One Piece: Wan pîsu (1999–…): Season 1, Episode 7 - Sozetsu Ketto! Kengo Zoro VS Kyokugei no Kabaji! - full transcript

After Mohji the Beast Tamer destroyed most of the seaport town. The Mayor got angry and as his responsibility in protecting the town he's willing to take on Captain Buggy to prevent any more disaster. But when Buggy use he divided hand to choke the Mayor, Luffy saved his life and had to knock the Mayor unconscious before he could get hurt. Buggy sends out another henchman to eliminate Luffy. And it's a sword slicing acrobat named Cabaji. Luffy was ready till Zoro insisted that he'll fight Cabaji. With his injuries still present this may be a difficult fight for the ex-pirate hunter. While Luffy goes head on head with Captain Buggy & Naomi finally got her hands on Buggy's loot.

''Yuba'' ''Erumalu'' ''Nanohana'' ''Katorea''
Three years have passed
since a single drop of rain fell

''Yuba'' ''Erumalu'' ''Nanohana'' ''Katorea''
in the kingdom of oases.

''Yuba'' ''Erumalu'' ''Nanohana'' ''Katorea''
Seeing hope beyond turmoil,
the people take up weapons.

Seeing hope beyond turmoil,
the people take up weapons.

Fanning the flames
of rebellion is Crocodile.

To stop his scheme,

Luffy and company stormed
the enemy hideout in Rainbase,

but they wound up captured instead.

What is the operation Crocodile speaks of?

Will Vivi's wish be swallowed
up by the burning land?

It just turned noon.
The operation is beginning.

''Operation Utopia Commences!
The Swell of Rebellion Stirs''

Don't hold suspicion, Koza.

You know His Majesty's
character very well.

All you old people say that.

I didn't follow you here to
Yuba for the king's sake.

The rebel army is over
100,000 strong now!

Yeah, I heard.

Apparently there've been casualties, too...

It's nothing.

Just a little rain will clear him
of these strange suspicions. Yes.

What on earth?!

--The canal's been destroyed!
--Who would do this?!

Now we can't bring water to this town!

It hasn't rained for over a year now!

Erumalu is done for!

Don't hold suspicion, Koza...

I don't want to suspect you,
but people are dying of thirst!

You may not be using it,
but you do have it!

No. Wait for natural rain.
Dance Powder summons misfortune.

Just a little bit should be alright!

The rebellion might even stop
if there's at least some rain!

It would only result in a greater calamity.

It is not as easy to use as you think, Koza.

I can't stand to watch
towns dry up anymore!

You haven't changed a bit
since the old days.

I have changed. I can fight.

I'm going to...

I'm going to come here to take your rain!

Where is this country headed?

Where are we headed?

Where does the answer lie?

I have bad news, Koza!

''Alubarna Palace''
I have bad news, Koza!

''Alubarna Palace''
T-Terrible news,
Chaka-sama! It's His Majesty!

T-Terrible news,
Chaka-sama! It's His Majesty!

What?! What are you saying?!

He vanished!

That's absurd!
Have you searched everywhere?!

Yes! Not only the palace, but the
garden and storehouses as well!

Could he have left
in the middle of the night?

Out of the question!
The king's security was top-notch,

and he couldn't have escaped our eyes!

Then... Then, why?

Why would the king hide himself
just before going to battle?!

Search! Outside the palace and the towns!

Yes, sir!

Pell excels in finding people,
but as luck would have it,

he's busy conducting
reconnaissance in Rainbase...

What has happened to His Majesty?

I can't afford to act recklessly...

Damn it!

Just what are you planning
to do to Alabasta?!

Would you like to know the type of
people I look down on most of all?

Hypocrites who treasure the
so-called ''happiness of the people.''

You intend to kill my father?!
As if you could ever do that!

There's no need to shout.
I have no such intention.

He's not even worth killing.

I'm going to let Cobra taste
humiliation far crueler than death.

Crueler than death?

That's no way for a princess
of a kingdom to look.

I'll ask one more time!
Just what is Operation Utopia?! Tell me!

Now, now. Do you realize where
you stand in this situation?

Answer the question!

You're a valiant princess.

But very well.
The operation has already begun.

I'll tell you about my plan
to end this country...

About Operation Utopia...

Terrible news,
Chaka-sama! It's His Majesty!

What is it?! Did you find him?!

Yes, sir! He's apparently in Nanohana!
The information is certain!

I see! That's a relief!

But... But, unbelievably enough...

C-Come again?!


--We're coming too!

Why suddenly now?!

Has he fallen as far as he can?!

Don't hold suspicion, Koza.

Why would he do something
this nonsensical?!


Y-Your Majesty?

What did you just say?

What did you just say?

Just as you heard.
I am honestly apologizing.

It was I, Cobra, the king of Alabasta,
who stole this country's rain!

How can you joke like that?


It is no joke.

I used Dance Powder to keep the rain
in the capital city of Alubarna.

As li'l ol' king-- no, I mean, as a
respected king, I cannot go thirsty.

T-That may be so,

but many have died due to lack
of food and water as a result!

Why would you allow--?!

I am aware of that, of course.
And that many oases have dried up.

But some sacrifices are unavoidable
if we are to protect the country.

This is crazy!

You knew how miserable things were,
yet you only helped yourself?!

That's far too selfish even for you, King!

Is a mere cretin like you trying
to talk back to me, the king?

I've come to Nanohana to
apologize for what I've done.

What more do you want?

My brother died in Yuba, you know...

I have come all the way to
this city for one other reason.

As you know, Dance Powder is
outlawed by the World Government.

If word of its use is leaked outside,

Navy Headquarters will take
action and destroy said country.

This must be avoided.

However, you may remember that
large amounts of Dance Powder

were found being smuggled
into this town two years ago.

It is necessary to eliminate all
traces of that incident. Understand?

You don't mean...

That's right! If we are to be rid
of that terrible incident forever,

we must be rid of this city and all of you!

--That's insane!

We have to die just 'cause you ordered it?!

Hey! King!

So it was all your fault!


It's because you steal the rain that
all the towns are drying up, jerk!

I'm gonna avenge everyone...



Men! Burn Nanohana to the ground!

Yes, Sire!


Koza. It's been a while.

What the hell do you think you're doing?!

What the hell do you think you're doing?!


I came to apologize, as you can see.

Quit screwing around! Shut up!

Do you realize what you're saying?!
This is an incredible insult!

I am the one who's been
using Dance Powder to--

I said shut up!

--Why are you so angry?

--Surely even you can appreciate...

Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!

--...that I...
--You asshole!

Do you know how the people felt
as they died in the dried-up towns?!

They didn't have hatred or anger for you!

''It isn't the king's fault!''

''He's a great person!''

Even as they died, they all
said that, with faith in you!

But what happens to them now,

unless you at least lie
and say you're innocent?!




Well, I guess it's time!

Didn't we fight because
the kingdom-- no, everyone--

wanted to know that answer?!

At the very least...

...that's why I fought...

You can't be serious!

Here they come!

A giant ship is about to crash! Run!

What is that ship?!


I-It's toppling over!

For a final operation,
that sure lacked exertion.

Have we ever had any
exerting work before this?

We did it! Now light the
fires and let's retreat!

Yes, sir!

I just can't feel relaxed without this on!

Koza! Say something! Koza! Hey!

--The royal army disappeared!

How deux you like my kingliness?!

That was great, Mr. 2, Bon Clay-sama!

Put out the fires!

The damn royal army lit fires and ran off!

--Put out the fires!

Now to meet up with Mr. 2 outside town.

Alubarna's the finale.

I look forward to it.

Vague! My favorite word is ''vague''!

Now whether or not the king
will stay king is vague!

The operation's a success!

Where's Bunchi?!

He's west of town, Mr. 2, Bon Clay-sama!

Huh? The king turned
into a weird ballerina...

It's no use! It won't go out!

Damn the king!

He was a fake!

This is bad! Everyone's being tricked!

I have to tell 'em!

What a naughty little boy.
What do you think he's discovered?

That damn imbecile
made a careless slip-up.

Who're you?!

I take it there's no use in
asking you to stay quiet.

Water! We need more water!

Wait! That's for my shop!
Can you pay for it?!

Not now, you idiot! The town is on fire!

--Put out the fires!

It's no use! We can't
keep up with the fire!

We should probably run for it!

Hang in there, Koza!
You're not the type to die like this!

Hey! Take Koza!

Little boy! Say something!

This is terrible! Not even children are safe!

I-It's not...

What's that?! I'll stop
the bleeding! Don't talk!

It's not what you think!
Everyone's being tricked!

Hang in there, little boy!


Let's... end this country.

Contact all of our branches!
This will be our final battle!

O-Okay, but we don't
have nearly enough weapons!

No, we do now.

Know that ship that just crashed?
It was an armory ship.

--Yeah! It was full of weapons!

It's almost like divine guidance.

Oh, really? A little pipsqueak
saw me? So sorry! So, so sorry!

Sheesh. Now Mr. 4's team
just needs to do its thing...

Fatty and Old Hag know
how to get things done!

Kidnapping the king
will be nothing to them!

Hear me, rebel army!

The Alabasta of old is long dead!

This is the final battle!
We're going to capture Alubarna!

We're going to launch an all-out assault!

The king must pay!

We'll build a new country!

''Meanwhile, at Alubarna Palace''

''Meanwhile, at Alubarna Palace''


Cobra-sama would never do
such a thing! It must be a mistake!

But the time between his disappearance
and his arrival fit perfectly!

Excuses no longer hold any water!

News of the Nanohana incident
have spread throughout Alabasta,

and rebel soldiers
everywhere have responded!

Not only that, the citizens
who had faith in His Majesty

have begun taking up weapons
out of hatred for him!

Their numbers are unknown!

The entire country is infuriated
and heading for Alubarna!

There's no stopping things now!

Please, make your decision!
We will obey you!

How can this be?!

Even the king's words from
yesterday are blurred now!

In what do I put my trust?!

Very well! We need only
fulfill our given duties!

We are the royal guards
of the Alabasta Kingdom!

No kingdom should crumble
in the absence of its king!

Protect the truth you see before you!
Protect this kingdom!

Counter the rebel army!


What a horrifying plan...

Well? Do you like it?

The operation you once
participated in has now blossomed.

If you listen closely, you could
probably hear the howls of Alabasta.

And they all think the same thing.

''Protect Alabasta.''

''Protect Alabasta. Protect Alabasta.''

Stop it!

How can you be so cruel?!

Isn't it just heartrending?

Love for the kingdom will be
what destroys the kingdom.

Is he stupid? Did he not hear what I said?

He's definitely stupid.
But that's also why he's our captain.

Crocodile! I will kick your ass...

So many moves I've made
to make it this far...

The sabotage to instigate the citizens.

Directing the royal army's misconduct.

Have you any idea why I'd go to
such lengths to attain this country?

As if I'd understand anything
inside your rotten head!

You really are a bad-mouthed princess.


Now, now. What are you
trying to do, Miss Wednesday?

Stop you!

I'm going to stop you! There's still time!

If I can just get to Alubarna east of here...

If I can get there before the rebel army,
I may be able to stop them!

I absolutely refuse to let you have your way!