Oban Star-Racers (2006): Season 1, Episode 9 - Surprising Like Super-Racer - full transcript

It's 2082. Ten thousand years have passed since the last great race on the remote planet of Oban. Now the time has come for the pilots of the galaxy to compete in a new race, and Earth is more than ready with its spectacular Whizzing Arrow star-racer. Built and maintained by racing legend Don Wei's team of engineers and mechanics, the Whizzing Arrow has become the Earth's only hope against annihilation by the greatest foe the world has ever seen--the menacing Crog Imperium.

first race in the playoffs

was a complete disaster.

To avoid a second disaster, I
made a deal with Prince Aikka.

No weapons, a race for speed.

I had to do some drastic
things to keep my promise.

And then everything
became a big mess.

I don't know what's next.

To be honest, I'm not sure
I can take this anymore.




I said I wasn't coming out.

-[GROWLING] Molly, I know we've
had differences of opinion,

especially in the last race.

But we have found ourselves
at a critical point

in the selections.

And we must think
of the team first.

I think now is a good time to
get together, and talk things



Now is a good time
to stay in my room.

-[GROWLING] I guess we'll
move on to plan B, then.

-All you do is take, Don Wei.

You give 0.

You don't deserve a
loving daughter like me.

And I don't deserve
a father like you.

I said get lost!

Rick, I'm so sorry.

I thought you were--

-Yeah, I know who
you thought I was.

Get dressed, little mouse.

School is in session.


What do you mean?

-I'm your new coach, kiddo.

-Leave me alone.

I'm not in the mood.


I'm being hijacked!


-Molly's in good hands now.


-What's going on?

-The long delayed
taming of the shrew.


-Why does he get to
have all the fun?

-In case you hadn't
realized it, our next race

is not a marathon.

-What's the big idea
about refusing to race?

-I never came here to race.

And the team never
trusted me anyway.

-Trust you?

I'll be the judge of that.

Pick up the pace, slowpoke.


-Oh, great.

They're bonding.


-Look at this dress.

It's made for you.

-Get lost.

I'm trying to be sad.

Well, hello there.

If it isn't my
good friend Jordan.

You're not training
with your partner?

-What partner?

You think I've got a partner?

SATIS (OFFSCREEN): I sure hope
your team recovers quickly

from its two crushing defeats.

-How did you--

-I've heard the name
of your next adversary.

He's one of the best
in the competition,

and very aptly
named-- Super Racer.

-Well, my bags are packed.

With three defeats under our
belt, we can go home early.

-Hey, Super Racer is
nothing to make fun of.

I've seen him race.

He's fearless.




He's a living legend, this
Super Racer, unbeatable.

-This is all your fault.

-What's my fault?


-Humans are always
so unpredictable.

And so rude, too.

-Don't even think
about disappearing.


-Not bad.

-Woo hoo.

-For a girl.


-Ready for another go?

-Are you kidding?

I've been running in circles
around that stupid pool

for hours.

-Don't worry.

It gets better.

Soon you won't
even feel the pain.


-Go get 'em, tiger.


-Colonel Toros!

-What are you so desperate
to speak to me about, Toros?

-I was concerned that my young
ally was becoming a bit soft.

-So the rumors are true, Prince
Aikka is in the Crogs' pocket.

-I doubt your father
would be pleased to learn

of your actions
in the last race,

risking defeat for the
sake of an earth girl.

-You know I won that race.

-It was a good thing you did.

I was starting to wonder if the
Nurasians had found new allies.

-Alliance does not
mean servitude, Toros.

We have our own agenda,
not the Crog agenda.

And I am determined to
win the ultimate prize.

-You are still young, Aikka.

You have much to learn.

I wish you the best on
you coming race, prince.

And don't forget to answer
the call of the Crogs,

whenever it may come.


-Call of the Crogs.

If only Molly could see this.

Hello, prince.

You and I have some
unfinished business.

-Oh really?

Breaking your word
was not enough?

Now you must spy?

-Stay away from Molly.

Or I promise you
you'll regret it.

-Says who?

Her guardian?

-Says her partner.

-I suggest you leave
while you still can.


-You know, I've been waiting
a long time for this.



-That was pathetic.

Try again.

-OK, but this is the last time.

-To achieve perfect
balance, you must

become one breathing
entity with the pole.



-I had a feeling that control
was not your strong suit.

We'll try an easy one.

-This is going to hurt.

One breathing entity.


-Now there you go,
not bad at all.

-Haha, what's next?

-Molly, you've got good
technique, good speed,

and great reflexes.

Why aren't you doing better?

-I'm doing my best.

I'm just a girl, remember?

-Don't play that game with me.

You're a star racer pilot,
a pilot for the Earth Team.

What's holding you back?

-Nothing is holding me back.

-You know, it's
motivation that gets you

across the finish line.

Why did you join the
team in the first place?

OK, then, Molly.

Why do you race?



-I do it for my father.

-Finally, we're
getting somewhere.

I'm sure back on earth he
thinks about you every day.

-He has I idea how
much I do for him.

I think coming here
was a big mistake.

-Listen, Molly, it's no
mistake that you're here.

Without you, the Earth
Team would be finished.

Anyway, this race is
the greatest ever.

Isn't that worth giving
it your best shot?


-Then quit slacking off.

What this ship needs
is a little TLC.

Why don't you see
what you can do?

It might even
improve your spirits.


Are you sure?

-Sure I'm sure.

Think of it as your
last exercise for today.


Here goes nothing.



-That hurts.

-What happened to your face?

-I fell, choking on a pretzel.

-Hey, about what happened--

-Let's go.


call for the Earth Team.

-Let's hope your
training pays off.

-You know, Don, a little
faith might do some good.


What is that monstrosity?

-It looks like a
rabbit's head to me.

Hey, you wanted me to light
a fire, so I lit a fire.

Remember, before I met you,
Don, I didn't have any tattoos.

-And now, without further
delay, I call forth Super Racer.


-Give it up for Super Racer.

I see you tried to top
the fabulous design

of my super star racer.

Your attempt has failed.

-That voice sounds
really familiar.

-Satis, what are you doing
in that silly costume?


What are you talking about?

I am Super Racer.



-Go on, giggle all you want.

In a few minutes,
I'll be the one

laughing when you're
losing the race.


-Don't let his dubious
appearance fool you, Molly.

Super Racer is one
victory ahead of us.

He's only lost to Toros.

-This guy can not be for real.

Come on.

He looks like--

-Losing this race would mean the
end of the world as we know it.

We need this victory,
do you hear me?

-Let's see how well
you trained today.

-Back off you super wacko.

-Looks like these kids have
something up their sleeves

after all.

-They had better not blow it.

-Time to teach them
a lesson of my own.

-Molly, we may have
a problem back here.


-Lose him.

-I'm trying, sir.

But I'm at maximum speed.

-He's got a bigger
wingspan, Molly.

He's not as maneuverable
as the "Arrow 2."

Take advantage of that.

-Not good.


-You've done well
so far, young Molly.

But are you truly worthy of
winning the ultimate prize?





-What's up with the controls?

-Not a word.

She must not lose
her concentration.

-Stick with me, Jordan.

We're going after him.

-That's it.

No one touches my turret.


Uh oh.







-I don't need a
please, thank you.




What are you doing?

-Something you
wouldn't understand.

I'm going back for someone.

-Molly, Jordan wouldn't have
wanted you to lose this race.

Think about it.

-For once, I agree with Don.

The track's rescue
team is on the way.

The best thing you can do for
Jordan is to beat this guy.

-If you can't beat me here, you
won't stand a chance on Oban.


She'll never make it.

-One breathing entity.

Here goes nothing.


Ah, and so the torch is
passed to a new generation.

ANNOUNCER: The winner,
the Earth Team.

-Where is she going?


-[GASP] Jordan!

Another reckless gamble,

but I'll take the victory.

-There was nothing
reckless about that race.

And you know it
better than anyone.