One Piece: Wan pîsu (1999–…): Season 2, Episode 24 - Humungous Battle! The Giants Dorry and Brogy! - full transcript

''Upper Yard'' ''Angel Island''

I should never have come!

Get down from there!

Impudent Blue Sea woman! I'll chop you up!

Seis Fleurs!


Just awful.

Have you ever seen a flying slash?

Single-Sword Style! Thirty-six Pound Phoenix!

''The Roaring Burn Bazooka!!
Luffy vs. War Demon Wyper''

Damn him! He... He... killed Sanji...!

It's no use! His heart isn't
beating at all! Hey! Sanji!

Sanji! Sanji!

Dammit! If only Chopper were here...!

Wait, Usopp!

That's his right side!

The heart's on the left!

''Right Side''
The heart's on the left!

''Right Side''

Yikes! It's beating!

Thank goodness! He came back to life!

But he's seriously injured! He could die!

What?! Oh crap! This is bad!


There's no need to be indignant.
It's been so long since we last met.

Why don't you cheer up a bit, Gan Fall?

H-Hey! What the hell did you do to Sanji?!

J-Just try something else! My 8,000
subordinates won't sit by quietly!

H-Here. If you run away now,
I'll forgive you. What do you say?

He... ran...?

Damn you!

Remain silent... and I will do nothing...

Got that?


Who is this guy?! What did he just do?!

Just what are you thinking?!

Your men that I captured when we
invaded this island six years ago

are working very hard for me.

My Divine Squad...

They're also very strong.
Truly great talent, they are.

But it appears that their six years
of hard labor is nearing its end.

And as I'll no longer have any need
for this island once they're done,

I thought I would come to
bid you farewell. That is all.

However, the denizens of
Skypiea are all ignorant fools.

They only view this island
as a clump of Vearth, you see.

What do you mean?!

The reason we forcefully took this island away,

the reason the Blue Sea flies
stepped foot onto this island,

and the reason the Shandians are
intent on returning to their home

are not at all different.

In other words... there is but one
thing everyone seeks on this island!

It was because everyone desires
the great relics of Shandora,

the legendary city of gold that
prospered in the Blue Sea long ago!

Gold? What is that?

That's what I mean by ignorant!

No one living here knows of gold, or its value!

Funnily enough, this game is the final battle.

The winner of this survival game
will make the bountiful gold his own.

Can you hear it?
The sounds of the lively festival...

As a matter of fact, I'm a
participant myself, so I must be off.

Wait, Eneru! The Divine Squad...
Are you going to free them?!

God only knows.

Wait, Eneru!

He disappeared...


Thank goodness! His heart
is still beating somehow...!



Try all you want, it's no use!
Not even cannons or guns work on me!

Apparently not.

So I'll change the style!


What's this smell?!

Gas is stored inside the
Breath Dial of this weapon,

which is called a Burn Bazooka.

The bluish flames that ride on the
expelled gas burn prey to a crisp!

What the...?! It went right
through that giant tree!

Huh?! He disappeared!

Bastard! Where is he?!



Gum-Gum Stamp!

That was close!



If it's a bazooka you want,
you can't beat mine!

Straw Hat!




Straw Hat!

That bastard!

What's wrong, Straw Hat?!

I know you haven't kicked the bucket yet!

Yeah! Of course I haven't!

What the...?! What the...?!

What happened?!

Where did he go?

No matter. This is no time
to be wasting energy on him.

I need to save some strength...

...and make it to Eneru!

One more Reject, and my body
probably will be blown to bits.

I'm coming for you, Eneru!

How do ya like that?!

Damn it! We absolutely
won't let you go any further!

Shut up! I'm after Eneru's head!

Out of the way!

Not another one!

I have no business with
Divine Soldier small fries!

That's some rare ammunition you have there.

Heavy matter that doesn't
normally exist in the sky...

The Vearth mineral, iron?

It seems you've taken down
many of my men, Shandian.

You're Genbou, one of the main forces, yes?

Divine Commander Yama!

Get out of my way!

Damn you...

I-I refuse... die in a place like this!

Oh! You're still alive. You're tough, indeed.

Very well. As a symbol of respect
for your determined spirit...

...I will finish you off with my secret technique.

10-Axe Combo!

Damn you, Yama!

Axe Mountain!

So close. You did well to make it this far.

What?! Who are you?!

Don't give us, ''What?!''

We're the Deputy Divine Commanders!

How dare you kill our brother Satori?!

How dare you?!

What?! I don't know any brother of yours!

Don't play dumb! My name is Hotori!

My name is Kotori!

You guys killed our brother!

I told you, I don't know
what you're talking about!

Satori was one of Eneru's four priests.

He guarded Illusion Forest.

Then, the priest Luffy
and the others beat was...

Yes! Their elder brother!

See! You do know!

You must pay!


I must take care of them
and hurry after Eneru.

There is no telling what he
might do to my subordinates!

Stand back, girl! Even with my
injuries, I will not lose to them!

No! Sometimes, even I...

...have to protect these guys!

Very well!

First, ascertain their dials!


We're going to avenge our brother!

It finally stopped...

Where am I?

Hey! Guys! Is anyone here? It's me!

If you're here, say something!

I guess no one's here...


Where did it go?!

G-Gedatsu-sama. Y-Your eyes
are rolled inside your head.

Y-You cannot see ahead of you like that.

How careless of me!

Have a look at this photograph.

Here it is. That puny creature.

He's with the Blue Sea people!

What? It isn't a raccoon dog?

Raccoon dog? No, it is not a wild animal.

It is unquestionably a
creature from the Blue Sea!

Luffy! Where are you?!

Zoro! Are you asleep again?!

Robin! Hurry over here!

Where is everyone?!

I'm feeling insecure!

Hey! Guys! It's me!


Where did you go?!

Yikes! W-What is this?!