Orphan Black (2013–2017): Season 1, Episode 2 - Instinct - full transcript

Sarah looks deeper into the secret life that Beth seems to have lead. Art refuses to return Beth's money until Sarah goes through with the hearing.

Hey, it's Sarah.

I saw a girl kill herself.


Yeah, and she looked
exactly like me.

Elizabeth Childs?

I'm going to go up to her flat.

To find out who she is or to
rob the rest of her shit?


She's got $75,000
in a savings account.

Holy shite.

Beth is a cop.
I'm a cop.

Your partner,
he was following you.

If that was my boyfriend,

I'd jump in front
of a train, too.

- What's happened?
- A lot.

Something's different.
How was the hearing?

Officer Elizabeth Childs,
entering into record

her version of the
line-of-duty shooting...

resulting in
a civilian fatality...

Something's different.

I'm here for Kira, Fe.

You left Kira with Mrs. S...

and you didn't come
back for 10 months!

We have to have, like,
a memorial sendoff.

No no no,
Kira's there.

She can't think I'm dead, Fe.

Beth, it's Katja.

Just one.
I'm a few.

No family, too.
Who am I?


where have you been?

Uh, where have I been?


Uh, long story.


Well, what?

Did you meet the German?

I can't get a hold of her.



The German's dead.


Yeah, someone shot her,
right in front of me!

Oh, Jesus!
Are you all right?!

No! No, I'm not
all right!

She's in the back of my car!

There's blood everywhere!

Holy shit. Holy
shit, it's true.


That someone is killing us.

They must've followed
her from Europe.


bloody Christ!


Nothing, nothing.

Okay, okay, okay. Did
you get the briefcase?




You know what?
Worry about that later.

You need to get rid
of the body.

- How?
- I... I...

Like, how?

I don't know.

You're the cop.
Like, buy a shovel.

Just make sure
you get her samples.

Uh... samples?

Hair and blood, Beth.

You can do this.

Uh... how about
you come help me?

I would if I could.

Look, one step at a time.

I'll call you back.

Orphan Black 01x02
Origianl Air Date April 6, 2013

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Sorry, Elizabeth Childs.

Freaks and punks,

lost puppies...

We always had
a friend in Sarah.

You have a few words, Felix?

Hmm? Mm.

Anything you want to express?

Oh, no, I...
I can't, Bob.

I'm too verklempt.

"We're in
bummed-out city...

I plead your mercy
and your pity

is not life

a mirror maze?"

To Sarah.

To Sarah!

To Sarah.

I can't figure out

why she killed herself.

It's just not Sarah.

It's not Sarah.

Well, at least she had love.

Whose love did she have, yours?

Love is imperfect.

Love is

imperfection itself.

If that's your definition,

no wonder she jumped.


Hey! Whoa whoa, take it easy!

Let him go, Vic!

Say it! Go ahead,
say it's my fault!

Say it's my fault!

It's... your...

Vic! Vic!
Be cool.


Everyone's raw.
It's okay.

All right.
I'm sorry.

My bad.

I'm not a huggy griever, Vic.

Katja Obinger.


Who the hell are you?

Eh. Oh, what time
do you open?

I need a front and
driver's-side window.

Vic, I'm tired.

One last drink.

A bourbon for Sarah.

Oh, Jesus.

Very good.


Off you go.

Wait a minute.
My turn.


I want to get to know
Sarah's daughter.

Out, Vic!

Why not?!

There's a reason
you never met her.

What is it?

Well, let's see.

For starters,
you're a drug dealer.

I could help her financially.

And Sarah left you.

She ran because you're abusive.

I want to make up for that.

All right, let's go.

Let's go.


I want to stay
connected to her.

To who?
Who, Vic?!


Vic, Kira is not Sarah.

Sarah's dead and she's
not coming back.

You need to man up
and accept that.


Hug me.

Oh, come on.

I have a knife

and I will stab you
in the face!


Aren't you supposed
to wait, like,

three days before rising?

What the hell's this?

That is your wake.

It was agony.

Yeah, Vic was here.
Why'd you have one?

Because I was mad at you,

so I just decided
to blow all the money

from your stolen coke on it.

Felix! Does Kira
think I'm dead?

I don't know.

Oh, you don't know?

Vic screwed everything up

when he got hold
of Mrs. S., somehow.

I don't know
what she told Kira.


Since you died,

he's even more obsessed.

He wants to meet Kira.


No, I know that!

Of course not. You think
we'd let that happen?

Hey, what's that?

Right there.
Well, it looks like...

It looks like blood.

Hey, whoa!
What's going on?

- Nothing.
- Hey!

Nothing. I don't want
to talk about it.


You remember those
birth certificates, yeah?

Beth's and the two others?

Yeah, Katja and Alison.

- Yeah?
- Yeah.

Well, I met the German.

What? Is she...
another twin?


- Leave it out, Felix.
- Did she say who she was?

- Don't.
- What did she say?!

I'm not getting
into it. I can't...

- I seriously cannot explain it.
- All right, fine.



I need you to tell Mrs. S.
I'm not dead, yeah?

That it was all a mistake.

No! No way.
You do it.

If I walk in there now,
after 10 months,

think about how hard
she can make custody.

What, so I go in
and I say what?


My God.

Tell her it wasn't me.
I don't care.

Just make sure Kira
knows that I'm fine.


We can still get out with her.

That's my one bit of good news.

Is this evil twin's money?

Yeah, $75,000 in cash.

That's enough to lose Vic,

lose the twin-
sister weirdness,

just somewhere safe
with my daughter.

Is that so much to ask?

Yeah, maybe.


"Detective Arthur Bell".


Bastard must've followed
me and nicked it.

All right.

All right, let's not
go off, though, okay?

No. Hey, let's...
No, Sarah!


Sarah! Sarah!




Sarah! S...

Whoa, hey, no!
Not that.

I'm working on that.

Maggie Chen.

Who the hell is Maggie Chen?

Uh, it's the woman Beth shot.


So, now, what are
these, all right?

Official statement.

Detective Arthur Bell,
official statement.

Detective Elizabeth Childs.

What is this?

This is... this is,
like, the case.

He left it for me.


If we want the money
back from Art,

I to have to be Beth again.

Oh, for Christ's sake.

How long can you keep
gaming a cop?

'Til I get our money.

It's 6:00 in the morning.
You're going to call him now?

Yeah, believe me... this
call, he's waiting for.

Took you a while.

What the hell are you doing?

Hey, I'm just following
orders, Beth.

Orders to steal from me?

The lieutenant said "Take
your rookie by the hand,

walk her right through
the hearing."

Did you stop to check it before
you crossed the border?

Art, I'm at home!
You got it all wrong.

I never get it all wrong, do I?

Well, it's not what you think.

Meet me at Fung's at noon.


What the hell's Fung's?


Where were you last night?

Aw, shit!

Don't do that!

I... I, uh...

I was at the station,

I was catching up
on this backlog.

You're under suspension.

Yeah, so?

They reconvened the hearing.

I have to get on top
of this stuff.

First, you screw me wild
for the first time

in months, and then,
you don't even call me

to tell me that you're
out all night?

And why are you
suddenly dressing

like a punk-rock ho?

Say again.


You know what?

I'm going to ignore that.

I'm worried you're
losing the plot again.

We've been here before.

No, Paul,

we definitely haven't
been here before.

Sorry. I've got
a lot of work to do.

If you want, I can take it
to the station, yeah?

Beth, you're not
ready for this.

You need to take more time.

Is that a diagnosis?
Because I have plenty

of professional help for that.

- Babe, please...
- Don't touch me.

You know,

I can see this shooting
is killing you,

but you stopped talking
to me months ago.


What am I supposed to do?

It's my problem.

You don't have to take this on.

Well, I have.

And I can't keep
waking up every night,

checking your breathing,
worried you're mixing

your meds, booze, God
knows what else, so...

I'm going back to Cody's
for a while.


Yeah, if that's what you want.

"Punk-rock ho"?


Hi, monkey.

Did you see my mum?

Um, sweetie...

Oi-oi, Mrs. S.

Go on
upstairs, Kira, love.

Uncle Felix has got
some explaining to do.

I knew it was
too good to be true.

Sarah's too tough
to commit suicide.

Most feral mutt
I ever took in.

Don't shrug.

Staging a funeral
to get away from Vic.

Why would you help with
such a stupid plan?

Vic's a dick.

Plagued, that girl was,

from the very start.

What do you mean by that?

Tell her

that she hasn't seen her
daughter in almost a year

and I think it's best
if it stays like that.

Why don't you tell her
yourself, Siobhan?

I'm not going to play
Felix in the middle.

Oh, no? You're here at her
beck and call, aren't you?

Yes, I am! To make sure
that Kira doesn't think

that her mother's dead.

And, oh, good, look...
she doesn't.

You and Sarah, you
can work out the rest.

Years of my life.

Leaving London,
all my people there,

to bring the two of you
here for a fresh start.

I'd do it all again, Felix.

Every visit from
the bloody police,

every missing-
persons report,

every punch we threw,

because Kira is a gift.

Sarah knows that.

No, she hasn't a clue.

She is trying.

Badly, granted,

but in her own way, she is,
she's really trying


Caught ya.

C'mere, monkey.

When is mummy coming?

You know when, love.

When she's ready?


When you say she's ready?

Sounds fair to me.

Right here

is where I thought I saw Yip.

That's when I drew my weapon.


What'd she do?

It's not a payoff,
Art, it's not.

Then cut the shit, Beth,

and tell me where it came from.

It's Paul's, okay?

It's Paul's and mine.

I cleaned out our joint
savings account.

I haven't told him yet.

Yeah, I was going to
leave town,

but I couldn't do it,
okay? I turned around.

For Paul.

To clear the shooting, Art.

I'm not dirty,
I just freaked out.

Are you wearing a wire?


You never saw the vic before?

No previous contact
with Margaret Chen?


If there is another
version of the story,

if that money
is somehow connected.

There's only one story, Art.

Then walk me through it again,

so I know you won't
crack under questioning.

I was by myself, I was

canvassing witnesses
on another case.

Which case?

The Ramsay thing.
Sun Jewelry heist.

The Ramsay thing.

Sun Jewelry heist.

I wasn't even looking for Yip.

Yip who?

Xan Yip, U.S. racketeering
warrant. I'd seen

her sheet that morning...
Asian female, 41.



Right here...

Is where I thought I saw Yip.

You thought?

I did.
I saw her.

I called her name,
I told her to freeze.

She didn't.
She ran.

Disappeared down...

You're making me nervous.


Now, you know how it feels.

When did you draw your weapon?

I drew when I entered
the courtyard, here.

That's when I drew my weapon.

And then she disappeared
down there.

I crossed to there.

And that's when I heard
somebody behind me

and I turned around...

And I fired


They were both wearing black.

It wasn't her.

It wasn't her.

Then what?

Then I saw the phone
in her hand

and I called it in.

And then you showed up.

If they find out
you called me

before you called it in,

they're going to start to dig.

And if they dig,
they find the pills

and, if they find the pills,

you may crack under questioning

and tell them
that I put the phone

in the vic's hand to
cover your tweaker ass.

I wouldn't do that, Art.

I got to carry what I did.

Maggie Chen was

in the wrong place
at the wrong time.

That's it.

None of this ends up on you.


But, to be sure,

I'm going to hang on
to that money

until you're cleared.

How's that?

Kira's fine.

You're not dead
to your daughter.


I know. I know.

She knows I'm back,
doesn't she?

I can feel her.

She knows. She's been
asking for you.

She knows.
I know.

What about Mrs. S.?

Don't worry about
that now, okay?

We'll work it out later.

Thank you.

Just take us with you
when you leave again.

I promise, I promise,
I promise.

All right.
Do you want a cuppa?


So Art won't
give me the money

until I clear Beth's shooting.

What do you mean,
like, go back

in front of a police board,

with, like, lawyers
and cross-examination,

- and stuff?
- Yeah.

That's the least of my worries.

That's Beth's other phone.

Is that the German?

It's definitely not the German.

All right, I think it's time

that you told me what's
actually going on.

Beth was investigating
her twins, too.

I think whatever she
found out drove her nuts

and she topped herself.


So do I pick up?


I can't help myself.

Then why even ask?


Hello, uh, this is,
um, this is Beth.

Where have you been?

Busy, obviously.

Right. Did you get
the German's briefcase?

No. Why?

Because I told you to.

Where is she staying, Beth?


One sec!



Carlsborough Hotel, room 303.

Well, go,

get the briefcase
before they do.

I'll call back
at midnight.

What's in...

What's in the briefcase?

Who is that?

Every time I think
I know something,

I'm wrong.

Whoa, hold on.



and Alison Hendrix.

Is it her?

I don't know, Felix.

Well, what happened
to the German?

Are you seriously going there?

Don't you want to know
what's in the briefcase?



It's still a hustle, Fe.

Can I borrow this?

No. Yeah.
I don't know.


Guten morgen.

Katja Obinger.


Don't worry.

You actually look
kind of hot.

It's good, innit?

Nein, nein.

Miss Obinger.

Miss Obinger?

Miss Obinger!

Miss Obinger!

- Was that her?
- Yeah.

d Yeah



Ahem. Ja.

Hello. Avery,
from the front desk.

Could we talk with you
downstairs, please?

Why would you go in my room?

We had a noise complaint,

which led to a security check.

Ma'am, your room was trashed.



The sink is broken.

What the heck
is wrong with you?

Unfortunately, we have
an itemized bill.

Sink, mirror,

three pillows.


$6,437.11, yes.


So? You have my card
on file, ja?


And my briefcase.

One moment.


Must've been a heck of a party.

Everything appears
to be in order.

I'm very sorry about this.


Are you enjoying the city?

It's killing me.

Danke schoen.

Danielle Fournier.




Danielle Fournier, France.

Alison Hendrix,


You're practically local.

And punctual.


Hey. Did you get
to the hotel?

Yeah, but somebody
got there first.

They ransacked her room.

- Shit!
- No briefcase?

I didn't say that.

Did you find it, or not?

Hang on.

Screw it.

Who am I speaking to?



Who is this?

Who is this?!

Beth's indisposed.
Is this Alison?

Just one.
I'm a few.

No family, too.
Who am I?

Yeah, sorry, riddler,
means nothing to me.

Look, Beth said to say
I have the briefcase.

Do you want me
to bring it to you?

"35 Black Oak Drive".

Stop it!

You stop it!

You stop it!

Hey hey hey!
No no no no.

Don't hurt her.

Holy shite.

A soccer mom.

Follow your sister.
Don't run.

Good boy!

Good boy.

There you go.

Over there!



Go. Go, go!

Vivien! I'm going to
cut the... yeah.

I just want some answers.

Are you out of your mind?

How dare you show your face

in front of my children.

How did you find me?

The German had your address.

I've got what you wanted.

I've got her briefcase.

Idiot. Do you even know
who you're talking to?


Where is Beth?

Uh, she's dead.


I'm sorry.
She killed herself.

No. No, no, she
wouldn't do that.

That's impossible.

No, I'm sorry.
I saw her do it.

No, that can't be.

Look, I can explain, okay?

My name's Sarah...

I don't care who you are.

Why, Lord?
Why me?

I never wanted
any part of this.

Do I wear a huge
"kick me" sign

on my back?

Please, just tell me...

Who are we to each other?

Are you kidding me?

I'm not doing that.

Nope, that is not
my responsibility...

You know, you need
to get out of here.

Go and wait for a call.

Eh, tell me what the hell...

Let go!
Don't touch me.

This is my neighborhood.

You wait for a call.

Oh, and hide your ugly face

on the way out of here.


Okay, oranges, guys!

Can I take two?

Yeah, you take two.

What's up, Art?

Where are you?

I'm at home in the tub
with a bourbon.

Can you hear me knocking?


Because you're not home.

Okay, I'm in Scarborough.

What? Why?!

I had to go to Bed
Bath & Beyond, okay?

Nobody wants to admit that.

Look, whatever, Beth.

What the hell did you
say to the shrink?

She's ruling you
unfit for duty.

What? Why?

Yeah, unfit means
no hearing tomorrow.

Oh, shit!

It means this crap goes on
and on and guess what...

I'm keeping your money
until it ends.

I'll go see her now.

No no no, it's too late
for that, Beth.

Get me another
appointment, okay?

Tell her it's an emergency,
you're worried about me.

She's my doctor.
She has to see me.

And what are you going to say
to her to change her mind?

I'll figure something out.

I'm sorry.

My opinion is you're
not ready for duty.

I am, though.

I'm making progress,
full progress.

Go on.

You know, with the guilt,

seeing cell phone
and reacting "gun".

You're just parroting our
last meeting back to me.

No, I'm admitting my mistake,

Dr. Bowers,

I'm acknowledging it,
like you said.

Honestly, the best
thing for me now is

to get back to work.

Last time I saw you,
you couldn't remember

the shooting.
"I'm missing myself.

I glitched.

A break,
or something."

I remember it just fine.

What I'm trying
to do is move on.

Sorry, Beth, but, considering

your mental state, leading
up to the incident...

That's behind me now,
Dr. Bowers.

And by your own admission of
blackout or psychotic break,

I can't recommend you for duty.

That's not going to
work for me.

I understand, you're a cop,

but this is my job.

Can you read that back again?

That, um,

"I'm missing myself.
I glitched."

Does that sound stoned to you?

"Glitched" sounds stoned?

Tweaked, gakked, spun.


superprax, draxifil.

What's the difference
between a mood stabilizer

and an antipsychotic, again?


Oh, no, I'm sorry,
I've been confused.

I mean, it's very confusing.


antianxieties, SSRIs.

That one's a stimulant.

We have known each other
for a while, now, Beth...

Yeah? That's where
you're wrong.

You have constantly
tested me

with your personal appeals
for prescriptions.

I know.

My bad.

So I'll just explain
to the board

that I shot this poor
civilian after mixing up

all your overlapping scrips.

Or am I making progress?

All right, if everybody here,

let's see if we
could do this again.

The board convenes in a fatal

line-of-duty shooting,
October 7th of this year.

State your name and rank
for the record

and begin.

Detective Elizabeth Childs.

You did well.

We'll have a ruling
in a couple of days.


This is Sarah.

Well, Sarah,
this will be quick.


Since you apparently
already know where I live

and I can't find a sitter,

come by after 9:00

How about right now?

Tonight! Bring whatever
you got from the German.

Go around back and go
to the basement door.

Knock quietly!

Not bad, Childs.

Not bad.

I nailed it, man,

every detail.

Yeah. They haven't
ruled yet.

Please contain your excitement.

This is me, excited.

Come on, Art,

give me a little
love, here, yeah?

Why do you have to be
such a hardass?


it's your favorite
thing about me.

Look, Paul doesn't know

I took that money
out of our account.

So just let me put it back

before he finds out, yeah?

I hang on to it 'til
you're reinstated.

That's the deal.

There was no deal,
it was just you, taking...

Looking out for you,


Oh, my God!

You know I never
would've got in

if you said we were
going to suburbia.

Oi, what are you doing?

Don't stop. Someone
might speak to us.



You know, my skin
just breaks out

every time I leave
the downtown.

Yeah, yeah.

Right there.
Look... acne.


I don't see acne.

Am I blushing?

There's redness!
Right there!

Tiny, little suburban
stress zits, emerging

in direct proximity
to bad architecture.

Look, Fe,

I'm going to have the
money in a couple days.

Okay? And then...

I'll make good with Mrs. S.

and we'll take Kira
somewhere quiet, yeah?

Somewhere warm.

Yeah, please.

So what's in the house?

I won't be long.

Oh, my God!
Who's in there?

Stay here, okay?

Is it the German?

The German's dead.

She's dead?!
She died?!

Sadly, yes.

This one's an uptight

Soccer mom.

Hey, Sarah! You always
do this to me!

I just need you to be
my backup, okay?

I don't do backup!

I don't even know
what backup is!

Give me half an hour.

What am I supposed
to do 'til then?


I just need somebody
to know where I am.

Wait, that is not
comforting! Sarah!


Close it, lock it.


Be quiet. My kids
are sleeping.

You're going to shoot me

while your kids are sleeping?

You wake them or show your
face, yes, I will shoot you.

Well I've never known
a blood relation,

but being your twin
certainly sucks.

You really have
no idea, do you?


I'm Cosima.

Bloody hell.

We talked on the phone.

How many of us are there?

We're clones. We're
soneone's experiment

and they're killing us off!

Is that helpful?

Oh, my God! What are
you doing in my yard?

You want answers,
I want the briefcase.

Seriously, life or death.

What kind of mother am I

if I snatch my own daughter?

You're reinstated.

Oh, shit!

Yes, I'm at the
bloody crime scene,

pretending to be a bloody cop,

so I need to know if the
bloody fingerprints

will flag a bloody match.

==sync, correction by dcdah==

Freeze! Police!