

-Where is she?

I don't know.

I haven't seen her in like a year.
She's been with you.

-She's not my problem anymore.

Listen to me, Felix,
I'm just gonna ask you once.

Where is the coke?



All right, fine.


Blow me.

That's really funny.

What the hell happened to your head?

Well, let's see, Sarah blindsided me, then
she took off with the coke.

Listen to me! Listen to me.

Listen, I'm on the hook with Pouchy.

Look at me, you understand? Look at me.

That's gonna bring pain on me.

Till I find her, it's on you.

You mind if I have this?

I'll be back, she better be here, fruitcake.

Lovely to see you again, Victor.


It's Beth.

So, my credit is max, but...

I've got a sweet pad

and my new boyfriend, Paul's,
out of town till the weekend.

Unfortunately, your real
boyfriend, Vic the dick,

-is already here.

Oh, I'm fine, by the way, thank you.

I'm sorry, Fe.

And your blow is abysmal, by the way.

-I'll be lucky to get 1 0k for it.

That's not enough.

-For what?
-To get out, Fe.

Set ourselves up with Kira somewhere.

Sarah, who is Elizabeth Childs?

I don't know.

Just a girl who looks like me.

Girl with a pretty nice life.

If it was so nice,

why did she kill herself?

Hold on. Fe?

She's got $75,000 in her savings account.

Say again?


The account was just opened
like three weeks ago.

That's enough to lose bloody Vic, yeah?

We can get away with this, Fe.

The three of us.

Sarah, any second,
someone's gonna ID the body,

and it's game over.
So you should really just drop it all right now.

Nice work, with the ashtray, by the way.

Vic has stitches.

-I'm standing outside

-Huxley Station, right now,
-Shh, shut up, I'm thinking.

which we can see is emptying out.

Authorities have cleared out the station

after an unidentified woman
fell onto the tracks and was killed.

Our witnesses aren't sure
how the woman came to be on the tracks,

or whether foul play was involved.

Fe, I have an idea.

All right, give me a big smile.

-I want a big smile.
-Why are you shooting me?

'Cause I love shooting.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Oh, shit.

Drugstore counter.

What's up, hot stuff?

Are you ready to push your body...

You're damn right.

You're damn...
You're damn...

You're damn right.

Sorry, Art. Whoever you are.

I'm gone for good.

You're damn right.

Hi, uh, Beth Childs.

I have an appointment with the manager.

Stephen Riggs.

Sure, I'll let him know you're here.



Use it or hang it up, okay?

Do not snap towels at me, Bobby.

I had a very traumatic childhood.

Yeah, hi, um...

Oh, totally awful.

Apparently, a girl killed
herself at Huxley Station last night,

and I think I know her.

Sarah. Sarah Manning.

-Beth? Good to see you again.
-Yeah, hi.

-How are you?

Yeah, good, Stephen. Thanks.

Um, busy?

Appeared last week at 2:14.
It was only a half but it almost killed me.

-How'd you do your last charity run?

I... Don't know, in fact.

I need to make
a large withdrawal from that account.

I see, that is the one you just opened.

Yeah, I'll leave 500 in
to keep the account open.

But I need, um, the rest.

-In cash, please?

-I really recommend a cashier's check, if you...

Uh, no. 50s and 1 00s, please.

Well, we don't keep that much on hand.

See, anything over $1 0,000,
we have to special order

and that takes two to four business days.



What can I do to, uh...

To put a rush on that.

You know, 24 hours.

Could I, um, sponsor your next
charity run thing?

-You certainly can. Deal.

But... This card is...

Oh, I'm not even sure I've activated that, yet.

If I did, I need to re-pin it.

Demagnetize, maybe?

Yeah, you know what?

Let's start with a new one.
And then we'll organize the withdrawal.


Do you want access to your
safe deposit box as well?

-Oh, yeah. I'd... I'd love that, Stephen.

"Where are you?"
"Must see you."

And good luck with that.

Alison Hendrix.

Elizabeth Childs.

Katja Obinger.

What the hell are you doing?


Get in the car.

Yeah, yeah, no thanks.

Go, get in the car, damn it.

God. What... What's the charge?

Don't, Beth, not today.

We're late.

Yeah. Okay, yeah, calm down.

Where were you?

We're gonna walk through it again.

Uh, yeah. Yeah, I got held up.

-Don't worry about it.
-I worry.

Suddenly, you don't give a damn, I get pissed.

My fat ass is on the line here, too.

Now you had better be ready.

Are you ready?

Yeah. Yeah, I'm ready.

You're sure as hell overdressed.

What? Were you out all night or something?

No, you know what, give me a...

A second, I'll go in and change.


You'll probably take off on me again.

Look, Beth, I know this shit
is as hard as it gets.

But you gotta stop making it worse.

Art, just drive.

Oh, is that her?


Are you okay?

Yeah, yeah, I'm good.

Oh, Colin, um...

Can I call you Colin?

My mom does.

Oh, um...

Well, don't get me wrong,
I usually do enjoy creepy,

I do, it's just, um...

The air in here
or is that just me because it smells like...

Uh, no...

It's death.

You can do this, though. It can be a...

-A gestalt.
-Oh, my.

Holy shite.

Let's go.

Hey, good luck, Beth.

Fashionably late, you called it.

She's here, Lieutenant.

Then get busy.

Detective, come with me.

Show's over.


Stick to your statement and you will be fine.


I gotta, um, I gotta use
a washroom, Lieutenant.

All right, get yourself sorted.



Washroom's this way.


Felix, Beth is a cop.

I'm a cop.

Felix, abort.

This will be shocking, Felix.

But for her it was instant.


Oh, my God... I... Oh, that's...

That's so...

Oh, I can't... I can't do it.

I need to... That's...
This is too messed up, I can't.

-That's okay, you can lean on me, it's fine.
-All right.

Thank you.



Is it her?


Your sister, I'm very sorry.

Foster sister, but we were very close.

You know, we spent all of our,
um, formative years together.


Okay, well, uh, there's a few
things you need to sign.

Um... But...

If you, um... If you need...
Want anyone to talk to...

Um... You know, over a drink or...

Well, aren't you an odd duck?

All right, statement of Officer
Elizabeth Childs, entering into record

her version of the line-of-duty shooting

on the 7th October of this year,

resulting in a civilian fatality,
one Margaret Chan.

In your own words, please,
begin by stating your name.

Anytime, Detective.

I panicked. What do you want me to say?

Pretty much anything, but "I panicked".

I'm kidding.

Where's your wit gone?

You haven't called me dipshit all day.

You don't have to babysit me, dipshit.

I know.

But who else would?

Thanks, Doc. See you next week.

Look, Beth, I know this thing
has got you all twisted up,

but you gotta forgive yourself.

Shootings happen,

to whoever's there, with a gun in their hand.


Dr. Bower will see you now.

-Felix, open the goddamn door.

Felix, I know
you're in there, open the door now.


You bastard.

What the hell is wrong with you?


Where's Sarah?

Sarah is dead.

I'm sorry, what?

She's dead.


She killed herself.

Yeah? Bullshit.

Where is she, Felix?

She jumped in front of a train

because you are such an arsehole!

What's this?

Her death certificate.


It's not real.

I identified her body.

-Vic, she's dead! She's gone.
-Okay, Felix, stop it. Stop! Stop it.

She told you to say this?
She's not dead. Where is she?

Stupid bitch.


-It's not coming back to you?

No, I'm... I'm... Not really.

Uh, I... I know I shot a civilian.

Maggie Chan? 44, single, churchgoer.

I'm just missing, uh...

Missing what? Explain.

Uh... Myself.


Yeah, um, I glitched.

Break or something.

I think I need some leave.

You're under suspension.


See, I'm having trouble with detail.

So, I'm not sure I should say anything at all.

It's okay. It's all confidential.

Have you shared
any of these dissociations with Paul?

Yeah, no... We're fine.
I don't wanna talk about Paul.

Paul's away. No, he's in Cleveland.


Uh, waitress makes a mistake at work,

she, what, drops
a plate of meat loaf, doesn't get a tip.

-Try to separate mistake from result.

Getting back on the job for you is all about

moving forward from a moment
you can never take back.

You need to talk to me about that moment.

About seeing cell phone and reacting gun.


Can I make another appointment?

So, your twin, all hopped up
on cop tranquilizers,

guns down an innocent Chinese lady
holding a cell phone in her hand.

-Is that true?
I don't know.

I'm not even sure her partner knows.

Feels like she's lying about something.

For 75 grand in a new account.

She well dodgy.

Yeah, whatever she was into
drove her plenty nuts, yeah.

Yeah. Suicide's thrilling, agreed.

But... Can we get the elephant
out of the room?


Well, look at her.

You're related.

This could be your story.

It's not.

-Every foster kid dreams of their lost family.
-Oh, my God!

Deep down we all hope we're special.

Yeah, the last thing I am is special.

If that was my boyfriend,
I'd jump in front of a train too.

Don't say that. Paul's hot and you know it.

Oh, Vic...

Is keening like a banshee. He wants a funeral.

He can't have a funeral!

The whole sad point is
nobody would notice if I died.

What's this? Birth certificates?

Alison Hendrix, Beth,

Katja Obinger, born in Berlin?

So their birthdays
are all within a month of yours?

It's a coincidence.

I don't care. It's just a score, Fe.

Let me finish what I started and then,

I'll come back for you and Kira, yeah?


You're gonna disappear again?

Yeah, I have to, Fe.

It's dangerous shit in this life.

-Somebody keeps texting her.
-Oh, texting! My God, how terrifying!

Look, Fe, sell the coke,

and keep half the money
and give the other half to Kira, yeah?

You left Kira with Mrs. S overnight and you
didn't come back for 1 0 months.

I'm trying to fix this.

Tell it to the angels, Sarah.

You're already dead.






"The Clash"?

Oh, yeah, uh...

London calling.

The Clash rock.

Yeah, but you don't.

-Are you going somewhere?

Uh, no. Just gym stuff.

Weren't you coming back on the weekend?

Well, I wanted to be here.


-How was the hearing?

Oh, uh...

I couldn't do it. I couldn't do it.

You skipped it?

Um, no... Um...

I got sick to my stomach, I basically puked on them.

Are you serious?

Yeah. Yeah.

Don't worry, I'm okay.

Beth, what's happened?

A lot.

Yeah, I know, but you're...

I'm what?

What did you do to your hair?

Uh... Nothing.

I got it cut.

It's longer.

It's just wet.

Something's different.


Right here.

-For crying out loud.


I'm sorry, man. I don't know where else to go.

A men's shelter?

What the hell happened to your face?

Got in a fight.

Why, Vic?

Why are you such a dick?

I don't know, I'm angry.

-Can I come in?


I can't sleep.

I keep seeing her face.

Yeah, me too.

Her pretty face.

Felix, you and me, we have to do something.

There's just no goddamn closure, bro.

We have to have like a...

A memorial send-off or something.

Okay, Vic.

We'll have a wake.

Really? See, that's what
I'm talking about, man.

-A coming together.

-Cremation's today. I'm buying.
-Oh, shit.

Yeah, it can't be today.

I've got to call Glenn,
that bitch Sherry, her Montreal connections...

-No, no, no, no, no.
-...are gonna wanna be there.

Locals only, Vic. Fast and light, all right?

It's gonna be an intimate memorial piss-up.

-Come on, let's go.

-Can I... Okay.

-That's... All right, um...
-Thank you.

You know what, first though,
you need a shower and a Xanax.



For real?

That was amazing.

Was it?

Where you been hiding that accent
for like two years?

Uh, I got up for the gym, Paul.


Well, you want to tell me
what happened at the hearing?

Uh, I choked, I guess, um...

They reconvene
in a couple of days, so don't worry about it.


Hmm. What?

Are you back on the meds?


Then you didn't choke.

You're just finally feeling something.

Feeling like the real you.

I got up for the gym.

Are you driving today?


Uh, can I borrow the keys to your car?

-Use your own car.
-Can't find my keys.

Did you check the thing
where they always are?

Yep. Yeah, I checked the thing
where they always are.



Felix, we can't part angry this time.

It's not good for your skin, okay.

Call me or I'll squeeze
your bloody bollocks in a vise...

Everything all right?

Oh, yeah. Obnoxious English relative.

Well, I've got your cash.

I just need your signature here.

Thank you.

All right, then. All done.


Okay. Good luck with that run.



You little shit.

"Sarah had a big heart.

"It was always fight or flight with her."

You guys remember how she was, right?

It's all based on facts.

"She was the kind of person
you want to hang on to

"but she would not be held with you.

"Sarah, I'm sorry.

"I know, I've a lot to answer for.

"My favorite moment..."

So, is it heaven or hell?

I didn't want a funeral for this very reason, Fe.

Well, you can't do
much about that when you're dead, can you?

I'm watching, right now.


Oh! Oh!

-Let me ask you...

I dressed Vic. How do we look?

Yeah, not as good as Rockabilly Bob.

Who knows,
still Rockabilly after all these years.

Got to respect that.

Sherry is upset though, isn't she?

Oh, yes. She thinks Vic
pushed you in front of the train.

It's priceless, really.

Eh, I've got the money, Fe.

I still want us
to be together, it can work, yeah?

This is our chance
for me, you and Kira to start over.

-Felix, do you mind?

I'm trying to...
Do you want us to go and come back?

Shit, I'm sorry... Vic's getting mad, I gotta go.

Could you...
Could you hang up your phone?

-Oh, shit.

Mrs. S is here, Fe.


Stop! Stop! Stop!

Oh, shit. No, no, no, Fe.

Oh, shit.

Oh, no, Fe. Kira's there.

She can't think I'm dead, Fe.


Oh, God. She can't think I'm dead.

Beth... Beth, why don't you respond to me?

-Just keep away from me.

Beth, it's Katja.

-Oh, my God...
-Why no meeting, Beth? What's happening?

-I brought the briefcase.

Yeah, the samples for your friend, Beth.

I was careful, like you said.

Yeah, I just... Just stay back.

I'm Katja. Katja Obinger, Beth.

Yeah, I get it. The German.

Okay, I've seen your birth certificate.

Yeah, you asked for it. For proof.

Please, I need to see your
scientist friend, Beth.

Ah, I can't help you.

-Get out of the car!
-Why are you doing this?

Your partner, he was following you.

You were the one in the black car?

The one that flashed your lights.


You need to go.

You're police, Beth?

-We need to...
-Don't. Get out!

Just one.

I'm a few, no family, too. Who am I?

You're not Beth.

Oh, God! Shit.




This is not Sarah, it's not Sarah.

We've been here before.

No, Paul.
We definitely haven't been here before.

-Hey, hey!

Whoa, whoa! Take it easy.

Are you wearing a wire?

When is Mummy coming?

-Sarah! Sarah!