One Piece: Wan pîsu (1999–…): Season 2, Episode 34 - Happy kai? Majo to Yobareta Isha! - full transcript

It turns out that Dr. Kureha is on the other side of the island, and Usopp, Vivi and Dalton rush to find her. However, Dalton returns to the village after heard that Wapol comes back.

What the...?!

Are you familiar with a thing called
the ''Sea Prism Stone,'' Eneru?!


Y-You shouldn't... I know. It's Reject, right?

Your body will pay a heavy price as well!

What are you dissatisfied about?
You want Vearth, too, don't you?

Shut up! I'm happy to die...

...if I can take you with me!



Hold our true motive in your
hearts and speak not of it.

We are the ones who weave history.

Those are the words that were
written on a Poneglyph 800 years ago.


When those who were
after the stone appeared,

the warriors of Shandora,
the city of gold, fought bravely.

Did they win?

Yes, they did.

However, the battle was so fierce
that it took a great toll on them.

After that, the few who
survived became guards

who quietly watched over the
wrecked city and the Poneglyph.

And those were our immediate ancestors, huh?

But the island flew up to
Skypiea 400 years ago.

And it was taken away by Skypieans.

Our ancestors tried so
hard to protect the land.

And it was taken away!

Upper Yard is our homeland,
and at the same time,

it also holds an important history that
disappeared into the darkness of time.

Even though it is in the sky right now,

we must not allow the fire of the
proud city of Shandora to die out!

''Ambition Toward the Endless Vearth--
The Ark Maxim!!''


Weird knight!


Don't tell me...

He's compressing his own heart?!

It's not that people fear God.

Fear itself is God.

What the hell... is with this guy?!

Warrior Wyper. I told you, didn't I?

That you shouldn't...

See, I told you.

How pitiful...

...Warrior Wyper!

Don't address me... casually!!

800 years ago, proud Shandian
warriors fought for the fate of this city.

We are their descendants!

One day, our homeland
was suddenly taken away.

We've been carrying on Great Warrior
Calgara's injured pride for 400 years.

We single-mindedly sought
this place for generations.

I finally made it!!

You are... in my way!

You got me good there, Wyper.

What a cheap trick,
using that Sea Prism Stone.

On top of that, one shot of Reject
should be suicidal for an ordinary person.

You shot it twice and still
get back up... Impressive...

However, you are no match for me.

The drum became... a bird!

30 million volt... Hino!!

So this has a Sea Prism Stone in it!

You too? Swordsman from the Blue Sea...

It's kill or be killed, right?!



I don't believe it...! Even Zoro!

Everyone was... taken out!


When he is that hurt, he still...

He still intends to fight?

Why do you get up?

You will die anyway. Isn't it
easier on you if you don't fight?

400 years, you said?

Since you Shandians started
fighting to take back your homeland?

However, you are the only
warrior who made it here.

Also, soon this nation will fall to the Blue Sea.

God can't...

At this point, your struggling
is nothing but an eyesore.

This guy can't be defeated by anyone!!

Why do you get up?

For the sake of our ancestors!

I expected a better answer than that.

You probably aren't even completely conscious.

El Thor!

You're the only one left.


I... Please take me with you!

I'll come with you!

The dream world!



Wyper, come here.

What is it?

Since you are a descendent of the
Great Warrior Calgara, I'll tell you this.

Another reason why he wanted to
take back the homeland at all costs.

Another... reason?

That's right. That is the
biggest frustration to Calgara.

Listen. The Great Warrior Calgara had...

What's the matter? Did you change your mind?

Y-Yes! Um, no... I'm coming!

Oh? Are you going to bring that with you?

Oh... Well, if I can't, then...

I don't think you can use it
where we are heading to,

but that's okay. Do what you want.

Th-Thank you very much!
I-I really like this, so...

Are you concerned about them?

Oh, no...!

You don't have to act so formal.

They were just fools who couldn't
understand the power of God,

unlike you.

Really, a mind that
cannot be controlled by fear

can also be troublesome
sometimes... Don't you agree?

Y-Yes... You're right.

I can't let him notice.

I have no choice but to obey him.

An opportunity to escape will
definitely come somewhere!

Until then...

What could be so far back in here?

Excuse me...

Just be quiet and follow me.

Wha...? This is...

What do you think? Isn't it amazing?
There is only one in the world.

This is a ship that can
be controlled only by me.

In other words, it's powered by lightning.

That's possible?

It's natural that you are surprised.

But it's possible.
All it requires is my abundant energy

and a material that can automatically transmit

the necessary amount of that energy.

A material that can transmit energy?

That's right. The gold that
lay waiting on this island.

The people who live on
this island should be happy,

since they get to see a very rare
flying ship before they die.

A flying ship?! I can't believe it!

If it really flies, I won't
have any chance to escape!


This is the Ark Maxim.

With this ship, we will reach
the endless land, Endless Vearth!!

We're outside... We finally made it out...

This is stone ground...
I wonder what this place is...

Did you see something?!



We're out!!

We made it out!!

Look! Where are we? It looks like ruins.

So it's here? The huge golden bell?

Could this place be... our homeland?

Oh, yeah? You guys are amazing!

Oh? What's that? There's a huge hole...

Luffy! Wait! What is it this time?!

Where're you going?!

Zoro! Hey! What're you doing?!

How could this happen...
when you were here?!

Nami...! Where's Nami?! She's not here!!


Even Wyper...!

That bazooka guy...
He's really strong, but even so...

Who did this to everyone?!

It's Eneru!

He's the only one...

...who could do something like this.

Eneru... is he that God guy?

Yes... My Mantra didn't work
while we were inside the snake,

so I don't know what happened here, but...


Navigator... was taken.

H-Hey, wait! Take your time!

So Nami was taken by the God guy? Where?!

I don't know.

Listen carefully... The way things stand,
this nation, Skypiea, will disappear.

The sky island will?!

Our village, too?!


He said that he'd return
everyone in the sky to the ground.

Then Eneru will definitely
show up where the golden bell is?

Yes. You'll see him there for sure.

But if you wander around
looking for them and miss them,

there'll be no going back...

Don't worry!

I know where they are.
Two voices are moving on this island.

It must be Nami and Eneru!


Take me there!!