One Tree Hill (2003–2012): Season 1, Episode 14 - I Shall Believe - full transcript

When the doctor tells Keith it's too soon to tell how bad Lucas's injuries are, he informs Haley, who throws Nathan out immediately and calls Peyton, who is with Brooke at the time. Mother Karen learns to her surprise Dan saved her boy by bringing him in and giving permission for surgery as his father, while Keith caused the accident under nearly illegal influence of alcohol. Karen and Deb comfort each-other at Lucas's sickbed, where Peyton briefly and Brooke more elaborately meet Karen. After Haley gives him the silent treatment, Nathan sadly admits to Deb he barely minds she's separating from Dan. Karen hears her insurance probably won't cover all the hospital bills, and finds out later that Keith paid the bill. Coach assures Karen not to doubt Keith's love for Lucas. Jake and the park court basketball gang make a get-better-video for Lucas; even Tim joins in making a chalk drawing on the court. Dan cancels marriage mediation, and isn't impressed by Deb's lawyer either, but gets a hug from Karen. Peyton tells Haley Lucas reads her soul. Nathan says at Lucas's sickbed he envies him some time off, suggests him to make up with his loved ones, and Lucas wakes up with Nathan on his bedside. Nathan goes to get Haley, telling her he doesn't regret having courted her for the wrong reasons as she changed him for the better, then gives her a ride to hospital.

We are losing him. We got a code blue.

Charge the paddles to 200.



Charge the paddles to 300. Clear.

He’s a go.

Okay, lets go in.

How long will this take?

We’re just about done here now.

I don’t mean me, I’m talking about my nephew, Lucas.

How long will he be in surgery?

Well, it depends on how serious his injuries are.

I’m sorry, what did you just say?

About what?

About the way that we started.

Nothing. Just when I first came to you for tutoring,

I figured the easiest way to mess with Lucas was to hook up with you, but…

So everything between us has been a lie?

No, that’s not.

I cannot believe this, Lucas was right about you all along.

Haley, pick up. There’s been an accident. Lucas is hurt pretty bad.


Keith, hey.

He’s going to make it, right?

Okay, thanks.

- Come on, I’ll take you to the hospital.
- I can’t talk to you right now, Nathan.

Haley, look I’m sorry I didn’t mean it like that.

Just go.

Just go.

Hey, you know you can tell me anything, what is it?

It’s just…

There’s something you should know.

Hello? Haley, what’s wrong?

Peyton, what?


There’s been an accident.

You should go to him.


I’m so glad you’re okay.

- Where is he?
- I’m so sorry. I didn’t see the other car.

Where’s the operating room? I need someone to tell me what’s happening.

They asked us to wait here and they’re going to let us know when he’s in recovery.

I couldn’t get a cab and then the only thing I had to pay with was Euros.

He’s got to be alright, Keith.

I wont’ lose him.

I know.

I can’t.

Excuse me, Doctor.

Were you in the operating room with Lucas Scott?

He was in a car accident. He’s my son.

Dr. Hill is an excellent surgeon. The kid’s lucky his father got him here so fast.

His uncle.

No, his father. He may have saved your sons life.

Um, Dan saw the accident.

He pulled Lucas out of the car, and he drove us here.


Yeah, he knew Lucas was in bad shape so he couldn’t wait.

And Dan gave the surgeon permission to operate.

How could he?

He said he was Lucas’ father.

Keith. Keith, is he okay?

Oh honey, we don’t know yet.

I was supposed to see him tonight. He was supposed to come over after the airport and…

- Karen, this is Brooke.
- I’m Brooke, Lucas’ girlfriend. Hi.

Who’s here for Lucas Scott?

- I’m his mother. Is my son okay?
- He’s stable and in recovery.

- Could you just, give us a second?
- Yeah.

He needed a lot of work. His right lung collapsed and had to be repaired.

I had to remove his spleen but there shouldn’t be any long term repercussions.

So you’re saying he’s going to be fine?

He’ll need physical therapy to his shoulder.

It separated in the crash but we were able to reset it.

Other than that he has a concussion and some bruising.

But there was a complication during surgery.


Your son lost a lot of blood. Which caused his heart rate to drop.

We lost him for a few seconds. But as I said he’s stable now.

And all of his vitals look good. So we just have to wait for him to wake up.

When will that be?

Could be a couple of hours, could be a couple of days. That’s up to him.

- Thank you.
- You’re welcome.

I’m so sorry.


I thought you’d be at the hospital.

Why aren’t you there?

I dropped Brooke off. It’s just kind of weird, she’s still with Lucas.

She doesn’t know about you guys yet?

We were going to tell her tonight.

Don’t you want to see him?

Yeah I do. I just can’t.

Why not?

If you don’t mind I’d really like to be alone right now.

Yeah. Yeah okay.

But I’m sure his mom would really like to see you.

Peyton, I’ll go when I’m ready.


They took my son out of recovery. The nurse had me fill out these insurance forms.

- What’s your sons name?
- Lucas Scott.

- Scott, from the car accident?
- Yeah.

I need to get a statement from that driver, Keith Scott.

He’s a lucky guy.

Yeah, a couple of stitches.

Well, that’s not exactly what I meant.

See your husbands blood alcohol level was just shy the legal limit.

Another hundredth of a point, he’d be in big trouble right now.

I’ll never forgive myself if he’s not okay.

Were you drinking tonight?

- Karen…
- Were you?

I wasn’t drunk.

That’s not what I asked you.

Were you drinking before you drove Lucas?

- Yes, but…
- I trusted you.

I want you to leave.

- Haley, what are you doing?
- Inventory.

Lucas is lying in a hospital, why can’t you just go see him?

Because he wouldn’t want to see me.

What are you talking about? You guys are best friends.

Not last night we weren’t.

- We got into a fight.
- About what?

You, him and Brooke.

The last thing I said to him was “I don’t like the person you’re becoming”

and “The next time we see each other don’t talk to me”.

You didn’t mean it.

Peyton, what if I can’t take it back? What if he doesn’t forgive me.

He will but you just need to see him.

I’ll tell you what. Whenever you decide that you’re ready, I’ll go to the hospital with you.

Strength in numbers.

Yeah, yeah okay, thank you.

I’ll see you.


Nathan told me about Lucas. I’m so sorry.

How is he?

He’s still unconscious. But the doctors say his vital signs are strong.

Oh, that’s good news.

I figured you hadn’t had a chance to grab any food.

I’m really not that hungry.

Well, at least have some decent coffee.

I don’t want you to worry about anything other than Lucas.

I’ll take care of the café as long as you need.

Thanks, Deb. I appreciate that.

Here you go.

All night I sat up watching Lucas. And I kept thinking I’m the one who can’t wake up.

This has to be some sort of dream.

Cause if this isn’t a dream it’s got to be some sort of punishment.

Punishment for what?

For being selfish. I mean, if I hadn’t gone to Italy, this wouldn’t have happened.

You can’t think that way. This is not your fault.

And if you had told me yesterday that the Scott brother that I would feel grateful to

is Dan I would have said you were crazy.

What do you mean?

He didn’t tell you?

Tell me what?

Dan brought Lucas to the hospital.

If it wasn’t for him, Lucas wouldn’t have made it.

Hey, it’s me.

Can you hear me?

Squeeze my hand if you can hear me, okay?

Never mind.

Um, I just came by to tell you that I’m probably not going to be around very much.

With Brooke here it’s just kind of weird.

But I’m with you Lucas, you know that.

And I’ll wait forever if I have to.

Oh, I’m sorry. Nobody was here.

You don’t have to go. He’s allowed visitors.


I’m Peyton.

I know. Lucas has talked about you.

Its nice that people want to do something but the last thing I can think about right now is food.

You’ll be glad you have it in a couple of days.

I swear the cook at this hospital gets a bonus for making people sick.

Sounds like you’ve spent some time here.

Yeah, when my mom died.

I’m sorry.


How’d she die?

A car accident.

You’re a good friend to visit.

I’ve been expecting Haley to come on by.

She and Lucas got in some argument and she’s really beating herself up over it.

They’ll patch it up.

Best friends can forgive each other anything.

Hey stranger.

Check it out, I dropped so much cash at the gift shop I think they’re going to name it after me.

And I got something for you too Karen.

Nothing makes me feel better when I’m blue than chocolate

and I figured we could be in a better place if we dipped into a sugar coma so...

- I’m sorry, I’m such an idiot I didn’t…
- It’s okay, Brooke.

Hey baby.

How you doing?

Oh, listen, I got to go.

Okay. I’ve got him now but, see you later?

- Sure.
- Okay.

It was really nice to meet you.

You too.

Here you go, enjoy your meal.

How’s Lucas?

- Like you care.
- Haley, come on, that’s not fair.

Look, we’re not tight but I don’t want to see the guy in the hospital.

Why, because if he’s out of circulation than you can’t use me to piss him off?

Hey, would you just stand still for a second so we could talk about this?

Not a chance in hell.

Alright fine, don’t talk to me, but at least let me take you to see Lucas today.

You know what Peyton’s already doing it after my shift and even if she wasn’t

I wouldn’t go with you.

Hey, is she alright?

No, not really.

So this split with you and dad. This is real, huh?

Yeah, honey it is.

How do you feel about that?

Actually I’m fine.

How sad is that?

I can’t.

Haley, wait.

- It’s alright.
- No it’s not.

He’s lying in there and there’s nothing that I can do about it.

Well, you could be there for him. Just go talk to him, you’ll feel better.

I don’t deserve to feel better.

I mean, giving him an apology is not worth anything if he’s awake to hear it.

You know if I go in there I’m just going to start crying and that’s just the last thing Karen needs.

Why don’t you let her be the judge of that?

I cant.



I just wanted to see how you were doing. I left a couple of messages about Lucas.

Yeah, yeah. Thanks.

Is there any change?


Have you talked to Karen today?

She doesn’t want me at the hospital.

I can’t say I blame her.

Well, she’s just in shock right now, Keith.

Once Lucas gets better things will go back to normal.

I’m not so sure about that, Deb.

Karen isn’t speaking to me, Lucas is unconscious and I’m to blame.

That’s a tough one to bounce back from.

Just give it some time.

It’s funny, you know. I wasted all those years being too afraid to tell Karen how I felt.

And then she kissed me at the airport

and suddenly, everything I hoped for seemed possible, all I had to do was wait 6 weeks.

Just 6 weeks.

Yesterday should have been the best day of my life.

Now it’s all gone.

You follow astrology?

Not really.

Me neither. It’s actually not as accurate as numerology.

You two been dating a long time?

A little over a month now.

Ms. Roe? I’m Amy Quinn from the billing department.

I had a couple of questions about your insurance.

Sure, come in.

I’ll just go do something.

I was wondering if you had any supplemental insurance?

No, just the regular hospitalization, why?

Well, the care your son needs will almost certainly cost more than your coverage maximums.

Oh wow. I never figured I’d need more than that.

Expenses do add up these days.

Could we set up some sort of payment plan?

Why don’t you come talk to me after things settle down?

We’ll see what we can figure out.

Thank you.

You never know dear how much I love you,

please don't take my sunshine away.

Open your eyes, Lucas.

Come on, honey.

Is there anything that didn’t change while I was gone?

How’s he doing?

The same.

How about you?

I’m fine.

You got a lot of talents, Karen, but lying is not one of them.

When Lucas was a little boy we used to play this game.

“What would you do”.

What would you do if I blacked out? What would you do if the house caught fire?

I was his only parent I wanted to prepare him if anything happened to me.

But I wasn’t prepared for something happening to him.

- Why don’t you take a break?
- How could Keith be so careless?

I trusted him with the only thing in the world that matters to me.

Lucas matters to Keith too.

Look, Karen, you have every reason to be angry, Lord knows.

But no man ever loved a boy anymore than Keith loves Lucas.

That ought to count for something.

Well, it looks like we all had the same idea, huh?

Better to think of Lucas here than in the hospital, right?

What, you seen him?

Yeah, no change.

This sucks.

Hey Luke, its Mouth.

I just want to say, we’re pulling for you.

Right cause you the dawg. Yep you my dawg.

Hey, don’t think I’m about to spot you any points when you bring your little scrawny ass

back out on this court, man. Ain’t gonna happen.

Yeah, spleen or no spleen, when you bust out, it’s on.

And although the ethics of broadcasting prohibit me from gambling,

I can say unofficially, my money’s on Scott.

What money? You borrowed $10 from me last week.

Hey Luke, Mouth can keep his cash if you come back soon, alright?

Jake, any thoughts?

We need you back man. Simple as that.

What are you doing here? We’re supposed to meet at the mediator’s office.

I know. But I wanted to tell you in person, I’m not going.

We both agreed to mediation.

We also both agreed till death do us part.

You didn’t have any trouble backing out of that one.

Maybe you’re wrong about what’s best for this family too.

What family? We haven’t been one in a long time.

That doesn’t mean we cant be one again.

We chose each other. We built a life together.

Doesn’t that mean anything to you?

Don’t put this on me, Dan. We’ve both made mistakes, it’s time to correct them.

Our marriage was not a mistake.

And Nathan is too important to me to just see him on the weekends. He needs both of us.

Don’t make me hire a lawyer.

I’m asking you not to. And I’m asking you to remember,

when you were the one who needed forgiveness.

When you were the one who almost lost this family.

That was a long time ago.

Exactly. And we made it through that.

And I’m glad we did.

So don’t throw us away.

Give us one more chance.

I’m all out of chances, Dan.

I may not show it in the way you want but this family is my life.

I’m not giving up. I wont agree to a divorce.

Deb said I might find you up here.

- Hey.
- This place is cool.

Yeah, it is. Lucas and I built this, back when it was the two of us against the world.

- Sorry I ran out of the hospital.
- No, don’t sweat it.

I’m probably not the best person to be giving moral support anyway.

Maybe if you went with Nathan.

Nathan and I are taking a little break.

- What happened?
- He was using me to get to Lucas.

Okay, Haley, I don’t believe that. I know Nathan and he’s into you.

It doesn’t matter.

Anyway why do you think that you’re no good for moral support?

You said that you were disappointed in Lucas for betraying Brooke

and I just figured you felt the same way about me.

Actually, no I don’t.

I know what it’s like to need Lucas in your life.

I never let myself need anybody. Ever.

Not since my mom died.

But with Lucas, he looks at me and he really sees me.

You know? Just right down into my soul.

I just want to tell him that I love him and I’m sorry.

I just want to tell him I’m in love with him.


Excuse me, could I drop this off for Lucas Scott?

It’s visiting hours, you could give it to him yourself.

Could you just let him know it’s from Keith Scott?

Thank you.

Oh wait. You’re my sticky note.

Billings got some questions about a payment discrepancy.

They need to talk to Lucas Scott’s mother or father.

That’s you, right?

Which way is the billing department?

That hospital seriously needs a makeover.

You know, it’s not a wonder to me that everyone who’s there is sick.

How’s Lucas?

He’s the same.

Kind of scares me.


I know what the doctors said, I’m just worried he’s not going to wake up.

Brooke, don’t think that.

I know.

It’s just the thought of losing him now.

Anyway... I was going to go and grab a bite to eat and then go back over there.

You want to go with me?

You know, I cant, right now.

Maybe later?

You’ve been saying that for two days.

Look, I know it’s hard for you.

- You do?
- I know your mom died in that hospital.

Lucas needs his friends right now and even if it’s hard to be around him in that place,

he’s worth the trouble.

Yeah, he is.

I’ll try to come by tomorrow.

You’re the best.

I‘ll see ya.

Let’s see, LeBron James is first among rookies in points and assists per game.

Carmelo Anthony is second.

You a big basketball fan?

It’s important to Lucas so I like to try and keep up.

Yeah, I know what you mean.

I’m suffering through Salinger for him.

Would it kill a guy to read a little Jackie Cohens?

- Did you make that?
- Yeah.

I figured it’d be nice for Lucas to have when he wakes up.

That’s us at a Bear Creek game,

and those are coasters from the place where I kicked his butt playing pool.

Nothing from the tattoo parlor?

Okay, that’s totally on me.

He’s just so serious all the time, you know, I thought a tattoo might lighten him up.

And you couldn’t take him to a comedy?

So you’re not a big tattoo fan.

Not on my son. No.

I’m sorry.


I think I could probably set myself on fire and my mom wouldn’t notice, so...

it’s kind of hard to remember that some moms would.

What is this?

It started last night. People wanted to do something for Lucas.

Is that Tim? He’s always been such an ass to Lucas.

Maybe it’s his way of saying he’s sorry.


Why am I not surprised Nathan isn’t here.

Hey, you gotta love watching people make sense out of the way they feel for Lucas.

Yeah, who knew Tim could spell, right?

Yeah right. So how are you doing?

Hanging in I guess.

Hey look I know we don’t really run together but...

if you need someone to talk to, I’m around.

Thanks, Jake.

Your free throws look like crap.

Glad to see you’re picking up the slack in my dad’s absence.

He’s not around?

He moved out.

My parents are getting a divorce.

Oh wow, um. I’m sorry, Nathan, I didn’t know.

It’s alright. They suck together anyways.

Speaking of. What are you doing here?

Haley. Actually.

Um, listen I don’t know what you did to her

but I do know that she’s the best thing that’s ever happened to you.

You including yourself in that?

Yeah, I am.

Well yeah, she is.

She just doesn’t believe me.

So what happened?

I told her that I only went after her at first to screw with Lucas.

You’re a real jackass, you know that?

Yeah, I was. But it hasn’t been about that with me and Haley for a long time.

Nathan, Haley needs your help.

She can’t face Lucas.

That’s not really my place, is it?

I mean, Lucas isn’t exactly my biggest fan.

Doesn’t mean you couldn’t try. For Haley.

So is this advice for me or for you?

Well, this is kind of weird, huh? The two of us talking about each others relationships.

- It’s all weird.
- Yeah.

Thank you for making time to see me

No problem. Sorry you had to wait.

Okay, here’s your receipt.

Um, I’m sorry, I’m a little tired. I don’t understand.

The bill’s been taken care of, if you accrue any other expenses we’ll charge the credit card on file.

What credit card?

Who paid this bill?

Let me just check. Your husband.

Keith Scott.

Are you okay?

Ever since I landed, nothing has been the way I expected it to be.

Including your son’s new girlfriend, right?

That’s not true, I don’t really know you, Brooke.

Look I know I talk a lot when I’m nervous, actually I’m pretty gabby all the time.

But my stupid quotient kind of goes sky high when I’m flipped out

and meeting my boyfriend’s mother in the hospital with all this going on

is pretty much off the stress charts for me. But...

I’m here for you if you need anything.

Thank you.

And, just so you know. The only thing I really want to see is Lucas laugh again.

You know, hear him sing off key and watch him roll his eyes at me

when I steal French fries off his plate.

I guess what I’m trying to say is I’m crazy about your son.

And I hope that’s enough for you.

Actually that’s more than enough.

I figured if I kept bringing food you’re bound to eat sometime.

Oh my God, I’m starving.

But that’s probably not for me.

Example of that stupid quotient thing. Okay, I think I’m just going to go.

No no, why don’t you stay? We could have dinner together.

I mean, if you’re interested.

- I’d like that.
- Good.

I’ll go get drinks.

That looks great.

Oh yeah, a start up company gave us 100 for free as a test run.

I know it’s the last thing on your mind but business is fine.

It’s a strange world when the least important thing is doing well,

and the most important thing is just hanging on.

Yeah. Is there anything else I can do?

Yeah, could you thank Dan for me?

I haven’t had a chance, things have been so crazy,

but as soon as I can leave the hospital I’ll stop by the house.

Dan isn’t living at the house anymore.

What do you mean?

We’re getting a divorce.

This may sound crazy but I’m sorry.


See ya.

It was only six weeks.

That car is perfect for you.

How is that?

Smooth lines, sleek styling.

Dan Scott.

Pleasure to meet you, Dan. Cynthia Price. Your wife’s new attorney.

I came here to tell you I’ve read the mediation agreement and I think it’s more than fair.

I wanted to give you a last chance to accept it.

Sorry sweat heart, I’ve got a lot invested in my marriage and my family.

Deb’s not getting rid of me that easy.

Is that love talking or just a bruised ego?

Roll the dice and find out. But first, you go back to your client

and you ask her if she’s ready for what will come out about her if she does go to trial.

See you in court.

Hey man.

I kind of need to talk to you.

So I’m here because everything’s screwed up.

I know you don’t trust me with Haley,

but I like her a lot, you know?

She’s hurting right now too.

She needs you to open your eyes, man.

She feels like she can’t be forgiven.

And I’m sort of in the same place.

This accident, might not turn out so bad, you know?

You get to take a break from the game.

The pressure and peoples expectations.

I wish I had that chance.

This might be hard to believe but...

maybe you’re the lucky one.

You can get out.



What are you doing here?

It’s a long story.

Let me get your mom.


I think Lucas wants to talk to you.


Wake up sweetie, come on.

Talk to me.

Don’t take my sunshine away.

You heard that.

I’m glad your back, mom.

You too.

Now I can kill you for that tattoo.

Nathan, I am not in the mood right now, okay?

Lucas’ is awake.

I was there when he opened his eyes. I went to see him.


Cause I knew you couldn’t.

I wanted him to know that you were thinking about him.

Look, I know that it was wrong to go after you for the reasons that I did.

I can’t apologize for it. I’m glad I did it.

I’m not that person anymore. It’s because of you.

Let me take you to him.

He handed me the consent forms, he needed surgery you have a right to be upset but...

Thank you.

Hey buddy. I missed you.