One Piece: Wan pîsu (1999–…): Season 2, Episode 23 - Prehistoric Island! The Shadow Lurking in Little Garden! - full transcript

''Upper Yard'' ''Angel Island''

Nami's group on the Going Merry
headed for the eastern shore

in order to escape from Upper Yard.

Meanwhile, Shandians headed
for God's Shrine to defeat Eneru,

but encountered Priest Shura,

and a great battle between
him and Wyper took place!

Why would you throw your shield
and gun away?! Are you a fool?!

No, he wouldn't...!

If you want a shoulder, you can have one.

An Impact, huh?! Such things can't defeat me!

No, it's ten times the energy.


Wyper! Are you trying to die?!

Try using the Reject Dial one more time!
Your body'll be blown apart!

So what about my body?
Isn't that called ''resolve''?

These guys can't be beaten
without any sacrifices like this!

I'm going on ahead!

Fine! Do what you want!

At least pray for everyone's good luck!

Alright, guys! Watch yourselves out there!

Let's meet at God's Shrine!

At present, one has dropped out
of the Upper Yard survival game,

and eighty remain!

He must not have had God's divine protection.

Meanwhile, four of the Straw Hats
set out to search for gold.

Their goal: the ruins of an ancient city
where a vast amount of gold rests!

They head straight south
from the sacrificial altar!

Straight... south...

''Fierce Midair Battle!
Pirate Zoro vs. Warrior Braham''

--What do you want?!

No, I have nothing to say, nor do I
want to hear any of your garbage.

I simply want to eliminate you!

Oh! That's nice and easy to understand!

The priests and guerillas here all
use strange fighting techniques.

Might be dangerous to use my
swords from the usual distance...

But if I need to defeat enemies
from a distance... I do have that.

Hawk Wave!

The other one might work
against small fries, but...

Still needs work...

But I guess I'll try it out...

A flying slash!


Divine Soldiers!


...should never have come!

The forest has become quite lively...

This is a house away from the city.

As expected, it's been swallowed by the forest.

I wonder if the ruins of
the actual city are intact...

A woman!

This route leads to God's Shrine!
Going any further would be insolent!

Get down from there!

You don't seem to realize the
historical value that ruins have!

How impudent!

Do you have business with me?
What do you want?

Simple! By God's orders,

I'm to chop the Shandians
and you Blue Sea people

into pieces with this Axe Dial!

Seis Fleurs!


Just awful.

That'll teach you, Divine Soldier!

They've killed many of our allies!

Damn! These Divine Soldiers mean trouble!

Right. Right. Right...

Is that one of the Blue Sea
people Wyper mentioned?!

He must be eliminated!

A guerilla!

Seems he wants to fight!


I dunno what brought this on, but...!

Who the hell are you guys?!

Please, forgive me! I give up!

I give up! I lose! Please don't kill me...!

Another one?!

Hey, you! If you ain't a priest,
don't be attackin' me!

I'm in a hurry here!

Bastard! What the hell
are those flashing pistols?!

Where'd he go?!

You're pretty tough.

I apologize. I underestimated you,
Blue Sea person.

No, I should apologize.

I had you pegged as a small fry.

He didn't even step toward me!

They said there's all kinds of wavers...

Are those skate things just another type?

He's using blasts to make himself float!

And those pistols that flash each time he shoots!

Because of those, I lose sight of him every time!

Where'd he go?!

--Three swords?!



A Blue Sea swordsman who
can't even use wavers or dials...

Anything you do is useless!

Know what this is?!

What the...?!

A Milky Dial!

Aerial combat ain't just
jumping around desperately!

A-An eel?!

I bet this'd make good eatin', broiled...

I-I really screwed up! Am I an idiot?!

I'm already dealing with a
nimble enough bastard here...

...but then I get my leg shot up!

Isn't there anything I can do
about those flashing pistols?!

That's it!

Those are some mighty nice
weapons you got there!

But too bad! Look! I have goggles!

Your flashing pistols
won't work on me anymore!

So just give it up!

They don't look like sunglasses to me...

He saw through it!

You don't seem fond of these Flash Guns.

Close distance is vital to a swordsman.
You're no match for me.

I don't know what you guys are here for.

But as long as you are here,
you're still our enemy.

Now die already! Your leg
must hurt pretty bad, too.

Mind your own business. It only grazed me.

Getting shot while gawking at
an eel is proof I still lack vigor.

Well then, this is the perfect
situation to try out that technique...

Shall I give it a try?

Trying to run away?

Eyes, ears, nose, tongue, body, mind...

Those six roots of man
have good, evil, and peace...

What are you talking about?

And each of those has pure and impure...

36 worldly desires in a lifetime...

I now have the barrel of
a cannon pointed at you.

You have pistols, I have a cannon...

Distance and power-wise,
my weapon is superior.

You've done well...

...but now you die!

A cannon?

Have you gone mad?
Where is this weapon of yours?!

Have you ever seen a flying slash?


Single-Sword Style!

Thirty-six Pound Phoenix!


Nothing personal, but I ain't the
type of guy who'll die when told to.

I accept this survival challenge!

Darn it...

I lost all sense of direction...


Luffy! Zoro! Robin!

Am I going to be left here to die?

Will I go to heaven if I die?
Will the doctor be waiting for me?

No, I can't think like that!

I'm a doctor! I can't think
about death so casually!

But I wonder what heaven is like...

Wait, isn't this heaven?


Things turned all ruin-ish at some point.

I wonder if the others are here!
I guess I really am great!

Oh! Could I be the first one here?!
Yeah! My nose must've helped!

Yay! I'm the first!

A raccoon dog...



That doesn't work on me at all!



Why, you...






Say something, Sanji!

Hey! What happened?! Sanji!

Hey! I can't hear his heart!

No way!

What a foolish man. And I didn't
even come here to bring you harm.

Then why are you here?!

What a cold-hearted hello...

It's truly been six long years,
Former God Gan Fall...