Off the Map (2011): Season 1, Episode 10 - I'm Home - full transcript

When a hepatitis outbreak spreads through the local prison, the team jumps into action, while Lily learns more about Mateo.

Previously on Off The Map:

Everything makes perfect sense right now.
Your family grows cocaine.

They're your family.

You're always gonna have their back,
you have to. It's over.

You set up an appointment
with the best cardiologist in New York.

You can't fix her.
All you can do is be there.

- I'm a godmother.
- You know, I punched a dude today.

Me and Mina, we got really wasted

- and kind of slept together.
- It was a big mistake.

- Oh, God. Humiliating.
- Okay, okay.

Help! Someone!

No! No!

There's a kid in the water.
I wasn't strong enough to save him.

Whatever happened today,
it wasn't your fault.

New York City.

Man, I bet they had a good time.

Restaurants with air conditioning,
toilets that flush.

All right, what do you say
you and me go on a trip, loca?

So you can get me in a hotel room alone?
No, thank you.

- Jefe, welcome back.
- Hey, amiga.

Crocodile Dundee,
back from the big city.

- What's up?
- You figure out those escalators?

- Yeah, up and down, right?
- Yeah, there you go.

More importantly, how is Ryan?

She's officially on the transplant list,
but she's pretty low down.

- It could take a year to get a heart.
- Until then, she needs to take it easy.

I've been telling her all week to slow down,
but she's sick of hearing it from me.

Oh, no, we got your back on this, man.

- Thanks.
- Hi.

So, what's the plan for today?

I've been sitting on my ass for a week
in hospitals, I'm ready to roll.

There's not much going on.
Well- baby checks, vaccine clinic.

That's it, huh?


All right, there's a viral outbreak
at Santa Beatriz prison.

Awesome. Count me in.

- You got my back, thanks. No, thanks.
- She just looked so sad, you know?

I knew a prison outbreak
would cheer her up.

Oh, shut up.

Brace yourselves, doctors.

This prison isn't like anything you'd see
in the States.

Santa Beatriz was founded
by conquistadors in the 17th century.

Things haven't changed all that much
in the last 400 years.

The hep A outbreak has been confined
to the men's prison for now.

First priority is to make sure the outbreak
doesn't spread to the women's prison.

Wait, there's a women's prison too?

On a remote island?

Sorry, just pretty sure I saw that on cable

And I liked it.

Warden Vargas,
this is my team of doctors.

All right, listen up.
Keep track of your needles.

- And no one gets IV fluids unattended.
- Why not?

Because they can use the tubing
to strangle each other. Or you.

Please remove also your jewelry.

- Here, I'll help.
- No, it's okay.

- Let me-- Let me-- I'll give you a hand.
- I got it.


I got it...

- There. See?
- Thank you, yeah.

Oh, shoot.

- Did you drop it?
- God, this thing's a bitch to get off.

Well, that's the point.
It's a MedAlert, it's supposed to stay on.

It's important a first responder knows
about your heart condition.

I'm not going into a prison with a label
that says "easy prey." I'll get eaten alive.

- Ryan...
- You're making me feel weak, Keeton.

I need you to make me feel strong.


All right. This way, people.

You know, this place isn't that bad.

I'm just saying, if you gotta go to the clink,
might as well be in paradise, yeah?

Or not.

- Holy...
- Yeah.


Here you go.
Brenner, nice of you to come to work.

Oh, Dr. Keeton said it was okay
if I took a few days off.

Oh, did he?
Well, that's easy for him to say

when he's off in New York seeing Wicked
and I'm left to run the clinic by myself.

Keeton saw Wicked?

That's really hard to picture.

- Okay, simple or complicated?
- Oh, simple.

Yeah, a simple, easy case
is just what I need today.

Happy prognosis.
No one dying would be good.

Hemorrhoids or gout?
As far as I know, nobody's died of either.

Gout's great. Love gout.

- Perfect.
- Thank you.

Oh, and, Brenner,
it's good to have you back.

Thank you. Thanks, yeah.

You know, it's been-- I'm fine.

- Well, it's never gonna be fine.
- Okay.


Well, I don't think Picasso's
gonna be choking anyone.

No, that's just Hugo.

He's one of the good ones.

"Are you home?"
What does that mean?

You'd have an imaginary friend too
if you'd been stuck in here that long.

- Hey.
- Dr. Cole, it's been too long.

So, what you working on today, Hugo?


Always, doctor.

I haven't seen the real thing
for 30 years now.

Well, you need to request a west- facing
window in this five- star setup.

When I first came here,

that's what I missed the most.

Not the criollo cuisine,
not the Pisco drink.

We find ways to get that in here.

Yeah, I know.
I've seen the state of your liver.

Now, Hugo, Dr. Minard here
is gonna give you Zofran and IV fluids.

And I'm gonna take a listen
to your heart and lungs.

Ascites, caput medusae.

Liver was already too weak
from cirrhosis.

Yeah. Hep A must've pushed it
over the edge.

I'm afraid you're gonna need
a lot more than IV fluids, friend.

It's very inflamed.

You must be in a lot of pain.

Oh, querida, I've wrestled a chicken
out of the mouth of a caiman.

The day that a bum knee makes me cry

is the day they take me outside
and shoot me.

Have you been taking aspirin?

For 25 years.

And you know what, doctora?
It doesn't work.

Now, a nice tequila and a hot bath,
that's where I'd be right now

if my son wasn't such
a un grano en el culo.

A big fat pain in my ass.

- Right.
- Yeah.

"Mam?, go to the doctor.
Mam?, don't get drunk in the bathtub."

He's just like his father was.

Okay, well,
gout usually responds better to aspirin.

Where were you diagnosed?

- You diagnosed yourself.
- I hate hospitals.

If you're sick, go die. If you're not, go live.
Keep it simple.

That is a great philosophy, but I think...

Ay, mira, here's the ass pain now.

Dr. Brenner, this is my son, Mateo.

We've met.

After Compazine, we'll try oral fluids.

Okay. I'll move on to the next cell.

I'll be fine.

I didn't say a word.

Albano Hernandez.

He killed a guard a few years ago.
He spends 24 hours a day in isolation.

He can't have the virus.

It might not be hep A,
but it's something else.

He swallows things
to make himself sick.

Then he tries to escape
from the infirmary.

Three times this year.

- He says he didn't swallow anything.
- And I've never heard a murderer tell a lie.

Can you open the cell?

Distended stomach
with absent bowel sounds.

It's some kind of intestinal obstruction.

- Clark!
- I know what you're gonna say. Don't.

I'm fine. I'm fine.

I handled it.

I didn't say a word.

- You told me to see the doctor.
- Please, wait--

S?, Mam?, but not this doctor.

Oh, this is the doctora.

Well, she's a lot shorter than I thought.
Nice face, though.

Oh, I'm wearing flats.

Told you I'd take you to the hospital
in San Miguel.

- They have a very nice one there--
- It's too far.

With you in school,
who's gonna take care of the farm?

And how are you gonna work on the farm
with a knee the color of a tamarillo?

Excuse me, doctora.

Like I said, big, fat grano en el culo.

I told her not to come here.
I'm sorry, we won't bother you again.

Hey, wait. Wait, wait. What's wrong?

What's wrong?

You left me in the middle of a dance floor.
You told me it was over.

What do you want, be friends?
Because I don't know.

No, I--

Look, forget us.
But your mom, it might be more than gout.

And I should really run some tests

Hijo, are you coming or not?

Mama. Mama?

- She's seizing!
- What's happening?

I need an Angiocath and Ativan now!

He has an obstruction in his abdomen
right now that could kill him.

We need to bring him back to the clinic.

If we don't operate, he dies.

How will I ever be able to sleep again?

The man's a killer, he'd think nothing
of doing the same to you.

Label him whatever you want, he's still a
human being who deserves medical care.

He's coming back with us.

Yeah, she's way more agreeable
when you agree with her.

We treated 82 hep A patients
with antiemetics and fluids.

If you keep the sick patients confined
to their cells for the next week,

no hand to mouth contact, outbreak
should be pretty much contained.

No, wait. Please, Dr. Cole.

Please, mi amiga.

I gave him morphine,
it's probably making his delusions worse.

Mi amiga, she could be sick too.

Every day,

I gave her pictures, food.

What's he talking about?

He's got an imaginary friend.
Don't we all?

Are you talking about the girl
in the picture on your wall?

Don't worry, hermano.
I'm pretty sure she won't get sick.

Not-- Not on. Through.

Through the wall.

- Through the wall?
- Through the wall.

Through the wall. Stop the boat.

Stop the boat. Stop--

Stop the boat.

Hey, where are you going?

Vargas, Vargas, the men
and women's prisons, do they connect?

They share one wall.

You may have an outbreak
in the women's prison.

The women's prison
is on the other side of the wall.

But it is impossible for them
to make contact.

Well, what about through vents
or grates or...

No vents, no grates.

The wall is thick stone, doctor.

The outbreak's spread to just this floor.

Take the same precautions we did
in the men's prison,

we can shut this thing down
before it even starts.

Are you from the embassy?

No, I'm just a local doctor.
You're American?

It's been a long time,

I don't know where I'm from anymore.

I got you, I got you, I got you.

You've got hep A.

You're severely dehydrated
and anemic.

How long you been down here anyway?

Eight years, seven months, 28 days,

12 hours, five minutes, 15 seconds.
Now 16.

- I'm doing ten.
- For what?

A cute guy came up to me at a bar, said:
"How'd you like to make a little money?"

"Stick this in your bag
when you fly back to the States."

- Right?
- Yeah.

- What was in it?
- Half a kilo of heroin.

We all make mistakes, you know?

So it could happen to anyone.

Well, at least I have a view.

Poor Hugo
doesn't even have a window.

Every night, I describe the sun
as it sets, so he can draw.

How is he?

He's not good.

The virus destroyed his liver.

My first year in,
I didn't think I could make it,

so I got a bunch of pills
from the other inmates.

I was just gonna down them.

And I hear this voice:

"Are you home, my friend?"

So I put the pills down

and I go to the little hole in the wall,

and I say, "Yeah, I'm home."

And every day since,
he's just been there.

On the other side of the wall.

You know, he's my best friend.

He's the only reason I'm alive right now.

And I've never seen his face.


- I'm so--
- Retractor.

No, I meant the...

- What did you want?
- It's fine. This is fine. I'll just use this.

- Just Bovie, please.
- What the hell is wrong with you two?

I don't know what's going on,
and normally, I wouldn't care.

But you both have your hands
in an open body on my O.R. Table.

So you better get it together
and figure it out.

- Right.
- Just not in my garden.

Lots of ascites. Suction.

It doesn't even look like a liver anymore.

Six- centimeter hepatic mass.

The cirrhosis has become malignant.

It's all over his body.
We can't create a shunt, it'll kill him.

- If we can't stop the bleeding...
- He's not going back to prison.

His liver's gone, there's no repairing it.

We just closed it back up.

- How long does he have?
- Not long.

With the internal bleeding,
probably a few hours before he arrests.

All right, transfuse two units
and keep him stable.

I'm on my way back.

It's not a stroke or a tumor.

- How did she have a seizure?
- That's what I'm trying to figure out, okay?

- Many things cause seizures.
- You're on top of things.

Hijo, why don't you run into town
and get me a cold glass of horchata?

- Horchata now?
- And get one for my lovely doctora too.

Excuse his manners.
It's not how I raised him.

It's okay, he's worried about you.

And very angry at me.

Don't worry, you're not the first girl
to disapprove of what we do.

You know, it's not like growing coca
was my lifelong dream.

When I was your age,
oh, my, I was a flamenco dancer.

Yeah, I came here
to join the Ballet Folkl?rico.

I like puffy skirts.

Okay, I have to draw fluid from your knee
to check for bacteria. It's gonna hurt.

Why did you come to the jungle,

I came to help people.

It's gonna sound silly,
but I guess I came here to be a hero.

How is that going for you?

Not so great, actually.

There was an accident last week,
and I lost someone.

You do have quite the tolerance
for pain.

Well, like I said,
I've been through worse.

It's good to be back in the O.R.

With you, digging through a bowel.

You really are an easy woman to please,

Okay, I found it.
A big mass in the jejunum.

I will say, one thing New York
has going for it? Chinatown.

Why can't you can't get good
Chinese food around here?

We had a good time, you and me.

Yeah, we should do it again sometime,

You know,
when my heart's not exploding.

All right, let's see what's causing
this guy's misery, shall we?

He said he didn't swallow anything?

- Yeah.
- He lied.

He took antiparasitics,
a whole bunch of them.

Worm pills? How can you tell?

That's why we kill parasites
slowly and in stages.

Because when you kill them all at once,
they die all at once.

You still craving that Chinese food?

Feels good, the sun on my face,
fresh air.

Where's the fire, Dr. Cole? Slow down.

Well, there's someone waiting for you.

You mean Hugo? He's here?

- Just got out of surgery.
- What the hell you waiting for? Hurry.

- Is that him?
- Yeah.

He's not waking up from the anesthesia.
He's in a coma.

Wow, how's your first day back
treating you?

Terrific. Terrific.

Right now, I'm trying to figure out
what mystery illness is killing my patient,

who happens to be my ex- boyfriend's
cocaine- growing mother.

You're treating Mateo's mother?

That's gotta be a little awkward.

- What's with the checkers?
- I explained to young Charlie here

Alma broke up with me because
I played her favorite board game with--

Minard. And it really got him
in the mood for board games.

But he is beating my ass bad.

Did he beat your ass bad too?

I have a patient.

Eat that.

Hey, I probably wouldn't stick my foot
in my mouth so much

if you would've just been honest
about doing it with Blondie.

- What?
- I'm not 5 years old.

I needed simple today.
This is not helping.

I know, I know. And I'm sorry, I just--

I can't look at Mina
without picturing her naked.

Which sounds great,
it really does, but it's not.

It's horrible, it's so horrible.
We just did an ex- lap together.

It was so wrong.
I just kept seeing her boobs, it was all--

- Fuller.
- No, I know.

So wrong.

Should be great.

- Fuller.
- Is not and...

Look, here's the point.

Me and Mina used to just work together,
you know? It was cool.

And now it's like we're strangers.

- It's so-- It sucks. It's...
- Look, if it makes you feel any better,

I'm sure she's feeling
exactly the same thing.


So you think when she looks at me
during surgery, she's seeing my...

- Is that what you're--?
- Just eat this.

What is wrong with this sandwich?

I can't-- I can't access the vein.
Hey, can we quitarle las esposas?

Man, she's dehydrated and sick
with fever. She's not going anywhere.

All these years,
I pictured him so different.

- What'd you picture?
- Big, strong. Che Guevara.

Yeah, that's never been Hugo.

Well, to me it is.

That's the voice who taught me Spanish,
and who talked about all the places I'd go,

and the things I'd do when I got out,
every night till I fell asleep.

That voice? It's 7- foot tall and strong.

He's not gonna wake up, is he?

Why don't you try
and get some rest, okay?

- You okay there?
- Just long surgery.

Oh, okay, we got a bleeder.
Can you put your finger on the SMA?

Yeah, yeah, I got it. I got it, I--

Clark! Clark!

Help! Hey, I need a hand in here!

Help! Somebody!

Look, I need a hand in here now!

Come on! Help! Hello?

I know you're not a surgeon, but I need
you to put some gloves on, guantes.

No. No.

I don't have time to argue.
I need your help, man. Now, put them on.

Now, give me your hand, tu mano.

Okay, pinch it. You got it?

Come on, Ryan, wake up.

- What the hell is going on, amigo?
- Hey.

I heard a conmoci?n.

What are you saying? It's louder here
than in a South American prison?

It feels like home.

Yeah, well, hold that thought, Hugo.

Good news--

She's weak from hypokalemia and
dehydration. She couldn't have gotten far.

The guards are gonna be looking for her,
so what am I supposed to tell them?

Just tell them she had
a medical emergency, you know,

that you had to take her to another room
for tests, x- rays.

What? Are you crazy?

- If they think that we helped her--
- Yeah, I know.

- So where are you going?
- To find her before they do.



- What happened?
- You passed out.

You got fluid in your lungs.

Oh, God, I was holding a bleeder.
Is he okay?

The bleeder's clamped.
He's gonna be fine.


- I need to--
- Hey. Easy, easy, easy.


It's all right.

Can I say something now?

You're in congestive heart failure.

And you overexerted yourself today.

- Keeton--
- I'm not done.

It was unnecessary, okay?
It was reckless.

And what makes it just stupid
is I stood by and I let it happen.

Now, you may need me
to make you feel strong,

but I need you to live.

So you're not strong.

You're weak.

I'm gonna re- gown, re- glove,
and then we'll close.

What are you doing?

I'm eating Zee's lunch.

- Ballsy.
- Well, I'm starving.

I can't eat lunch with him,
I can't operate with him.

Things have gotten so awful
and awkward between us.

And I-- He just--

He keeps staring at me.

- What is he staring at?
- Not your boobs.

- What?
- Look, I need my roommate back.

And you need to eat,
so this has to stop.

I don't know, just talk to each other.

Or else, eat alone in corners
for the rest of your life.

Hey, did you figure out
what's wrong with her?

I'm working on it.

I'm still narrowing it down.

I'm gonna find her another doctor.

Oh, come on.

This has nothing to do with me
being a good doctor and you know it.

Look, I'm trying to keep things

simple and professional,
but you're making it personal.

I didn't get any of that.

I said it is personal.

That is my mother and she's sick.

I know you don't like her
and you don't like what we do.

You think we're no better
than drug dealers.

Forgive me if I'm not jumping at the
chance to place her life in your hands.

What's wrong?



BP's down.

Mama. What is it?

Heart sounds are muffled.

- What's wrong with her?
- Her heart's getting squeezed.

- There might be fluid around it.
- You think or you know?

Mama. Mama.

I have to get it out before she arrests.

- You're gonna stick a needle in her heart?
- Hey, no time. You just have to trust me.

- Is she okay?
- I have to take some blood

and run a sed rate.

- What? Why?
- I think I know what she has.

Going somewhere?

- How'd you find me?
- Figured you'd stay off the roads

dressed like that.

So it was either a mad dash
into the jungle,

which would be suicide
or down here to the river.

I guess I'm not so good
at going on the lam.


No one knows you're gone yet.

But if I found you in 20,
they'll find you in ten.

You'll have a hell of a lot more time left
to do than, what, a year?

A year, four months, two days, six hours,
12 minutes and 40 seconds.

This is my shot, I gotta take it.

He's awake now.
He's only got a few hours left.

I can't go back there without him.
He's the only reason that I got this far.

I know, I know, I know. And I have no idea
what it's like to be where you are.

But if you run now--

Even if you somehow made it,
you'll be running for the rest of your life.

Forget the police, that's the least of it.

You'll be running from the knowledge
that you let a man who's been locked up

his entire life who was there for you
when no one else was.

You just let him die alone.

But, look, if you wanna run, hell,
I was never here, never saw you.

But don't mix up running
with being free.

Oh, and your boat's backwards.

Pulse ox is down to 82.

Not much longer.
All we can do is make him comfortable.

- Hugo.
- We're finished with her tests now.


It's Becky.

Look at my eyes. It's me.

Yeah, I'm home.

Oh, look at that.

What do you think?

I'd forgotten.

I'd forgotten.

Inez, you have a disease called lupus.

It attacks every cell in the body

and causes inflammation
to your joints, your heart, your brain.

It explains all the symptoms.

Just tell me if Mateo was right to worry.
I hate it when he's right.

Well, he was right about one thing:

Working the farm
and doing manual labor with this disease,

it's not a good idea.

We used to grow maize.

- Did he ever tell you that?
- No.

Maybe he doesn't remember,
he was young.

My husband died,
and he left me with two babies to feed

and a crop that sold for nothing,
you know, a few pesos.

Then one night, Mateo was 3.

And he was screaming from hunger.

And I said, "Enough."

I tilled up the corn
and I planted the coca.

You know, people look at what I do,
and they see a drug that destroys families.

I see my children growing up
with their bellies full instead of empty.

I didn't choose cocaine.

I chose my children.

I chose me.

I chose to survive.

I'm a dancer.

I haven't danced in 20 years,
but it's who I am.

- Do you believe that?
- Of course.

Well, then if I'm a dancer,
even though I fail--

You saved my life today, doctora.

How are you not a hero?

I ate a lot of meals alone growing up.

I didn't have any brothers or sisters.

It was just me and my parents
who hated each other,

and a series
of microwaveable pocket sandwiches.

- Okay.
- To--

My point was that I don't have to eat alone

Because I have a home.

And it's not the house,
it's not the stupid jungle, it's you.

You and Brenner, you're my home.

And I'm really scared
that we screwed that up

by playing board games together.


I mean, it wasn't the right time
for board games.

You know, we probably should not
have even brought board games out.

Yeah. You know, I think we can, though,
stop with the metaphor, because...

Let's just say sex. We had sex.


So, what do we do about it?

I don't know.

I mean, don't you keep just kind of

picturing me naked all the time?


No. No. Why, do you?



- I just thought maybe you would
- No.

Because that would be understandable.

There but for the grace of God, huh?

I mean,
the way I got when I needed to score,

the amounts I used to carry on me,

that could've been me.

If I got locked up without anyone,
without you,

I don't know how I'd survive.

Yeah, well, what you did today,
that could've landed you in prison.

But look what you did.

What'd you say?

I said that you are a good
and honorable man.

Oh, no, no, no, I got the Spanish part.
I'm talking about the te quiero part.

You know what it means.


I know what it means.

Good night, loca.

I'm gonna move her
to a long- term care facility in San Miguel.

Good luck. She won't leave.
You can't do it.

You just can't do it.

What other choice do I have?


I'll make house calls,
I'll manage her lupus.

She needs a personal physician now.

You're going to make house calls
to our farm where we grow--

I know what you grow.

And I'll probably never agree with it.

But I get it.

I get it now.

So I would like to be her doctor.


That is not what I meant.

I'm sick.
It's my sentence, I can't escape it.

I can't operate.

I can't practice field medicine
anymore, not now, so...

Put it on.


Just put it on.

It's okay, it's okay.

I promise you, it's gonna be okay.