One Piece: Wan pîsu (1999–…): Season 2, Episode 36 - Yuki no Sumu Shima! Drum-Rocky o Nobore! - full transcript

Avalanche aftermath & the mountain climbing on the Drum Rockies.

God Eneru's plan is just about to start.

Try as hard as you like to run
and escape, people of the sky.

This is the end of Skypiea!

A party with angels dancing in the sky!

Hey you, have you ever seen
the look on peoples' faces

when they lose their foothold?

Everyone! Please go to the edge of
the clouds right away! To Cloud End!

Please escape to the Blue Sea!!

God Eneru intends to eliminate this nation!

If you stay here, you'll all die!!

Make the decision to leave this land!

While people began their escape,

the time for the showdown between
Luffy and Eneru finally arrived!

Are you that Eneru Guy?!

What makes you God?!

You'll know soon enough.

El... Thor!!

100 Million Volt... Vaari!

Is it possible that lightning doesn't
work on him because he's rubber?!

It could be... that Luffy is Eneru's one
and only natural enemy in the world!

''Maxim Surfaces! Deathpiea Is Activated!!''

Rubber doesn't conduct lightning!

Eneru's attacks don't
work on a rubber person!

He can defeat... Eneru!

What the hell... are you?!

I'm Luffy.

I'm a pirate and a rubber person.


I get it... Rubber doesn't
exist in the White-White Sea.

Lightning doesn't work on me!


Gum-Gum... Whip!!


He's predicting Luffy's moves perfectly!


Don't push your luck.

Lighting can do more than
just cause electric shock.

Once I know it won't work,
I'll fight accordingly.

Physical attacks won't work on me, either!


So this guy has that ability that
allows him to read my moves, too!

Lightning doesn't work.
Physical attacks won't work, either.

Just what is this ''rubber''?

No, hold on a second.
He's a Paramythia, after all.

Most of them should keep their original form.

Grom... Puddling!

I don't have time to play with the likes of you.

The stick is... being refined into a blade!

Consider it lightning that has taken shape!

As I thought, slashing attacks
are your Achilles heel.


Don't tell him that!

Gum-Gum... Gatlin--

He disappeared!

Luffy! Behind you!!

He's moving through the gold!

Ow, it's hot!!

So even if electricity doesn't work,

the electric heat that builds up
on the trident is different, huh?!



How dare you, you brat?!

Gum-Gum... Gatling!!

It's not as if your arms multiplied!


Sight-seeing on a sky island...
What a bad time to come, Blue Sea people.

I'm God, so I'll do everything as I please.

I will create a world according to my desires.

I won't let some clueless Blue Sea brat
that suddenly showed up get in my way!

Now, how about we watch
the fall of this nation together?

Don't tell me...

Max 200 Million Volt Vaari!

Horsey-Bird! The ship is moving!
What're we gonna do?!

Luffy!! Nami!!

Behold! It's rising!

The ark that will take me to the land
without end, the Endless Vearth...


I-It's rising!

Oh no, oh no, oh no, oh no, oh no...

We have to escape!

Luffy! Hurry up and beat Eneru!

Ahhh! W-W-Wait a second!

If Eneru is defeated,
isn't this ark going to fall?

Ahhh, but unless he's defeated,
the sky island will be gone.

And if we stay here...
we'll be taken somewhere.

What're we gonna do, Luffy?!

Don't get so rattled.

How can I not...?! But...!

You're a friend of the
future King of the Pirates.

Don't show such a pitiful face.

King of the Pirates?
Which area does this king govern?

He's the great king of the seas!

Oh, how impressive. Why don't
we settle things... in this sky?

Look, Horsey-Bird! The ship isn't moving!

It's stuck in the Vearth
and can't go up anymore!

But it's just a matter of time!
It's scraping away at the Vearth!

No, we can't do that!
If we go, we'll be in his way.

Luffy is a warrior from the Blue Sea!

We shouldn't interfere in a warriors' duel!

The sky island will fall from the sky!

--This is the end!
--Get out of here!

Quickly! Please hurry up!

All the way to Cloud End, we,
the White Berets, will ensure your esca--

P-Please hurry up! Hurry!
We don't have much time left!

As many people... We have to
save as many people as possible.


What're you doing?! Please hurry and escape!

I've always believed in God.

If God is giving us death, I should accept it.

Eneru... That man doesn't have
the right to take people's lives!

We all have to continue to live!!

Now, please escape! And please live!

Grandpa... Grandpa! Hurry!!



We're heading to the Shandians' village.

The Shandians' village?

Someone needs to let
them know, or they'll perish!

We'll escape together!

The Shandians are people, just like us!

I thank you for your assistance!

The circuit to this ark's ultimate feature
is already open and functioning.

Ultimate feature?

Its name is Deathpiea.
It's despair, the savior of this world.

What's he going to do?!

Now Deathpiea... activate!

What is that?!




Something's wrong with
the sky above Upper Yard!

The sky?

Yeah, it has suddenly gotten dark.

This is the first time I've
seen Skypiea's sky like that!

This is creepy.

Could something have
happened to our warriors?

To see such thick clouds in
the sky of the White-White Sea...

What on earth...?!

The sky... The sky is becoming dark!

It's finally come! The end of the world!

Could it be...?

That's right! It's a thundercloud.

With my energy, Deathpiea
discharges thunderclouds

that have extremely turbulent currents.


Soon, the clouds will cover
all of Skypiea in darkness

while their energy increases.

On my signal, they'll produce
dozens of thunderbolts

and destroy everything in this nation.

For example...

It's coming from Upper Yard!

Hurry to the ships!

Everyone, keep calm, don't panic!
Head to Cloud End!

How dare you, Eneru?!


What did you just...?

I teased the angels a little.

You think it's okay for a
god to destroy everything?!

That's right. Lives, and land as well.

Now, I'll eliminate you! The preparations
for the party have already begun!

O-Ouch!! Ow, ow, ow, ow...

This is a highly charged spear!



Isn't there some way I can counter
that ''predicting movements'' thing?!

Oh, yeah!



What the heck are you doing, Luffy?!

He's unconsciously dodging the
attacks using just his reflexes!

No, it's like he's grass, for example,
which just sways with the wind.

He isn't thinking anything,
so even Eneru can't predict him!

Since I'm just being an airhead...

...I can't attack him!

What are you, stupid?!

If I could somehow grab hold of him,
I wouldn't be at a disadvantage.

Oh, yeah!

Gum-Gum Octopus!


Enough with the weird ideas!!

It seems you don't like Mantra.
That's to be expected!

It's another reason for
my overwhelming power!

That place should work!


No matter what you do,

you're just an idiot whose body
happens not to be affected by lightning!


What?! Why the ship?!


Fool! You can't hit me!

Are you trying to destroy
the ship?! It's no use!

I get it! Ricochet!

Luffy isn't controlling those
punches that rebound from the wall!

I won't let you get away anymore!!




No...! It's coming!

I... I have to escape!


Here it comes!

I... I have to evade it!