One Tree Hill (2003–2012): Season 1, Episode 13 - Hanging by a Moment - full transcript

In therapy with Deb, who by now wants a divorce, Dan tells he cut Lucas out of his life like a trapped man amputates his arm to survive. Haley gets basketball lessons (to pass PE) from patient Nathan, who to everyone's relief is back with the Ravens. Coach tells Keith he promised his wife 35 years ago they would 'start living' after 20 years of coaching; he just won 500 matches, but what about his most important intention: to make a difference? Strolling on the beach Dan meets Carrie, who fails to seduce him when invited to eat his spare steak as Nathan declined, but just then Deb walks in. Now Brooke believes Lucas is her first true love, he and Peyton don't come clean about the motel; but Haley overhears them and has a row with him. Nathan convinces coach he does matter for boys like him who still need guidance. While driving with Lucas, Keith is hit by another car. Dan is nearby and rushes Lucas to the hospital.

Okay folks, this is it. Haley James steps to the line with a flawless 4.0 GPA hanging in the balance.

She’s going to need this free throw to pass Phys-Ed.

Otherwise, her perfect grade point average is history.

Come on, Hales. You can do it.

Don’t miss it, tutor girl.


So, how’s everything with your dad?

- It’s fine, thanks.
- Yeah.

And... how about with us?

Moment of weakness, right?

- I’ve been feeling guilty about it all weekend.
- Me too.

Listen, lets just bury it and pretend it didn’t happen, okay?


Hi friend! Girl. Boy. What’s the latest scandal?

You two never have any good gossip. Are we still redoing your bedroom tonight?

- Yes.
- Terrific.

- You up for some heavy lifting?
- Well, I…

- …Would love to help?
- Yeah.

You, me and broody in your bedroom all night. The web cam pervs are gonna love it.

Dan has a son from a previous relationship. Lucas.

She’s know about this kid for years and all of a sudden it’s grounds for separation?

He joined Nathan’s basketball team. That’s when things got worse.

Dan as I recall you chose not to be a part of Lucas’ life.

Richmond University. Wow.

Not exactly the end all and be all to psychology degrees. Am I right, doc?

We were talking about Lucas.

Hey doc, did you ever read that article about the mountain climber who had his arm wedged beneath a boulder?

His arm was caught beneath a thousand pound rock.

So he cut it off just below the elbow using nothing but a pocket knife.

Of course he had to break the bone first.

Some people find that hard to believe.

But it’s simple really.

He found himself faced with a difficult situation, he did what he had to do to survive.

I made a choice.

To cut away the part of me that he me trapped.

You can question my judgment if you want to.

The fact of the matter is, you can never really understand it,

until it’s you that’s caught beneath the weight.

And was I a weight too?

Because I got pregnant shortly after Karen.

How do you explain being with me and not her?

Because with you I saw a future.

Hey, Peyton.

Oh, hey Brooke had to take off early so she said for you to call her.


You got a sec?

Uh, yeah. What’s up?

I lied.

Okay, I can’t bury what happened between us.

Lucas, Brooke is my best friend. And she’s your girlfriend.

- I know. But…
- But nothing. Okay?

That’s where we’re at right now.

It’s not fair to her to make a big deal out of what happened.

It didn’t mean anything.

- I’m sorry.
- Peyton.

See? It does mean something.

- It can’t.
- But it does.

- Lucas, you’re dating Brooke.
- I know. And she’s great. Okay?

But, she’s not you.

Look, ever since you came to my room and you told me how you felt about me

I’ve been hiding with Brooke.

Okay? I’ve been trying not to get hurt again.

I don’t want to hide anymore.

Even if we could be together, what makes you think it would work?

Cause I feel it in my heart. Don’t you?


So what are we going to do?

What’s up, loser?

Hey, you. I’m just finishing up this email to my mom cause she comes back tomorrow.

Oh cool. Tell her I said ’Hi’.

You’re going to call me when she gets back from the airport, right?

Oh yeah.


So, I need to borrow a couple of things from you, like your basketball and you.

Okay, why?

Because I’m totally flagging PE and I need you to show me how to throw a stinking free shot.

- Free throw.
- Whatever

You know I’d love to, Hales, but I’ve got to do some stuff with Brooke and Peyton tonight.

Like what?

I kind of need to talk to you about something.

What’s going on?

- Hey, tutor girl.
- Tiger, what’s up?

Never mind. Rain check?

You kids have fun.

You ready to go?

Yeah, sure.

Then lets go, boyfriend.

What’s the good word, coach?

There is no good word.

What brings you around here?

Oh, a little victory celebration.

What’s the occasion?

I thought you might want to toast your 500th win.

499. I haven’t made it yet.

Yeah, well I’m beating the rush.

Well, I guess this could serve as a dual toast.

Why’s that?

I’m thinking of stepping down.

That come as a big surprise to you, Keith?

Well yeah. Yeah, it does.

A fellow can’t coach forever.

Well, he can’t quit while he still loves the game.

Who says I love it?

You do. Every time you step out onto that court.

This game is what keeps you young.

Without it you’d... I don’t know you’d be off somewhere babbling, wearing a dress.

You haven’t seen me at home.

I promised myself I’d coach for 20 years,

then Camilla and I would start living.

35 years later, here I am.

Was that your jump shot?

Cause if that was your jump shot, I can’t date you anymore.

My mom said you’d be here. Something about a grade?

Yeah. You cannot be here right now.

- Why not?
- Because I look stupid.

You realize I’ve seen you in that crocheted poncho thing you wear, right?

Come on this is embarrassing! I want you to think I’m… not embarrassing.

You don’t embarrass me, Haley.

Oh yeah? Okay.

Okay, I take that back.

- I can’t do it.
- Yes you can. Just...

Alright, square your shoulders, to the basket.

And you’ve got to bring the ball up right past your nose like this. Okay?

Bend your knees a little.

Relax your hips.

And just shoot.

Okay, that wasn’t perfect but it also wasn’t embarrassing.

It was actually kind of sexy.

- Come again.
- Thanks.

I got to hand it to you, Deb. You’ve done one hell of a job here.

Thanks, Keith.

So I hope you don’t take this the wrong way,

but I’m just really excited about Karen coming back.

Yeah, so am I.

If you don’t mind me asking, how are things with you and Dan?

Oh, I don’t know. We’re going to therapy but I’m not sure we can find our way back.

To where?

The people we used to be.

We used to laugh more. We were kind to each other.

We were in love.

What about now?

I honestly don’t know.

A little help!


My pleasure.

- I’m Carrie.
- Dan.

Dan. I was wondering what the name of the attractive man

who jogs past my bungalow every morning was.

Yeah? What was it?

So what are you doing on my beach, Carrie?

I heard it’s a great place to pick up guys.

Only the light ones.

Well, it was a pleasure meeting you.

Even with the ugly hat.

Um, Dan.

The yellow cottage is mine.

Come by and see me sometime.

Hey girly, lets do some damage.

- We’re going to hell.
- Peyton.

No honestly, we are horrible, rotten people.

Come on you two, lets go!

- Lucas, I don’t want to hurt her.
- Neither do I. Okay? But we’ve got to tell her.


Lets go!

Okay, broody show us what you’ve got.

Want to hear a secret? I know you do.


I’m falling for him. Big time.

Speechless right? I know, it’s crazy but...

this is like L-O-V-E mad crushed out, I’m in big trouble.

- That’s…
- What is this? On the stereo.

- It’s Tegan and Sara.
- I know that. But what song?

Don’t confess.

Um, you know what? I totally flaked. I forgot paint brushes.

Well, we could finger paint.

No, really. Maybe we should just do this another time.

I’m kind of not feeling well right now.

Really, you guys should go. Okay? Cause I’m going to launch any second now.

Well how about we do it tomorrow night, after Lucas’ mom gets back.

Fine, tomorrow night.


Come on, I’ll let you buy me hot chocolate.

And P. Sawyer, please don’t hurl too much.

Because if you get any thinner, I’m gonna start looking fat.

I cant do this to her.

Have I told you lately how much I like you?


Why do I tell you?

No, why do you like me?

Hmm, pity mostly.

How come you’re so quiet tonight?

I’m just anxious about my mom coming back tomorrow.

Yeah, me too.

Why are you?

Cause I want her to like me.

Plus she sounds really cool, and I’m not that close with my mom so...

I just think it’d be great if I hit it off with yours.

You can’t control love, you know?

Your mom and Keith.

You’re worried about their relationship, right?


They’ll be okay.

People that are meant to be together always find their way in the end.

- Hey.
- Hey.

- I was hoping you’d be here.
- What’s up?

Um, I actually need some advice, and I didn’t have anybody to talk to.

Brooke’s not around? Sorry. Where’s the rest of your minions?

What Minions?

You’re like the queen of the hive.

I guess I have a lot of friends, but I don’t really have any I can talk to.

Okay, um, lets just go over…

So what’s on your mind?


you know when you first realized that you liked Nathan, and you knew that Lucas would flip out?

How’d you deal with that?

Why? What’s going on?

It’s just friend of a friend stuff.

Okay, um...

I sort of asked myself, repeatedly, if this thing with Nathan is really worth losing my best friend over.


Look, if Lucas is really my best friend, then he should just be happy for me.

It’s not like he was dating Nathan.

Are you sure you’re okay?

- I’m good. Thanks Haley.
- Sure.

Coach for 20 years, Win 500 games, Make a difference.


You wanted to see me?

That was an interesting meal the other night, wasn’t it?


Tell me something, Nathan.

Have I made a difference to you?

What do you mean?

I mean being on this team, me rattling on all the time, have you learned anything?

I move my feet better on defense.

Well, that’s something, I guess.

There’s a couple of new plays in that folder that you missed out on.

Coach, I just wanted to say thanks. For letting me back on the team.

Today’s the day, I still suck.

Come on, it’s alright. Just keep your elbows in.

What’s this?

Hey, dad. I’m just giving Haley a few pointers.

I’ll bet.

- Haley.
- Mr. Scott.

So Nathan, I thought we’d grill up some steaks at the beach house for dinner. Just the two of us.

That sounds great, Dad. But... Haley and I have plans tonight.


Some other time, huh?

Sure. I heard you were back on the team. I think that’s a good move.


How’s my house?

I’m sorry. You should go with your dad tonight, if you want.

I don’t want to go with my dad. I want to be with you.

Now knock down this shot like I know you can.

It’s okay. This calls for drastic measures.

You’re going to be fine. Try it granny style.

Hey. I so owe you.

Good, cause I need a favor.


I just came by to check on you.

You know, considering the throw down with mom and dad and everything.

Oh, so now you’re concerned about me.

After bringing Whitey to my house last week to antagonize me.

I didn’t think it would hurt.

No, Keith, you knew it would. That’s why you did it.

Okay whatever, Danny, look I just came by to see how you were doing. My mistake.

Yet another one by you.

You know, it’s no wonder you’re all alone out here.

You’re right, Keith, I am alone. Now.

But you’re alone period. You want to know why? Because you’re malicious.

I’m malicious?

You bring Whitey to my house, you put Lucas on the basketball team,

so its no wonder I’m out here by myself. It’s almost as if you planed it that way.

Easy on the conspiracy theories, Danny. Maybe you want to take a look in the mirror.

Oh so where are you running off to now?

The airport.

Right, still living that lie huh? Unless of course you and Karen are a couple.

As a matter of fact, after tonight, we will be.

Wow. High School fantasies really do come true.

Well, you always had a thing for her. Even when I was with her.

But you should ask yourself one question, Keith.

If you weren’t good enough for her then, what makes you think you’ll be good enough for her now?

- Hey.
- Hey.

- 3 hours till Karen.
- Yep.

So ask me what mistake I just made.

What mistake did you just make?

I... just went to see Dan.


I don’t know. Brotherly Love.

I thought maybe he could use someone to talk to, but he’s in a really dark place right now.

I’m sorry, he doesn’t do well alone.

Well sure. No one to tear down when he’s alone. Except himself.

You hungry?

Oh no. But I could use a beer.

3 hours to Karen?

I know. That’s why I could use a breezer.

I never told you this but...

before she left, she kissed me in the airport.

And it wasn’t just one of those, you know, see you later kind of kisses.

Keith, that’s great.

Yeah it is. It’s funny, I feel like I’m about to start the life that I always wanted.

It’s 3 hours away. I’m scared as hell.

Well, it couldn’t happen to two better people.


You’re going to be fine.

Dan. Dan.

You disappoint me.

How’s that, Carrie?

You don’t call, You don’t write.

And when I come over to invite you to dinner, you start without me.

Actually you’re right on time. Would you care to join me?

I’d like that.

Hey, did you know that Whitey’s real name is Brian?

Brian Durham?


Who knew?

Come here, this is great. This site’s got his whole record before Tree Hill.

That’s perfect.

I’m gonna go get something to drink, do you want anything?

No I’m fine, thanks.

This is so wrong. Sneaking around behind Brooke.

Do you think that’s part of it?

Part of what?

Us. You know, that this is wrong.

Somehow it makes it feel deeper.

Lucas, Brooke and I have been best friends since elementary school.

We’ve always put our friendship before guys.

Do you really think I’d risk losing my best friend over a fling?

Cause I wouldn’t do that.


Look, I don’t want to hurt Brooke.

And I don’t want to come between the two of you. But...

I have to be with you.

Would you like something to drink, Carrie?

How's your red wine selection?


Do you need a hand?

No, I’m just looking for a cork screw.

Well, you better find one or you’ll never get me drunk.


I’m sorry.

I’m sure you’re a great person, Carrie.

But I have a wife I love very much.

That’s sweet, but also a coincidence.

Since I have a husband I love very much.

But then again, our spouses aren’t here, are they?

Or maybe one of them is.

I guess I’ll go.


Hey, we’re just about to pick up my mom.

What is going on with you and Peyton?


So you guys weren’t together recently?

No. Why? What’d you talk to Peyton?

Why? Are you trying to figure out what lie to tell me next?

- I wanted to tell you, Hales.
- Tell me what?

- That we’ve been…
- Yeah, I know you’ve been

cause I saw you kissing her which is a really jack ass move considering you have a girlfriend named Brooke.

Don’t lecture me, Haley. I know that.

- So stop it.
- I can’t. It’s complicated.

It’s not complicated, it’s simple. It’s really simple.

What you’re doing is wrong. And if you can’t see that, I don’t like the person you’re becoming.

Okay, the person I’m becoming? What about the person you’re becoming?

- What does that mean?
- You know what it means, Haley.

Nathan says a few nice things to you to get back at me and you fall for it.

Oh my God! If I hear that one more time. You know that I did that for you.

- You did it for me?!
- Yeah.

Okay, is that what you tell yourself every time you’re kissing him?

That you’re doing it for me? You’re the one that’s lying.

Alright, if you’re looking for betrayal, look to yourself.

You know what, Luke? Next time you see me, don’t talk to me.



It was completely innocent. She has a beach house. I had an extra steak.

And a bottle of wine.

Deb, I was lonely for some company.

I’m lonely too, Dan. But I’m not off frolicking with the pool boy.

Conversation, Deb. Remember? Like we used to have?

Okay, so it’s my fault? My deficiencies as a conversationalist

have driven you to dine with beach whores.

Are you hungry?

Oh Deb, please. Deb. Deb, don’t go.

Deb, wait. Look. Look at this.

Those two people were happy.

They loved each other.

The hurricane that fall washed half the beach away.


And took those people with it.

Deb, don’t go.

I love you.

So you’re just going to quit, huh?

Win 500 games and walk away?

I did a little research in the library.

You were in the library?

Temperature must have dropped in hell.

I promised Camilla I’d win 500 games then walk away.

We were going to grow old together.

You’re already old, coach.

Besides, who’s going to yell at me, huh?

I’m not supposed to yell at you, Nathan, you’re supposed to learn things.

Yeah but what fun would that be? You love yelling at me.

- I do not!
- Yes, you do.

You love to yell at me and I love to make you yell.

Well, if you’d listen once and a while you knucklehead!

You know not many coaches win 500 games.

No not many high school coaches win 500 games, you know why?

Cause they move up to the next level.

To carpeted locker rooms and air-conditioned buses, and games that matter.

That’s a bunch of crap, coach. And you know it.

These are the games that matter.

They matter to kids who are just trying to figure themselves out.

Figure out who they’re going to be.

Look, the other day, you asked me if you’ve made a difference.

Well, you have.

At least with me.


At some point, you’ve got to do it on your own.

Yeah, at some point.

We both know I’ve got a long way to go, coach.

Just don’t give up on me.

Hi it’s Deb, leave a message and I’ll get back to you.

Deb, it’s me. I’m coming to see you.

It’s like they’re all judging you. You can’t hide in here anymore.

Well, Lucas should be here soon.

Brooke, you’re my best friend.

- So…
- No, I mean it.

You’re my best friend, you know that, right?

Yeah, crazy. What drugs are you on and can I have some?

I need to tell you something....

What’s wrong?

I had a little disagreement with Lucas.

- About me?
- No...

just the way he’s been acting, he’s really disappointing me.


Nothing, it’s just kind of ironic.

What’s ironic?

Lucas, being a jerk.

How is that… how is that ironic?

Well, cause that used to be my role, right?

I mean this whole thing started cause I was just trying to mess with Lucas.

It’s just kind of weird, that’s all.

- I need to come home.
- No. No.

- Deb…
- Don’t, Dan.

There’s nothing you can say anymore.

I want a divorce.

So you excited to see your mom?


It seems like just yesterday I was kissing her goodbye at the airport.

Wait, you were kissing my mother?

Yeah, saying goodbye.

Okay, Keith could you just do me a favor and keep the PDA to a minimum.

You think maybe you could keep that tattoo covered up for a while?

Like, say, the rest of your life.

Listen, Luke, I know it wasn’t always smooth sailing between us, but...

whatever your mom wants us to be, I just want you to know that…

I love you too, Keith.


Easy, easy Keith I got you. Come on.

Lucas. Get Lucas!

Dan. Is Luke okay?

He’s going to be okay, Keith.

I need a doctor.

My brother’s in the car, he needs some help.

- What happened?
- Car Accident.

He was on the passenger’s side. Nearest point of impact.

Set up for a chest tube. Cross in time for 4 units.

- He’s a minor?
- Yeah.

- He’s going to need surgery.
- Do whatever you need to do, Doc.

You’re his legal guardian?

He’s my son.

Well, you’ve got a concussion and I’m going to have to close that.

But you’ll be fine.

So, how much have you had to drink today?

Paging Karen Roe. Karen Roe to the nearest white courtesy phone.

This is Karen Roe.