One Piece: Wan pîsu (1999–…): Season 1, Episode 6 - Desperate Situation! Beast Tamer Mohji vs. Luffy! - full transcript

Zoro came just in time to save Naomi & Luffy from Buggy's crew. After pulling off a good fight with Buggy, they learn that Buggy also ate one of the legendary Devil's Fruit. His special ability is "Splitting Body". Which makes it impossible for Zoro to cut him up. He got injured and had to make a retreat by caring Luffy's cage with Naomi following behind. After a blast from the "Buggy Bomb", Luffy & Zoro find themselves in front of a pet shop guarded by a dog. Luffy(who's still locked in the cage) couldn't figure out what the dog's problem is. The dog ate the key to the cage which made Luffy mad and violent. Right until the Mayor came by to tell them not to bother ShuShu(the dog's name) as his previous owner has given him the duty to watch over the shop. ShuShu has been through a lot of heart warming moments with his owner in the past. While Zoro went to get healed, Luffy soon became friends with ShuShu. Then out of nowhere Mohji the Beast Tammer and his pet Lion: Ritchie were hired by Buggy to eliminate them. They start by beating up ShuShu and sabotaging the pet shop. This made Luffy angry, and won't let them get away with it without a fight.

''Yuba'' ''Erumalu'' ''Nanohana'' ''Katorea''

''Yuba'' ''Erumalu'' ''Nanohana'' ''Katorea''
Three years have passed
since a single drop of rain fell

''Yuba'' ''Erumalu'' ''Nanohana'' ''Katorea''
in the kingdom of oases.

''Yuba'' ''Erumalu'' ''Nanohana'' ''Katorea''
The burning land is now
enveloped by a sad bellowing

The burning land is now
enveloped by a sad bellowing

and a mighty swell.

At long last, Luffy's group reached
Crocodile's base in Rainbase.

However, waiting for them there

were marines led by Captain
Smoker of Navy Headquarters.

While fending off the marines
and Baroque Works' Millions,

Luffy's party storms the Raindinners
Casino, where Crocodile is.

''The Trap of Certain Defeat!
Storming Raindinners''

I know you're in there, Crocodile!

Get back here, you!

Shoot 'em! Shoot 'em!

Damn, they're annoying!

That quieted things a bit.


Come out!

I came all this way to kick your ass!

--That's not gonna make him come out here!

We're dealing with the country's hero!

Are you trying to make these
patrons our enemies too?!

Alright! What do we do, then?!

H-Hold on! Without Vivi,
we won't know who Crocodile is!

Speaking of which, where is Vivi?!

Vivi! Crocodile! Where are you?!

Hey, now!

Assistant Manager! Some strange
people have come inside!

Have security take care of 'em.
Don't make such a fuss!

Hey! Vivi and Crocodile aren't coming!

I've got you now, Straw Hat!


You think you can just
scurry all over the place!

It's Smokey!


Damn! What's that smoke freak
doing here in Rainbase?!

I'd say he's taken quite a liking to Luffy!

This building is surrounded by
a lake! There's nowhere to run!

Please stop, sir!

Government officials aren't allowed inside!


He's so stubborn!

Get back here!

I can't deal with that guy!

Just a minute, sir.

I must ask that you leave--

W-What the--?!

Huh? Did I just run into something?

Manager! This is terrible!
A strange group of people has...

Send them to the VIP room.

Owner Crocodile's orders.


Hey! Look there!

Thank you...

...for coming!

Right this way!

This is the VIP room!

VIP room?!

Could it mean, ''Bring it on''?!

This guy gets right to the point!

Alright! Let's go!

VIP?! What sort of connection
do they have with Crocodile?!

Depending on that, all of 'em
could get sent to the gallows!

But what's a VIP?!

Hey! The path splits!

--VIPs go to the left!
--And it says pirates go this way!

--Which way do we go?!
--Hurry and decide!

VIPs, obviously! VIPs!

But we're pirates! Pirates go this way!

Yeah! You got a point there!


Straw Hat!


What in the world is going on?!

I can't believe we fell for this trick.

My ''I Wind Up Swimming when
Falling in the Darkness'' disease!

A trapdoor!

Where did everyone go?

Captain Smoker!

Where could Captain Smoker have gone?

He should be chasing Straw Hat, but...

S-She's with the Navy...

Oh no! My glasses!
My glasses! My glasses!

Now what?! I can't do
anything without my glasses!

Are you all right?!
Umm, have you fainted?!

Please, say something!

Sergeant Major Tashigi!

Oh, here you are!

Yes! I'll be right there!

Oh! Umm--!

Are these...

Oh, you found them for me!
You're such a nice person!


Thank you! Goodbye!

--This way!

She's a world-class dimwit, that's for sure.

She said I'm a nice person!

Being praised doesn't
make me happy, you moron!

Not to mention him.

A clever trap.

Yeah. It wasn't our fault.

We could have avoided it!
You did exactly what the enemy wanted!

I can't believe how stupid you are!

Anyways, I'm suddenly out of strength...

How come? Are you hungry or something?



I-I-I'll fight you if you want, smoke freak!

I once helped take down a bomb man!


Huh? I have no strength...
Just like when I fall in water...

What have you done to Luffy?!

At the tip of this jutte is a
material known as Sea Prizm Stone.

A strange type of stone that supposedly
only exists in one certain sea.

Not much is known about it,

but it basically gives off
the same energy as the ocean.

You can think of it as the sea in solid form.

So it makes Luffy weak?

All Navy HQ prison cells are made of it.

To prevent criminals with
Devil Fruit powers from escaping.

Then this prison cell is the same?!

If it weren't, I'd be long gone by now...

...after making it so none of
you take to the seas again!

Wait! Wait! What good will
fighting in this situation do?!

Besides, he's made of smoke!
Swords won't work on him!

That's correct. Give it up.

You're going to die together... why not get along first?



So he's one of the Seven Warlords?

Looks as despicable as I thought.

Oh, you really are the wild dog
I've heard about, Smoker-kun.

It seems you never once
believed I was on your side.

But, yes. You're correct.

Smoker. I think I'll have you
die an ''accidental'' death.

I'll inform the government
that you fought well

against the lowly ''Straw Hat'' pirate.

I don't know why you've
come to this country,

but I assume you're on your own.

The government would
never have sent you here.

Because everyone trusts me,
as a Warlord of the Sea.

So you're Crocodile?!

Hey! You! Fight me--

Pay attention! Don't touch the bars!

Straw Hat Luffy.
You've done well to come this far.

I promise to get rid of you,
so wait a little more.

Our guest of honor has yet to arrive.

Guest of honor?

I just sent my partner to pick her up.

I can't afford to waste time
in a place like this!

You've put up quite the fight, Princess.

I'd expect no less from
a former Frontier Agent!

But don't you think it's time
you accepted your fate?

I have to hurry to the others!

Now come! The boss is waiting!

Don't touch me!

W-What the--?! What's that bird?!

A falcon?!

What is a bird doing with machine guns?!

It's huge!

Shoot it down!

Crap! The princess!

Pell! You came for me!

It's good to see you again, Vivi-sama.

How is my father?!

He's well. Both the king
and I read your letter.

That means Karoo made it
to Alubarna safely?!

Yes. He's quite a duck.

Thank goodness!

Thanks to you and Igaram-san,
we know who we're fighting now.


Vivi-sama. Wait here a moment.

--Not Pell the Falcon?!

H-He's the strongest warrior in Alabasta!

The Bird-Bird Fruit, Model Falcon!

Only five types in the world are
known to have the power of flight...

...which you can savor now!

S-Shoot! Shoot like crazy!

He vanished!

Flying Talons!

Thank you! Now I have
to hurry to the others!

Really? Aren't you getting
ahead of yourself?

You've been a real thorn in our side.

Miss All-Sunday!

It looks like our precious
employees are no longer usable...


Who are you?!

That was magnificent. I've never
seen someone who can fly before.

But, are you stronger than me?

Vivi-sama. I take it these are
the ones threatening our homeland?

I'd like to invite the princess
to our mansion. What do you say?

Don't ask such pointless queries!
It's out of the question!


Don't screw with us!

Princesses mustn't use such
uncouth words, Miss Wednesday.

How dare you kill Igaram...?

Igaram? Oh, Mr. 8?

Don't tell me you killed Igaram-san?!

What are you getting so worked up for?

How was that any different from
what you did to our employees?

It's silly.

Damn you!

Become sand of Alabasta!

Tres Fleurs.


Vivi-sama! You're all right?!

Did it look like I killed this girl?

D-Damn you! What did you do?!

Don't be so angry. I only teased you.

You have Devil Fruit powers?!

That's right. I partook of
the Flower-Flower Fruit.

The power to make body
parts bloom like flowers.

This is my ability.

There is no escape from my body,
which can bloom anywhere.

Escape?! Nonsense!

I'm going to avenge Igaram-san
right here, right now!

I'm sorry. I'd like to play a
little more, but I don't have time.

That's all right! This won't take long!

It seems you still don't understand.

Seis Fleurs!

A submission hold?!

Power. Speed. These mean nothing to me.



He was the kingdom's greatest warrior?


Now, let us go.

This can't be...

Our boss and your friends are waiting.

Inside a prison cell in Raindinners.

Look at me, I'm Sanji.

You the one who ate the meat?

--Act like...

--Here's Zoro! ''Oni!''
--Act like...

...serious prisoners!

How can you act like that in such
a serious situation as this?!

We can't get out,
so what else is there to do?!

The fact we can't get out
is what makes it serious!

We might wind up dead
if we don't do something!

And why are you sleeping?!

Oh, is it morning?

It's noon!

You're a high-spirited girl.

Whatever! Go ahead and act
confident while you still can!

Once these guys get out of here,

they'll kick your butt and send
you flying above the clouds!

Isn't that right, Luffy?!

Of course it is, you jerk!

You seem to be quite the
trustworthy captain, Straw Hat Luffy.


The most unneeded thing in this world.

Who does he think he is, insulting people?!

Q-Quit! You'll make him mad, too!



Welcome, Vivi, Princess of Alabasta!
No, Miss Wednesday!

I'm impressed you managed to evade
our assassins to come this far!

I would go as far as it takes!
Because I want you to die, Mr. 0!

If only you hadn't come to this country...

Wait! Vivi! Let us out!

...Alabasta would've remained peaceful!

Peacock String Slasher!

It's no use.


As a citizen of this country,
you surely know

that I have the power
of the Sand-Sand Fruit.

Want to become a mummy?

A s-sand person!

Hey, you! Get away from Vivi!
I'll kick your ass!


Perfect timing. The party is just starting.

Correct, Miss All-Sunday?



It just turned noon.
Operation Utopia is beginning.

Operation Utopia?

What's an ''Operation Utopia''?


It will be this pathetic little
kingdom that dies, Miss Wednesday.

I'm going to wipe Alabasta
from the face of the earth!

All people, big and small,
will be sucked into eternal darkness

as they writhe in pain.

Let Operation Utopia...