Off the Map (2011): Season 1, Episode 9 - There's Nothing to Fix - full transcript

A water taxi crash leaves Ben and Tommy to tend to patients out in the field and Lily with a gut wrenching decision, while Ryan and Mina treat one of the city's most irritating ex-pats.

Previously on Off the Map:

- This is a bad idea.
- Very b--

She get that echo yet?

She needs a heart transplant.

- Extensive corneal burns from the blast.
- Hey, loca.

- Can you see me?
- No.

Just knew you'd be here.

- Okay. Okay.
- Morning, Minard.


I don't know what you're saying.

- Brassiere right there.
- Oh, God.

- So humiliating, on so many levels.
- Okay.

Estos idiotas treating my garden
like a cheap motel.

I mean, the least they could have done
was throw down a tarp,

instead of rolling all over my herbs
with their big, bare a--

I can't examine your eyes
if you keep laughing.


- It's not funny.
- I'm so--

I'm so-- I'm so--

Okay. Okay, I'm sorry.

There were condoms
all over my fedegoso plants.

Do you know
how long that took to grow?

I know.


I've got a car meeting you in New York.
He's gonna take you straight to the hotel.

Order a little room service,
get a good sleep.

You'll be all fresh and perky
for your heart eval at Columbia.

You thought of everything.

What about this?
Can I take this with me too?

Are you nervous?

No, not for the medical stuff.

Take- offs and landings.

Oh, come on.
You walk to work with jaguars.

You swim in reefs with sharks.

At least I only have to fly once, right?

You booked me an open- ended ticket.
You didn't schedule a return.

Yeah, I didn't know
how long the tests would take.

Or you think my heart's so bad
that I'm gonna be in the ICU hooked up

- and they won't let me leave.
- That is not gonna happen.



Hey. How's our patient?

Well, he called out every letter
on the eye chart.

Too bad I wasn't holding it up.

- Yeah, but what a memory, right?
- You know, I give up.

- He's your patient now.
- Come on, loca.

She's in rare form this morning.

Oh, you should've seen her yesterday,
when I came back all messed up.

Crying and carrying on.

So I guess running into a live gas pocket
was a pretty smooth move on your part.

Opened the door,
and all I gotta do now is sneak back in.

I think I got a real shot
at winning her back.

Well, you're gonna have time to try.
You're not operating for a week.

- Your corneas need time to heal.
- It's rainy season.

River's flooded, we're gonna
be swimming in cholera cases.

I'm heading to set up sick beds.

Got everything under control.
It's gonna be--

- Don't say it.
- Easy day.

- Why would you say that?
- Relax, Cole.

Kick back, take some temperatures.

I hate it when you say that.

Every rainy season down here
the river floods

causing water- related diseases
like what, doctors?

Cholera, vibrio, salmonella, giardia.


Yeah, giardia.

Cryptosporidium, amoebiasis, typhoid fever.
Name it, we've seen it. This year's different.

We're gonna start with some
good old- fashioned patient prevention.

Are you okay?

- You seem a little...
- Yeah, no, I'm just tired.

You go out with Alma last night?

Yeah, Alma. That is not going so good.

To be honest,
I think it's about to get a whole lot worse.

Well, it's not easy
going through relationship problems here.

Believe me,
after the whole Mateo thing...

We should just focus on the medicine.
That's why we're down here.

Everything else
is just a distraction, really.

Yeah. Thanks, Lily.

- Today is all about community outreach.
- You're welcome.

Fixing the problem
before there's a problem.

In all the years I've been down here,
never seen anything

that will take down a village faster
than a waterborne illness.

Except maybe that.

Okay, just sit her down over there.

The captain says everyone's
accounted for except for one passenger.

Male in his 40's. I radioed for rescue,
but they could be hours.

Okay, I'll head downriver
and see if I can find him.

Well, I'll go with you.
We don't know what we're in for.

- Hey, Brenner, you okay here?
- They're all minor injuries, I got it.

- How long has she had the fever?
- Three days.

We asked at the orphanage
if she'd been sick, and they said no.

So it must be us. We broke her.

You know,
usually with the adoption process,

it takes a year before you get the
first phone call, with us, it was a month.

So if it seems like our heads
are spinning, it's--

- Because they are.
- Because they are.

You didn't break her, I promise.

Every baby gets sick. It's just
their immune system kicking into gear.

- Everyone else's baby is perfect.
- Hi.

They're eating and sleeping,
and I can't even get her to burp.

A bunch of us
came down here as a group.

That's how they do it these days.

So I take it Marisol's your first kid.

Bridget's a litigator.

She's been working like crazy
these past ten years.

I finally made partner at the exact
same time my ovaries decide to retire.

All right, 103. It's a bit high.

That's really high. What do we do?

Do we put her in an ice bath
or something?

We're supposed to head back
to Saint Louis. I'm in a case.

No, I'm serious.
Like some kind of cooling system?

- Greg, you can't put a baby in a fridge.
- I'm not talking--

Okay, let's calm down
and take a deep breath.

Just gonna take this one step at a time.

Right, Marisol? Isn't that right?

All right, Marisol, come on.
We'll be right back.

For the love of God and all that is holy.

Minard, I have a patient for you.

This one's right up your alley.

Where's rojo?

Guess that ginger
finally gave up on me.

Or maybe all you lady doctors
just want a piece of this ass.

Does this lesion make my butt look big?

Excuse me.

Look at that.

Hey. Over here.

He's alive. Barely.

Let's flip him over. Gentle.

One, two, three.

- All this trauma from a fall in the river?
- I think this one might be manmade.

Major liver laceration
and active hemorrhage.

Doesn't stand a chance if we can't
occlude the hepatic artery and portal vein.

- Get him to the clinic.
- He'll never survive the trip.

- We're gonna have to do it here.
- All we have is sutures and IV fluids.

That's what we'll use.
We need to work fast.

Cut off blood to the liver too long,
he's gonna die of liver failure.

No idea where to start.

This guy is chopped up into
a million pieces. We're not in an OR.

I don't know what's going on,
and I don't wanna know--

I slept with Minard.

Last night, we did it, and I can't think
about anything else because it is burned--

Look, you need to focus, all right?

You need to get your game face on.
Fix this problem one step at a time.

This guy's insides may be cut up into
a million pieces, but we are gonna fix him.

Are you with me?

- Yeah.
- Then start suturing.

Clark, I realize that you don't like me,

but sticking me with the ass
with the ass lesion is just kind of mean.

Richie Salerno.

He owns Mama Salerno's,
the crappy pizza stand in town

where American tourists go because
they're too scared to eat local food.

The pizza's actually not that bad.

He has type 2 diabetes,

which he doesn't take care of,
so he's here all the time.

And now he's got
a fungal infection on his ass.

Yeah. Saw that.

The man's a walking heart attack.

I've been trying
to talk sense into him for months.

He berates me out of the room.

He needs someone tough,
brutal and heartless.

And I mean that
as the utmost compliment.

Miss? Miss? Se?ora.

I need you
to keep your head still for me.

Where is the ni?o?

The boy in the red T- shirt.
He sat next to me on the taxi.

The captain said everyone's been
accounted for except for one older man.

No, it was a boy, 16, 17.

He must be here somewhere.

Look, the rescue team's been called,
and when they get here,

we'll let them know
that someone else is missing, okay?

Damn it. Who am I kidding?

Okay, you put this on your chin.

Keep it there. I'll be right back.

Got a second for a consult?

- Who do we have here?
- Got a mystery baby illness here.

And you're the resident baby lady, so...

Enlarged lymph nodes, high fever.

Okay, let's take a look.

How many of these you want?

Yeah, I'm thinking three. Maybe four.

- You want kids?
- What, you kidding me?

Bunch of rugrats running around
calling me Papa? Yeah.

That's funny.
He never mentioned that before.

Now suddenly he's a family man.
What did you do?

Come on,
how great would our kids would be?

I mean, your exquisite beauty
and hot Latina temper.

And not to brag, but I don't think
I look too shabby holding a baby.

- You had your chance with me, lindo.
- I want another one.

When I look in your eyes,
you know what I see?


A horny guy who'd say anything
to get me into bed.

I'm not horny. Okay, I am, but it's coming
from a better place now.

- I swear.
- Have you seen these red spots?

The rapid strep test came back negative.
Urine was clean.

I wanna draw some blood.
I'm afraid it's more than that.

Once, I had a guy come into the ER
who wasn't managing his diabetes.

And his toes were all black.

I touched one and it fell off.

- You keep it for your hope chest?
- It's really funny.

You wanna know what else is funny?

Kidney failure, blindness,
stroke, massive heart attack--

I guess I'm gonna be screwed.

And impotence,
so, no, no, not so much.

Just give me some cream
and I'll get out of your hair.

Cream is not gonna cut it.
Your blood sugar is 400.

- I have to keep you overnight.
- I got a business to run.

- You're killing yourself.
- So what?

You think I got some wife at home
who's gonna cry big, sad tears over me?

Look, I get it, okay?

The closest thing that I have to a boyfriend
down here is my pet chicken.

- Pet chicken?
- We can't all be social butterflies.

It's not an excuse
to neglect your health.

Small green pepper.

Small green pepper pizza to go.

You order one of those babies
almost every night.

I knew you looked familiar.
My whole staff talks about you.

- You're like this legend of weirdness.
- You know what? Forget it.

I bet you can't bring yourself
to eat that chicken

because it's the only creature in the world
who needs you.

- That's not true.
- No?

- I have a goddaughter.
- Goddaughter?

Oh, poor kid.

She'll be a weirdo freak too.
Good thing for me, though.

I can still sell her pizza long after
you've stuck your head in the oven.


Hey, chicken lady,
finish with my fungus.




How was that?

Maybe you should just re- name her
something American.

Like what?

- Debbie.
- Debbie?

Mrs. Clemmons?

- Honey, doctors are here.
- I gotta go, okay?

Hey. Hi.

- You get the test results?
- Don't let it be chicken pox.

My friend's daughter had that.
A nightmare.

- Honey, don't go there, all right?
- It's not the chicken pox.

Then what is it?

Your baby has leukemia.

Hey, how's it going with Richie?
You scare him straight yet?

- No, not exactly.
- He took a shot at you, didn't he?

Oh, God. That guy knows how to find
a spot and twist the knife.

- What did he say?
- Nothing.

He's asystolic.

But his skin's pink.

- He's perfusing.
- What the hell?

It's about time. What do you gotta do,
die around here to get some attention?

- Don't mess with the medical equipment.
- And look, rojo's back.

Here, ginger.

I got a present for you. It's full.

You are perfectly capable
of getting up and going to the bathroom.

I was comfy here.

And if you two could put
your two fancy doctor brains together

and figure out how to make me
a sandwich, I would be so appreciative.

Breakfast was small.

- Are you hurt?
- No.

But I can't swim.

And the river, it keeps pulling me down.

Hang on, I'm coming to get you.

She'll get sick, lose her hair.

The good news is, this can be cured.

But she can't get on a plane yet.

So you'll go to San Miguel,
start a round of chemo.

You'll be there six months, a year.

I know some oncologists there,
so I'll put you in touch.

Oh, my God.

How did this happen to us?

There is another option.

Return the baby to the orphanage
and go home.

- Zee.
- It's a wonderful facility, I volunteer there.

They will get her the treatment
that she needs,

and they'll find a new family for her.

Return her?

She's our daughter, okay?

She's not a pair of jeans, we can't just--

Dr. Cole said leukemia can be cured,
but it's not easy.

Treatment can lead to heart problems,
learning disabilities,

and the likelihood of recurrence is high.

So if you're not up for this, it's okay.

Of course we're up for it.

Let's get you ready, then.

All right, looking good.
One more stitch in the liver.

And then what?

I release the portal triad.

This poor guy.

Woke up this morning,
decided to take a water taxi to work.

Messed up his whole life
because of one wrong decision.

So you and Minard, eh?

No, it's not like that.

I'm dating this other girl, Alma.

Or I was, and then I decided
to sleep with my roommate,

who's my friend, or was my friend.

I've messed everything up for everybody.
I have no clue how to fix it.

Damn it,
bright red blood pooling below the liver.

- Hepatic artery.
- Propeller blade must have cut it in half.

Can't do vascular repair
till we get him to the clinic.

We lose the liver, he's gone.

No, no, no, we can try.
We'll put a temporary shunt in.

I'll sew it to either end of the torn artery.
It will keep the blood flowing.

Theoretically. I'm not really sure
it's actually gonna work, though.

It's a good idea.

Let's do it.

I can't reach you.

You're gonna have to let go
of that branch and take my hand, okay?

I know you're scared,
but you have to let go and take my hand.

- I can't, I can't.
- Grab my hand now.

- What's your name?
- Andres.

I'm Lily.

I can't pull you in.
The current's too strong.

So, what do we do?

We wait.



How are you feeling, Andres?

Keep moving.
Keep kicking your legs, okay?

Think of all the warm places
we could be right now.

My madre thinks I'm in la ciudad
for my English lessons.

I lied to her.

I go there
to go see my girlfriend, Cristina.

She teaches me lessons.

A good racket you got going on there.

The rescue team
should be here any minute now.

You can tell Cristina
all about it tomorrow.

If your madre signs you up for swimming
lessons, though, just don't skip those.


- Wanna shake on it?
- Funny.

Now, the next few months
are gonna be all about sterility.

The chemo's gonna wipe out
Marisol's white blood cells.

So washing your hands, wearing gloves,
masks, all gonna be important.

- You okay, babe?
- Yeah.

All right. My advice, hire a translator.

In the hospital, a lot of information's
gonna be coming at you.

Now I'll show you how to prep a catheter
when they start a central line.


- Mrs. Cle--
- I can-- I can't.

Mrs. Clemmons.

I got it.
Why don't you take a break, baby?

- There's a lot coming at you right now.
- Just take a break.

I don't need a break. I just--

- Will somebody get this thing off me?
- Hey.

- I can't do this. I just can't do it.
- Hey, hey. Hey.

- Hey.
- I can't--

You're scared, all right? I'm scared too.

We were barely ready
for a healthy baby.

It's not because she's sick, Greg.

The reason that my biological clock
ran out is because I let it.

You wanted to make partner.
You said to wait until you made partner.

I wanted to wait
until I became an equity partner

And then I wanted to wait
until we had a bigger place.

There's only so many times a woman
can say she's not ready to have children.

And I...

I stopped saying it,
but I didn't stop feeling it.

- Can we still call the orphanage?
- Of course.

Why don't you both take some time?
Sleep on it.

Honey, you don't wanna do this.

I've never been more sure
of anything in my life.

I'm not a mother.

I'm not her mother.


I figured
there had to be someone in his life

who could talk some sense into him.

A friend, co- worker.

One person in his miserable life
who gives a crap whether he lives or dies.

- And?
- They all hate him.


He did take a shot at me.

He called me a chicken lady.

It's like a cat lady, except it's a chicken.

All right, I'd like to feed that man Pixy Stix
until he's in a diabetic coma.

And I say that as a Christian.

The thing is, he's not so far off.

I'm sure you can tell
I'm slightly socially awkward with men.

I just haven't found many
that I have much in common with,

so I have sex when necessary.

And then, otherwise,
just pretty much avoid the whole thing.

And it's worked well enough
for the last 28 years.

- What about with Fuller?
- You know about that too?

And in Zee's garden?
That's very biblical of you, Minard.

Yeah, but not so good for the asthma.

Oh, it was such a mistake. Really.

Giant, one- time,

huge mistake.

I'm sorry about your heart.

And I wanted
to say something sooner, but...

Chicken lady awkwardness.

Thank you.

Hey, look at this.

Radio the clinic, tell them to set up
an ex- lap with two units of O- neg.

- What's wrong?
- Brenner's not here.

She went downriver
to look for some kid.

We must have missed her
on the way back.

Tell you what,
you get the patient into the OR.

- I'm gonna try to find her, all right?
- Yeah.

Andres, tell me more about Cristina.

Tell Cristina that I'm too cansado
to see her today.

- I'm so tired.
- Andres.

Andres! No! No!


You're drowning us both. Let go.

Let go.

Brenner. Brenner.

I got you.

- It's okay, it's okay, you're okay--
- He can't swim.

- It's okay.
- There was no one there to help me.

What happened? What happened?

There's a kid in the water.
He's only 16, he can't swim.

- Brenner. Brenner.
- Someone has to go after him.

- It's okay.
- I wasn't strong enough to save him.

I'm gonna radio for rescue, okay?

But look at the river, look at the river.

He's gone.

Okay? I'm sorry.

He's gone.

I spoke to the orphanage.
They'll be here in the morning for Marisol.

Nice work, loca.

Now there's a baby
that doesn't have a home.

That woman didn't want to be a mother.

That woman just found out
that her baby had cancer.

- She doesn't know what she wants.
- It was written all over her face.

All she needed was an excuse.

She needed support.
But you pushed her over the edge.

What gives you the right?
You're not even a parent.

- And I never will be.
- What?

Endometriosis. I can't have children.

No, I'm fine, it's been years.

But what I can do
is make sure that every child

that comes through this clinic
goes to the right home.

The worst thing you can do to any child

is put them with a parent
who doesn't want them.

- Look, I didn't know.
- Now you do.

How's your patient?

He's stable after surgery.

Fuller did great.

And for you, Cipro and Flagyl twice a day,
Vermox- Q a day for a week.


Whatever happened today,
it wasn't your fault.

You would do anything to save a life.

So I know that you did everything possible
for that kid.

Okay, why don't you just go home
and get some sleep, huh?

Tell me about Mama Salerno.

"On her deathbed in the Bronx,
imparted her secret pizza dough recipe

to her only son, Richie.

Died, age 47."

- So?
- So she had diabetes too, didn't she?

And she died young.

- What's so funny?
- You two.

The brain trust. You think
that's my sad, diabetic, dead mama?

I found that picture on the Internet,
you morons.

I'm not even Italian.

My name's Berber.
I'm from Bisbee, Arizona.

I just use that fake Italian crap
to sell pizza to the stupid tourists.

- We're just trying to help you.
- So stop.

- What?
- Stop.

Because if I found you bleeding
on the side of the street, I'd keep walking.

See, that's your problem, chicken lady.

Even with the lame- ass hand
you've been dealt,

you still give a crap about people.

But the sooner you realize it,
the better off you'll be.

People suck, okay? They suck.

They say they'll stay, they'll never leave.

It's a bunch of baloney.

And the worst are you doctors.

You say you can fix
everybody's problems.

And when you can't, it's their fault,
because you're never ever wrong.

Well, I was wrong.

I thought that there was a human
in there somewhere.

But you don't care
whether you live or die

and there isn't a single person on the
whole Earth that seems to care, either.

So go ahead.

Live out the rest of your lonely,
pathetic and irrelevant life.

And when you die, it's not that the world
will actually be a better place.

It's that it will be exactly the same.

You know,
I think that might be the first time

anyone's ever gotten
the last word with him.

Yeah, okay.

You know what?
There are other patients in this hospital.

Patients who actually c--

The electrodes. He's not faking this time.

Bagging on 100.

Starting compressions.

Amp of epi, amp of atropine.

Come on, Richie.

What happened? He was stable.

Epistaxis and hematuria.

I tried packed red cells,
but they're not working.

He needs clotting factors.

- Fresh, frozen plasma.
- Okay, let's do that.

- We don't have it, Fuller.
- Wha...?

Fine. I'll do this.

- What are you doing?
- Giving him plasma.

I'm O- positive, probably a match.

If he's Rh- negative
there will be a major transfusion reaction.

Either way, he's dead, okay?

We spent all day trying to help.
We're not gonna give up.

Okay, that's enough, all right?

- Hey, listen to me. Hey, I said stop.
- I'm doing this.

His body's done. It's giving up.

He probably lasted longer
than he should have.

Just give the morphine
and let him go in peace, okay?


Nurse, I'm doing this transfusion.
Will you please get me a needle?

Yes, doctor.

Well, I was wrong.

About him having a few months?

About you getting the last word.


You guys stayed here all night?

We went back to the hotel,
but I couldn't sleep.

I came back to keep her company.

You got kids, Dr. Cole?

- No.
- Makes sense, the hours you work.

I never really had a career myself.

Tried my hand at a few things.

I had this landscape business
for, like, five minutes.

Nothing ever seemed to fit.

One- oh- one after Ibuprofen.

That's down a little bit, right?

From 103 before, and then last night,
the nurse said it spiked up to 104.

You don't have to worry anymore, man.

We got this now.


The orphanage is here to pick her up.

- Her fever's down.
- That's great.

If we're gonna make the flight,
we should go.

I don't think I can.


I won't hold it against you.

I know you're not her mother,
but for the first time in my life,

I feel like I know who I am.

I'm her dad.

You can't be both her dad
and my husband.

You know that, right?

I know.

But this little one, she needs me.

She needs me now.

And you, you'll be fine.

I always am.


There we go.

Dad. There you go.




Passports, subway map,
directions to the hospital.

You really did think of everything.

And your return ticket.

You're coming back
a week from Sunday.

- That's if they'll let me.
- No.

Clark, I don't care
if your heart is exploding.

You're coming home to me.

Besides, you know what it costs
to change a ticket?

- Call me when you land, yeah?
- Yes, sir.

See you.


I called the local disposal service in town.
Figured no one wants that guy's remains.

Actually, I do.
I'm gonna throw him a funeral.

You're gonna throw a funeral
for Richie?

Well, not the miserable ass
that died alone last night.

But the sad weirdo that he used to be,

before he got so angry
and started hating everyone.

I think that guy deserves a funeral.

Do you think that that's a bad idea?

I think you just might be
the biggest humanitarian in this place.

No. I'm just the chicken lady.

- Good luck in New York.
- Thank you.

Okay, bye.

You could help him with the car seat.

Only way to learn is to do.

You're terrible.


You know, all that stupid talk yesterday
about having babies...

If I had known, I--

Why didn't I know?

I mean, at least back
when we were together, you--

Thought you'd say something.

No smart woman tells her new boyfriend
that she can't have babies.

It could be a deal breaker.

Not if the new boyfriend's
in love with her.

The hell...?

That's a lot of gringos on that bus.



- Hey.
- Hey.

Scott, what are you doing here?

We heard about the baby.
We wanna help you out, get you settled.

But you guys
are supposed to be on a plane.

We came as a group.

We're gonna be here
as long as you need us.

What happened?

I didn't wanna move him
till he was stable, but...

I did the transfusion.
I gave him a liter of my own blood.

- God, Fuller.
- Look, I know you didn't want me to.

I just felt like I had poured everything
I had into this guy, except literally myself.

So I did that too.

His BP's up.

Looks like he's gonna make it.


I'm a little woozy, though.

Do me a favor
and have a cookie, yeah?


Where you headed?

Minard is throwing a funeral.
God knows why.

But you're drinking mulungu now?

You got anxiety?

No, I forgot to give it to Ryan.

She just left. She's a ball of nerves
about going to New York.

She's a strong girl. She'll be okay.

You, on the other hand...

You know, Fuller gave his own blood
last night to save a guy.

After I'd already written
the guy's death certificate.

You set up an appointment
with the best cardiologist in New York.

You planned her trip. You can't fix her.

All you can to do is be there, you know,
hold her hand or whatever.

Hold her hand?
That's what girls like now?

That's what I hear. What do I know?

Last chance, are you coming?

No, no, no. You go.

- Have fun.
- Yeah.

You know, I don't know.

It's the only thing I could find.

I wish Clark were here.
She'd know what to do.

Just put him in the ground, Minard.
Be done with it.

Amen to that.

Okay. Wait.

Can someone say something nice
about him first?

Come on,
I practically yelled the man to death.

Once I was 3 pesos short.
He gave me the slice anyways.

- Good one.
- That's what I'm talking about.

- There you go, amen.
- Right.


Okay, I just spent two days trying
to put a bunch of organs back together

to make a person.

So, you know,
whatever it takes to make--

To fix all this with you.

With Alma, with Alma too, you know,
because I spent a long time

trying to translate an apology
into Spanish this morning,

and it was just hard.

I'm going to make it right, Mina.

I'm gonna make it right.

What are you guys talking about?

I thought everybody knew.

We got really wasted
and kind of slept together.

- It's--
- Yeah.

- It was a big mistake.
- Not gonna happen again.

You were right to focus on your medicine,
and that's what we should do.

- Yep.
- Medicine.



- Clark.
- Hey.

- You forgot something.
- What?


Couldn't let you leave without it.

It's a whole week away from the clinic.
Are you sure?

Come on, they'll be fine.

Besides, Cole's been planning
a power grab since day one.

Come on, Clark,
let's go explore the urban jungle.